Chloe Moretz Meets a Nasty Director

Title:  Chloe Moretz Meets a Nasty Director

Author:  Tori

Codes:  Mf, M+f, nc, rape, fist, tort, viol, ws, snuff

Subject:  Chloe Moretz

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

“Come here you little slut.”  Chloe looked up at the large man and tried to back away.  The man reached down and grabbed a handful of blonde hair and pulled the cute little teen starlet over to the footstool.  He pulled her up and bent her over the stool and rammed several fingers into her pussy.  She screamed out as his fat fingers violated her hole.  Chloe Moretz didn’t know what she had done to deserve this.

The day had started out like any other for the pretty 17 year old.  She had done some shopping and then arrived at her afternoon audition at 3pm.  She was kept waiting for almost 2 hours before she was seen.  The casting director looked her up and down and then told her to take her clothes off.  Chloe was completely shocked at his request.  He told her a second time to strip and when she didn’t move, he grabbed her and ripped her dress, bra and panties from her young body, leaving her sitting on the floor looking up at him.

Chloe felt herself starting to get wet as the man roughly pushed his fingers in and out of her tight little snatch.  He soon brought the young girl to orgasm and smiled as she moaned with pleasure and soaked his fingers with her juices.  He pushed his wet fingers into her mouth and ordered her to taste how good she was.  She did what she was told and felt both excited and disgusted by the action.

The director stood up and pulled out his rock hard cock and shoved it down Chloe’s throat.  Her reaction was to immediately vomit all over the cock and herself.  The vile liquid squirted out of her nose while he shoved his cock in and out of her mouth.  He laughed out loud at the sight of her covered in slim and vomit sucking his cock.  Her protests didn’t slow him down.  He just continued his assault on her mouth.  Several times, he pulled his cock out and slapped the teen across the face making her cry out in pain.  After he rubbed the saliva and vomit all over her face, he slapped her several more times before shoving his cock back into her mouth.  She tried with all her strength to get away but he was too strong.  He held onto her head with both hands and shoved his cock as far down her throat as he could until filled her with his hot cum.  Chloe gagged and snorted the load out of her nose, mixing with the other nasty liquids that covered her face and body.

She fell down onto her hands and knees and tried to catch her breath.  She heaved several more times and retched up some of the cum she had swallowed.  Chloe felt him behind her and screamed out in agonizing pain as he shoved his fist into her asshole.  She had never in her life experienced such pure pain before.  She tried to crawl away but by this time, he had pushed his fist inside her rectum up to his wrist.  She pleaded and begged for him to stop but he just rammed and twisted his fist deeper into her bowels.  Chloe’s bladder let go and she felt her urine flooding out of her.  She heard him laughing louder at the sight of the cute little starlet pissing herself.  He called her every disgusting name in the book.  She was a whore, a slut, a fucking stinking skank, a worthless piece of shit, a dog shit eating monkey fucker and more.

He finally pulled his fist from her ass and replaced it with his cock.  Chloe’s asshole was gaping wide open and easily took the man’s 10 inches.  He pounded away at her young hole, slapping her ass and pulling her hair back roughly.  She felt like a bronco being ridden in a rodeo.  He made her crawl like a dog while he slammed his cock into her asshole and then, to add to her humiliation, he told her squeal like a pig.  She started to squeal and grunt as her ass was raped over and over.  She was completely destroyed.  All that remained of Chloe Moretz was her well used body.  Her mind retreated someplace else and waited for the nightmare to end.

After almost 20 minutes, he finally pulled his cock out of her ass and shoved it into her mouth and shot another load of cum down her throat.  She tasted cum and shit and blood from her violated hole and then swallowed it all down without being told.  The director completed his humiliation by standing up and pissing into her mouth and all over her face and hair.  He told her to drink and she did.  Chloe swallowed the warm salty liquid and when he was done, he made her lick his cock clean.  He let her collapse to the floor where she curled up into a ball and started to cry.

The director picked up the phone and told the person on the other end that she was ready.  Two large black men came in and picked up the teen.  They carried her out the back entrance and took her to a large sound stage.  The place was empty except for a mattress, some saw horses and two metal rings hanging down from the ceiling.  They carried Chloe over to one of the saw horses and bent her over.  They both reached down and tied her wrists and ankles together with rope.  When they finished, they took off their clothes and took turns raping her.  One of them would make her suck his cock while the other one sodomized her.  They both came several times in each of her holes over the next few hours.  When they finally finished, they untied her and threw her onto the mattress.  They bound her wrists behind her back and then trussed her ankles to her wrists and told her to get some rest.  The next part of the audition was going start first thing in the morning.

Chloe Moretz was left on the floor of the sound stage, naked and bound and covered in filth.  She cried uncontrollably for almost an hour until she finally drifted off to sleep.

She didn’t know how long she had slept but when she woke up, she found herself still tied up on the mattress.  It didn’t take her long to realize that she had soiled herself while she slept.  The fact that her asshole had been torn apart and gaped wide enough to drive a truck through didn’t help matters.  Her entire body hurt and she felt disgusted at what she had been forced to endure.

She heard the door open and then the footsteps of several people walking up behind her.  She heard the director tell someone to get a hose.  They all laughed at the pretty girl lying in her piss and shit.  Chloe just closed her eyes as she felt the cold water spraying across her body.  It felt good on her sore arms and legs and felt even better when the sprayed the water into her ass.  One of the men that had raped her earlier came over and untied her.  He pulled her up to her feet and walked her over to the metal rings.  He handcuffed her wrists to the rings and then cuffed her ankles to two metal loops attached to the floor.  Her legs were spread several feet apart and when he pulled the chains tight, her arms were extended over her head.  She felt the cold water from the hose on her body again and this time one of the men had a bucket with soapy water and gave her a bath, cleaning her hair and washing the previous day’s filth from her abused body.  After she was cleaned and dried, the director came over and pulled her blonde hair into a pony tail.  He then applied some bright red lipstick to her mouth and stepped back.  The last thing he did was attach a leather collar around her neck.  He told her she looked like the perfect fuck toy.  He turned and yelled “ACTION!”

Dozens of men emerged from the shadows and approached Chloe.  They were all naked and some of them were wearing masks.  She was about to scream when someone behind her struck her back with a whip.  A loud cracking sound mixed with the young girls shrieks as he struck her over and over again.  Sometime after the fifth or sixth hit, another man began to strike her tits with a cat of nine tails.  She felt her flesh being torn from her back by the whip and the pain on her breasts was excruciating.  One by one, each of the men came up to her and beat her with all types of whips.  Her body was bleeding and torn and somewhere along the way, she passed out.  When she woke up, she found herself bent over the saw horse again.  Her wrists and ankles bound together.  She also felt the now familiar feeling of being ass raped by a huge cock.  Her head was pulled up by her hair and a cock was rammed down her throat.  Each man in the room took a turn on the starlet, ripping what remained of her innocence away with each thrust of their cocks.

Several hours later, after Chloe Moretz had been beaten, brutalized and gang raped, they released her from the saw horse and hung her back on the rings.  The director approached her with a large sword and with one fluid motion, he struck her neck and severed her head.  Her body slumped down, hanging from the rings while her severed bleeding head rolled on the floor.

The men began to applaud and then he turned to face the camera.  “CUT!  That’s a wrap.”

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