Christina Applegate Story

disclaimer: This is a fantasy story solely for adult reading..



Headlight beams pierced the blackness of the deserted California country road. Chuck drove

slowly, guiding the black Chevy Blazer deep into the forest as Tommy peered into

the wall of trees that lined the path.

“This looks good,” said Tommy at last, pointing to a small clearing.

Chuck nodded and turned off the road. He stopped just inside the clearing,

leaving the engine running and the lights on.
Both men climbed out quickly and

headed to the back of the vehicle. With the tailgate lowered, they paused for a

moment. The heavy canvas sack inside was shaking vigorously, accompanied by soft

muffled grunts. The men watched the writhing sack, as if hypnotized. Both pairs of

eyes narrowed, as if they could see through the thick fabric to what lay inside.

Chuck reached in first and grabbed one end of the sack. Tommy took the other end.

Together, they pulled it out of the vehicle and carried it to the middle of the

clearing. The muffled grunts grew louder as they let the sack drop to the ground.

They hurried back to the van, returning with coils of rope and rolls of duct tape.

Chuck stooped down to unzip the sack while Tommy cast a length of rope over one of

the massive tree branches overhead. By the time he looked down again, the

contents of the sack lay exposed on the forest floor.

It was Christina Applegate ! The sexy slut from Married with children.

Christina was young and firm. She was wearing shiny red shorts that seemed to glow in the eerie

light cast by the headlights. Despite the chill in the night air, her cropped

white tank top was drenched in sweat, clinging tightly to her abdomen and ample

bosom. Her long tanned legs ended in sport socks and slightly scuffed white

tennis shoes. Strips of unyielding duct tape held Ms. Applegate in a strict hogtie. It was wrapped

tightly around her ankles and knees, her wrist and elbows. It connected her

ankles to her wrists. Still more tape encircled her head covering her mouth and

eyes. It was strapped on without regard for her long, silky blonde hair, which

poked out between the sticky strips of tape and fell in thick waves to the

center of her back.

Chuck pulled out a pocket knife and cut the tape forming the hogtie. “It’s

playtime, Christina darling,” he said, chuckling.

Together, the men lifted Christina Applegate to her feet. In the beams of light, they could

see bubbles of snot around her nose as she tried to breathe through her sobs.

“Shit,” snorted Chuck, “you look like hell, bitch.” He pulled her top up and

wiped her face with it, then began cutting and tearing the shirt with his knife.

He threw the torn and crumpled top to the ground. “You won’t be needing this anyway, Kelly Bundy” he grinned.

Christina Applegate shook her head and struggled as the flimsy top was ripped from her

body. Tommy stood behind her, gripping her by the arms. She continued to squirm

and hop on her bound legs until she felt the sting of Chuck’s vicious backhand

across her face. Christina yelped in pain, sagging against Tommy. Chuck slapped her

again across the other cheek.

“These are the rules, bitch,” said Chuck. “We do whatever we want to you, and you

take it. Is that clear?” Christina seemed dazed. Her head wobbled unsteadily.

Chuck grabbed her by the hair, wrenching her head back. “I asked you a question,

Christina! Is that fucking clear?”

This time, she managed a half nod, moaning “yes” through her gag.

“Good bitch,” whispered Chuck, as he patted her cheek lightly. Stooping down

again, he cut the tape binding her ankles. He stood and stepped back a few feet.

To Tommy he said, “Toss her here.”

Tommy shoved Christina toward Chuck. With her knees still bound and her arms

useless, she half ran, half stumbled blindly in the direction of the shove,

falling into Chuck’s waiting arms. He turned her around and crushed her taped

arms against him. He reached in front and squeezed his fingers deeply into her

firm tits. Again and again, he clenched his fists as hard as he could into her

tender flesh. After a few seconds, he pushed her back to Tommy. “Your turn,” he


Again the helpless actress lurched into the arms of one of her tormentors. Tommy

took a turn groping her, reaching his hands down her shorts, fingering her hot

cunt. “Oh shit,” he called out. “You are fucking wet, you slut! You love

this, don’t you?” He continued exploring her pussy with one hand, as he slapped

her roughly on the ass with the other. Chuck stepped over, took her nipples

between his thumbs and forefingers, pinching, twisting, pulling them.

At last, Tommy pulled back. “Let’s fuck her now, man. I’m fucking ready to


“Yeah,” agreed Chuck. “Grab the rope.”

Chuck took a handful of Christina’s hair, forcing her to bend over, and led her to

the spot where the rope hung down from the branch. She whimpered, awkwardly

trying to keep up and not fall. Chuck laughed. “Dude. Look at her titties

bounce!” he called to Tommy. Indeed, Christina Applegate’s rose-tipped breasts dangled and

jounced about, slapping and slamming into each other.

Soon, Chuck had the rope tied to Christina’s wrists. Tommy puled on the other end until

Christina Applegate’s arms were hoisted painfully high behind her. She shifted her weight

but remained bent over, trying to relieve some of the stress on her shoulders.

Chuck’s knife made quick work of her shorts and panties, as well as the tape that

bound her knees. Tommy unzipped his jeans and pulled out his erect cock. He

spread her legs and guided himself toward the flaming pink target.

Chuck held her still, laughing as she grunted against the violation she was

helpless to prevent. “How is she, man?” he asked.

“Tight as a fucking glove! Uh!” He grimaced as he quickly came, spurting his

sticky hot jism inside her.

“My turn now. Hold her,” said Chuck, reaching for his zipper. As the men

exchanged places, Christina Applegate panted desperately through her nose, groaning

pitifully. Chuck growled like an animal as he shoved himself inside her abused

cunt. “You ain’t kidding, man. She’s fucking wet too! Suh-weet!”

Chuck pounded himself into her, slapping her ass as he did. Tommy grabbed her

nipples, pinching them mercilessly. Christina Applegate shook her head, her muffled pleas

barely audible through her gag. She screamed and cried as her fingers grasped

desperately at the suspension rope.

At last Chuck finished. As he pulled out, Tommy began to peal the tape from around

Christina Applegate’s mouth.

“What are you doing?” asked Chuck.

“I wanna hear her scream when we whip her. Ain’t nobody around for miles.”

Chuck thought about it as he zipped up, then nodded. “Yeah, sure,” he agreed.

“Might be more fun that way.” He untied the rope and pulled Christina Applegate upright.

With the tape removed from her mouth, a patch of yellow was visible between the

Christina’s widely separated lips. Tommy slipped his fingers into her mouth and pried

out the grapefruit-sized foam ball that had been packed inside.

She gasped for breath, licking her lips. Tears streamed down her face from

beneath the duct tape blindfold. “P- please,” she sputtered. “Let me go. Don’t

hurt me anymore.”

Tommy again slapped her already bruised face. This time her scream of pain was

not muted. “The rules, bitch!” he screamed. “You forgot the fucking rules.”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” she pleaded over and over.

Chuck cut the tape from her arms, as she wept quietly. For a few fleeting

seconds, she stood naked, free of all the constricting tape except the strip

forming her blindfold. She let her arms hang limp briefly, then she hugged

herself, shivering.

“Uh uh, bitch,” said Tommy, grabbing her wrists. “No hiding the goodies.” He

yanked her arms in front of her and began circling rough cord around her wrists.

He cinched the rope tight, then tied her bound wrists to the overhead rope

again. Chuck took the other end and yanked at it. Her arms snapped up over her

head. Another yank lifted Christina to her toes. With Tommy’s help, the two men pulled

until she was hoisted about a foot from the ground.

“Oh God!” she screamed. ” It hurts. Let me down. Please!”

The men ignored her pleas and secured the other end of the rope. They stepped up

to the dangling form of Christina Applegate and fondled her some more, turning her,

spinning her, slapping her, swatting her. Christina kicked out, only to have her legs

taped together once again. The men continued manhandling her, laughing at her

screams. Again and again she begged them to stop.

And suddenly they did stop. Christina Applegate uttered guttural, agonized groans as she

swayed and twisted from the momentum of the men’s abuse. A slight metallic clink

and soft whooshing sound were her only clues that they had removed their belts.

For the next few seconds all was silent.

The men positioned themselves on either side of the suspended Christina. Chuck nodded

to Tommy and silently counted to three. The whistle of leather through the air

ended abruptly with a loud smack that reverberated against the trees and

disappeared into the black of the night. The first blow fell in the middle of

her back. The second landed almost simultaneously against the front of her


With renewed vigor, Christina Applegate pitched and writhed against the sting of the

leather. Her screams and sobs were like a melody of pain, sung against the

driving rhythm of the belt-whipping.

After several minutes, the men stopped, sweating from exertion. Christina Applegate moaned

and cried, her breathing raw and ragged. Vivid red stripes punctuated her pale

skin from her chest to her toes. The men had concentrated their efforts on her

breasts, her cunt, and her ass.

Chuck took out a pack of cigarettes and offered one to Tommy. They lit up and

inhaled deeply as they observed the results of their handiwork. Tommy stepped

forward and traced a finger along several welts right at the tip of Christina Applegate’s

breasts, directly over her nipples.

“Nice placement,” he observed. “Hurts, don’t it, bitch?”

“Ow. Yes,” she answered in a hoarse whisper.

“This is what happens to cock-teasing sluts Kelly Bundy.” He stubbed out his cigarette on

her right breast just above the nipple, and stepped back to let Chuck do likewise

on her left breast. Christina Applegate only managed a sad whimper in response to the new

assault on her body.

“Guess we should get going,” said Chuck. “But let’s fuck her mouth first.”

They lowered Christina Applegate to the ground, where she lay huddled and moaning. Soon,

duct tape again restrained her arms behind her and connected them to her bound

ankles. They lifted her to a kneeling position. Tommy held her steady, while Chuck

stood in front of her, unzipping.

“Don’t even think of biting down, bitch, or what we just did’s gonna seem like a

fucking Sunday picnic.”

She hardly had time to nod her understanding when he rammed his swollen cock

between her lips. She gagged and retched as he thrust hard and deep. Stroking

himself at the same time, he quickly began spurting down her throat.

“Swallow it, bitch. Every fucking drop.” Choking and sputtering, Christina lapped the

creamy hot cum down. The men exchanged places, and Tommy took his turn with her.

After he came, they let her fall to the ground where she tugged spasmodically

against her bonds..

The men began to shove her back into the canvas sack. “We’re gonna drop you

close to your car,” said Chuck. “Say anything to anyone, and you’re fucking dead,

cunt! Understand?”

“Yes,” she answered, her voice shaking.

Before they pushed her head in, Chuck retrieved the foam ball and casually

brushed the dirt off it. “Now open wide,” he commanded.

“Oh God, please don’t-” Her plea was cut short as he forced the ball between her

lips, where it swelled up again inside her mouth. Immediately he wrapped a

length of duct tape around her head, sealing the ball within. They zipped up the

bag, gathered their stuff and hauled everything back to the Blazer.

The men climbed in front. Chuck backed slowly out onto the narrow road.


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