Christina Aguilera’s RestRoom Adventure

Christina Aguilera’s Restroom Adventure

BY Stardog Champion


That’s what Christina Aguilera’s agent excitedly exclaimed to her as she
held the cellphone up to her ear, walking through the Beverly Hills
mall parking lot, headed out to do some serious shopping before her
trip to Cabo San Lucus for the MTV Spring Break filming.

"ALRIGHT," Christina beamed back at her agent boisterously, the whole
reality of pop culture stardom still
feeling giddily foriegn to her.

Dressed in a floopy hat, sunglasses and a neat pair of bellbottom jeans,
Christina tried looking as inconspicous as possible as she made plans
with her agent before embarking on her spending spree in the mall.

"So when do I have to leave for Cabo?" The 18 year old star quizzed her

"MTV wants you there a day early for a sound check at the stage on the
beach..I’ve got the plane reservations set for 8am Thursday
morning..Filming starts Friday night I think," The agent pleasantly
reeled off information for one of her star clients.

Eventhough the reality of her own celebrity was still sinking in,
Christina was steadily becoming addicted to the spotlight and to the
competition with the other so called pop divas competing for Teenbeat
covers. Aguilera saw this latest trip to Cabo for the MTV Spring Break
filming as just another delightful excursion that proved her stardom
was only aimed to shoot higher.

Christina knew she would be down there perfoming songs from her new
album and Britney would not. Christina would also be getting the chance
to yuck it up on several of the MTV variety shows during the week as
well as a celebrity guest. If all went well, her agent had told her, a
spot on the Hollywood Squares would be waiting when she returned.

Clicking off her cellphone as she walked into the upscale LA mall,
Christina proceeded to get busy spending some of her hard earned, newly
found wealth.

The flight down to Mexico had been rather uneventful, with the only
hassle being the usual deluge of autographs to sign for the folks in
the airport and on the plane itself. One of the autographs she signed
on the flight was in fact for the 40ish pilot who said that the
autograph was for his 15 year old daughter eventhough he spent the
whole time giving Christina the creeps, gazing at her tight body as if
he was mentally undressing her as she signed a copy of her CD for him.

Stepping off the plane, out into the luxurious Pacific breeze on the
island runway, Christina sucked in a mouthful of fresh air and decided
that life was truly good.

Her first MTV duty would be to act as a guest/judge for the kareokee
show called "Say What". Eventhough Christina knew that most of the
impersonating acts would be pure dreck, she couldn’t wait to see the
girls that tried to do one of her songs on the show thinking that would
be kinda cute.

As she settled into her comfortable directors high chair, Christina was
fascinated and a little grossed out by the presense of her fellow
judges on the panel. She didn’t know how long she could handle Weird Al
Yankovic’s incessant fart jokes and accordian playing. She also didn’t
like having to share the stage with Daisy Fuentes. Eventhough the Latin
beauty was still magically stunning, Christina felt that the thirtyish
former MTV hostess was over the hill. "Wasn’t she a star way back in
the 90’s," Christina had whispered to one of her close female friends
when she heard Daisy would be on the show with her.

And the fourth member of the panel happened to be Ru Paul, a regular now
on MTV’s Spring Break coverage. Christina could just picture her career
going in the toilet now surrounded by such over the hill losers and
drag queens on reruns that would be incessantly played over and over
during the coming months on MTV.

Once seated in her beachside chair and prepping for the show however,
when the red light went on and the show started taping, Christina for a
while thought everything would in the end work out for the best, after
all she was by far the cutest thing on the entire show.

The dreadful performances she had to sit through under the burning
afternoon sun made for a long, exhausting day. But the seemingly
nonstop line of drunken off key singers paled in comparison to the
discomfort and disgust Christina felt sitting there with Daisy
postering for the camera and the annoyance of Weird Al’s never ending
adolescent flatulant humor. The third member of the judging panel was
really the one thogh that caused Christina the most unease. Ru Paul was
sitting two seats down, his dark penetrating eyes weighing heavily on
her tiny thin frame, concentrating on her more than anything else going
on onstage making her visibly squirm in her seat.

Christina felt a tangible sense of disgust from having the statuesque
female impersonator paying that much attention to her. Everytime she
would muster the courage to dart her eyes over to confront Ru, the
glamourous black crossdresser would sit there and stare right back as
if she felt it was her naturaly God given right to glare openly at
anyone she wanted.

In a huff, Christina would divert her gaze and shake her head at Ru as
if to say, "Stop That!".

"YUCK!!," Christina grumply moaned under her breath.

When Christina finally felt the weight of Ru’s gaze ease off of her
momentarily, she turned her head to her left and watched Ru, full of
sick curiousity as to how all Ru’s ‘pieces’ fit together.

Just as Christina’s eyes were able to focus on Ru for a moment or two,
suddenly the impecabbly dressed black man rotated his superbly made up
face to his right and locked his sightlines right on the shellshocked
Ms. Aguilera.

All Christina could manage to do was drop her eyes to the floor in
embarrassing shame as she fought the urge to throw up.

Trying her best to return her focus back to judging the litany of
performers that paraded across the sandy beachfront stage, Christina
bravely fought off the continuous heated stare from Ru’s direction.

By the time the TV taping was over, Aguilera’s head was awash in
bristling confusion as she jettisoned herself from the set to the
relative sanctity of her hotel room. After a long hot bath and some
coaxing from her friends, Christina finally decided to accompany them
down to some of the bars that dotted the Cabo coastline.

After deciding on a pair of tight, aqua colored pants, a skimpy blue and
white halter top that accentuated her flat midrift and a pair of thick
white 70ish high heels, Christina and her girlfriends jumped into the
rented limosuine and headed out for the evening.

Being a beautiful young woman that also happened to be a celebrity,
Christina had no problem keeping a full drink in front of her all
night. By the time midnight approached, the slinky young beauty felt
her 105 pound frame start to feel the lethagic but giddy effects of her
drunkeness set in.

As she returned from a fast paced dance with a nice looking Latin guy
she had met at the bar, Christina noticed that two of the three girls
she had come with had already hooked up for the evening and were making
thier way out.

Starting her eighth drink of the night, Christina looked up and noticed
that the third girl she was with was in the process of sealing the deal
with a cute, chisled guy and they were also on thier way to the door,
thus leaving Christina all alone.

Cursing privatly as she sipped her margarita, she was frustrated in the
fact that all her friends had no problem hooking up with available men
while she had to decline in favor of maintaining her image with all the
popperozzi that relentlessly hounded her every move.

Suddenly disheartened by the course of the evening , Christina felt her
bladder start to strain and decided it would be best to take a quick
trip to the bathroom.

Weaving her way through the jumbled mass of drunken smelly flesh,
Christina endured the blatant groping and verbal advances of many of
the men she passed on her way to relieve herself. Once she was finally
able to reach out and push open the old, rickety, graffitti covered
door of the women’s bathroom, Christina scanned the cramped quarters
until she was finally able to claim the first open stall.

Pushing the door to the stall open and holding her breath the best she
could to block out the dingy, heavy odor that hung in the air,
Christina quickly eased her tight fitting pants down and took a
reluctant seat on the toilet to do her business.

Sitting there, feeling the undeniable weight of her drunkenness settling
on top of her, Christina could hear the sound of several women coming
and going in front of her closed stall door as well as the sound of the
music from outside blocking out the sound of her tinkle hitting the
water below.

As she finished up her deed, suddenly the sound from the other side of
the door ceased for a few moments as someone took the stall directly to
her right. Preparing to start pulling her outfit back together and
raising herself off the pot, Christina froze hearing the loud forceful
sound of a urine stream hitting the bowl in the stall beside her.
Freezing in place, her bare, lily white ass still planted on the
unstable toilet seat, Christina held her breath knowing that the sound
she was hearing was just not normal in a women’s restroom.

Instinctively lowering her head as the rushing sound continued from
beside her, Christina strained her head to look under the brown metal
divider to see who or what was occupying the other stall.

Pushing her long white bangs out of her eyes, all Christina could see in
that brief moment of recognition was two smoothly shaved black legs
arched wide as the sound of urine hitting the water continued.

"OHH..maaa..Gaawwddd," Christina voice shivered out loud, echoing around
the small humid room as her stomach suddenly grew rather queezy.

Deciding she better make her move quickly, Christina looked as if she
was trying to get dressed during a firedrill as she pulled her skin
tight pants back up, ignoring completly her red thong panties that had
become uncomfortably wedged in her crack.

Bursting out the door of her stall without even taking the time to
flush, suddenly Christina fell victim to the age old reality that men
can finish what they are doing and get back together quicker than a
woman can.

As Christina took her first step in making a run for it, the towering,
dark spector of an immaculatly dressed Ru Paul stood between Aguilera
and the exit.

"And what do you think you’re looking at?" Ru asked Christina
accusingly, his hands firmly planted authoritativly on his rounded

Christina was shocked and numb from the bluntness of Ru’s behavior.
"This is a woman’s bath…room..I…ahhhh……..aaahhh…I…,"She

"You’re nothing but a pathetic little whiny Bitch Girlfriend..that’s
what you are!"Ru scolded cryptically. "You need somebody to show you
what the world’s all about Baby!"

Christina tried quickly angling her rail thin body around the huge black
obstacle, only to have the powerfully built black man slip his muscular
right leg out, preventing the dainty pop singer from passing. "You’re
not going anywhere Doll! You want to get at that door Huh…You know
what I did little girl……I’ll tell ya…the bartender out there..he
gave me the key and guess who just locked the door behind
me..hehe..seems Mr. Bartender kinda liked giving and getting a little
head you know….So unless you got some karate stored up inside that
little limp body of yours ….you aint kickin’ through that door..that
is until I’m finished with you!"

Being that close to Ru, her body wedged between Ru’s and the hard,
skummy porcelin sink, Christina’s only option was to cower backwards
slightly as she tried to compose herself. Screaming would do no good
she reasoned with the volume of noise out in the dance hall. As her
blood coursed through her body like ice crystals, she tried mustering
up a few words for the towering black drag queen. "What did I ever do
to deserve……this?"

"Nothing Sweety…really don’t worry about blame…the only question you
need to worry about is what I’m gonna do to that cute little melon ass
of yours Honey!" Ru gleamed, shaking her head side to side with

Hearing that, Christina’s eyelids batted rapidly as she focused on the
front of Ru’s tight, fire engine red, skirt and the burgeoning tent
pole that was rising right below his waistline. As the rounded plum
sized head of Ru Paul growing penis strained out against the sheer
fabric of his miniskirt, Christina felt her petite feet seem to melt
into the dirty tiled floor below.

Trying her best to maintain her balance in those tight pants and awkward
high heels, Christina felt her head start to swim when she saw both
Ru’s hands descend to the hem of her short dress. Taking the satiny
fabric in his massive hands, Ru lifted his shirt up until Christina
Aguilera was unavoidably confronted with the sight of Ru Paul’s
massivly erect male gentialia, seemingly seething at her as if it was
an angry black serpant.

Wrapping one of his hands around the thick base of his pipelike
appendage, Ru seemed to shake it directly at Christina , mocking her
with it, enjoying the way all the color went right out of the pop
diva’s face. Slowly stroking his manhood, Ru stood there blocking
Christina’s escape, smiling at his trapped prey gleefully.

"Is this what you were staring at Bitch…you were wondering if it was
real..if what everybody said was true…Well take a look little
girl..this thing is big enough to make you into a woman..and every inch
of it is real…..Bet none of those dinky little boyband boys you hang
with got anything like this" Ru said haughtily as Christina
hypnotically stared at his throbbing endowment.

Christina shook her head briskly from side to side as if to wake herself
from a cruel biting nightmare, but the grotesque sight in front of her
refused to disappear. In her mental breakdown, Christina never felt her
shoulder blades colliding with the wall behind her as she tried backing
away from the harrowingly carnal sight of the large beautiful man
stroking his cock with one hand and holding up the tight miniskirt he
was wearing with the other.

Trapped now in the corner, the 18 year old star cowered anxiously as the
imposing and thouroughly blunt drag queen slowly strutted closer,
rolling his hearty erection between his fingers like a meaty black
sausage. Looking down at Christina, who was seemingly shrinking in
front of him, Ru licked the pooling, lustful droul off his lipstick
coated lips, then told her "I’m gonna show you what a real man feels
like inside of you..Slut!"

Christina froze like a doe in headlights as Ru reached out with his free
hand and guided it towards the teenager’s trembling, ashen face.

The glitter Christina had sprinkled across her chest and cheeks
glimmered in the pale luminous light of the restroom as the shadowy
spector of Ru Paul’s impending touch shattered her to the core.

When she felt Ru’s long, baby soft fingers dig into her long straight
hair and then ball tightly into a fist, Christina let out a deep,
protracted gasping sound as the drag queen’s grip tightened.

Watching through her slitted eyes as Ru’s hand eased down the right side
of her head, she could clearly see from the way Ru’s cock throbbed and
twitched, just how aroused he was getting running his fingers cruelly
through her frosted white mane.

Not realizing just how intensly the teenage pop diva was staring at his
erect equipment, Ru proceeded to ease his hand around Christina’s ear,
then leaned in and slid his tongue along the perfume soaked gnape of
her the girl’s neck.

Closing her eyes tightly when she felt Ru’s tongue make contact with her
goosebump riddled flesh, all Christina could see in her self imposed
desert of darkenss was the visual imprint of the rippling and contorted
veins of Ru’s penis as it hung lewdly between his muscular legs.

"You should never stare little girl," Ru hissed into Christina’s ear as
he held her securly. You can close your eyes all you want Baby…it
still don’t mean it won’t reach up and smack ya!"

With the all the power of a man that easily outweighed her by 100
pounds, yet with all the graceful elegance of a woman who knows exactly
what she wants, Ru took Christina harshly by the shoulder and pulled
her tense body towards him, kissing the stunned white princess directly
on the lips.

Christina couldn’t have pulled away, even if she had tried. She simply
stood there, too numb to move as the impeccably dressed crossdresser
sucked every bit of life out of her directly through her parted, glossy
lips with his raging hot mouth.

Before Christina had known what hit her, Ru had then forced her body
forward until Christina instictively had to reach out with her hands
and catch herself on the cold wet porcelin of the bathroom sink. With
Christina now looking as if she was preparing to be frisked, Ru stood
above the teenage diva, smirking confidentally as he decided how he
wanted to take her.

Dropping his skirt back down over his inflated penis so that he could
have full use of both hands, Ru stood above Christina and watched as
the tentpole jutting from his crotch obscenly jousted out and stabbed
at the pop princess’s tight buttocks.

"So pretty..and sooo young," Ru mumbled adoringly as he prepared to
strip the young singer.

When Christina felt a pair of strong, insistant hands reach around her
waist and take a hold of the snap on the front of her jeans, she felt
as if she was in the clutches of some unrestrainable animal. As the
echoed sound of Ru undoing the clasp of Christina’s leather pants
snapped through the cavernous room, the diva’s eyes instinctively
sprang open as she confronted the reality of the situation by looking
at herself in the smudged up bathroom mirror that was no more than a
foot from her face.

Batting her eyes and lowering them as quickly as she could, Christina
couldn’t help but see how smeared her make up had become on her
weathered face as well as the charcoal like rivers that dribbled down
from her eyes due to her melting mascara.

Clenching her eyes tightly shut, Christina was also left with the
indeliable, acid stained vision of Ru standing erect behind her,
smiling savagly as he gropped at her tight, aqua blue leather pants.

A moment later, Christina felt the smooth glossyy material of her
designer pants trail down the length of her long thin legs until the
humid air inside the restroom swirled heavily against her exposed
pelvis and thighs. Gritting her teeth together as she desperatly held
the side of the sink with her hands, Christina realized everything was
happening so fast, she had missed her last chance to try and stop it.

When she felt Ru rip her jeans all the way down below her knees,
straight down to the floor so that they were bunched up around her
ankles, Christina cringed with embarrassment knowing Ru could clearly
see the way her knees were violently shaking together.

Holding her breath in fearful anticipation, Christina tried shifting
away from the straining hardness of Ru’s piercing erection pressing
against her behind. In the end however, it was fruitless, she was
sandwiched there between Ru’s forceful advances, the cold hard
immobilty of the side of the sink and her own fear to make a stand.
Whatever Ru wanted to do to her, Ru was going to do to her.

"God Damn what beautiful tender thighs," Ru exclaimed approvingly as he
rubbed his hands up and down the insides of Christina’s bare legs.
Letting his probing fingers brush up to the area where Christina’s leg
connected to her pelvis, Ru would then suavely ease his fingertips
downward over the young girl’s most ticklish regions until her entire
tanned legs were covered with goosebumps. Ru would then simultaniously
brush his hands back upward, only this time he didn’t stop at the trunk
of her body, he proceeded on until his 10 fingers connected with the
puckered entrance to Christina Aguilera’s completly shaved slit.

"Damn Baby……that’s soooo smooooth. I can see that juice leaking out
of your pussy just shine in the light!" Ru groaned down into
Christina’s ear.

As a few of his probing fingers slipped inside Christina and violated
her tight pink cunt, the bent over teenager was confronted with the
reality and undeniability of her predicament as Ru’s comments forced
her to wallow in her own shame.

"How could she have become aroused by such a thing," Christina painfully
asked herself. Yet, the slick, buttery feel bubbling inside her crotch
was unavoidably real.

"Damn Girl..what are you trying to do….SUCK ME IN?" Ru gleamed
sarcastically as he rammed the index and middle fingers of both hands
into Christina’s girlish quim.

Christina felt as if she was about to lose her balance and tetter over
as her feet jitterbugged on the tiled floor despite the fact that she
still had her boots on and her pants were still bunched obscenly down
around her ankles.

With four fingers totally embedded inside Christina’s cunt, Ru expertly
guided his thumbs around the cheeks of Aguilera’s ass until he was able
to apply direct pressure right down on top of Christina’s exposed anal

When he finally pressed down and applied his weight to Christina’s anus,
Ru filled with unbridaled lust as the young nymph’s pussy exploded,
bathing his index and middle fingers in a rush of languid fluid.

"Never been touched back there before..have you?" Ru inquired mockingly.

"MMMMMMMMPPPPHHHHH……AAAHHHHAAAHHHHH," was Christina’s only response
as Ru continued teasing her taunt rear orafice.

Content that Christina’s pussy was wet enough, Ru pulled his soaked hand
free from her crotch and raised it into the air, holding it steady
right above Christina’s narrow alabastor hips.

After taking a few devilish deep breaths of delight, Ru brought his hand
down rapidly, striking Christina’s asscheeks hard causing the young
girl to whimper and wince.

Over and over, Ru pattled Christina with his large, open hand until his
palm seemed to go numb. Watching the singer’s pale ass redden under the
punishing assault, Ru resumed his verbal tirade.

"Should have got this spanking a long time ago you little wench,"Ru spat
in a furious, disciplinary tone.

On the seventh stroke down, Ru was able to fertivly submerge the tip of
his right thumb into Christina Aguilera’s virgin asshole, sliding it in
all the way below his thumbnail.

"That’s right Ho’ that sweet ass up for Ru…let Daddy ram that
asshole open wide, "Ru relentlessly implored. "Work that white melon
ass Bitch..I got somethin’ a lot bigger than my thumb I’m gonna ram in
there before too long…you ready for me to rip you open Slut?"

Ru’s depraved words sizzled as they made thier imprint into Christina’s
pysche as she continued helplessly allowing the infamous drag queen to
have complete and utter run of her tender angelic body.

"This is gonna hurt you a lot more than it hurts me," Ru added
cryptically, as his left thumb joined his right entering Christina’s
puckered anus.

feeling both Ru’s thumbs dig home inside her behind.

When he realized he wasn’t going to be able to push his thumbs inside
Christina’s butt any further, Ru slowly rooted both digits out and
looked down satisfiedly in the lurid way Christina’s bunghole had
opened slightly.

Leaning to his right, reaching down to where he had his Gucci purse
sitting on the floor, Ru quickly grabbed the jar of vasoline he kept
with him to keep his skin moisterized.

Twisting off the top of the jar, Ru dabbed a huge glob of the yellowish
lubricant onto several of his fingers before dropping the container
back in his purse and returning his hands towards Christina’s sweaty

Slidding his now lubricated fingers up and down the crack of Christina’s
ripe rear end, Ru painstakingly teased the freshly opened entrance to
Christina’s rectum until he decided to slip each digit back inside of
her, one at a time.

As the first vasoline coated finger slithered into Aguilera’s brown eye,
Ru Paul playfully smacked Christina’s rear end with his swordlike cock
as his knees banged the back of the young girl’s leg, almost causing
her to stumble and fall several times.

Christina fought desperatly to keep her balance with her hands tightly
clutching the sides of the sink as Ru’s haunting laughter filled the
cramped, dingy bathroom.

When Ru added his second greasy finger inside Christina’s rasied ass, he
popped it in savagly until both his inserted digits were embedded all
the way down to the second knuckle.

Pushing outwards with his fingers, Ru forcefully pulled the walls of
Christina’s asshole apart until he was able to gaze down and see the
opening he was creating, optimistic now that there was a chance he
could somehow fit his huge cock down into her tightest of spots.

Over and over again, Ru flexed his fingers apart until he could tell
from Christina’s tortured breathing that the tortured young woman was
preparing herself for what was about to come next.

"Waving the white flag Huh," Ru sighed brazenly, feeling the scolding
blood inside his body rush to his virile manhood.

As Ru prepared to ease the index finger of his left hand out of
Christina’s ready to fuck asshole, he pressed the full weight of his
chest against Christina’s back forcing the shivering young woman to be
sandwiched between the collapsed weight of her tormenter and the
unforgiving rigidity of the porcelin sink mashing her chest.

Exhausted mentally and physically, Christina dropped her head down and
let her forehead come to rest inside the base of the sink. Looking down
at the sexy, perverted way Christina’s blondish white hair spilled over
the sides of the sink, Ru finally reached for his cock again, lifting
up his skirt and taking his thouroughly solid weapon by its base.

Stroking the veiny length of his meaty monster, Ru guided his hand
upwards as he cupped his manhood in his palm, recklessly aiming it at
its eventual target.

"You better be ready…….," Ru warned Christina in his most seductive,
but forebodding, female accent.

Digging his long manicured fingernails into the flesh of Christina’s
young cheery ass, Ru took a deep breath before proceeding beyond the
point of no return.Thrusting his hips forcefully, Ru swung his rigid
erection upwards onto Christina’s asscrack with a loud plopping thud.
Steadying his massive pride in place, Ru held his manhood directly
above Christina’s enticing bullseye.

"Take it aaawwwwwllllllllll………..BITCH!" Ru gasped, this time with
all the venom and forcefullness of a sex crazed man as the walnut
shaped head of his phallus dove into Christina’s rectum.

"SSSSHHHHIIIITTTTTTTT," Christina groaned in a mortified voice, her
noisy muffled screams filling the room from her face resting at the
bottom of the sink.

Everytime Ru pushed forward with his 6 foot 2 inch 200 pound frame, he
could feel Christina’s lithe body lurch wildly, utterly powerless to
ward off the violation she was succumbing to.

As the head of Ru’s cock disappeared all the way in, the black drag
queen cruelly twisted and thrusted his pelvis in vicious, plowing
circles until he felt Christina’s behind quiver maddingly in his grip.

Spanking her again with his left hand as if he was prodding a horse to
run faster, Ru slid his right hand down between Christina’s naked
thighs and pushed her useless red thong panties aside and once again
dipped his fingers into the girl’s watering pussy, coating his long
black glistening digits in the dripping feminine secretions.

Savoring the lurid sounds of his hands dwelving into Christina’s wet
hotbox, Ru bathed his fingers for several moments before slipping them
back out and guiding them back between the rounded cheeks of
Christina’s ass.

Wiping the sticky traces of the young girl’s arousal off his fingers and
onto his pistoning black snake, Ru used to added lubrication to grease
the slides for his brutal anal advances.

"MMMMPPPHHHHAAAAA," Ru groaned, feeling his lungs inflate with the
tangible sense of power that came with performing such a demonic act.

Pushing his legs harshly against Christina’s, the drag queen reached his
long muscular arms around the little girl’s waist until he was able to
grab her flat stomach with his hands and brutally pull her towards him,
squeezing the whimpering diva in a frighteningly gripping ad sexually
charged bearhug.

"GGGEEEZZZUUUSSS…..GGGAAAWWWDDDDDDDDD," Christina’s muffled and fitful
bursts of release continued to echo around the room as the sound of
Ru’s flesh smacking into hers only caused Christina more debasment.

Building up his rythem, Ru finally embedded all the cockmeat he could
into the young woman’s soon to be devastated ass. "DAMN RIGHT!" Ru
shouted madly as his pretty black face contorted and his head bucked
back and forth nearly causing his designer wig to become displaced.

As the young girl’s muscular sphinctor desperatly fought off the
unatural assault, Ru’s blood filled prick was squeezed mercilessly
until he could no longer contain his bitter lust and savagly began
busting a nut inside Christina Aguilera’s burning, gaping rectum.

Christina shrieked loudly when she felt Ru’s hot jism scatter in all
directions inside her constricting anus.

Every muscle in Ru’s amazon like body strained and jerked as he rapidly
deposited his seed inside the teenage star’s pretty ass.The viens in
his neck jutted out wildly as he thrusted his hips in viciously short
and deep penetrating circles, causing Christina’s thick patent leather
high heels to shudder, shake and shimy on the tiled bathroom floor as
her asshole overflowed with milky cum.

"HOLY SHIT, " Ru groaned from a voice deep within his gut as his now
sloppy penis bore unendingly into Christina’s stretched backdoor.

Hearing the young girl helplessly gasp and wail under his potent
unleashment of lust, Ru looked down and saw how to further humilate the
vane singer.

Reaching out with one of his cumsoaked hands, Ru clumsily fumbled with
the cold water knob on the sink before turning it on full force.

Suddenly Christina’s shrill shrieks of sensory overload were drowned out
by the rushing torrent of ice cold water pounding down on her long
frosted, glamourous white hair.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA," Ru laughed gloriously as the adreniline released during
his orgasm bathed his body in giddy satisfaction.

"AAAHHHYEAH!" He spat as he pulled his spent body backwards, allowing
his drenched and greasy jock to slip out of Christina’s rectum with a
disgustingly moist plop.

Taking a few steps back, letting his red dress cover his sweaty,
cumsoaked genatalia, Ru took stock and gazed over the prissy young
woman he had just conquered.

Savoring her rail thin, half naked frame, looking up and down at it
disbelievingly, Ru took devilish pleasure from seeing the way
Christina’s pussy glistened from behind as her cum pooled underneath
the crack of her ass like early autumn dew.

Inspecting his handywork closer, Ru gleamed in a took a close look at
Christina’s now gaping asshole as his frothy ejaculate oozed out and
dribbled down her tender white asscheeks until gravity took over,
forcing the beads of cum to drip down off her skin to the floor below.

Checking herself in the mirror that was mounted above Christina’s still
bowed head, Ru straightened his wig and freshened up his make up as the
face of the exhausted little princess remained under the rushing stream
of cold water, showering down from the faucet.

Ru said a polite "Goodnight" to Christina as he grabbed his purse and
walked out of the bathroom door to join his friends back at the bar.




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