Chloe Films Her Final Scene

Title:  Chloe Films Her Final Scene

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Chloe Moretz

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.


Chloe Moretz was in her dressing room getting ready to shoot a fight scene for the new Kick Ass movie she was making.  Her character, Hit Girl, was going to be pitted against a large number of criminals in an abandoned warehouse.  She had read the script and loved the fact that she was featured more prominently in this one then the previous film.  She was quite a bit older than the first one and she had become a very beautiful young woman with long blonde hair and a body that looked more like she was 21 than 15.

The fight sequences were going to be shot by the second unit.  The second unit director was a young guy that Chloe really didn’t like.  She had told her friends that he “creeped” her out.  She said he was always stroking her hair and giving her kisses on the cheeks.  Chloe didn’t say anything to him or her manager but she was uncomfortable around him nonetheless.

She left her trailer, dress in her alternate Hit Girl costume, which was basically a private schoolgirl uniform with a white blouse, plaid skirt, knee socks and maryjanes.  She had her prop gun, a 9mm with a long silencer and entered the sound stage.  It was a closed set, since the movie was under tight security so the plot wouldn’t be released ahead of time, so when the doors closed, a loud bell rang and the doors locked behind her.  She looked over the set and saw basically a large room with a metal table in the middle surrounded by three false walls with hooks and chains hanging from them.  The table had handcuffs attached to the corners.   She also noticed that there were three cameras mounted on tripods placed around the table.  The director and one cameraman were the only crew she could see.  The other actors consisted of 10 large black men dressed as gang members.  They were huge men and she didn’t recognize any of them.

The director came over to her and set up the scene for her.  She was going to enter the dark room and when the lights come on, she’ll see that she’s surrounded by a gang of thugs.  Her job was to take them all out with her fighting skills as well as the prop pistol.  She only had one line, which was, “OK you cunts, let’s see what you’ve got?”

The director yelled “ACTION”, and Chloe entered the dark set.  She stood for a moment surveying the area when the lights came on.  She froze, spun around and began popping off blanks from the pistol.   All of a sudden she felt a sharp pain in her neck and fell to the floor.  She didn’t know it, but she had been shot with a tranquilizer dart by the director.  He walked over to her and nudged her with his foot and waved the 10 black men over. He told them she was out cold but should wake up in about 5 minutes since the dose wasn’t that big.  She was lifted up on the table and laid out on her stomach.  Her wrists and ankles were cuffed to the four corners of the table.  They all took off their clothes while they waited for her to come too.

When she woke up, she looked around and realized that she couldn’t move.  She was confused about why and got very scared when she saw the men were naked.  The director walked over to her and told her that there was a change in the script and that she shouldn’t worry.  It was going to be adlib and she should feel free to improvise her lines.  She asked what the hell he was talking about when one of the men came over and shoved his cock in her mouth.  She gagged on it as he forced it down her teen throat.  She was really scared at this point and didn’t even realize she pissed herself.  She heard the other guys laughing about it and felt her panties being ripped off.  She felt hands rubbing up her legs and start caressing her ass.  She felt the knife slice up the back of her blouse and her bra.  They ripped off the rest of her blouse and bra leaving her naked except for the skirt, knee socks and shoes.  The guy fucking her mouth kept slamming his cock in and out, not allowing her to breath.  She felt herself passing out when he pulled his cock out of her mouth and covered her face with his cum.  She had never had a cock in her mouth before, in fact, she had never seen a cock before, let alone one that was 10 inches long and black.

She screamed for them to let her go but that was cut short when the next guy came up and filled her mouth with his cock.  As she was getting facefucked, she felt several hands rubbing her pussy and with her legs spread wide by the cuffs, she was helpless to prevent it.  She felt a big fat finger enter her asshole and she bit down on the cock in her mouth.  The guy punched her in the back of the head and she let go of the cock.  He pulled out and told she was going to pay for biting him.  He climbed up on the table and, without warning, sank his bleeding cock deep in her ass.  She shrieked out as he violated her ass and kept shrieking as he brutally raped her.  It didn’t take long for him to pump his load inside her and he climbed off.  Her asshole felt like it was on fire and she continued to cry from the pain.

The director was loving it.  He had been wanting to break this little bitch since he met her.  She was a seasoned actress by this time and often came off as stuck up.  Well, that was going to end, today.  He didn’t get a lot of work so he moonlighted as a porn director and shot a lot of gangbang and BDSM videos.  The men were porn actors who were more than willing to come in and rape the pretty, young teen actress.  The only thing he told them they couldn’t do was fuck or even finger her pussy.  He wanted to deflower this little cunt by himself.

Her torn and brutalized asshole was covered in blood and cum when the second cock entered her.  She screamed again only to have another cock fill her mouth.  The guy raping her ass pulled out and replaced the cock in her mouth with his, covered in her filth.  This continued for what seemed like forever to her.  She was continually assraped and sodomized until each of the men had filled her belly with their cum.  She had stopped fighting it after the third of forth guy and was in shock as the violation continued.  The cameras were rolling throughout the entire ordeal and the director watched the whole thing on a monitor in front of him.  The men didn’t need any direction, they’d gangfucked other girls many times and were very experienced.  It seemed like their cocks were constantly hard and they just kept fucking her, over and over again.

After they had their fill of her ass and mouth, they stood around the table and pissed on her.  One of the men pissed in her mouth and told her swallow it.  She did so without realizing what it was she was swallowing.  When they finally emptied their bladders, they uncuffed her and flipped her over on her back.  The director walked over slowly and took off his clothes.  He climbed up and got on top of her.  She was staring at him with vacant eyes.  She was in complete shock when he pushed his hard cock inside her and took away her innocence.  He had been dreaming of this moment for weeks and he finally had her.  His cock was average sized but it must have felt like a baseball bat to the young virgin teen.  He was pumping his cock deeper and deeper and then he felt his balls tighten up and filled her pussy with his hot load.  After catching his breath, he gathered the black men around him and paid them each $500.00 in cash and told them they could leave.  He also told the camera man to take off.

When they were all gone, he walked over the Chloe and looked at her.  She was completely destroyed.  Her hair, face, body and holes were bruised and covered in cum and piss.  He pulled her off the table and told her to get on her hands and knees and took her in the ass one last time.  He fucked her abused hole for several minutes before pulling out and shoved his cock down her throat.  He completed her humiliation by pumping his cum down her throat.  He pulled out his cock and let her fall into a ball on the floor.

He walked over and turned off each of the cameras and then went over to the table and gathered up the tapes.  He made a phone call and got dressed.  About 15 minutes later, another man arrived, an older man dressed in an expensive suit.  He looked Chloe over and left.  He came back in a few minutes and handed the director a briefcase.  The two men with him went over and carried Chloe out of the building and put her in the trunk of large Mercedes.  Without a word, the other man opened the case and showed him the $50,000.00 in cash.  They shook hands and he left.  It would have been more if she remained a virgin but he was willing to take the cut in pay since, in addition to the money he just made, he figured the tapes would make him a millionaire several times over.  As for Chloe, she was on her way to the Middle East to become the sex slave of the sheik or prince or whatever, he didn’t give a rat’s ass.

The End.

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