Christina Aguilera’s Art Class

Christina Aguilera’s Art Class
by Player of the Year

Christina Aguilera had just released "Genie in a Bottle", her soon to
become hit single, and was in the final days of her senior year. She
wasn’t quite "famous" yet, but had always got plenty of attention from
all the guys at her high school. Christina wasn’t really a slut, but
she had slept with a lot of guys in her 20 years. She once considered
herself a "player," and made it a habit of getting the most cock that
she could. On day however, her senior year, when she was 18, she let it

all loose and did something to this day you would not believe unless
you were a part of.

Christina woke up for school around 6am. Even at 18, she was gorgeous.
Her breasts were a perky B size, and her ass was curvy, soft, and
sweet. She loved nothing more then to show off her soft flat stomach,
always wearing tight midriffs that also squeezed her cute little titts.
Today she wore a blue midriff and very tight flare jeans that made her
ass look even nicer then usual. Her short blonde hair was done
straight, and she pilled on makeup that made her look better then
anyone at her high school. At 18 Christina had somewhat of a singing
career but nothing huge outside of her Mickey mouse club just yet. She
had been experimenting with sex, sleeping with five guys in about four
months. Around 7am, her new boyfriend Ron picked her up for school. He
was also a sophomore. "Wow, you look unreal today baby" he told her.
"Yeah, I do it for you". Said Christina, knowing the real reason she
did it was so all the cute guys would flirt with her and check her out.
But Christina was no cheater, at least not until today.

They arrived at school and Ron gave Christina a long tongue kiss,
telling her to "be a good girl" and he would see her after 5th period.
As Christina walked down the halls, she noticed she was getting even
more stares then usual, and she loved it. "Dam Christina" her friend
Ricky said as she walked by him, slapping his hand on her sweet ass.
"Hey Hun" she said, not minding guys slapping her ass, as this was
something she considered "flirting". Every class Christina went into
that day seemed to last forever. Guys kept giving her looks, licking
there lips at her. She wanted to fuck the whole school she was so
horny, but she had a boyfriend and she would control herself… she
thought. Then came 5th period, her art class. Christina was one of only
two girls that were in this class, and the other girl Jessica was
absent today. On top of that, The two best looking guys at her school,
John and Dave, 18 year old seniors, sat in between her in that class.
"Wow, look at you" said Dave as she sat next to him at there table in
the back of the room. "What?" Christina said, fishing for compliments.
"You look fucking hot" said John, licking his lips as he stared at her
soft stomach and titts. The teacher, Mr. Richardson arrived in class
and informed everyone they would be watching a movie on art in France
today. Mr.Richardson was about 45, had some gray hairs but somewhat
good looking for an older man. "Hey look, the fag’s got a snickers bar
with him" John said as he directed his attention to one of the biggest
nerds in the school, Peter, an 18 year old junior who sat in front of
Christina, John, and Dave’s table. Peter was tall and skinny, and wore
glasses. "Gimme it you fag" John said, trying to get the candy bar.
Peter tried to ignore him. "Peter" Christina said, calling the little
nerd. "Umm, yeah" He responded, shocked this gorgeous girl, easily the
hottest girl in the school, would even talk to him. "Do you think I
could have a bite of your candy bar?" Christina said in a sexy voice,
making Peter just about get a hard on. "Yeah sure" he said, handing it
to Christina. "Thanks… you fucking ugly nerd" She said as she handed
the bar to John. "Ha, you fucking idiot, now turn the fuck around now
before I smack you" John told Peter as he ate his candy bar. What a
bitch, Peter thought to himself. Getting picked on was nothing new to
Peter. She might be hot, he thought, but why is she so cocky and rude.
The lights went off and the movie started.

"So what’s up with you and your boyfriend?" John asked her, looking over
her sweet little body. "Were good" Christina responded. She realized
the boys seemed extra close to her today. She felt sandwiched in
between them, and she loved it. She was stuck in between the hottest
guys at her school. When she was young, all of Christina’s boyfriend’s
had cheated on her, and although she had never cheated, she was now
starting to take up a "if guys can cheat why can’t girls" attitude.
Just then she felt Dave’s hand on her leg. "I like your tight jeans" he
said as he rubbed his hand up and down Christina’s petite but muscular
leg. "Yeah, so do I" John said as he began to rub Christina’s other
leg. After about 30 seconds neither guy had stopped rubbing her legs,
and it became more of a feeling up of her legs. She thought about
saying something but thinking back to her old boyfriends decided
against it. Besides, here are the hottest guys in the school rubbing
against her. She couldn’t stop them even if she wanted too.

"You smell good" Dave said brining his nose to her neck. "Thanks, it’s
Tommygir…" Before she could finish, Dave had began kissing her neck,
then licking it with his tongue. "You taste good too" he whispered as
he continued to lick Christina’s neck. Just then John asked "Can I kiss
you too?" Christina paused a second before giving him a sexy "Yeah."
John leaned forward and surprised Christina with a kiss on the lips.
She thought he wanted to kiss her neck, but this was all right too. She
immediately opened her mouth and began playing with John’s tongue. They
flicked tongues back and forth furiously and Christina grabbed John’s
leg. Dave saw how excited Christina was getting and saw this as an
opportunity. He ran his hand slowly up Christina’s leg and began
rubbing her sweet pussy through her tight pants. Christina was in
heaven, kissing one guy and having her pussy grabbed by the other. She
began moving her hips and grinding her pussy up against Dave’s hand.
Dave unzipped Christina’s jeans and stuck his fingers inside. He moved
her white thong to the side and began playing with Christina’s pussy.
First rubbing her clit, then sticking a finger into her pussy and
moving it around inside. Christina was tongue kissing John like crazy
and jerking her hips along with Dave’s fingers. John then took
Christina’s hand and placed it on his dick. "Take it out" he told her.
Christina bit her lower lip and responded with a nod as she stuck her
hand inside John’s pants. She began playing with his cock the same way
Dave was playing with her pussy. She would rub his head, then run her
small fingers up and down his cock. All the while she was looking John
right in the face with a sexy yet slutty look. "Dam that feels good…
fuck Christina your so hot" he said looking into her eyes as she played
with his cock. Christina just giggled a slutty giggle, still rocking
her pussy against Dave’s hand.

The guys couldn’t believe they were all over sexy ass Christina
Aguilera. Christina turned her attention to Dave and shoved her sweet
tongue into his mouth. For about 5 minutes she would rotate, tongue
kissing one guy then turning to the other. She was loving it just as
much as them. Christina took her only free hand and then began to play
with Dave’s cock. He was bigger then John and gave Christina a lot to
play with. John then began to rub Christina’s soft stomach, finally
sliding his hand up her midriff to her soft titts. She laid back and
ran her hands around both cocks while she was fingered and felt up.

All three were in ecstasy. Just then Peter, the nerd, turned around and
his mouth dropped. "Ha, look at the nerd" Dave said softly. Peter
turned around, feeling embarrassed. Christina was feeling so good, she
told the boys "fuck him, he won’t say anything." Just then Peter turned
around, looked at them, then raised his hand. "Shit, what the fuck are
you doing??" John said. All three stopped what they were doing. "Wait
Peter, put your hand down, please" Dave begged. Peter’s hand stayed up.
If he told on them they would not only get in trouble, but Christina
would be known as not only the hottest girl in school, but the biggest
slut as well. The teacher was watching the movie but if Peter’s hand
caught his attention, they would be screwed. "Peter, I got an idea"
Christina said softly to the nerd. Peter put his hand down and looked
at Christina. "You think I’m hot don’t you?" she asked with her slutty
look. "Yeah, really hot… but… that don’t mean you can treat people
bad, bitch". Wow. Christina couldn’t believe he had called her a bitch.
Dave and John laughed. "Well you know Christina, I don’t give a fuck if
you get in trouble" John said. What a dickhead… how could he say this
Christina thought. Christina was about to cry. She was getting insulted
by a nerd, and the two hottest guys in the school, who were just
kissing and fingering her, were turning there backs on her. She knew
she had only one way out of the mess. "I’m telling on you, slut" Peter
said. "Well, what if… I let you eat my pussy?" when Christina said
that, everyone was shocked. John and Dave looked and Christina and then
looked at the nerd. "Would you tell on me then?" she asked. "No" he
responded. "Ok then, here you go" with that Christina put her pussy up
against her zipper so the he could reach it without her pants coming
off. The nerd looked back, then turned to Christina, dropped to his
knees, and got under the table.

She couldn’t believe, her, this gorgeous girl that could get ANY guy was
about to let some ugly nerd eat her pussy. She knew he was going to
enjoy it a lot though, and that turned her on. Peter grabbed both of
her legs and stuck his tongue against her open zipper, running it along
Christina’s sweet pussy. He then began to lick faster and faster.
Christina loved it, although he was ugly and a big nerd, she loved
getting her pussy eaten. "Dam boy, uhhh, lick that pussy" She said, not
even realizing the words coming out of her mouth. Peter licked her
pussy and played with it with his tongue. Christina Aguilera’s pussy
juice was all over his mouth. "Do I taste good?" she asked, already
knowing the answer. "Yeah, oh yeah… you might be a bitch, but your so
fine, you taste so good" he said as he continued to eat Christina’s
pussy through her pants. "Fuck I’m gonna cum" she said. Peter then
suddenly stopped. "No, I wanna." He said, looking up at her with her
pussy juice all over his mouth. "Ok, you want me to suck your dick?"
she asked. Dave and John couldn’t believe what they were seeing. "No"
he responded. "I’m still gonna tell on you… unless you let me fuck

Christina couldn’t believe this was the same nerd she picked on. Well,
she always knew that these dorky kids were smart. "How?" she asked him.
"Sit on my lap and ride me" he told her. Christina thought for a second
about what would happen if she didn’t, then she agreed. Peter slid into
the back table, and sat down on Christina’s seat. Christina lowered her
pants to her ankles. Peter had already taken out his cock and it was a
full hard out, sticking out of his pants. "Sit on it" he told her.
Christina slowly lowered her pussy onto Peter. She then began to ride
him with her back to him, sliding her wet pussy back and forth on his
dick. Peter couldn’t believe how good her pussy felt. He was a virgin
but never imagined he could be with a girl this hot. "Oh, Oh, Dam that
feels great" he told her. "Tell me when your gonna cum" Christina said,
slamming her soft pussy and sweet ass against Peter’s cock. Peter was
lifting Christina by her ass, grabbing and playing with it roughly.
Just then Christina looked over and saw Dave and John to both sides of
her jerking off. "NOW" yelled Peter. Just then Christina jumped off
Peter and began to lick his cock while she jerked him off. Peter began
to shot everywhere. Onto Christina’s right cheek first, then her pretty
hair, her lips, and his final shot went straight into her mouth.
Christina swished it around in her mouth, savoring the taste of this
ugly nerd’s cum.

"Oh man, thank you, thank you, your so hot, so pretty" Peter told her.
"yeah, I know all that… anyways, are you gonna tell on me? " she
asked. "No way, no, you made my life" the nerd said. Christina gave a
sly smile. "Hey, slut, what makes you think we aint gonna tell all our
friends about this?" Dave said. "Well, if you say one word about this,
I guess, I will just have to tell everyone the truth… that you didn’t
get to fuck me and you watched and jerked your sorry little dick’s
while I fucked a nerd. Now how would that make you look?" Christina had
got them there. They both got quiet and turned there attention away
from Christina and to the movie. Peter slid back into his seat in front
of them and the movie finished. The lights came on and the teacher said
"That’s it, I hope you all enjoyed the show" the teacher said. "I know
you guys did" Christina said to John and Dave as she got up and left

Outside she met her boyfriend Ron as planned. "Hey baby, I missed you"
she said. "Hey, I missed you too" he responded. She then gave him a
very long tongue kiss, swishing around the nerds cum into her
boyfriend’s mouth. "What’s that taste" he asked. "Oh, probably my mint"

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