Chloe Moretz – Hit It Girl

Title: Chloe Moretz – Hit It Girl

Author: Tricky Dick

Celebs: Chloe Moretz

Codes: MMM+f, con, oral, anal, first

Summary: Chloe Moretz flirts with the stunt men on her sequel Kick Ass 2 and things get crazy when she keeps calling their bluff.  These older guys keep promising her sex beyond her wildest dreams and how she can’t handle them.  Little do they know that she’s really turned on and attracted to them and their muscular bodies and maturity…. she’s ready to lose her virginity.

Disclaimer: This is a work of complete fiction.  It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it.  No one under legal age may read this, if you know what’s good for you.  All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person.  I don’t know Chloe Moretz or have anything to do with her.  Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.




“God she looks so good in that costume.” said Mark.  “Dude she’s 16 years old….. you want to end up in prison?” Dave replied.  “Hey, it’s just hard not to notice.”  Mark continued.  “Are you two talking about Chloe again?” Richard asked.  “This perv can’t stop looking at her ass.” Dave replied.  “Pedo 5 dude!” Richard responded and he and Mark high fived.  “Seriously?” Dave lamented.  “Okay…. maybe she hasn’t said anything to you but she keeps talking about our muscles and making all these suggestive comments.  Honestly, I can’t tell if she’s fucking with us or not.” Richard offered.  “The other day she grabbed my ass.” Dave added.  “Oh that’s nothing…. We were working on a move and she wrapped her legs around my head and ground her pussy right into my face….. she’s staring down at me with this look in her eyes and actually ground down on me before winking and rolling off me.” Richard continued.  “Then…. because I got hard, I caught her staring at it and she looked up at me and licked her lips.” Richard finished.  “Hey… I know she’s only 16 but I’m not blind…. she’s hot…. but guys…. she’s just a kid.” Dave said.  “So you’re saying that if she was willing you wouldn’t hit that?” Mark asked.  Dave just stared at her and licked his lips….  “Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Richard teased.  “Okay, okay…. yeah….. she said something to me too…. but I think she’s just fucking with us.” Dave confessed.  “You too…. What did she say?” Richard asked.  “Well it wasn’t so much what she said as what she did….  My costume is so tight my cock is practically visible…. so she grabbed it and said “Is this a gun in your pants or you just happy to see me.” Dave admitted.  “I don’t know about you guys but I wanna see what this little hottie is up to….. ” Richard suggested.  “It’s your funeral.” Dave warned.

Chloe had been casually watching her stuntmen…. and drooling.  She wasn’t sure why but these strong muscular older guys just got her juices flowing.  This was so different then the first film…. she was older and she was ready.  There is so much porn on the internet…. and fakes of herself being fucked.  Most of them were ridiculous but some of them were great… and when she talked to her friends…. some of them had already done it…. and she didn’t want to be a virgin anymore but she was NOT going to bang some punk kid who didn’t know what he was doing.  But these “men” aren’t going to risk going to jail for her…. would they?  She’d been flirting with them pretty hard but so far nothing but some lingering, drooling looks.

The crew got to work and they did some fight scenes.  There was a lot of Chloe grabbing the guys and kicking them etc…. but they also got a few chances to grab her too and she quickly noticed that they were grabbing her ass, cupping her tits and finding ways to squeeze and fondle her.  In spite of all the speed of the action she saw them leering at her body and smiling as they saw that she was aware of them feeling her up….. and not complaining.

Finally sweaty and tired the team took a break for water and snacks to refuel.  Richard approached Chloe as she sipped some vitamin water.  “Hey badass…. you’re doing some great work today.” Richard said.  Chloe looked at him and looked around…. “Did you get a good feel?” she replied casually.  Richard smiled at her knowing. “Very nice… but you not ready for the big time just yet cutie.” he said teasingly.  Chloe moved right up to him, “You have no idea what I’m ready for.” and she grabbed his cock and squeezed it looking right into his eyes before she sauntered off.  Richard stood there with his cock throbbing thinking about those sexy lips wrapped around his rocket, her eyes looking up at him as he pumped her mouth with cum.

“Rich…. RICH!” Dave almost shouted.  “Yeah?” he replied snapped out of his daydream.  “Did she just?” Dave asked.  “Oh yeah.” Richard replied.  “Damn…. she is asking for it.” Dave replied.  “And if she’s serious…. I say we give it to her.” Richard offered.  “WE?” Dave replied….  “She is making it really obvious Dave.” Richard continued.  “She grabbed Mark’s ass and both our cocks…. What would you call it?” he asked.  Dave looked over at her and Chloe looked back with the water bottle up to her lips…. She could see the men looking at her and then licked her tongue all around the tip of the bottle like it was a cock.  “Holy shit” Dave gasped.  “YOU SEE…. That girl wants COCK!” Richard replied.  Mark walked up having also seen what Chloe just did with the bottle….. “That girl needs to get laid.”  “Do you think she’s a virgin?” Dave pondered.  “At this point I don’t care… just means we’ll have to go slow.” Richard continued.  “WE?” Mark replied much like Dave…   “Guys…. She’s come on to all three of us…. I know I want her…. it’s pretty obvious you two want her too…. and virgin or not I say we get her naked and fuck her brains out….. Think about it.  If it IS her first time it’s going to take some effort to really rock her world.  If it’s NOT her first time then she’s probably never been with anyone like us.  It’s probably why she’s coming on to us so hard… either way…. I’m going to fuck that sweet babe…. and I’m betting that both of you want some of that too.” Richard plotted.  Mark and Dave looked at each other and then at Richard and subtly nodded.  “So….. are you two IN our OUT? Richard continued.  “IN”, Mark replied and the two of them looked at Dave…. “Okay… I want her too…. but this is crazy.”  “No…. it’s Hollywood…. nobody will care and she’ll have one hellava story to tell about this one time…. or her first time.” Richard replied.

The rest of the day went as expected with a few more grabs and knowing looks as the men subtly taunted and teased the teen with looks, whispers and squeezes letting Chloe know that they were not only ON to her moves but they were taking control.  She got wet thinking about which one of the guys wanted her the most but she LOVED the idea of them competing for her attention and she had trouble keeping her mind focused on the job as random thoughts of each man between her legs…. or impaled inside her and looking into her eyes…. or their cocks in her mouth kept interrupting her.  Finally the day was over.  “ALRIGHT EVERYONE….. THAT’S A WRAP FOR TODAY!  WE HAVE NOTHING SCHEDULED TOMORROW BUT WE’RE BRIGHT AND EARLY MONDAY…. CHECK YOUR CALL TIMES!” The 1st AD yelled.  Richard walked up behind Chloe and cupped her ass making her turn around, “We have a big fight scene to shoot on Monday so mandatory training session on the practice set in 1 hour.”  He winked at her and Chloe’s heart skipped a beat.  Richard had taken the bait…. he was going to be her first.  Little did she know what the men had in store for her.

Chloe hurried to her trailer and showered and changed into some comfortable shorts and a tight tank top so she wouldn’t have to wear a bra.  She dried and brushed her hair and put some makeup on and made her way over to the practice set.  There were big fall pads all over that could be stacked up so they could do complex stunts without risking injury.

The lights were pretty low but she could make out Richard standing in the room as she entered.  Trying to sound confident…. “Hey stud… So you gonna throw me around the room some more?” she quipped.  “Front and center “Hit Girl”, he said commanding.  Chloe wondered if maybe she had misread the situation and she was going to get dressed down for all her flirtations…. She tentatively walked up the the muscular stuntman.  “You’ve been a very naughty girl Chloe.  You’ve been touching me and my guys in very inappropriate ways.” he accused.  “But…. but you guys have been grabbing me too…. you totally felt me up all day today!” she whined thinking that this whole scheme had backfired.  “If you felt you were touched in an inappropriate way, why didn’t you say anything?” Richard continued.  “I… I…. ” Chloe stammered unable to think about what to say.  She had made her moves when they were off set and they had touched her during the fight scenes so it COULD have been incidental…. but she was so sure that they wanted her.  Richard could hold back his ruse no longer.  As the tiny teen shifted her weight nervously and looked down, he started to chuckle.  “OH YOU BASTARD!” she cried and began to punch at him.  Richard blocked a couple of her blows and then grabbed her by the crotch and flipped her onto a fall pad….. Then he climbed on top of her and leaned in close.  Chloe looked up at him and closed her eyes as they kissed for the first time.  Richard pulled off his shirt and Chloe couldn’t help but run her hands over his washboard abs and chest muscles.  “Sooo…. It would appear that you want something from me.” he said.  Chloe nodded and licked her lips.  “Well you’re going to have to tell me ‘exactly’ what you want.” Richard continued.  Chloe steeled her nerves and said, “I want you to make love to me.”  “Well that sounds sweet but I’m not some snot nose boy asking you to prom…. Make love?…. No…. if you want this (he grabbed his bulge) you’re going to have to say it.”, Richard stated.  Chloe blinked and took a breath….. “Please fuck me…. I want you to be my first…. not some teenaged jackass who doesn’t know what he’s doing.  I know you’ll do it to me….. you know, right.” she said nervously.  Richard leaned down and kissed her deeply…. flicking her soft tongue with his.  “Much better…. but now you’re going to have to show me how bad you want it.” Richard replied.

Richard slipped off the teen and sat on the pad…. “On your feet.”  Chloe complied.  “Take off your clothes….. do it slow and sexy….. dance around for me Chloe.” he continued.  This was NOT what she was expecting but Chloe desperately wanted Richard’s approval so she began to move around to music in her head….. She spun around and pulled off her tank top with her back to him….. She pulled her shirt over her small chest and blew him a kiss as she tossed her shirt at him.  Then she kicked off her sneakers one at a time flicking them right at him and giggling as he had to dodge each shoe….. He smiled at her accuracy.  Then Chloe began to shimmy out of her shorts… she purposefully hadn’t worn anything underneath so this was it….. She turned her hips to him to hide her pussy…  Then shimmied again until her butt was facing him and she pulled her shorts down.  Chloe stepped out of the shorts and did a little spin with a tadah ending with her arms above her head.  Richard was drooling at the slender teen with the beautiful blonde landing strip leading to her virgin treasure.

Richard stood up and motioned Chloe to come to him….. which she did.  He leaned down and kissed her, letting his hands stroke her naked flesh.  “So far so good…. You like grabbing it…  Now take out my cock show me you know what to do with it.” he ordered.  Chloe’s heart was pounding…. She’d never given a blow job and only seen pictures of a man’s cock on the internet.  This time it would be up close and personal.  Her hands trembled a bit as she unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down the zipper.  She pulled down his pants and stared wide eyed at the bulge in his underwear.  Chloe nervously hooked her fingers into the waistband and pulled down until his stiff cock sprung free and bobbed in front of her face.  Her small hand reached out and touched it, making his cock throb.  She stroked it for a bit but Richard urged her on….. “Now slip it into your mouth…. and suck on it like a Popsicle.  Chloe took a breath and put the head in her mouth.  She could taste the precum seeping from his cock…. salty and sweet.  Richard ran his fingers through her hair and pulled her toward it pushing a bit more into her mouth.  Chloe moaned as having a man’s cock in her mouth really excited her.  Richard gently pumped his hips moving his pulsing piston into the teen’s mouth.  Chloe pulled it out for a moment and looked up at him to see if he was happy with her.  “You’re doing great Chloe….. keep going…. Use your lips and your tongue…. relax your throat, try and take it as deep into your mouth as you can.  Heart pounding, Chloe excitedly put his cock back in her mouth and worked harder to take it deeper…. running her tongue on the sensitive underside…. “MMMMM CHLOE….. That’s so good.” Richard moaned.  “MMM HMMM” she purred as he pumped his hips faster and gently fucked the teen’s willing mouth.

Chloe was so engrossed in sucking Richard’s cock she didn’t even notice naked Mark and Dave move in behind her with a camera.  Dave moved around the side of their prize and zoomed in on her slobbering all over Richard’s cock.  It was an amazing sight watching this tender teenage virgin sucking cock for the very first time.  Chloe had her eyes closed and Richard had his hands on her head.  Mark moved very close bringing a fresh cock right next to her face and Richard pulled her mouth off his cock and Mark plunged his cock into her mouth.  Chloe’s eyes shot open when she tasted the new cock.  Mark held her head to prevent her from pulling off.  “Relax Chloe…. This is what you wanted.”  Her shock and surprise was amplified when she saw the camera…. she managed to wiggle her mouth free…. “WAIT!…. You can’t video this.”  Dave replied, “Chloe we’ve been taping you since you walked in the room…. and we’re going to record everything.”  “Mark knelt down and kissed her caressing her breasts and running his hand down to her juicy pussy.  He fingered her already swollen clit making her moan and rock.  Dave knelt down and focused on her tender pussy as she shuddered in pleasure.  Dave slipped his finger inside the writhing Chloe and stopped kissing her.  “We know you like all of us…. and we like you too…. so we’re going to show you a time like you can’t imagine.”  With that he stood up and gripped her head and before she could protest anymore he slid his cock back into her mouth.  Chloe nervously looked up at the camera until Richard knelt down and sucked a nipple into his mouth and slipped a finger into her juicy tunnel.  “MMMMMMMM” she moaned relaxing and allowing more of Mark’s cock to slide into her mouth.  Soon Chloe had let go of her anxiety and she was enthusiastically sucking.  Then Dave replaced him as Mark took the camera and Chloe didn’t hesitate when Dave slid his stiff cock into her mouth.  Chloe was REALLY turned on….. She’d never sucked a cock before and now she was sucking THREE COCKS AT THE SAME TIME!!!  The men stood around her letting her trade off from one cock to the other.  She actually started to play to the camera too.  Their plan was working perfectly.

Now the men moved Chloe to her back, cock on either side of her face and Richard positioned himself between her supple thighs.  Chloe looked down for a moment until Richard pressed his tongue into her dribbling juncture.  “OHHHHHHHH” Chloe moaned lustfully as she felt a tongue against her virgin slit.  Mark pushed his hard cock into her mouth and Dave wrapped Chloe’s free hand around his cock so she could jerk it.  This wild scene had the tender teen’s mind spinning.  She wasn’t just losing her virginity, she was about to get gang banged by three super hot stuntmen with rock hard cocks AND making a sex tape too…. but if her parents ever saw the video they would throw the men in prison for sure….. That’s when she realized that THEY don’t want the tape to get out either.  They’d end up in jail…. Another blissful moan of satisfaction oozed from her mouth as she clamped down tighter on Mark’s cock sucking harder and trying to take it deeper.  All inhibitions gone… Chloe became keenly aware of how lucky she was…. What a story this would be.  She happily sucked away moaning and groaning at Richard’s efforts as precum seeped into her mouth from Mark’s cock.  Dave was feeling left out and he motioned to Mark who relented and gave her sexy mouth over.  “AHHHHH CHLOE!” he groaned as the teen swallowed almost half of his rocket into her mouth.  She was getting better at this.

Richard had painted the teen’s virginal juncture and flicked her clit until it was fully swollen and ready for action.  He slipped his fingers inside her and Chloe stiffened  “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” she moaned…. sucking HARD on Dave’s cock and squeezing Mark’s hot rod too.  Her free hand gripped Richard’s head as her hips rocked to meet his efforts.  Richard fingered her as she sucked Dave to the point of cumming….. he pulled out and let Mark have her back…..  Chloe gasped as Richard fingered her closer to an orgasm…. Mark pushed his cock back into her mouth…. Chloe tried to focus but those magic fingers were taking her away.  “MMMMM….. HHHHMMMMM….HHHHHHHHMMMMM……HHHHMMMMMM….” she moaned around Mark’s cock.  Richard grinned at Dave…. he mouthed… (cum in her mouth)  Dave pulled Chloe back to his cock and began to fuck her face again.  Those gorgeous eyes stared up at him lovingly as she let him pump his throbbing cock into her mouth.  Richard curved his fingers up to her G spot and Chloe groaned around Dave’s cock and bucked her hips up.  Then she began to squeal around it as Mark panned the camera from Richard’s eating her pussy to Dave fucking her mouth.  Chloe bucked wildly and Richard held her firmly sucking her burning clit into his mouth and rubbing her G spot to the finish.  Dave held her head firmly not letting her lose focus…. he fucked her face until he groaned loudly erupting his sticky cum into her mouth “GOD CHLOE…. SO GOOOOOOD”.  Chloe’s eyes rolled back into her head as Richard’s magic fingers and tongue sent her over the edge….. “MMMMPHHHH…… MMMMMPPPPH ……. MMMMPPPHHHHH…… MMMMMMMHHHHHHHMMMMMPPHHHH” she moaned as her tender pussy fluttered and clutched at his fingers.

Richard let Mark trade with him so he could get his cock sucked too and Mark desperately wanted to eat out the sweet babe.  Chloe just purred as Mark began to finger her and she happily took Richard’s cock into her mouth.  The men repeated their procedure as Richard fucked her face until he was ready to cum and Mark on cue fingered the virgin’s honeypot until she exploded again….. Chloe cooed as Richard’s cum coated her mouth and tongue.  She liked his cum…. it tasted better than Dave’s.  Now Mark and Dave switched places as Richard held the camera while Mark fucked Chloe’s face and Dave ate her pussy.  Now Dave was an ass man and he fingered her pussy but he also tongued her ass…. “MMMMNNNNHHHUUUUUHHHH” she purred as she enjoyed this new sensation.  Mark enjoyed watching this teen get twisted into a cum guzzling slut.  Dave slipped a finger into her ass and Chloe grunted around Mark’s cock…. Mark pushed it really deep and Chloe managed not to gag…. “OH GOD She’s getting really good at this.” Mark announced.  Meanwhile, Dave worked a second finger into her ass and he started to finger fuck her ass and suck on her clit.  Chloe’s head was buzzing…. she was going to cum again…. Mark was pumping her head vigorously….. Chloe started to cum and as her pussy gushed….. she stiffened and her ass spasmed around Dave’s fingers ….. then Mark shot his load into her hungry mouth.  Chloe like his cum too….. actually all of them tasted pretty good.  When she thought about giving a boy a blow job she was pretty sure she’d just let the guy cum on her chest…. not in her mouth.  These men never gave her a choice…. and it turned her on that they were dominating her…. playing with her like she was a sex doll.

It was time for the Main Event…. Richard gave the camera back to Dave and camped out between Chloe’s thighs.  She looked down at him dreamily as he lapped up her juices and flicked his tongue over her clit.  “OOOHHHHHH GOD that feels so good…..” she moaned.  This was the first time all night that her mouth wasn’t full of cock while she was being eaten out.  “So princess….. you ready for some cock in that tight little pussy of yours?” Richard asked.  Chloe lifted her head and nodded with a stupid sweaty grin on her face.

Richard crawled up to her face and feed her his semi hard cock.  Chloe excitedly enveloped the whole head and part of his shaft.  She could feel it throbbing in her mouth and that turned her on even more as she felt his monster coming to life.  Soon it was stiff in her mouth and she was ready.  Richard pulled out and shuffled back between her slender thighs.  He opened her up and moved into position.  Dave focused on Chloe’s juicy pussy and watched as Richard rubbed the tip of his cock between her lips.  “MMMMMMM” Chloe purred.  She was worried that it would hurt but there was NO WAY she was going to stop now….. AND something told her that these “men” weren’t going to take no for an answer.  “UUUGGGHHH” she groaned as Richard pressed the tip of his cock into her.  She looked down at him wide eyed…..  Richard thumbed her clit making her sigh.  “UUUUGHHHMMMM” she moaned as he pushed a little more in.  Richard couldn’t feel her cherry and it dawned on him that maybe she already broke it with all the kicking, fight scenes and everything else.  A smile spread across his face as he realized that this might end up FAR BETTER than he could have imagined.  “Honey…. I think we may have hit the jackpot tonight.  I think you lost your cherry with all the kicking and fighting…. so this isn’t going to hurt at all…. I mean I’m not going to ram it in you…. but we don’t have to worry about you bleeding.” Richard stated.  “REALLY?” Chloe exclaimed.  “I’m pretty sure….. and we’ll know for sure in a second.” he continued.  Now more relaxed Richard pushed forward and Chloe grunted as his cock stretched her open….  “UGGGHHHH”  He pushed in more….. “OOOHHHHHH”…. Deeper and deeper…. “UUUHHHHHHHH” she moaned….. “Almost there baby.” Richard said.  “AHHHHHHHH” she sighed as the last of it filled her virgin honey hole.  Richard let his pelvis rock against her clit.  “OOOHHHHHH RICHARD!”  Chloe wiggled around under him…. and Richard slipped his arms under her legs and lifted them up.  He could feel her velvet furnace squeezing him and he just couldn’t hold back any longer.  “OOOHHHHHHHHHH!” she groaned.  “OH MY GOD! She’s so tight!” he groaned in response.  Her channel was soaked… His cock throbbed in response and Richard started to move with a purpose.  Not too hard at first but each thrust elicited moans and groans from his conquest.  “Chloe was in HEAVEN….. this was better than she could possibly have imagined.  She’d sucked three cocks…. swallowed cum and had her pussy eaten delightfully and now a nice, hard, thick cock was buried in her teen pussy and she KNEW that these men were literally going to fuck her brains out.  She was going to have the BEST first time of any girl or woman she knew.  Richard began to fuck her harder…  “OH GOD RICHARD….. OHHH…..  GOD….  OOOHHHHH GOD!…. UUUGGGHHH……. UHHHH HHHHUHHH….. UUUHHHH ….. UUUHHHH….. OOOHHH GOD….. IT FEELS SO GOOD…. PLEASE….. RICHARD…… GOD …… RICHARD……” “Oh Chloe….. you’re pussy is so hot…… you’re so tight…… oh baby….. I love your hot cunt……” Richard moaned.  “OHHH….. OHHH….. I’M SO CLOSE….. UUUUMMMMMM ….. AHHHH….OHH GOD….. GOD…. GOD…. UH HUH….. UH HUH….. UH.HHHHHUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Chloe came hard.  Richard had to pull out or he’d cum too.  Panting and groaning he pulled out of the trembling teen.  Chloe sat up and grabbed him and kissed him HARD….  “That was incredible.  Thank you so much.” she praised.  “It’s just beginning sweetheart.” Richard replied.

Mark hungrily moved into place…. his cock throbbed when he pictured sliding it into this gorgeous teen.  Richard took the camera and watched lustfully as Mark gently thrust into Chloe.  “UUUUHHHHHHHHHHH” they both moaned.  Chloe was wet and ready and Mark was anxious to get to it.  He took her legs and started to fuck her.  Moans and groans came from both of them as Chloe was hot and heavy to cum again….. Her furnace went straight back up to eleven.  Mark was so excited as he watched the sweet teen buck and moan under his forceful thrusts.  Soon she was peaking….. Chloe clutched at him with her hands and her cunt…. Mark had to steady himself to not cum inside her as Chloe shuddered and came.  He quickly pulled out to save his load for what was to come.

Now Dave moved in…. He slipped right into her hot pussy….. and fucked away as Chloe writhed blissfully.  Dave could hold off his orgasm so he pumped her fast and hard…. it was different than the others…. Chloe squeaked as his pelvis pounded into hers.  Each guy had gotten progressively more vigorous with their thrusts so Dave made Chloe cum FAST.  She was panting as he finished her off….. then he kissed her.

Each man had fucked her…. Now it was time to really gang bang the sweetheart.  Richard got the pussy…. Dave was promised her virgin ass and Mark was going to get his cock sucked again.

Richard moved over this sexy nymph and slipped it into her mouth again.  Chloe happily slobbered on his cock.  In fact, all three surrounded her face and she excitedly switched from cock to cock…. sucking on them…. this was the WILDEST THING THAT HAD EVER HAPPENED TO HER.


Richard gave the camera over to Mark and laid down on his back.  “Climb on wild thing!” he ordered.  Chloe enthusiastically climbed onto his rocket.  “YEEESSSSS” she moaned as she impaled herself.  “Okay sweetheart…. just start bouncing up and down on it.” Richard said.  Chloe quickly began bouncing.  “AHHHH….. AHHH…. AHHHH…” she cried as each thrust made her shiver.  This was awesome as the teen quickly thrust herself right to an orgasm….. She slumped forward and Richard kissed her.  His cock was hard and ready for more.

Dave moved in behind Chloe…. his cock hard and coated with lube….. he rubbed it against her ass and Chloe looked back at him.  “Yeah…. I’m gonna slide it right into your tight virgin ass honey.”  Chloe was nervous but willing.  Dave pushed the head into her.  “NNNUGH”…. she grunted.  Dave was good at this….. he wormed it deeper.  “UUUGH” she moaned her pussy clutching at Richard’s cock and her ass twitching as it was being filled.  “MMMMMAAAAAHHHHH” she groaned as his stiff tool drilled further up her taut ass.  Chloe couldn’t help it….. she wiggled and cooed as it felt good to be stuffed like this.  “OOHHHHHHHH YEEEESSSSS” she sighed as the final inches of Dave’s cock were buried in her ass.  Dave and Richard gripped the teen and on cue they began to fuck her together.  It was like gas on a fire….. she squealed in delight as fucking was great but this was beyond anything she could imagine.  “OHHHHH MMMYYYY GOOOODDD…… OH… SHIT…. OH….. SHIT….. FUCK…. FUCK….FUCK….” The men thrust harder and harder until the teen stiffened and shuddered, juices gushing out of her cunt.  Mark got every bit of that fun.  Then he got a close up as he slid his cock into her willing mouth.

The Final Drive began in earnest as the men began to bang away at sweet Chloe.  She was beside herself as her tight pussy and firm ass were pounded and Mark did his best to put his entire cock in her mouth….. and she was totally focused on trying to take it all in spite of losing her mind with pleasure as her pussy fluttered and came again and again.  She moaned and groaned and bucked and thrust and ground down on the cocks with wanton lust.  Dave had held off as long as he could but finally her trembling ass was too much and he blasted his cum inside her…. it sent Chloe right over the edge again.  “AHHHHHHHHHHHGGGAAAAWWWWWDDDDDDDD!” she cried.  Now Richard really wanted to cum in her pussy but he knew better and he looked at Mark who nodded that he was there too.  Mark handed Dave the camera and Richard pulled out leaving Chloe on her knees.  Both guys stood in front of Chloe and jerked their cocks.  She looked at them wide eyed knowing what they were about to do….. Dave was totally focused on her angelic face.  Mark blasted first, spraying her lips and cheeks with his spunk….. Chloe opened her mouth and some of it shot in….  Richard exploded too blasting his first rail right into her mouth….. and then the second one splattered across her face…. Chloe squealed as the men finished spunking on her face.  Then she cleaned off their cocks.  There was something about watching this amazing teen starlet, covered in cum slurping on their rods….. they got hard again.

Richard pushed her down into doggie position and thrust into her deeply.  “OH GAAAAWWWDDD” she moaned.  Richard pounded away at her and Chloe just squealed and grunted as Richard drove her right over the edge again.  Mark stepped right back in and took over slamming into her well oiled pussy.  Chloe just held on and came…. she was so wound up everything felt fantastic.  Dave closed in on her cum covered face as he slipped his cock into her mouth….. Chloe took it…. letting it hit the back of her throat…. blow jobs were Dave’s kryptonite….. her gorgeous eyes lustfully gazing at him as he fucked her face… he couldn’t take it and he blasted his cum in her mouth.  Richard tapped Mark and they switched back and Mark moved back to Chloe’s spectacular mouth….. those amazing eyes and cock sucking lips…  Richard thrust into her tight pussy, pushing Mark’s cock deeper into her mouth…. this time he just didn’t care…. Mark moaned….. Chloe came….. Mark erupted into her mouth and Richard let go with what he had left into her virgin pussy.  “Fuck it” he thought.

Finally finished the group lay on the mats sweaty and panting…. Chloe had one HELLAVA sex story to tell and they had the nastiest…. sluttiest sex video of all time…. that they could NEVER show to anyone.

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