Chloe Moretz: A Good Morning

Chloe Moretz: A Good Morning

This story is sexual in nature and only for mature persons aged 18 and over, if that’s not you then please stop reading.

This story contains only one celebrity Chloe Moretz.

Story codes: f,mast, inc fantasy

By Richard Edwards

Disclaimer; This story is a work of fiction from my mind and any elements of the story should not be taken or used as factual in any way about Miss Moretz in any form anywhere. This story is not real and has no basis in fact nor is there meant to be any implication that any of this story has actually taken place. If you are offended by sexual stories or easily offended in general then please do not read. This is pure fiction for fantasy and entertainment purposes only.

“What the” a startled Chloe Moretz exclaimed as she was suddenly awoken by a buzzing sound. She realised a fly had come dangerously close to landing on that pert little nose of hers before disappearing.

She ran her right hand through her Honey Blonde hair and rose up on her other arm and slowly yawned, her bed just felt so comfortable and cosy she didn’t want to leave it. Chloe gave up and let her arm collapse which threw her quickly back down on the mattress.

She began to think about how good her life had become, her career had gone stratospheric and Hollywood producers were falling over themselves trying to get her to sign onto their projects.

Chloe was sixteen and had never had a boyfriend despite all the fame and press attention her damn brothers always interfered, preventing any boys from even talking to her never mind doing anything else.

Ah boys she thought, a little snort of frustration left her gorgeous full lips as she thought just how unfair this all was “If I’d been a boy it would have been totally different” she muttered. Didn’t they realise she was a woman now? Her mind began to tease her with flashes and quick images of half naked men, she felt her face get hot as it flushed, her breathing began to quicken. She realised that the cute panda PJ’s she was wearing felt restricting, the urge to be naked was overwhelming, and Chloe used her long, slim legs to kick off her duvet and quickly remove the offending PJ bottoms in one deft move, next followed the top both of which were quickly consigned to the floor.

Now completely naked she smiled at the realisation of just how many men out there would love to see her now, she’d been online looking at the forums at all of the comments made about her and though some of it was disgusting she couldn’t help but be aroused by the sheer desire and lust put on public display for her. She realised her breathing had become quite rapid, her heart beat steadily thumping in her chest as she became more and more aroused, she found herself fantasizing about one man her favourite Uncle, Peter. She cast her mind back to staying with him at his summer house last year, he was a hands on guy and did all the work on the house himself, he often worked shirtless and Chloe’s mind flooded with memories of watching his sweaty hard muscular body. She was due to visit him again soon; maybe she could do something about these feelings this time.

She could resist no more the heat between her legs had grown overpowering, she nuzzled into the mattress to get comfortable and spread her slim legs, her right hand caressed its way down the middle of her body until her fingers found her mound and continued to the top of her delicate lips, her middle finger gently explored her lips, they were so soft and she was already so wet. As her fingers moved so did her body in pleasurable little spasms. Chloe index fingers moved in small circles around her Clit, pleasure waves crashed over her as her fingers worked, her breathing getting quicker and quicker, she fought to keep quiet but whimpers escaped from her anyway and her body convulsed in pleasurable torment every few seconds. Her fingers moved faster, Chloe’s eyes were now tightly closed, her head moving side to side, her back arching in pleasure. With her left hand she caressed her body stroking her small but perfect breasts, her nipples stood hard and erect, yet there was an urge, an idea, a desire to do something. Her left hand moved between her legs as the right kept up its rhythmic dance. Her fingers opened those soft swollen lips and then entered her sliding in effortlessly, finding that elusive little pleasure centre the G-spot almost straight away. They began to stimulate her and a new sensation flooded her body. Chloe couldn’t believe how good this felt, she began to moan, stronger and stronger convulsions moved through her as her pace increased, she suddenly felt that she was going to Pee! Part of her mind panicked for just a second, no that can’t be right she thought, but it certainly feels that way but the pleasure from this strange pressure was so great Chloe no longer cared; all she wanted now was release. Her body strained and bucked, her groin pushing at an invisible partner, her hands working in perfect co ordination, Chloe moaned loudly, this weird but wonderful feeling between her legs spread up to her stomach and then to her whole body which began to shake. And then it hit her in one huge orgasmic wave, her body began to convulse, her arms dropped to her sides, her hands tightly gripping the sheets as the orgasmic waves pulsed through her, her hips as though with a life of their own pushed up, juice gushed from between Chloe’s gorgeous pussy lips running down her legs and her butt soaking into the sheets, orgasmic waves and convulsions rendered her unable to do anything until finally she collapsed back onto the bed after a few seconds.

Eventually Chloe began to regain control and the orgasmic convulsions finally abated, her breath was still laboured and her heart was beating so fast she couldn’t believe it, her body flooded with an endorphin rush, which felt so good. She moved her head up and slowly opened her eyes so she could look down her body, her nipples were fully erect and dark pink and Chloe could see droplets of liquid on her shaved mound and there was a warm wet feeling beneath her. She quickly pushed herself up on her shaky arms until she was sitting up and stared at her bed. A huge clear stain was spreading slowly across her white sheets, where did all this liquid come from? She was soaked but the orgasm had felt amazing, she had no idea women could come like this, was it pee? Chloe bent over to bring her face close to the huge wet patch and smelled it, there was a tangy sweet smell not unpleasant at all and certainly not pee she thought.

Chloe wondered how she was going to explain this one to Mom, but ah what the hell, I better think of something she goaded herself as I’ll be doing that again, I wonder if Uncle Peter knows about this?

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