Christina’s UK Odyssey

Title: Christina’s UK odyssey

Author: CHLP

Celebs: Christina Hendricks, Sophie Howard, Lucy Pinder, Sammy Braddy, Emma Glover

Codes: MF,FF, MFF, tittyfuck, anal, DP, throatfuck, spit, DAP, lesbian, strapon, cum swallow, big tits, bukkake

Disclaimer: This story is purely fiction, it has never happened. Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission. Please contact me at davis438 (at) yahoo (dot) com with feedback on any of my stories so far.



Christina sat down in her airplane seat, ready to set off to the UK. Her mind was buzzing with her plans for this trip, already plotting exactly what she wanted to do. For months she had been browsing the web, her sexual desire fixated upon the glamour models of the UK. Ever since she started fucking Christina had been into girls, and with her figure she found big breasts a huge turn on. The UK seemed to have some of the most amazing big breasted models, so she had decided to see if she could meet some in person.
“Would you like a drink?” Christina was snapped from her daydreaming, by a question from the hostess.
“Vodka” she replied, “just ice”
The hostess was very pretty, blonde cropped hair, firm not huge boobs. She turned around to walk down the aisle to get Christina’s drink, her curvy ass swaying as she walked away. Christina couldn’t help but think about what she would do to it.
“She’s a looker isn’t she” a voice from the seat next to Christina said.
Flying business class means she was in a separate ‘pod’ from her fellow travellers, so she hadn’t really noticed who was next to her. Looking up and across Christina couldn’t believe it, sitting right next to her was Lucy Pinder!
“Yeah, yes she is” Christina replied.
A million thoughts rushed through her head, mostly how she couldn’t believe her luck, but also how fucking hot Lucy looked close up. Smiling she extended her hand, “Christina” she said.
“Lucy”, “I know exactly who you are, I’m a huge fan” Lucy replied.
Just then the hostess returned with Christina’s vodka and a Gin and tonic for Lucy. They chatted for a while, Lucy saying how much she enjoyed Christina’s work, and making other small talk. Finally Christina felt the time was right to ask.
“So Lucy what do you do?”
“Errr well I’m currently trying to get into acting” She replied, “I’ve done a few small parts, but nothing big yet”
“So what did you do before that?” Christina asked, knowing full well what Lucy’s previous career was.
“I was a model” Lucy relied, “I’m quite well known in the UK”
“You’re very pretty Lucy, I can see how you would do well, did you do swimsuits and that kind of thing? You have a great figure” Christina asked.
“Thank you, actually I was a glamour model” Lucy answered.
“Wow, so you got THOSE out for pictures” Christina replied looking at Lucy’s boobs.
“Yeah, these boys have paid for a lot!” Lucy said laughing.
“Another drink?” Christina asked.
“Sure” Lucy replied.

The girls chatted for several hours, and had a lot more to drink, finally Christina picked up the courage, to ask.
“Lucy, this is going to sound really odd, but can I see your boobs?”
“What? Why?” Lucy replied giggling.
“They just look so good, I want to compare them to mine” Christina replied.
“Google me” Lucy said.
“Please, Lucy, I really want to see them for real” Christina asked.
“Fuck it, why not, but I want something in return” Lucy responded.
“Sure you name it” Christina said.
“put in a good word for me on some of your next jobs, maybe I can catch a break” Lucy asked.
“No problem Lucy, shall we sneak into the washroom?” Christina said winking at Lucy.

Christina went first, she eased out of her seat, and walked to the restroom, before opening the door and going in. Waiting for a minute she heard the door slide open and Lucy came in. She locked the door behind her.
“OK, we need to be quick, don’t want to get caught” Lucy said.
She wore a white blouse, and black skirt, hugging her figure perfectly, slowly Lucy started to unbutton her blouse. Christina sat back against the counter top watching Lucy strip off.
“Lucy, I have a confession” Christina said.
Lucy had peeled off her blouse and now stood in a her black bra, breasts bulging at the top, straining to escape. Christina licked her lips, eyes on Lucy’s boobs.
“What is it Christina?” Lucy asked, reaching around to unfasten her bra.
“I know exactly who you are, Lucy” Christina replied, “Motherfucker!” she gasped as Lucy removed her bra, to reveal her famous breasts.
“What?” Lucy said, slightly puzzled.
“Oh Lucy, those are stupendous!” Christina said, mesmerised by Lucy’s breasts.
“You know me?” Lucy continued.
“Oh fuck it” Christina said, the mix of Vodka and excitement of seeing Lucy’s boobs, overcoming and nerves she had.
“Yeah, I know you, in fact I have been looking at pictures of you on the internet for months Lucy. Seriously you are amazing. I was planning on trying to get a meeting with you while I am in the UK, hoping I could tempt you with some acting contacts I have.”
Lucy covered her breasts, taken aback by Christina’s confession, “Wow” she said, somewhat dumbstruck by what she had heard.
“Look Lucy, I have no idea if it’s your thing, but I have been jerking off to you for months, I can promise to help you get ahead in the US, but I would really like to fuck you, maybe even spend a weekend with you” Christina explained.
“You want to fuck me” Lucy replied, a grin spreading over her face, “well at least let me see what you’re packing before I decide”
Christina smirked back, Lucy was obviously into this, but wanted to play with her a little first. Unfastening the zip of her tight red dress, Christina rolled it down. Her huge boobs held in a tight red bra.
“Very nice Christina” Lucy said, watching as the bra came off. “I think we can come to an arrangement”.
Lucy held her own tits in her hands, rolling the nipples in her fingers, as Christina tossed her bra to the side. Biting her lip, Lucy moved forwards leaning in to Christina. They paused for as second before kissing, softly at first then harder.
“mmmm Lucy, you’re as good as anything I’d imagined” Christina gasped.
Lucy moved her mouth down to Christina’s breasts, she sucked hard on her nipples, grazing her teeth across them, before going down onto her knees and pushing Christina’s skirt up.
“Filthy!” Lucy gasped as she found Christina had no knickers on.
Lucy dived into Christina’s pussy, her fingers spreading it wide, tongue delving deep. Christina’s hands gripped her breasts tightly as Lucy sucked on her clit. Her hips jerked as her fantasy was being played out, juices already running down her thighs.
“ohh fuck Lucy that’s soooo good” she gasped, as her legs started to tremble.
Christina was on the edge, Lucy could feel her about to orgasm. Lips clamped over her pussy, Lucy flicked her tongue furiously over Christina’s swollen clit. Hips bucking, biting her lip Christina came. She squealed trying to be as quiet as possible, but the waves of pleasure combined with months of dreaming about it meant Christina struggled to hold her cries in.
“Oh ffuuuuuccck!” she cried, unable to hold back.
Christina’s legs trembled, her body shook as Lucy swallowed every drop of juice that flooded her mouth. Hands pinning the red haired goddess’s hips to the counter she drained every drop she could from Christina, who collapsed back body sated.
“Ohh, Lucy” she gasped, before Lucy stood up, and kissed her.
Savouring her own juices Christina reached out and squeezed Lucy’s breasts, finally handling the much dreamed over orbs. Lucy groaned as she played with them, squeezing and mauling them hard.
“I want you to stick your fingers in my cunt and make me cum” Lucy gasped breaking their kiss.
The dirty course language, combined with Lucy’s English accent made Christina so excited. She pushed her hand up Lucy’s skirt and pulled her knickers to the side.
“Finger fuck me Christina, finger fuck me now!” Lucy gasped.
They stood, staring at each other, Christina one hand groping Lucy’s breasts, the other ramming furiously in and out of her pussy. Lucy had her hands on Christina’s ass holding her close.
Kissing again, Lucy gasped, before arching her back, body shaking. Juices flooded from her pussy, soaking Christina’s hand. A twist of her nipple and a final gasp from Lucy, signalled that she was done, as she pulled away from Christina.
“Ohh wow!” Lucy gasped.
Christina sucked on her fingers, savouring Lucy, as she smiled watching the busty brunette.
“So Christina, was it what you imagined” Lucy asked.
“So much better” She replied.
Lucy started to dress, as Christina watched her, “Thank you Lucy” she said.
“Christina, it was a pleasure, I know you’ll help me out, and to be honest I like girls too.”, Lucy replied.
“Really, so you think we could hook up again?” Christina said.
“Yeah totally, maybe tomorrow we could go out and get a couple of guys as well, if you’re into that?” Lucy said.
Christina’s eyes sparkled at the thought of that, “I’m soo in for that” she said eagerly.

Having gotten dressed and snuck back to their seats, Christina and Lucy got settled once again. Christina could believe her luck, meeting Lucy on the plane, getting her drunk, then Lucy being more than up for some fun. Her mind raced with ideas about what would happen tomorrow, and where her trip to the UK would lead.
“Hope you’re ready for this Christina” Lucy said, watching her day dreaming. “I’m not sure you know what you’ve started!”

Christina agreed to travel to Lucy’s home the next day, she was suffering from Jet lag, so didn’t get up too early and it was well past lunchtime when she arrived at the address.
“Come in Christina” Lucy said as she answered the door.

Leading Christina to the lounge, she had already poured out 2 large glasses of red wine. Both ladies sat down on the sofa, Lucy smiling as she watched Christina closely.
“Welcome Christina, so good to see you” Lucy said.
“So what is the plan?” Christina asked.
“Thought we would hit the club a bit later after having some food at a restaurant?” Lucy suggested.
“Sounds good” Christina replied.
“But we have a couple of hours to kill,” Lucy added, leaning in to kiss Christina, “Think we could go upstairs and improve on our mile high antics?”
“ohh Lucy, thought you would never ask” Christina answered grinning.

Lucy opened the door as the girls rushed into the bedroom, Lucy was frantically pulling her sweater off, while Christina unzipped her purple dress. Kissing passionately they were soon down to their underwear, Lucy pushing Christina down onto the bed, before standing up to make a show of stripping off.
“I’m gonna help make this trip mind blowing for you Christina, I know which girls will be up for it, and hopefully we can corrupt a few of the others as well” Lucy said, unfastening her bra.
“Ohh fuck Lucy those tits, fuck they are amazing” Christina gasped, still not quite believing this was happening.
Lucy cupped them in her hands before peeling down her panties, to stand naked before Christina. For her part Christina now had her knickers off, fingers rubbing her pussy as she watched Lucy.
Lucy moved to the bed, straddling Christina’s face she lowered herself down, eagerly Christina gripped her ass cheeks and pulled her shaven pussy down, burying her face in it. Lucy leant back gasping, resting on her arms.
“Ohh fuccck yeah baby” she squealed as Christina ate her snatch.
Lucy rolled her hips into Christina’s face, as her tongue delved deeper and deeper. Fingers on Lucy’s ass cheeks Christina drank from her soaked pussy, as Lucy neared her climax.
“FUUUCKKKKK!!!!” Lucy screamed, her body quivering, pussy spraying Juices over Christina, “FUUUUCKKKK!!!”
Lucy’s thighs clenched tightly on Christina’s head, as her body shook in powerful orgasm, her big tits quivering as she came hard. Her gasps and cries lessened quickly as she calmed, before moving back to straddle her abdomen.
“Ohh fuck that was good, sooo good” Lucy gasped.
“You fucking drenched me Lucy!” Christina spluttered, wiping her face, “Do you always squirt?”
“Yeah, I cum really hard normally, fucking spray everywhere!” Lucy replied laughing.
“Fuck, you taste good though” Christina said, as she unfastened her bra and tossed it to the side.
Lucy bent forwards and devoured Christina’s breasts, squeezing one then the other between her hands, sucking on her hard nipples. Lucy played with her breasts for a good 5 minutes, Christina gasping and groaning in pleasure.
“I think you need to meet Sam” Lucy said grinning, getting up off Christina. “Who’s he?” Christina asked.
Opening a trunk at the end of the bed, Lucy took out a think 8 inch long strap on, “Sam the strapon!” she said giggling, before putting it on.
Christina got up onto the bed, on all fours she raised her stupendous ass high, head down in the bed.
“Fuck me Lucy, oh God I have dreamed of this for sooo long” She gasped.
Lucy Got up behind Christina, and slapped her fake shaft on those big glorious ass cheeks, “Ready baby” she teased before easing the head to Christina’s pussy lips.
“Ohhh fuuuuccck” she gasped as the thick shaft eased into her.
Lucy gripped her hips and pushed all the way in until she was deep inside Christina, running her hand up her back she grazed her nails along her spine. Christina gripped the sheets and whined as Lucy started to fuck her, every hour of fantasy now being played out for real.
“Fuck me Lucy, fuck me like a dirty little whore!” Christina snarled as Lucy picked up pace.
Slapping her ass hard, Lucy really started pounding Christina, her crotch slapping loudly against her on every stroke. Lucy was thrusting wildly, her big tits bouncing up and down, Christina had her head buried in the bed, and Lucy reached down to grab her hair.
“Fucking take it you slut” Lucy growled, pushing and holding her head down.
Christina writhed, her pussy hot, burning and ready to explode, Lucy pinned her down. She gave her cunt to Lucy, to pound, over and over as she was held down. She screamed, a cry of pure pleasure, as finally her climax burst free.
Lucy was bent over Christina, her weight holding her down, hips churning, driving the shaft deep. She felt her orgasm hit, legs collapsing as she came, uncontrollable waves of pleasure making her shake.
Lucy lay there, sweaty body pressed on top of Christina, as her orgasm subsided, breathing hard she whispered in her ear “Like that bitch?” before easing up from her.
“ohhh fuck Lucy!” Christina panted, “That was fucking awesome, I love it when you get rough with me”
“Ohh that’s not rough baby, if you want that then I can certainly do it for you” Lucy replied grinning. “Put this on for me” she said unfastening Sam and tossing it to Christina.

Getting up she strapped it in place, while Lucy lay back on the bed, “Ohh Christina, fuck me baby, fuck me good” Lucy gasped.
Stepping up to the edge of the bed, Christina grabbed Lucy’s legs by the ankles and raised them up into the air. Lucy ran her fingers back through her hair, as Christina nudged the head of the strap on to her pussy.
“Mmmmmm, Lucy, you are fucking gorgeous, I am going to enjoy fucking you” Christina said.
Easing the shaft in, Lucy took all of it, until Christina was nestled tightly against her. Lucy grinned, her body aching to be fucked, but still she wanted more, “oh baby, I didn’t mean fuck my pussy, I want you to fuck my ass!” she teased.
“No way!” Christina gasped, shocked by what Lucy just asked.
“Oh yeah, stick that fat shaft up my tight little ass” Lucy replied, a huge grin on her face.
Christina let go of her legs, Lucy gripping them instead, holding them wide. She pushed the head against Lucy’s puckered asshole. Pushing hard Lucy growled as the head burst in, legs quivering as a couple of inches pushed into her ass.
“Ohh, more, more baby, I want it all” Lucy squealed.
Christina thrust hard, Lucy gasped as the rest of the shaft slid up her ass until the whole thing was balls deep. Lucy’s eye’s were wide, her ass felt so full, pussy so wet, she bit her lip gasping hard. Swallowing she said “Fuck me good baby” as Christina started thrusting.
Christina pushed her hips slowly back and forth, the hard strap on sliding in and out, Lucy was gasping as her ass was stretched, the huge breasted red head watching her intently. Slowly Christina built up a rhythm, her Lucy mouth open growling as she felt every movement.
“Ohhh fuck honey, harder, fucking ram my ass” Lucy groaned, looking up at Christina.
Taking control of Lucy’s legs again Christina held her tightly by the things, legs almost vertical. Lucy moved her hand to her big breasts, mauling them roughly as her ass was drilled. Her pace became more frantic, crotch slamming against Lucy, who was clearly near to her climax.
“Harder! I’m a nasty fucking whore, fucking pound my ass!” Lucy snarled, spit spraying from her mouth, in her intensity.
Christina went hell for leather, hips ramming furiously against Lucy, the whole length of her fake cock driving deep up her ass, over and over. Lucy’s hands now gripped the bed sheets tight, her head tossed back, chest raised. A primal roar of pleasure erupted from Lucy as she came hard.
“YEEEAAAAASSSSSSSSS!!!” she screamed, her body tense.
Christina kept pumping her clenched ass, driving the full length in and out as Lucy howled in climax. Her pussy sprayed all up and over Christina’s body, as the spasms of her orgasm sent her wild.
Christina was starting to tire as Lucy’s body twitched for the last few times, her orgasm spent. Slowly she stopped her thrusts and let go of Lucy’s legs. Lucy looked up at her, smiling contently. Christina’s stomach and tits glistened, Lucy’s pussy juice dripping from her nipples, rivulets running down her abdomen.
“ohh fuck Christina that was amazing” Lucy panted.
Christina eased the shaft from Lucy’s ass, she gasped it the feeling of emptiness. Sitting up Lucy admired Christina’s curvy body, her huge breasts and wide hips, girl cum dripping down.
Bending forwards Lucy grasped the shaft of Christina’s fake cock, sucking it between her lips she savoured the taste of her ass for a few seconds before releasing it from her lips. Christina lifted one breast to her lips and suckled on the nipple, tasting Lucy’s essence.
“Holy fuck you’re dirty!” she gasped as Lucy looked up at her.
“Christina, believe me, everything you fantasised about is nothing like how this trip is actually gonna be” Lucy replied grinning, “Welcome to my world, you will never look back!”

After a quick shower and change, Lucy and Christina hit the town. Lucy had booked a smaller bistro for their meal, and then they went on to a selective nightclub for members only.
“Wow, this place is great” Christina said, as she stood at the bar with Lucy. She wore a black figure hugging dress, her breasts on display a cavernous cleavage on show. Lucy was wearing a cream coloured dress that clang to every curve.
Both ladies took their glasses of wine and turned to survey the nightclub. Both were obviously on the lookout for their type of man.
“What’s your poison?” Lucy asked,
“Sorry?” Christina replied
“What type of guy do you go for?” Lucy said,
“Err well to be honest I’m not that fussy, as long as they have a big dick!” Christina answered laughing.
“Follow me” Lucy replied.
She walked over to a table with 3 men sitting at it, all 3 turned to look at the 2 gorgeous ladies approaching.
“Ben!” Lucy said to one of them, “This is Christina”
“Hello” Ben said. He was in his mid thirties, blonde hair, athletic build.
“You know Max? Lucy?” Ha asked.
“Yes we’ve met” Lucy said.
“Hello ladies” Said Max, he was slightly older, maybe early forties, with a trimmed neat beard.
“This is Brian” Ben said introducing the 3rd man, “He’s not been here before”
“My first time too!” Christina said, “nice to meet you all”
“Hello Christina, Lucy” Brian said, he was in his 30’s as well, neatly trimmed dark hair, slight stubble.
Lucy and Christina sat down, and spent the next couple of hours chatting with the guys. A few dances and a lot of booze later, and all 5 had lost their inhibitions totally.
“So boys, you know why we are here really” Lucy said, “You want to come back to mine and fuck Christina and me?”
“You fucking know it!” Ben replied.

It was an intense taxi ride back to Lucy’s house, all 5 knowing what was about to happen. Lucy sat between Ben and Max, while Christina and Brian sat behind them, Christina gasped quietly as Brian ran his hand up her thigh, higher and higher until his fingers slipped into her pussy.
“Easy” Lucy said laughing, “Save it until we get home”

Lucy hurriedly opened the door and they all piled in, “take a seat boys, we’ll get some drinks” she said.
All 3 men sat on the sofa as Lucy and Christina grabbed some wine from the kitchen. “How do I look?” Christina asked
“Delicious” Lucy replied kissing her.
Returning to the Lounge, she poured out a drink, as she and Christina stood in front of the 3 men. Switching some music on they both started to dance, attracting all of the attention.
She put her glass down as did Christina, and reach out pulling her close, kissing her hard. Tongues, lips full on ‘porno’ style kissing as they put on a little show. All 3 men were stroking their dicks.
“Mmmn Christina, you are going to have some fun tonight, I’ve fucked these 2 before” Lucy said pointing at Ben and Max, “can’t wait to try this one too” she said looking at Brian.
“Sit back and enjoy the show boys” Christina said, kissing Lucy, before peeling down the straps of her dress.
Lucy’s huge boobs came into view, and Christina dived right onto them, Lucy kept peeling down her dress as her nipples were devoured. Kicking it away she stood in her stockings and suspenders, knickerless.
“You ready for us boys?” Lucy purred as she switched her attention to Christina.
Removing her dress, she wore a tight black bra, with matching black panties, Lucy moved around behind her kissing her neck. Unfastening the bra, Christina tossed it to one side, Lucy gripped both of Christina’s breasts in her hands, reaching around from behind her.
“Look at these boys, imagine your cock pumping back and forth between them, that’s going to happen tonight!” Lucy teased.
All 3 were stroking their hard dicks through their trousers, as the ladies approached them, “Well don’t just sit there, get naked!” Christina said.
Standing up all 3 men started stripping, shirts then trousers. Ben was the first to get naked, he sported an 8 inch hard cock. Christina looked at Lucy, obviously pleased with what she had chosen. Max was even better endowed, a hefty 9 inch cock bounced proudly as he stepped out of his boxers.
“Ohh fuck Lucy!” Christina gasped as Brian revealed his monster cock, it must have been 10 inches long and very thick.
“Brian, fuck that’s a monster” Lucy said grinning from ear to ear.
Lucy got on her knees between Ben and Max, while Christina beckoned Brian over. Taking a cock in each hand Lucy started to suck on them, first Ben, then Max. Her red lips worked their way up and down Ben’s shaft, before she pulled him out with a loud ‘pop’. Switching straight over to Max, she kept wanking Ben as her mouth worked on the head of Max’s cock.
Christina lay back on the sofa, and Brian straddled her chest, his hard thick cock slapping on her tits. She spat down between them before smothering his dick in their softness.
“Oh fuck them baby, fuck my big tits with your big cock” Christina gasped.
Lucy was wanking Ben hard while sucking on his balls, Max bending over and squeezing her breasts. She gasped as he moved around behind her and lifted her up onto her knees, before easing his cock into her pussy. “Oh spit roast” Ben said, pushing his cock back into Lucy’s mouth.
“Fuck them, fuck them harder” Christina gasped as the thick shaft slid between her tits. Every few strokes she would flick the tip of Brians cock with her tongue. Her hands clasped her tits tightly around his cock as he pounded them harder.
“Ohh fuck me Max!” Lucy gasped before going back to suck on Bens shaft.
Max grabbed her hair and tugged it firmly pulling Lucy up off of Bens cock, and more upright. He gripped her tits in his hands and squeezed them hard, as his cock rutted into her cunt.
“Ohh fuck these tits” Lucy gasped, taking over, her back arched so Ben could slide his cock between them.
She squeezed her big tits around his shaft, stroking it ferociously. He gasped as her breasts gripped and wanked his cock, while she was getting fucked hard. Lucy was loving every stroke of her tits and pussy, but couldn’t help watching across the room, Christina getting Brians huge cock between her tits.
“Fuck, fuck this is good” Brian gasped, his hips driving hard.
“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” Lucy gasped as max rutted her hard, hands on her shoulders now, bending her backwards.
Ben had his cock sawing between Lucy’s tits, rutting hard as she squeezed them around his shaft. She dribbled down onto the head as it poked up between them, spit and sweat making her cavernous cleavage slide easily over it.
“Jesus Lucy, you’re a fucking legend” Ben gasped as she flicked his cockhead with her tongue.
“Ohh lets switch it up” Christina said.
“Yeah I want to play with that monster!” Lucy added.
Max pulled out from Lucy and went and sat on the sofa, while Lucy lay back beside him. Christina moved to straddle him, easing his cock into her pussy. She gasped and groaned as her wet slick cunt ate up all 9 inches of thick meat.
“Ohhhh fuck!” Christina gasped.
Ben moved around so she could suck his dick while riding Max. Lucy grinned as Brian gripped her legs and spread them, his huge dick nudging at her pussy, Lucy reached down and spread her lips wide, as he eased in. She gasped as her cunt stretched and filled with his cock.
“Motherfucker!” Lucy gasped as his entire dick was finally embedded inside her.
Brian started fucking Lucy, his huge cock driving in and out of her wet cunt, Lucy was groping her tits as she felt every thrust. This was possibly one of the biggest cocks she’d ever taken her body was alight with the rush of being fucked by it.
“YEasss, ohh fuck yesss, YEAAASSSSSS!!!” Christina screamed, her body climaxing.
Riding Max’s cock plus watching Lucy getting fucked was more than enough to set her off. Waves of hot pleasure flooded her pussy, as a spine tingling orgasm shook her. Max kept thrusting as her warm juices flooded down over his balls, Christina arching her back, big tits quivering as she came.
“FUCK! FUCK FUCK!” she screamed, slamming up and down on his cock.
Ben gripped her hair and tilted her head back, before pushing his cock deep into her throat. Christina still woozy from her climax, was shocked to find the full length down her gullet. She quickly gagged, thick spit dripping from her mouth and coating his cock.
“Ohhh fuck Christina, I need to be inside you” Ben gasped.
“Oh baby, why don’t you stick it in my ass then!” She replied, a dirty grin spreading over her face.
Not needing another offer Ben quickly moved around to spread her ass cheeks. Wiping the thick spit from his dick all over her tight ring he eased his head in. Max held her hips still as Ben eased in, Christina gasping as her ass was filled. She had had 2 guys a couple of times before, but never 2 with cocks to match this.
“Dirty fucking bitch!” Lucy gasped, watching Christina take 2 cocks.
Ben had both hands on her ass cheeks, mauling them roughly he spread them wide, until he was all the way in to Christina. She was silent, gasping for breath, trying to get used to being so full of cock.
“Ohhh sweet Lord!” Christina gasped, as the men started thrusting.
Lucy was watching Christina as her pussy was getting fucked, she could feel her climax building, as the thick shaft drove deeper and deeper inside of her. Brian was pumping hard, watching Lucy crush her big breasts in her hands, her legs started to kick, and tremble as she came.
“YEASSS!! YEAAASS!!! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” She howled as Brian hammered her clenching pussy.
Christina was watching Lucy cum, her holes being fucked by 2 monster cocks, they had a piston rhythm going, Max deep in her pussy, Ben nearly all the way out of her ass, then Ben thrusting deep while max pulled out. The feeling of being double fucked was so good, as she squeezed her big tits in Max’s face.
“YEAAAASSSSSSSS!!!” Lucy roared, her pussy squirting all over Brians cock, he stopped thrusting letting her spray all over his balls.
Lucy was gasping, watching Christina, then Brian, as her body quivered, he poked his cock deep inside of her forcing the last few moments of pleasure from her climax. Christina was getting really well fucked now, Ben and Max really picking up the pace. Her ass getting rammed, pussy stretched, body full of cock.
“Ohh fuck I’m gonna cum!” Ben gasped fucking her ass.
“Hold it baby, let give Christina a little welcoming gift” Lucy said, “Paint her face for me”
Brian eased out of Lucy, as Ben quickly pulled out from Christina ass. She got up from Max’s cock and tossed a cushion to the floor, kneeling down she looked up at all 3 men surrounding her, wanking their dicks.
“ohh give me that spunk boys, all over my face” she purred, licking her full red lips.
Lucy scooted down behind her, sitting on the floor legs either side of Christina. She reached up and pulled her hair back away from Christina’s face. Lucy kissed Christina’s neck before looking up at the 3 men stroking their cocks.
“You want it baby?” Brian asked
Christina nodded, “I want it bad” she said.
“Fucking do, it, drown this dirty whore in your spunk!” Lucy snapped. She held Christina’s jaw in one hand, the other tugging at her hair.
Ben moved up, his dick nearly touching her forehead, the thick shaft pulsed as a bolt of spunk blasted Christina’s face. Splattering up to her hair line, then trickling down and dripping from her right eyebrow. Another and another followed it as she gasped, held still by Lucy.
“more, I want more” Christina gasped as Ben stepped back.
Max groaned as his cock exploded, cum splattering Christina, thick pearly drops spraying her face, clinging to her cheeks. He splattered her left cheek, strings spurting over her tongue as she waggled it as a target. Thick pearly drops ran down her chin, dripping onto her big tits.
“YEahhh baby” Lucy gasped, as Max finished.
Brian stepped up, Christina reached up to stroke his cock, “Got a nice big load for me too?” she asked.
“Fucking get ready for it Christina” He replied.
Brian stroked his massive dick right in front of her face, the head twitched and a thick white bolt of spunk splattered right in the middle of her forehead. Rope after rope of semen lashed across her face, she spluttered unable to speak as he drenched her.
“Motherfucking freak!” Lucy gasped watching as every shot of cum blasted down over Christina.
Her face was smothered in a thick layer of semen, glistening wide white streaks, oozed down. Thick droplets falling onto her tits as she spluttered, eyes glued shut under the milky white pools of spunk.
“phughhh” she spat, clearing her mouth, the thick wad splattering on her tits, “Fuck me!”
Christina was a total mess, her face covered in a white sheen, long thick strands from forehead to chin. Eyes glued shut, she sat there gasping, shocked by the deluge. Lucy let go of her head and moved around in front of her, while the 3 men sat back on the sofa and chairs watching the girls.
“Open your mouth baby” Lucy said, Christina complied, “Don’t swallow until I tell you”
Lucy licked Christina’s face, sucking a large mouthful of cum in. She dribbled it into Christina’s waiting mouth, before taking another long slurp. Lucy cleaned every drop of spunk from Christina’s face, sucking the big pools from her eye sockets, before spitting them into her mouth. Blinking them open Christina was still shocked at the plastering she just received, and now her mouth was brimming with semen.
“Ohh Christina, show us what you’ve got there” Lucy teased, having cleaned her up.
Opening her mouth, her tongue moved in the thick mouthful of spunk, lumps of cum swirling. Lucy was grinning loving the site of the curvy red head watching and waiting to be told to swallow.
“Go on babe, guzzle it down” Lucy told her
Christina closed her lips and swallowed, forcing the sticky thick cum down her neck. It clang to her throat and took several attempts to get the salty mix down. Finally she cleared her mouth, and was able to speak.
“Holy shit!” she gasped, “That was fucking awesome!”
Laughing she shook her head “WOW”, she said, swallowing again, getting the last few tastes of spunk from her mouth and throat, “Lucy, you are a legend”
“Err ladies” Ben said, “you still horny? That little show has me rock hard again”
“me too” Brian added, “and me” Max said.
Lucy and Christina looked at all 3 of them stroking fresh hard dicks, “Want to go again?” Lucy asked
“Oh fuck yeah” Christina replied getting up.
Lucy moved back to Brian, “I’m not finished with you yet” she purred.
“I want your 2 dicks back inside me” Christina said gesturing to Max and Ben, “Don’t stop until I cum”

Ben sat back on the sofa, this time Christina lowering her pussy onto his shaft. Max moved around behind her this time sinking his cock up her ass. She gasped as a couple of inches slid in, Max roughly pulling her cheeks apart and pushing his length deep into her.
“Ohh fuck yeah, fucking pound me boys” she groaned.
Lucy lay back on the sofa next to Christina, once again pulling Brian into her. He nudged her hard cock to her pussy, but she pushed him away. “No baby, not this time, I want you in my ass now” she gasped.
“Fuck Lucy, you sure, never had a bitch let me fuck her in the ass before” Brian said.
“Do it Brian, as hard and deep as you like” she gasped.
She held her ass cheeks apart as Brian pushed his throbbing head to her ass, gasping and biting her lip as she eased in. Deeper and deeper up Lucy’s ass she whined as it stretched to accommodate him. Eventually he was balls deep, all 10 inches inside her ass, Lucy released her cheeks, eyes wide, ass full of cock.
“Holy fuck Lucy!” Christina gasped watching, “You filthy bitch”
Brian started fucking Lucy’s ass, her legs quivered as the huge shaft pushed in and out. Lucy gripped her own tits, clenching them tightly in her hands, pinching the nipples. The pain of her pinching distracting her from the feeling of her ass being burst open by Brians massive member.
“FUCK! FUCK your huge” she snarled.
Christina was really close now, 2 hard cocks pounding her holes, plus watching Lucy take that huge dick up her ass, all were bringing her to the verge of cumming. Ben held her waist, sucking on her tits as they dangled in front of his face, Max now gripped her hair tugging it as he drove his cock up her tight ass.
“Ohhh fuckkk!!!!” she wailed, her body shaking.
Max pumped furiously into her ass, tugging her hair hard as her rutted in. Ben now squeezed her tits, chewing the hard nipples as her body shook in pleasure. Christina could feel her ass clenching tight on Max’s cock every time a wave or climax hit her body. She cried loudly as the intense pleasure from the double penetration sent her over the edge.
“YEAAAASSSSSS !!! FUCK YEEAAASSS!!!” Christina screamed.
Lucy was approaching her climax as well, the thick cock driving hard into her ass, Brian held her legs over his shoulders as he pumped deep up her back passage. Lucy was now loving every thrust, her ass used to his size, pussy dripping wet.
“Fucking do it Brian, fuck me like a dirty little whore!” Lucy gasped.
Brian upped his pace, dick slamming hard and deep, Christina was mid climax and he wanted Lucy to cum at the same time. Thrusting fiercely into her ass, he felt Lucy start to clench. Her pussy spurted juice all up his body as she tossed her head back screaming loudly, waves of pleasure hitting her body.
“FUUUCKKKK!!! FUUUCKKKKKK!!” she screamed.
Brian pounded hard, Max thrusting into Christina, Ben chewing on her nipples, both women screaming in pleasure. Eventually Christina and then Lucy both finished their orgasms, and the men eased down from their thrusts.
“Ohh fuck Lucy, you are sooo dirty.” Christina gasped.
“Oh baby you don’t even know” Lucy replied, “Lets switch”
Brian eased out of Lucy, while Max pulled from Christina. Lucy got down onto her knees, as Max then Ben stood in front of her. “Ohh fuck look at these, I just want to taste you baby” Lucy said looking at Christina.
She sucked on Bens cock, then Max’s savouring the taste of her fuck buddy. Christina returned the favour by taking Brians huge cock into her mouth and devouring the taste of Lucy’s ass.
“You gonna fuck me big boy” Christina said, slapping his cock on her tongue, before moving around behind the sofa and bending over the back of it.
Brian moved with her, gripping her hips and rubbing the head of his cock over her dripping wet pussy, before easing it in. She gripped the back of the sofa tightly as his shaft stretched her open, panting slightly as her cunt filled with cock. Lucy pushed max back onto the sofa, Spinning around she reached back holding her ass cheeks apart.
“Up the ass again Lucy?” he asked
“Every time” she replied grinning.
Gasping she lowered her trembling body down onto his cock, he gripped her hips helping her down, until she sat on his crotch, all 9 inches up her ass. Leaning back she let Max grip her tits tightly, gripping her legs under the knees and holding them wide.
“Just like that time in the gym Ben, you remember?” she said.
“Ohh yeah, I couldn’t ever forget that Lucy” Ben replied.
Christina was lurching forwards, Brian driving his thick meaty shaft into her pussy, she watched Lucy as Ben approached her, fully expecting him to double penetrate her. Instead of putting his dick in her pussy, Ben pressed it next to Max, and forced it into her ass.
“FUCKKKKKKKK!!!” Lucy screamed as her sphincter burst open, 2 hard dicks in her ass.
“Fucking hell Lucy!” Christina gasped, as Ben pushed deeper next to Max.
Lucy tossed her head back, roaring. Her ass was on fire, 2 huge shafts stretching it wide, her pussy gushed, the mix of pain with the guilty feeling of being so dirty turning her on. Ben finally had his whole shaft in alongside Max, Lucy’s legs trembling uncontrollably in her grasp.
“Look at me Whore” Ben snapped, gripping Lucy’s face in his hand, “Fucking filthy whore!”
Ben spat on her face, it hit her forehead and trickled down her nose. Lucy’s eyes burned with rage, but also desire. She loved the nasty side of sex, spitting, slapping, the intensity of it. Having been with Ben before he knew exactly what turned her on.
“Bastard” she snarled slapping his face.
Christina was shocked at the display Lucy was putting on, but the huge dick in her pussy kept her occupied. Brian held her hips tightly and pounded her cunt, cock slapping furiously in and out. Lucy looked up at Ben, his cock driving in and out of her stretched ass, she spat back at him, all over his chest.
“Do it! Fucking harder you bastard” she snapped, “Break my fucking ass”
Both men absolutely went hell for leather into her now, hard cocks brutally rutting into her ass. Lucy screamed loudly as her backside took a pounding, her pussy gushing down onto their shafts, providing ample lubrication. Christina was bending over her pussy throbbing from the amazing fucking Brian was giving her.
“YEAHHHHH!!!!!” Lucy roared unable to hold back, her body bucked, Max clasping her tightly to him, Ben holding himself deep within her.
“FUCKKKKK!!!! YEAAAASSSSSSS!!!” She screamed, her climax taking control.
Ben reached down and slapped her screaming face, she snapped her head up, eyes fixed on him. Spitting on her face again, before slapping it a second time, Lucy spat back, snarling, as they kept fucking her ass.
“Dirty slag, you fucking love it, us using your ass for our fucktoy” Ben said.
“Fucking do it, use me, use my tight fucking ass, tear it open with your cocks” she snarled, hissing at him.
“spit in her mouth Christina, spit on her good” her said, looking across at her.
“Yeah fucking spit in my mouth bitch, let me fucking gargle it” Lucy groaned.
Brian held her hips as she moved across so that she was above Lucy, looking down she saw Lucy had her mouth open ready, tongue out. Christina spat down into the open orifice, dribbling a thick spitball which plopped onto her tongue. She swirled it with her tongue before swallowing it down.
“Yeahhh, Christina, that’s the ticket.” Lucy gasped. “kiss me”
Christina leant over and kissed Lucy hard, before she eased back up. Lucy reached up gripping her head, “Fuck, oh fuck my asss boys” she gasped.
Both me were furiously slamming Lucy’s ass, Max now clawed at her huge tits, crushing them in his hands. Christina felt the urge to spit on Lucy’s face, as she stared up at her. Lucy spat back quickly, a think wad splattering Christinas nose, and then dripping back down onto Lucy’s forehead.
“Fuck you bitch!” Lucy snarled “want to be a whore like me?”
“Oh fuck yeah” Christina moaned, her body feeling every stroke now.
“Look at me, don’t you dare fucking take your eyes off me then” Lucy gasped back, “Brian, stick that monster cock up this whore ass, I want every dick in this room balls deep in a slags asshole”
“Ohh fuck Lucy, I’ve never had anything that big before” Christina gasped nervously/
Brian grabbed Christina’s arms pinning them behind her, wiping her juices all over her ass he pressed the head to her puckered hole. Easing slowly in she whined loudly as the head of his cock burst her sphincter. Christina continued squealing, eyes wide, Lucy watching her face intently. Max and Ben stopped thrusting momentarily so everyone could watch the red head get her ass stretched.
“You’re a fucking whore Christina, a dirty slut just like me. I am gonna fucking break you over the next 2 months, make you do things you never even dreamt of” Lucy said, watching her gasp in pain as her ass was filled with brains huge cock.
“Fuuckk its big, no, no I can’t” Christina gasped
“Take it whore, take that dick or our deal is off!” Lucy snapped back.
“Fucking come on then you bastard! Ruin my fucking big juicy ass with your cock!” Christina screamed, determined to keep Lucy to her word.
Brian pushed hard, his final 4 inches disappearing quickly, finally he was balls deep up Christina’s back passage, as she squirmed below him. Releasing her arms and gripping her hips Brian started to pump in and out, Christina shaking below him, ass clenched tightly over his shaft.
“Breaks over whore!” Ben snapped, thrusting into Lucy again.
Christina was squealing as Brian bashed his full length up her ass now, hands on her cheeks, fingers buried into the soft flesh. Lucy was close, the 2 dicks up her asshole, plus watching Christina getting buggered was sending her to the edge. Ben rammed 2 fingers deep up her pussy, and this sent her over.
“FUUUUUCKKKKKK!!!” she cried, her hips shaking wildly, juices exploding around Bens fingers.
“FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!” Lucy screamed as each jolt of orgasm send a spray of girl cum up Bens body.
Brian was ravaging Christina’s ass, his huge dick relentlessly pounding her tight hole, hands clamped on her big ass cheeks, kneading them as he slammed in and out. Christina was nearing a huge climax as well, the whole situation driving her insane with desire. Lucy was roaring in pleasure, her ass being totally by 2 dicks, her eyes rolled back in her head as Christina looked down on her.
“Oh fuck, oh fuck, yeah” Lucy gasped her body finally spent.
“Dirty slag!” Ben said wiping her juices from his body, “You fucking filthy whore”
He fed his fingers to her mouth, making her taste herself, pushing them to the back of her throat making her gag. Christina howled, her body quivering, as Brian finally sent her over, hot flushing climax flooding her groin.
“SSHHHHIIITTTTT!!!” she screamed.
Brian was rutting hard up her ass, as her sphincter clasped tightly onto him. Every wave of orgasm causing it to grip his dick. She gripped the back of sofa tightly as every lurch caused her to squeal loudly, her body sensitive to each thrust. Lucy gasped as Ben eased out from her asshole. Body contracting that feeling of fullness easing, he stepped back. Lucy sat up, the stood, pulling off of Max’s cock as well.
“You dirty fucking bastards, did you enjoy fucking my slag ass together” she said, “I want some cum, now it’s my turn”.
Christina’s orgasm had finished, and Brian eased from her ass. All 4 of them were waiting on Lucy to tell them what she wanted.
“Let’s drain those balls then, you filthy fucker!” Lucy said to Ben, “Keep them hard for me Christina”
She tossed a cushion next to the arm of the sofa, she lay on her back, hanging her head over the arm, long dark hair falling to the floor. She watched as Ben moved over to her, opening her mouth ready for him.
“Don’t you dare take it easy on me,” she said, “I’m a filthy little whore, fucking destroy my face”
Christina sat in the chair, Max and Brian either side of her, she stroked a dick in each hand, moving from one to the other, sucking them. Ben stood above Lucy, he gripped her hair forcing her head up, slapping his cock hard on her cheeks then forehead. Stepping over her rubbing his balls over her nose.
“Like that then bitch, smell those sweaty balls!” she sneered, before pushing his cock into her mouth.
Holding her shoulder to the sofa arm, Ben eased his cock into Lucy’s mouth, stabbing it deeper and deeper as he thrust in. She gagged slightly as her throat was pummelled, then he thrust hard and deep, all the way down her gullet, balls tight to her face. Holding there for several seconds she gagged up a thick spitwad that ran down her face.
“fuuuckkk” she gasped.
Ben was slamming his cock into her mouth, Lucy making loud gawking noises as her throat was rammed. She choked and spat up all down her face, as he skull fucked her hard. Lucy half choked/puked on his dick as he kept pounding her, no let up.
“like that!” he shouted, “Fucking choke you slag”
He moved his hands to her tits, squeezing them roughly. Lucy groaned on his shaft as he mauled her breasts. His balls bashed her face, slapping her forehead as Ben pumped his shaft down her throat. He thrust deep and hard, the tip of his cock clearly making her throat bulge with every stroke. Pushing all the way in he held his cock there, seeing how much Lucy could take, after 15 or so seconds her arms were flailing legs kicking, as she choked on his shaft.
“Fuuucckk yeah” he cried, before pulling his dick out letting her breathe.
He pushed straight back in, cock poking through her neck again, as she arched her back he grabbed her tits by the nipples, tugging them up high. Lucy screamed on his cock as he pulled ferociously on her tits, stretching them up high. Lucy was gagging all down her face, the thick streams of drool clinging to her hair.
“Dirty!” Ben growled, releasing one breast, and using his free hand to slap the other. “Fucking!” another slap, “Whore!” a third stinging whack on her tits.
Lucy screamed on his shaft with every blow, and he repeated the process on the other breast. “Nasty!”, whack, “Filthy!”, “Slut!”
He leant over hands again mauling her tits, his hips going hard into her, obviously nearly ready to cum. Thrusting faster and faster until finally he came, burying his dick deep into her tight gagging throat. Ben jerked over and over, pumping every drop down into Lucy’s belly.
“Fucking hell!” Christina gasped, unable to believe what Lucy was doing. In all of her thoughts about this trip she had never imagined anything like this. Lucy was a raging sexual beast, who loved to get fucked hard.
Ben stepped back, balls empty, load spent. Lucy gasped for air, chest rising and falling as she recovered. Max moved over to Lucy, watching as she sat up, face plastered with spit. Her eyes were glued shut, hair glistening with thick wads of spit, she scooped it from her eye sockets and blinked them open. Smearing the stringy, slimy drool over her tits, she grinned from ear to ear.
“Ohh fuck Ben! Thank you baby, that was sooo good, now get your cock between these tits Max, I want to wank that big boy off” she gasped.
Scooting down onto the floor she knelt in front of Max, Wrapping the spit slick tits around his dick. Slowly she started wanking his shaft with the big orbs. Christina was now sucking on Brians cock, she could give it her full attention. He groaned as she swirled the head with her tongue, before stroking it slowly.
“Feel good baby,” Lucy said, “My big tits wanking your shaft?”
Max gripped her tits and pushed her back so she bent back over the edge of the sofa, straddling her he thrust hard between her boobs. Lucy grinned, watching the thick shaft slide between her tits, flicking the tip at every opportunity with her tongue. Christina moved to copy Lucy, wrapping her big soft pillows around brains raging hard cock.
“Fuck them Brian, fuck them for me” Christina gasped.
Max was trusting frantically, obviously about to cum, Lucy watched him intently as his hips jerked into her cleavage. His dick was throbbing, head twitching as each stroke brought him nearer to a climax.
“Spunk all over them baby” Lucy gasped releasing her tits, so he could jerk his cock all over them.
Holding her hands under her tits she cupped them, presenting Max with target of bosom. He frantically stroked his hard shaft, exploding almost immediately, a thick jet of cum splashing down across both breasts. This was quickly followed by a second and third jet of spunk. Lucy grinned nodding her head every time he splattered her breasts, thick white trails of semen now covered both boobs, as finally Max was done
“”Yeah Max, good load honey.” Lucy said.
Brian was milking his hard shaft between Christina’s tits, Lucy moved up, sitting on the sofa watching them. Ben and max now just sat watching as Brian was the last to cum.
“Christina, I’m all covered in spunk, why don’t you clean me up?” Lucy teased.
Releasing Brians cock, she eagerly moved to where Lucy was sitting. Kissing her gently Christina worked her way down Lucy’s body, wordlessly licking the semen from her tits. Lifting her head up she pressed her index finger to Lucy’s lips, Lucy opened her mouth knowing what was coming next. As Lucy had done for her, Christina now sucked every drop of spunk from Lucy’s body, dribbling it down into her open mouth.
“Fuck I am close girls!” Brian gasped stroking his cock, as Christina spat the lacy few drops into Lucy’s eager mouth.
Lucy raised her eyebrows, showing off the cum in her mouth, she swallowed loudly savouring every drop. Brian moved over, standing in front of Lucy and Christina, holding his cock in his hand, barely stroking it.
“Ohh yeah baby, jerk it, let’s see if you can play” Lucy gasped, on her knees in front of him, “Can you make me your slutty bitch too?”
“Fuck you Pinder” Brian snapped, grabbing her hair and twisting it. “Fucking little whore! Think you’re tough?”
He bent down and slapped her hard, then whacked his huge meaty rod on her face, loud thwacks as it drummed on her forehead. Smearing the bulbous head over her lips he stood up again.
“you’re a nasty little bitch aren’t you?” Brian sneered, twisting her hair harder, making Lucy yelp, “you gonna show the new girl how to take it?”
Lucy crinkled her nose up, snarling back at him, she spat on his cock. He bent down held her head back and spat on her face, right across her nose and forehead. Faster and faster he wanked his cock until he was about to explode. Releasing her hair he used 2 hands on his shaft to milk it to the point of explosion.
“Don’t you fucking dare move, fucking look at me, look at me you whore!” he snarled.
Lucy knelt, looking up at him, eyes locked on his, as the thick veiny shaft pulsed, and a huge jet of cum splattered her right cheek. Another and another followed, splattering her face. 2 huge jets filled her left eye, as he came, possibly even more than before.
“FUCK!” Lucy squealed, “That’s it, fucking cum in my eyes, drown me with your spunk, you filthy fucker”
Lucy kept both eyes wide open as the burst of spunk kept coming, Brian absolutely drenched her face. Semen strands clang to her eyebrows, laced her forehead, dripped from her nose. Brian snarled as every spurt hit her face, loving it as she took the full load.
“Fuck yeah, feel it fucking burn in your eyes whore! That’s what it feels like to be a slag” he gasped, finally spent.
Lucy sighed, her face a mess, she was drenched in spunk, but loving it. She turned to look at Christina, a big grin spreading over her face.
“Well then? Think you’ve got what it takes to last 2 months?” she said.
“holy Fuck Lucy, I, I don’t know what to say, simply incredible” Christina replied, leaning in to kiss Lucy.
Lucy broke the kiss, her eyes were red, stinging, she looked at the 3 guys, all getting dressed. Christina got back to her feet, gathering up her clothes. Lucy knelt there bathing in the afterglow of her night, cum still dripped from her face onto her tits, she wiped her hand across her face swallowing what she gathered.
“Boys, you were amazing. Brian, next time we are really gonna rock it, you’ve def got what I want. Ben, Max a pleasure as always.” She said.
Standing up, blinked to clear her blurry vision, before moving from the lounge. Christina followed her to the bathroom, where Lucy set the shower running. The 3 guys left them too it, all thoroughly exhausted from their fuck session.
Christina went to bed that night, worn out, but unable to sleep. The excitement of seeing what Lucy Pinder was really like kept her awake. Thought of what else she might discover on her trip ran through her head, and it was a very sleepy Christina, that awoke the next day ready to see where she would go to next.

Christina got off the train in Colchester, a spring in her step after her night with Lucy. Her next name to cross off her list was Sammy Braddy, and luckily she was someone Lucy knew. Christina made her way to her hotel and checked in, and then got ready to meet Sammy at a nearby restaurant.

Sitting at the table, Christina watched as Sammy arrived, she wore a Low cut red dress a more than ample amount of Cleavage on display. Smiling she walked over to the table, Christina standing to say hello.
“Sammy” She said kissing her cheek, “Please to meet you”
“you must be Christina” Sammy replied.
“Please take a seat, you look amazing by the way, that dress is so gorgeous” Christina said.
“Thank you” Sammy said, “It’s great to meet you, Lucy told me all about your trip”
“She did?” Christina said, looking into Sammy’s eyes, she could see a spark of anticipation there. “What do you think?”
“I think” Sammy replied leaning over speaking softly so only Christina could hear, “I want to go back to your hotel, get naked and fuck like a couple of whores”
Christina raised an eyebrow, then smiled, “I think I love the UK!” she said.

2 bottles of wine and a couple of hours later, Christina opened the door to her hotel room. They had literally just stepped inside as Sammy grabbed her and pushed her up against the door. Kissing Christina hard she pinned her hands above her head, tongues doing a fevered dance in their mouths.
“ohh fuck, I’ve been waiting since the moment I saw you to do that” Sammy gasped.
She pulled Christina over and pushed her onto the bed, dropping to her knees she pushed her sparkly black dress up Christina’s thighs until it was above her waist. Grinning she looked at her naked already wet pussy.
“No knickers, I knew it!” Sammy said.
She dove straight in, lips clamping down on her cunt, tongue delving deep. Christina gasped, her clit throbbing as Sammy devoured her pussy. Christina arched backwards body grinding into the mattress. Gasping as her abdomen gushed, juices flooding Sammy’s mouth.
“FUCCCCKKKK!!!!” she wailed, climaxing almost immediately, the tease of the past few hours paying off.
Sammy devoured her pussy, face clamped tightly over it as Christina’s hips bucked and twitched. Her hands gripping tightly to the fabric of Christina’s dress, holding her in place as she swallowed every drop of juice.
“Ohhh Sammy, wow, of fuck baby” Christina gasped, her body calming.
Sammy moved up her body, kissing Christina, sharing the taste of her cunt. Straddling Christina’s body, Sammy peeled down the straps of her dress, revealing her huge breasts. Christina grinned reaching up to feel them, her hands cupping them then squeezing. Sammy gasped as she tweaked her nipples, pinching them quite tightly in her fingers.
“ohh fuck, that’s it!” Sammy growled as her tits were mauled.
She ground herself onto Christina’s body, as her big breasts were squeezed tightly. Sammy grabbed Christina’s hand and pulled her fingers into her mouth, suckling on them. She bent forwards kissing Christina hard, before peeling her dress up and off completely.
“Ohh, Christina!” she gasped as the redhead spun her over so she was ontop.
She unfastened her dress and tossed it aside, sitting naked astride Sammy’s body. Her huge breasts quivered with excitement as Sammy’s hands mauled them. Her thumbs rubbing her juicy big nipples. She moved back down to return the favour and taste Sammy’s wet cunt, her hands pulling her white panties off as her head moved above the wet snatch.
“Ohhh fuck” Sammy gasped as Christina’s tongue delved into her pussy.
Sammy gripped her own breasts squeezing them tightly as Christina slipped 2 fingers inside, whilst suckling on her clit. Her hips bucked up to meet them, as Christina started thrusting in and out, her fingers going deep inside.
“Ohhhh yeahhh, faster, fucking make me cum!” Sammy growled.
Christina moved up, her fingers probing Sammy’s slit, her other hand moving so she could furiously rub her clit. Her lips went to Sammy’s huge puffy nipples, teeth chewing on one, sucking hard.
“Fuuuckk yeahhh, oooo fuuuucckkk!” Sammy growled, her body on the verge.
Christina was vigorously thrusting her fingers in and out of Sammy’s wet snatch, while strumming her clit with her other hand. Sammy squeezed her own breasts tightly as Christina gripped the nipples in her teeth, moving from one to the other chewing on them.
“FUUUCKKKK!! CUMMMIIINGG!!!!” Sammy screamed, her body tensing.
Her pussy gushed, juices spraying across the room, as Christina rammed her fingers deep. Sammy’s arms slammed the bed as she shook, body on fire, her orgasm filling her pussy and spreading to every part.
“YES! YES! YES!YEEEAAAAAASSSSS!!!” Sammy cried, revelling in her climax.
Christina removed her fingers as Sammy relaxed, moving them up to her mouth she tasted Sammy, before sharing her index finger. Sammy wantonly tasted herself, sucking Christina’s finger deep.
“ohh fuck that was good” she gasped.
“Fuck you’re a squirter!” Christina said looking at the wet patch all over the bed.
“Ohh fuck yeah, when I am horny it goes everywhere!” Sammy replied.
Christina moved up and kissed her, tongues entwining, a full ‘porn’ kiss. Sammy reciprocated and then spent the next few minutes lips locked together. Hands moved over bodies, touching, squeezing as they rolled on the bed, first Sammy on top, then Christina.
“Ohh fuck Sammy, I can’t believe we’re doing this!” Christina said.
“Baby, you are in for a wild holiday, let me tell you” Sammy replied, “Let’s get naked”
Both women stood up, removing the remainder of their clothes, watching each other as they stripped. Sammy studied Christina, her huge breasts, and curvy body, she was absolutely soaking wet with lust. Moving over she put her hand around Christina’s waist, kissing her gain, before pulling her to the bed.
“Ohh make me cum again Sammy” Christina gasped, burying her head into the duvet, hips high in the air.
Sammy moved behind her, sliding 3 fingers from her right hand inside of Christina, making her gasp as she easily pushed in to the knuckles. Her thumbs played with Christina’s clit, making her groan in pleasure.
“Ohhh fuck Sammy, ohh fuck more please, more!” Christina gasped.
Slapping her hand on Christina’s voluptuous, soft asscheek, Sammy dug her fingers into it. Parting her cheeks she delved her tongue straight up Christina’s ass, making her squeal with delight. Fingers pumping her pussy, tongue up her ass, Christina was soon exploding in orgasm
“FUUUCKKKK!!!!!” She wailed, her hips shaking, ass spasming on Sammy’s tongue.
Sammy kept thrusting her fingers, face buried between those amazing ass cheeks, as Christina screamed into the bed. Her body quivered, hips bucking as she came hard, waves of pleasure flooding her pussy.
“YEAASSSS!!! YEAAASSSS!!! YEAAAAAASSS!!” She cried, her orgasm easing
“Ohhh fuck Chrissy” Sammy gasped coming up for air, holding her fingers deep inside, thumb circling her clit. Christina jerked every time Sammy’s thumb stroked her swollen bud.
“Fuuuuckkkk” Christina panted, “Ohhh fuck that was good”.
Sammy eased her fingers out, devouring them tasting every drop of Christina. Christina rolled over and sat up, grinning. She moved over to her case and pulled out a wand style vibrator. Passing it to Sammy she also took a wine glass from the dresser.
“Sit up on the bed Sammy” Christina said,
Christina moved onto her knees on the floor in front of Sammy, passing her the vibrator. “Jerk for me baby, Jerk for me and spray those sweet juices all over my face” She teased. “All the boys love to cover me in spunk, I want you to cover me in your girlcum”
Sammy spread her legs and flicked on the vibrator, gasping as she held it to her clit. She squeezed her breasts with one hand while buzzing the wand on her pussy. Christina knelt below her, one hand under her huge boobs, holding them up, other clutching the large wine glass.
“You want it?” Sammy snarled, pussy on fire with sensations, “you want to be my dirty little bitch!”
“Fucking drown me, make me your nasty little whore!” Christina responded, watching Sammy intently.
Sammy screwed her nipple hard, twisting it around as the wand worked its magic. Christina bounced her big tits in front of Sammy, teasing her, urging her to orgasm. Sammy was close to the edge, almost at the point of climax, listening to Christina’s filthy chat.
“I’m a dirty slut Sammy, give me your cum!” She teased, “I’m gonna fuck my way around the UK, taking as much cock and tasting as much pussy as I can”
“Every fucking hole I have is gonna get filled with dick, I want to swallow pints of british spunk while I am here” Christina continued, “Drown me with your cum, I want fuck every single one of your model friends”
“FUUUUCKKKKKKKK YOOOOOUUUU!!!!!” Sammy screamed, her legs twitching she came.
Warm juices sprayed all over Christina, drenching her. Face and tits soaked with girlcum, she gasped as Sammy soaked her.
“TAKE IT! TAKE IT!” Sammy roared, as she came.
Christina held up the large glass filling it as best she could as Sammy screamed, her body pulsating in orgasm. The jets of liquid grew smaller, as she sat there legs twitching, pussy throbbing, she had to take the wand away from her sensitive clit.
“Fuck you!” Sammy gasped, “Fuck you whore!”
Collapsing back to the bed, Sammy lay there panting. Christina moved up onto the bed and crawled down until she straddled Sammy’s midriff. Sammy watched as she moved her hands to her breasts, lifting them to her mouth and licking, then sucking the juices from them. Her wet hair clang to her face as she feasted on her own tits, devouring every drop of Sammy’s cum, as she lay below her recovering.
“Ohhh Christina, you dirty bitch! You’re fucking drenched” Sammy gasped.
Christina chewed on her own nipples, suckling every last drop from her body. Smiling she bent down to kiss Sammy, sharing the taste of her juices. She moved back upright, grinding down onto Sammy.
“Ohh Sammy that was amazing, thank you so much” Christina said.
Getting up she moved to sit on the bed, Sammy sitting up beside her. Running her hands through her hair Sammy kissed Christina again. Holding her face, Sammy drilled her tongue deep into Christina’s mouth,
“My pleasure” Sammy said, moving to get dressed.
“Gotta go so soon, Sammy?” Christina said, a look of disappointment on her face.
“Just going to go and get us a bottle of wine babe, Won’t be long I promise, I need a drink” Sammy replied,

Christina took the time to freshen up, while Sammy stepped out, taking a quick shower and fixing her hair. About 20 minutes later, she heard the door open, reclining on the bed, naked and waiting.
“Fuck!” Christina yelped, seeing Sammy and 2 men enter. Quickly covering herself with the duvet.
“Don’t be shy Christina, this is my boyfriend, Hugh, and his friend, Jacob” Sammy said, laughing. “I thought we could use some company”
They moved into the middle of the room, Sammy clutching a bottle of wine. She set it down on the dresser and then, kissed Hugh, before moving to kiss Jacob as well. “You might say we have an ‘open’ relationship,” Sammy said to Christina, “and I really want to see him fuck you”
“I love this country!” Christina replied, grinning broadly.
Both men swiftly undressed, as Sammy moved over and peeled the covers off of Christina, moving up to kiss her, “I hope you don’t mind” she whispered.
“Ohh fuck, I needed some cock after our little session, this is perfect” Christina replied kissing her back.
Hugh and Jacob, were now both naked and sporting hard cocks, watching Sammy and Christina make-out. Sammy turned and moved away from the bed, taking Christina’s hand ad leading her over.
“Suck his cock” she said, kneeling in front of Jacob, leaving Christina with Hugh.
Jacob had a nice sized 8 inch cock, which Sammy grasped in her hand before engulfing it with her mouth. She looked across at Christina, who knelt in front of Hugh.
“Ohh fuck, your tits are bigger than Sammy’s!” he gasped as Christina looked up at him.
His dick was a good 9 inches and really thick, as Christina swallowed it down, she pushed it to the back of her throat, and eyes on him forced it all the way to the balls. She gagged, and spit ran from her mouth, dripping to the floor as his whole length was deep in her oesophagus.
“FUCK!” he gasped, at the unexpected action.
Sammy let up on Jason’s dick long enough to croak “Dirty bitch!” at Christina, before going back to work.
Determined not to be outdone, Sammy started deep throating as well, both buxom women gagging away. Tears ran from Christina’s eyes as she choked herself on Hugh’s shaft, spit running down her neck over her tits.
“Ohhh fuck I gotta have a go on them” Hugh gasped, pulling his cock from Christina’s mouth.
“Fuck our tits then” Christina said, moving up to lay back on the bed.
Sammy released Jason from her lips, and moved up next to Christina, the men straddled their partners, cocks slapping between breasts. Christina wrapped her huge breasts around the hard shaft, as Hugh thrust hard. Sammy copied her, looking across watching the action.
Hugh thrust back and forth, his cock swallowed up by Christina’s breasts, the soft skin gripping his cockhead as it rubbed between them. He put his hands on her tits crushing them together, as she moved her hands to grip the sheets.
“Ohhh your good” he gasped.
Sammy now let Jason thrust deep up between her breasts until the head of his dick emerged from the top of her cleavage, moving her head down she engulfed it with her lips. Holding him steady with her hands on his hips, she flicked her tongue vigorously over his head, causing him to growl in pleasure.
“FUCK!” he cried.
Christina copied the action, her ruby lips fastening over Hugh’s mammoth head as she swirled her tongue repeatedly. Hugh gasped his shaft throbbing from the attention.
“Ohh shit Sammy, you showed her the magic!” He gasped.
Jason pulled his cock from Sammy’s tits, and rolled back onto the bed, “Ride me Sammy” he said,
Sammy straddled his body, lowering her wet pussy down onto his cock, gasping as her box ate up every inch of his shaft until she sat ontop of him. Churning her hips Sammy started to rock ontop of him, pussy moving up and down on his dick. Hugh was pumping Christina’s tits again as he watched Sammy.
“Ohhh fuckkk” Sammy groaned, as Jason thrust up to meet her.
Hugh moved up from Christina, and around to the other side of the bed, he pulled her over so her head hung from the edge, hands on the back of her neck he pushed his cock into her mouth. Sammy gasped her body nearing a climax, watching intently as her boyfriend pushed his dick down Christina’s throat.
“yes, yes, yeesssss” she yelped, her nipples hard, breasts quivering.
Hugh was now thrusting hard down Christina’s throat, cock deep in her neck, it bulged as he thrust in. He leant forwards to kiss Sammy, as she came hard on Jason’s dick. Growling through their kiss, she flicked back onto her arms, body shaking.
“YEEEEAAASSSS!!!!” She screamed. “YES!!!!”
Her pussy sprayed juices down over Jason’s balls, soaking them. Her thighs gripped him tight, as her cunt clenched in orgasm. She shuddered down onto his shaft, body writhing in pleasure, as Hugh fucked Christina’s face hard.
“FUCKING DO IT!” Sammy snarled, “FUCK THE BITCH!”
Hugh pulled out and, Christina coughing as her throat was clear, flipping her over he knelt up on the bed, grabbed her hips and thrust into her pussy from behind. She squealed as the full thick shaft drove deep inside, filling her slit. Sammy sat ontop of Jason, her orgasm finished, rocking her hips slowly.
“Fuck her, fuck her baby” Sammy gasped as Hugh went to town.
Christina clasped the sheets, as Hugh thrust into her. Fast deep strokes of his big dick into her pussy, making her squeal and gasp. Sammy eased up off of Jason and eased down his body, until her lips found his cock. Tasting herself on his shaft she sucked on his balls, watching Christina intently.
“Fucking take it, you like my boyfriend fucking you!” Sammy snarled.
“Ohh fuck yeah, do it, fuck me hard” Christina gasped, as Hugh fucked her.
He gripped her hips, hands digging into her soft curves, crotch slapping loudly with each hard stroke. Christina gasped, her body building to a climax, looking up at Sammy, who was now deep throating Jason.
“Fuck her baby, spunk up her cunt, let me suck all your jizz out of her” Sammy gasped grinning.
“You nasty bitch, fucking sucking cock, and teasing me, I’ll give you a load to suck out” Hugh snapped back.
These 2 were obviously sparring, trying to push each other’s buttons, Christina and Jason just the pawns in their sexual game. Christina didn’t mind though, her pussy was getting pounded by a massive cock, and she had just crossed another glamour model name from her list.
“I’ll fucking show you” he snarled pulling his dick out all the way.
His cock pulled from her pussy, and with a hard thrust drove up her ass. Christina gasped in shock, burying her head in the sheets, Hugh drove balls deep in a single thrust. She screamed hard into the bed, her muffled cry still very loud, her hips collapsed as his weight pushed her down.
“Fucking drink it out of her ass you whore!” he groaned, cock sawing into Christina’s backside.
Sammy went back to sucking on Jason’s cock, pushing it down her throat, eyes locked on Hugh. She held him there gagging hard, as her slammed as hard as he could up Christina’s ass. She started to cum, lifting her head and screaming in pleasure.
“FUCK FUCKKKK!!!” She cried, “FUCK MY ASSSS!!”
Hugh’s hips were driving down, crushing Christina to the bed, her hands clutched the sheets tight as she came hard, her body shaking below Hugh. She screamed and shook until finally Hugh could hold back no more and he came, groaning loudly, his cock shooting cum into her ass.
“CUM! CUM IN MY FUCKING ASS” Christina snarled, his hot spunk flooding her bowels.
“You fucking spunk in the whore” Sammy gasped, coming up for air, “I wanna taste every drop”
He collapsed ontop of Christina, spent, Gasping for breath. Sammy moved up from Jason’s dick and sat down on the floor, head back against the bed. Hugh eased out of Christina, she rolled over grinning, before standing up.
“I’ve got something for you Sammy” she said, moving around to the side of the bed.
She sat back, Sammy grabbing her glorious ass cheeks and guiding her down, Sammy’s face buried itself in the soft buttocks, her tongue immediately flicking her ring. Christinas eyes widened, her hand went to her tits as she felt Sammy’s tongue delve up her ass.
“Ohh fuck you dirty bitch Sammy!” she gasped.
Christina groped her own tits, as Jason approached her, hard dick bouncing in front of her face. She reached out, grabbing his shaft and spitting on it before wrapping those glorious breasts around the shaft. He thrust up between them , cock emerging from the depths every stroke.
“Ohh yeah baby, fuck my tits, you wanna cum too?” Christina purred.
Jason thrust faster and faster, his cock pounding Christina’s glorious mammories, until finally he tossed his head back crying. Cum blasted from his dick, spraying up her body, coating Christina’s face.
“Fuck yeah!” she gasped slightly shocked at the force of his ejaculation.
He pulled his spurting cock out and wanked the rest over her face, thick streaks across her forehead and down her right cheek. Sammy slapped her ass, as she finished sucking all Hugh’s spunk from it, Christina getting up from her face.
“ohh you filthy cow” she gasped looking at Christina’s spunk covered visage.
Christina bent down, to kiss Sammy, who gripped her head and licked the cum from her face, before swallowing it. Sammy grinned, turned to look at Hugh, who was once again sporting a hard dick.
“I’m gonna ride you so hard you bastard, fucking spunking up this whores ass, you filthy fucker” she said.
Hugh lay back on the bed as Sammy straddled him, holding his cock high and sinking her we pussy over his length. She gasped as finally her hips ground into his, cock balls deep inside her.
“ohh fuck baby, fuck me, fuck me!” she gasped.
Hugh held her hips and thrust up into her hard, she held her arms high, bib tits shaking as she took his cock. Christina grinned at Jason, “Want me to get you hard again” she purred.
“I’ll fucking pound you good if you can” he replied.
Christina moved around behind him, spreading his ass cheeks, she thrust her tongue up his ass. “Fuck” he gasped as she reached around to want his cock while rimming him. It took less than a minute of this before he was hard as a rock again.
“I want that cock” Christina gasped, coming up from his ass.
Moving over to the chair in the corner, Jason sat down, “Ride me as well Christina” he said.
She stood over his lap, cock easing up into her cunt, until she was all the way on, reaching back onto his knees with her arms she started to ride him, slowly churning her hips up and down. Sammy was riding faster, Hugh thrusting hard, her big tits bouncing.
“Ride him baby” she gasped at Christina.
Christina’s huge breasts bounced, Jason moving his hands to grip them, squeeze the soft skin in his fingers as she lifted up and down on his dick. Thick ass cheeks bouncing on his crotch as Christina groaned, her pussy fucked by his cock. Sammy leant forwards Hugh chewing on her tits as her hips rode him.
“Ohhh fuck, fuck that’s good” Christina gasped.
Sammy was groaning Hugh sucking her tits, watching Christina bounce away. Her sloppy pussy slapping up and down on Jason’s cock as he crushed her tits in his hands. Christina growled her body tensing, obviously orgasming, hard. This made Sammy cum too watching the busty readhead shudder repeatedly in pleasure.
“YES! YEEEEAASSSSS!!! YESSSSS!!!” Christina gasped, her hips’ shuddering down.
“FUCK YEAH! CUM CUMMMMING!” Sammy cried, pussy gushing down Hughs shaft.
Both women slammed down hard, grinding into their partners, as waves of pleasure made them scream. As their orgasms subsided, both sat, dicks deep inside and looked at each other.
“Ohh Jason, come over here and finish me off like we always do” Sammy panted, “I want you to watch me take these 2 dicks Christina, see what a whore I can be”
She got up off of Jason and moved to stand in front of Sammy, resting her back against the wall she stroked her freshly cummed pussy. Jason knelt behind Sammy and eased his cock in to her ass, she gasped as her holes were filled.
“Ohh fuck, oh fuck that’s gooood” Sammy gasped as they started thrusting.
Hugh rammed up into her pussy, as Jason bore down on her ass. She was kissing Hugh passionately, as both men fucked her, obviously this was something she did often to finish their threesomes. She looked up at Christina who was wanking her clit hard, watching the action.
“ohh fuck yeah, oh fuck I love it, 2 fucking cocks in me, ohh I feel like such a whore” Sammy gasped.
Jason was slamming her ass, Hugh her snatch, Sammy rocking back and forth between them. Jason held her hips and drove deep, balls slapping against her as she took his dick. Christina’s fingers were a blur, as they worked on the pussy, legs trembling as she nearly came.
“YES! YESSSSSS!!! YEAAAASSSSSS!!!” Sammy screamed, her body quivering.
Christina’s eyes were wide she was moments from coming as well. Sammy tossed her head in ecstasy, as she came hard, her double pounding making her cum. Both men didn’t let up as she came, cocks continuing to drive deep inside as she bucked and shouted.
“Ohhh FUCK!” Christina cried, her cunt clenching, she squeezed one massive breast with one hand, and then drilled her pussy with the other.
“YES! YEAAASSS YEEEESSS!!!” Sammy squealed watching.
“OHHH FUCKKK YESSSSSSSS!!! YEAAAAASSSSS YEAAAASSSS!!” Christina wailed her body climaxing again.
Her huge breasts shudder as she came, body tightly pressed back against the wall, fingers furiously stroking her clit. Sammy calmed from her orgasm, allowing Hugh and Jason to thrust into her, they were obviously building to a climax of their own.
“Cum in me boys, fill me with your spunk!” Sammy gasped.
“Fuck, you got the last lot Sammy, can I have some please” Christina asked.
She walked over and picked up the wine glass which had Sammy’s girlcum in it, grinning she got down on her knees, and placed the glass between her tits, “Wanna give me a cumcocktail boys?” she said, “Sammy juice, plus your jizz?” she teased.
“Ohh fuck” Jason gasped, pulling out of Sammy’s ass, and frantically standing over Christina, “you dirty yank slag” her grasped, cumming.
Spunk splattered her tits, some splashing in the glass, the rest lacing her huge milky orbs with semen. He stroked the final few drops into the glass and then sat back on the bed spent. Sammy eased up off Hugh, watching Christina, the gorgeous red head was on the floor, glass wedged between her tits, cum dripping from her breasts.
“Ohh fuck my turn!” Hugh groaned rolling over then standing above Christina.
His big cock exploded, missing her tits completely a thick rope of cum splattering her face fro forehead, across her right eye and down her cheek. She squealed in delight, “The glass” she gasped, as Hughs aim improved. He shot 3 thick bolts directly into the glass, before decorating Christina’s tits with the final few spurts.
“ohh boys, well done” Christina gasped, taking the glass and scraping more in from her tits.
She looked up, spunk splattering her face, Sammy, Hugh and Jason sat on the bed watching. Stirring the mixture around with her finger, she took it out and sucked on it savouring the salty sweet flavour. She lifted the glass to her lips and tipped it back, the fluids filling her mouth to the brim, gently she set the glass down before showing all 3 her mouthful.
“swallow it all baby” Sammy said, encouraging her.
Christina closed her mouth, cheeks swollen with the brew, she looked Sammy straight in the eyes swallowing it all. Eyes wide, senses on overdrive she opened her mouth triumphantly.
“Yessssss” she said, a huge grin on her face.
Sammy moved down and kissed her softly, “you were wonderful” she purred.
Jason and Hugh went to shower first, before the ladies followed. Christina wore her robe, as the others got dressed. “be down in a minute” Sammy said as the boys departed.
“Oh Sammy thank you so much” Christina said.
“No thank you, was an incredible night, I hope we’ll see each other again before you leave” Sammy replied.
“I’m heading up north for a week or so now, but have plans to come back this way as well later on, will def want to meet up with you , and the guys of course” Christina said.
“Ohh you can count on it” Sammy said as she left.
Christina had a couple of days to see some of the UK before she was due to meet her next glamour gal. She had hired a car and was making her way across the country towards the North. Stopping off at a couple of places en route she found herself at a small hotel near to Stoke on Trent.
PING, Christina’s laptop alerted her to a new mail. She was catching up on some work issues and had left it on afterwards. Looking across the sender was ‘Lucy Pinder’ and the mail titled, ‘A little reminder’
Opening the mail, it had a large movie file attachment, the text read.
‘Hey babe, thought you’d enjoy this, little reminder of what you are missing, catch you in a week or so – Lucy’
Intrigued Christina clicked play on the attachment.

Lucy was walking down the street to her photoshoot, a spring in her step after last nights fuck session with Christina and the 3 men. Her mind was running through all the things she could introduce the buxom redhead too, while she visited the UK. Already she had a list of other models who had a similar outlook on sex as she did, all of whom would be more than willing to give Christina a great nights fucking.
She entered the photographers studio, a familiar place to her, almost a second home. The set was football themed, she was promoting for one of the premiership sides. Several of the players were already there, and all heads turned when Lucy walked in.
“Lucy!” Carol the photographer said, coming over to meet her, kissing her on the cheek. “perfect timing”
“ we’ll do the promo shots with the guys, then get rid of them so we can do the glamour shots” She said.

Lucy braced herself for the usual attention from the footballers, they always tried it on with her, but she would brush them off. Lucy had found that they were only interested in themselves, and this was a massive turn off for her. The photoshoot passed as expected, Lucy wearing the teams kit, pictures with the squad etc.
She had the usual guys trying it on, boasting of their cars/ jewellery etc, but none of them were Lucy’s type. So when Carol finished the PR stuff, Lucy was relieved that the players left.
“Right, let’s move onto the glamour then Lucy, now those pricks have gone” Carol said.
Lucy started posing, she wore the red strip top, white shorts and knee length socks, plus football boots. Carol had her move into a variety of positions, using the fake goal, team bench etc. Spraying a water bottle down her top, she doused her breasts, nipples hard and erect through the fabric. She peeled off the shirt, her spectacular boobs free, and began posing on the bench, then fake grass mat.
The door to the studio opened and 2 of the footballers came in, both getting a good eyeful of Lucy
“Sorry” the first one said. “We left our bags behind”
Lucy grabbed the wet shirt and covered herself up, as carol turned and snapped “This is out of order, the studio is a closed set, I will be having stern words with your manager!”
“We’re really sorry, we didn’t realise, look we are only apprentices at the club, and could get transferred out because of this” the second guy said.
Lucy eyed them up, both were handsome, over 6ft tall and looked to be in great shape. She always got horny whilst posing, and last night plus the daydreams about Christina had left her really wanting more.
“Carol, maybe they could stay?” she said winking at Carol, “Would you guys like to see a photoshoot?”
“Hell yeah” the first guy replied.
“Lucy” Carol said knowingly, having experience of Lucy’s appetites
“What are your names?” Lucy asked.
“Marcus” Said the first man, “Tom” said the second.
Lucy had fucked black guys before, but it had been a while, this was perfect for her to try out her fantasy of 2 black men at the same time, something she had always wanted. Plus they wouldn’t have the footballer ego yet, so maybe she could get in early and keep them grounded.
“Take a seat over there” Lucy said, “enjoy the show” she added grinning.
Lucy and Carol continued their shoot, Lucy moving through a variety of poses. Marcus and Tom watched on, both shifting uncomfortably in their seats, sporting obvious hard dicks. Tom seemed particularly interested in the shots that focused on Lucy’s breasts, while Marcus watched intently as Lucy showed of her claves in those socks, and then removed them to show off her feet.
“Right Lucy, that’s a wrap” Carol said, “I need to get out of here quickly, do you mind locking up?” she said grinning, knowing full well what Lucy had planned.
“yeah no problems, you’ll help me won’t you boys?” Lucy replied
Both men looked at each other, then nodded. Lucy put on a robe and went to the kitchen, she carried a bottle of wine and 3 glasses. Pouring each of them a glass she sat down.
“Well, did you enjoy the shoot?” she asked
“Yeah!” Marcus replied.
“Which part of my body do you find the most attractive?” Lucy continued to tease.
“Ohh Lucy, those tits,” tom said,” I know everyone must say that but they are spectacular.”
“Your feet Lucy, that’s my thing, you have incredible feet” Marcus said.
“Thank you boys, wow, maybe I’ll have to show you some more then” Lucy said.
She got up and moved back over to the set, grabbing her outfit she moved behind the screen, and got dressed again. Walking back out, smiling, as she stood in front of them both, Lucy began to strip off.
“You like these?” she said running her hands up the shirt over her breasts, before peeling it up.
She tossed the shirt aside, cupping her big tits in her hands, squeezing them softly, moving them up and down. She played with the nipples, before moving her hands to her shorts. She sat back on the bench, and eased her shorts down, kicking them aside. Leaning back she lifted her legs into the air, running her hand down her shapely calf, to the back of the boot, hooking it off she dangled it from her toe before dropping it to the floor. Repeating this for the other boot, she kept her legs in the air, hands behind her on the bench.
“Fuckk Lucy, that looks soo sexy” Marcus said.
Lucy peeled down the first sock, then the second, pointing her feet at him, her perfectly manicured toes on display. He grinned as she gave him a good view of her soles before spinning around to a side on position again. She gripped her tiny black thong and peeled it down, tossing it aside, before spinning back around, sitting legs wide, pussy on full view for them.
“Boys, I’m naked, now it’s your turn”
“Lucy, please don’t be teasing, are we gonna fuck you” Tom asked.
“Get naked and we’ll see” she replied,
Both men stripped off quickly, and both were sporting big hard cocks. Tom must have been packing 9 or 10 inches, but Marcus was enormous, maybe 13 inches and very thick. Lucy gasped as she saw his dick.
“You will be fucking me!” she said eagerly.
She beckoned them forwards and got down on her knees, looking up. Marcus’s cock looked even bigger from down there. Lucy reached out and took a cock in each hand, running her fingers up both ebony shafts.
“Ohh fuck, have you ever fucked a woman together before?” she asked
“No, never, I’ve heard some of the first team guys talk boast about sharing, they even told me about how 5 of them fucked someone all at the same time once” Tom replied.
Lucy grinned, know full well who that was, but not letting on. Marcus really was huge, she struggled to wrap her fingers all around his cock, as she slowly wanked them both.
“And you” she asked him
“Me either, but fuck, this is amazing” he gasped, Lucy leaning in and flicking his shiny cockhead with her tongue.
Lucy alternated between them, a cock in each hand, sucking first one then the other into her mouth. She sucked loudly, taking first Toms, then Marcus’s cocks deeper and deeper. She moved down and sucked on their balls, whilst wanking their hard cocks.
“Ohh fuck, I think this is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen!” she gasped looking up at Marcus.
She stroked them both firmly, before releasing Marcus and slipping Tom between her tits. She wrapped the huge soft globes over his shaft and spat down onto it before wanking it between them.
“ohh baby don’t worry I have something good planned for you” she gasped looking at Marcus.
Tom thrust his hip up, meeting Lucy’s efforts, cock driving between her tits, head popping from the top. Marcus stroked his cock, watching his friend get the titwank of a lifetime from Lucy. Tom’s hands ran into her hair, making her look up at him, as her tits stroked him faster and faster.
“Feel good baby” Lucy gasped, as she wanked him.
“Ohh fuck” was all Tom could groan in reply.
Lucy knew he was close to exploding, but wanted more from today, so eased him out from her tits, beckoning Marcus she lay back on the floor, her legs rising up in the air. He bent over and slid his hands up her calves, feeling every soft curve, before running his fingers over her feet. She moved them to his thighs, then dextrously gripped his cock between her soles, and began slowly wanking him with her feet.
“Motherfucker!” he gasped.
“like that?” she teased, her feet working up and down his huge member.
Marcus’s girth made it easier for Lucy to grip him between her feet, stroking slowly, then building as she got used to the motion. Moving faster, his hips bucked to force his shaft deeper down into her soles. Lucy grinned, she had done a footjob once before, and was enjoying the sensation of his hard cock sliding between her feet.
“Ohh fuck I’m close!” Marcus gasped, making Lucy stop her wanking.
She let go of his cock, and eyed Tom who had been slowly stroking his shaft watching them. Getting up she pushed him back down onto the chair and straddled his body, holding his hard shaft she rubbed it against her pussy lips before lowering herself down onto the throbbing cock.
“fuck, fuck, fuuuckk” she gasped as his whole length eased inside her.
Tom reached up and grasped Lucy’s big tits, as she rocked her hips, cock sliding in and out of her pussy. He squeezed them tightly in his hands fingers, clasping each large orb, eagerly playing with them.
“like that baby, like the feel of these world famous tits” Lucy gasped.
“Fucking incredible” he groaned.
Tom groped Lucy’s breasts, as she rode his shaft, arching her back hands resting on his thighs. Marcus moved to stand next to them, stroking his cock, watching. Lucy growled as his pace increased, slamming harder and harder into her.
“You can squeeze harder if you like Tom” she gasped, “Really hard, even slap them if you like” Lucy told him.
He grinned and dug his fingers into her boobs, fingers mauling them hard. Lucy moved up and leant over him, hands on the chair back, letting her tits fall forwards towards his face. Tom drew her nipple to his lips and sucked it in, teeth grazing the pert flesh.
“Fuck yeah! Fuck, fuck, fuck” Lucy gasped, her hips driving down to meet his thrusts.
Tom suckled hard on her teats, fingers pinching them tight, making Lucy yelp. Her body started to quiver, a climax brimming. Lucy raised her arms, hands behind her head, sitting upright dragging her boobs from his mouth.
“I said fucking slap these tits!” she growled.
Tom reached up and slapped her right breast, as it jiggled above him, “harder!” she snarled. He slapped the left harder, she looked down at him, “Fucking harder!” she screamed, her body starting to shake.
“YEEEAAAAASSSSSSSS!!!!” she roared as he slapped her tits hard with the palm of his hand, a loud thwack! Sounding across the room.
Lucy ground down into her crotch as her body filled with pleasure, eyes wide, howling as she came hard. Tom slapped her tits again, reddening them slightly as she shook and bucked.
Lucy calmed from her climax, easing down, moving her hands to grip Toms, and hold them at bay. Leaning forwards she kissed him hard, before pulling away grinning broadly. His hips pumped up, cock still thrusting into her now soaking wet pussy, balls drenched in her essence.
“You want to cum in me baby, I bet you do,” she teased, “well not yet!”. Lucy raised herself up and off of Tom’s dick, and turned to Marcus.
“Fuck me with that monster now” she gasped.
Sitting down in the next free chair, she spread her legs as he moved towards her, stroking his huge hard dick. He pressed it to her lips, pushing it slowly into her, tight snatch stretching to accommodate his girth. Lucy’s eyes widened as each inch slid in, this dick was definitely the biggest she’d had.
“Holy Fuck!” she gasped as Marcus finally got the whole thing inside her, her thighs quivered as she lay back in the chair.
Marcus held her hips and started fucking her, his thick shaft easing in and out as she gasped, and groaned. He started to pick up his pace, Lucy hands on her own tits now, squeezing and playing with them. She stared up at him, watching his face as he fucked her.
“Suck my toes” she gasped, running her foot up his chest, towards his face, Lucy knew this would be exactly what he wanted.
Marcus gripped a foot in each hand, holding her legs high as he pumped her pussy, he moved her right toes into his mouth, sucking them deep. Lucy gasped, she love having her feet played with, and had forgotten how much.
“Ohhh fuck yeah, stick that huge dick in me Marcus, fuck me, fuck me hard” Lucy gasped.
Marcus stretched her foot up, dragging his tongue from heel to toe, savouring the taste of Lucy’s wonderful feet. Her legs kicked, as her licked her feet, toes curling to meet his tongue. He pumped his dick harder into Lucy, obviously getting more excited with every thrust.
“Fuck me big boy!” she snarled, as her tits swayed back and forth, hands on the arms of the chair now.
Marcus kept pumping, his cock rock hard, and throbbing Lucy gasped and groaned, her legs were now resting on his shoulders as he set about pounding Lucy. She snarled, looking up at him, her pussy tight on his cock.
“Fucking want to spunk in me big boy” she teased
“Oh fuck I’m close” he gasped.
“Oh I have a better idea” she said, pushing him back with her feet. Drawing them up and together over her body, she pressed her soles together.
“Fuck my feet baby, then shoot that spunk all over me” she teased.
Marcus pushed his pussy slick cock between her feet and gripped them tight, thrusting his hips up, his huge member drove between them. Faster and faster he pumped, obviously close to exploding. Lucy moved her face up as close as she could towards his twitching shaft.
“Do it, fucking shoot that spunk on me” she growled, flicking her tongue out, inviting him.
“Fuck, fuck Lucy, oh fuck!” he cried, dick exploding.
Thick streaks of semen rocketed from his cock, the head pulsing and spewing forth the hot seed. Splattering across Lucy’s forehead, then clinging to her eyelash. She gasped as his deluge continued, her face getting drenched in jizz. 5, 6, 7 more bolts of hot cum splashed over her until Marcus was finally sated.
“Holy fuck!” Luc gasped, both eyes glued shut.
Marcus pulled his cock back, wiping the remaining drops on her feet. Shaking his head in utter disbelief of what he’d just done. Lucy force her eyes open, thick strands still glued to her eyelashes. Smiling, loving every second of being a whore, she looked up at him.
“Ohh thank you baby” she purred, bending her feet back to suck on her toes.
Lucy used her toes to scrape spunk from her face into her mouth, sucking and savouring every thick drop of cum. Tom was stroking his dick hard watching her, obviously turned on by it.
“You ready to cum too?” she asked looking at him.
“Fucking ready” he said.
Lucy got up and went to lay back on the bench on the set, sweaty breasts glistening as she squeezed them together.
“Fuck these tits and cum all over them” she purred, waiting for Tom.
He quickly straddled her body, cock pushing between the huge funbags, hands resting either side of her. Thrusting his hips, he pushed his cock back and forth, the head driving out of the top of Lucy’s cleavage with every stroke.
“Do it baby, fuck them hard” Lucy encouraged him.
Toms hips were driving hard, sweat running down his body as the purple head of his dick escaped with each thrust. Lucy, face covered in spunk gasped as she felt his cock twitch, the first spray of cum arching up and hitting her face.
“FUUUCKKKK!!” Tom cried as his balls emptied jet after jet of cum splattering Lucy’s face.
She opened her mouth letting him fire into it, several thick wad of spunk, before his jets eased back, flooding down her from her tits pooling in her neck. She lay there, mouth full of cum, watching as tom finally finished. Easing his cock from her tits, he moved back to sit next to Marcus.
Lucy sat up slowly, the spunk running back down her breasts. Her mouth was open so both men could see her tongue swimming in the semen. She swirled it in her mouth before swallowing it down. Like the cat that got the cream Lucy smiled at them both, running her fingers over her face and tits, gradually scooping every drop of cum into her mouth and swallowing it down.
“Holy shit!” Marcus gasped watching Lucy whore it up.
Marcus was stroking his cock, it was hard again from watching Lucy play with their cum, she grinned, “You want more?”
“I could go again” he replied
“Well boys, I let you fuck my feet, and you fuck my tits, so if you want more it’s on my terms now” she said.
“Whatever you want Lucy” Tom replied.
“Ever been really rough with a woman?” Lucy asked, “because I like it nasty, so you will have to step up”.
Pulling Marcus over to the bench, she lay back, hanging her head off the end, groping her tits she opened her mouth.
“Push that monster down my throat, all the way balls deep, don’t fucking stop even if I puke” she said. “When you’re in, slap these big fucking tits hard, I want them stinging”
Marcus grinned, pushing his dick into her mouth. Lucy let him feed it to the back of her throat, before she tried to swallow. His dick was huge, it filled her throat totally, struggling she couldn’t see how he was going to get in. Gripping his hips, and ass Lucy pulled hard, forcing her throat onto his cock, spit dribbling down her face as her mouth watered.
Marcus growled as he thrust hard, encouraged by Lucy, until her throat kind of popped, and his shaft slid in. Lucy urged, as if she was going to puke, but her throat was sealed by his cock, as it drove deep. Her legs kicked as Marcus pushed deeper, his thick cock could now be seen bulging out of her neck as it wormed down her throat.
“Holy shit!” Tom gasped watching as Marcus pressed his balls to Lucy’s nose, spit bubbling from each nostril.
Marcus held her tits in each hand and started to fuck her face, Dick slamming down her throat. The huge bulged moved up and down her neck, the head of his dick clearly visible as it stretched her skin.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck” he gasped.
Lucy’s arms were waving as her reached down and slapped her tits hard, whack! Whack! Whack! She screamed on his dick as it buried deep in her throat. Marcus rutted his cock in and out for several minutes before he pulled out, Lucy gagged up a mouthful of phlegm that rolled down her face.
“Fucking gonna cum” he gasped, his cock so close to erupting for a second time
“Ohh fuck” Lucy gasped, spitting to clear her mouth. “Fuck, fuck, fuck”
Sitting up she wiped her face clear, turning to look at Tom, “Wanna fuck my ass?” she gasped, getting down onto her knees.
Tom moved up behind her and spread her ass cheeks, nudging the tip of his cock to her ring. She growled as his head pushed past her sphincter, his hands gripping her as cheeks tight. Whining Lucy took every inch of his dick up her ass, looking backover her shoulder, she said.
“Fucking pound my ass Tom, make me scream like a filthy whore”
Tom held her hips and drove his cock balls deep up Lucy’s ass, his balls banged on her pussy as every stroke made her lurch forwards. Banging her hard, he slapped her ass, making her soft round cheek shake. She squealed as he slapped her again, looking back at him.
“Fuck yeah baby, slap that ass, I love it” she gasped.
“Fucking dirty slut” he groaned, “take my cock up your ass you whore”
He was furiously ramming Lucy’s ass, cock pounding her tight hole, Lucy lurching forwards, breasts swaying, as she groaned and shrieked. Tom was loving every thrust, this busty blonde slut taking his meat. She tossed her head back snarling, looking straight at Marcus.
“Get fucking ready, I want you up my whore ass now!” she snapped.
Tom pulled out, and Lucy moved over to the chair like before, legs in the air. Marcus approached her stroking his huge cock. Rubbing his fingers in her pussy he smeared her juices over her ass, before dipping his cock between her lips
“Make it nice and wet for your dirty ass, you slut” he said.
“Stick that huge cock up my ass!” she gasped.
Marcus pressed his head to her ring, and thrust, it gave, Lucy screamed her head tossing backwards, eyes rolling. Marcus tore into her ass, Lucy had never felt a single cock do this before, it was always the double anal that gave her this feeling. She bit her lip, and watched his face as he felt his entire length disappear up her backside.
“Fuck, ohhh fuck, you filthy fucking bitch!” he gasped.
“Yeah, I’m a fucking whore, now treat me like one” she cried.
Marcus let go of her legs and left them on his shoulders, moving his hands to her breasts he grabbed them roughly, mauling each soft globe hard. He slapped her tits hard, making her squeal, “finally!” she gasped, “Fucking yeah!”
Marcus slapped her tits hard, then forced her mouth open, sticking his fingers in and making her gag. Pulling out he slapped her face, not soft tap, but a hard thwack. Lucy flicked her head back to look at him, anger in her eyes, this was really heating up now.
“FUCK YOU!” she snapped “YOU BIG DICKED BASTARD! FUCKING TAKE ME! USE ME! TEAR MY ASS OPEN!!” she screamed at him.
He spat on her screaming face, laughing as he drove his cock deep. Lucy grinned as he spat again, a second thick wad clinging to her face. Driving harder and harder up her ass, hands viciously groping her tits, twisting the nipples. Lucy roared, her body climaxing, a gush of girl cum spraying from her pussy.
Her body shook, legs spasming as the invasion of such a huge cock made Lucy cum hard. Her hands gripped the chair arms, knuckles white, as she came.
“FUCKKKK!!!! FUUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!” she howled.
“Fucking cum you bitch, cum for me” he groaned.
Tom was stroking his dick, watching the action, as he caught Lucy’s eye. She once again put her foot on Marcus’s chest and pushed him off.
“I want both your hard dicks in me now, 2 fucking dicks in my dirty fucking holes” she gasped.
Moving over she pushed Tom down onto the bench, and straddled his cock, her soaked pussy easily taking him all the way in. Looking over her shoulder she grinned as Marcus pushed his huge battering ram against her ass. Holding her shoulder with one hand, he guided the head with his other. Driving forwards he filled Lucy’s ass with his giant cock.
“YEEEEAAAASSSSSSSS” she roared, both holes filled.
Marcus pushed her down, so she was crushed between them, hands now on her hips, pinning her to Toms dick. He rutted hard and deep up her ass, bouncing about 2 inches of his cock in and out, using the softness of her asscheeks as a spring. Tom was kissing Lucy, the dirty porno type kiss, full of tongues, she gasped her holes being stretched.
“Fucking whore!” Marcus growled, dick now going nearly all the way out, slamming his full weight back down as he thrust.
Grabbing her hair he pulled Lucy upright, twisting his hands in her long dark locks. Lucy gasped as he tugged hard, making her back arch, and breasts wobble furiously. Tom reached up and slapped her tits hard, she screamed with each hard smack. Taking both nipples in his hands he twisted them roughly, pinching tight.
“FUCK!” she yelped, “YEAH FUCK ME UP!”
Marcus held her hair in both hands, dick blasting her ass, Tom held her hips and thrust up hard into her pussy. Lucy was growling, her body assaulted by cock, they pounded her like this for several minutes, but inevitably one of them got close to blowing their load.
“ohh fuck” Marcus gasped, easing back, “So close”
“Did my whore ass nearly make you cum” Lucy teased.
“Fucking close Lucy” he panted.
“Lets swap” Tom suggested.
The few seconds it took to change over were enough for Marcus, and he lay back, Lucy rocking on his shaft, as Tom pumped her ass.
“FUCK! OHHH FUCKKKK!!!” Lucy yelped, another orgasm arriving.
Tom fishooked her mouth, fingers on either side as she screamed in pleasure, body shuddering, ass and pussy clenching. Marcus held her hips as she writhed between them, both cocks not relenting as she came.
“YEAAASSSS!!! FUCK! FUUUCKKK FUUUUCKKKK!!!” she howled in delight.
Releasing her mouth, tom grabbed her hair in both hands bending her back hard, his dick pounded her spasming asshole as she screamed, her orgasm peaking now. Marcus slapped her tits again, right at the highest moment of her climax, Lucy’s body was on fire and she howled loudly,
Lucy collapsed down onto Marcus, her body sated, Tom released her hair and eased out. She looked back at him wanking his hard cock. Easing up off of Marcus she ran her fingers through her hair, before dropping to her knees.
“Come on then boys, get over here and fucking blast my face, make me look like a fucking cum whore” she gasped.
Marcus and Tom stepped up, stroking their cocks in front of her. Lucy reached out and sucked one, then the second dick, savouring the taste of her ass and pussy on each.
“Look at me, Lucy fucking Pinder, on my knees begging for your cum” Lucy teased, “right here, shoot that hot jizz all over this whore face”.
Lucy stuck out her tongue and wiggled it, just as Tom exploded with a groan. Hot cum splattered her face, a long stream clinging to her right cheek, the next spurt hitting her right eyelash. Lucy didn’t flinch, she looked straight at him as his dick pulsed again, cum splashing on her forehead.
“Ohh fuck you nasty little slut” Tom gasped
Lucy grinned as Marcus took centre stage, his black monster bouncing in front of her nose. She reached up wanking him, face soaked in spunk, but begging for more. Marcus growled as she wanked his cock hard, the shiny head just in front of her face.
“Ohh fuck yeah, that’s it whore” he gasped, “Fucking nasty WHORE!”
Marcus spat on her face, making Lucy’s eyes go wide with lust, he spat again, a thick globule hitting her forehead and trickling down over her eyebrow to mix with Toms cum. Snatching his cock he wanked it furiously as Lucy looked up.
“Fucking drown me, drown this little cum bitch with your seed” Lucy gasped.
“FUCK!” he moaned, his cock twitching, a huge wad splattering her right eye.
Lucy gasped as shot after shot of semen splashed over her. Long thick white ropes of cum criss crossing her face. Marcus roared as his balls emptied all over Lucy, her eyes swimming in thick pools of cum.
“YES!” she squealed in delight as he covered her.
Marcus finally stepped back, and both me admired their efforts, Lucy sat on the floor, finger in her mouth attempting to look coy. Thick cum oozed down her face, her forehead plastered. A large strand clang to her right eye, and dripped down her cheek. Her breasts were red, and swollen from their punishment, thighs bruised already.
“Holy fucking shit boys!” she gasped, “That was goooood”
“Jesus Lucy, you were incredible” Tom said.
“Fucking hell, I’ve never fucked a bitch like that” Marcus panted.
“Boys you were great, maybe next time you can get properly rough with me, but not bad for your first time” Lucy said grinning, she scooped some cum from her face into her mouth, savouring the flavour.
“now fuck off, leave your numbers on the side, I will def be ringing you” She said standing up.
Lucy got up from the floor, still licking her fingers, cleaning the cum from her face and tits. She got to the computer and brought up the CCTV. Watching Tom and Marcus leave she setup the recording to just before Carol left. Smiling she copied the past couple of hours action to a USB stick before wiping the HD. She wasn’t gonna let this recording make its way to the net.
Lucy smiled as she got dressed, holding the USB in her hand, I know exactly who would want to see this she thought.

Christina panted, her fingers moving from her soaked pussy, the video ending. Lucy was a total whore, Christina loved it. She had cum 3 times while watching Lucy fuck those men, now she needed a shower and a good nights sleep. Tomorrow was going to be one hell of a day she was sure, but Lucy had set an amazing standard for the next name on her list to follow.

Moving north, Christina found herself in Southport, a small town on the coast, she was excited and nervous to meet the lovely Sophie Howard. Lucy had passed on her number and she had received a cryptic reply, an address Bar erotique, a time, 8pm, and the message – no inhibitions, glamorous attire.
Christina dressed up in a red satin dress, huge cleavage on display. She felt very self conscious as she moved from the hotel to her taxi, and then when she arrived at the address. It was a grubby looking door in a back alley, in what seemed to be the seedier side of the town. Christina stood waiting after she knocked on the door, for what seemed an age, before finally it opened.
“Yes” said the man who stood in the doorway.
“I’m here to see Sophie” Christina said,
“Christina, you are expected, follow me.” He replied.
She walked in, following him down the corridor and then down a flight of stairs, he opened a door. “take a seat” he said.
There was a large leather chair sitting in front of a small circular stage, complete with stripper pole in the centre. A sofa sat near the back wall, as well as a table and dresser. Cristina sat back in the chair and waited.
The lights dimmed, a spotlight on the stage, Sophie appeared, she wore a tight black corset, black stockings and suspenders. Music started, she began to dance, slow erotic sways of her hips, then moving around the pole, her body teasing Christina.
Christina licked her lips watching Sophie dance, her hands aching to reach down and stroke her pussy. Sophie’s curves jiggled enticingly as she shimmied towards Christina, straddling her legs she ground down, tits inches from Christina’s face. She span around grinding her ass into Christina’s crotch, before moving back to the platform. With a final flourish the music stopped Sophie striking a suitably enticing pose.
Christina applauded, as Sophie walked towards her. Not a word had yet been spoken, as she dropped to her knees in front of her, hands pushing the dress up over her thighs. Christina wore no knickers, as Sophie dove her face into the wet glistening snatch. Christina gasped, hands clasping the chair arms, as Sophie ate her pussy.
“Oh fuck! Fuckkkk” Christina moaned.
Sophie clamped her full lips over Christina’s pussy, tongue flicking her clit. Christina was on the verge of cumming, her body tightening ready to release. Sophie gulped down every drop of Christina’s juices as they flooded her mouth, Christina tossing her head back gasping.
“YEEEAAAASSSSS!!!” she cried, hips rising and bucking into Sophie’s face.
As her orgasm subsided, Sophie licked Christina’s pussy for one final time, before moving up and over her body, leaning in to kiss her, sharing her taste.
“Pleased to meet you Christina, I’m Sophie” Sophie said grinning.
Christina laughed as Sophie got up from ontop of her, moving to the bar by the stage, a waitress came in, carrying 2 glasses. She set them on the bar and left. Christina got up and straightened her dress before moving over to perch on a bar stool next to Sophie.
“Here, try this” Sophie said, passing a glass to Christina.
She took it and examined the contents, it was milky in colour, and clang to the edges of the cocktail glass. She savoured the aroma.
“Is this?” Christina said shocked.
“yep, its spunk, welcome to club erotique!” Sophie replied drinking from the glass. “This is a sex club, where we can indulge any of our deepest fantasies, and you are in the voyeur room”
Christina looked around, to see if anyone was watching her.
“Oh you can’t see them, but behind the mirrors are at least 20 men, and maybe some women, all wanking off watching us.” Sophie said. “I love it here, I get them to cum watching me then savour every drop, drink up” she added.
Christina raised the glass to her lips, and drank back the cum, it was thick but still warm, a mixture of men, she swallowed it down with surprising ease. She was fixated on Sophie’s body, her huge breasts squeezed out of the top of the corset, slender waist in, then wide full hips and ass. Sophie loved every second of the attention and as she finished her cum cocktail, she stood up.
“Like what you see” she asked Christina
“Ohh fuck, I’ve dreamed about meeting you Sophie, wanked so many times over your pictures” Christina replied.
Sophie peeled down her panties and hopped up onto the bar, her legs spread wide, ”care to help a girl out” she said smiling.
Christina needed no encouragement and had her head buried in Sophie’s pussy within seconds, tongue deep between her lips. Sophie lay back on her arms gasping as Christina feasted on her snatch.
“ohhh fuck Christina, fucking eat my cunt” Sophie gasped.
Christina had her hands on Sophie’s thighs, her lips clamped over her pussy, tongue vigorously flicking Sophie’s clit.
“Soooooo close” Sophie gasped, her thighs starting to tremble.
Christina drilled her faster and faster, Sophie’s body clenching to a climax, with a loud roar she came hard.
“YEEASSSS!!!! FUUUUCCKKKK!!!!” Sophie screamed.
Christina was blasted with a jet of girlcum, swallowing hard she couldn’t contain it and it drenched her face and tits. She kept sucking Sophie’s clit as the spray of liquid splattered her fiercely.
“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Sophie howled, as her cunt exploded over Christina.
Her lips clamped to Sophie’s pussy lips as she drained her of her juices, mouth filling with the sweet nectar, Christina avidly guzzling it down. Sophie gasped her climax ending, Christina looking up at her grinning.
“Ohh fuck that was good baby” Sophie gasped, “Lucy was right about you”
Christina stepped back, as Sophie got down from the counter, leading her by the hand over to a small area in the corner. Several holes were visible in the wall, of varying sizes, Sophie smiled as a hard cock appeared through one of the holes. Kneeling down she started to suck on it, taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth. Another hard cock, this time a large black shaft poked through a hole next to Sophie.
“Well, it would be a shame to waste it” Christina said getting down next to her.
Both women were avidly sucking on the throbbing cocks, Sophie had hers deep in her throat, gagging hard. Spit dripped down her chin onto the floor in a large pool. Christina sucked on the head of her cock, which exploded surprising her. She quickly swallowed what was a large load of cum down into her belly.
“Ohh fuckk” she gasped coming up for air, just as Sophie swallowed her load.
“you learn fast Christina” Sophie gasped, turning to look at her.
“These boys need to calm down, I was just getting started” Christina replied, getting up off her knees.
Sophie turned to the side, a large clear pipe ran sloping downwards across the wall. At the end was a huge brandy glass. A thin stream of spunk trickled down the pipe into the glass, a small amount now collected.
“That’s our job tonight Christina, get these boys spunking enough to fill that glass, then we get to share it!” Sophie teased.
Christina grinned, Sophie was certainly Lucy level of slut, this was going to be a fun evening. Sophie walked back to the bar, reaching around behind it she pulled out a large strap on cock.
“I wanna slam this into you, you dirty whore” Sophie purred.
Christina, bent over the bar stool, looking back over her shoulder, “Go on then, give it to me” she replied.
Sophie eased the dress back up over her ass, those luscious cheeks on display, she slapped the rubber phallus hard on them, before pushing the head to Christina’s wet slit. Holding her hips she thrust in. Christina gasped as her hole was stretched, the thick hard shaft driving deep inside, she bit her lip as Sophie ended fake balls deep in her cunt.
“Ohhh fuck” Christina gasped as Sophie started thrusting, her hands holding tight to the dress as she got faster and faster.
Christina was lurching forwards with each stroke, her big tits bouncing in her dress, straining to get free. She gasped and groaned as Sophie increased her pace, the huge soft melons jiggling furiously as she bent over clutching the bar stool
“YES! Fuck me, fuck me baby!” she cried as Sophie pounded her hard.
Sophie was flushed, sweating as she kept up the brutal rhythm, her hips churning as the drove deep again and again. She twisted the fabric of Christina’s dress in her hands clutching it tight, as Christina shook and twitched, her climax roaring forth.
“YEEEAAASSS!!!!!” she screamed “FUCK! FUCK! YESSSSS!!!!”
Sophie kept pumping into her quivering hole, it clenched tightly on her fake cock as she pounded Christina. Eventually her orgasm finished and Christina turned to look at Sophie, grinning contentedly.
“Ohh fuck Sophie that was amazing!” she gasped.
Sophie eased out of Christina, who stood up, and looked at the glistening shaft bouncing at her crotch. Christina peeled down the straps of her dress, letting it fall to the floor, stepping out she stood naked, watching Sophie’s reaction.
“Fuck those are incredible” Sophie gasped, looking at Christina’s mammoth tits.
Christina moved towards Sophie, dropping to her knees she sucked on the head of her strapon, before taking it deeper into her mouth. She sucked every drop of her cum from the shaft, before easing it between her tits and fake titwanking Sophie.
“Oooh you slag!” Sophie gasped, looking down at the fake cock squeezed between Christina’s breasts. Christina pumped hard, looking up at Sophie.
“Fucking bitch, gonna wank your fake cock all over my tits, fucking pump them, pump them bitch” She gasped.
Sophie held Christina’s shoulders and thrust up between, her cock bursting up through the huge cleavage. She growled watching the red headed whore go to town on her shaft, using her huge tits to wank her off.
“Fuck I’d blast that face if I was a guy!” Sophie growled, before stepping back.
“Your turn” Christina said, “give me that cock”
Sophie stepped out of the harness and Christina stepped in, Sophie licking her lips at the thought. Christina stepped behind Sophie, running her hands over her hips, she roughly grabbed her hair, and forced her down onto the floor, head pressed to the carpet, ass high. She twisted her head sideways, pinning her down.
“Nasty fucking WHORE!” Cristina snapped, Sophie was breathing heavily, trembling in anticipation.
Christina press the head of her strap on to Sophie’s asshole, she mewed, as she realised what was about to happen. Pushing hard and deep Christina as ¾ before Sophie could react. She howled hips bucking up fighting in Christina’s grasp. She forced her head down harder, hips so tight against Sophie’s ass cheeks, both hands now on her head pinning it flat to the floor.
“You fucking love it, fucking love this cock in your nasty asshole” Christina sneered, “Fucking love to be taken and buggered, like a cheap whore. A cheap nasty whore who gives herself up for fuck all”
Christina started thrusting, pulling nearly the whole shaft out and riving it home, in slow steady thrusts. Sophie squealed and snorted as each thrust jammed her ass, her body was quivering, her bowels being slammed.
“Fuuuckkk! Please, please do it, harder, harder I want it sooo bad” She begged.
Christina grinned, Sophie was just like Lucy, another British cock hungry slut. She slammed hard, her weight ramming down on Sophie’s body, stretching and pounding her asshole.
“FUCK!” Sophie screamed, her hips high face squashed tight to the floor.
Christina battered her ass for a good 10 minutes, Sophie screaming and wailing, as she came, 3 times, Christina relentlessly hammering her ass as it spasmed and clenched.
“FUCK! FUCK! FUCKKK!!!” Sophie cried, her body taught and shaking.
Christina kept up a furious pace throughout, Sophie getting it full force, her tight ass being ravaged by the shaft strapped to Christina
“YEEEEAAAASSSSS!!!” Sophie screamed, in her final climax, Christina now relenting and letting go.
“Holy fuck!” Sophie gasped, as her ass was emptied, Christina pulling the shaft out.
“Bet you enjoyed that didn’t you?” Christina said, watching as Sophie rolled over exhausted.
“Oh fuuuck that was good, fuck, Lucy was sooo right about you” Sophie panted.
“Strip for me” Christina said, unfastening the strap on
A sweaty Sophie stood up, and slowly peeled off her corset, her breasts revealed, Christina moved quickly to suck on the huge firm orbs, teeth immediately working the nipples. Her fingers went to Sophie’s went pussy, fingering her hole as she suckled her breasts.
“ohhh fuck Christina” Sophie gasped. “I want you to taste my ass baby” she gasped.
Leading her to the bar she made Christina lay down on it, her head hanging from the end. Sophie slipped the strap on back onto her crotch and waved it over Christina’s nose. She focused on the end, making herself go cross eyed. Sophie pushed it into Christina’s mouth.
“Fuck yeah Christina” Sophie gasped as the thick shaft popped Christina’s throat.
She coughed and gagged as the full length disappeared, until Sophie’s belly was tight to her face. Cristina held the bar top tightly as Sophie fucked her throat, spit dribble down her face, as she gagged on the shaft. Sophie reached forwards and groped Christina’s tits, mauling them hard.
“Ohhh choke you nasty girl!” Sophie gasped, grinding her crotch to Christina’s face.
Christina coughed up a thick spit wad, that oozed down her face, into her hair. Sophie pulled back, Christina coughed and gasped for air. She slowly sat up, her face caked in thick wads of drool. Sophie moved up and licked her face, slurping up the spit and swallowing it.
“oooh baby” Christina gasped, kissing Sophie, sharing a full spit and slobber kiss.
Sophie pulled her down, and lay back on the floor, Christina straddling her, and easing down onto the shaft.
“Off fuck, Sophie, fuck,fuck fuck” Christina gasped as she rode her.
Sophie’s hips rose, to meet Christina’s cunt, thick shaft slamming deep, she held her hips and watched those huge tits mesmerically bouncing. Sophie was loving the site of the busty redhead riding her, her tits were so big and juicy.
“FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUUCCCKKKK!!” Christina screamed, her hips bouncing hard.
Her breasts juddered, nipples twitching, hands above her head. Christina screamed, her body tense, floods of pleasure driving through her. Sophie’s hands moved up to her breasts, groping them roughly as she came, her body shaking hard.
“YES! YEEEESSS!! YEEAAAAASSSS!!!” she screamed.
Collapsing down onto Sophie Christina kissed her hard, hands on her hair, tongue deep. Sophie returned the kiss and they lay on the floor, tongues exploring for several minutes. Finally Christina eased up from the shaft and helped Sophie to stand.
Looking over at the glass it was nearly half full, “Mmmm getting there” Sophie said.
She led Christina back to the glory holes, shedding her strap on en route. 2 large cocks pushed through, Sophie bent over and eased herself backwards, pushing her pussy down over the shaft, gasping as it invaded her cunt.
“Ohh yeah some real cock” Christina purred, matching Sophie.
They bounced hard back onto the shafts, gasping and groaning. Sophie watched Christina, as Christina watched her, both getting closer to climax. Sophie bit her lip as she exploded, her breasts shaking and twitching as she leant forwards.
“YEEEAAAASSSSS!!!” she screamed, her hands slamming back on the wall.
“”Cum Sophie, cum for me!” Christina cried watching.
Sophie screamed, her body exploding in pleasure, ass backing hard up against the wall, getting the dick as deep as she could. Christina watched intently as Sophie came, gasping and groaning.
“FUCK! FUCK YES! YEEESSSS!!!!” she moaned.
As her orgasm ended Sophie slid off the cock, immediately Christina dropped to her knees and started to suck it. She savoured every drop of Sophie’s cum, as she licked the shaft clean.
“ohh fuck yeah” Sophie gasped watching Christina, “You didn’t cum honey” she said.
Strapping the shaft back on, she watched as Christina moved to the centre of the room again, the cocks from the glory hole pulling back into the wall.
“Ohh take me Sophie, I want you to fuck me in my big juicy ass!” Christina said
She got onto all fours, ass high face on the floor. Sophie moved up strapping the fake shaft back to her crotch.
“Fucking take it then bitch” Sophie growled, pressing the head to her asshole.
Christina gasped as Sophie pushed into her ass, Hands holding her hips and pumping. Her ass clenched on the shaft as it sawed in and out, Sophie slamming hard and deep. Christina gasped as her ass was buggered, Sophie slamming faster and faster, Christina’s huge breasts swayed back and forth, slapping onto her chest.
“Fuck yes! Fucking do me Sophie, do me hard!” she cried.
Sophie rutted faster and faster, Christina bucking and writhing as she took the whole thing up her asshole, she howled and cried, her body revelling in the anal pounding she was getting.
“FUCK!! FUCK YES! YES!” she screamed, “HAAAARDERRRRR!!”
Sophie banged away as Christina came, her ass spasming on the shaft, Sophie held her hips tightly as she bucked, body shaking in pleasure. Christina roared loudly as waves of pleasure clenched her ass, she tossed her head from side to side, the feelings of ecstasy hitting her again and again.
“YESSSS!!! YEEEESSSS!!!! YES! EYS! YES! YES!” she screamed.
Sophie reached around and groped Christina’s tits hard, she clawed at the huge soft orbs as she came, hard thick shaft balls deep in her asshole.
Cristina collapsed to the floor, Sophie ontop of her. She was breathless, panting as her climax subsided. Sophie kissed her neck, as they lay there regaining their energy. Eventually Sophie eased from Christina’s ass, and stood up. Christina knelt up and sucked on the shaft, tasting her ass.
“Ohhh fuck” she gasped, looking up at Sophie.
“Wow, that seems to have done the trick” Sophie said, moving over to the tube, the glass was nearly brimming with semen.
She picked up the full container and moved back to the bar, setting it down she perched on a stool, Christina sitting next to her. Sophie swirled her finger through the glass, collecting a bit of the cum and tasting it.
“Sooo, normally this is my reward for playing the whore” Sophie said.
“you gonna drink all that?” Christina said, in awe.
“Well I was, but you were so fucking good, I came so hard. I think you deserve it” Sophie replied grinning pushing the glass to Christina.
Christina was shocked, she’d never dreamt of swallowing so much semen. The glass of girlcum and spunk from the hotel with Sammy was nothing compared to this. Probably nearly a pint of cum filled the glass in front of her.
“ohhh Sophie, fuck I, I don’t know, can I?” she stammered
“Drink it Christina, savour the taste, know you made them cum with your body” Sophie purred, “We had the power over them and made them cum”
Christina took the glass in both hands and stood up in front of Sophie, her huge voluptuous breasts swinging as she walked to the centre of the room. She looked into the glass, it swirled with the marbled liquid. Thick white streams hung in the cloudy white volume.
“Ohhh Sophie, it’s incredible” Christina said nervously holding the glass up.
The rim touched her red plump bottom lip, as she tipped it back. The thick cum oozed out into her mouth, long lumps clinging together, ‘plopping’ down her tongue as she filled her oral cave.
“Swallow Christina, swallow their semen” Sophie urged, watching on triumphantly.
Christina swallowed, the thick strands flowing down her throat, they caught in her oesophagus, she swallowed hard forcing them down. Again and again she swallowed draining her first mouthful of spunk. The familiar salty taste combined with the huge volume, her pussy was dripping wet from the feelings it gave her.
“Good girl, keep going” Sophie said encouraging her.
Christina tipped the glass back, guzzling from it. Wave after wave of thick lumpy cum flowed in and then down as she swallowed. Christina was getting more and more turned on, the thought of Sophie and the men surrounding the room watching her. She felt like a total slut, swallowing all this cum.
“Yes, yes Christina, do it, finish it” Sophie cried.
Christina lifted the glass so the last few globs dripped down onto her snake like tongue she held her mouth open so Sophie could see the thick glistening pool, her tongue swimming in the semen. She swallowed loudly, emptying her mouth, and filling her stomach with jizz.
“Oooooohhh fuuuuuckkkkkkk” Christina gasped, eyes wide, buzzing on the cum.
Sophie moved up, taking the glass from Christina, and running her finger around the rim, scraping the last few drops before swallowing them herself. She leant forwards kissing Christina, savouring the taste of the cum still in her mouth, her hands squeezed her breasts as she kissed her harder and harder.
Sophie stepped back, Christina was panting. She had her left hand on her right breasts, squeezing and mauling it, while her right rubbed her pussy hard, fingers deep inside. Sophie grinned knowing how hot the cum guzzling made her, it was obviously having the same effect on Christina.
“Sit down over here babe” Sophie said, “Let me finish you off”
Christina sat on the bar stool, legs wide. Sophie moved up close, standing between her legs, fingers of her right hand pushing into Christina. Her left held her face as she kissed her softly before beginning to wank her. Sophie’s hand moved in and out faster and faster, fingers forced deep inside.
“Ohhh fuck, I feel horny, holy fuck” Christina gasped.
Her belly churned, the cum flooding her system, filling her with desire. Sophie’s fingers rubbed her throbbing clit, her body aching pre climax. She could feel a huge explosion about to erupt, her hands crushed her own tits tight, roughly squeezing them. Christina’s hips rose, trembling hard as her body reached its orgasm.
“FUUUCKKKKKK!!!!” She screamed, body jumping off the stool.
Her crotch pressed forwards onto Sophie’s hand, girlcum spraying out, splashing Sophie’s body. Sophie squealed with delight as Christina sprayed her, dropping down to her knees she clamped her lips over her pussy and swallowed every drop. Tongue replacing fingers she licked and sucked Christina hard as she screamed and sprayed into Sophie’s mouth.
Sophie guzzled her down eagerly, swallowing fast, as Christina came, shaking she clutched Sophie’s head to her crotch, growling loudly. Sophie finally relented, Christina’s fountain finished, letting go Christina released her head.
“Ohhh fuck yeah, feel good?” Sophie gasped.
“Motherfucker!” Christina said, “Fuck I was sooo horny”
“its the cum baby, it gets into your system, just takes over” Sophie replied grinning. “It’s why I love this room” She stood up and kissed Christina again, “grab your clothes and follow me, they have showers etc where we can clean up.

Sophie and Christina emerged from the club and got into a taxi, heading back to drop her at her hotel and then on to Sophie’s home. They sat close, Sophie unable to stop looking at Christina.
“fuck you are so hot baby” Sophie said.
“Thanks Sophie, you are pretty smoking yourself, you showed me something I’ve never tried before.” Christina replied.
“ohh fuck baby that’s just the beginning, wait until I meet up with you and Lucy Next week, we are gonna blow your mind!” Sophie said grinning.
“Oh shit your coming down to Winchester?” Christina said.
“hell yeah!” Sophie replied.
“Damn I can’t wait” Christina said smiling.
“Who you seeing next” Sophie asked
“I’m off to Brentwood, to See Emma Glover” Christina answered.
“Fuck, you’ll love her” Sophie said, “and whatever she says, do her up the ass, the bitch protests, but when she has that cock up her ass she cums like a motherfucker!”
Christina laughed, as the Taxi pulled up at the hotel, “thanks for tonight Sophie, it was incredible” she said leaving.

Christina made her way back down south towards London over the next day or so, she had booked into a small hotel on the outskirts of Brentwood, she arrived early and waited for Emma to come and meet her.
Around 6pm a knock on the door and Emma was standing there, she wore a tight red skirt and white blouse. Her black bra was visible through the sheer blouse. Christina admired her before asking her in.
“Wow Emma, pleased to finally meet you” Christina said.
“Christina! Fuck I never thought this would happen!” Emma replied admiring the redhead.
Christina wore a long green pattern dress with black sides, her curves and good cleavage on display. She bent over the bed to pick up her glasses, Emma had a great view of her magnificent ass as she did so.
“Damn!” Emma said loudly
“Naughty” Christina replied with a grin.
“Let’s get some food shall we” Emma replied.
Emma led Christina out of the hotel and to the waiting taxi, helping her in they headed off to the local restraint Emma had chosen.

“Wow that was great” Christina said after they finished their meal
“Yeah, but I am really looking forward to my desert” Emma replied quietly, “I want to get you home and fucking suck on those huge tits”
Christina blushed “Emma, I have literally fantasised about that, let’s go”
The ladies hastily left the restraint, into another waiting taxi. Emma gave him her home address and they set off. The taxi driver was very chatty, and quizzed them on what they had been up to.
“hey, I’m Trev, been out for the night girls?” he asked.
“yeah, just heading home now” Emma said.
If he recognised them he never said. But continued with the smalltalk for a few minutes. Suddenly the Taxi lurched, and the engine made a funny sound. Dave cursed, “Fuck” he said loudly “not again”
“Everything alright” Emma asked
“Fucking car, did this last week, look girls I have a mechanic friend 2 minutes down the road, will only take 5 minutes to fix, will only charge you half price, deal?”
Emma looked at Christina “it’s quicker than a new cab” she said.
“Fine” Christina replied.
The car limped on for a few minutes and then stopped by a small garage in an industrial estate, Trev got out and walked in. Christina watched him, he was an attractive man in his late 40’s, still quite well built. A minute later he returned with a younger man, in a set of overalls.
“Sorry ladies” Trev said, “this is James, He’ll have us up and running in no time”
“You’ll have to get out though, I’m afraid” James said.
He opened the door, and Emma then Christina got out, James looked at them, obviously recognising both. He turned to look at James, “You never fucking said mate!”
“What?” Trev replied
“Christina Hendricks” James said “I’m a huge fan, and I recognise this lovely lady as well, Emma Glover, I am a fan of you as well”
“What that Christina from Mad men, damn I am a huge fan too” Trev replied.
She blushed, “Thank you” she said.
“Come in take a seat in the office”, James said.
It was as standard garage, with concrete floor, but off to the side, was a small office. Several chairs were lined up along with a long coffee table covered in old mags. Emma grinned as she saw a copy of ‘NUTS’ with her on the cover. She picked it up, turning to grin at James.
“you are a fan then” she giggled.
James blushed, “Yeah, I am a big admirer”
Emma looks at Christina, a glint of mischief in her eye, “How big?” she asks walking over.
Emma runs her hand over James’s shoulder, and the other up his thigh until she reaches his cock. James blushes, unable to react as Emma feels his cock, Trev grins, looking at Christina.
“Think we are onto a winner here mate” He says laughing.
“Hmmm, how about a free taxi ride for us, and a free car fix for Trev?” Emma says laughing.
“Deal!” James says literally within milliseconds.
Emma reaches up and kisses him, while Christina move to Trev. She drops to her knees in front of him and unfastens his belt. His trousers fall and she has her hands in his boxers. Gasping as she takes his cock in her mouth, Trev watches Emma peel off James’s overalls.
“Ohh fuck” Trev gasps as his now rock hard cock disappears into Christina’s mouth.
Taking him deep, Christina is impressed with his 8 inches, its thick and she gags as she swallows the whole thing, her nose pressed to his stomach.
James groans as Emma rapidly sucks on his dick, lips furiously moving over his head, hard as nail and an impressive 10 inches, he holds her head and starts to thrust.
“yeahhhh” Emma groans, loving her face starting to get fucked.
Both girls worked on their men for a few minutes, before Christina cam up for air, “ohh fuck let me get this dress off” she gasped.
“Come here” Emma croaked as James’s cock left her throat.
Trev moved over to stand next to James. Emma gasped, the 2 thick cocks started slapping her face, she sucked from one to the other, taking them balls deep in her throat. Christina watched as the dark haired beauty ravenously sucked on their shafts.
“fuck that’s hot Emma” Christina said, peeling off her dress.
She stood in her bra and kickers, for a few seconds before releasing her huge breasts, Emma squealed as she turned to look at Christina.
“Fuck they are magnificent!” Trev said.
Cristina grabbed James’s hand and pulled him to a chair, her sat down as she knelt in front of him. Pushing his legs wide, she wrapped her tits around that big cock and started wanking him hard.
Emma peeled off her blouse, her firm large breasts squeezed tightly into her bra, the soft skin bulging over the top. Her trademark mole visible on her right breast, as she slipped off her skirt.
“Ohh fuck you are so sexy” Trev gasped, reaching forwards her grabbed her tits, freeing them from her bra and sucking them.
“Fuuuck, ohh fuck yeah baby!” James groaned as Christina worked her tits over him.
Emma swept the coffee table free, and lay back, Trev straddling her tits, She pushed them together so he could fuck them, his cock driving hard and fast between. She gasped as he roughly titfucked her, cock pounding between the firm globes, rubbing tightly in her cleavage.
James was thrusting up his cock squashed between Christina’s huge tits, while Trev straddled Emma, boning her big tits. Christina looked over at Emma.
“I want to watch you babe” she gasped, letting go of her tits.
James stepped back as Trev kept pumping. Emma grinned looking up at him, “Let me suck you both” she gasped.
He stood up, and both Trev and James stood either side of her. Emma reached up and stroked each shaft hard. She sucked on one then the other cock, taking them deep before releasing. Emma gasped, the 2 thick cocks slapping her face, she sucked from one to the other, taking them balls deep in her throat. Christina watched as the dark haired beauty ravenously sucked on their shafts.
“Fuck you nasty slut!” Christina said grinning, “Want some pussy now boys?” she purred.
Trev gasped, pulling away from Emma and sitting in the chair, Christina straddled his body and lowered her cunt down onto his shaft. Gasping as his hard member invaded her tight pussy. James lay back on the coffee table as Emma held his huge cock to her pussy lips.
“ohh fuck your sooo big!” Emma gasped as she lowered herself down.
James held her hips and steadied her as Emma finally got the full length inside. Christina was riding Trev hard by this point, screaming and moaning. Emma gasped, her breath taken away by the cock deep inside her, James held her steady as she started to roll her hips on him
“fuuuckkkk!!” Emma gasped.
Christina was riding Trev hard, her ass slamming down on his thighs as she drove his cock deep. His face was buried in her massive tits, sucking on the nipples. Emma was now starting to ride James, her pussy eating up his 10 inches.
“Yes! Yessssss!!!” Christina cried, her pussy flooding Trevs balls.
Emma watched her new friend cumming hard, as she rode him. Christina tossed her head back, gasping and groaning, her body reaching a climax.
“FUUUCKKKKK!!!!” she howled.
James fucked Emma harder, determined to make her cum as well, Trev sat back in awe the busty redhead riding him hard, screaming in pleasure.
“YEEEAAAASSSSSS!!!” Christina screamed, her tits shuddering in Trevs mouth.
Emma was riding hard, her pussy moments from exploding, looking down at James, his face starstruck. Her hips churned, pussy swallowing his cock over and over, as her held her hips tightly.
“YEEEAAAASSS!!!!! YEEAAASSSSSSS!!” Christina screamed in the background, her body full of orgasm.
“YES! YES! YES!” Emma snarled, finally cumming, her body slamming down and grinding onto James.
His fingers clawed her round ass cheeks as she shook ontop of him, body shaking in climax. Emma stared straight at James, eyes fixed on his as she came, pussy flooding down his shaft and over his balls.
“FUUUCKKKK! FUUUCKKKK!!!” Emma screamed.
Christina calmed from her orgasm, and sat on Trevs lap, watching Emma cum. The brunette was shaking, her hips twitching as the final few jolts of energy shot through her. James held her waist as she twitched for a final time before sitting upright panting.
“ohhh fuck that was good, I needed some cock!” Emma gasped.
Christina grinned, looking over at James, “I want some of that monster dick now babe” she said, “Let’s swap”
Emma eased off of James, and Christina stood up. Trev took Emma around the waist pulling her close and kissing her hard, before spinning her around and bending her over. His cock pushed deep up into her pussy, as he held her hips.
“oh fuck!” Emma Gasped getting pounded hard.
Christina got down on the floor on her hands and knees, looking up at Emma getting fucked, James got down behind her and started to push into her pussy. Pushing into her pussy, she gasped, then turned back to look at him.
“no big boy, I want it up my ass!” she said, begging him.
“Fuck, no bitch has ever let me before?” James replied, “you sure”
“Slam that monster up my asshole, make me fucking scream” Christina replied, an evil grin on her face.
James rubbed his cockhead over Christina’s asshole, wiping the slick pussy juices all over it. Gripping her hips he pushed his hard dick into her. She gasped, feeling the shaft stretch her open then whined as every inch kept on thrusting. His huge dick filled her ass, as she gasped and cried, until all 10 inches were up her shit pipe, balls deep in her ass.
“Fuuuucckkkk!!” she wailed, as James held her hips and started thrusting.
Trev was fucking Emma, who was bent over watching Christina, “Motherfucking dirty bitch!” Emma gasped watching Christina take it up the ass.
Christina screamed, her ass getting pounded by cock, James didn’t hold back and thrust harder and harder into her. She gasped and squealed, cumming already, the long fat cock setting off her orgasm.
“YES! FUCK! FUCK! FUCKKKKK!!!” she cried.
James was pumping faster and faster, as she came, his balls bashing her pussy lips. Emma was groaning as she got fucked. James held Christina’s hips, her head on the floor, turned sideways as she was forced down. She shook and twitched as she came hard.
“YYYEAAAASSSSSS!!!!” She howled, her ass clenching on James shaft.
“Fuck I’m gonna cum soon” she gasped.
“No, no, no, not yet” Emma gasped, “Pull out baby”
Christina had luckily finished cumming as James pulled out, sitting in the chair trying to calm himself. Trev was fucking Emma, and paused holding her hips tight, “how about you babe, gonna let me stick this cock up your ass?”
“Sorry babe, no, not something I do” Emma replied.
Christina grinned, knowing what Sophie had said about Emma denying her love of bum fun. “How about you ride him Emma, I want to watch that again” She suggested.
Trev somewhat disappointed lay back on the coffee table, Emma straddling him and easing down. She rode him hard, his hands gripping her breasts, squeezing them and playing with her nipples.
“fuck baby yeah” she gasped.
Christina went to her large shoulder bag, and pulled out a strap on, she had started to carry it with her since meeting Lucy and Sophie, and finding out what they were like. Always be prepared she figured. Fixing it in place, James watched awestruck as she moved behind Emma. She quickly mounted her hand on her back pushing her down, Trev wrapped his arms around her seeing what Christina had in mind, while she held her asscheeks wide.
“Fucking take it” Christina snarled, as the fat end of her strap on cock pushed against Emma’s asshole.
Emma howled as the thick shaft drove into her ass, legs kicking. Trev held her down, arms locked over her back, his cock deep in her pussy. She screamed, eyes rolling as both her holes were filled, body shaking she came almost immediately.
“NOOO!!! FUCK! FUCKKK NOOOO!!!” she howled, her body quivering.
Christina pumped Emma’s ass, the 8 inch shaft ramming deep, as Emma came so hard, her body twitching in Trevs grasp.
“Sorry babe, but Sophie told me to do it” Christina gasped her hand in Emma’s hair tugging her head back.
“BIIIITCCCHHHH!!” Emma screamed her body climaxing ferociously.
Christina rutted hard, grinding her crotch to Emma’s ass, as she shook in the final moments of ecstasy.
“FUCK YOU!” Emma snarled, “Bitch Sophie, she knows what anal does to me”
Christina eased her cock out, Emma gasped, “Fuck that felt good though”
“Let’s drain these fuckers” Emma said.
Christina and her got onto their knees, Emma joined her. James moved in front of Emma as Trev stood in front of Christina. The girls kissed slowly, then turned faces pressed together.
“Come on boys, let’s have your spunk” Emma teased.
“Blast us good” Christina added.
James gasped, his cock twitching, having watched Emma get 2 dicks and fucked Christina up the ass, he was ready to blow. Stroking his cock he was gasping, gritting his teeth. A huge bolt of cum splattered Emma s face, splashing on her forehead and running down the bridge of her nose. She squealed with delight as the next blasts coated her cheek and right eye, cum clinging to her dark sleek hair.
“fuck yeah , do it, fuck Trev me too” Christina begged.
Trev stepped up cock twitching as he stroked it, cum firing out and hitting her square in the right eye, she gasped then spluttered as the next bolt landed on her tongue, causing her to swallow. James was just finishing, the last few pearly drops dripping onto Emma’s forehead as he stepped back exhausted.
“Holy fuck!” he gasped.
Trev kept spraying, his cock hosing down Christina, cum clang to her forehead and cheeks, thick droplets in her hair. Bolt after bolt of milky thick spunk splattering her face. She kept her eyes open, thick strands hanging from her eyelashes.
“Motherfucker!” Emma gasped watching.
Eventually Trev was finished, Christina plastered in his seed, he stood over her admiring his work.
“Wow can’t believe I just fucked Christina Hendricks,” Trev gasped, his thick load running down her face.
“Phugh” Christina gasped, cum pooling on her forehead.
“Damn, wait till my cousin Dave hears about this, he’s a cabbie out in the states, lives near LA as well, keeps bragging about the stars he’s had in his Taxi. Finally I get my own back on him” Trevor said grinning, watching his efforts trickle down.
“holy fuck that was a load” Christina gasped.
James grinned starting to dress, “gotta fix your cab now mate” he said, moving to the workshop.
Christina and Emma turned to look at each other, Emma held Christina’s head and licked her right cheek, swallowing the think load. Kissing and Licking both women spent the next 5 minutes cleaning the cum from each other, until both has a mouth full of semen. Turning the looked at Trev who was avidly watching the action.
“ohh fuck swallow that girls, fuck that’s sooo nasty!” he said.
Both closed their mouths and guzzled the sticky thick spunk, swallowing it down. Emma turned to look at Christina, grinning, her mission fulfilled, just not how she thought.
“Well I best get you home” Trev said.
“fuck yeah, well its late, so Christina needs to go to her hotel now on the way please” Emma said.
“ohh fuck Emma that was good fun!” Christina said dressing.

James had the cab fixed in no time, and Emma and Christina dressed. Getting back in Trev took them off to the hotel, where Christina got out. “Thanks Emma, I had a great night, and thank you Trev, that load was one of the biggest I’ve had”
“My pleasure” he replied.
“take care Christina, Hope to see you again on this trip” Emma said kissing her as she left the taxi.
Trev drove Emma home, it was only about 15 minutes from the hotel, so didn’t take long.
“Holy fuck, I can’t believe we just did that!” Trev said to Emma.
“Well get used to it, cos I am expecting more of the same next time I book you, do you have a private number so I can go direct? Emma asked.
“Sure” Trev said as they pulled up to her house, he handed her a card.
Emma took it, “Right now let’s get some payback on Christina, she’s meeting Lucy tomorrow night, need to make sure she doesn’t hold back” Emma said grinning, before leaving the cab.
Trev shook his head, unable to find the words for the world he had now found himself in.

Christina was nervous, even though she had already met and fucked both Lucy and Sophie, the thought of both together made her short of breath. She watched as the taxi she was in pulled up to the small house in the countryside, just outside of Winchester.
“We’re here darling” the cabbie said, as she got out. Paying him he drove off, leaving her to walk up the gravel path.
Ringing the doorbell, she waited a few seconds before Lucy answered, smiling “Come in” she said kissing both Christina’s cheeks. Lucy had a skimpy white top and shot cut off denim hotpants, with bright yellow high heels.
Following Lucy through the hallway, the downstairs was all open plan, a large kitchen, with big wooden table, 2 large sofas and chairs, plus a desk and writing area. Following Lucy upstairs she perved hard at her ass, in the tight denim hotpants she wore.
“You can change in here” Lucy said leading her to the master bedroom.
“Hello Christina!” Sophie said as they walked in, she was sitting on a chair by the dresser in a black bra and knickers combo, with matching black stockings and suspenders.
“Wow, you look amazing ladies, I need to get ready” Christina added, starting to unfasten her white dress.
Lucy moved over and kissed her softly, “Oh this is just the warm up baby” she purred kissing Christina softly. Sophie stood up and moved to join her, added a deep tongue filled kiss to the mix.
“We have a couple of hours of just us, before the others arrive” Sophie added.
Lucy unfastened Christina’s dress, peeling off her shoulders, she stood in white bra, no panties, as Sophie kissed her hard. Lucy’s finger teased between her thighs to her pussy, feeling the wetness already there.
“Dirty bitch” she whispered into her ear, kissing her neck.
Sophie dropped to her knees, delving straight into Christina’s pussy, hands on her hips going straight in. Lucy went down as well, parting those ass cheeks and tonguing her ring. Christina gasped her hands on Sophie’s head and shoulder, her legs trembling.
“fuuuucckkk” she gasped.
Her body quivered as her holes were stimulated, she struggled to remove her bra, so she could tease her massive tits. She clutched at them tightly as her body shook, Lucy and Sophie knowing exactly what to do to make her cum. Sophie’s Tongue flicked her clit, while Lucy delved deep into her clenching sphincter.
“Oh FUUUCKKKKK!!!” Christina gasped, her legs going weak.
Lucy and Sophie held her up as her body climaxed, she groaned loudly crying in pleasure as her orgasm hit. Juices flooded Sophie’s mouth as she sucked hard on her clit, thighs trembling.
“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK YESSSSSS!!!” Christina cried.
Her hands crushed her tits, as she stood, body twitching, Sophie clamped to her snatch, Lucy between her ass cheeks, hips shaking and bucking back and forth. Finally she calmed, her body returning to her control. Lucy and Sophie stood up, moving to sit on the bed, kissing each other hard.
“Mmm, join us Christina” Sophie gasped, breaking the kiss.
Sophie unfastened her bra, releasing her tits, Lucy bent down and sucked on them, as Christina moved to join her. Both women sat either side of Sophie and suckled her teats, chewing softly on her nipples as she groaned, a hand holding their heads.
“oooh fuck, fuck that’s good” Sophie gasped.
Christina raised her head and kissed Sophie, before moving back to her tits. Lucy got up, moving over she pulled Sam from the drawer, dangling the strap on by the thong she waved it in front of Sophie.
“I wanna see Chrissy here fuck you, wanna get sweaty?” Lucy teased.
Sophie grinned, standing up and peeling her knickers down, her pussy was soaking wet as she rolled over to rest on the end of the bed. Christina stood up and strapped on Sam, while Lucy moved around to the other side of the bed to watch Sophie
Christina stepped up behind her, pushing the head against Sophie’s wet pussy, she groaned as the whole length slid inside. Christina grabbed her hips and started pumping, her big boobs swinging forwards and back as her hips drove deep.
“ohhh fuckkkkk” Sophie gasped, her pussy sucking the shaft deep.
Lucy grinned watching Sophie face as Christina pumped her pussy, Lucy pushed her fingers down the front of her shorts stroking her pussy as she watch the show. Christina was pumping hard, Sophie gasping and groaning as she got fucked, resting on her arms as she looked at Lucy.
“Ohh fuck yeah, do it, do it Christina” she gasped.
Her crotch slapped hard against Sophie’s ass as she drove the shaft into her wet cunt, a steady deep rhythm now established. Sophie was groaning, her climax building, as Christina picked up the pace. Lucy fingered her pussy faster, trying to peak at the same time as Sophie.
“fuck, fuck, fuck sooo close” Sophie groaned.
Christina continue to thrust, one hand mauling her own breast the other on Sophie’s waist. Lucy gasped as Christina lifted her mammoth tit to her lips and sucked her own nipple hard. Sophie growled, her body quaking as she came, a roaring orgasm hitting her body.
“YES! YEEEAAAS!!! YEEEAAASSSSSSS!!!” Sophie screamed.
Lucy rubbed her clit furiously, her hips jerking as she came, gritting her teeth and hissing as she shook in climax. Juices flooded her shorts, the crotch going dark and wet with her warn pussy juices.
“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! YEEEESSSS!!” Sophie cried, as Christina kept fucking her.
Lucy was shaking, her eyes wide watching Sophie get fucked and orgasm, Christina had hold of her hips and was driving deep into Sophie’s went clenching snatch. Slapping her big soft asscheek hard, she ground deep as Sophie’s climax ended.
“Ohhh fuck, fuck yeah Chrissy” she purred.
Lucy lifted her finger from her cunt and fed them to Sophie, who avidly sucked them clean. Christina eased out of Sophie, she grinned, turning to look at the voluptuous redhead. Lucy stood up and pulled off her shorts, and peeled up her white top. All 3 were now ready to fuck.
“Fuck, I am horny” Lucy said grinning, and pushing Christina back onto the bed.
She eased herself down over the strap on shaft, and gasped as she was filled. Sophie sat back in the chair watching as Lucy rode Christina, her big breasts bouncing and swaying as she churned her hips. Sophie grinned and went to her bag, Lucy may have Sam, but Sophie had her own fake cock, a massive 10 inch thick punisher. She started to fix it to her crotch, which caught Lucy’s eye.
“ohhh fuckkk” she gasped, “Fuck Sophie I need that monster!” she groaned.
Sophie moved around behind Lucy and pushed her down onto Christina, the redhead wrapped her arms around Lucy, holding her down tightly , breast to breast. She rubbed the head of her strap on over Lucy’s asshole, pushing it slowly in.
“Ohh yeah, fuck yeah Sophie, I want that, I want it sooo bad” Lucy panted.
Lucy gasped as the head pushed in, Sophie holding her shoulder with one hand to get a good grip, whilst easing the shaft up Lucy’s ass.
“Ohh Fuuuuuuuck!” Lucy groaned.
Sophie was balls deep, hands now on Lucy’s hips she started to thrust, slowly at first, holding Lucy down onto Christina, before building up to a faster pace. Lucy gasped, her eyes wide as both her holes were fucked.
“Ohhh shit, shit, shit shit” she growled as her body was pinned between Sophie and Christina.
Lucy’s tits were dangling down as she lurched forwards, Christina watched her intently as she thrust up. Both hard shafts were slamming into Lucy as she started to cum. Her body tensed, holes clenching as waves of climax passed down through her. She roared in pleasure as she orgasmed, her body bucking against Sophie and Christina.
Sophie snarled as she pumped harder, loving making Lucy cum. Christina was loving every second, watching her all time favourite UK glamour babe scream in orgasm, while being fucked in the ass by another fantasy of hers.
She collapsed down onto Christina her climax passed, as Sophie eased from her asshole. Rolling over Lucy got down onto her knees and beckoned the girls in front of her.
“Fuck you know how nasty I’m gonna get” Lucy purred, reaching up and taking hold of Christina’s shaft and sucking it. “Ohh fuck this night will be amazing”
Lucy sucked on Christina then Sophie, savouring the flavour of her pussy and ass, she grinned hungrily. Sophie looked at Christina, pulled her over and kissed her hard, before moving back.
“Think Chrissy needs it now” Sophie said, as Lucy stood.
“time for you to meet Sams big brother” Lucy said laughing and opening the drawer.
She pulled out a thick 12 inch strap on dildo, thick and ribbed. Christina’s eyes widened at the sight, she licked her lips. Lucy grinned lifting it to her lips, and sucking it, then slapping it on her tongue Lucy teased Christina.
“FUCK!” Christina gasped, “That’s a monster”
“Meet The Beast” Lucy said grinning.
Lucy fastened it to her crotch, replacing the current one. Christina licked her lips sinking to her knees now, she looked at both big fake dicks, reaching up she took one in each hand. She sucked on one head then the other, tongue ravaging the tips as she revelled in her position.
“Ohh, use me, fuck, please Lucy, please Sophie, I wanna be your sex toy” she gasped.
Sophie took her fake cock and slapped it on Christina’s forehead, Lucy did likewise, she closed her eyes and soaked in the moment. Lucy Pinder her ultimate girl crush was standing above her, slapping her face with a huge fake cock, hopefully about to pound her wet pussy. Not only that but Sophie Howard, who has the most perfect breasts Christina had ever seen was stood next to Lucy, with more cock!
“Ohhh my Ginger whore” Lucy purred, “get ready for the most intense hour of fucking you have ever had”
Sophie helped Christina up, and lay her back on the bed. Lifting her legs up over Sophie’s shoulders. Sophie pushed the head of her cock to Christina’s pussy, she groaned as it easily slid in the wet hole. Lucy stood watching as Sophie started to fuck Christina, her hips slamming hard and deep.
“Ohh fuck, fuck me, fuck me Sophie” Christina gasped.
Her big tits swayed back and forth as Sophie fucked her, soft orbs of goodness jiggling hypnotically. Sophie held her thighs tight and started fucking faster and faster, Christina gasping and groaning in pleasure
“Ohh FUCK! FUCKKKK!” she cried her body starting to shake.
Sophie slammed hard into her wet clenching pussy, as she came, huge tits shaking violently as her body climaxed.
“YEAASSS!!! YES! YEAAAASSSS!!” she screams.
Sophie stepped back as the last seconds of Christina’s climax, Lucy moved around to take her place. Christina spreads her legs, the glow of orgasm driving her forwards for more, she looks up as Lucy pushes the head of her shaft to her wet slit.
“Ohh Christina, this is just the start” Lucy says as she pushes the shaft in.
Her head tossed back into the bed as the huge cock stretched her soaked cunt, Lucy grinned as the whole shaft is soon embedded inside. Sophie was panting sweating as she knelt up on the bed over Christina’s head.
“Ohh fuck that’s big!” Christina gasped.
Lucy started pumping, the thick shaft driving in and out, Sophie drummed the slick head of her cock onto Christina’s forehead, her slippery pussy juices still dripping from the end. Her eyes focused on it as Lucy thrust hard and deep into her, shaft stretching her wide.
“ohhh fuck, Lucy, ohh Lucyyyy” she gasped.
Sophie took her arms and pushed them behind her back, making her arch up. She pushed the shaft between Christina’s full red lips, as she groaned in pleasure. Sophie eased in, her thick shaft pooping Christina’s throat and pushing into her neck. The big tip bulged through her skin, clearly visible poking up through her throat.
“Ohh she took it well Lucy” Sophie gasped, grinding her crotch into Christina’s face.
Sophie reached down and gripped Christina’s huge soft breasts, groping them hard, she groaned and gagged on the fake shaft thrust deep down her throat, as Lucy stepped up the pace.
“Fuck you, fuck you Hendricks!” Lucy gasped, her arms holding Christina’s thighs tight.
Sophie fucked her throat, Lucy her pussy, as Christina wailed and screamed. Sophie slapped her tits hard, as spit sprayed out over her crotch, her body spasmed as she came, her tits thrusting up and shaking. Lucy rammed harder and deeper as Christina came, spurred on to make her scream.
Sophie pulled her crotch back, Christina gasped a large breath then howled in pleasure. “YEAAAAS!!! FUCKKK YESSSSSS!!” she screamed.
Lucy pumped hard, Christina arms now free squeezing her own breasts tightly. Sophie moved around to the other side of the bed to watch as Christina climaxed hard. Her legs shook eyes rolled back as Lucy pumped the beast in and out of her gushing pussy.
Lucy eased back as Christina’s climax finished, collapsing back to the bed, she panted hard, catching her breath. She moved onto the chair nearby and sat back, stroking the beast strapped to her crotch.
“Come over here and ride me Christina” Lucy said.
Christina sat up on the bed and moved to straddle Lucy, who gripped her hips and eased her down onto the shaft. Her slick pussy ate up every inch until Christina rested ontop of Lucy’s hips.
“Ohhh fuck Lucy” Christina gasped, leaning forwards to softly kiss her
Sophie moved up behind Christina, and gripped her ass cheeks, spreading them wide, she dribbled a thick strand of spit down onto her asshole, rubbing the end of her strap on over it. Christina growled looking back at Sophie.
“Pleeeeaaaasssse” she begged.
Sophie pushed the head into her ass, holding her hips and driving deeper. Christina’s mind raced, she was now pinned between her 2 fantasy fucks, thick fake shafts in both holes, body tingling with pleasure.
“Ohh, fuck me, fuck me please!” she wailed, her holes getting battered.
Sophie had hold of Christina’s hips, pumping hard up her ass, as Lucy groped her tits and fucked her pussy. Lucy’s hands crushed Christina’s tits tight, squeezing them, the soft flesh bulging through her fingers. Christina was so close now, she could feel the height of a climax arriving.
“FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUUCKKKK!!! YES!” Christina cried.
Lucy and Sophie kept pumping as her ass and pussy clenched tight, the flood of orgasm spreading from her crotch through her body. She screamed in pure pleasure as her fantasy came to life, body reaching new heights of ecstasy
“YESS!! OHH FUCK ME LIKE A WHORE!!!!.” Christina wailed.
Sophie slapped her ass hard, the soft flesh jiggling hypnotically, her voluptuous body moving between her and Lucy. Lucy was looking up at Christina watching her face screwed up in pleasure, she knew at this moment the redhead had been broken, she was hers now and would do whatever she wanted during this trip.
“FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK! Christina yelled, her powerful climax finally subsiding.
Sophie lay ontop of her the full length still inside, Lucy reached up and gripped her head, hands in her hair.
“Ohh fuck Christina you enjoy that” Lucy panted
“Ohh Lucy, that was soo good, oh fuck I am alive with energy now” Christina replied.
Sophie eased out and helped her up, she kissed her hard as they stood together, Christina’s legs still trembling from her intense climax. Sophie grinned as Christina dropped to her knees sucking on the shaft, savouring her ass taste.
“Ohh we have a new whore now” Lucy said standing up, “She is definitely one of us”
Christina looked up grinning, “Fuck you bitches, you’re incredible” she gasped.
“Oh babe this is just the warm up” Sophie said, “now let’s get glammed up ready for the main event”
Christina sat on the bed and Lucy showered, Sophie setting out her clothes. Her mind raced going back over the past week or so, and how her trip had unfolded so far. Not even in her wildest fantasies had she imagined anything like what she had witnessed. These girls were legends of their industry, and the filthiest whores she had ever met.
“Ohh Sophie, this is amazing” she said.
“You wait Christina, things are gonna get a whole lot better soon!” Sophie replied

All three got ready for the evening, Sophie put on one of her trademark black corsets, small black knickers and high heels. She went for a bold red lipstick to show off those big plump lips. Lucy kept it simple with a black bra and panties set, black stocking and high heels. Christina put on her all time favourite awards ceremony dress, a tight lilac gown, her huge breasts shown of to perfection, tight at the waist, big juicy ass on display.
“Damn Christina!” Lucy said, “You look fucking amazing”
“Sounds like our entertainment is here” Sophie said.
A taxi pulled up outside and 6 men got out, Christina recognised 5 of them, Sam Max and Brian from her previous time with Lucy, also the 2 men from her video, Tom and Marcus. The final man was new to her.
“Boys” Lucy said opening the door and letting them in, “We have been waiting for you”.
“I bet!” Sam said kissing her
“Christina, Sophie meet Alex” Lucy said as the final man arrived, “You will be very pleased to meet him I know”
“Hello Alex” Christina said, as he kissed her on the cheek, and then moved to do the same to Sophie.
“Shit man” Tom said, “This is fucking insane” looking at Marcus.
“You ready then?”” Lucy said, moving to put her arm around Sophie’s waist and kiss her. Their tongues snaked around each other putting on a real show for the guys.
“Ohh fuck” Max said watching, “Lucy is on it, this will be insane”
Lucy and Sophie parted, each of them leading the men into the centre of the lounge. They formed a circle around all 3 as they dropped to their knees. Tom and Marcus in front of Christina, Alex and Brian in front of Lucy, and Sam and Max in front of Sophie.
“Ohh boys!” Sophie gasped unfastening Sam’s trousers as Max dropped his.
All 6 men had their dicks out, hand around it, lips sucking alternately back and forth. Alex wasn’t huge only about 8 inches, while the others all had their big shafts throbbing between lips.
“Ohh fuck, look at these” Christina gasped, sucking the 2 big black cocks presented to her. Tom’s big shaft throbbed in her hand as she struggled to get Marcus’s 13 inch cock between her lips.
Christina was slobbering all over Marcus as the other all got their cocks service, she pushed him deep but failed to get all of it down her neck. Marcus had his hand in her hair trying to help guide her.
“Ohh Baby, only Lucy has ever deep throated me before” he gasped.
“Patience Christina” Lucy said coming up for air, “We’ll get it all the way down sooner or later”
“I need dick” Sophie gasped, leading Sam to the sofa, she kicked off her knickers and sank down over his dick. “Ohh you too” she panted, as Max moved up behind her and pushed in beside his mate.
Sophie had 2 cocks pumping her pussy, as she writhed between Sam and Max, her body feeling every thrust inside her. Lucy grinned, leading Alex and Brian to the chair, she pushed Brian down, and stepped out of her knickers. Straddling him she eased her pussy all the way down until the full 10 inches were deep inside.
“Ohhh fuck Alex, stick your cock in too” she purred, eager to match Sophie.
Alex grinned, “I have known you a Looooong time Lucy, I know exactly what you want don’t worry” she said.
Stepping up he rubbed his dick over her pussy, next to Brian, but then spread her ass cheeks wide and rutted his dick deep. Before Lucy could react he was ¾ of the way in, then her sphincter clenched as she squealed loudly.
“FUCK!” she gasped, not expecting that, Alex slammed hard, he dick balls deep now, as Lucy looked back over her shoulder, “fucker!” she gasped as he started pumping.
Christina was the only one left without a cock inside her, She got up and bent over the sofa back next to Sophie, “Who wants some then?” she said to Tom and Marcus.
Marcus moved around behind her, while Tom stood up on the sofa, cock in front of her face. She gasped as Marcus pushed up her dress, his huge cock entering her pussy, it kept going and going. Christina had never felt anything so deep in her pussy, her breath was gone, she revelled in the feeling of his cock inside her.
“Fuuuuckkkkk” she gasped.
Christina was presented with Tom’s cock in front of her face, eagerly she sucked it between her lips, as her pussy was pumped by Marcus. Back and forth between the 2 big cocks she bounced, spit roasted by their shafts.
“YEEEAAASSSS!!!!” Sophie howled her body shaking in pleasure, the 2 shafts stuffing her wet cunt making her cum.
She bucked and gasped body shaking, as those 2 dicks drove her wild. Lucy was gasping her double penetration making her so close. Christina was sucking avidly on Tom, while Marcus drove his monster in and out of her pussy. If she hadn’t have been leant over the sofa, her trembling legs would have probably collapsed on her.
“Fucking hell Lucy I am gonna cum soon” Alex gasped his cock thumping deep into Lucy.
“Ohh fuck Christina, get down on your knees, I wanna watch him cum on you!” Lucy groaned.
Alex pulled out of Lucy’s ass, and wanked his cock slowly, trying not to cum until Christina was ready. Tom and Marcus eased out and her shaking legs just about got her around to the front of the sofa and on her knees.
“Do it Alex, cum over my face baby” Christina teased, her huge tits swelling up from her dress, bosom heaving.
Everyone stopped to watch as Alex wanked furiously, Christina eyes begging looking up at him. Teeth gritted his cock twitched, a huge wad spurting out and splattering on Christina’s forehead. She gasped as a second third and forth wad exploded over her face. Her right eye was swimming in cum, left cheek had a huge strand clinging to it, her forehead and hair took another.
“Holy shit!” Sophie gasped watching Alex plaster the redhead.
The deluge didn’t slow, another 4 thick spurts drenched Christina, before he milked at least 5 or 6 more lesser cumshots onto her. Alex grinned looking down at his work, Christina was painted in thick white semen. Both eye sockets full, she had her eyes open still, you could see her moving her eyeballs below the layer of cum, she sat, shocked trembling unable to speak.
“Now you know why I brought Alex!” Lucy said laughing, as she eased up from Brian’s cock, and moved down next to Christina.
Lucy began licking Christina’s face, sucking the thick cum from it, Christina opened her mouth and Lucy spat the mouthful in. Sophie groaned as she felt her pussy empty, both cocks pulling out. She moved to kneel the other side of Christina, and joined Lucy in sucking the semen from her face,
“Fuck you nasty bitches!” Marcus groaned watching them.
Christina’s lips were brimming with cum, as Sophie and Lucy finished cleaning her off. Her eyes now red, darted from side to side as she breathed heavily through her nose. Tongue swirling in the milky pond, she closed her lips and swallowed hard. The salty sweet mixture filling her stomach as she guzzled the lot.
“Shit!” Christina gasped, “Shit that was a ton of spunk!”
Sophie got up and moved to Alex “I need your number” she said kissing him hard.
Sophie paired up with Tom and Marcus this time, while Lucy took Sam and Max. Brian grinned as Christina looked at him, “Mmm c’mon then big boy” she giggled.
Lucy led Sam and max to the dining table, laying back onto it, she hung her head off the end, “Throatfuck me boys” she said, opening her juicy red lips.
Sophie pushed Tom back down onto the sofa, straddling him she eased her wet pussy down onto his shaft, gasping she looked back at Marcus, “Ohhh fuck put that monster up my ass baby, don’t hold back”
Marcus put his hands on her hips, dick pressed to her ring, she hissed as he pushed it in. Tom locked his arms around her holding Sophie down as the thick cock pushed deeper up inside.
“Fuck, Fuck, Fuuuuucckk” Sophie gasped.
Marcus pushed harder, his whole shaft disappearing up Sophie’s ass, she whined and her eyes rolled as she felt him balls deep inside her. Holding still for a few seconds he then started to thrust, she gritted her teeth, ring burning huge cock filling her ass.
“Shit that’s BIG!” she squealed as Marcus picked up the pace.
Christina was laid back on the floor, Brian straddling her face, cock deep into her cleavage. She had her tongue up his ass as he pumped between her huge juicy tits, hands clawing at her tits through her dress.
“Ohh fuck Christina” Brian gasped as her tongue probed her asshole.
Max straddled Lucy on the table, her bra now off, huge tits squashed around his dick. Sam was driving his dick deep down her neck, balls bashing on her nose as he throatfucked her hard. She was gagging and choking as her face got smashed by Sam’s dick, while Max jabbed his cock deep into her cleavage.
“FUUUCKKKK!!! YEAAAASSSS!!!” Sophie screamed, Tom and Marcus assaulting her holes.
She shook and quivered as they rammed deep inside her, Marcus slamming her deeper and harder with every thrust. Tom rutted upwards his dick pumping her clenching snatch as she shook and bucked in pleasure.
“YESSS!! YEESSSS!!! YESSSSS!!!!” Sophie cried, her body aching in pleasure.
Sam was rutting furiously, his crotch slamming Lucy’s face hard, he roared in pleasure, shooting hot thick cum deep into her belly. Hands pinning her shoulders to the table, hips jerking into her retching throat.
“My go now!” Max said getting down and replacing him in Lucy’s mouth, as she gasped and choked for breath.
Brian got up from Christina and sat back in the chair, “Let’s see those bad boys” he gasped, stroking his cock.
Christina got up and slowly peeled down her dress, huge udders bouncing free. Her small red panties cut into her wide hips, wet and soaked with her juices. She knelt in front of Brian, soft breasts wrapping around his big shaft, stroking them up and down his hard member.
“Like that Brian?” she teased, going faster.
“FUCKING CUM IN ME!” Sophie growled at Marcus as she felt his getting close, his strokes were so fast and deep now. “You TOO!” she hissed at Tom.
She was slammed hard, big tits bulging in her corset, straining to escape. Tom had hold of her waist, while Marcus gripped the top of her corset, getting a better hold so he could really pump hard.
“Fucking do IT!” she snarled.
Marcus exploded deep up her ass, cum flooding her bowels, as she screamed at him for more. His hands now clutched at her ass cheeks fingers digging deep as the exhilaration of orgasm overtook him. Sophie’s ass was flooded with semen, she felt every scalding spurt filling her.
Tom groaned, cum pulsing into Sophie’s pussy as well, both holes getting filled up. She groaned in pleasure at the feeling of cum inside both her ass and pussy, draining the men who were fucking her.
“Fuck yeahhh” she growled as they finished.
Lucy’s back was arched, head pinned tightly against the table as Max jerked deep, his balls emptying. His hands clawed Lucy’s tits tightly, crushing them in his grasp, as she howled on his dick. Max came hard, crushing his balls to her nose, standing on his toes pumping his thick load down her neck.
“Oooh fuck I am gonna cum to” Brian gasped as Christina wanked him faster with her tits.
Lucy lay back coughing, Max finally free from her throat, she gasped for air, the double throatfucking taking its toll. Christina grinned leaning in to Brian, “Cum in her throat too” she said softly, moving backwards, releasing her tits from his dick.
Brian got up fast, and before Lucy could react he shoved his big cock into her mouth. Leaning forwards he thrust the full length down her throat, her arms flailed as she suddenly was unable to breathe.
Brian held her down, Lucy’s legs kicking, arms waving around madly, his balls exploded immediately, the thick cum filling Lucy’s stomach. The pulsing head of his cock pushed out through the base of Lucy’s neck, skin stretched tightly over it. Each pulse of thick semen visable, the thin layer of skin stretching as it pumped out.
“FUUUCKKKKKK” Brian screamed, his heavy balls drained. As everyone sat or stood watching.
Brian pulled out, Lucy lay panting, coughing, her face dripping in spit. Gasping for breath she croaked and gagged incoherently. Christina sat next to Sophie, moving to kiss her, as Lucy tried to compose herself.
The men were all stroking their cocks, some getting hard again, watching Sophie and Christina kissing, Lucy got up from the table, wiping the spit from her face, she looked at them all.
“Fuckers!” she said, obviously annoyed, “you wanna be like that, then let’s go, let’s see what you really have” Lucy was seriously pissed off, eyes blazing with anger.
“YOU!” she snapped pointing at Marcus, “and you motherfucker” pointing at Brian. She chose the 2 biggest dicks in the group. “Show me what you have, you wanna play rough, then let’s go”
“Ohh fuck, this is gonna be good, I want in Pinder!” Alex said.
Lucy dropped to her knees, in front of them all, Marcus dick hard moved up, Brian was wanking not yet hard, Alex sporting a huge erection. Alex knowing Lucy so well, moved up, his hand grabbing her hair and pulling her head back, she looked up at him as he leant down.
“Filthy whore!” he snapped spitting in her mouth, Lucy laughed, savouring his spit before spitting back on him. The thick wad dripping down her face.
“Fucking slag!” he snapped, slapping her, she snapped her head back, eyes now on fire, she spat again.
“you want me, you fucking want this” she said, “Fucking take it then, fucking take it hard”
Brian stepped up and grabbed her hair alongside Alex, spitting on her face, a thick wad that clang to her forehead. She gritted her teeth, looking up at him, as it trickled down her face.
“Do it then, fucking spit on me” she snarled, “All of you fucking spit on me!” she looked at the rest of the group.
Marcus was next, he spat on Lucy, as the other men got up, Sophie led Christina over to Lucy as they each took turns top spit on her face. Sophie and Christina were the last 2 to spit on her, Christina never having done so before nervously dripped a spitball onto Lucy’s already coated face.
“What the fuck was that!” Lucy said, “fucking spit on me!”
Sophie pushed her fingers down Christina’s throat, making her gag, she chewed the spitball then blasted Lucy’s right eye and cheek, a huge wad oozing down her face. Shaking her head, Lucy looked up, grinning.
“That’s it, you yank bitch” she hissed.
Max and Sam pulled Christina back to the Sofa, Max sitting down, Christina riding him, While Sam eased up her ass. The feeling of fullness immediately making her groan in pleasure.
“Fuck me Tom” Sophie groaned as she lay back on the floor, beckoning him.
Alex pulled Lucy up, Marcus sat on in the chair, cock hard, “You fucking sit on that cock Pinder” he said firmly, hand on her face squeezing her cheeks, “understand?”
She nodded, and moved to squat over Marcus. He held her hips and steadied her as Lucy eased her ass down over his huge cock. Biting her lip, Lucy’s ass too the whole huge shaft, down to the balls, she looked up as Brian approached, his monster firmly in his hand.
“You fucking gonna do it?” snapped, “Fucking do it, do it!” she hissed.

Alex stood behind the Chair, as Brian lifted her legs, he passed them back Alex gripping her ankles then pinning her legs to the chair back. Lucy was contorted, legs bent up over her head, unable to move.
Brian pressed his cock next to Marcus, “beg for it whore” he snarled.
“You fucking stick it in my ass, you pussy-teasing bastard” she growled, “Fucking break that ring and make me fucking cry”
“Ohh you’ll fucking cry Pinder” Brian replied, his head probing her sphincter.
He pushed hard, his head popping her tight hole, but then rammed hard, not stopping his entire cock driving up her ass. Balls deep one powerful thrust.
Lucy howled, the kinda of guttural, primal shriek that echoed for ages. Brian pinned her down, Alex had to tightly grip her ankles as she fought and struggled, trying to kick out. Lucy was breathless, never before had her ass taken such a huge amount of cockmeat.
“FUUUCKKKKK!!” she screamed, her body rejecting the cocks.
Brian put his hands on her thighs, thumbs in the back of her knees, pulling nearly all the way out he drove deep again. Over and over he dropped his weight into Lucy, who lay there howling. Lucy was aware of what was happening, but her mind was almost out of her body, the pain of her ass being destroyed, mixed with the intense sexual gratification of being so dominated by these 3 men. The sexual fantasy was overriding the physical destruction of her body.
“Fucking cry slag” Brian growled watching tears slowly run down Lucy’s cheeks. Her eyes were locked on him as he fiercely fucked her asshole.
“Holy shit!” max gasped watching Lucy over Christina’s shoulder, all 3 stopped fucking to watch Lucy being dominated.
“Keep going!” Sophie hissed, as Tom stopped to look to, she was so turned on watching the action, moments from orgasm.
“Fucking do it, do it, do it, do it” Lucy was whispering, mouthing the words at Brian.
“YEAASASSSSSSS!!!!” Sophie cried, her body full of pleasure, eyes locked on Lucy.
“FUCK ME!” Lucy snarled, snapping back into her body, she could feel the pleasure of an orgasm building, replacing the pain.
Both dicks rutted her hard, she was growling, snarling, as her body built to the moment of ecstasy. Furiously she shook as the waves of pleasure hit, her ass clenching so tightly onto their cocks. Lucy’s eyes disappeared up into her skull as they rolled back, screams of pure climax roaring from her throat.
Brian kept pumping as Lucy cried so loudly, trembles of climax in every cell of her body, she cried over and over in an orgasm that must have lasted 2 or 3 minutes. She fought and struggled Alex holding her tightly, legs straining to kick as the pleasure just didn’t stop.
Finally the shakes stopped and Lucy’s eyes focused up onto a grinning Alex above her. He released her legs, the fell down and to the sides spread wide. She grinned looking at Brian and Alex, “Ohh fuck boys, that was so good” she gasped.
“Sweet Jesus!” Christina said, in shock at Lucy’s latest display.
Brian eased from her ass, and helped Lucy up, her legs almost collapsing as she tried to stand. Tom pulled from Sophie and moved to stand, all 4 around Christina as she got both holes filled. She was bucking and writhing as her body neared an orgasm, surrounded by the others all wanking, watching her.
“Fuckk, fuckk yes! YEAAASSSSSSS!!” Christina cried, her body shuddering.
Her big breasts shook, as she came hard, her holes pounded by Sam and Max. Sophie and Lucy were fingering their pussies, the men all stroking as Christina climaxed in front of them.
Tossing her head back she settled onto Max, as Sam slowed down, grinning, “Such a good fuck” he gasped.
“I want you to deep throat Marcus” Lucy said to Christina, “That’s your first challenge tonight”
“Ohh fuck Lucy, he’s sooo big!” Christina gasped.
“You can do it” Lucy replied kissing her.
“Want to help me drain these boys” Sophie said, “especially you” she looked at Alex.

Christina moved to the table, laying back just like Lucy had, her head falling off the edge. Marcus moved up and rubbed his thick black member on her lips before she opened and let him in.
“Easy babe” he said, “We can do this”
Christina griped his ass, pulling him in, trying to swallow him down. She struggled and gagged as about 8 inches pushed into her throat. Marcus moved his hands to her breasts, squeezing them, playing with them, distracting her as much as he could.

Sophie and Lucy led the other men to the kitchen area, Sophie grinning as she took a huge brandy glass from the cupboard, “Fill this up for me, you can use any of my holes, or yours Lucy?” she said
“Yep, just cum as fast as you can in the glass” Lucy replied.
“Get those tits out the Sophie” tom said, “I want to fuck those beauties”.
Brian bent Lucy over and was back in her ass, she gasped and leant over the worktop as he held her face down. Sophie’s glorious globes were unleashed. She dropped to her knees in front of Tom who held the glass, wrapping her tits around his cock she milked him.
“Ohh fuckkk yeah Brian, fucking do it, fuck my ass and cum” Lucy groaned.

Christina’s arms were waving, Marcus was so close to getting all his cock in. His right hand was on her neck feeling the head of his dick throb as its bulged out, maybe 2 more inches and his balls smothered her nose. She was gagging, almost retching on his shaft, as he pushed deep. Christina was frantic, her throat stretched so wide, full of cock, she couldn’t breathe, and panic was setting in, Marcus sensed this and pulled out allowing her to gasp in lungfuls of air.
“One last try Chrissie” he said, “you can do it”

Brian was humping Lucy as she clang to the counter, closer and closer to expelling his load, she gasped encouraging him to cum, “Do it, fucking cum for Sophie, fill that glass” Lucy groaned.
Sophie was kneeling her huge tits squashed tightly against Tom’s shaft as he pumped between them. Her big blue eyes begging him to cum for her. She furiously stroked him as he pumped, faster and faster, until he was close.
Brian slammed so deep, and hard, over and over until finally he pulled from Lucy’s ass and jerked his cock. Pulse after pulse of cum shot out, as he spunked into the receptacle. Tom groaned, moments from orgasm, just in time Brian finished and handed the glass over. Tom added his cum to brains, the thick white semen mixing in the bottom of the glass, as he groaned balls emptying.

Marcus pushed, Christina felt her throat ‘pop’ she had done it the whole length was now in her throat. Marcus let out a long groan as his balls pressed to her nose, he had broken another throat! “Balls fucking deep!” he gasped. Sophie and Lucy looked across, both moving back to the lounger area, Lucy grinning.
“Fucking knew you could do it” she said, Christina mouth wide, spit running from the corners of her mouth, down her face, tried to answer, but just a gagging groan came out.
Max and Sam had Lucy and Sophie bent over opposite arms of the Sofa, cocks slamming their pussies as they kissed hard. Both were groaning as they got rutted, pussies dripping wet. Max pulled out and grabbed the glass cumming fast, seconds later Sam followed suit a third and forth loads added to the cocktail.
“Ohh fuck boys fill that glass for me.” Sophie gasped breaking her kiss with Lucy.

Marcus was slamming deep, his hands crushing Christina’s huge breasts, the soft flesh squidging up between his fingers as her groped them hard. Hips moving faster and faster his cock was throbbing, moments from cumming. He looked back at the other guys, “gonna cummmm” he groaned.
Sophie snatched the glass and quickly moved up to his shoulder holding it out, “For me pleeease” she begged.
Marcus pulled from Christina’s throat his spit covered cock bursting cum, it splattered into the thick milky pool and laced the sides before oozing down to join the other loads. Sophie watched intently as his dick pumped shot after shot of white semen, licking her lips.
“Ohhh fuck Lucy” Alex gasped sitting in the chair, the buxom brunette riding him hard.
Her big tits bounced hypnotically as her hips churned on his shaft, trying to milk him to the point of climax. Sophie moved back over and set the glass down, standing behind Lucy arms wrapping around to play with her tits.
“Fucking nasty boy Alex,” Lucy groaned “You wanna cum for Sophie”
Alex held her hips as she rocked ontop of him, his balls full he was really close, and Lucy knew it.
“Cum for her baby” Lucy gasped getting up and dropping to her knees. Sophie and Lucy were below him, Lucy holding the glass Sophie furiously wanking his cock, seconds from exploding.
“Ohh do it, flood this bowl with your spunk!” Sophie teased.
Alex grunted, his cock twitching in her grasp, pulse after pulse of thick hot cum splattering into the glass. Sophie gasped and squealed milking every drop she could. Fixated on the winking eye of his bellend as it winked at her, delivering its salty sweet cargo into the glass.
Sophie drained him completely, every drop filling the glass higher and higher, with his huge load it was nearly full of spunk, as Lucy held it carefully.
“Ohhh ohh thank you boys” Sophie gasped when Alex was finally spent. She took the glass from Lucy.
“We want you hard once more, so please let us entertain you” Lucy said ad Sophie grinned. Christina looked puzzled, not knowing what was next.
Lucy made Christina kneel beside her as Sophie stood above them holding the glass. She lifted it to her lips and filled her mouth, the glass still over half full. Holding her lips together she dribbled the semen down into Lucy’s waiting open mouth, thick gloops dripping from her mouth to Lucy’s.
“Ohh yeah” Christina purred realising the show they were gonna put on.
Sophie refilled her mouth then did the same with Christina, before filling her mouth with the final dregs from the glass. Passing the glass to Lucy, who held it under her mouth, Lucy closed her lips and made the cum oozed from the sides of her mouth, plopping from her chin back into the glass. Opening her mouth she stuck out her tongue as Sophie dribbled down over it, and emptied her mouth back onto the glass.
Christina swirled the semen around her mouth, standing above both Lucy and Sophie she spat it on Sophie’s tongue, which then dripped onto Lucy’s and finally finished back in the glass.
“Fuck, you dirty bitches” Tom groaned, his cock twitching back to life.
Sophie knelt now, as Lucy and Christina filled their mouths from the glass, standing above her she held it once again empty below her chin. Spitting down the thick cum oozed down Sophie’s face, over her forehead, clang to her eyebrows, making its way slowly back to the glass again.
Lucy and Christina moved down, licking Sophie’s shiny face clean, as the drained every drop back into the glass, Sophie knelt looking at all the men, swirling her finger through the thick cum glass, remembering every shot she had just witnessed fill it up.
“Ohh fuck I want your semen, I want it inside my stomach, I want to ingest your essence” she purred lifting the glass to her lips.
Sophie swallowed, the salty sweet mixture rolling down her throat. She loved the feeling of the thick semen clinging to her tonsils, as she swallowed hard to clear it. The second and third mouthful followed quickly as Sophie avidly drank them down, eyes never wavering from each of the men as she savoured the taste. Finally she scooped the glass clean, before setting it down.
“Incredible” she gasped.
All 6 sported hard cocks again, as Lucy approached Max and Sam. “Final Challenge tonight Christina”. Lucy stroked them both, feeling the hard cocks throb to her touch.
“Double anal”
“Oh Lucy, fuck you like to push my boundaries!” Christina replied, secretly loving the idea.
Sam sat down in the centre of the sofa, Christina moving to face away from him, lowering her ass down. She gasped as her ring stretched and her passage was filled with dick, groaning once she settled all the way down. Leaning back as she had seen Lucy do before, Max gripped her legs and pushed them upwards. Lucy gripped his cock and held it to Christina’s ass, as Sophie stretched her cheeks apart.
“Ohh fuck, slowly, slowly” Christina gasped as Max pushed.
Her ass felt like it was being torn open as the second cock went in, she gasped and panted trying to relax, thinking back on all the filthy things she had done whilst in the UK. Lucy grinned watching Christina, the red Headed beauty taking 2 dicks up her ass for the first time. Lucy knew she had her now, she would never look back from this moment.
“Oh, oh, oh FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK” Christina gasped.
Sophie pushed Tom back onto the Sofa next to Sam, and Lucy got Alex the other side. Both girls copied Christina, sitting on a cock, and Marcus approached Sophie grinning. Brian returned to the familiar place of his cock up Lucy’s ass, she groaned but took both him and Alex easily.
“Gonna stick it in big boy?” Sophie teased, after her cum cocktail her sexual levels were so high, that she craved this now, no signs of apprehension over the size of Marcus’s cock.
Marcus pushed his dick next to Tom, Sophie groaned as the thick shaft pushed into her, ring stretched she felt ever tiny movement as it inched up her ass.
“Ohh fuckkkkk” Christina gasped, her ass getting used to the double stuffing, she lay back watching Sophie and Lucy beside her, all 3 now taking double anals.
“Fucking loooove it” Lucy growled looking across, “3 dirty whores, 6 hard cocks, 3 stretched assholes”
All 3 took their pounding hard, watching each other as every stroke of hard cock stretched their tight assholes, building towards a climax, somehow they managed to hold off until all 3 women came at the same moment, simultaneous roars of pleasure.
“YES! YES YES!” Lucy snarled through her teeth, while Christina let out a more primal roar of pleasure, “YEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS!!!!”” she cried. Sophie spat and swore at Marcus “Fucker, fucker FUCKER!!!! MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!” she screamed at him.
Twitching they sat there, post climax glow on their faces, as Marcus, Brian and Max pulled out. Gasping for breath, Lucy eased herself up and dragged Christina and Sophie down onto the floor with her. kneeling together Lucy held her tits up, she was one side of Christina, Sophie the other. “Six fat loads for these monster tits please” she said, “that will finish this night in style”
Sophie cupped her breasts and Christina did the same, all 3 looking up at the 6 men wanking in front of them. Cum blasted out from all angles, everyone nearly cumming together. Huge thick ropes splattered Christina’s tits, soaking them in hot spunk, it dripped down from Lucy’s nipples and filled Sophie cleavage. Cocks were spurting left and right as each man splattered their tits. Alex of course drowning them with his third huge load.
“Fuck yes, yes, ohh fuck yes” Christina gasped, unable to see who was cumming where it was such a mix of spunk.
Finally the rain of hot thick cum finished, and all three knelt there, tits smothered in semen. The thick white sheen covered them all, dripping down onto their knees, pooling.
“Sweet Lord that’s a lot of cum” Sophie gasped looking at Lucy and Christina.
“Thank you so much!” Christina said looking at the guys.
“Feel free to shower and get changed guys,” Lucy said as the men headed upstairs.
“Ohh sit that’s so much cum!” Christina gasped looking at Lucy and Sophie.
Sophie leant over and started to suck Lucy’s tits, cleaning it from her breasts, Lucy then did that for Christina. Soon all 3 were slavering away, sucking nipples and tits with abandon. Christina found herself with Sophie and Lucy latched onto each teat, as they chewed hard on each nipple making her gasp.
“Ohhh fuck, I could keep going all night!” Sophie gasped, as she swallowed another mouthful.
“We need to clean up, and say goodbye to the boys” Lucy said standing up.

All 3 women got showered and changed, back into a simple tracksuit, they waited for the men to get dressed and ready.
“Thank you so much for cumming” Lucy said laughing at her pun, as the men got ready to leave.
“Our pleasure” Tom said, smiling
“Fucking mental night” Marcus added, shaking his head in amazement.
“You I need to catch up with again soon” Sophie said to Alex, “can’t believe Lucy has kept you a secret so long. I am gonna have words with her”
,”My guilty pleasure” Lucy replied, “Next week yes” she added looking at Alex. He nodded.
“Thanks for the night” Christina said as the men got back in the taxi and left.

“Holy fuck girls that was sooo intense, fuck I am speechless” Christina said to Lucy and Sophie once the men had gone.
“Pleased you enjoyed it” Lucy said.
“Damn that was a good night” Sophie added.
“Where’s next Christina?” Lucy asked, knowing her taxi was just pulling up.
“I am off to Wales to meet Sarah, but then I need a favour” Christina said.
“Really?” Lucy replied, wondering what Christina wanted.
“Yes, I want you to teach me to be the full on sub slut you were tonight, get dominated, treated nasty, and get off on it” Christina said, “can you arrange a meet up?”
“I can, but remember you asked me, so there is no going back” Lucy replied.
“I know, I just ended to try it, the way you came, fuck I have never seen or had anything like that” Christina said.
“OK I will set something up”
“Thanks again” Christina said kissing them both, before leaving to get in her taxi.

“She’s our now” Sophie said watching Christina leave, “Gonna be fucking her forever”
“Yeah, great isn’t it” Lucy added, watching that full ass sway as Christina walked to the taxi.
“You gonna give her the full treatment?” Sophie asked.
“Yeah let’s see if she really wants to be a fuck slut like me” Lucy replied grinning.

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