Chloe’s Photoshoot

Title:  Chloe’s Photoshoot

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Chloe Moretz

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

“Look Sam, I changed my mind.  I really don’t think this kind of thing is right for me.  What will my fans think?”  Sam, a veteran photographer looked at the cute teen in front of him and said, “Chloe, sweetie, sometimes you just have to take a risk.  Besides, you said you wanted to do something more mature now that you’re 18, right?  I think this will definitely open up some new opportunities for you.  Not only that, you look so fucking hot!”  Chloe Moretz looked at herself in the full length mirror and smiled.  She did look hot.  She was dressed in a white lace corset and matching panties, shear white stockings and six inch white stiletto heels.  The pink collar around her neck suggested she was into just about anything and with her hair in pigtails, she knew that a lot of guys would be jerking off to her.  Chloe turned and said, “All right, I’ll do it but I want to look at the pictures first before they go anywhere, OK?”  Sam smiled and promised her that no one was going to see any pictures without her approval.

Over the next hour, Chloe posed for hundreds of pictures.  She vamped it up for the photog and even agreed to let him put handcuffs and a ball gag on her when he suggested trying something kinkier.  Once she had the gag in her mouth and her hands cuffed behind her back, Sam’s demeanor changed.  He started talking dirty to her and used his hands to position her in very suggestive poses.  When he pulled the corset down exposing her nipples, she tried to protest through the gag but all Sam said was, “Yes, that’s it baby.  You’re so fucking sexy when you’re scared.  Beg me to stop.”  Chloe really was getting scared.  It suddenly got out of hand when Sam pulled her panties down.  He spread her legs apart and took several close up shots of her shaved snatch.  Chloe started to cry and continued to beg through the gag for him to stop.  Sam attached a leash to the collar and led her around the studio like a dog, snapping picture after picture.  He forced her to her knees and posed her, tears running down her cheeks but he continued to shoot.

When Sam took a break to reload his camera, Chloe heard a knock on the door.  Sam called out that it was open and in walked a very large black man.  He looked over at the young girl on her knees and smiled.  He licked his lips and said, “Damn Sam.  She’s even hotter in person.”  Sam nodded and continued getting his cameras ready.  Sam walked over to Chloe and said, “Now we’re going to do a few soft core shots.  After that, you and Derrick here are going to make a movie.  I’ll bet you’ll have a whole group of new fans after this comes out.”  The black man took off his clothes and Chloe got a good look at his 14 inch cock.  She’d never seen anything that big before and knew right then what was going to happen to her.  He walked over and started slapping her face with his cock.  Sam took picture after picture of Chloe and the black man in various poses.  Some had the cock against the ball gag and her glossy pink lips and then a few with his cock between her legs.  They laid her down on her stomach and then Derrick got behind her and placed his cock against her ass simulating sex with the teen.  When he ran out of film, he picked up a video camera and looked at the black man.  “Are you ready?” he asked.  The black man stroked his cock and said, “I was born ready.  I can’t wait to fuck this little bitch.”  Chloe tried to crawl away but the man held her down.  He spread her legs apart and she felt his cock entered her.  Her eyes were wide open as the monster meat stretched her young pussy wider than it’s ever been.  The man started to fuck her slowly at first but then Sam told him to pick it up.  He said, “Come on Derrick, fuck the shit out of her.  I want to see you pounding that teenaged cunt.”  Derrick grabbed her by her pigtails and started to slam into her from behind.  He was fucking her harder and harder.  Chloe was screaming and grunting through the ball gag as he brutally raped her pussy.  She heard Derrick say he was going to cum and then she felt his load filling her pussy.  She’d never had anyone cum inside her before and she cried “NOOOOOOOOOO” through the gag.  Derrick pulled out of her and stood up and watched the nasty liquid pour out of her pussy.  Sam told Derrick to take a break while he got ready for the next scene.  The photographer pulled Chloe up onto her feet and led her into the bathroom.  He used a wet towel to clean her up and then took her back out to the set.  He rolled a wooden bench out and bent the pretty blonde over it.  Sam took the leash off and replaced it with a length of chain attached to the bottom of the bench forcing Chloe to remain bent over.  He attached a four foot metal bar to her ankles which spread her legs apart.  Her ankles were then attached to the bench by more chains thus immobilizing her.  The last thing he did was remove the ball gag.  The young starlet started to plead with him, “Please Sam.  Stop this.  I can’t take anymore.  How could you let him rape me?  Please, no more.”  Sam slapped her across the face and said, “Shut up bitch.  You loved it and you know it.  You wanted to be more adult?  Well, welcome to the adult entertainment biz baby.”

Derrick walked over and stood in front of her and waited for Sam to get his camera.  Once he was ready, Derrick pushed his cock between her lips, grabbed her pigtails and started to face fuck her.  She was gagging on his cock and when he shoved it down her throat, she puked all over him.  He kept slamming his huge cock down her throat while Sam got some great close ups.  Chloe was almost ready to pass out when Derrick pulled out of her mouth and got behind her.  He slipped into her pussy once again and when she felt him fingering her asshole, she screamed, “NOOOO….PLEASEEEEE……NOT MY ASS…….NOOOOOOOOO!!!!”  Derrick pulled his cock out of her pussy and started pushing it into her asshole.  “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Chloe protested but it didn’t stop him.  Derrick soon had his entire cock buried in the teen’s virgin asshole.  It felt like someone had shoved a blowtorch up her ass.  He started to fuck her with sadistic brutality.  He slammed in and out of her gaping hole while she violently shook her head no and begged him to stop.  Derrick started slapping her ass while he assraped her.  After almost 10 minutes, he finally pulled out and shot rope after rope of hot cum all over her back.  The beautiful blonde lost all bodily control as her bladder and bowels let go simultaneously.  Sam filmed it all.  Her humiliation and degradation were complete.  The pretty teen was a mess, bent over a bench with shit and piss coming out of her holes, covered in sweat, vomit and cum.  Sam stood and looked at her and then he started to laugh.  “Damn baby, you should see yourself.  You’re a mess.”  He released her from the bench and led her over to the bathroom.  He told her to take a shower and clean up.  Chloe turned on the water and then started to cry.  She washed away the filth and when she finished drying off, she leaned over the toilet and threw up.

When she came out of the bathroom, Derrick was gone but Sam was standing there naked, stroking his cock.  He looked at her and said, “On your knees baby.  It’s my turn.”  She walked over to him and knelt down and then, with the look of defeat on her face, she started to suck him off.  He looked at her and said, “That’s it baby, show me what a good cocksucker you are.”  Chloe showed him.  She sucked him and licked his balls.  Her warm mouth felt fantastic around his 8 inches and when he came, he made her swallow his entire load.  She didn’t miss a drop.  After Sam finished, she got dressed and ran out of the studio.  She drove away but had to pull over after a few miles.  Chloe sat in her car and cried, thinking about what she had been forced to do.  Worse yet, she thought about what would happen to her career if the pictures and video ever got out.  As soon as she got home, she called Sam and begged him to destroy the film.  Sam just laughed and said, “Come on Chloe, do you really think I’d pass up the chance to sell these?  I’m going to make a fortune.”  Chloe thought about it and then said, “Please, I’ll pay you.  I’ll do whatever you want.  We can meet and talk about it, OK?”  Sam knew he had her right where he wanted her.  “OK baby, meet me at my place tomorrow night at 9pm.  I’ll give you a chance to convince me.”  Chloe agreed and hung up.  She tossed and turned all night.  The thought of that film getting out to the public plus the fact that her asshole hurt like hell didn’t help.

The next day was torture for the 18 year old actress.  She was worried sick about what would happen to her if the previous day’s events went public.  She knew she was going to have a hard time convincing Sam to give her the film and she knew of only one way to get it.  When Sam opened the door that night, he was stunned by what he saw.  Chloe was standing there braless in a shear, see-through white blouse, short black skirt and black 6 inch heels.  Her hair and makeup made her look much older.  When she walked in, she reached out and touched the bulge in his jeans.  Sam quickly shut the door and put his arms around her from behind.  His hands caressed her breasts and when they made their way down under her skirt, he discovered that she wasn’t wearing any panties.  Sam took her by the hand and led her over to the couch.  Chloe sat down while he went over to the bar and came back with two glasses of champagne.  Once he sat down next to the stunning teen, he clinked his glass to hers and said, “Here’s to the beginning of a wonderful partnership.”  Chloe emptied her glass and set it on the coffee table.  Sam leaned over and kissed the young beauty.  That was when she started to feel funny.  Sam was squeezing one of her breasts when he whispered, “Relax baby.  You’re going to enjoy what I have planned for you.”

When Chloe woke up, she found herself hanging by her wrists in a dark room.  It was cold and she knew almost immediately that she was completely naked.  She also could feel the pain of a butt plug in her ass and the familiar ball gag in her mouth.  Suddenly, the lights came on and standing in front of her was Sam holding his video camera.  He slowly walked over to her and said, “Chloe, sweet Chloe.  I can’t believe you’d be so stupid as to actually believe I was going to hand over the film to you.  I’m going to show you the night of your life and if you’re lucky, I’ll let you go home tomorrow.”  Chloe looked behind him and saw Derrick walk in.  He was already hard as a rock.  He got behind her, pulled the butt plug out and replaced it with his cock.  The tall black man was ramming the little teen so hard, her feet came off the ground.  Sam was kneeling down below getting every brutal thrust on film.  A few minutes later, Sam set the camera on a tripod and then took off his clothes.  Derrick grabbed her by the thighs and picked her up, spreading her legs wide.  Sam stood in front and shoved his cock into her dripping wet pussy and the two men savagely DP’d the pretty blonde actress for almost thirty minutes.  Chloe came over and over again and when the two men finally came, they pumped her holes full and then pulled out, letting their spunk run down her legs.  Sam grabbed his camera and shot a close up of her gaping holes.

The two men took turns fucking Chloe over the next several hours.  By the time they finished with her, she was begging them for more.  Chloe Moretz had been turned into an insatiable whore who would do just about anything to have a cock in her and she loved it.  The sun was just coming up when she slowly made her way to her car.  She wore one of Sam’s shirts over her well-used body and even fingered her pussy during the drive home.  After she showered, she slept for most of the day.  That evening, she went back to Sam’s and let the two men fuck her again.  Over the next several weeks, Sam made a dozen more movies with Chloe and Derrick as well as a few other men that Derrick brought with him.  She had both her nipples pierced and sported tiny studs in each.  She even had some new tattoos on her body.  Sam started taking her to private parties where she would fuck men for money while Sam shot every scene on video.  Rumors of a mainstream Hollywood actress turning tricks started circulating around town and soon everyone was speculating about just who the new whore was.  When the first video hit the internet, everyone was shocked that it was Chloe.  It was confirmed when she went on a talk show and told everyone that she was excited to be doing porn and hoped they would buy her movies.  Her new manager, Sam, stood offstage and smiled.  He had no regrets about turning one of Hollywood’s sweethearts into a filthy anal whore, of course, the fact that he was tapping her ass every night didn’t hurt.  Chloe moved in with Sam and the two made a fortune off her movies.  She even had her own porn website and started touring the country, dancing and turning tricks at strip bars.  As long as she had cocks to keep her satisfied, she would do just about anything for Sam.  Sam even started a series of videos featuring Chloe at truck stops fucking truckers for cash.  The movies were a huge success.

When her popularity started to fade, Sam took Chloe to Europe and sold her to a Russian mobster.  After he returned home, he went back to his photography business.  About a month later, a pretty young actress named Hailee Steinfeld called him.  She had just turned 18 and wanted some “adult” shots.  Sam smiled and called his friend Derrick.  That afternoon, the two old friends introduced the pretty girl to a whole new world.  As for Chloe, no one ever heard from her again.

The End.

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