Chrissy And Christy

By: Miz Thicky Thick Chick


Christina was bored and she decided to call her call one of her friends, Christina Milian.

“Hello Christina.” Aguilera said.

“Hey Christina.” Milian replied.

“What are you doing?” Aguilera asked Milian.

“Oh nothing I just got off the phone with Ja Rule, he told me Ashanti wanted to do a song with me on my new album.” Milian explained.

“Oh that’s great.” Aguilera was happy for Milian

“Well now I’m just being bored. I’m sitting here watching TV and eating potato chips, ice cream, pop, juice, pickles,
popcorn… buttered, Popsicles, just junk food, you know stuff that’s not good for you.” Milian told Aguilera.

“Dayum girl, how you eat that much and stay so in shape.” Aguilera asked.

“I dunno. I guess it has something to do with my digestive system or something.” Milian explained.

“Man as so as that shit go into my mouth I puke.” Aguilera said.

“Well bulimia is not good for you.” Milian joked with a serious tone.

“Shut up… I’m not bulimic.” Aguilera laughed.

“Whatever you say.” Milian joked.

“You Chris you wanna come over and keep me company?” Aguilera asked.

“Sure I don’t want to stay in this place a minute longer.” Milian laughed.

“I’ll come pick you okay?” Aguilera said with a smile on her face.

“Okay.” Milan said as she got of the couch.

“Bye.” Both girls said as they hung up.

Christina Milian went upstairs to change her clothes, she took off her oversized t-shirt, and slid on a baby blue tank top and some short stretch denim jeans skirt. Just as Christina got downstairs and put on her clear opened toed sandals. Christina Aguilera pulled up in her black Mercedes BENZ, with 22-inch rims. Christina beeped her horn and Christina Milian came out and locked the door or two-story mansion, and hopped into the car.

The two arrive at a one-story mansion, which was Christina Aguilera getaway home, where she relaxes from the press and and the stress that people put on her.

“Nice house Christina.” Milian said

“I know.” Aguilera smiled. “Welcome to my humble estate.” Aguilera said as they both entered her home.

“Nice… very nice.” Milian looked around the house.

“Thanx.” Aguilera sat down in front of her Big Screen TV.

“Welcome.” Milian sat next to her.

“You know Christy.” Aguilers said.

“What Chrissy?” Milian replied.

“I really didn’t call you to keep me company.” Aguilera said.

“You didn’t.” Milian asked.

“No silly, I called you so we could have some fun.” Agulilera smiled.

“Like what?” Milian asked nervously.

“Fun.” Aguilera kissed Milian’s neck.

“Chrissy you know I’m not into that kinda stuff.

“SHH!!” Aguilera pressed her lips against Milian’s, separating her lips with her tongue. “You taste good.”

“Chrissy stop.” Milian said.

Christina jumps on top of her and kisses her roughly and opens her legs, she pulls down Milian’s g-string and rams her fist into Milian’s hole, in and out, feeling was like sticking a watermelon into a keyhole it was painful for her while it was enjoyable for him she can’t moan loudly anymore because she’s now horsed and is kind of enjoying this rough pleasure.

“AHHHHHAAAHHAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Milian screams, the pain was unbearable, but kind of pleasurable she came all over Aguilera’s fist.

“Mmmm.” Anguilera moaned as she licked Milian’s love juices off her fist.

Christina then went down to her clit and licks her juices she licked her up and down and in a circular motion making her moan through her horsed voice “Christina!” she breath fully says… Aguilera was now going for her breasts and squeezing them really hard causing her to scream and she gets up to her breast opens her shirt and starts licking and biting her nipples leaving a mark on some areas she’s has been and now he’s biting her nipple and biting it hard “Uhhh… Ahhhh… Chrissy… ouch!” she says “You taste so good I think I want seconds” Aguilera says as she goes back down to her clit and fingers her with four fingers which makes her perfect body twitch from that “Chriisy stop please… Oh!… hmmmm… mmm” she moans but Aguilera keeps on going using her four fingers going in and out, making Milian lose her voice from the pain.

Chrissy sees Christy sweating more, which turned her on more. Chrissy takes her fingers out of Christy and puts them in her mouth “Mmm tasty” she says and he then shoves it inside Christy mouth letting her taste herself. While tasting herself on Chrissy’s fingers, she starts to rub her sore clit in a slow circular motion. “Mmm… uhh… uhh…” Christy moaned.

“That’s right.” Chrissy took her fingers from Christy’s mouth.

Chrissy took off her pants, shirt and things, as Christy enjoyed herself.

Christy enjoyed herself so much she didn’t wanna stop, she herself in herself. Her moved in ways she never thought she could move. “Mmm… oh yes… mmmm…”

“Stop.” Chrissy stopped Christy.

Chrissy pulled down Christy skirt and pulled off her top. “You have some beautiful breast. Love your nipples.” Christy was around a B or C-cup, nicely shaped, round, nice nipples.

“Can I taste your chocolate milk?” Chrissy asked.

“Yes please.” Christy said.

Chrissy licked around her nipples, flicking them with her tongue, sucking very gentling on them, she gave both nipples special attention, making both twins.

“Christina.” Christina Milian moaned. “Make my nipples hard and firm.” Christina Aguilera did as she was told.

Chrissy started biting Christy nipples, when she was done, Christy’s breast was hard, firm, sore, aching, and a dark blue mixed with a heavy purple.

“You’re so tasty.” Chrissy said.

“Mm hmm.” Christy moaned as Chrissy kissed her from her neck to her clit.

Chrissy showed her tongue deep into Christy’s cunt. Making Christy let out the sexiest moan Chrissy has ever heard. Chrissy worked her tongue in and out of Christy’s cunt, making Christy cum faster than ever. Chrissy sucked her juices, until Christy was dry.

“Is your pussy still sore.” Chrissy asked.

“A little.” Christy replied.

“I’ll make it feel better.” Chrissy said.

Chrissy rubbed her index and middle finger, in a circular motion.

“Ooohh aaahh!!” Christy moaned.

Chrissy was getting bored of making Christy feel good so she shoved to fingers deep into Christy pussy.


“You like that?” Chrissy asked.

“Mm hmm.” Christy moaned.

“Your turn to entertain me.” Chrissy said.

Christy pushed Chrissy offa her and rammed her four fingers deep into Chrissy’s pussy.

Chrissy moaned and groaned as Christy worked her fingers into Chrissy’s pussy.

“Yea, you like that… you like that you little slut… you want more.” Christy said.

“Please more… more… fist me if you want.” Chrissy moaned.

That’s just what she did. Christy fist Chrissy, but Christy pound and beat the hell out of Chrissy pussy. When she was done it took a long time for Chrissy’s cunt to heal and recover from cumming till she blacked out.

“Where are you going?” Chrissy asked Christy who was putting on her clothes.

“I’m leaving.”

“You can’t leave me like this.”

“Yes I can.” Christy said.

“No, wait… but…” Chrissy said but was interrupted by the door slamming. “Shit.”


{3 hours later}

Christina Aguilera finally healed, well a little bit, from Christina Milian’s fisting. She got on her computer to check her email to see who sent her something. She had one message and she opened it found it had some attachments and click them and found pictures of herself and Christina Milian going at it.

Christina was pissed, thinking it was Christina M. doing she called her and told who emailed her, but she then remember she didn’t give Christina her email Christina doesn’t believe in email or mail, if you’re gonna tell her something say it to her face.

Christina hung up and looked at the picture and cried wondering who would do something like this.

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