Christina Goes To The Beach

Christina Goes to the Beach
by Red Eye

*This story is completely fictional. The accounts here in do not
reflect any of the actual views or sexual practices of Ms Ricci. There
is no intent at slandering the lovely woman being made by the author*

Christina woke up around 7 in the morning, this had been happening a
lot lately because of the early filming of her latest movie The Legend
of Sleepy Hollow. But since the movie was done filming she wished her
body would quit waking her at this time it was the third morning

Still groggy from the lack of sleep she couldn’t muster the energy to
get out of the bed, but she couldn’t fall back to sleep either.
Completely nude beneath her red silk sheets she felt exquisite lying
right were she was, and soon her hand made it’s way to her crotch. She
wasn’t quite wet yet but a few strokes on her extra sensitive clit and
that all changed in a hurry. Her neatly trimmed pussy throbbed as she
rubbed her fingers over the outer lips and finally inserted a finger
inside of herself. She gasped and moaned as she felt the orgasm starting
in her abdomen, then she let out a slight cry of triumph as the first
orgasm of the day wracked her body.

Contented and at the same time energized she now got up to face the day.
After a quick shower and some breakfast she drove to Oceanside near San
Diego to spend a long deserved vacation at the beach. The drive Down was
uneventful except for the occasional advertisement for Sleepy Hollow.
That slogan was beginning to be funny "Heads will roll!"

"Yep," she decided, "It was going to be a very nice day."

When she got to Oceanside she changed into her little black bikini, and
strolled down the beach. She walked along the surf and let the cool
water wash over her bare feet, relishing the feel of the warm earth
mixed with the cool spray. The Sun was bright over head and the beach
was so very relaxing. She was lost in thoughts of past visits to the
beach. . . "Are you Christina Ricci?" The male voice brought her back to
her senses.

"Yes I am" She responded turning to see a very wonderful looking young
man in shimmering blue swim trunks. He had dark mysterious brown eyes
and was very well built in the upper body and his legs. She smiled at
him, he tousled his sandy brown hair when she did this.

"Um, I’m Steven Simms, um that doesn’t matter though, I uh um, I’ve had
such a crush on you since the first Adams Family movie. I was like 11 or
something but that’s not important. . . OH hell!"

Christina giggled at this, flattered by his loss of composure for her,
and at the same time enchanted by those dark eyes and angular features.
"It’s OK, thank you," she responded. From then on she could have told
him to strangle himself with barbed wire and he would have. "Do you want
to walk down the beach with me Steve."

"Me, sure, I’d, I’d like that."

They walked for about half an hour talking and Steven kept starring at
her in her bikini. ‘She’s fuckin’ gorgeous’ he thought. ‘the things I’d
like to do to her’. He watched her very trim and sexy body sway as they
walked and he felt the blood gathering in his genitals. The trouble was
she noticed too and he saw it. ‘shit busted!’ Instead of her telling him
to get lost though she marveled at the size of him through the trunks.
She turned and kissed him, kind of on impulse.

"Oh My God, Christina Ricci just kissed me!" Steven was clearly shocked
and his color was drained, not from fright mind you but that all the
blood in his body was now in his dick.

"I’ll do more if you want." she lustfully replied.

"Where?" he asked immediately.

"Hotel room." she suggested.

"I’m sorry I don’t. . ."

"No need I have plenty of that." She responded knowing he was going to
say he was broke. "Let’s go find one."

They walked back to her car and drove to a Hilton near the beach. After
paying the man at the desk, and from what Steven saw it was substantial,
they went up to their room. The whole way there all they had done was
put shirts on and Christina put on a pair of jogging pants so their
clothes were easy to remove which they did in what seemed to take just a

They climbed into bed together and soon began kissing. Christina traced
the line of his lips with her tongue and Steven sucked her tongue into
his mouth when she was finished. His hands went for her perfectly formed
tits, his thumbs rubbing the nipples while massaging mound. She sighed
under the kiss and let her hand drift down to his already throbbing
member. She engulfed him with both hands and began tickling his shaft
while he continues squeezing her tits and wrestling her tongue with his.

Steven Broke the kiss to capture one of her nipples in his mouth and
sucking on it hard. He flicked the nub with his tongue while he sucked
driving her to the point of madness. Then his hand snaked it’s way down
to her cunt relishing the feeling of the small soft, V-shaped patch of
hair above her prize. When he found her moist core and buried his
fingers in her she yelped and clutched him to her crushing his face to
her breast. He quickened his pace then driving his fingers into her and
causing her hips to jerk involuntarily toward his incessant fingers. She
kissed him as she came, her lips were red hot and they made him
delirious like good liquor.

He descended her body then, planting kisses along her stomach and upper
thighs, then finally burring his tongue deep within her sweet wet hole.
"Ohh, yea," She moaned as his tongue caressed the sensitive flesh of her
pussy. "Oh, Steve, suck on my clit for me." As with before he would have
done anything she demanded so he began to suck on her clit rolling it
back and forth with his tongue. She came quickly when he started that,
gushing fluids into his mouth and onto the sheets.

"Oh that was so good." Christina said, lust filling her eyes as she
looked at him. "Lay down!" she commanded in her soft but firm voice. He
did as he was told. She started licking her way around his dick paying
special attention to lick the head every now and again. Then she put his
9" dick into her mouth as far as it would go, and she sucked hard on his
pecker making him gasp. He had never felt a better blow job in his life,
her lips formed perfectly around his shaft and the sight of those
beautiful blue eyes starring at him with his dick in her mouth finally
drove him over the edge with lust.

He roughly pulled her up next to him, easy as she only weighed about 105
lb. Once she was lying next to him he lifted her legs and sat her feet
on his shoulders as he inserted his prick within her. "Damn, it’s so
big." she said gasping as he put the full length within her. "Ohhh,
please fuck me Steve!" she demanded, He started slowly at first moving
the entire length from her and then placing it back in slowly and with
purpose. She gasped and her cunt dribbled a bit more juice out and
around his dick. He moved a little harder now but not much faster,
slowly moving out and then slamming back in. She gasped with every
inward stroke, and after a time her hips began bouncing off the
mattress, showing her need for him to get down to business. So he did,
she wrapped her legs around his back as he began to pick up the pace. He
drove in and out of her cunt with lightning speed. Christina was
screaming now, "yes, Oh Fuck Yessss, OH, OH Ahhhh!" her screams mixed
with the sloshing sound coming down below filled the room and
reverberated off the wall. As Steven got close he had a lapse of
consideration, he pulled out and jerked off onto her stomach. A guttural
"OH fuck yea." came out of him as he collapsed next to her.

They laid together that night, in each other’s arms and as Christina
drifted of to sleep completely drained and exhausted, she knew that
tonight she was not going to have such trouble sleeping.

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