Chloe Moretz: Hitchhiker

This is a work of complete fiction.  It just popped into my  brain and I wrote it down. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what’s good for you.  No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. Please feel free to repost this in any non-pay site but it would be nice if you could let me know where.  All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. Comments are always welcome and appreciated.

This story is based on the idea Chloe Moretz isn’t a celebrity.

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Chloe Moretz: Hitchhiker

By Muhabba

His name was Dave Foster and he was a traveling vacuum cleaner salesman.  (Oops.  “Retail Associate Salesperson” the last seminar he had to attend told him)  Basically he travelled around in his hatchback giving live demos of his company’s “Rainbow Lite” vacuum cleaners.  He would provide quick demos at trade shows, retail outlets and in peoples’ homes by appointment.  He had a pretty good base salary and a more than decent commission whenever he made a sale.  At the rate he was going he figured he’d be good to retire in 5 or 10 more years.  Retired at 50 sounded pretty good to him.  Except for the endless hours driving.

Dave had a good chunk of the mid-west as well at parts of western Texas.  And Texas was the worst.  It seemed no matter how for into Texas you drove, you never stopped driving INTO Texas.  He’d spent 2 days on the road and the only interaction he’d had with another human being was 3 gas station clerks and 2 waitress.  He normally liked his alone time but every so often a man just got lonely.

Striking up a conversation had never been a problem for Dave.  He looked friendly enough with a receding salt and pepper hair, a bit of a soft gut and an easy smile.  People genuinely just opened up to him and it made him a damn good salesman.  But with his busy schedule and driving back and forth he just didn’t seem to have the time for people.  His wife left him the last time he refused a desk job some 3 years before and his son was off in California about to graduate from college and Dave was feeling more than a little lonely.  But today, on the end of his third day in Texas as the sun began setting over the dusty highway he saw a cure for his loneliness.

It was a flat highway and he saw the hitchhiker from a couple of miles away.  He’d already decided to stop for whoever it was before he’d even gotten a good look at them.  And as he drew closer he got a real good look.  If she was a teenager it was just barely.  She had honey colored hair that shone with the sun behind her.  A dirty tank top that left her tan stomach and belly exposed.  A large, beat up back-pack on the ground behind her legs.  And what legs.  Slender, toned, tanned and long for her age wearing a worn pair of denim daisy dukes and also a pink cowboy hat.

Dave pulled up beside the young girl and she looked at him with her wide, teal colored eyes.  Dave’s eyes were a deep brown and drawn to her pink bee-stung, pouty lips.  “Lips like those should not be on a girl that young,” he thought to himself before speaking.  “Goin’ somewhere, honey?”

The teen girl smacked her gum and waved the dust from her face.  “That depends.  You a pervert?”

Dave was so taken by her bold question and laughed.  “Ha.  No, no.  Not enough for my ex-wife anyway.  I’m a vacuum cleaner salesman.”

“And you, what?  Travel door to door selling vacuums?”  The young beauty leaned forward, giving the older man a view down her shirt and her small, black bra encased tits.  “I didn’t think people did that anymore.”  She was kinda impressed when he didn’t look.

“Well, not really.  I go to trade shows and like,  Visit peoples’ homes by appointment.  So it’s not really whatcha call ‘Door to door’.”  It was taking all of Dave’s will-power not to glance down the young girl’s shirt.  “So where ya headed, little lady?”

The teen took a moment to lick her full, pink lips before answering, “I just got done visiting my Gram’ma.  She gave me some money to take the bus but I figured I could save it and just hitchhike.  Y’know?”  She had a whole back story ready to go if she needed it.  She’d slept in her sleeping bag last night and been walking this highway all day today and he hadn’t seen a single car either.  She was hot, flush, sweaty, dirty, starving and thirst.  She hadn’t expected it to take this long to get a ride when she had finally ran away from home.

Dave grinned.  She was clearly trying to fake a Texas accent but he guessed she was probably from around Georgia.  “Well, I don’t know how much bus tickets run nowadays but ya might wanna consider saving that money from a down payment on a car.”

The young girl laughed.  Relieved he apparently bought her story.  “Yeah.  No kiddin’.  I’ve been walking all day.”  She stood up straight and arched her back, stretching out the kinks.  She couldn’t see into the car as Dave licked his lips and watched the sweat roll down her soft belly.  The teen hitchhiker bent back down and poked her head in the car.  “So where ya headed, mister?”

“That’s it,” Dave thought.  “A little runaway.” She didn’t tell him where she needed to go, just wanted to know where he was heading.  And judging by her accent he was figgerin’ she’d be happy anywhere west of Georgia.  “Oh, up to Oklahoma and then up towards Kansas.  There’s a small town a couple of miles up the road and I figured I’d grab a burger and somethin’ to drink there.”

The mention of somethin’ to eat and drink sealed it for the young girl.  “Sounds great.  Mind if I catch a ride?”  She tried hard to keep the enthusiasm out of her voice.

Dave smiled warmly at the young runaway.  “You’re not one of them ‘Car-jackers’ are ya?” he said with his easy smile.  She laughed and it sounded sweet to his ears.

“Ha.  No.  Pretty piss-poor place to be a car-jacker,” the teen girl said as she ginned and tucked a long strand of her blonde hair behind her ear.

“Didn’t say you were a good one,” Dave said as he leaned over and pushed the passenger door open.  “Names Dave.  Dave Foster.”

“Chloe Moretz,” she said as she threw her backpack into the back seat and climbed in.  “Pleased to meet ya Mr. Foster.”

Dave struggled no to drool at Chloe’s legs as she sat down.  Her short-shorts rode up and he got a quick glimpse of her pink panties.  “You too, Ms. Moretz.  Now what you say we go get us a couple of burgers?”

Dave drove to a small diner just past the Oklahoma boarder and bought them each a burger with the works and 2 large sodas.

As they were leaving the diner Chloe immediately tore into her burger and tried to talk, “Humph grumph orumph…”

“Ha.  What?”  Dave smirked.  Poor little angel must have been starving and looked adorable as she tried to chew her giant mouth-full of burger.

“…I’m sorry.  Didn’t realize how hungry I was,” Chloe said sheepishly.  “I was just wondering if we could have the air conditioning on?”

Dave thought it over for a moment.  “Sure.  We’ll be stopping in a few hours anyway.  Shouldn’t eat too much gas.”  Dave leaned down and turned on the car’s air.  He usually traveled without it, trying to save on gas but today was turning out to be special.

“Oh thank you Mr. Foster.  How much do I owe you for that burger?”

“Not a thing, darlin’.  You just save up for that car,” Dave said as he watched goose bumps break out over Chloe’s tan thighs and tried not to stare.

“Thanks again, Mr. Foster,” Chloe said as she took another large bite out of her burger.

Dave let Chloe enjoy her burger and just started talking to fill the silence.  After about 20 minutes into his favorite trade show story he looked over and noticed that Chloe was dead asleep.  He grabbed the young girl’s soda before she could drop it and wrapped up what was left of her burger.  He reached over her prone body to recline her seat and his arm brushed against her underdeveloped chest.  He could feel her nipples through the material of her shirt and bra, hard with the chill of cold air.  A groan of lust escaped from his mouth.

The trembling vacuum salesman reclined the seat and pulled his arm back to stare and the young girl.  Her honey blonde hair framed her sleeping face and her pouty lips were parted as she breathed.  Her small tits rose and fell with each breath and her nipples strained against her dirty shirt.  She had her long, tan legs tucked up underneath her, her dirty shorts pulled up high and tight across her ass cheeks where Dave could see the start of her tan line.

Dave whispered, “Chloe?  Chloe, sweetie?”  He shook her, her hair sliding down to cover her innocent, slumbering face.  “Chloe, sweetie.  Can you hear me?”  Still nervous he shook her harder.  “Oh my God, Chloe.  There’s a truck.”  No answer from the sleeping teen.

Dave smiled to himself and kept driving.  “Poor angel is lucky she didn’t have a heat stroke.” As the minutes ticked by he couldn’t stop himself from stealing glances at the vulnerable girl.  “She’s lucky I came along.  Who knows what could have happened to her otherwise.” He smiled to himself, feeling pride at his good deed.  If only he could stop staring at her.

“She’s so beautiful,” Dave thought.  “She should be in movies or a model or something.” A shudder passed through Chloe’s young body.  “Poor dear must be freezing now.” Dave leaned forward to turn down the air when a flash of pink caught the corner of his eye.  With her shivering and him shaking her, a bright pink nipple had poked out from the top of her too large bra.  Dave jerked the wheel in surprise accidently and nearly crashed the car before righting it.  He couldn’t tear his eye off the hard, pink nipple of the young girl sleeping next to him.  His car swerved again and nearly sped into the other lane.  “Shitshitshitshit!  I’m gonna kill us both,” he gasp.

Dave turned off onto the first road he could find, a long, dark country road without a house or car in sight.  He pulled over onto the side of the dirt road and began taking deep breaths to steady his nerves.  He giggled nervously, “Heh.  Almost did us both, Chloe.”  He glanced over at Chloe still sleeping soundly beside him.  “And you slept right through the whole thing.  I bet you could sleep through a tornado right now.  Couldn’t ya?”

A perverted thought struck Dave like a lightning bolt.  She was so beautiful.  An angel really.  And he was so, so lonely.  No wife.  An indifferent son.  No real friends.  No real home.  No real… release.  With trembling hands Dave reached over and pinched the straps of her tank-top and bra and slowly pulled them down, revealing her budding breasts.

There she was, young, little Chloe Moretz topless.  Her tan tits completely exposed, covered in goose bumps from the cold air and topped with hard, bright pink nipples.  Even with the air conditioner going full blast Dave was sweating.  His shaking hands reached over and caressed her bare shoulders, her skin was so soft and warm.  He slid his hands down her arms and across to her soft tummy.  His greedy fingers slid up to stroke her soft, small, still developing tits.  He ran his callused thumb across her hard nipples as he licked his suddenly dry lips.

Dave used one of his hands to adjust himself, he couldn’t remember the last time he’d been this hard, his cock felt like it was about to rip through his slacks.  With a second thought he quickly undid his pants and released his aching dick.  “Fuck,” he whispered in relief.  His free hand slid down Chloe’s vulnerable body to her legs.  So soft, so smooth.  He tried to get his fingers into her shorts but they were stretched too tight across her ass so he returned his hand to her naked chest.

Dave began jacking his cock as he molested Chloe’s tiny tits.  “Oh baby.  Oh you sweet girl.  You feel so good baby.  Your tits feel so good.”  Inspiration struck again.  Dave grabbed one of Chloe’s delicate wrists and brought her hand towards his throbbing cock.  He used his hand to wrap her fingers around his dick and began using her hand to jack himself off.  “Oh God yesss,” he hissed in pleasure as he continued to use his other hand to stroke her soft chest.

It only took a few minutes of molesting the young girl before Dave felt himself about to explode.  “Oh shit, oh Jesus, oh shit, oh Jesus…,” he chanted.  He quickly looked around for a napkin, a towel, anything to catch his load.  Sudden inspiration struck again.  Dave released his hold on Chloe’s hand and chest and brought her head forward.  He sat up a little more and placed the head of his dick against her full lips.  He pressed forward and the still sleeping teen’s mouth opened automatically.  As the head of his throbbing dick slid past Chloe’s full lips and into her warm mouth the girl’s wet tongue caressed the underside of his cock head.  “Oh Fuck!” he grunted as he came.

Chloe actually managed to swallow the first few shots of thick cum before she started to hack and coughing.  “Oh Goddamn,” Dave muttered.  Quicker than he would have thought possible he tucked himself back into his pants and pulled up Chloe’s shirt and bra.  Thinking quickly he grabbed her soda and brought it to her lips.  “Here sweetie.  Drink this.”

Chloe grabbed the soda and took a long drink before coughing again.  She held a hand to her chest until her coughing fit stopped.  “Wha… what happened?”

Guilt flooded through Dave.  “I don… I don’t know.  I was driving along and… and all the sudden you started… started coughing and choking.  I… I pulled over and gave you a drink.  You… were sleeping.”

“Yeah…,” Chloe agreed.  “I was having this weird dream about my dad.”

“Well… um… you must have fell asleep with food in your mouth.  You were pretty out of it,” Dave quickly muttered.  It seemed plausible to him.

“Yeah,” Chloe agreed.  She didn’t want to tell him she’d been dreaming about what her father had been doing to her.  “Must of.”  She took another sip of soda, her mouth tasting slightly salty.  “Thanks.”

“No problem,” Dave said, relieved she bought her story.  “I wrapped your burger up.  You still hungry?”

Chloe licked her lips and they were slightly salty too.  “Oh yeah.  Thanks Mr. Foster.”  She grabbed the last of her burger and wolfed it down.  She looked back at Mr. Foster sheepishly, embarrassed by her poor table manners.  “Sorry.  Didn’t mean to just shovel it in.”

Dave rubbed the top of the blushing girl’s head.  “Heh.  No problem, sweetie.  What say we get back on the road?”

“Sure thing, Mr. Foster,” Chloe grinned with bits of burger between her teeth.

Dave turned the car around and drove off into the night.  It took less than 10minutes for Chloe to nod off again.  And then the pangs of guilt sat in.  “Oh God.  What did I do?  I… I never… She’s so young.  What… what came over me?  I’ve never even thought about a girl that young.” He looked over at the slumbering girl.  “She’s so beautiful.  I’ve never seen such a beautiful girl.  She’s just… she doesn’t even know.  She’s back asleep.  No harm done.  It’s over and done with.” “No harm done,” Dave whispered to himself.

After a few more hours of listening to Chloe snoring lightly beside him Dave hit the small town he was aiming for.  Just one of dozens of small towns just over the Oklahoma boarder.  Not to big but just big enough for a few small hotels and a couple of restaurants that delivered.

Dave pulled into the closest motel and stopped outside the office.  He glanced over at the sleeping angel beside him.  “Nonononononono…,” he chanted to himself as he got out of his car and walked into the office.

“Evenin’ sir.  Or almost mornin’.  Either way what can I help ya with?” chimed the clerk.

Dave barely heard the clerk as he steeled his resolve.  “One room.  Um… two… two beds.  Me… me and my daughter.  Two beds,” he stammered.

“And how old’s the little miss?” the clerk helpfully asked.  “We got a discount for kids under 12.”

Dave could feel sweat trickling down the back of his neck.  The thing he wanted most in the world was just one bed large enough for him and Chloe to spend the night in.  “No, no.  She’s… she’s definitely a teenager.”

“They can be quite a handful at that age,” the clerk said as he started the paper work.  “I got a couple teenagers myself.  Getting’ a little lippy the older they get.”

The instant the clerk said “handful” Dave immediately thought about the feel of Chloe’s silky breasts filling his palms.  And when the clerk said “lippy” the image of Chloe’s full and pouting lips wrapped around his cock danced behind his eyes.  Dave felt his erection throbbing an quickly stepped up closer to the counter before the clerk could see.

The clerk turned around and present the papers to his customer.  “Here ya go, sir.  Just need ya to sign here, here and here.  And I’m gonna need your credit card.”

Dave quickly filled out the paper work and the credit card receipt and shuffled back to the car hoping the clerk couldn’t see his hard-on.  He pulled the car to the entrance closest to his and Chloe’s room and took a deep breath.  “Oh fuck me,” he muttered to himself.  “I can do this.  It was a mistake.  It’s over with.  I’ll just talk to her in the morning and find out where I can drop her off.  Might even call the police,” he thought.  A sudden image of the cops flashed behind Dave’s eyes.  “Ok.  Might not.  I’ll just drop her wherever she wants to go and slide her some money.  Maybe even get her that bus ticket she was lying about.”

Dave looked over at Chloe and patted her on the head.  “Poor little angel,” he whispered and then kissed her quickly on her forehead.  He got out of the car and unlocked the outside door to their room.  He gathered the sleeping girl in his arms and carried her to the bed farthest from the door in their room and laid her down.  As he sat back up his hand accidently caressed her stomach and his fingers trailed across the tips of her breasts.  “Stopitstopitstopit…”

The vacuum salesman gathered his supplies and Chloe’s backpack and carried them into their room.  After unpacking his stuff Dave thought about doing the same for the still sleeping girl.  “Nah.  Better not,” he thought and then walked down to the front office.  He rang the bell and the clerk appeared.

“Can I help you, sir?”

“Yeah,” Dave muttered.  “Yeah.  Uh… she a… my daughter.  She went off… um, and… uh didn’t pack her bathroom stuff.  Y’all sell that girly shampoo and soap and such?”

The clerk thought for a moment.  “Well, I think we got some vanilla shampoo and strawberry body wash.  That do it for ya?”

“Sure, sure.  That’ll be fine.  Just charge it to my room.”

The clerk gathered the supplies and headed back to the room as the clerk yelled back at him from down the hall.  “Oh, sir.  We don’t have late night housekeepers so if y’all need any extra towels or robes or such they’re down the hall.”  Dave waved his thanks as he shuffled down the hall.

Dave dropped off the bathroom supplies and then grabbed him and Chloe a robe each.  Back in the room he put up his supplies and took a few moments to stare at the sleeping girl.  She lay on her back, her head to the side, her arms crossed across her chest and her tan legs straight out and slightly spread.  Dave was sure he could see the pink of her panties for the leg of her shorts an began to feel his cock start to harden.

“Nononononono…,” Dave muttered to himself.  He quickly gathered his supplies and locked himself in the bathroom.  “Shower,” he thought to himself.  “Shower,” he thought.  “Nice, long cold shower.”

Dave finished his shower, feeling refreshed to get the dust off of him despite the cold water and put on his robe.  “Shit,” he thought.  He was so used to being on his own that he forgot his night cloths.  Quickly putting on one of the robes he got out of the bathroom and headed to his suitcase.

“Mmmm…,” Chloe moaned as Dave closed the dresser drawer.  “I fell asleep again?” she asked as she sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes with the back of her one hand.  She leaned back on her other hand and tucked her legs underneath her butt as she yawned.

“Yeah, sweetie.  Pretty much fainted dead away,” Dave said as he watched Chloe stretch from the mirror above the dresser.  Chloe’s dirty shirt pulled up high and tight on her chest and exposed her tan midsection completely.  He could see the pink elastic of her panties peeking out above the waist band of her short shorts.  He moaned inwardly as she licked his suddenly dry lips.  “Nononononono…,” he thought desperately.

Chloe finished stretching and didn’t even notice how much of her young, tan flesh she was flashing.  “You take a shower?”

“A cold one that didn’t help a damn bit,” Dave thought to himself.  “Yep.  I was gonna order some pizza.  You wanna jump in before it gets here?”  The thought of Chloe naked, wet and soapy brought Dave’s deflated cock back to full hardness underneath the robe.  “Thank God this robe’s so big,” he thought as his dick throbbed.

“Oh, um, well…,” Chloe thought desperately for an excuse as to why she didn’t have a change of clothes.  “I wasn’t figgrin’ on being gone this long so I, um… didn’t pack any extra clothes.”

Dave didn’t even bother to point out that she should call a parent or her grandmother.  “Tell ya what.  There’s an extra robe in there.  If ya want you can wear that and after we eat I’ll run your clothes through the wash.”

“Thank you, Mr. Foster.”  Chloe’s voice rang out from the bathroom followed by her shirt, bra, jeans, socks and underwear.

Dave walked over and gathered up Chloe’s dirty clothing.  He stroked the inside of her bra, imaging her ripe, young, budding breasts in his hands again.  He felt the warmth from her panties and moaned as he imagined her tight, wet, hairless pussy wrapped around his dick.  In a daze he shuffled back to his bed and sat down, his robe wide open and began using Chloe’s panties to masturbate with.  A quick flash of shame and quilt washed over him but was quickly replaced by pure lust as he looked up.  The door to the bathroom hadn’t closed completely when his young hitchhiker had thrown her clothes out.  Now, from his spot on the bed he could see and angel.  A wet, young, and very naked angel.

Without her boots Chloe was maybe 5’3” with toned, tanned legs.  Her whole body was tan except the white, succulent flesh of her ass and hairless pussy.  He ass-cheeks were plump, not quite a bubble butt, with cute little dimples.  Her tight slit was nestled between her thighs without a trace of hair.  She had a slight belly with the cutest bellybutton Dave had ever seen.  Her still developing breasts sat up high on her chest, barely and A-cup, as she reached up with her arms to wet her hair.  Fully wet the teen’s hair was a shade darker and trailed halfway down her back.

Dave licked his lips as he watched the water stream from Chloe’s hair, down her graceful back between her shifting ass-cheeks.  She turned around facing him with her eyes closed, the water falling from her face to her underdeveloped chest, over her small tits and off her pink nipples.  Her puffy, bright pink nipples stood out in contrast against her tan tits as the water cascaded over them.  The water slid from between her breasts and over her soft belly, spilling out over her belly button before sliding to the tight junction between her legs.  Her darling, little pussy.  So white and pure against the rest of her tan skin.

The ripe, naked girl started to shampoo her hair and Dave stopped masturbating.  Having sex with the girl was no longer a decision, it was a need.  A unconscious need like food or breath.  A deep burning need that filled him and washed over him.  He couldn’t waste his load for anything else other than Chloe.  His sweet, beautiful, perfect angel.  There was no doubt in him that he was going to have Chloe.  No doubt in his mind that he was put on this Earth for the sole purpose of fucking little Chloe Moretz and that she was put on this Earth to take his cock.

Dave dropped Chloe’s clothes to the floor and watched her wash her hair, the suds cascading down her wet body.  Her small tits juggled slightly as she worked the lather into her hair and the suds flowed down her body, flowing over her skin, sliding down her breasts, partially covering her tight slit, trailing down between her dimpled ass-cheeks.  He licked his lips as he watched transfixed, his heart beating out of his chest and he could feel his iron hard dick twitch with every thud.  Dave moaned as Chloe rinsed the soap from her hair and the suds slid down and off her petite body fully uncovering the bits and pieces of luscious flesh hidden by the suds.

Chloe grabbed a wash cloth and applied a large drop of soap and worked up a good lather.  She had felt so dirty all day and so very tired.  She could feel the dirt and grime of the road sliding off her body and it felt so good to be clean.  She wasn’t just washing off the filth of the road but everything that had come before that.  She felt truly happy and blessed that Mr. Foster had found her, given her a ride, fed her and now had given her a place to sleep.  She smiled wide to herself, thankful for the good fortune that she had fallen in to.

“Jesus,” Dave whispered as she watched Chloe begin to wash herself.  She rubbed the soapy wash cloth across her face and down her neck.  Next she rubbed up her slender arms and the top of her chest.  Dave gripped his knees as she watched the young girl wash her breasts, trailing the cloth across her tender flesh and pink nipples.  She turned her back to him as she reached around her body to wash her sides.  She reached further behind her to her tan back and down to her pale ass-cheeks.  Dave could have sworn he caught a quick glimpse of her tiny ass-hole as she rubbed between her cheeks.  She turned back around and raised one leg up to the side of the tub and rubbed down one leg and then the other.  With her leg up Chloe worked the cloth to her groin and washed between her tan legs, not realizing Dave had an almost perfect view of her pussy.

“Dear God,” Dave blurted out as Chloe finished washing between her slender legs.

Chloe looked up suddenly as she heard Dave.  Through the crack of the door she could see him sitting on the bed, staring at her.  His robe was open and she could clearly see his erection pointing straight at her.  Her eyes shot wide open in fear as she reached out and slammed the door closed.  The door bounced open again even wider than before.  Chloe tried to cover herself with the wash cloth as the slammed the door shut and make sure it latched this time.  “Ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod…,” her mind raced a mile a second.  “He was watching me,” she thought.  “Oh god.  He was playing with himself.” “What am I going to do?” she muttered before rinsing the soap from her body, her stomach twisted in knots.

Dave took a moment to compose himself.  There was no doubt, no uncertainty.  It was time.  He stood up and walked calmly to the door of the bathroom and knocked twice.  “Chloe, sweetie.  We need to talk.”  The head of his still hard prick rubbed against the smooth surface of the door.  “I don’t think I’ve ever been this hard before,” he thought.  “It’s all her.  My angel.” Dave tried to adjust himself but it was hopeless, the first 3 inches of his prick stuck out from between his robe.  Dave continued talking to Chloe through the door.  “I know what you saw, sweetie.  And you know what I saw.  Just put your robe on and let’s talk about this.  I’m moving back over to my bed and, just… whenever you’re ready.”

The frightened girl heard Dave shuffle away from the door.  “What am I gonna do?  What?” Chloe desperately thought.  She could yell for help, but what then?  He hadn’t done anything.  “Yet.” She could run but he had her clothes.  How far could she get in just her oversized robe.  And either way it led to the cops being called and they would just take her back home.  To her father.  She realized she had no choice.  She dried herself off, slowly, and combed out her hair, slowly, and even straightened up the bathroom, slowly.  “Get ahold of yourself,” she thought.  “Just get it over with.” She slid on her robe, slowly, and opened the door, slowly, and shuffled out, slowly, to have her “talk” with Mr. Foster.

Dave was transfixed as Chloe shuffled closer to him in her white robe.  “An angel,” he thought.  Her honey colored hair was combed back from her face and trailed down her back.  The robe was an adult’s size and the neckline plunged down to just above her abdomen, leaving a deep V of her tan chest exposed.  The arms of the robe slipped past her hands and her feet kicked out from beneath the hem as it dragged along the floor.  While sitting Dave had managed to at least cover his erection but it was still tenting up the front of his robe.  Standing in front of him Chloe stopped, not looking up from the floor and her toes peeking out from under the robe.

Dave smiled sweetly.  “You’re a vision Chloe.  A perfect vision.  A little angel.  I think we should…”

“I know what to do, Mr. Foster,” Chloe interrupted, steeling herself.  “My daddy showed me what to do.”  She began opening her robe, revealing her wet, naked body.

For a moment Dave did nothing.  Chloe’s wet hair hung down and over her slender shoulders, still slightly dripping.  The beads of water flowed down her sun bronzed skin between her budding tits, over her small pooch of a belly and down to the white juncture between her legs.  The obviously scared girl began climbing down onto her knees and Dave gripped her shoulders to stop her.  “Now, now, Chloe.  It’s a bit soon for all that.”

Chloe straightened back and stared at Dave, tears filling her eyes.  “Do you want to spank me first?  Is that what you want?”

Dave licked his lips as the thought of bending the naked girl over his lap and filling his hands with her soft ass-cheeks flashed across his mind.  “No, no, sweetie.  Nothing like that.”

“What then?”  Chloe began crying freely.  “What do you want to do to me?”

Dave leaned forward and kissed the tears from the frightened girl’s face.  “I want to show you how good a man can make a woman feel.”

“Th… that’s what… what my daddy al… always said,” Chloe sobbed.

“If your daddy made you feel any less than the angel you are then the man’s a fool.”  Dave pulled the robe back up, covering Chloe’s young body.  He rubbed her arms soothingly as he waited for her sobbing to quiet down.

“Re… really?”  Chloe’s breathing slowly started to return to normal and she used the sleeves of her robe to wipe away her tears.

“Yes, really,” Dave answered, never losing his easy smile.  “And tonight I’m gonna do everything I can to make you feel good.  Feel special like a princess.  Like an angel.”

Chloe chewed her bottom lip as she stared at her feet and thought over everything Mr. Foster had said.  And everything he hadn’t.  She could see his massive erection making a tent out of his robe and knew what was coming next.  Her only hope was that he would be as gentle as he seemed.  He spoke softly and he certainly didn’t seem mean.  Even when she caught him looking at her in the shower he didn’t stare at her like her daddy did.  Well, he certainly couldn’t be worse.  Taking a deep breath Chloe quickly nodded her head and waited.

Dave practically beamed as his sweet Chloe closed her eyes and nodded her head.  Leaning forward, holding her shoulders, he lightly kissed her full and pouty lips.

“Wha!” Chloe startled, pulling away.

“Shh, shh, shh…,” Dave whispered.  “It’s OK sweetie.  It’s just a kiss.”

“I thought… thought you’d… you’d just…” Chloe stammered.

“It’s just a kiss, princess.  Princesses should be kissed,” Dave whispered as he leaned in again.  Chloe nodded quickly again as Dave tilted his head up to meet her pink lips with his.

At first Dave started slowly, not wanting to startle the young girl again.  He gave Chloe’s trembling bottom lip a quick peck and then the corners of her full mouth until her pouting lips stopped trembling.  He kissed all around her angelic face: quick pecks to her lips, cheeks, jaws, forehead, her brow and the tip of her nose.  As she seemed to relax he returned to her luscious lips for a slightly longer kiss and then make his way up to her ear lobes.  “She has the cutest ears,” he thought.

As Chloe began to respond Dave placed his lips over hers and lightly ran his tongue across them.  Chloe moaned and Dave took it as a invitation and lightly dipped his tongue into her warm mouth.  Chloe stiffened for a moment but relaxed again as Dave began slowly probing her mouth.  His tongue caressed hers as it made its way inside.  As she got used to feel of his tongue she slowly began to respond more, meeting his tongue with her own.  She moaned slightly, the pleasure slowly building inside of her and as he began exploring her mouth more thoroughly.

Dave removed his hands from Chloe’s shoulders and placed them to her slim waist as he leaned farther into the kiss and held his wrists.  He slowly broke away from the kiss and his mouth made its way up Chloe’s jaw and once again to her cute, little ear lobes.

“Mmmmm…,” Chloe purred as Mr. Foster nibbled her earlobes and began nuzzling her neck.

Dave began moving his lips and tongue down to Chloe’s color bone and then the hollow of her graceful neck.  “Does this feel good, angel?” he whispered.

“Yes, Mr. Foster,” Chloe groaned.  “No one’s ever done this to me before.”

Dave firmly squeezed Chloe’s tiny waist, his fingers of each hand nearly touching because of her small size.  “With you, princess.  We’re doing this together.”  He went back to Chloe’s mouth and full lips, kissing her more passionately.  And she responded to the kiss just as passionately.

Chloe wrapped her arms around Mr. Foster’s neck, holding him to her as he kissed her in a way she had only seen in movies.  Certainty nothing like her father.  She panted and moaned into his mouth as she nearly melted against him and her heart thudded in her chest.  She barely even notices as he began pulling her robe off of her shoulders.

Dave broke the kiss, trailing his tongue down the panting young girl’s graceful neck and began kissing her bare shoulders as he slowly pulled her robe down.

“Mr… Mr. Foster?” Chloe panted.  “Are you… are you…?”

Dave pulled his head away from Chloe’s ripe skin and looked deep into her teal colored eyes.  “Did you enjoy me kissing you, Chloe?”

Chloe quickly nodded.  “Uh huh.”  It was so much better than anything she had ever had do to her.  Or “with” her as Mr. Foster said.

“Now,” Dave said, licking his lips and smiling warmly.  “I’m going to kiss your entire body.  Understand?”

Chloe thought it over.  Nothing she had ever had done to her had ever felt as good as Mr. Foster kissing her.  He had been nothing but sweet and kind to her and just him kissing her on the mouth had excited her.  Her nipples were hard and rubbing pleasantly against her rove every time she breathed and even her special place felt warm and wet.  Chloe licked her pink lips and nodded, to nervous to speak.

“Good girl,” Dave said as he slowly pulled Chloe’s robe down.  “Such a sweet, perfect little angel.”  He watched as the teenage runaway’s shoulders were exposed, then her chest, then her small developing tits capped with her hard nipples, then her abdomen, then her soft belly, then her tan lined pale hips and then finally her bald, little pussy.  He licked his lips, his throat dry as he stared lovingly at her small pussy with its slightly glistening labia.  “You are so beautiful, Chloe.  The most beautiful princess in the whole world.”

Dave held the naked girl to him as he kissed her deeply.  He could feel her budding breasts pressed against his robe and felt her shudder as he trailed his fingers down Chloe’s back.  He kissed his way down her chest as his hands made their way down to her perfect, white ass-cheeks.  He squeezed her plump cheeks, amazed at the feel of her silky smooth skin and began softly kneading and massaging her creamy ass.  Her skin felt flush and warm in his greedy hands.

Chloe moaned in pleasure as Dave made his way to her chest.  He softly kissed and licked the tender, sensitive skin of her small tits and her nipples felt like they were sizzling with pleasure.  Dave nibbled around on the firm flesh as he made his way to her other nipple.

“Oh God Mr. Foster!” Chloe screamed out as the older man sucked in her nipple with his lips.  Mr. Foster began working his tongue against the little nub of flesh as she squeezed his head to her chest.

Dave raised one hand from Chloe’s firm little ass to her bare tit, stroking the flesh and pinching her nipple.  Her skin tasted like heaven.  Just like and angel should.

“Oh yes, Mr. Foster.  Yes,” Chloe whispered.  Her body, her muscles, her skin felt like it was burning.  But it didn’t hurt, it felt better than anything ever.

Dave stopped working on Chloe’s nipple and switched over to nurse at her other, running his fingers down her body.  Dave let his hand softly caress her soft belly, his fingertips slowly circling her belly button.  He made wider and wider circles slowly down to the warm, wet, white juncture between her slender legs.

Chloe was practically vibrating in Mr. Foster’s knowing fingers.  He seemed to just know where to touch her, kiss her.  He just seemed to know… her.  Even now, with his fingers traveling down to between her legs, where her daddy had used her again and again, she was trusting him more and more.  Wanting to open herself and her body to this man who was a stranger to her only a few hours ago.  As Mr. Foster’s fingers made their way lower she opened her legs wider.  Her fear was being replaced with trust, knowing he only wanted to make her feel good.

There was no doubt in Dave’s mind that Chloe’s body was made for him.  From the way her skin tasted on his tongue to the way her white ass-cheeks filled his hands to the way she held him to her ripe tits to the way she opened her legs to his hand.  She was made for him.  He traced her wet slit lightly with his fingertips, causing her to shudder and moan.  As he started slowly sliding his fingers up and down her wet slit he bent back up to kiss the horny teen.

Dave’s fingers slowly parted Chloe’s pussy as his tongue slid past her lips and back into her mouth.  He dug in deeper into her pale ass until his finger was circling her puckered asshole and he slowly slid his finger into her tight cunt.

Chloe’s body was on fire.  She broke the kiss to call out in pleasure as Mr. Foster went back to nursing at her tits.  “Oh God Mr. Foster,” she whimpered as his thick finger probed into her wet cunt.  She barely noticed as his other finger began pressing into her butt.  Even her father had never done anything there and she had no idea what to expect.

Dave slid a finger all the way into Chloe’s young cunt until the horny girl’s body swallowed it completely.  He left it there for a moment, letting her get used to the sensation before slowly adding a second finger.

“Oh yesss, Mr. Foster.  Yesyesyesyesyesyes…,” Chloe hissed though clenched teeth, her eyes closed in bliss.

Dave worked his fingers around a little inside of the panting runaways impossibly tight cunt.  “God she’s so tight.  So wet.  So hot,” he thought to himself, almost giddy with excitement for when he finally slid his cock into the young girl.  He felt Chloe’s body respond as he located her G-spot and reluctantly pulled away from sucking on the teen’s tits.  He wanted to watch her cum more than he wanted to continue feasting at her breasts.

Taking a moment to burn Chloe’s beautiful face into his mind, Dave made sure the fingers buried in her cunt were on either side of her G-spot and the finger buried in her cunt was firmly in place.  “Chloe, angel?  I want you to look at me for a sec.”  After a few moments Chloe looked at him with bleary, dazed eyes.   “Hold onto my shoulders, honey.”  A look of pure pleasure filled Chloe’s eyes as she placed her hands on his shoulders and a dopy smile crossed her lips.

Dave watched as she licked her pouty lips.  “I’m gonna make you feel soooo good, Chloe.”  He smiled as Chloe nodded her head.  All at once he slid his 2 fingers slowly against the rough patch of skin buried in her pussy as he pressed his thumb against her hard clit and skillfully penetrated her tight asshole.

“Oh God Mr. Foster!” Chloe screamed as the first orgasm of her young life thundered through her.  Her already tight pussy and ass clenched down on Mr. Foster’s fingers and her cum flowed out of her spasming pussy.  Her legs trembled and her knees buckled causing her to fall against his chest.  She unconsciously rocked her hips against Mr. Foster’s hands, thrusting her pussy and ass against them, fucking herself with his fingers.  “Ohhhhh…,” she moaned, her face buried in his neck as her body shuddered and shook.  Waves of pleasure flowed back and forth like the tide inside of her young body.  “Ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod…,” she panted.

Dave smiled in pride as Chloe came, her body trembling in pleasure as she was pressed against him.  He reluctantly pulled his fingers from her clutching holes which caused her to moan and shudder.  He wrapped his arms around her and she melded her body against him.  “Good girl, Chloe.  Good, good girl,” he whispered as he lovingly stroked his hands up and down her silky back.

Chloe shuddered one last time and she felt the strength return to her legs.  She leaned back a bit an looked at Mr. Foster with loving smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes and his hands roaming up and down her back.  With a serious look on her face she quickly said, “Thank you,” before plunging her head down and kissing him deep, taking him by surprise.  Her lips met his as she kissed him hard, thrusting her tongue into his mouth.  She kissed him firmly and passionately, trying to repeat with her tongue everything he had done with his.

Chloe broke the kiss and whispered, “Thank you,” again as she gave a quick peck to Mr. Foster’s lips.  “Thank you,” she whispered as she kissed his jaw.  “Thank you,” she whispered as she kissed his chin.  “Thank you,” she whispered as she kissed his neck and began pulling his robe open.  “Thank you,” she whispered as she kissed between his collar bones and pulled his robe down his shoulders.  “Thank you,” she whispered as she kissed his chest and pulled the robe down his arms.  “Thank you,” she whispered as she released the robe, bending at her waist and kissed his slightly soft stomach.  “Thank you,” she whispered as she got onto her knees and opened his robe, exposing his hard penis.  “Thank you,” she whispered as she kissed the top of his left thigh.  “Thank you,” she whispered as she kissed the top of his right thigh.  “Thank you,” she whispered one last time as she kissed the tip of his throbbing penis, tasting his salty pre-cum on her full lips and tongue.

“Ohhh, Chloe,” Dave moaned as the naked, young, wet beauty knelt in front of him and kissed his prick.

Chloe licked her lips in preparation as she circled the base of his dick with her small hands, her fingers barely reaching all the way around.  She slowly started jacking on his cock as she lightly licked his cock head.  She ran her wet tongue all the way around the tip before sucking it into her warm mouth.

Dave chanted, “Yes Chloe, yes,” over and over again as he sat on the edge of the bed, vibrating with excitement as the beautiful, blond, young, sexy girl sucked his cock.  He ran his fingers lovingly through her wet hair as her head began bobbing up and down on his prick.  “Heaven,” he thought.  “Her mouth, her whole body, feels like heaven.”

The teenage girl softly began sucking Mr. Foster’s cock and slowly bobbing her head up and down on his prick.  Chloe could only get the first few inches into her tiny mouth before it bumped against the back of her throat, almost making her gag.  She held still for a moment and took a deep breath through her nose, getting herself ready.  She braced herself to try and swallow his dick when she felt Mr. Foster’s hands on her shoulders.

“Chloe.  Chloe, sweetie?” Dave whispered, knowing what the girl was trying to prepare herself for.  “You don’t have to do that, princess.”

With a wet, slurping sound Chloe removed Mr. Foster’s cock from her wet mouth, a small strand of saliva connecting her full lips to the tip of his dick.  “Why not?  Ain’t I doing a good job?” she asked worriedly.

Dave smiled warmly as he stroked the naked girl’s wet hair.  “It feels amazing, Chloe.  But you’re still a growing girl and I think I might be a bit big yet for you to try and deep throat me.”

Relief washed through Chloe and she nodded as she looked sheepishly back at Mr. Foster’s cock in her delicate hands and nodded her head.  “I just wanted to make you feel good, Mr. Foster.”

“And you are, Chloe,” Dave said reassuringly.  “But I don’t want you hurting yourself tryin’.  Understand?”

“But I’m doing good?” Chloe asked.

Dave took Chloe’s head in his hands.  “You are the best little cocksucker ever, angel.  You just keep up the good work.”  Chloe smiled warmly and went back to sucking his cock.  In truth she wasn’t that good at suck a dick, she timidly jacked at the base as she softly sucked the top and bobbed her angelic face up and down.  But there was no way he was going to tell her that.  Even though he’d had several women give him better blow-jobs over the years, his dick in Chloe’s warm mouth still felt better than any of them.  “We’ll just have to work on that from now on,” Dave thought to himself.  Not realizing the subconscious desire to keep Chloe with him from now on.

Chloe went back to her timid blow-job, resting Mr. Foster’s penis on her warm tongue, sealing it with her full lips and sucking lightly as she softly jacked the base of his cock.

Even if Chloe’s technique was nearly non-existent Dave loved the sight of his prick sliding into her warm mouth, her soft lips stretched tightly around his shaft, her delicate hands wrapped around the base and her teal covered eyes locked on his.  As the young girl’s head rocked up and down in his lap he felt his balls begin to draw up and knew he was about to explode.  “I’m gonna cum, Chloe.  Oh God I’m fixin’ to cum.”  He felt the young girl draw her head up and felt the tip resting just inside her warm mouth.  “Here it comes baby.  Try to swallow it, Chloe.  Swallow my cum angel!”

As the first shot of cum erupted in Chloe’s mouth she jumped a little and began swallowing, nursing on the head of Mr. Foster’s prick like a baby.  Load after thick load of thick, hot cum shot into her mouth and with pride she swallowed every last drop.  She never lost eye contact with Mr. Foster, wanting to see the approval in his eyes.

Dave shuddered in bliss as he shot the last of his load into Chloe’s sucking mouth.  He looked down at the naked, young girl still with the head of his prick in her mouth and he smiled, his eyes filled with pleasure.  He lovingly patted the top of her head as she tried to smile around her mouth full of dick.

Chloe let Mr. Foster’s softening cock slip from her mouth and wiped the drool from her chin with the back of her hand.  She smiled up at the older man.  “Did I do good?”

Dave pulled Chloe up to her feet.  “You were fantastic,” he said as he lifted him up and wrapped her in his arms.  He could feel her small breasts pressed against his chest as well as the heat coming from between her legs.  “Best little cock sucker in the world.”

“Really?  You mean it?” Chloe asked a little worriedly.

“Really,” Dave said.  “I mean it.”  He pulled Chloe tighter against him and kissed her.  He broke the kiss and squeezed her plump ass-cheeks.  “Now lay down on the bed.”

Chloe jumped up on the bed and quickly crawled on her hands and knees, her pale ass-cheeks high in the air as they swayed back and forth.  When she reached the middle of the bed she turned around as she sat down with her coltish legs pulled up underneath her.  She licked her lips as she watched Mr. Foster stand up at the end of the bed.  He wasn’t grossly fat or anything, just kinda soft in the middle, well, softer than her daddy and he was the only man she’d ever seen naked.  Plus Mr. Foster was defiantly older, like way older.  Like, at least 10 years older than her daddy.  And Mr. Foster was so much nicer than her daddy.  Even now, with both of them naked and him staring at her, he even stared at her nicer than her daddy.

Chloe’s tummy fluttered with anticipation.  If Mr. Foster had been mean like her daddy she at least knew what to expect but with Mr. Foster she was scared, like a good kind of scared, like a roller coaster.  She looked up at him with her wide, expectant eyes.  “Now what, Mr. Foster?”

Dave started crawling up onto the bed.  “Just lay down, sweetie.”  He could spend all night just staring at her beautiful, naked, ripe body.  As she laid down beneath him her hair flowed around her head on the pillow, her small tits rode high up on her chest and her pink nipples were hard and pointed up at the ceiling, her legs were outstretched and slightly open and allowed him to see the dewy moister on her tiny little pussy and the tan insides of her slender thighs.  “Perfect,” he thought as he laid down beside her.

Chloe’s hand immediately went to Mr. Foster’s semi-soft cock and started to lightly stroke it.  “Is it weird if I say like your penis, Mr. Foster?” she asked, staring at his slowly hardening member in her hand.

“Not at all, Chloe,” Dave said as he plucked a stray clump of hair off of her face.  “It certainly likes you.”

Chloe giggled a young girl’s innocent laugh as she felt Mr. Foster’s penis slowing filling up her hand.  She looked down at it and smiled as she licked her pink lips.  “Yeah, hee hee.”

Dave leans down and gave Chloe a kiss on the lips that she returned passionately.  He broke the kiss and gave her a little peck on her chin, then the tip of her nose, then between her eyes, then her forehead, then her jaw and then her earlobe.  He slightly tongued the young girl’s earlobe and caused her to squirm and giggle as she continued to jack him off.

“Tee hee hee, Mr. Foster.  That tickles,” Chloe giggled, never losing pace with her hand-job.

Dave kissed his way from the sexy hitchhiker’s ear down to her neck.  Chloe’s giggles turned to soft moans as he made his way from her neck to her shoulders.  He heard her moan, “Oh, Mr. Foster,” as he ran his mouth from her shoulders to her chest.  He felt her small intake of breath as he reached her small, perfect, tan breasts.  He kissed all around the firm flesh before he dragged his tongue across the sensitive nipples.  “Yesss…,” she hissed above him as he paid equal attention to both pink nipples.  He slowly went back and forth on each small tit before continuing to kiss his way down her small body.

Chloe whimpered in pleasure as Mr. Foster kissed his way down her excited body.  She lost her grip on his cock as he moved down the bed so she brought her hands up to squeeze her small breasts and pinch her aching nipples.  “Yes, Mr. Foster.  Yes,” she panted as Mr. Foster worked his way down her body.  She closed her eyes as she played with her breasts and enjoyed the feel of his lips and tongue going down, down, down, down lower and lower.  Her belly fluttered in anticipation and her hips bucked as the vacuum cleaner salesman licked at her belly button.

Dave slid down the bed until he was kneeling on the floor with his upper body draped across the bed.  Chloe instinctively opened her coltish legs to let Dave at her pussy, her moist labia spread slightly and gave him his first peek at the pink treasure inside.  “Oh God,” he moaned inwardly.  “It’s heaven.”

A shudder ran through Chloe’s hot body as she felt Mr. Foster’s tongue on her hairless, little pussy.  “Yes, Mr. Foster.  Pleasssss…,” she begged.

With a finger from each of his hands Dave opened up the pretty, pale flower of Chloe’s heated pussy, a trickle of her juices trailed out of her tight hole and her hard clit stood proudly out for beneath its hood.  He licked his lips, his mouth was watering.  He extended his neck and gave a quick peck to the small, hollow areas between her hot groin and her slender thighs and felt her shudder with each kiss.  He looked up the full length of her body from between her legs and saw her playing with her small tits.

“Oh, Mr. Foster.  Yes, Mr. Foster,” Chloe panted again and again.

Dave lightly lick the pink flesh between Chloe’s swollen pussy lips and gave a small kiss at the entrance to her pussy.  He felt her start to roll her slender hips against this face he kissed her small pussy even harder.  His tongue slid into her wet pussy and he probed deep inside of her tasty body.

“Yes, Mr. Foster,” Chloe panted louder.

“She tastes divine,” Dave thought to himself as he began probing harder and deeper with his tongue.  He released Chloe’s swollen lips and used his hands to grip her thighs as she began humping up against his face harder.  He slid his tongue as deep into her tight pussy as he could and began rolling it up and down inside of her.  The panting young girl’s gentle rolling of her hips gave way to frantic jerks and twitches and he knew she was about to cum.

“Yes, Mr. Foster.  Yes!” Chloe screamed out in absolute pleasure as stars exploded behind her eyes and her orgasm crashed through her like a tsunami.  “I’m cumming!”

Dave drew back his tongue as Chloe came and began lapping up her sweet juices as they gushed from her tiny, pink pussy.  Her cum splashed into his mouth, down his chin and soaked into the hotel’s cheap mattress.  He kept his grip on her trembling thighs, keeping her wet pussy braced tightly against his mouth.

Finally Chloe’s small body relaxed and her arms and legs fell to the mattress beside her, spread out akimbo.  All she could do was moan in pure bliss as her eyes and mouth were wide with astonishment.  “Ohhhhh…,” she moaned as she felt Mr. Foster’s weight settle in next to her.  She had never imagined an orgasm could feel like that.  “That was… that was…,” she stammered.

“Yes?” Dave smirked as he trailed his fingertips up and down Chloe’s panting chest.

“That was… Awesome!” Chloe exclaimed with unbridled glee.  She quickly climbed up on her knees and began bouncing up and down, clapping her hands.  “Do it again!  Do it again!”

Dave chuckled at the naked, jumping girl’s enthusiasm.  He patted one of her silky smooth thighs and said, “There’s no doubt we’ll be doing that again.  But I wanted to do something else first.”

Chloe stopped jumping and looked down sheepishly, chewing her bottom lip.  “You, you want… want…”

Dave quickly kissed the top of her head.  “Yes, angel.  I want us, you and me, both of us, together, to have sex.”

Chloe continued to chew on her bottom lip as she thought it over.

Dave ran his hand up and down Chloe’s arm, reassuring her.  “I’ve already showed you how nice it can be when two people trust each other.  And you trust me, don’t you Chloe?”

Chloe quickly nodded her head, her hair slightly hiding her beautiful face.

“And you know I’d never do anything to hurt you, right?”  Dave began sliding his hand up and down Chloe’s tense thigh, trying to relax the young girl.

Chloe hesitated a moment before nodding her head yes.  She really did trust him and after everything he’d done for her she wanted to make him happy.

Dave sat up in front of the nervous girl, his hard dick pointing straight at her, his knees touching hers.  He used one hand to stroke Chloe’s naked side from her ribs down to her ass and his other hand to brush the hair from her beautiful face.  She was still chewing on her bottom lip when he said, “I just need you to trust me a little bit more.  Can you do that, Chloe?  Can you trust me a bit more?”

Chloe’s thoughts were still jumbled up in her head but it didn’t matter.  Mr. Foster had treated her  better than any adult ever and she would do anything to make him happy.  She stopped chewing her lip and reached one shaking hand to Mr. Foster’s pulsing dick and wrapped her delicate fingers around it.  She began softly stroking the hard rod as she looked up into his eyes and licked her lips.  “Yes, Mr. Foster,” she whispered.  “I trust you.”  She leaned forward and pressed her naked, ripe body to his larger, older one and kissed him long, slow and deep.

Dave’s hands went to Chloe’s back and ass-cheeks as she kissed him and jerked him off.  He gave her plump ass a quick squeeze before breaking the kiss and whispered to her, “Then lay down, Chloe.  Lay down and spread your legs.”

The frightened girl did as she was told and looked up at Mr. Foster as his eyes crawled over her naked, vulnerable body.  He didn’t look mean, or angry, or hungry at her.  He looked so happy.  So happy to see her like this and she felt her nervousness flow away.  How could she had been so stupid to be scared of Mr. Foster?  He was staring at her like she was the greatest thing in the world.

Now Dave was the nervous one as he stared at Chloe’s heavenly body as she visibly relaxed and he positioned himself her coltish legs.  He was almost too scared to talk to her.  “I… I want you to… (ahem)… I want you to say something for… for me, Chloe.  I, I, I… want you… want you to say… to say…”

“Fuck me, Mr. Foster,” Chloe said, smiling warmly as she brought her arms up to hold him.  He was more nervous than she had been.  “I want you to fuck me, Mr. Foster.  Please, fuck me.”

Dave smiled in relief.  “She really is an angel,” he thought as he positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to Chloe’s wet cunt.  He leaned down over her and she wrapped her arms around  his neck.  He kissed the young girl deeply as she slowly started pushing his dick into the wet, hot, tight pussy of his unexpected hitchhiker.

Chloe began cooing as she felt the head of Mr. Foster’s dick press into her and grunt with the effort.

“Are you ready, Chloe?” Dave asked as he stared worriedly into Chloe’s teal eyes.  She was just so small.

“Yes.  Oh yes, Mr. Foster,” Chloe reassured the older man, realizing for the first time that there had never been a dominate or submissive role in their new relationship.  Her daddy had always been the dominate one, always taking from her.  But Mr. Foster, for all his acting self-assured and such, he would have stopped at any time if she asked.  Even now, ready to enter her he would stop because he’d never do anything to hurt her.  She smiled wide and lovingly up at him.  “I want you all the way inside me, Mr. Foster.  Please.  Please don’t make me ask again.  There is nothing I want more in all the world than to feel you filling me completely.  I want all of you.”

Dave bent down and kissed the top of Chloe’s head.  “An angel,” he whispered softly.  He began pushing into the naked angel with her blonde hair, uniquely colored eyes, pouting lips, graceful neck, small breasts, soft tummy, slender legs and hairless, little pussy.  He slowly pushed in just his cock-head and she started breathing deeper below him but gave no sign of fear or nervousness.  He kept up the slow penetration, burying himself inch after inch into the beautiful girl.  With every inch of him she began moaning and cooing louder and louder, chewing at her bottom lip, panting and rolling her slender hips up to meet him.  She was hot, wet, and so very tight.  He had heard the term “like a glove” before but she was tighter than that.  Her tiny pussy was like a velvet vice, squeezing him harder than anything ever before.  Her pussy seemed to be drawing him into her, pulling at him and he felt once again had the feeling that his whole life had led him up to this.  Everything he had ever lived through had led him to sliding himself into the little girl named Chloe Moretz.

As Mr. Foster slowly filled her up Chloe moaned out in ecstasy, “Oh Mr. Foster,” as she gripped his forearms.  Because of their height difference she had to look up from his chest to his head and saw that his eyes were closed in concentration.  With every inch he slowly pushed into her she raised her hips up more and more.  Not just to make it easier on him and not just to make him happy.  She wanted him.  Wanted to feel him above her and inside her, thrusting into her, fucking her.  Her breathing became rapid, her tiny tits rising and falling as she began sweating and panting, moaning in pleasure.  His cock felt wonderful filling her, stretching her pink walls, scraping over her sensitive flesh as his dick rubbed against her G-spot with every inch.  Everything he had said was true about a man and a woman being together.  As a young girl she had felt the occasional dull throb of sex, but with Mr. Foster it was a fire and she felt like she was burning alive with pleasure.  She more than wanted him, she needed him.   Suddenly her whole life felt like it had led up to him picking her up on the side of that dusty road.

Chloe could feel Mr. Foster’s cum filled balls resting on her ass-cheeks as he bottomed out inside of her.  “I  love you Mr. Foster,” she said, kissing his chest since she couldn’t reach his face.

Dave leaned down and kissed the top of Chloe’s head, not able to reach her face.  “I love you too, Chloe.”  Her hot cunt was a velvet fist gripping his cock as he drew it out a few inches and then slid back in.  He could hear her moan deep as she began fucking her.  He stared slow and deep, giving her tiny body a chance to get used to him stretching out her body.  In and out slowly, rolling his hips slight to grind against her enflamed clit.

Yes, Mr. Foster.  Yes, yes,” Chloe panted as the much older man began fucking her.  She could believe how her entire life now felt like foreplay to this moment.

“Fuck, Chloe.  Yessss…,” Dave groaned out as he slid out further and pushed in deeper with every thrust.  With his much larger hips on top of her slender ones every time he pushed in and their groins met Chloe’s legs would stretch straight out from her sides.  Deeper and longer, against the hot wall of her tight pussy he fucked in and out of the young girl.  “So good.  So, so good,” he panted, sweat sliding down and off his body to mingle with hers as she gasped and panted beneath him.

“Yes, Mr. Foster.  So good, Mr. Foster,” Chloe moaned as she writhed around underneath Mr. Foster, rolling her hips, arching her back, pushing her small tits out as his abdomen scraped across her sizzling nipples.

Dave increased his tempo, plunging in and out harder and faster, the bed creaking beneath their sweating, panting rolling bodies.  He felt Chloe’s hands slide up his arms and he bent down to let her wrap them around his neck.  His body pressed flat against the tiny teen as she fucked her hard, deep and fast.  He felt like a steam engine, slowly starting and picking up steam as he plowed along.  He felt her pink nipples scraping against his abdomen as she began kissing and lick his chest.  “Chloe, baby.  You feel so fucking good.  Soooo fucking goooood,” he moaned.

Chloe couldn’t speak as the erotic sensations coursed through her body.  It was like before when Mr. Foster used his fingers on her, then better as he used his mouth and now it felt like lightening shooting up from her tender pussy to her spine and across and through her entire body.  She began licking and nipping at his chest as she felt herself building to the biggest orgasm of her life.  “I’m… I’m… I’m gonna…”

“Me to, Chloe.  Me too,” Dave panted, drilling into the small girl.  He had lost any technique he may have had and was just punching his aching cock as deep and fast as he could into Chloe’s body.  “Oh God, Chloe.  Ohgodohgodohgodohgod…,” he chanted.

Chloe tightened her grip on Mr. Foster’s neck to hold him to her as she tried to wrap her legs around him.  “I’m cumming, Mr. Foster!” she shrieked in her little girl voice as her pussy clamped down on his cock and she spasmed around him.  She continued shrieking as pure bliss washed through her body and her hot pussy rippled around his cock, trying to milk the cum from him.

“I’m cumming, Chloe!  Fuck you feel so good!” Dave gasped as he buried himself balls deep into Chloe’s tight body.  He shot load after hot, thick, ropy shot of cum deep into the girl’s spasming pussy.  Her wet cunt spasmed around his cock and felt like pure heaven as his balls drained into her eager body.  He began grinding his groin against the young girl, growling deep in his throat.

“Uhhhh… God!” Chloe screamed as a second orgasm tore through her.  The feel of Mr. Foster’s hot cum burned inside of her as he grinded against her little clitty and her body shook and trembled underneath him.

Dave finally felt himself relax as his balls emptied and his cock softened.  He rolled over off of Chloe’s spasming body and onto his side, holding the small girl as her sweat slick body continued to occasionally twitch in post orgasmic bliss.  Her eyes were half closed, dazed and glazed over as she panted erotically and a small stream of drool trickled from her mouth.  He look down between her legs and saw their mixed juices slide out of her pussy, down between her compacted ass-cheeks and soak into the mussed bedding.  The sight of a post-orgasmic Chloe Moretz was even better than the sight of the post-shower Chloe Moretz.

Chloe lay stunned, unable to move or form words.  She had never felt like this before.  She was pretty sure no one had ever felt like this before.  She weakly licked her lips and shuddered as she took a deep breath and waited for her twitching body to calm down.  She finally managed to place a hand on top of her heaving chest and turned to look at Mr. Foster.  “Oh… my… God.  That was… that was…,” she struggled to find the right words, “Wow,” she finally muttered breathlessly.

“Ha,” Dave chuckled.  “Did you enjoy it?”

“Wow,” Chloe panted.  “Just… wow, Mr. Foster.”  She smiled wide as a sense of pure bliss filled her from the chest out.  “Is it… is it always like that?”

“I certainly hope so, Chloe,” Dave said as he lightly stroked Chloe’s soft belly.

As Chloe’s body calmed her breathing returned to normal and her mind quickly started to run rampant and a feeling of dread filled her.  “What about the morning?” she thought.  “What about tomorrow?  Or the day after?” The simple truth was, she was alone.  A runaway.  What was going to happen to her?  She looked up and down at Mr. Foster and decided  what to do.  The only thing she had left.  She stared up at the older man.  “Do you love me, Mr. Foster?”  She hated to ask but she needed… security.

Dan looked quizzically and Chloe and smiled.  “Yes.  Of course.  Why?”

Chloe turned to her side, facing away from Mr. Foster.  “Do you want to take care of me?”

Dave licked his lips and stared at Chloe’s creamy ass, so stark against the tan skin of the rest of her body.  “Of course, sweetie.  Why do you need to ask?”

Chloe rolled onto her tummy and braced herself with her elbows.  “Do you want to keep me safe?”

Dave was starting to worry.  “Yes.  Why are you asking?”

Chloe grabbed two of the pillows from the head of the bed.  “Do you want me to be happy?”

“Yes, Chloe.  Yes,” Dave said worriedly.  “You don’t need to keep asking me these things.”

Chloe licked her lips in nervousness.  “Do you want to take me home with you?”

The sudden implications hit Dave.  What were they going to do tomorrow?  She was a runaway.  Her parents would be looking for her.  Probably the cops.  And he couldn’t just take her home with him, they’d be caught eventually.

Chloe raised her hips up off the bed, capturing Mr. Foster’s eyes as she pushed the pillows underneath her hips.  “Do you want to be my new daddy…”

Dave was enraptured by Chloe’s upturned ass but it didn’t’ stop him from interrupting her.  “Now just a minute, Chloe.  We need to think about…”

“…and fuck me in my ass?”

Dave stopped talking, stopped breathing, his mouth open in shock.

“Will you please fuck your baby girl up the ass, daddy?”  Chloe asked, imploring Mr. Foster with her eyes.

Dave was still dumbfounded as she watched Chloe reach behind her and grab her plump ass-cheeks.  His mouth was dry and his soft cock roared back to life.

“No one has ever fucked my ass before, daddy,” Chloe used her best little girl sing-song voice but her eyes were wide with the fear of rejection.  “I want you to be my first.  Will you?  Will you be my first, daddy?”  She looked away from Mr. Foster, straight in front of her at the head board as she raised her tight ass higher and spread her pale cheeks apart.

“I don’t… I… um… I don’t…,” Dave stammered.

Chloe began to cry as she pleaded with Mr. Foster, “Please Mr. Foster, please.  Take me home with you.  Be my new daddy.  Please, Mr. Foster.  I’ll do anything.  Pleasepleaseplease.  Be my… be… be my f… first.  I want you… you to,” she said, hiccupping as she cried.

Dave wiped Chloe’s hair from her face, kissed the tears from her eyes and trailed his hand from the top of her head, down her graceful back and to her plump ass.  There was nothing he could do.  “I’ll… I’ll be right back.”

Chloe stayed just as she was, on her stomach with tears running down her face, white butt high in the air, delicate hands holding her cheeks apart, waiting.  Waiting to give Mr. Foster the only thing she had to give, just so he would take her home with him, her anal virginity.  She felt the bed shift when he had crawled off the bed and now the anticipation was killing her.  After what seemed like hours she felt his weight settle at the foot of the bed between her dainty feet.

Dave licked his lips as he seared the sight of Chloe’s puckered, little rose bud anus into his mind.  “I have… ahem.  I have some Vaseline I use for my nose at night.  The air gets a mite dry in the mid-west.  I’ll… it’ll help.”

Chloe blinked the tears from her eyes and looked at Mr. Foster from over her shoulder.  “Thank you,” she whispered.

Dave gave the scared girl on awkward smile and nodded.  “Just try to relax.  And for God’s sake if it starts to hurt, please, please tell me.  O.k. sweetie?”

“Will it hurt very bad?” Chloe asked.  Her daddy had always used it as a threat for punishment.  It had never gotten that far but it still scared her.

“It’ll feel a bit weird and probably uncomfortable at first but, but the Vasoline’ll help,” Dave tried to reassure her.  “And I’ll be gentle.  But if it starts to hurt you let me know, O.k.?”

Chloe nodded yes and turned back to the head board.  She had already decided that even if it did hurt she wouldn’t say anything.  She wanted to go home with Mr. Foster and this was all she had to give him.  So no matter what she would see it through.

“I’m gonna use my fingers first,” Dave said, bracing himself on his knees.  “That’ll help.”  He removed Chloe’s hands from her cheeks and she gripped the sheets by her head.  He gave each white ass-cheek a peck from his lips before using his finger to scoop up a glob of Vaseline.  He used his finger to rub all the frightened girl’s asshole, covering it completely.  He slowly began pushing inside and just as he thought she began to clench up.  He pushed into her up to his first knuckle and whispered, “It’s O.k.  I’m staying right here for now.  Just relax.”

Dave saw Chloe take a deep breath, trying to force herself to relax as she slowly began sliding the tip of his finger in out and out of her tight, virgin ass.  He went as slowly as he could and would occasionally add another small drop on Vaseline as his finger slid inside of the girl’s lush ass.  After a few minutes he was up to his second knuckle and then finally up to the big knuckle.  He slowly continued finger-fucking her tight ass and began working his finger around, trying to stretch her gently.  The nervous girl mewed and panted underneath him but he hadn’t seen her react in pain yet and saw that as a good sign as he slowly started on a second finger.

Chloe gritted her teeth in and effort not to yell out.  Mr. Foster finger-fucking her ass didn’t really hurt but the pressure from his probing her was the most uncomfortable thing she had ever felt.  But she wouldn’t let him stop so she bit down on the pillow in front of her and clenched the sheets in her fists and forced herself to relax.

Dave stared hungrily at Chloe’s upturned ass.  He was lost, there was nothing he could do.  She had offered her lily-white ass to him, begged him to take her and he couldn’t bring himself to say no.  He knew how frightened she was, how uncomfortable it could be for her, but he felt lost.  He loved her , could never hurt her but there was no way he could stop himself.  He wanted to stop before he hurt her but he just couldn’t stop without trying first.  He couldn’t bring himself to stop his slow finger-bang of her sweet, creamy ass.  All he could do was try to make it as painless as possible.

“Chloe, sweetie?” Dave said as he licked his lips and continued slowly plumbing the young girl’s impossibly tight ass.

“Nggg… Y… yes… Mr… Mr. Foster,” Chloe grunted.  There was still no pain but it was still very uncomfortable as she was so scared of what might come next.

Dave kept his fingers buried in Chloe’s tight rear-end and stroked her pale hip with his other hand.  “I want you to lift your butt up.  Can you do that, angel?”

Chloe took a deep breath and nodded her head, bracing herself mentally before lifting her hips higher.

“I’m gonna try to help you relax a bit,” Dave said as he ran his free hand over Chloe’s plump ass-cheeks.  As the young girl raised her reluctant ass up to him he stroked his free hand down her side, over her hip and underneath her and between her trembling legs.  His questing fingers deftly parted her stick labia and slid in-between her puffy lips.  He kept his fingers buried deeply in her tight ass as he began running the finger of her other hand over her pink, delicate pussy.

“Mmmm…,” Chloe eventually moaned as she started to relax and her pussy started to moisten.  She licked her full lips and slowly began to roll her hips back to meet eh fingers working between her legs.  “Yesss…,” she whispered as she felt her little clit slide out of its hood to meet Mr. Foster’s fingers.

Dave smiled as Chloe began rolling her hips to meet his fingers.  As her hips rolled down her upturned ass pulled away from his fingers buried inside and as she rolled her hips up she impaled her ass on his fingers again.  He slid one of his fingers between her legs into her wet hole and used his thumb to strum across her clit as she began enthusiastically fucking her pussy and ass on his fingers.  “I’m going to use another finger, baby.  You’re doing so good, sweetie.  So, so good.”

“Uh huh,” Chloe muttered, not really caring what Mr. Foster was saying.  Nearly all the uncomfortable pressure had been replaced with… what?  She didn’t even know what to call these new, erotic sensations washing over and through her body.  She felt him begin to add another finger into her ass and groaned.  As strange as it felt she was feeling more pleasure than the uncomfortable sensations before and there was still no pain.  She couldn’t remember what she had felt so nervous for, this was turning out… great!

As Dave added his other finger to the entrance to Chloe’s puckered, little asshole he let her rolling hips do all the work.  Slowly, as she pushed her ass up towards his questing fingers his finger pushed into her tightly clutching ass.  As his finger was swallowed up to the big knuckle her began moving his fingers around in her tight channel and slowly started stretching her.

As Mr. Foster began moving his fingers around her rear end Chloe moaned low, “Ohhhh, wowwwwwww,” she cooed and began rolling her hips faster, fucking herself with his fingers harder and faster and deeper.

Dave smiled as Chloe began enthusiastically throwing herself back against his fingers.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes…,” Chloe panted, cresting towards another orgasm thanks to Mr. Foster.  Suddenly her hot, young body felt empty as her much older lover quickly pulled his fingers out of her.  “Hey?!”

Dave quickly replaced his fingers with the swollen head of his cock.  “It’s time, princess.”

Chloe nodded her head and gripped the sheets tightly in her little hands.  “Do you love me?”

“Yes, baby.  Oh yes,” Dave answered as he pressed his cock against Chloe’s ass.

Chloe licked her lips nervously.  “And you’ll take me home with you?”

“Oh yes, baby,” Dave answered as he pressed his spongy cock head into the tightened muscle around Chloe’s asshole.

“And take care of me?” Chloe asked.

“Yes, princess,” Dave answered as he firmly gripped Chloe’s slender hips.

“And keep me safe?” Chloe asked, bracing herself and trying to keep her body from tightening up.

“God, yes.  Yes.” Dave said and slowly pressed himself forward.

Chloe looked over her shoulder at Mr. Foster.  “And be my new daddy?” she asked, teal colored eyes staring expectantly, pleading with him.

“Yes angel.  Yessss,” Dave gasped.

Chloe smiled warmly with a young girl’s loving twinkle in her eyes.  “Then fuck me, daddy.  Fuck my ass.”

Oh God Yes Baby!” Dave yelled as he stared deeply into Chloe’s eyes.  He never broke eye contact with the trusting young girl as he pressed himself forward into her tight, crushing ass.  Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her mouth dropped open and he heard his new daughter moan, “Oh Daddy,” as he slowly worked himself into her.  Slowly her pale ass swallowed his cock inch after inch as he kept up with a slow pressure, never letting up.  His daughter never stopped moaning as he sank slowly into her and wondering how much air she could have been holding in her small chest.

Dave felt Chloe’s body trembling underneath his hands and around his cock as he continued slowly pushing into her.  “So tight.  Sooo tight,” he thought.  So warm, so tight, so warm, so tight, so beautiful!” “Oh God,” he muttered under his breath.  He closed his eyes and threw his head back, relishing the feel of her tight, white, plump, upturned ass crushing his cock.  He opened his eyes to stare at her again, not wanting to miss a second of her small, beautiful body taking his dick and the look on her angelic face as he penetrated her.

Chloe finally ran out of breath and stopped moaning but couldn’t remember how to take another breath.  Her vision blanked and the only thing she could hear was the pounding rush of blood echoing in her ears.  The bed was gone, the room was gone, the motel was gone, the world was gone.  The only thing that existed was the feel of her new daddy’s prick filling her body one slow inch at a time.

Chloe’s arms collapsed and she fell forward onto the one side of her face and the front of her shoulders as Dave pressed the last inch of his aching prick into his daughter’s ass.  “OhGodOhGod,” he panted as he felt his groin press against her ass-cheeks and his balls rested on her hot, wet pussy.  “Breath, Chloe.  Just breath, baby,” he gasped as he wiped the sweat from his eyes.  “It’s o.k., baby.  You gotta breath,” he said one last time before slapping one of her white ass-cheeks and watching her flesh ripple slightly.

“Humph!” Chloe gasped out.  The sting of her Daddy’s hand brought her out of her daze enough to remember how to breath but she was still unable to remember how to do anything else other than moan in absolute pleasure.  “Uhhhhh…”

“Good girl, Chloe.  Good girl,” Dave said with a smile of relief before giving Chloe’s ass a reassuring squeeze before replacing his hand on her hip.  “Here we go, baby.”  Dave slowly pulled his cock out an inch before just as slowly sliding it back in.

“Ohhhhh Godddd…,” Chloe moaned out louder.

Dave slowly began ass fucking Chloe in ernest, sliding only about an inch before gliding back in.  As he heard Chloe moan louder he pulled out a little farther, causing Chloe to moan out even louder.  Finally he picked up the pace, driving himself to the hilt each time with his balls slapping against her pink pussy lips.

“Ohhhh…,” Chloe moaned out even louder, her voice raising with each of her daddy’s thrusts.  Her knobby knees gave out from under her and her hips fell down on top of the pillow, her slender legs sticking straight out from beneath Mr. Foster’s pounding hips.

As Chloe fell down Dave’s cock nearly pulled out to the head as he lost his balance and then fell on top of her, burying his dick inside of her body as his cum filled balls smashed against her drenched pussy lips and pressed her body hard against the pillow.

As her daddy fell on top of her his weight pushed her down and her sizzling clit rubbed firmly against the fabric of the pillow and caused her to scream out, “CUMMMMMING!” at the top of her lungs as her young body began thrashing around on the bed.

“FUUUUUCCCCCK!” Dave yelled out as Chloe lost control of her body and her already tight asshole clamped down even harder around his cock.  The biggest orgasm of his life ripped through Dave as he shot his load deep into the spasming girl’s body, draining hiss balls as he flooded into her.  His cum shot out around his cock with only such a small place for it to go in her tight body as he felt her cum gush out from her pussy, drenching his ball and flooding the pillow.

“FUUUUUCCCCCK!” Chloe called out, her voice trailing off as she passed out from sensory overload.

Dave collapsed on top of Chloe, his cock trapped inside her ass as he felt her body stop thrashing and smaller tremors coursed through her.  It took him several minutes to work up the energy to roll over and his spent cock slid out of her ass and his cum gushed out to mix with hers and slid down into the already soaked pillow.  He took his pulse for several sweat soaked minutes to make sure he wasn’t having a heart attack, then collapsed on his back to stare at the ceiling.  Laying off to his side Chloe licked her lips in her sleep before starting to snore.

When Dave felt his strength return he went to the restroom and took a quick shower.  He pulled down the covers of the other bed and then gathered the slumbering girl into is arms and carried her to the bathroom.  He gave Chloe a nice, warm bath, lovingly washing every inch of her and was amazed that she only stirred twice before he laid her down in the other bed.  He stripped the bed that they had sex on and gathered up their clothes before taking everything down to the public laundry and started the wash, not wanting the housekeepers to wonder why the sheets in a father and daughter’s room was covered in cum.

Returning to the room Dave finished the pizza and watched TV until all the laundry was done.  When everything was put away he crawled naked into bed with Chloe who immediately snuggled next to him.  She opened her angelic eyes and stared at him for a moment before closing her eyes again and snuggled closer into his chest.  “Wow, Daddy.  Just… wow,” she whispered up at him before falling back to sleep.

As the sun came up Dave called the front desk and booked the room for another day before falling asleep.  With his naked child pressed against him de dreamed of their new life together.

The End.

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