Chicks On The Fly

Chicks on the Fly

     Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Enjoy.

     The record store usually didn’t get major crowds on a simple weekday afternoon. Not that
it was small, it was quite large, with an entrance to the local mall that made it popular. But today,
it was packed more than ever before, people lining up to get in. Men and women of various ages
and backgrounds, united in their desire to see the three women waiting inside the store: Natalie
Maines, Martie Seidel and Emily Robinson, better known as the most successful female country

band of all time: The Dixie Chicks.
     As always, the Chicks were ready to make an impression on the fans. Natalie was wearing
a tight black outfit that accented her body, her spunky blond hair framing her energetic face.
Martie was a bit more subdued but still fetching in her brown jacket and slacks, her blond hair
flowing to the nape of her neck. Emily’s dyed dark hair flowed past her shoulders, her green outfit
showing off her tall frame. As recommended by their agent, the three allowed their ankles to be
seen so the small chick’s feet tattoos, one for every hit song, were on display. The three stars
were making a special appearance at the store to boost their upcoming concert later that evening.
     After two albums and more awards than could fit on a single shelf, the ladies were still
getting used to the sudden fame. They attracted people from all walks of life with songs ranging
from soft country tunes to hard rocking numbers and their infamous "Goodbye Earl." It was for
the fans that the Chicks had decided to make appearances like this.
     Hank was definitely glad for the appearance. The manager of the store, he’d long been a fan
of the band and knew their appearance would boost sales for the merchandise. But there was
another reason he was glad to see them. A more personal reason.
     "Thanks again for this," Hank said as he shook hands with each of the Chicks. The store
wasn’t due to open for a half-hour but the line was already around the side of the mall. There
were roped lines around the store to guide the fans to the large table with posters of the Chicks
beside it. A few of the Chicks’ various agents and hanger-ons walked about, making sure
everything was set up. "Say, could you three join me quick? I need to show you something in the
back room fast."
     "Sure," Martie shrugged as the three followed Hank towards the "employees only" door. They
followed him into the small storage room, CDs and videos stacked along the walls. "It’s nothing
major," Hank managed to say with a straight face. "But, it’s just, well……" Grinning, he held up a
small autograph book. "I was just wondering……"
     "No problem," Natalie said, taking the book and a pen and started signing her name. As
she did and her bandmates waited, Hank carefully picked up a special CD of his design. And he
meant design, the top of the CD holding a specially colored spiral that, when it caught the light
right, would turn make the spiral seem to spin. Holding it so it would catch the eyes of the women
but not be too obvious, Hank went into his spiel. "It’s really great for you girls to do this, you

know. I really appreciate it, given how tiring the whole tour thing can be. I know how hard it can
all be, you know, I really do know how hard it can be, how tiring it can be. I know it can be really
tiring, being on the road all the time, it can just be so tiring, so very tiring, it can just be so tiring
and so exhausting so I know you must be tired, I know you must be tired right now, I understand
you must be tired right now, you really must be tired. It’s early in the morning, you were all up
late last night, you’re all tired, I know you must all be tired, really tired, really, really tired. So
tired right now, so very, very tired, you’re all so tired, so tired……."
     The autograph book fell from Emily’s hands as he arms fell to the sides. Like her
bandmates, she was staring at the spiral with heavy eyelids, her face and posture relaxed as Hank
continued to tell them how tired they were and how much they needed to rest. Hank could see
that the three Chicks really were tired and the induction was just taking them all deeper and
deeper into this state.
     "So tired, girls, you’re all so tired, so very, very tired. You just want to close your eyes is
what you want to do, ladies, you just want to close your eyes right now. That’s right, close your
eyes, let your eyes close, ladies, let your eyes close, that’s right, just let your eyes close, just let
your eyes close. You’re so tired, you have to close your eyes, close your tired, tired, eyes, girls,
just close your tired eyes and rest, rest, girls, rest, rest……"
     Seeing the three women just stand there, eyes closed, breathing steady, Hank wanted to
take them right now but managed to hold himself, knowing he didn’t have a lot of time. "Listen to
me, girls. Listen to me very, very carefully and feel yourself grow more restful as I speak, feel
yourself growing more restful as I speak……"
     Natalie blinked her eyes open and looked down, seeing Hank’s autograph book lying on
the floor. "Sorry, must have dropped it," Emily said, bending down to pick it up and hand it to
Hank. "Thanks," he smiled. "Well, store’s about to open."
     "Already?" Martie frowned, looking at her watch. "Damn. That was faster than I
     "Well, thanks for the autograph," Hank said. "Come on, we’d better get ready for the
public." He let the three out of the room and to the store, watching them head towards the
autograph table, smiling at the thoughts of the private show he’d be getting later.

     The concert had been a major success and all three women were talking about it as they
returned to the hotel, their bodies still flushed and sweaty off the high of performing live. "God,
give me a good shower and a long night’s sleep," Natalie said. "Between this and the autograph
thing, I’m totally worn out."
     "Well, wait for the drink first," Martie said, referring to a tradition the three had taken of
enjoying a private drink after every show. "Then hit the showers."
     Natalie smiled as she opened the door to her suite and led her friends inside. All three of
them stopped dead at the sight of Hank waiting for them, a large smile on his face. "How the hell
did you get in here?" Emily stared.

     "You gave me a key," Hank answered, holding it up for them to see.
     Putting aside how Hank could have a key, Natalie tried to take charge. "Look, those
stories about us are bullshit, okay? We don’t just take guys back and fuck them after every show.
So how about you just get out before we call secu—-"
     "Wide open mind," Hank said. Instantly, Natalie stopped talking as her eyes shut and her
head slumped forward, something both Martie and Emily were doing as well. Seeing them go
under so fast confirmed that the post-hypnotic suggestions were working and Hank couldn’t wait
to see if the other would work as well. "Mattress dancing."
     The three women woke up, looking up at Hank with new eyes, sly smiles on their faces.
"Oooh, he looks good," Natalie said, smiling. Hank was taken aback when she moved forward
and cupped the front of his jeans. He could feel his cock hardening as Natalie moved in close and
gave him a long, slow kiss. "This could be a really fun night."
     "Let’s see," Emily said, undoing her dress and letting it slide off, revealing herself to be
topless, her firm breasts ready for a touch. Soon, all four of them were naked, giving Hank a sight
of three beautiful naked women. Always the lead on stage, Natalie took the lead here, pushing
Hank down on the bed and mounting him, sliding her pussy around his hard cock. She began to
rock on top of him, her full breasts bouncing with every thrust forward on his hard cock. At the
same time, Emily sat herself on top of Hank’s face, her pussy sliding over his mouth, eliciting the
attention of his tongue. Emily faced Natalie and moved forward, taking her bandmate by the back
of her head and giving her a long and slow kiss, her hands going up to squeeze Natalie’s breasts.
At the same time, Martie slid herself on her back so she could lick at the part of Natalie’s clit not
filled with Hanks’ throbbing cock. Her tongue went out, licking at both Natalie’s twat and Hank’s
member and balls, lapping away as they all went at it.
     His brief interrogation had yielded Hank the surprising information that the girls often
enjoyed lesbian romps after the show, burning off energy as they made love to one another. So
getting them to do this hadn’t been too hard and intensifying their lovemaking to include him was
easier than he had thought. He was loving the results, licking at Emily’s pussy while Natalie rode
him like crazy, the two women kissing as they roamed their hands over each other’s bodies,
kneading each other’s breasts as they went at it. Below, Martie’s tongue slid all around the space
between Natalie’s twat and Hank’s cock, trying to lick at it all. Hank grunted as he came, causing
Natalie to shriek as his wad went through her. Martie licked away at the cum the two were
producing, trying to get at it all while Emily let herself go, her juices falling into Hank’s waiting
     Soon, the four rearranged themselves. Hank took Emily and pushed her down on the bed.
Spreading her long legs, he entered her, his cock sliding into her passage where he immediately
started to thrust in and out of her. As Emily moaned in delight, Martie sat herself on top of her

bandmate and let her fellow Chick start to eat her out as Hank fucked her. Not to be left out,
Natalie moved down onto Emily, pushing her face to Martie’s cunt as well. Natalie and Emily’s
breasts pushed against one another as the two licked away at their friend, their tongues
occasionally twisting around one another as they lapped away at Martie, who was furiously
rubbing her breasts in pleasure as her bandmates did her. Emily’s licking was a bit slower given
how Hank’s cock was slamming into her cunt with hard strokes, her legs spread in either direction
around Hank, her grunts muffled by her tongue in Martie’s pussy. Natalie let her hands rub
Emily’s strong tits, loving the feeling of them under her hands as she went at her friend. Emily’s
mouth opened wide, crying out as Hank came inside her, his orgasm soon joined by Martie’s as
she came over Emily’s face, the dyed brown hair streaked with yellow.
     Martie moved off Emily’s face and got onto her hands and knees, her ass stuck in the air.
"Do me here," she said huskily to Hank. "In the ass." Hank was only too glad to comply, moving
forward and gripping Martie’s cheeks, sliding his cock into her waiting hole. Martie clutched the
bed sheets and moaned as Hank started to go at her, his cock ramming in and out of her ass.
Normally, Hank couldn’t have gotten hard so fast but with three hypnotized-into-lust women
ready for him, it was amazing how well he could do. As he went at Martie, Natalie and Emily,
seeing their friend wanted this to herself, decided to have some fun. They kissed one another
passionately, Emily’s hands squeezing Natalie’s ass as they worked their pussies against one
another. At the same time, Hank’s cock rammed into Martie’s ass with greater speed, Hank
feeling himself building up as he got ready. He squeezed Martie’s cheeks as hard as he could as he
shot his wad into her, Martie’s voice reaching greater heights than any fan had ever heard.
     As he pulled his cock out of her, Hank saw Emily and Natalie in a 69 position, lapping
away furiously at one another. Smiling, Hank spoke. "Wide Open Mind." Instantly, the two
stopped licking, falling back into their trance state. Hank rather enjoyed the way Natalie’s face fell
into Emily’s cunt. Martie collapsed onto the bed as she fell asleep. Quickly, Hank got up and
redressed. He headed towards the door, picking up the video camera that none of the Chicks had
noticed on the dresser. He quickly made for the door, leaving it open a crack just long enough to
call out "Sin Wagon." He then shut the door and made off down the hallway, his prize video in his
     Martie blinked and sat up, watching her bandmates. "Either of you hear something?" she
     "Kind of busy, Martie," Emily said as Natalie moved back onto her. "Wanna help?"
     "No problem," Martie grinned, sliding onto her friends as they went back to making love
to another, none of the Dixie Chicks remembering the man who had a video no one else did of a

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