Christina Aguilera’s Routine Day


by floatinmonkey

Before Christina Aguilera was a teen pop sensation,
back when she was just a sophomore and only an
“aspiring” teen pop sensation, she led a perfectly
routine life. Or at least it was routine to her
anyway. Actually, other girls she went to school with
had deemed Christina’s way of life “slutty” and
deviant. But Christina didn’t care what THOSE girls
thought anyway. Christina was one of the most popular
girls in her whole school, and didn’t care what a few
“losers” thought about her. The truth was ALL of the
most popular girls at her school had gotten
popular by
being little sluts. Christina had learned as well,
that if you’re willing to suck off or put out for the
cuter guys, then they will like you and you will be
popular and accepted by the “in-crowd”. Yes, she
basically whored herself out, but she didn’t care. No,
Christina LOVED fucking! She just plain NEEDED cock in
her small body at all times, She spent most of her day
either fucking or just thinking about sucking off some
guy’s big fucking cock, and letting him cum all over
her face and tits.

Yes that’s how it was and she liked it!


Christina started her day by crawling out of her comfy
four post bed and peeling off her pajamas. Which are a
small pair of men’s boxer shorts covering a thin small
pair of thong underwear, nothing else, she sleeps
topless, for it’s just more her style. She then gets
into the shower, washes her entire body, then dressed
into a pair of cutoff shorts and and a pink babydoll
t-shirt with the words “Princess” on the front. She is
then into her car and off for school.

Upon arriving at school she gets out of her car and is
approached by her best friend, Stacy. “Hey what’s up
Christina? Great party last night huh?” “Yeah”, agrees
Christina, “You sure throw the wildest ones in school
girl!” Both girls start to giggle hysterically. Stacy
knew EXACTLY what her friend ment. Everyone knew that
Stacy’s “parties” were basically just drunken orgies.
And wild ones at that! “So did you get lucky last
night?” asked Stacy as they made their way into the
building. “You know it babe!”, exclaimed Christina,
“Me and these two cute college guys hooked up
immediately after I got there!” “TWO GUYS?!” said
Stacy, “Yeah, you know me the more the merrier!” said
Christina with a sly smile. “Yeah I do.” said Stacy
“But don’t stop there. I want details.” The girls made
their way to their first class and sat in the back so
they could talk. “O.K. said Christina “here goes” She
then related the story to her friend. “Well first,
when I got there, I noticed this one guy, Chad, he
graduated last year I think, he was staring at me. So
I went over and said “hey hottie, what’s up?” well he
told me his name and said that he thought that I was
the most fuckable girl he’d ever seen in his life, but
that he didn’t want to hit on me because his friend he
was with, Brian, had just broken up with his girl and
he promised that he would help hook him up. So I just
smiled at him and said “Well, you could both hook up
with me, if he’s as fine as you” He said “really?” and
I said “yeah I LOVE to party ya know” It was about
this time that his friend came over and introduced
himself to me. He was even CUTER than Chad was Stacy!
I’m serious! They were both so ripped and tan. GOD! I
was getting wet just looking at them! Anyway I
suggested that we all go back to my place since my
parents were away as usual. They both said “sure” as
we all took a ride over. Well after we got there, we
got out of our cars and they were all over me! Just
like I like it! Chad started caressing my little flat
stomach with his hands and Brian started kissing my
neck. I told them to keep their pants on till we got
to my room. Once we got there I was so horny it hurt!
They pretty much ripped my little black leather skirt
off and Chad pushed my fish net top up over my tits so
that they fell out. Brian then threw me on the bed and
I got on all fours. Brian whipped his dick out and I
swear it must have been 10 inches long! I didn’t waste
anytime, I deep throated him right then and there! He
had two handfulls of my hair and was totally face
fucking me! Meanwhile, Chad got in behind us and slid
his huge fucking cock right in my pussy. I was
screaming these muffled screams, cause it felt so damn
good, and my mouth was totally full of cock. Brian let
loose a HUGE load of cum in my mouth and started
saying “Yeah slut! Take it! Drink it bitch!” and I
swallowed every last bit. It was so yummy! Then he
left the room to clean up and Chad and I were alone.
he flipped me over onto my back and slid his cock in
and out of me super hard! I locked eyes with him and
said “Fuck my little slutty body! Yeah! Yeah! Daddy
yeah! Fuck my little pussy good!” he just responded by
letting out a huge grunt and pulling his cock out of
me to spill his cum load. He grabbed me by the back of
the head and let loose on my face. When he was done my
whole face was covered and my hair was matted together
and stuck to my forehead! I started licking it all off
as he smeared it around with his cock. He then got up
and got dressed as I lay there exhausted! “Thanks for
the great fuck bitch.” he said and smacked me on the
ass pretty hard. “No problem, anytime you want it
baby” I said. He just smiled and left. And that was

“Wow!” said Stacy “That sounds absolutley fucking
great!” “But isn’t that a little MUCH, even for you? I
mean the way you described it, those two guys used you
like a stupid WHORE.”

“I know.” said Christina “But that’s exactly WHY I
like it. I WANT to feel like a whore because I AM. I
mean I keep clean. I don’t do many drugs. And that’s
just because it makes it feel so good when you fuck.
And I AM picky about what a guy looks like, but other
than that, I love having cock in me!” Christina cooed
“I’m a fucking slut and everyone knows it, and I could
give a shit!”

The schoolbell then rang and the girls realized that
first period was over. “Well I’m gonna skip the rest
of the day and go home.” said Christina “I might give
those two studs a call and get fucked. Bye sweetie.”

“Bye girl” said Stacy, “I’ll call you tonight unless
me and my Stepdad get into another fight. GOD! Last
time I got grounded from the phone I had to let him
fuck my ass before he would unground me.”

“Sounds tough, bye!” And Christina was off to her car.
On the way there she saw Brodie.

He had been her only REAL boyfriend. The only guy that
she condsidered not being a slut for. But in the end,
her nature caught up to her. It was too bad cause
Brodie was the best fuck she had ever had. Plus he was
fucking cute. He was really mean and cool looking but
very sweet inside. Other guys respected him, and ALL
the girls wanted him to fuck them. He had had his fare
share of them too. Why just this morning he had been
banging a young freshman cheerleader in her ass as she
gently cried into a pillow. Only allowing him to
ravage her because of how gorgeous he was and how good
his body looked. She felt honored to have this Senior
using her body as a fuck toy.

But in truth he would have given it all up for
Christina. Brodie had truly loved her once.

Christina approached him and said “Long time no see.”
and smiled sweetly. “Yeah I guess it has.” said Brodie
grinning back. “Well, see ya later, I’m late.” Brodie
said as he started to walk off. “Hey wait.” said
Christina “What are you doing after school?” Brodie
turned and asked “Me and Jay were just gonna go hang,
why?” “Well…” started Christina “I was thinking
maybe you guys could come over to my house later, my
parents are gone as usual and I’ll be bored as fuck if
I don’t have some company.” Brodie thought for a
second and said “Sure,
we’ll stop by about 7 or 8, later” As Brodie walked
away he ponderd the though of getting to fuck her
sweet ass again.

As Christina watched his sweet ass walk away she
thought about getting to fuck her old flame
again…and his cute friend Jay. Christina giggled
devlishly to herself on the way to her car…

About 7:30 that night Brodie’s car slid into
Christina’s driveway and Jay and Brodie got out and
approached the door.

Inside Christina was finished getting ready. She had
her hair in pig tails wearing a pair of tight white
shorts and a small tight pink top with the words DIRTY
GIRL written on it. She went to the door and let her
guests in.

As the night went on the three watched movies, told
stories, smoked and chilled out in Christina’s living
room. After a big one had just been blazed the 3 sat
there, with Christina in between the two guys, resting
with her head in Brodie’s lap. She looked up and asked
Jay “Would you get me some water from the kitchen? I
need something to drink.” Jay said “Sure” and went
into the kitchen. When he came back he liked what he

Christina was on her knees in front of Brodie slopily
sucking his cock off. She slurped and sucked all over
his dick while Brodie just said “All I told her was
that if she was so thirsty she should swallow my cum.
HEH” Jay inched closer untill Christina turned around
and looked him dead in the eye and said “Let’s go to
the bedroom so I can show you what I’m all about.” Jay
and Brodie wasted no time in walking to Christina’s
room and getting naked in bed with her in a damn

Jay quickly lay spread eagel on the bed so Christina
could lay over him and suck his dick while Brodie got
in behind her and slid his huge cock right into her
tiny pussy and started banging Christina like a

“Mmph! !Ughhh!” were all Christina could get out as
she was fucked by the two studs. It was quite a sight
to see little Christina Aguilera taking on two such
well hung guys.

Brodie began to feel his build towards orgasm and
began to talk dirty to his ex-girlfriend. “Yeah you
fucking slut! Yeah, I remember what a fucking whore
you are! I remember how you used to love my dick baby.
Well here I am bitch! And I’m gonna bust my nut up
inside your slutty fucking body!”

Christina let go of Jay from her mouth a moment and
turned and said to Brodie “Oh yes! Come in me! Fill me
up! Uh! Uh!” Brodie then shot a huge load of cum
inside her pussy. So much that it began leaking out of
her while Brodie was spasaming. Jay meanwhile was
ready to come when Christina sensed it and removed
Jay’s hand from her head, which he had been using to
slam fuck her mouth, and placed his cock in front of
her face. She started jerking him off and spitting on
his cock and then she looked Jay right in the eyes and
said “Just fucking come on my face.” Jay then let
loose a torrent of cum all over Christina’s face,
matting her hair to her forehead, leaving her
slobberly licking her lips. She looked dumbstruck with
pleasure. As the jizz oozed down her face she just lay
there and let her body tremble.

Jay then left to clean up. While Jay was in the
bathroom Brodie sat in bed admiring his handywork. He
stared Christina up and down, she was still just
staring up at the ceiling letting it all sink in while
the huge mess of cum still lay on her face and ooze
out her pussy. Brodie couldn’t help but go over and
slap his cock around on her pretty face, smearing the
jizz around her features.

He was slapping his thick meat on her tongue as she
smiled up at him when Jay came back in fully dressed.
“I’m gonna split guys, later” “And thanks for the
great sex beutiful” he said with a wink to Christina.
“Bye” she said back. She liked it when guys were nice
to her after sex. Most weren’t. They would usually
call her names like “slut”, “whore” and “bitch”, even
if just in a playful manner. It did turn her on when
men talked down to her, for she really did feel
inferior to men. She felt weaker and definatley more
stupid than most men she knew, but she loved earning
men’s attention with her body, it made her feel
rewarded and speacial. She wasn’t a bad person, she
just loved to fuck big strong guys. But she REALLY
liked it when they were sweet! Jay would DEFINATELY be
getting his cock sucked again!

Jay left and Christina lay smiling up at a now still
Brodie. “C’mon get cleaned up, we’ll go downstairs and
watch some TV” “Okay” said Chistina. As he walked away
from her she got one more glimpse at his amazing body
as she turned and went to her bathroom to shower.


Christina slinked down the stairs towards her living
room. She had finished showering and had gotten into a
little number sure to entice Brodie later. She kept
her hair in pigtails but had put on quite a bit of
makeup as she would in later years as a star. She wore
a blue bandana on her head and a matching blue fishnet
shirt, underwhich she wore a thin bra. Her tight
little stomach was exposed over the greatest sight.
She was wearing an insanely short skirt that frilled
when she spun, and when she bent over you could get a
great view of the pink thong she was wearing. “This
should get him to fuck me again.” She thought as she
made her way over to the sofa on which Brodie was
sittng watching tv.

“Hey Christina,” began Brodie “Remember that ski trip
we went on your freshman year?” “Yeah” inquired
Cristina “I remember it too. I remember staying up
late so we could sneak out and fuck in my car. “Oh
yeah!” giggled Christina, “I remember when you fucked
me in the ass for the first time, and I was SCREAMING
cause it hurt so bad! I wanted it though. But I woke
up the whole area! I remember when we tried to make up
a reason for the noise and my roomate started laughing
at me because I had cum in my hair while I was talkig
to her! I must have forgotten that you always used to
wipe your cock off in my hair.” Christina rolled on
the floor laughing hysterically. Brodie looked up her
legs and got a real urge to fuck this little slut
right now, real good.

He eyed her perfect little ass rolling around on the
floor and his eyes made their way up to her flat, tone
stomach and her perfect little breasts. He also
noticed and remembered her beutiful face, and how
pouty and cute it was. He decided to turn her on with
more sex talk.

“Hey, do you mind if I ask you a question?” he said.
“Shoot.” said Christina. “Well,” he began, “How do I
rate amongst all the men you’ve been with? Am I good
or what?” “Good?!” said Christina, “Your fucking
AWESOME! You have a huge dick AND you know what to do
with it. Your a little rough in bed just like I like
it, plus your a fucking stud!” “Really,” said Brodie,
“You know your the best I’ve ever had too. Your SO
beutiful, you have a perfect little body and you fuck
like a girl possesed!” All this sex talk was getting
Christina wet. So she figured her little outfit had
turned the right trick as he was definatley trying to
get another piece of her tonight. So she decided to
cut to the chase. “Listen” she said curling up to him
on the couch and twirling her finger through his hair,
“I think I’m about as horny as I’ve ever been, so do
you mind if I suck on your cock for a while? Then you
can fuck me if you want.” Brodie just opened his jaw
and said “What do you think?” She smiled as she undid
his zipper and pulled off his pants and boxers freeing
his member.

Brodie’s cock slapped Christina in the face as it
flopped out of his underwear. Christina began sloppily
licking his balls and shaft as she pushed her shirt up
over her tits so she could rub them. Christina’s
licking and slurping soon became VERY INTENSE and
Christina started losing control. It was simply a
combination of Brodie’s big cock, her intense
sexuality and the fact that she loved the feeling of
being on her knees in front of a man, allowing him to
fuck her mouth. She began to really talk dirty and
moan to herself while licking his cock.

“Hmmmm. (Lick, slurp) I am such a fucking slut.
(lick) I bet you love having me on my knees in front
of you don’t you Brodie? (Suck, lick, slurp) Ohhh.
YES! Your are so strong and such a good fuck. (Lick)
Fuck my mouth like a slut you fuck! (suck, slurp) Just
use my body. I’m just useless fuck toy anyway. So just
use my fucking body to get yourself off. (lick, suck)
Do what the fuck you want with me. It dosesn’t matter,
I’m just a stupid little whore anyway. I just need
you to use me, and let me know my place.”

And so he did. Brodie grabbed Chistina’s skull and
started just fucking her face. He slammed his cock
completely down her tiny throat. And when she
struggled to breathe and he could tell she needed a
little more air he just fucked her mouth even harder.
Finally he pulled her limp body from his cock. She
fell to the floor and looked up at him. Her lipstick
was horribly smeared from the abuse he had given her
mouth. She said only “Now just use my body to cum. I’m
nothing but a fuckslut. Just filthy fucking cumwhore.”

Brodie simply rolled Chistina onto her back and
removed all her clothing and his. He then thrust his
cock right into her tight ass. She screamed in agony
as he visciously attacked her ass. He rapidly slammed
her small body as hard as he could. He leaned over and
said into her eat “You’ve never been anything more
than a cheap slut your whole life. The only purpose
you serve is to fuck. That’s all you will ever be. A
useless whore, good for nothing but a fuck.”

As he said this he began to orgasam and so he he
pulled from out her ass and shoved his cock into her
puss. He blasted a few shots of cum into her womb and
then pulled out again. This time he moved to her face.
He came all over her pretty eyes then wiped his cock
off in her hair. She rubed the jizz all over her face.

Christina looked up at Brodie and said “You really are
the best” He simply said “I know” He then got dressed
and left.

Christina really looked a mess as she crawled naked to
her sofa. As she curled into a ball and drifted off to
sleep, she thought about what a great day it had been.

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