Child’s Play: In Pornovision

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Child’s Play: In PORNOVISION
An Mkarl Production

Welcome ladies and gentleperverts; please be seated.
We have for your consideration tonight a play in two
acts. We have been most fortunate to have cast the
lovely and under appreciated hollywood beauty
Hatcher of Lois and Clark fame in the lead role of our
sexual mother. It is miss Hatcher’s first entry into
dinnertime pornplay and the sexy brunette is simply
soaked in her panties to begin the show. Our child
star is the here until unknown young Michael Knight.

He has asked me to tell you all that he promises to
give miss Hatcher the motherfucking of a lifetime for
your enjoyment. I will be serving as your narrator
and master of ceremonies.

Now if everyone is ready please direct your attention
to stage one for Child’s Play: In Pornovision.

     The night is still. The clock on the wall reads
half past two. Jenny and her husband John are sound
asleep, unawares that their boy child Michael is up to
mischief. The scene is the Knight’s dinner room where
we see the young adventurer busily engaged on a raid
of his fathers liquor cabinet. The boy, dressed in
his bunny jamas, is so intent upon the consumption of
his father’s twenty year old, specially matured Scotch
whiskey from the isle of Jura, that he is becoming
increasingly carelessly loud in his activities until
the inevitable occurs and mommy enters stage right.

Hatcher: Michael! What are you doing?

Michael: Mom!!

Hatcher: Michael that is your dad’s twenty year old,
specially matured Scotch whiskey from the isle of Jura.
John is going to be furious.

Michael: Don’t telll him mummmy [note boy’s speech is
slurred throughout both acts]

Hatcher: Ohmygod. You’re drunk. I can’t believe this.
Give me the bottle.

Directions: Miss Hatcher approaches the boy with
purpose to seize custody of the now half empty bottle
of specially matured… As she approaches the semi-
drunk boy brat turns his back to his mom and the
struggle ensues.

Hatcher: I said give me the bottle Michael or I will
call your father.

Narrator: Careful what you ask for… mommy.

Directions: The boy is to jerk backwards as his mom
tries to take the bottle. Result is to wet the front
of mom’s white cotton t-shirt with enough scotch to
allow a semi transparent state for the garment.

Michael: Let me go mommy.

Hatcher: Michael! Ohhh… Michael stop it and give
me that bottle.

Narrator: I told you to be careful Miss Hatcher.

Michael: Okay Mommy then…

Directions: The boy either acting on alcohol or some
here to unseen sense of lustful desires, suddenly
reaches out and grabs miss Hatcher by the hair and
forcibly yanks her head back.

Hatcher: Auggghowww

Michael: Here mommy if you want it so bad…

Directions: Boy shoves bottle into mom’s mouth and
starts to pour.

Michael: Drink it all mommy. hahahahaha. Drink it
mommy… it is good for you.

Directions: Boy empties bottle into his mom.

Hatcher: [gasping for breath] let me go.

Michael: No mommy you need a beer

Directions: Boy pops open a bud and begins to pour
it onto his mom’s face while continuing to pull her
hair hard enough to drive miss Hatcher to her knees.
Take care to soak the front of Teri’s white cotton
shirt to provide the audience with a sexy site of the
actresses’ beautiful breasts through the transparent

Hatcher: [panicking] JOHNNNNMMMPPHHH…

Michael: [placing hand over mom’s mouth] Shut up

Directions: Boy should have mom on her knees, one
hand aggressively pulling her hair back hard and the
other now smothering her plaintiff calls for help
from her husband. Boy shakes his mom. Miss Hatcher
has agreed to be a pain slut for touring road show
but community actresses in the role should be fully
encouraged to let the kids act ‘stiff’ and really take
the abuse for the art.

Michael: [excitement creeping into voice] Just shut
up… Dad can’t help… He is sleeping… Mommy! I
am a big boy now. You can’t stop me.

Narrator: And what is on the boy child’s befuddled
young mind?

Michael: Yeah mommy… you can’t stop me.

Hatcher: [still gagged] MMMPHHLETMEGOMMMPPPRHH

Directions: Boy suddenly drops his weight down on
top of miss Hatcher smashing her down onto the floor
and driving her head into full contact with the solid
stage. Mom is totally off guard and the boy eagerly
uses miss Hatcher’s hair like a plunger handle to
repeatedly bash his mother senseless.


Narrator: Oh-oh.

Michael: [dropping mom face first on the floor] You
thought you were still the boss mom but now I know.

Directions: Miss Hatcher is temporarily semiconscious
and unable to even mutter a protest as Michael bares
her breasts for the audience.

Michael: Nice tits mommy. I wish you still had milk
but I am going to fix that.

Directions: Boy begins to lick Teri Hatcher’s tits.
Boy should be behind actress and giving audience side
profile as he demonstrates biting her nipples. Make
it real as Teri needs to come up bruised to make it

Michael: [giving a look lower] Your panties are all
wet too mommy. They should come off before you catch
a cold.

Directions: Boy scoots down and slides miss Hatcher’s
white cottan panties off leaving our mommy naked at the
mercy of her sex crazed kid.

Michael: I don’t want you to wake up daddy.

Narrator: You heard the saying that duct tape is a
boy’s best friend?

Directions: Boy walks over to the counter, taking
pause to adjust the front of his bunny pajamas for
show. From the counter is produced a roll of duct
tape which the boy then uses to securely wrap his
mom’s mouth with. Get it over her hair to demonstrate
to the audience that pain that will result later when
it needs to be cut out.

Boy then gets busy with mom, exploring her body, kiss-
ing, licking, caressing… Actors choice but no hard-

Michael: Oh mommy, you are making me so horny. I
want you to fuck but lets go where dad won’t find us.

Directions: Michael grabs unconscious mom by her
hair and starts to drag miss Hatcher’s naked body.
Exit stage Left

End Of Act 1

     Action resumes in the garage. miss Hatcher is
still naked. Michael is also now naked and displaying
the huge boy cock that won him the part. Miss Hatcher
is kneeling before her son as the curtain rises. Her
hands are now bound at the wrists behind her back with
duct tape but the tape around her mouth has been
removed. ‘Jenny’ should just be coming to as Michael
prepares to stick his cock in her mouth.

Narrator: Our boy has been a busy little beaver and
he has become ready to have his mother’s…

Hatcher: Ohhh… what? What are you doooing Michael?

Michael: Go ahead and scream now mommy. No one will
hear you in the Garage. I tied you up when you were
knocked out. Now suck my cock.

Directions: Miss Hatcher keeps her mouth shut and
pulls her head to the side as Michael tries to force
his cock between her pretty red lips and deep down her
hot cock-sucking throat.

Michael: [excited/angry] Open your mouth bitch.
[slaps Hatcher in the face]

Hatcher: Owwwww

Directions: Michael shall now beat the fuck out of
Hatcher. In community productions it is recommended
the boy slaps and hits the mom at least eight to ten
times. Mom should end up with black eyes. A bloody
nose or split lip is of course acceptable and an
accidental broken nose may be expected but the results
are easily worth it as the audience will be on the
verge of cumming in their shorts/panties as mom is
beaten into submission and forced to accept her son’s
forbidden cock into her wet willing mouth.

Boy shows great pleasure while Teri cock sucks him to
full erection. All actresses need to achieve deep-
throat no matter the size of the actors cock. Ball
licking is also mandatory. Actress should be pulled
by the hair under the boy to lick his ass. Boy is not
to cum but if an ‘accident’ does occur… aim into the
actresses’ eyes and let it run down her face. Be sure
to then pose the actress for the audience and allow
the play to pause for photo opportunities.

If the cum shot is accidentally achieved on the face
then the actress should be cleaned by a piss on the
face. Line reads boy: "you are all messy like a
glazed donut mommy. You need cleaning." Actress
should not hold mouth open until boy yanks her hair
and then pissing in the mouth is accomplished and
actress drinks.

Individual productions can devote as much time to the
oral sex scene as suits the tastes of the community.
During this time narrator shall read promotional con-

Narrator: While we enjoy the action, promotional
considerations paid for my Mkarl Productions bringing
you two new lines of perverse filth. The Vanilla line
for those with straight forward tastes and the new
Dark Desires for people who like their action a little
more ‘colored’ and extreme. For the most offensive
porn on the net check out any mkarl release. Michael
appears here courtesy of Mkarls Pedo Talent Exchange.
Teri Hatcher works courtesy of ParadiesPermittedByLaw.
For more from Mkarl Promotions please write for your
free e-mail at

Directions: Boy should choke actress on his cock
until the audience is holding their breath in antici-
pation of a snuff. Hatcher will suffer for her craft
and will be wasted [no, not all the way] by the time
Michael is finished having ‘mommy’ service him.

Michael: Don’t choke mommy. My cock is too big…
you can’t breath very well when I stick it so deep.
Oh mommy, I want to cum but remember when I wanted a
little brother and you said daddy could not make one
anymore… I can mommy… I can.

Hatcher: [obviously choking and out of breath] No
Michael, No… [starts crying]

Directions: Again, heavy abuse… hits mom in the
face… kicks her in ribs/between legs… be creative
as the actress will accept. Try to push it and give
her a level beyond what she is expecting so her screams
and tears are real.

Then mount the bitch and have fun.

Michael: I am fucking you mom. You….

Directions: Boy shall have ad-lib liberty. Be foul
mouthed and degrading. Let mom know what is what. Play
for the audience and repeat the terms that get the
reaction. Cunt is recommended. Bitch is classic.
Whore/slut/tramp… whatever is playing in Peoria.

Narrator: While we enjoy the action please let it be
noted for authenticity that miss Hatcher is not
protected and this opening night production is timed
to coincide with her time of the month. What you are
about to see is actual breeding. Please show miss
Hatcher your appreciation for her dedication when
Michael knocks up her fertile cunt.

Michael: [approaching orgasm] I am cumming mommy…


Directions: Make a production… get vocal… be pro-
nounced as fertilization is achieved. All audience
members are allowed to examine Teri Hatcher with her
cunt lips spread to prove the breed. Hatcher plays
role until she starts to show. Demi Moore/Cristy
Brinkley/Jane Seymour/and Meg Ryan are all scheduled
for the fall run coming soon to a computer near you.

Special address from the author/director: I hope you
have enjoyed Child’s Play: In PornoVision. It was an
experiment and as such feedback is now desired. Do
you like the format? It was very difficult for me but
a lot of fun. I will do more if the requests are
there. I am not so much concerned with the content
but rather just the vehicle. For other authors, I
would love to see someone tackle the idea of creating
a full length pornoplay. The format amuses me greatly
and I would encourage anyone to play with the idea.

As always you may address comments or concerns on this
or any other work of mkarl or The Depraved Canuck at

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life in
anyway shape or form. Anyone tempted to act out any of
the scenarios in this story; should seriously consider
seeking professional help.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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