Chilling by the Pool

Title: Chilling by the Pool

Author: LazyNinjas

Celebs: Nina Dobrev

Codes: MF, exh, voy, cons, oral

Disclaimer: This story is fictional. None of this has or ever will happen.

Nina Dobrev and I have been best friends since before she became the lead actress of her hit TV show “The Vampire Diaries”.  We were very close and even through Nina’s rise to fame and success in the industry, we were still the best of friends. I was her guy buddy for life and she was my gal pal.

For me though, it was something more. I was in love with Nina. I loved everything about her. I loved her smile, her crazy infectious laugh, and I loved how her nose crinkled every time she smiled. She knew by now that I thought she was good looking, but she was completely unaware that I had the hots for her. So whenever I wasn’t around her, my mind was always on her. Today I was going over to Nina’s house, where we had decided that after she was done shooting her scenes for this week’s episode, we wear going to have a movie night, which consisted of romantic comedies and lots of popcorn. Today was pretty warm for normal Los Angeles weather.

I knew that Nina was usually at the studio filming for The Vampire Diaries around this time and with nothing else to do but wait for her to come back,  I decided to change into my swim trunks and wait out by the pool.  I walked into her bathroom and locked the door in case Nina came back (didn’t want her to see me naked like that, I rather have time to prepare first if you know what I mean). I threw off my white shirt and my silver shorts. The weather was scorching hot today, almost a record for where Nina lived. Knowing this I made sure to bring some sunblock to make sure I didn’t go home looking like a freshly cooked lobster. I grabbed the bottle of sunblock and rubbed it into my face, my chest, back, and finally my legs. After all of the sunblock dissolved into my skin, I took a quick look at myself in the mirror.  Looking at myself in the mirror, I knew I wasn’t the sexist guy on the planet but I definitely wasn’t the ugliest that is for sure. The last part of my outfit was my black sandals. I slipped them onto my feet and I was ready to go get some of the great California sun.

After I completely changed into my swim suit and the sunblock, I placed my clothes in the bag that I brought with me and closed the bathroom door. I kicked my shoes off at the front entrance of her house and slipped my jacket off as I made my way around the house looking for her. When I saw that she wasn’t in the living room or kitchen I went to the sliding door that lead out towards her gigantic pool.

I slid the sliding door open, and I was surprised to see Nina sitting on a patio chair in a red one piece swimsuit. I was shocked to see her since she normally wasn’t home at this time. I looked back at Nina and examined the sexy swim suit she had on.  It hugged her body tightly and showed off all of her wonderful curves. I saw Nina slowly move her hands down towards her breasts. With one quick motion, Nina released her left and right boob from their constraints. Her beautiful breasts came into my view. Her nipples were as hard as diamonds and they were a beautiful mocha color. She took her left hand and started playing with her right nipple, rubbing and tugging at it like crazy.

While one of her hands played with her magnificent tits, her other hand lowered itself towards the bottom of her red one piece. Her hand took the bottom of the red one piece and moved it to the side, revealing her glistening pussy. It was the most beautiful pink pussy I had ever seen in my life. As she started to rub her pussy in circular motions, my conscience got the best of me and told me what I was doing was wrong. It was a total invasion of privacy. I was going to just turn away and wait inside when I heard something that made me reconsider my actions.

“Oh, fuck Jake”, Nina moaned out

I was in shock knowing that Nina was thinking about me as she pleasured herself. I slowly step back inside and quietly close the sliding door but not completely so I could hear what she was saying while she moaned, making sure it didn’t make any sound that might distract Nina. My mind started racing, I thought she thought we were just friends. Then why was she moaning my name when she was fingering herself?

I decided to move over to the small window in her kitchen where I couldn’t get a view of Nina where it would be much harder for her to see me. I a huge risk by staying there and watching my best friend and secret crush touch herself, but I needed to know if she felt the same way about her as I did. I turned my head back towards Nina where the action continued.

“Oh fuck yeah Jake,” Nina moaned again as she found her clit and rubbed it up and down, causing her to squirm a bit. While her hand was still busy getting her pussy stimulated, her other hand brought her tit up to her mouth where she drooled and drenched saliva all over her nipple. She took her hand and rubbed the saliva into it, leaving her right tit glistening like a star. She then grabbed her other tit and did the same thing to it.

I was getting a hard on just watching this spectacle before my eyes. I would have ever imagined Nina being so slutty. It was a side of her I had never seen before. It was making me so horny, I wanted to go out there and fuck her senseless but I was too deep to let her know I was watching her in a private moment.

“Oh Jake I need you inside me so bad,” Nina moaned as she continued to alternate back and forth between her aching nipples as she started going faster on her pussy with her other hand. After a minute or so her hand left her breasts and went down to where her other hand was. Her left hand went to playing with her clit while the other hand started to insert her fingers in one by one. Soon Nina had four fingers pushing in and out of her cunt as she was quickly approaching her climax.

“OH MY GOD FUCK YES!!!” She yelled out as her senses were about to be overloaded with pleasure. Her body started to jerk and spasm as her pussy contracted around her fingers. She continued moaning loudly as her cunt leaked out all of her fluids onto her finger. Her breathing was erratic as she tried to catch her breath. After all of the fluid from her pussy leaked onto her hands. I was about to make my getaway when I heard Nina yell something.

“Jake! I know you’re there. Did you enjoy my little show?” she yelled as she sat there and laughed adorably. I walk over to the sliding door to yell back.

“I loved it,” I replied.

“Good, cause there’s a lot more where that came from later on tonight” Nina said as she moved onto her side in the lawn chair, giving Jake an extraordinary view of everything. He saw her cute smile, her breasts with her cute brown nipples poking out, and her shaven but soaking wet pussy that she was waiting for me to take.

“If you’re not coming out here, I’m going in there to get you. Your choice Jake,” Nina taunted as she continued to sit in the lawn chair naked and soaking up the hot California sun.

I had no idea what to do. On one hand, I’ve had a crush on Nina for so long and she was finally showing some sexual interest in me. On the other hand, we’ve been friends for so long. What if this lead to something that would ruin our friendship? I cared about Nina too much to lose her. My dick said go ahead but my mind was telling me not to. I tried to figure out what I was going to do, but Nina was getting impatient.

“Ok then Jake, I’m coming in there,” I heard Nina say as I looked out the window and saw Nina getting out of the lawn chair. She headed towards the sliding door and I was going to have to make a decision. Risk everything to start a relationship with my lifelong best friend or jump into the relationship I’ve always wanted with her. I heard the sliding door open and Nina stepped inside. She turned around to shut the door, but I knew that was just so she could show off that incredible ass. I couldn’t help but stare as it jiggled. Nina turned around and looked at me

“Are you ready Jake?” Nina asked in a seductive voice as he hand ran up and down the side of her body. “Because I certainly am.”

Nina ran over to me and kissed me. Her tongue invaded my mouth and swirled around in my mouth like she was trying to taste every inch of my mouth. I wanted to keep kissing her, but I pulled away for a second, which shocked Nina.

“What’s wrong Jake? Don’t you want me?” she asked.

“No, I do want you,” I reply. “Do you really want me though?”

“Of course I want you! I wouldn’t be naked right now if I didn’t,” she said before trying to kiss me again.

“Nina, wait a second” I said, stopping her for a second. “Nina, please. Tell me you’ve thought this through and this is really want.”

“Jake, are the only man I have truly ever loved, and I’m ready to show you how much I love you,” she said with sincerity in her voice. Nina pulled the swimsuit down my legs and released my fairly average six inch penis.

“I’ve been waiting for this so long Jake,” she said, taking a deep breath and giving the sultriest of voices possible. “I want to fuck you so bad!”

“You are so incredibly sexy Nina,” I whispered while running my hands down her slender frame. I pulled her in closer to by grabbing each ass cheek and pulling her in for a kiss.  We continue to just make out for a couple minutes until Nina broke the kiss and looked down at my cock. She lowered herself down to it where she was eye to eye with my cock, so to speak.

“That’s a pretty good looking dick there. Mind if touch it?” she commented while beginning to stroke him.

She stared directly at my cock while giving me an incredible hand job. I started to run my hands through her beautiful brunette hair as she focused on playing with my penis. She occasionally looked up at me and we smiled at each other. I’ve always dreamed about this moment but I never thought it could feel this wonderful. Nina wrapped her other hand around my nuts and started messaging them. I had no idea how good felt to get your balls massaged until Nina’s hands showed me what I had been missing in my previous sexual encounters. Staring at my cock,I could tell Nina wanted it in her mouth . She wrapped her lips tightly around the head of my penis and sucked as hard as she could without slowing down the strokes.

I felt like I was about to explode. I felt like I was about to explode at any second and I didn’t want to cum so early into our first sexual encounter. She looked at my face and could tell what I was about to say to her. She stopped working on my dick and sat on the couch, spreading her legs as far as she could. My mouth watered at the beautiful sight I only thought I’d see in my dreams. I walked over to the couch where Nina was.

“I hope that pussy tastes as good as it looks,” I said while I opened her legs wide, revealing her already dripping wet cunt. I got down onto my knees slowly lowered my face between her legs, gently kissing the sides of her legs until I was right in front  her puffy pussy lips.  I approached her aching pussy slowly, wanting to tease the horny woman a bit. I made my tongue slowly and gently licked up and down the inner folds of her moist sex.  She started to whimper as I could she wanted me to just dig in already, but I was going to go at the pace I wanted to. I kept at my slow and gentle movements until she lost her cool demeanor.

“Will you please put your damn tongue in already!?” she screamed. I finally gave into the beautiful brunette and shoving my tongue into her cunt.  “Oh shit!” she exclaimed as my tongue finally entered her.

Nina was obviously enjoying the effect my tongue was having on her, as she tried to get me further into her cunt by thrusting her lower half into my face. She arched herself closer to me, wanting me to really penetrate her pussy with my tongue. I grabbed her legs and pulled her in closer so she wouldn’t waste all her energy trying to get closer. I couldn’t help looking up and seeing Nina’s perky breasts jiggle. I was always a boob guy but Nina had a perfect pair. It turned me on even more to see Nina grabbing both of breasts and playing with her nipples. It was an incredibly erotic site. She was treating his tongue as if it were one of her dildos with how excited she was to have it in her. She started circling her hips around as she looked back at him. We locked eyes and I could tell that we both had genuine feelings for each other. After a little bit of maneuvering around a bit, my tongue could reach into damp cunt.

“Fuck yes! Give it to me, baby!” Nina moaned as I realized I had just found her sweet spot. Finally knowing where to lick to give Nina the most pleasure, I attacked the spot like I was a hungry cheetah stalking and capturing its prey. My tongue continued to lash away at her sweet spot.

“Shit! Keep doing it just like that Jake!” she exclaimed. I could tell she was about to lose control and cum at any second. I kept going at her sweet spot with my tongue, knowing my hard work would soon be rewarded by Nina’s orgasm. I could tell by the look on her face that she was losing the battle to not cum. She finally gave in.

She experienced a massive orgasm that drenched my face in her juices. After one of the most aggressive orgasms of her life, Nina took a second to breathe. After she regained her breath, I could tell she was ready for another go. Even though Nina was in phenomenal shape, she was still a a good 6 or 7 inches shorter than me, so it made it awkward to find a comfortable position at first. Once we were both comfy, I grabbed Nina and pulled her in closer again. My cock started to rub against her moist cunt before I started to insert myself inside her the head in.

“Oh fuck!” she exclaimed as I started to enter her inch by pleasurable inch. I started by fucking her at a medium pace. Not to slow to have her lose her heightened pleasure, but not fast enough to where she was going to cum again. I wanted to take my time fucking the woman of my dreams. The feeling of my cock against the walls of Nina’s vagina was incredible. I stared at her bouncing chest as she rode me like a wild stallion that needed to be tamed.

“Yes, yes, right there,” she panted. I started to fuck her harder and speed up my pace. She grunted louder and louder with each hard thrust I put into her. I continued to fuck her right where she told me to keep going. Her grunts were getting higher in pitch, audible every time I went in and out. It wasn’t long before I feel the bubbling feeling that every guy feels when he’s about to cum.

“I’m going to cum. Where do you want me to shoot?” I asked Nina.

“Cum inside me! I on the pill don’t worry just do it! That’s it baby!” Nina screamed at the top of her lungs, which the neighbors would have heard if she had neighbors. Knowing the time is here, I close my eyes and grunt. I feel the warm jizz leave my body and shoot into Nina’s lower region. I looked at Nina and figured out the hot jizz inside her pussy had just made her cum as well.

“Holy fuck!” she screamed as her muscles continued to contract for longer than she anticipated. She rode out her orgasm as her body convulsed and shook. After 30 seconds of this, she finally came down. Still in the bliss of her orgasm, she took some of the excess cum on her legs and started to rub into her breasts as if it were some expensive moisturizer .Nina looked down at herself as she continued to coat herself with my semen. I could tell she loved the feeling of my warm jizz coating her body.

“Wow Jake, you are fucking amazing, she said while trying to catch her breath. She came up to me and kissed me. I had no desire to leave. This is where I wanted to be. For the rest of my life. Nina snuggled herself into my chest and eventually fell asleep there. She was so cute when she slept. For that night on, Nina and I were a couple. A very happy couple.

The End

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