Christie Brinkley Takes On Her Two Daughters

Title: Christie Brinkley Takes On Her Two Daughters

Author: Dr. Demented 666

Celebs: Christie Brinkley, Alexa Joel, Sailor Brinkley Cook

Codes: F, Hermaphrodite, Hermaphrodite, Anal, Facial, Creampie, DAP, DPP, Incest

Disclaimer:  This story is totally fictional and never happened except in fantasy

Sports Illustrated recently contacted Christie and her 2 daughters to do a new photo shoot together, Christie was all too willing and so were her gorgeous daughters—Sailor, 19 years old; Alexa, 31 years old. Her daughters are beautiful, especially Sailor who looks exactly like her Mom in her earlier years. Christie herself, being 63 years old, looks like she is in her 20’s still and it’s no wonder why Sports Illustrated wanted them together for another spread.

The girls shot their spread at a local resort where their cottage was rented privately; after the photo shoot Christie  decided to lay out on the beahc while her daughters headed back to the cottage close by. As their Mom ly out in the sun tanning her gorgeous bronzed body in her red string bikini the girls turned their attention to each other…

Stripping naked, Alexa dropped to her knees and took Sailor’s 6” erection into her mouth and began to suck it as she stroked her own 8” hard on. The girls were thoroughly enjoying each other when they heard: “Alexa?! Sailor!? What the fuck!?” Their Mom screeched from the doorway of the cottage.

Sailor opened her eyes and looked over as did Alexa with a mouthful of cock and making her cheek bulge out as she turned her head to see their Mom standing there with a horrified look on her face…

“Stop that! You’re sisters!” Christie stated.

“It feels so good though, Mom.” Sailor stated.

“Of course it does, she has your thing in her mouth. But it doesn’t make it right.” Her Mom said.

“Being wrong is what makes it even more exciting…Wanna try?” Alexa said.

“What? No…Are you kidding me? You’re my children…My babies…I couldn’t…Could I?’ Christie exclaimed dumbfounded.

Alexa rose to her feet and went to her Mom where she gently glided the tips of her fingers over her Mom’s soft youthful skin and pulled at the bikini’s string laces, letting them untie and fall from her frame. Chills ran over Christie’s body as she began to experience her daughter’s sexual advances as Sailor came to her too and the two sisters slid their fingers into her wet pussy and slowly fucked it…

“Stop! This is so bad! I’m your Mother! We can’t!” Christie panted as her pussy dripped wetness from uncontrollable arousement.

“Shhhhhhh…Just go with it Mom…You like it, I can tell…Let us show you what we’ve been doing to each other since Sailor was 12.” Alexa stated.

Christie was in disbelief of What Alexa said, her two girls were having sex since her youngest one was twelve. But their bodies were stunning and their erections popped with each brush against their Mom and Christie gave herself to their seduction as Alexa got behind her Mom and reached down and spread her Mom’s amazing pussy, exposing its pinkness for Sailor to prod with her tongue.

Christie moaned and gasped as Sailor flicked her tongue over her Mom’s clit and pushed it into her pussy and twirled it about…

“Your bush is soooooo hot, Mom…You truly are a blond…That thing is pure white and so well groomed…” Alexa stated to her Mom’s platinum blond pubic mound that tickled Sailor’s cheeks.

Sailor rose to her feet and began to rub her shaft against her Mom’s pubes as Alexa still held open her Mom’s vaginal lips, watching as Sailor sunk herself into her Mom’s pussy and made her squeal from the penetration. Christie lifted her left leg up the side of Sailors as Sailor slowly fucked her Mom, feeling her tight pussy clench her hard shaft and massage it with its wet warmth as Alexa kissed the side of her Mom’s neck.

Sailor leaned in and gave her Mom the tonguing of her life, wrapping her tongue around her mothers and lapping up her minty saliva as the two fucked standing. Alexa pushed her sister away and took her mother by the hand, leading her to the sofa…

“My turn…Fuck me, now…” Alexa said as she sat on the sofa and her Mom straddled her, lowering herself onto Alexa’s cock and riding it like an equestrian.

Sailor felt left out and got behind her Mom and began to force herself into her Mom’s pussy along with her sister…

“What are you doing?!” Her Mom reacted with shock and squeals from the double pussy penetration.

Christie couldn’t believe this was happening but it was as her daughters filled her pussy to a new level with their cocks hammering back in forth in her like jackhammers and feeling the ridges of their cock heads tease her inner vaginal walls. Even Alexa and Sailor enjoyed the feeling of their cocks rubbing against each other in their Mom and their vein-popped sides and cock head ridges sliding over each others.

The feeling was so overwhelming that the girls cried from the pleasure and panted as their cocks throbbed from the explosion of cum they blew into their Mom’s pussy…


As the girls orgasms subsided, Sailor pulled out of her Mom and Christie lifted herself off of Alexa; looking down at he hot mess that dripped from her pussy onto Alexa’s frame below her…

“I can’t believe that just happened…You two came in me…Jesus, look at it all…” Christie panted.

“Turn around, Mom…Lets try it this way…” Sailor said as she spun her Mom around in a reverse cowgirl so her back was against Alexa’s stomach. Sailor reached down and lined her sister’s cock up with their Mom’s asshole…

“Sit on it, Mom…” Sailor commanded.

“Are you crazy? That’s anal sex…I can’t do that…” Their Mom stated.

But as Sailor held Alexa’s shaft firmly at their Mom’s ass entrance, Alexa hooked her legs over the tops of her Mom’s close to her hips and pulled downward with force; making their Mom impale herself onto the hard shaft. Christie’s jaw dropped open wide and she winced and squinted as her face became beet red from the pain and pressure filling her ass…

“My ass! You’re in my ass! FUCK! IT’S TOO TIGHT! NO! NOOOOOOOO!” Their Mom cried out.

“Just work it slowly, Mom…Give in to the pain…Relax your ass and let it slide in with ease…” Sailor whispered to her Mom before sliding her tongue into her mouth the same time she slid her cock into her pussy.

Christie couldn’t believe she was getting her first ever DP from her own daughters. The sensation became unreal and with each thrust into her ass and pussy mad her squirt over and over. Nearly 15 fucks into her in a row made her squirt with each thrust, soaking the girls shafts and the sofa and floor under them. Sailor pulled out of her Mom’s wet pussy and forced herself into her Mom’s ass along with her sister, now Christie was being double analed by both her daughters at the same time.

Christie groaned and veins popped out on her neck as she strained to take both cocks in her ass at the same time. In an instant Christie’s eyes sprang open as she felt Alexa spewing cum into her ass, the throbs were intense as Sailor pulled out quickly and stood over both her Mom and sister on the sofa and shot her cum onto their faces.

Alexa lapped up the cum as it landed on her Mom’s face and Christie squinted her eyes shut and squealed as she absorbed the hot cum shots onto her face. Sailor pushed her cock into her Mom’s mouth and finished in it, Christie opened her eyes and gave a pitiful surprised look as Sailor grunted with each thrust emitting a cum load and filling her Mom’s mouth till it over flowed at the corners and trickled down her cheeks.

Sailor pulled and and listened to her Mom gargle: “You came in my mouth…”

Sailor sunk down and plunged her tongue into her Mom’s mouth and swapped her own cum with her as Alexa licked it off the side of her face. As the girls finished and Christie lifted herself off Alexa, the cum slid down her inner leg to her ankles…

“You girls really make a mess…” Christie stated.

“We can take care of that.” Alexa said.

They took their Mom and had her do a hand stand in the middle of the room and tied nylons to each of her ankles and then to the beam running across the ceiling, forcing her legs into an outstretched position. Christie wondered at what was to come next and soon found out as Alex grabbed a champagne bottle and shook it. Alexa popped the top off the bottle and immediately jammed it into their Mom’s ass.

Christie screamed as the bubbly compound filled her ass with the carbonated fizz and the bottle emptied fully into her. Her body reacted quickly and her ass exploded, refilling the bottle and blowing it and the liquid from her ass with such force it shot across the room and broke against the wall like Christening a ship.

Christie couldn’t believe what just happened as her girls freed her and she stood, wabbling at the knees and collapsing to the floor. Alexa and Sailor swooped down and laid at their Mom’s side, draping their legs over hers as they kissed her with heated passion while caressing her soft pubes. They now knew they would always be able to share themselves with each other in ways they never imagined and always fantasized about…

By: Dr. Demented 666

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