Christina Blackmailed – A Nerd’s payback

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The following story contains strong sexually explicit content. It is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18, nor by anyone who might be offended by such content (please see the story codes below for content themes before reading further). This story is entirely fictional and is NOT descriptive, or prescriptive of reality. If you don’t know what that means-I implore you to stop reading now. It’s written as parody and for my own enjoyment-a sort of solidification of my fantasy as it were-and I’m making it available to others in the event that it might speak to others’ fantasies as well. In no
way do I mean this to offend anyone, especially the celebrities depicted. This is only my imagination getting the better of me and has nothing to do with my needs and desires in real life. Before you ask, I’m a normal, well adjusted, happily married man. I just have some hard edged fantasies. Everyone has fantasies-you can’t fault people for that. I just happen to write some of them down, and I suppose you COULD fault me for THAT, but. I hope you don’t. 😉

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This story was written a couple years ago, so the Christina depicted here is pre-“Stripped” if you get my gist.

“Christina Blackmailed – A Nerd’s Payback” Part 1

By Torx –

Celebrities Featured – Christina Aguilera

Story Codes – MF, MDom, nc?, Blackmail, Humil, oral, mild ws, bond.

I stood staring at the television as I waited for Christina Aguilera to finally show up. On the TV in front of me played her latest video, “Come on Over”. I couldn’t help myself. The real deal would be at my doorstep soon enough, but I couldn’t resist a little pre-game warm up as I stroked my cock through my pants while I watched Christina in her body hugging white outfit. Besides, she mugged to the camera with sex kitten looks that brought my dick to straight attention-especially today, knowing that I’d be playing with that tight teenager myself tonight. I had plans for her this evening. It was my friend Johnnie’s birthday, and I was going to let him play with her. Through a trusted friend of mine, I had acquired a certain non-professionally made video tape of Christina doing things that I have agreed not to disclose. And I will keep my word as long as she keeps hers. Suffice it to say that the contents of the video tape included some truly shocking sexual encounters between her and several members of the opposite sex. If it was released, it would completely destroy her pretty girl, innocent image that she’s worked so hard to maintain, and I knew she didn’t want that. Besides, given what I’d seen on the tape, I was pretty confident that she would be.. amenable, if not somewhat resistant to the tasks I would eventually require of her.

Finally there was a knock at the door. I straightened up, turned off the VCR and went to answer it. There she was-teenage singer Christina Aguilera under the porch light all by her lonesome – looking a little unsure of herself.

“Hi, Jim.” she said.

“Hello Christina,” I said, “You’re a little late…”

She was visibly nervous, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t get away, I had to sign some autographs, and then it was hard to get away from my bodyguard.” She looked at me with somewhat nervous blue eyes, hoping I would accept her explanation.

“Well…” I admonished her as she cast her amazing eyes toward the porch. “That’s ok, Christina.” I reluctantly forgave her. “Johnnie is waiting for you. It’s his birthday, and if he knew what he was waiting for he wouldn’t want to be waiting. You understand, little Christina?. Huh?”

She looked up at me, clearly somewhat offended by my paternal scolding. But she knew she had no choice but to play along with me. Her eyes drifted sideways in a quick moment of surrender and she tried not to look at me as she said in defeat, “Yes.”

I took a moment to take in her gorgeous appearance. Christina was wearing a beautiful blue and black satin evening dress. It was on the short side, reaching only down to about two inches above her knees. Her slender, teenage shoulders were covered only by narrow black straps that connected to the dress in the back. She covered her thin tight legs with black stockings that ran all the way from just above her knee, down her perfect rail thin calves, and down to her feet. She wore high heel shoes that accentuated her already sexy legs. Working my way up again I stopped to notice her natural tight breasts that were accentuated nicely by her somewhat snug dress. She had a thin necklace on around her slender young neck with a tiny pendant. Her hair was shoulder blade length with some waviness to it. It was completely natural blonde with no coloring, as I requested. Her face was tastefully made up, with perfect eye shadow that brought out the beautiful mysterious blue in her famous eyes. Her lip gloss was fairly subdued and brought out the pink in her lips. She was beautiful and sexy yet tastefully dressed and was clearly trying her best to do what I wanted. She was dressed for an evening out-a blind date with my friend Johnnie for his birthday.

“Now Christina, come on in..” She reluctantly came in and I closed the door. “Christina?” I said patiently as I looked down at her. I’m 6′-0″, and Christina is 5’2″. She was a small, tiny, rail thin blonde-just the way I like ’em.

“Yes?” She still didn’t want to look at me.

“You look very very nice this evening. I’m proud of you for making the effort for me. But I’m afraid you’re not going out for a nice dinner, baby.”

She looked confused. “What? Aren’t I going out with your friend?”

“Well, yes, but you’ll be waiting in the car while my friend and I eat. I wouldn’t want him, or anyone else for that matter, to see and recognize you before its time. You’re here to do me a nice favor, in exchange for me not releasing that surprisingly nasty tape I have of you to internet porn distributors.. Right, Christina?” I started nodding at her like I was her elder teaching her a lesson.” Right?”

“Yes… but.what do you want from..”

“No buts honey. You’re going to wait in the car like a good little girl, and then I’m going to bring Johnnie out and take you both to my cabin. Then he’s going to fuck you.”

“No!!” She shook her head. “Noooo..” She whined, looking up at me like a helpless child.

“Yes, Christina. Yeah, he’s going to fuck you raw, baby. And you’re going to let him. That’s what you’re here for.”

She started whimpering.”No.” She shook her head as she looked to the floor.”No. no… ::sniff::”

“Yes, baby.. That’s what you’re good for. Now I like your dress, but you’re going to have to change into something a little sexier. I want you to change into your ‘Come on over Baby’ outfit. The white one you wore in the video. Don’t change your makeup. Just go in the bedroom and change. You’ll find everything you need on the bed. Ok?” Along with the naughty video tape, I managed to get a hold of several of Christina’s outfits as well.

“No, please.” she looked up at me with tears in her eyes. “Don’t!” My cock was rock hard looking at one of the biggest teenage stars in the world begging me not to make her fuck a stranger in exchange for my discretion.

“Yes.. Christina.” I scolded. “Now go in the bedroom.” I pointed the way.

She started to make her way there. “Dress nice and sexy for me, honey.” I said after her. I enjoyed humiliating her, and I knew this was only the beginning. I knew in a strange way that she enjoyed it too-she must enjoy it given the things she did on that video tape. That’s how I knew I could get away with this. She wasn’t willing to sacrifice her stardom, but she was willing to subjugate herself to sexual humiliation.

Having such control over that tiny little slut really turned me on. I knew I had to wait my turn though, because Johnnie was to get first crack at Christina’s supple teenage body. I just wanted to make sure the cock-teaser got good and fucked.

A few minutes later Christina opened the door. I knew she wouldn’t run away. She wasn’t stupid, and she had no choice but to follow my directions. She had done an excellent job. She wore the white two piece outfit that she wore in her “Come On Over” video. It was a unique, incredibly sexy top that had a simple strap that circled her neck-almost alluding to a thin white dog collar. Most of her flawless upper back was exposed, and her famous wafer thin girlish bare midriff was just begging to be touched. Her tight titties were confined underneath her shapely top. The pants rode low across her hips, leaving only a couple of inches between the waistline and her naughty little cunt. They were long and didn’t show her shapely legs well, but that would be remedied soon enough. She had composed herself well while in the bedroom and looked at me reservedly.

“Did.. I. Did I do ok?” She asked as she brought her soft bare arm up and scratched the back her beautiful head.

“Uh, yeah..” I unzipped and pulled out my rock hard dick right in front of Christina Aguilera. I started stroking it slowly while I leered at her like a sex toy. “Oh yeah.. “I licked my lips. Why don’t you ‘Come On Over, Baby’ and give me a little kiss? Come on…” I stroked my dick while she looked at me disgusted. “Come on, baby. come on.” I goaded her on like a little dog.

She finally obediently approached me. I jacked off a little harder, still leering at her bare white skin and her full glossed lips. She stopped short and hesitated. “Do you want the world to know you’re a whore, baby? Do you want them all to know what a dirty slut you are? Now come on.” I moved toward her. “Give me a nice, wet, sexy kiss.” My lips were inches from Christina’s as I coerced her into letting me stick my tongue in her wet mouth. I licked her full lips and whispered, “Slut”. Then I leaned in and stuffed my tongue into her mouth. I could smell her gentle perfume and her shampoo as I leaned in to tongue grope Christina Aguilera’s fine young little mouth. She submitted to all this with only minimal resistance-she didn’t want to look at me. There I stood, jerking my hard rod off as my tongue groped inside Christina Aguilera’s young mouth. Her strawberry flavored lip gloss rounded out her clean and pretty image-an image I’d enjoy completely fucking with later on tonight. As the tip of my cock rubbed a tiny amount of pre-cum onto her bare tummy, I finally removed my tongue from her mouth as she flinched away from me. “Mmm. look at that baby! Look at what you did!” I said as another drop of pre-cum formed at the tip of my hard penis. “Mmm.mmm.” I said as she stared at me with an expression of revulsion. I put my dick away and said, “Good girl!-now turn around.. Turn around, baby.”

She reluctantly obliged. I pulled the handcuffs out of my pocket and grabbed her tiny bare wrist and slapped one of the cuffs on. “What are you doing!?” she panicked, but I already had a hold of her other wrist and was snicking the other cuff over it. I had her by the hand cuffs as she squirmed and tried to get away. “NOOO!”

“Yes, baby. it’s only for a little while. I want to keep my sex slut handcuffed in the car while my friend Johnnie and I eat. Yeah. it’ll turn me on knowing that I’ve got Christina Aguilera handcuffed to the back seat of my car right before I let my friend fuck her.”

“Nooo. no please.. Please. let me go!” she begged.

I held her by the handcuffs firmly, “No. now Christina” I said calmly, “I’m not going to hurt you. Johnnie won’t hurt you either. But I do want to control you. I want to have my way with you, baby. I want to call you names and make you do whatever I want, but I won’t hurt you. You have my word.”

“Noooo.. No..” She started to tear up and whine again.

“Now Christina, whining like that is only gonna make my dick harder. now don’t cry or your mascara will run. I know you’re a little slut who likes being humiliated.”

She struggled less now. “Noooo.”

“Now let’s get in the car. We’ve got places to go..”

I guided her out to my car and opened the back door for her. I deposited the soft, tight little teenage blonde into the back seat with her hands cuffed securely behind her. I leered at her through the car window and rubbed my dick through my pants. I couldn’t wait to fuck this stupid, helpless slut!

I got to the restaurant and parked in a particularly far away and dark spot. “Christina, I want you to be a quiet little girl. We won’t be long.”

“Please let me go.” she politely begged as she squirmed to get her hands in a more comfortable position. Her tight white tube top was hugging her incomparable teenage tits.

“No, baby.” I said calmly. “You’re going to be thoroughly fucked and used like a little, blonde teenage dick cushion tonight. We’re not going to wine and dine you, baby. We’re going to dick you like a prostitute! You’ll enjoy yourself, slut. Now, be a good little girl, and we’ll be back in a little while.” She looked at me in shock, helplessly-knowing she had no choice. I engaged the child safety locks in the back seat, locked the doors, and left her there-Christina Aguilera, the nineteen year old blonde teenage diva handcuffed in the back seat of my car. So far she had submitted to my humiliation of her like a little naughty whore, I was really looking forward to treating her like a naughty young sex toy later.


All through dinner, Johnnie knew he had a birthday surprise coming, but didn’t know what it was. I had to adjust myself in my seat constantly in reaction to my monster dick as I thought of the celebrity slut obediently waiting for us in my car. Johnnie was a 30 year-old nerd of the highest order. He had thick black plastic glasses, his hair was straight, short and badly parted. He had a high pitched whiny voice, and stereotypically, he was everything that sexy girls made fun of and avoided. He had a dirty mind though, of that I was sure. A decent guy, but he’d been played, teased, and humiliated by the fairer sex for too many years. He was still a virgin despite his extensive awkward efforts to the contrary. His sexual education was limited to the thousands of porn videos he’d seen, and even strippers gave him the cold shoulder when he asked for lap dances. One of Johnnie’s favorite celebrities to lust after was Christina Aguilera. Johnnie had never really learned how to respect beautiful women-he never got the chance. They were too busy teasing and making fun of him, and Christina, being the ultimate teenage prick teaser, as I figured it, owed Johnnie big.

“So what is it? Huh!?” he asked excitedly, trying to finish up his dessert so we could go.

“You’ll see..” I responded.

We finished up, and I paid the check. I was as excited as he was as we approached the car. He couldn’t see in, and wasn’t expecting to see anything even if he could. I unlocked the doors, opened the driver door and peeked in at Christina. She was frowning at me from the back seat, still handcuffed, still rail thin and beautiful and ready to be ridden like a whore. “Hey Christina, meet my friend Johnnie!” I looked at Johnnie and pointed out the passenger side rear door. “Get in!”

I had gotten in and closed my door just as Johnnie was opening his. He got in and yelled in his whiny voice, “Oh my god!!! You’re Christina Aguilera aren’t you!?” Christina just looked at him. and couldn’t believe her eyes. She tried not to smile, with her lips tight around her teeth, and then couldn’t help herself and broke out into a fit of laughter. “I’m not.. Heheheheh” She laughed, showing her amazing smile as she turned to look at me, “I’m not going to fuck him!!! NO WAY!” She considered him again, and smiled-sure of her self. She then looked back at me still grinning, looking at me like I was nuts. Johnnie was clearly confused.

“Johnnie, meet your,” I looked dead at Christina with a disciplinary leer “FUCK TOY for the evening, Christina Aguilera.”

She smiled her famous smile, still unbelieving. “You’ve got to be kidding!” She sideways smirked at him again and looked at me with a defiant smile, sure that I was only kidding.

“Wait waait WAAAiiiittaminute!” Johnnie exclaimed with disturbing nerdy nasality, “You mean Christina Aguilera is my birthday present!” He started to bounce up and down in his chair.

Christina looked at him, and judging by his reaction, finally wondering if I was serious.

“Yep. Christina here is under a sort of … “I looked at the tiny blonde bitch, “obligation,” back at Johnnie, “to do what I say tonight. Only tonight, though. So I’ve decided that I’d like to humiliate her and make sure she’s nicely fucked. Besides, I thought it would be a great present for you, I owe you after all. Hell, SHE owes you!”

“Wow.” he smiled, leering at Christina as I had before. She was a hot girl-with her tiny bare midriff exposed below her sexy tight breasts. Christina realized that although Johnnie was a nerd, he showed no fear in the way he looked at her.

“Go ahead, Johnnie, you can touch her if you want, can’t he Christina?!”

Christina Aguilera spun her head to face out the door window. She was now painfully aware that I wasn’t kidding, was humiliated and knew it was only going to get worse. Still though, the slut didn’t try to get away, not that she could have. “Christina?! You be nice to Johnnie now.” I turned around and started the car. As I pulled out of the parking lot I heard a little whimper, I looked in the rearview and saw Christina huddled against the door. He handcuffs exposed behind and to her side, as if she was retreating to the door for security. Johnnie had inched his way next to her, with his nose next to her head smelling the teeny singer’s soft blonde hair.

“Christina, you look at me, baby. Look at me.” Her eyes peaked out and looked at me in the rearview. “You can’t get away, baby. You let Johnnie give you some kisses, honey.” She pouted and couldn’t believe what was happening. “Go ahead Johnnie,” I said.

“Yeah.” Johnnie said in his nerdy voice, “Wow!! You’re pretty!!” He brought his nose right up to her blonde mane and took a deep whiff of Christina’s clean, shampooed hair. “Wow!!” he repeated.

“Go ahead and touch her, Johnnie. she won’t mind!” I said as I looked at the couple in the rearview mirror.

Johnnie brought his hands up and stroked her bare shoulders as Christina faced the window and moaned and shivered in revulsion.

“Christina.” I warned.

“Look perv!! I may have to do it, but I don’t have to like it! Fuck you!” she snapped at me as Johnnie’s insistent hands made their way up her silky bare arms and into her blonde hair.

“Fair enough, baby. This’ll make it more fun anyway. Go ahead and touch her, Johnnie. You know you want to. Anywhere you want! She’s all yours tonight!” I gleefully offered.

“Anywhere?!” he said, “Ooooh. how about her tummy. Yeah!” Johnnie slipped his hand down onto Christina Aguilera’s bare midriff and stroked her belly button.

“Oh.. God..” Christina was completely disgusted as she stared out into the night, trying to find something to focus on other than what this nerd of nerds was doing to her. Johnnie continued smelling Christina’s hair, and began to get bolder. He brought his face only inches from hers as he pressed her against the car door and sniffed her strawberry glossed lips.

“I’m gonna rub her tits!!” Johnnie said as his hand made its way up to those supple teenage mounds on Christina’s chest. He rubbed them over the material as he squeezed his body even closer to hers. He leaned in and licked Christina’s glossed lips as he squeezed her firm tits through her costume. “Yeah!!! You taste good. You’re gonna be my fun toy tonight. I’m going to slip my dick between your pussy lips. Yyyyeahh!!”

“Jesus. God. uhhhh.” Christina muttered in revulsion to no one in particular as she struggled against her handcuffs behind her back. He became even more aggressive. He started squeezing her tight tits harder. Christina had no choice but to submit to his insistent, groping hands.

“Give him a kiss Christina. Give him some nice deep sexy tongue kisses baby. He’s gonna grope you in the back seat, honey. Johnnie’s a virgin baby. You’re going to be his first-but he’s seen a lot of hard porn, baby, so he’ll know what to do with you. Johnnie, why don’t you lift up her top and squeeze her bare little nipples?” I chided Christina.

“Oooh, yeah!! Give me a kiss, baby!” Johnnie leaned in even further and crushed Christina’s tiny frame against the door. His tongue made its way to her lips.

“Kiss Johnnie, Christina! Open your mouth, slut. Let him taste you.” I ordered from the front seat.

Christina finally opened her mouth to let the nerd’s tongue in. Johnnie was really going whole hog on her tight tits as he squeezed them roughly through her top. As he kissed her aggressively, his hand slipped underneath her top and flipped it over one of her breasts. It was beautiful, all natural and perfectly sized with a tiny little nipple in its center. Johnnie’s tongue continued groping Christina’s young mouth as his fingers moved to squeeze the teenage pop star’s tiny erect nipple. Christina truly was like a dirty teenager on a prom date, only with a pair of steel handcuffs wrapped around her wrists and the biggest nerd on the planet having his way with her.

Meanwhile, I continued to drive to my cabin where the main events would take place. Johnnie continued to get bolder and more aggressive, and seemed to feed off of Christina’s disgust. He was getting payback for all the girls who’d teased his prick and left him hanging for so many years. Eventually, both her breasts were exposed underneath her tight white top, and Johnnie was tonguing her mouth like there was no tomorrow. He moaned as he kissed her and pinched, pulled and squeezed on her tight rack and her bare nipples. His hand eventually slipped down her tummy and under her pants as she tried to struggle even more, her bare arms straining against her handcuffs.

“NO!!!” she yelled.

Johnnie just laughed and slipped his hand under the helpless teenager’s waistline to grope her bare cunt. She strained against her handcuffs and squirmed to try to get away from him, but it was no use. Being very career savvy, she knew better than to try to hurt Johnnie, and risk me exposing her deviant sexual documentary but she was handcuffed in the back of a car while getting tit groped by the biggest nerd she’d ever seen. She was utterly humiliated, and being dominated by a disgusting pervert. He moaned his approval as he fingered her slit underneath her pants. “Nooo!!! Please, no!! No, no!!!!” Christina panted.

“She’s totally shaved!!” cried Johnnie. “Wow. are you a whore too?!” he asked excitedly as Christina squirmed to get away from Johnnie’s pussy groping. Christina was crumpled against the car door, her hair disheveled and she couldn’t get up because of her lack of usable arms.

Johnnie suddenly jumped up and screamed, “Look at this!” He pulled his hand out of her pants and raised it up. His fingers were glistening wet-Christina in spite of herself was enjoying her sexual humiliation-just as I suspected she might.

“Oooohhh… Christina, do you like being treated like a whore?” I asked her.

“Do you like it when Johnnie gropes your tight body!? Do you want to get fucked like a slut, baby!!?” I teased her. Johnnie laughed. “Johnnie, why don’t you sit over by the other door and force her to blow you!?” I said even as Johnnie was reinserting his hand under her pants and stuffed his finger deep in her young twat.

“Ohhhh-AHHHH.mMMMMMMMnya!” said Christina as she squirmed against the door.

“Johnnie,” I repeated, trying to get his attention, “Why don’t you bend Christina over and make her blow you with her wet mouth?”

“How do I.?” stammered Johnnie, not having any practical experience.

“Just grab her head, and bend her over and guide her wet mouth over your dick. You know how to do it, and Christina is a good teenage fuck. She knows what to do. Just pretend you’re in one of your porn movies, like gag factor and your making a tight young schoolgirl deep throat your cock in the back seat. Pretend she’s your prom date, celebrity cock tease that won’t give you any, and you have to TAKE it from her.”

“Oh yeah! Ok!” said Johnnie, obviously relating instantly to the prick tease payback vibe. He took his hand out of Christina’s pants and looked at it again. It dripped with wet girl juice from Christina’s tight slut hole. He wiped Christina’s stringy pussy juice on her hot young cheek before he cupped his hand around her shoulder and guided her head down to his crotch. When she was in position, with her knees on the back seat, her hands handcuffed behind her back, with her makeup smeared mouth only inches from his crotch, he unzipped his pants and took out his throbbing member.

Although Johnnie was the biggest nerd boy you’d ever meat, he was frighteningly well equipped in the sexual organ department. After all this prick teasing in the back seat, Johnnie was at full erection when he pulled his cock out. It sprang out of his pants and looked to be an outrageous 10 inches long, and not without a fair amount of girth either. Christina saw this monster and gave a gasp. I wasn’t sure whether it was happy surprise, or unhappy terror, but either way, she’d have her work cut out for her this evening. “She won’t bite will she?!” asked Johnnie as the tip of his giant dick rubbed his precum on Christina’s smooth cheek. He grabbed Christina’s light blonde hair and pulled it so she faced up at him. “You won’t bite will you, Christina!?”

“Of course she won’t, Johnnie. Feed her your dick.”

He kept a hold on her young blonde hair and guided his fuck stick in to Christina Aguilera’s open mouth. “AAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yeah. yeah yeah!!” He forced her head up and down several times and then once hard down and deep on to his cock so that a good 5 inches of it was buried into her mouth.

“GGGhahkkk!!” choked little Christina as she gagged on his dick deep in her mouth. I could see her bare back only minimally exposed by her hot white top heaved slightly as she tried to catch her breath.

“Careful there, Johnnie, you don’t want to hurt the little teenage slut!” I said.

“Yeah, sorry.” He guided his bitch’s head up and down on his cock, heeding my words, taking her just to the edge of her gag reflex. Johnnie instead turned to verbal abuse. “YEEAAH!! Baby. Suck it. Wrap your slut lips tighter around my hard shaft. Yeeaaaahhh!!” He pumped his blonde plaything’s head up and down his shaft. She gagged once, but he didn’t let go of the back of her head. “Ohh. you like that. come on. Suck it whore!!”

Johnnie man handled her tiny head as he pumped his dick deep in and out of Christina’s tight throat. Christina was reduced to becoming a simple, handcuffed, teenaged cock receptacle as her legs struggled underneath her to get leverage to get away from Johnnie’s long shaft, and her soft, thin arms strained against her handcuffs. Eventually, her legs failed her, and she lay prone on the back seat, with one leg pressed on the seat against the door, and the other hanging off the edge with her knee barely touching the floor of the car. “Yeah, bitch!!!” Johnnie screamed as he guided his blonde fuck toy’s head up and down on his rigid member-forcing her to deep throat five and then six inches of his donkey cock as she gagged and coughed, struggling to breath between thrusts. Thick white beads of girl drool slinked down the remainder of Johnnie’s shaft and pooled around his hairy balls as Christina was repeatedly throat fucked like a porn star. She struggled to breath between thrusts, but Johnnie was merciless as he held her cock filled throat in place for seconds at a time between breaks, only to release her as streams of drool escaped the corners of Christina’s glossed lips as she gagged and choked for breath.

“Easy Johnnie!! Easy! We’ve got all night with this girl you know! No need to wear her and yourself out too quickly.” I said as I watched Christina’s bare back heaving for breath as her left tit peaked down off the edge of the back seat.

“Yeah. yeah..” Johnnie said, trying to calm himself. “OK.. Ok. I’m gonna cum. I want to ejaculate my sperm all over her face!!!” he said in his nasal voice, almost matter of factly. Christina having been given a short respite regained her breath and moaned lightly.

“Well, no one’s stopping you, man!” I laughed. The road I was on was practically empty of traffic, so I had ample opportunity to mess with the review mirror and get a good look at isolated bits of the action behind me.

“Here. Christina. I’m going to show you how I cum.” Johnnie released her blonde hair, guided her so that she was lying on her back (with her handcuffed wrists pinned between her and the back seat), and he positioned himself so that his giant hard on was over her face.

I positioned my mirror so my view centered on Christina’s gorgeous face, which I could see was wet with spit and smeared with strawberry lip gloss all over her mouth. Her beautiful blonde hair was crumpled underneath her head-some strands sticking to her drool soaked cheeks. She was panting for breath, and her perky titties were exposed under her crumpled top, fully erect, betraying her excitement despite the less than ideal circumstances, and they heaved up and down with each breath she took. Johnnie wasn’t messing around with this girl-he really was looking for some payback! I was surprised at how fast he took to it. I might have to rein him in a little bit before long. He really seemed bent on using Christina to her limits, and I promised we wouldn’t hurt her after all.

“Wow, you should see her pants!!” Johnnie exclaimed. “They’re positively soaked with her girl juice!! That’s a sign of sexual arousal you know!” Johnnie proclaimed. “This girl must like it when guys stuff dicks way down her throat!”

I turned around quickly to see for myself. Sure enough there was a dark wet spot on Christina’s tight white pants between her legs. She must have been just oozing pussy juice. I LOVED that she was turned on by what Johnnie was doing to her.

“You..” ::pant:: “You FUCKING perverts!! Let me FUCKING go!” ::pant:: Christina finally got a chance to say something now that her mouth wasn’t full of either tongue or dick.

“Oh, Christina. we can’t do that! Well, we can, but only if you don’t mind that tape getting out in the open!” I teased her.

“Uhhhh.. Please!!!” Christina writhed underneath Johnnie’s body, straining against her handcuffs underneath her. “Please… just. just let my hands go. Uhhhh!! Please. PLEASE!!!” she begged.

“OOooohhhhh. I see. Do you want to cum, Christina!?” I realized what she wanted. “You want to finger your soaked pussy hole so you can cum, baby!? You LIKE Johnnie don’t you, baby. You like the way Johnnie treats you!?” God she was even more of a slut that I imagined!

“Nooo. Dammit!! Let me go. GOD. let me go. I need to cum. I NEED TO CUM!!!”

I laughed at the writhing bitch in the back seat, as I looked at her drool soaked face in the rearview mirror while she looked back at me. “No.” I said flatly. “You haven’t been a good enough girl. Johnnie, why don’t you finish up?”

“Noo. PLEASE. get this creep off of me!!” Christina struggled.

“Ok.” Johnnie said. “I want to smell you, little girl!” Johnnie said, as he reached back behind him and peeled her white soaked pants down to her thighs. Christina’s girl juice scent wafted over the car. She was fucking wet, and her shaved pussy was ripe with scent. “Yeahhh!! That’s a hot girl!” Johnnie said. “Ok, Christina, I’m going to rub my cock. I’m going to rub it up and down like this.” Johnnie was in full on nerd mode as he clinically described what he was doing. “Yeah, you just lay there. You lay there and watch my fat penis as it throbs next to your face.”

Christina lay there, still catching her breath, but surprisingly doing what she was told. Her eyes fixed on Johnnie’s ten inch fuck stick as he stroked it.

“ I’m going to rub my penis with my hand.” His nasal voice made him sound like a know it all geek who knew he was better that she was as he treated her like a three year old. “Yeah, you see my testicles? Do you see those hairy balls dangling down just above your chin? Those are my testicles. Yeah. they bounce up and down as I rub my dick.”

Christina had no choice but to lay there-Johnnie’s balls bouncing against her chin as he droned on with calculated calm while he stroked himself to climax. She was clearly completely disgusted at having to submit to this freak, but at the same time she clearly couldn’t help but be excited by it. “You fucking perv!” she said as she shook her head back and forth and smile unbelievingly at this geek boy with the freak show dick.

“Quiet now!! You. you. slut!” Johnnie clearly wasn’t comfortable with the word. “I’m talking. Now.” With his other hand, he grabbed a fistful of Christina’s hair on the top of her head, making sure he head was pinned to the seat under his monster rod. “Yyyess. I’m stroking my penis, and I’m going to pull down on it, and point my hole toward your face. Uhhh. yes. yes, I’m going to point my dick right at the tip of your nose. Ohhh!!” Johnnie was clearly getting close. “Yes, and soon… soon I’m going to ejaculate my semen right into your face.” His nasal ‘I’m better than you’ voice was in full tilt now. “Yeah.. Ohhh. yeah. See? I’m going to ejaculate. We call that cuming. I’m going to cum in your face. Yeahh. yeah. yeah. Now, I’m cumming. I’m cumming now.” With that a thick white squirt of Johnnie’s man juice erupted from his hole and hit its target at the tip of Christina Aguilera’s nose. It oozed down the bridge and sides of her nose and onto her cheeks. “Yes. I’m ejaculating my sperm into your face!” he said with cool precision as another thick white glob emerged from his dick, this time landing on her forehead just above her eyes. Christina’s head was pinned down, she had no choice but to sit there and accept Johnnie’s hot sperm on her young pop star face. “Yes, I’m now having an orgasm.” Said Johnnie as another few thick white spurts covered her cheeks and the ridge of her mouth under her nose. “Yes, I’m coating your teenage face with reproductive sperm.” More globs of sperm oozed out onto her mouth, which she kept tightly closed. By now her eyes were closed as well as the thick drops of sperm were starting to snake down her forehead, nose and cheeks as Johnnie’s dick just kept on pumping. “Yes. you’re making me have an orgasm now. My sperm from my testicles is merging with my semen from my prostate and my penis is squirting my ejaculate all over your young slut face.” He said as if he was teaching a class. His dick just didn’t stop. He was positively coating Christina’s face and hair with the thickest white man seed I’d ever seen. I guess his dick size matched his cum volume, cuz DAMN. “Good, now I’ll slide down and point my dick at your chin.” He did as his dick oozed white sperm onto her chin. It dipped down onto her neck as the rest of his sperm was released onto her smeared lips. Johnnie finally finished cumming. “Yes. I just ejaculated onto your face. Now I don’t care about you, you filthy, gooey girl. I have to go through a refractory period before I’ll want you again.” Johnnie wiped what remained of his sperm into Christina’s blonde hair. He then released her hair from his fist, and maneuvered himself so he could pull up his pants. Christina Aguilera’s face was soaked with thick white man sperm. It dripped down her nose off her cheeks and into her hair. She still couldn’t move, as she was handcuffed and her legs were partially bound by her own pants, which had been pulled down to her thighs. Her eyes were pasted shut with Johnnie’s semen and she just lay there like a hot, blonde, teenage sperm receptacle. Johnnie pulled his pants up and true to his word; he climbed over into the front passenger seat and just left here there.

“Wow!! I just used Christina Aguilera to have an orgasm!” Johnnie had a gift for stating the obvious.

“Yes.. Yes you did.” I said, still shocked at how willing this virgin was to completely use this girl without remorse.

Christina was completely disheveled. Her lipstick was smeared, her young tits were exposed under her crumpled, tight top, and her pants were lewdly stretched across her tight thighs as her bald pussy literally dripped its juice onto the back seat of my car. Her face was plastered with thick drops of cum as I said, “That’s good Christina. Good little fuck toy. All the guy’s are going to want to come to you to dump off their hot white cum, baby. That’s a hot little cum-receptacle bitch!” I smiled at her, as she tried to recover from her forced blowjob and monster face blasting, nerd style-knowing that that was only the beginning.

“You… sick.. perverted. fuckers!” she said as drops of Johnnie’s cum entered her young mouth. For the rest of the ride to the cabin, Johnnie and I both enjoyed watching the little pop star struggle to turn over and sit up, trying to wipe Johnnie’s copious amounts of sperm off her face, and trying to avoid the puddle of pussy juice she’d created for her self to sit in. Christina was a sex soaked mess.


At long last we arrived at my cabin. I had turned on the heat earlier in the day in anticipation of tonight’s festivities. The first order of business was to get Christina out of the car and clean her up-her face and hair was still a complete mess from the caked on cum that clung to her. She clearly didn’t want to give either of us the satisfaction of trying to lick Johnnie’s excess cum off her chin, and given that she was unable to free her hands, she was forced to settle for wiping what she could off onto her bare shoulders and the car seat. She was only marginally successful. I enjoyed every minute of it.

“Does little Christina need to clean up?” I mocked her as I stopped the car. “Johnnie, lets get Christina into the bathroom and clean up her face. We’ll want her to look nice and pretty before we use her some more, right?” I said.

“We do? I kinda like her like that..” Johnnie said, leering at Christina’s cum dried face.

“Fuck you!” exclaimed Christina, knowing full well we were only just starting to humiliate her.

I snickered at her and got out of the car. Johnnie followed, as I opened Christina’s door and grabbed her by her golden soft hair. “Come on Christina, let’s go in and get fucked baby.” I pulled on her hair and forced her to stand up out of the car. “You’re not being a very good girl, Christina.” I scolded. I pulled her head back by her hair and led her toward the cabin. “What a little naughty little teenage bitch!”

She whimpered as I guided her into the cabin and immediately led my little fuck toy into the bathroom. I unlocked her handcuffs, much to her relief and she immediately set the task of going to the sink and cleaning up her gorgeous cum caked face. “God, what a whore.” I said behind her as I leered at her in the mirror. “Christina, I want you to get all cleaned up nice and good, and then I want you to put that dress on,” I pointed toward the back of the door. There hung the dress (or lack thereof) Christina wore for the MTV awards. She looked at it, and then shot me a dirty look.

I’m not putting that on your fucking perv!” She said with a smile on her face.

“Christina, I’m growing very impatient with you, little girl.” I told her. “You are going to put that dress on. You are going to be very nice to me and my friend Johnnie for the rest of the night. You are going to get thoroughly fucked in all your little teenage holes. You are going to be humiliated and treated like the tight little cock-teasing bitch that you are. What’s more you’re going to be so fucking wet as a result that you won’t know what to do with yourself. Now, if you’re a good little slut you won’t be exposed for the whore you are, and we might just allow you to cum tonight. If not, you won’t cum, and tomorrow you’re naked tight little fuck toy body will be all over the internet-along with your designer dog collar and cum plastered face.”

She stood silent. “Now, get your face cleaned up you dirty little girl, get that whore dress on, and come back out so we can have some fun.”

She said, “Ok..” She knew she had no choice, and I knew, given my knowledge of her deviant behavior in the past, that she could be forced to be doing a lot worse than getting cum plastered. She set back to cleaning herself up.

I decided to leave the bathroom door open so we could watch the show. I said, “don’t close this door, slut.” Johnnie and I leered at Christina from the other room as we watched her take her rumpled costume off her naked teenage body and sip into the non-dress that covered her on the MTV awards last year. What a hot little girl.

When she was finally done, Johnnie and I got up and went into the bathroom. “Christina,” I said. “You look really fuckin’ fine, baby.” I grabbed one of her small tits through her dress and groped her. My other hand made its way down to her clit and started rubbing it through her panties as I backed her against the bathroom counter.

“Hey, I thought she was my birthday present!” Johnnie said from behind me.

“You’re right. sorry.” I released Christina’s supple tit and let her stand back up. “Got carried away there.” “Turn around Christina.”

She reluctantly obeyed, and was now facing the wall length mirror in front of her. She was barely wearing anything as a result of that dress, and we could do whatever we wanted with her. I grabbed one of her thin wrists and snicked the handcuffs back on her. She protested by trying to squirm away and she began whining again. “Nooooooo!! Let me go!!!”

“Christina, that’s it.” I said as I pushed her against the counter top and held her there with my weight as I handcuffed her other wrist. “Your little girl whining makes me hot baby. I want you to get on your knees over there right by the toilet.”

“No. You’re disgusting!!!” She protested.

I grabbed her beautiful blonde mane (still caked with Johnnie sperm as we didn’t give her a chance to clean that up) and pulled her head back as I forced her to walk toward the toilet. Once there, I pulled her head back farther and forced little Christina Aguilera on her knees beside the toilet. “Johnnie, bare with me a minute.” He was all too happy to watch as I still held Christina by the hair forcing her on her knees, with her hands cuffed behind her back. With my other hand, I released my cock from my pants. I then said, “Christina wanna watch me pee? Huh, little girl. oh you want to smell my pee, baby. Get up nice and close.” I said as I forced her head only inches from my cock.

“Nooo!!! Nooooooo!!!” She whined.

“God what a fuckin’ slut.” I said as I forced her to watch my cock piss into the toilet bowl. “Little celebrity whores like you like to watch guys piss don’t you? You like the smell don’t you baby. it turns you on. God what a slut you are. Who taught you how to be such a teenage slut, baby!?” I humiliated her as her face was only inches from my spurting dick. I finished peeing and flicked a couple of final drops off-still with a firm grip on young Christina’s fine hair. “Now it’s time for me to get off baby.” I said as I stuffed my raging hard on into her young mouth.

“Yeah baby.” I said. “Spread your legs, baby..” She complied as much as she could as her knees spread apart on the bathroom floor as I stuffed my dick down her celebrity throat. I pumped my dick inside Christina’s tiny mouth and with each slow thrust I went further and further in. I deliberately fucked the teenager’s nubile throat as I was anticipating making her gag.

“Good girl.. Good little girl.” I praised her like a child. I stared down at Christina Aguilera spread legged, and in about a quarter of a dress that she had worn on national television, as I pumped my rock hard dick in and out of her mouth. Finally she gagged on my dick. I didn’t pause my deliberate pumping. “YEAHHH. that’s a good fuck hole”. I pumped again.

“GGACKKKKKKK” She choked. I loved humiliating and using this cockteaser.

“What a little slut!”

“GGGAAACCCCCCCKHHHHHHHHGG” she fought for breath as I pulled out. Then in again.


“Hot little fuck!”

“PPPHHHGGGCCCHHAA” she gagged on my hard dick.

I stared down at her blue dress and massive amounts of perfect skin as she gagged on my dick and couldn’t wait to coat this girls face with my cum. Christina was getting quite the bitch’s workout down there. I pulled my dick out and pulled her hair up-forcing her to stand. She tried to catch her breath and gain her balance as I licked her cheek then pulled her hair down again and made her sit on the toilet.

“Pee Christina.” I told her.

Breathing heavily and grateful for the brief break, she said, “but I still have my panties on!”

“Shut up slut. I want you to pee while you gag on my dick. just like a good slut.” With that I forced my dick down her throat again.


“Pee baby. pee for me.”

She gagged once more as she spread her legs on the toilet.

“Come on bitch. show me and Johnnie what a whore you are!”

She gagged on my dick repeatedly as my hands on the back of her head forced her to take my long prick in her mouth. I heard the trickle of urine hitting water as the slut started to pee into the toilet while she serviced my dick with her teenage mouth.

“That’s right whore. what a slut.”

She continued pissing through her soaked panties–yellow urine dribbled into the bowl as she deep throated my dick simultaneously until I was about to cum. “Yeah baby. yeah. “I forced her throat to take my cock again and again as Johnnie watched this little bitch piss while she sucked my dick. I couldn’t take it anymore. Finally, on one especially long stroke down Christina’s fuckable throat, I squirted my first load straight down her neck and into her waiting young tummy. She immediately gagged and arrested her peeing as I continued to come all over her pretty teenage face. I held her head as I stroked my cock and spurt after spurt of white cum landed on her cheeks, her lips, her nose, her forehead and hair. I couldn’t believe I was having my way with young Christina Aguilera. Who’d of thought she was such a dirty slut. When I finished plastering this young celebrity’s face with my cum, I finally released her and turned to Johnnie. “What do you want to do with her, Johnnie?”


Christina was beginning to catch her breath as I released one of her hands from the cuffs. She tried to wipe my cum off her face with her bare hands while still sitting on the toilet. Her MTV dress, while a bit mussed, was still dutifully clinging to her rail thin 19 year old body. Her panties were soaked with her pee and her legs were still spread apart over the toilet while she tried to compose her face. I had gone into the other room with Johnnie and sat on the couch, watching Christina catch her breath on the toilet.

“Can I wash my face you fuckers?!” asked Christina impatiently.

“Why don’t we Bukkake her?” Johnnie said excitedly as he leered at Christina Aguilera’s messy young face. She shot him a look of death.

“Yes Christina, you can wash up you dirty little girl. Make yourself all pretty for us baby.” I teased her, knowing that this humiliated her even more and that she would think twice about cleaning herself up just to spite me. She knew that we were far from done with making her messy. “You can only use the sink though-and don’t you dare wash that cum caked hair of yours baby!! There’s a nice sexy bikini for you to where on the counter, baby. And don’t close the door slut.” I watched Christina get up off the dirty toilet, and one of her tiny tits popped out of her blue dress. She hurriedly pulled her top back up and looked at us, hoping that we didn’t see, but finding us smiling back leering at her. “Nah.,” I told Johnnie, “we can’t do that, really. I mean, don’t get me wrong I’d love to cake her slutty face with cum, but there’s only two of us, and we can’t get anyone else-at least not tonight. It’s not what I told Christina we would do, and I at least should stick to my word. Besides you’re cum monster, man! We’ll be coating her face with plenty of cum tonight anyway.

“Yeah.. You’re right. What about.. Hmm… What about if we make her fuck a dog.”

“God man, you’re sick! I mean, yeah, I’m up for humiliating her but let’s be reasonable!” Christina had the water on and was cleaning my cum off of her beautiful young face.

“OK, ok. what about. what about if you make her put on a strap on and make her dominate me. like I’m the little girl. She could make me suck her dick and then fuck me in the ass. Then. then we could make her dress up like a little high school girl with pony tales and all, and then. like. put nice dark lipstick on her and then fuck her up the ass like Max Hardcore does, and then do a little mini bukkake on her! Or we could cum in a condom and make her eat out of it. Oooh! Yeah!”

“Wow. you’ve got a full night planned don’t you!? Yeah, that would probably work…if you really want to surrender to her. From what I hear about her, she might be into that. She’s liable to be pretty rough-treating you like we’ve been treating her.”

“Well, she’ll get hers. that’s the beauty part! I’ll choke fuck her with a nice lubed condom on and then cum while my rubber covered dick is down her throat. Then I’ll make her sit on her hands and knees and then feed Christina my cum! And then. then you can have her!”

“Well, ok,” I laughed, “but you’re really going to have to be careful. I know she enjoys being humiliated to a certain degree, but it’s not cool if we hurt her. So you really need to reign it in there a little bud. make sure your careful with her.”

“Yeah yeah. whatever. just go get her and tell her what to do!”

He was quite gung ho about this. I wasn’t sure he knew what he was getting into, but hey. I thought Christina would enjoy it-from what I heard she was quite the sexual animal, and given what she’d been through so far those rumors had turned out to be true. Should be interesting to say the least… I went into the bathroom where she was just finishing up and getting dressed in her bikini, and I closed the door behind me. “Hey, honey.. how are you holding up?”

“You guys are sick!! You know that?! And THAT guy. he’s . god he’s a freak DONKEY DICK who needs to SHUT THE FUCK UP! I can’t believe you’re making me fuck that piece of shit loser NERD boy! God, what a FUCK!” She exclaimed almost laughing.

I could see that in spite of her predicament and having to do this for me, she had a real appetite for humiliation and abuse. She may not have chosen me and she definitely wouldn’t have chosen Johnnie, but she’d done stuff like this before. “Yeah, I know.. But you’re such a hot fuck-doll that we can’t help ourselves. look. You’re doing real good tonight Christina.”

“Great. that’s great.” She said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “Not that I have any fucking choice!!’ She let go a sly smirk from her wet lips, “You really do know how to choke fuck a girl though.” She smiled with her eyebrows raised and bit her bottom lip.

I was almost ready to go at her again, but resisted, “Listen slut. you be careful about your lip. You’re not even half done tonight, cunt.” She smiled while burying her tongue in her cheek defiantly. “Ok, whore. here’s what we’re still going to do you tonight. You’re going to get dressed up like a little girl and choke fucked again. you’re going get a leg spreader put on and forced to take our cocks down your sweet cunt. We’re going to pull your hair. call you a slut. call you a little celebrity cock gagger, we’ll spank your ass until it’s bright red, just like a naughty girl’s ass should be, then we’re going to fuck your ass just like I fucked your tight young throat. And that’s just the beginning. So all this will happen, no matter what. You’ll get treated like a naughty little sex toy. In fact, I don’t like you standing there. why don’t you sit down on the floor in front of me baby..?”

Her demeanor changed back to one of reluctant submission. She looked down at the dirty floor, and looked back at me. “Squat Christina.” God she looked good in that bikini. She squatted for me. “Open your legs. good girl… good little Christina Aguilera. Now pull your bikini bottom aside for me so I can see your nice tight cunt.” She looked down, then at me. she looked at me with pleading eyes.

“No. come on I’ll be good!”

“Too late. show me your pussy, you blonde slut. Show me that pussy I’m going to fuck.” She pulled her bikini aside and showed me her tiny shaved cunt while she looked up at me with her big blue eyes. “Good girl. show me that cunt that my nerd friend Johnnie is going to fuck. oh yeah.” She looked down. “Look at me Christina. show me that little slit. finger your self. Stick your tongue out for me baby..” She looked up at me again. “Stick your tongue out bitch. nice and soft.” She slowly stuck her tongue out while she pulled her bottoms to one side with one hand and started fingering her pussy lips while she looked at me. “Oh yeah, baby. entertain me. Show me what a fuck toy you are.” I took my dick out of my pants and started stroking it right in front of her extended tongue. “Good little girl. good girl. Fuck your slit with your finger baby… stick it in for me. Spread your little legs. good girl. Stick your tongue out for me. good girl!!” She was a very compliant little cunt. she started easing her finger into her hole as she struggled to remain balanced and follow my other directions. I wacked off while I watched Christina Aguilera give me my own personal show on the floor of my bathroom. “Oh I’m gonna fuck you Christina. I’m going to fuck you like a whore..” I wacked off in front of her face enough to lather up some pre-cum, then I squeezed as much of it out and deposited on her waiting tongue. “Oh. good little girl. GOOD girl!” I praised her. “Stay there… who said you could take your finger out of your sopping wet cunt, baby!? Now. this is your big chance for payback my little plaything. Johnnie over there would like you to fuck him like a girl. Can you do that baby? Can you strap on a rubber dick and fuck my friend Johnnie for me. Dress him up, baby, and treat him just like men treat little teeny sluts like you. Can you do that baby?” I stroked my cock some more, lathering up some more pre cum.

Christina looked sharply up at me with a smile on her face. She was dutifully rubbing her cunt and beaming at the idea of treating Johnnie like he treated her earlier. “Oh yeah. I can do that.” She rubbed her clit as she was clearly starting to get off on the idea. I rubbed another drop of pre sum off on Christina’s cheek as I towered above the pussy fingering, pop star slut.

“That’s right baby… finger your clit. pump your cunt with your finger. You want to fuck Johnnie don’t you? You want to dress him up like a little girl and stove pipe him until you cum don’t you baby?”

“Oh yeah. yeah.” Christina was pumping herself with her finger while she looked up at me. I dropped another dollop of precum on her parted teenage lips.

“Beg me baby. beg me to let you man-handle Johnnie like a little girl. don’t you want to shave him. and throat gag him with your rubber dick? Beg me bitch. beg me for it.”

‘Oh please. please.” She begged as she looked up at me with her little girl eyes, frantically rubbing her self as she squatted on her knees, her legs spread wide obediently in front of me.

“Please what slut?” I asked. I was working up a lather, my pre cum flowed out of my dick, depositing little drops her and there all over her pretty face as she finger fucked her slippery, shaved cunt.

“Please let me . let me stove pipe Johnnie with my rubber dick and throat fuck him until I come… please baby?” She was clearly about to cum. She sent herself over the top with her own words. I grabbed her hair and forced her to look at me while she came. “Let me .. Ohhhh OHHHH. let me pump him just like a .. Like a girl. OOOAHHHHHHHHAHAAAHH . OAHHH!!!” She looked up at me with her deep blue eyes as she fingered her cunt to orgasm. I rubbed the head of my dick all over her lips, chin, cheek and nose as little drops of pre-cum smeared her face. “Ahhhh. AHHHH.. FUCK. FUCK YOU!! OH my God. Oh my God!” She desperately rubbed her young pussy, with the wet slurping sounds filling the bathroom as I stroked my lather onto her pleasure racked face. “OH MY GOD!!! FFFFFFFFFFUUUCCCCKKKKKKKKKKuh!!” The young blonde Christina finally finished orgasming underneath my rock hard dick. She managed not to fall, and remained squatted in front of me with her legs open showing me her cunt.

“Mmmm. good cunt. Now,” I released her hair. “Go get ‘im Christina baby. You have one hour.” I unsnicked her dangling handcuffs from her other wrist.

She unsteadily got herself up and looked at Johnnie with that big amazing smile on her face. She bit her bottom lip. She clearly couldn’t wait for the payback she was going to give him for the car throat fuck and cum plastering he gave her.

To be continued.?

Author’s Note: Thanks for reading my silly story. Constructive feedback would be most welcome. Please email me at

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