Christina Hendricks – Cockpuppet – Part 2

Story Title: Christina Hendricks – Cockpuppet – Part 2
Author’s Name: Viper_Noj
Content Codes: MF, Cons, Oral
Celebs: Christina Hendricks
Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

Laid out on her bed, Christina Hendricks pushed back into the deep pillows as she rubbed her thick vibrator over clit, sliding it back and forth in firm, controlled strokes at her delicate button. She’d had a long day and now wanted nothing more than some deep soulful release. It’d started with her fingers, stroking over her neat strip of naturally blonde hair to her clit, working over and around it, accelerating circles before letting her fingertips glide down to split her lips and slip through her slick heat within. Adding her other hand to continue the work at her clit, she’d delved a finger and then two inside herself, shivering at the pleasure of penetration in the process, working her hands in unison on herself. But it wasn’t enough, feeling a distinct lack of satisfaction in it all despite the pleasure; a disconnection.

So she’d resorted to her vibrator, the thick rubber toy buzzing in her hand now as she stroked it back and forth over her clit, the tingle spreading through her more deeply than the work of her fingers had. But she was still frustrated by it, unable to find her groove despite distinctly wanting an orgasm and having been feeling the urge for much of the day. Pausing with a sigh, Christina just stared at the ceiling for a few moments, the buzzing vibrator resting against her hip patiently. There was no doubt she was feeling up for it, just it wasn’t working. Glancing around and taking in the room, she looked idly across her dresser until her eyes were caught by the neat, sharp card tucked into the edge of the mirror; his card, the one he had slipped so suavely into her bra after their illicit party encounter weeks before. Without even thinking, her hand slipped to her chest, starting to squeeze at her huge breast and tweak slightly at her nipple in the process as her eyes stayed fixated on it.

As she stared at the card, memories flooded back into her mind of her night with him, her brief encounter. It wasn’t the first time it had crossed her mind since, though not in quite the same situation. As she thought of him and his huge, thick cock she let the vibrator slip back onto her clit, the buzzing spreading through her once again, but more intently this time as it should do. The thought of his nine inches of throbbing cock lingered in her mind as the vibrating toy spread the right sensations through her, thinking of the piercing through the tip and the unique angle it had put on things. Squeezing harder at her chest, she thought of how he had pinned her down, rendering her powerless as he’d slipped his cock between her huge breasts, which she had so dutifully pushed up for him to enjoy. She pulled her knees up and spread her legs more now as she reminisced, opening up to work the toy more firmly at her clit, shivering and breathing deeper now as she did so.

She closed her eyes as she thought of him pushing against her chest powerfully as she leaned down to lick and suck at the tip, catching his ring with her tongue before he had knelt up over her and pushed himself properly into her mouth, taking her efforts for a blowjob. Christina thought of the thick, throbbing feel of him, his huge cock pulsing in her mouth as she had worked at him, sucking and licking intently to bring him maximum pleasure, focused only on doing her utmost for him at that moment. And then when he had tired of her doing that, he had enjoyed her chest more only to then suddenly take something else he had wanted of her despite her token protests. Pulling her feet off the bed, Christina shuddered with a deep gasp as she pushed the vibrating toy inside her, slipping easily into her juicy pussy as she imagined the moment he had snatched a handful of her rich, vibrant red hair and pinned her to the bed, stroking himself into a hard climax over her. She arched from the bed tightly and pushed the dildo deeply inside herself as she thought of the sensation at his hot, thick load shooting across her face, remembering the primal sounds of relief and exhilaration as he’d exploded after enjoying all he’d wanted from her.

She gave a couple of slow thrusts into her pussy, the toy shaking insistently as she trembled at its touch now, thinking of the aftermath of that moment and then what else he had wanted from her, what she had so specifically refused him; the chance to slide himself properly inside her, stretch her, fuck her. Christina opened her eyes and looked down her body, past her groping hand, to where she buried the toy inside herself. Slipping it slowly back out, she imagined it was him sliding slowly but powerfully inside her, taking her completely and regardless of her wants, shuddering powerfully and dropping her head back to the pillows with a ragged gasp as she pushed it to the hilt. It wasn’t big enough, nowhere near as big as him, but right now she was lost in the moment as she imagined giving him all he wanted, his long, thick cock gliding deeply inside her, stretching her out around him. It was doing the trick as she started to thrust the toy long and hard into a stimulating rhythm, the vibrating dildo easily sliding in and out of her, lighting up her nerve endings as it did so. Deep moans of pleasure escaped her as she hand pawed at her chest, her other hand working the toy swifter and harder into her juicy pussy as her climax approached quickly.

She’d got herself built up through her frustrated attempts but now it was all coming to fruition as she gasped intently in pleasure, feeling almost overwhelmed by the sudden speed with which her orgasm rushed up on her. There was no way she would stop though, her aching wrist working harder and faster as she gave in to the pleasure, working the vibrator intently as her gasps turned to grunting growls of ecstasy as she shuddered in climax, her toes curling and knees pulling together as she arched from the bed tightly again. The orgasm spread immediately through her, tingling up her spine as she whined in climax, her hand grabbing her chest hard, the other moving to a blur as she jammed the toy intently in and out of herself to sustain the peak as she trembled on the bed. Thrusting her hips up into the toy, she imagined it was him driving himself inside her, making her sweet pussy swallow him up all the way to the hilt as he pinned her down on the bed, taking her, dominating her.

As her climax faded, she gave a few final, long strokes of the toy into her squeezing body with rolls of her hips, giving a last push and then flopping onto the bed, her knees sagging apart as the air was broken only by the sound of the vibrating still buzzing inside her for a moment before she switched it off. She winced slightly as she lowered her legs down to the bed, giving a gasp as her stiffened hips relaxed, her feet dropping back onto the bed as she let her head sag to the side on the pillows, spreading her arm out to the side to brush it lazily over the sheets. She took a moment to slide the toy back out of herself, dropping it aside on the bed with a sigh before she surrendered to the satisfaction and release washing over her, sinking back into the bed and shutting her eyes again, tangled in her long red hair.

Christina didn’t know how long it was, but when she lazily turned her head and opened her eyes they locked straight onto his card, wedged crisply into her mirror frame, sending another little flutter through her as she lay naked on the bed. It was the hardest she’d climaxed in a long time, and all thanks to the thought of him burying his big, thick cock inside her. She didn’t deny it to herself, knowing it was that thought that her brought about such satisfaction, imagining him stretching her out as he worked his cock deeply inside her. It’d been too long since she’d had a well hung man take her, and ever since their previous encounter she’d been thinking about it more and more. She knew there was a certain stipulation she’d put in place that he had refused, leaving the ball firmly in her court, and the only way she could have it was to step over that line. Pushing herself up onto her elbows, Christina gave a stretch and then tiredly turned to sit on the edge of the bed, putting her toy out the way on the side unit.

Gripping the side of the mattress through the covers, her steely gaze locked onto his card once more and she took a deep breath, then pushed herself up onto her feet, legs a little shaky, and stepped forwards to reach for it. She plucked it from the frame of the mirror, pulling the stiff contact details into her fingers and turning it over, thinking about it for a moment. She knew it was what she wanted, and most definitely needed, but she had to make the call and she didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t simply ask him to screw her and own up to lusting for it, and then there was the issue of using rubbers that he had so clearly rejected. Christina gave a wistful sigh as she thought of the thick cock in her mouth, how it could feel inside her, the piercing through his tip. In that moment she picked up her phone, setting about dialling him before she lost her nerve. The ringing seemed to take forever after a pause to connect, letting her feel the thumping of her heart as she waited, surging in the final second as he answered.

“Hello?” he said, his voice as calm and authoritative as it had been when he had propositioned her. She hesitated momentarily, then spoke up before she lost her nerve and hung up.

“Hi,” she said abruptly, heart pumping.

“Hello Christina,” he replied after a pause, the sound of a smile in his voice. The very fact she was calling him had immediately put the ball in his court.

“Hi, how are you?” she said, feeling silly the second she asked it.

“I’m doing good thanks, how about you?” he replied politely.

“Doing fine thanks, busy though,” she said.

“Aren’t we all,” he said. There was a moment of silence, just hanging between them until he broke it.

“What can I do for you, Miss Hendricks?” he asked, framing it in a strangely proper manner, much as he had when he had boldly propositioned her at the party weeks before.

“I was wondering if you were free to meet up sometime soon?” she asked, knowing there was no point messing around with things on this.

“I could be, for what purpose?” he asked. She knew that he knew full well what she was calling him for, after all why else would she be calling, but he evidently wanted her to be clear.

“I was hoping we could have some fun,” she said, wanting to skirt the details still.

“I believe that’s what we did last time, unless you have something else in mind?” he said, leading her towards it.

“Maybe I do,” she said cryptically. She couldn’t deny she enjoyed the back and forth that seemed to occur between them.

“I don’t have time for maybes, Christina,” he said, addressing her directly in a way that made her tingle slightly.

“I…” she started, a mixture of words on the tip of her tongue.

“Tell me exactly what it is you want, Christina,” he said, again using her name to deliberately accentuate his question.

“I want you to have sex with me,” she replied with a slight sigh at the thought of it, keeping away from admitting she would happily let him bang her brains out.

“You remember my terms?” he said after a moment, revelling in the pleasure of having her admit she needed him inside her.

“I do,” he said simply.

“Non-negotiable,” he said, reinforcing his wants of her.

“I know,” she replied, enough submission to her voice to portray the fact she had accepted what was desired of her to get what she wanted.

“Excellent. Then we have a deal,” he said, the words bringing up the memory of when he had said it to her last time.

“Where would you like to…meet?” she asked, feeling more relaxed now the actual deal was struck.

“How about you suggest a place, since you’re busy and called me,” he said smoothly, leaving it in her hands to tell him exactly where and when to come and fuck her. She thought for a moment and quickly worked out her upcoming schedule.

“I’m in Chicago next week, fly in Sunday. I don’t know if that suits you?” she said, knowing she had a couple of days break on her calendar for it.

“That works fine for me. Where did you have in mind?” he replied.

“Hotel, I’ll send you the exact details of where and when,” she said, feeling more in control again now.

“I look forward to it,” he said, smile evident again in his voice.

“Good,” she said, smiling herself.

“But now I have to go. Speak to you soon, Miss Hendricks,” he said with a calm, measured suaveness before he hung up, leaving her biting her lip as she lowered the phone from her ear. All was suddenly quiet around her, only her deep exhale breaking it, not even realising that she’d been holding such a big breath. She let a little tremble of nerves coarse through her as she drew in fresh air slowly and then laid her phone down on the dresser. Looking at herself in the mirror, Christina took a moment and then reached up to tuck his card back into the frame, where it belonged in her view. Though now it was more than a temptation, it was a ticket.

Turning back to the bed, the gorgeous redhead fairly threw herself down onto it, her curvy body bouncing as much as the bed as she sank face down into the soft sheets, burying her face in the pillows. She tried to stop her mind racing and let the tiredness of the day capture her once more, though she couldn’t stop the thoughts of his big, thick cock splitting her pussy in half. Despite it she managed to sink into her dreams, fumbling to switch the lights off as she dozed off to the thoughts of him having his way with her, the way she truly wanted him to.

* * *

The days leading around to the next week passed in a blur of filming and promotional work. Before she knew it, it was time to fly into Chicago and meet him for their second encounter. Her whole flight was dominated by thoughts of what might happen with him, creating a frustrating tingle in her pussy that she couldn’t alleviate with other passengers around her. Reaching her hotel, the Hilton, she checked in normally and proceeded to her room, knowing that nobody around had the faintest idea what she was going to be up to. Laying her suitcase down on the bed, she paused for a quick breath and glanced at the clock; there was still a good few hours before he would arrive, having messaged him the details of her flight earlier and told him what time to join her.

She had to get ready for him, wanting to be at her best though she wasn’t sure why when he already wanted her so much. Christina peeled her casual top and jeans off, followed by her simple underwear and then headed for the shower to freshen up, tying her hair up quickly with a hair band. Setting it going, she let the spray warm up fully before she stepped in, tingling a little as the warmth permeated her. She ran her hands over herself as the bathroom started to steam up, arching and unwinding herself, all the tension of the flight fading away as she relaxed, sighing deeply in satisfaction as she caressed her curves. She lathered up and let her hands slip even more easily over herself, mumbling as she stroked herself as much as washed, squeezing at her fantastic breasts and teasing the nipples, pinching them lightly in the process. Her hands ran down her body, onto her waiting pussy to give herself the little stimulation she’d been wanting since the flight, pushing her fingers down through her patch of dark hair onto her clit, giving a light moan of pleasure as they made contact with her sensitive button.

“Oh fuck,” she breathed, shivering more intently than she’d anticipated as she put two fingers to work at her clit, circling it slowly yet powerfully to make herself tremble. Pausing to stroke up and down over her lips, she teased herself before working her clit once more, breathing deeply as she focused on pleasing herself. Rolling her hips into her ministrations yielded more sensations, imagining she was pushing herself up against him, not that she’d ever felt him finger her, though she might let him this time. Feeling herself quake in dangerously pre-orgasmic fashion she opened her eyes and stopped, not wanting to make herself climax. If she was going to do that, she wanted to do it with his big cock inside her, if she was given the choice. She might not admit that to him however.

Rubbing her hands through her patch of hair, she decided to have a quick shave to be as perfect as possible. She’d already done her legs prior to flying in, and now reached out of the shower to find her razor in her wash bag. Christina has a nice V-shape of thick dark hair above her lips, pointing down to her clit almost, and she liked it that way. She felt it looked womanly and feminine, never liking the modern style of shaving it all off. Soaping up, she took a few minutes to just carefully shave herself, sharpening the lines of her V and gliding over the rest to render it smooth and strokable as the water cascaded down over shoulders. Running her fingers up her lips, she tingled once more in pleasure, wondering if maybe he’d run his tongue over it later on, daring to hope perhaps. Finishing her shower, revelling in the hot, pouring water for a few more moments, she shut it off to be greeted by the enclosing silence of the posh hotel room once and stepped out to wrap her curvy body in a large white towel. It easily stayed up, supported by her huge chest as she tucked it in around herself. Walking out of the bathroom, she pulled the hair band from her head and let her luscious red hair tumble down over her shoulders in stark contrast to her pale skin and towel, just shaking it out a little as she walked into the main room.

The luxurious kingsize bed was laid out facing the windows, though on such a high floor there was no chance of anyone spying. It offered a great view out across the darkening city, lights coming on and cars going on their way, Christina stepping towards them to look out at it all and ponder where, if anywhere, he might be in all that. She wondered how many people would love to get a look at her right now, wrapped in a towel fresh from the shower, and there she was at the windows where anyone could see her, if only they knew where to look. Turning away from the glass, she stepped back to the bed and her suitcase, opening the lid fully to expose her clothes. She’d brought things to wear in general, but laid carefully on top was a dress and some very expensive lingerie that she wanted to show off to him. He’d seemed very pleased with her underwear last time, and so this time she intended to give him a repeat and maybe gain the upper hand somewhat in power struggle that was sure to bubble between them.

The dress was red silk, a cocktail style dress that was snug and fitted on her body, offering a nice low front and hugging of her curves, before a looser skirt from her hips that reached to mid-thigh and offered a sexy split up the side of it. On top of that, the underwear that would go beneath it, a blend of charcoal satin-silk edged with soft black lace, stockings and suspenders. She loved the feel and look of satin, feeling it a little as she carefully lifted it out and laid it on the bed, spreading it out ready before her and then stepping away to peel the towel away from herself. Rubbing down her body with it to dry out the last of the shower dampness, she stepped casually around the room and then caught sight of herself in a full length mirror just as she draped the towel down herself, in the process of drying over her shoulder. Pausing, she dropped the white towel onto the floor, taking herself in; full frontal, her curvy body there for her to check out. She arched her back to push her chest out, reaching up to just bounce her fantastic breasts a little, pleased with their perkiness above the hourglass pinch of her waist and then curve of her hips, with her now neat, thick triangle of pubic hair. She thought she looked pretty damn good, a nice treat for him, and would look even more tempting when wrapped in her silky lingerie.

Kicking the towel out the way towards the bathroom, Christina picked up her wide-gartered belt, the silk-satin delightfully smooth under her fingers as she pulled it round herself and clipped it together, the garters tickling at her thighs in the process. Arranging it centrally on her hips, she stroked the smooth material for a moment, round the belt and down the thick garters for a moment before she picked up her stockings. They were wide-topped black nylons, simple and sexy, leading her to sit down on the bed to slip them onto her feet and roll them up her legs to her strong thighs. She stood up to clip them carefully onto her garters, securing her stockings properly and then stretching her leg slightly to make sure they were adjusted comfortably. Another glance in the mirror told her how hot she was looking, and figured this was likely how she would be dressed for much of the night. It was why she was putting her panties on over the top, so he could remove them and leave her stockings and suspenders on. She suspected he would want to.

Moving onto those, she picked up the next silky item and ran them through her fingers a bit, loving the tactile sensation of them. She stepped into them and slid them up her nylon-clad legs, over the lacy garters and into place, concealing her neatly shaven pussy and pinning the garters down against her skin as she ran her thumbs through the waistband. She checked herself out in the mirror again, her ass looking tempting in them, turning back to see the smooth bulge of her pussy nicely at the front. It only left her prominent chest to cover; it didn’t need any sort of push-up that was for sure. The bra was devoid of it and made to match, the same classy dark grey satin edged with black lace, the straps slender but strong over her shoulders to support her. Slipping into it, the black contrasting perfectly with her pale skin, she arched her back and clipped it up, reaching up to give it a jiggle and settle herself in, her huge boobs pushed up nicely by its mere shape, a semi balconette style supporting them perfectly from underneath. It worked well, and wouldn’t show past the low cut of her dress.

A glance in the mirror told her how good she looked, and she picked up her dress with a naughty smile to herself, feeling sexy in her pretty lingerie. She unzipped it and stepped into the bright red fabric, the only thing brighter than her hair, pulling it up and rolling her shoulders into it, wiggling her body to settle it around her before reaching back to zip it back up snugly. It wrapped her curves beautifully, hiding the underwear though tight enough to give little hints at it over her body, with the loose, split skirt offering a glimpse of her nylons with every flick. Christina smoothed it out, checking herself out in the mirror again, rocking her hips and striking some poses. With some make-up she would look decidedly foxy, ready to go and knew she’d impress him. Despite it however she was feeling nervous, more than she had done the first time, feeling some butterflies as she pondered over the upcoming encounter. Raising her hand, she watched it tremble before her and then clamped it shut intently, holding a fist for a moment before she turned and looked at the minibar; it was certainly something that would help her.

A couple of minutes later she was sat by the mirror working on her make-up, a glass of scotch beside her. She’d already drunk half of it in the first couple of gulps and now intended to sip the rest of it as she got ready. In fact she finished it before her make-up, deciding to match up with a deep red lipstick and dark, foxy eyes using dark liner and mascara. Looking at herself in the mirror, she took a breath and got up, ready for him now, though another drink would help her. She poured just that after pushing her feet into her black high-heels, and after another tasty mouthful of it decided to tease him a little, even though he wasn’t due for over an hour. Getting her phone from the table, she flicked to the camera and then pointed it down at her leg; pushing it onto her toes with a bend of her knee, she grabbed a handful of her red dress and pulled the skirt so the split pulled open to reveal her sexy black garter and stocking, stretched slightly where the clip held it up. She made sure to pull her hand into her crotch as she did it and checked she’d caught everything in shot before taking the teasing snap. Attaching it to a message, she added “Waiting for you…” as a note before sending it quickly to him, lest she lose her nerve.

Her phone buzzed a moment later; she picked it up quickly to see what he’d replied with. She never normally sent any such pictures, not least because she was a celebrity, it just wasn’t her style.

“Good.” was all it said. Christina looked at it a little perplexed, expecting more of a response from him. What she definitely wasn’t expecting was the knock at the door, jolting her from her concentration on the phone. She looked round quickly at the clock, then to the door.

“Who is it?” she asked, heart already starting to race.

“Were you expecting somebody else this evening?” he replied after a pause. His distinctive tone was there even though it was through the door. Her heart surged again and she panicked momentarily, quickly taking another big mouthful of her scotch, swallowing as she stood from the bed.

“No, no. Hold on,” she managed, giving a cough at the sudden burn of the alcohol on her throat, putting the glass down on the table and sweeping her suitcase off the bed, bundling her stuff into it, including her phone, and shoving it out the way in the bottom of the wardrobe. She stood up and quickly checked herself, smoothing her dress and glancing to make sure her make-up was all good before stepping to the door, taking a deep breath to calm herself as she did, not wanting to appear flustered to him, needing to stay cool. Stepping over to the door, Christina turned the lock and then opened it, swinging it back to lean on the side of it; despite her nerves she immediately turned on the charm, making sure to push her chest up and look foxily at him with an enticing smile. He was stood before her in a sharp suit with no tie, waiting for her.

“Hi,” she said, heart pumping.

“Good evening, Miss Hendricks,” he said, addressing her so properly in such a situation. He was playing with her though, she could tell by his slight smile and general tone. She knew he was going to play her all night, the way he had in their first encounter, and that both frustrated and excited her.

“Come in,” she almost purred, stepping back and holding the door open to invite him in.
“With pleasure,” he said, entering the room and looking around at her fancy digs for the night. She locked the door behind him and turned to lean against it, watching him gazing around the room, moving a little closer to the tall windows to look out at the now darkened city. She just watched him, totally ignoring her; she was quite affronted as he hadn’t even looked down her dress when he arrived.

“This is a nice room,” he said, turning back to her and casting an eye over the huge bed.

“Yes, it’s good for…entertaining,” she said, looking at him with eyes of intent.

“You here for long?” he asked, spying her glass of scotch on the table.
“Just a couple of days,” she replied as he stepped over and picked it up.

“Best make them count then,” he said, approaching her, close enough for her to smell his aftershave, breathing in deeply and looking up at him with wide eyes as he stood over her, forgetting how much taller than her he was. They were close, but he didn’t touch her, instead raising the glass to her and pressing it against her lower lip. The deep red lipstick stained the rim of it before he started to slowly tip it up, where she reached up and took hold of the glass, knowing it would only end up spilling down her dress otherwise. He smiled and turned away from her to the minibar, slipping his jacket off before leaning down to get a scotch of his own and then throwing the jacket over a chair. It was the last one in the little fridge, which he poured into a handy glass and took a smooth sip of, looking back at the buxom redhead waiting for him, sipping her own drink. There was a tense moment of silence between them, eyes locked together; despite her character, Christina was waiting for him to come and get her, not wanting to make the first move.

“Are you ready for this, Christina?” he said, addressing her deliberately again, as he had during their initial phone call. She paused mid-sip, holding his gaze and lowering the glass a little, then tipped her head back to drain it. She swallowed and shivered slightly at the burn, the stood the glass down firmly on the table again and opened her eyes to looking piercingly at him.

“Yes,” she replied clearly, firmly. Submission it may be, but it was her submission.

“Excellent,” he said with a smile, taking another sip of the single malt as he eyed her, making her wait. After another pause, he lowered his glass.

“Lift your skirt up,” he said smoothly, catching her off guard. She was expecting him to simply come and take what he wanted, what she wanted.

“What?” she asked, a little unsure at where he was going with it, and wanting it to be less…sordid.

“Lift your skirt up,” he repeated, and again she hesitated, staring at him.

“Don’t make me ask a third time,” he said with a tone of authority, the same one that had helped get him into her pants in the first place.

“Ok,” she breathed, internally chastising herself for speaking at rather than just acting as her hand pulled across to take hold of the loose hem of her dress. She kicked herself into action, taking a breath and grasping the silky fabric firmly, lifting her skirt up positively and making it clear she was doing as she was told. He completely had her, she knew it even if she didn’t quite intend to admit it to him, so raised the hem up to her chest, making sure she lifted it high enough to completely expose whatever it was he wanted to look at. What he wanted was to see the sexy underwear she’d teased him with, and the sweet, smooth bulge of her pussy in her panties. The charcoal grey satin hugged every intimate curve of her perfectly, waiting to be unwrapped, stroked and plundered. His cock stirred as he contemplated squeezing himself into her curvy body, holding onto her and taking her. His eyes scanned up and down her, taking in her sexy black nylons, the wide garters and matching panties over the top wrapping around her hips beneath the vibrant red dress.

“Very nice, that lingerie is delicious,” he said, eyeing it carefully and then looking up into her eyes.

“Thanks, I wore it for you,” she said softly with a smile, glad he loved it as much as she liked wearing it.

“Looks as enticing as last time. Only this time, your panties will be coming off,” he said with a smile, raising his glass to drink the last of his scotch. Christina lowered her skirt slowly, looking at him as the pause gave her the answer to what she thought had been clearly implied. Both her hands slid underneath her dress, up over her stockings to the waistband of her underwear, thumbs hooking into the waistband.

“Wait,” he said, stalling her and making her look back up into his eyes, already starting to slip them down.
“I didn’t mean just now,” he said, standing his glass aside before his hands reached for his shirt in an infuriatingly casual manner. Christina felt a hot burst of embarrassment at being so forward, as if she was just going to give it up to him but swiftly decided to stop being quite so submissive and easy with him, intending to make him work for her pussy. As she watched him, his fingers worked swiftly to unbutton his shirt, which he shrugged off coolly and threw onto his jacket over the chair.

“I wasn’t going to,” she replied as he looked at her once more, putting on a devilish smile as she just slowly let him watch her hands push her panties down a little bit further and then slip out from under her red silk dress. She let her fingers catch the front and flicked it up again, giving a flash of the charcoal satin tantalisingly low on her hips, bridging across just above the sweet curve of her treasures, begging to be removed.

“If you want these panties off you have to take them off yourself,” she purred, stepping forward on her high heels towards him.

“That is an invitation I won’t refuse,” he said, standing up fully to meet her as she got to him, he hands immediately reaching out to take in her hips. She looked down to his grasp on her, watching as his fingers gathered up her dress to reveal her stockings and suspenders.

“If I let you take them off that is,” she said coyly, looking back up to him from her sideways glance down her body.

“You will,” he said with that same authoritative tone.

“You still have to earn it,” she breathed, letting her tongue flick out a little as she smiled, turning into the tease.

“Don’t you want it?” he questioned, turning the tables on her again.

“I do, but you still have to come and get it, make me want  it,” she purred, even as she felt her pussy leak slightly into those very panties.

“Oh I’ll come and get it,” he said, letting go of her dress, “when I want it.”

His hand slid up her back, over her bare shoulders to stroke across the back of her neck. She practically melted at it, eyes closing as she shivered in pleasure, nipples immediately stiffening in her already bubbling arousal. His other hand slipped up over the cocktail dress to her huge chest, squeezing at her breast firmly as he leaned down to kiss her. She slipped her hand up and pressed her finger to his lips, as she had previously.

“Nuh uh, you don’t get to kiss me, remember?” she whispered with a smile. He responded by grabbing a handful of her hair and pulling her head back with a gasp from her as his other hand grabbed her wrist to get her hand effortlessly out the way.

“Shut up, Christina. You’re mine tonight,” he whispered, looking into her eyes before leaning down once more to kiss her. She didn’t resist this time, opening her mouth and extending her tongue slightly ready for him. He didn’t disappoint her, his tongue slipping sensually over her, delving deeply into her mouth as his lips pressed to hers. It wasn’t aggressive or over active, it was soft, loving, indulgent. He took his time in kissing her, an intimate first kiss between them, the kind which anyone would hope for. Their kiss became more hungry and passionate, tongues attacking one another’s as his hand gave a harder squeeze to her chest and then slid down onto her ass, allowing them to press closer together. She could feel his stiffening cock through his trousers, pressing against her, wanting her, ready to be inside her as his hand took a good grope of her ass through the dress. Their kissing continued, both of them battling for control even as his hand continued to pull at her soft red hair, his hand pushing down onto the back of her thighs to feel the silky nylon of her stockings, then follow the garters back up underneath her skirt to her ass and the smooth, satin feel of the grey panties, all that stood between him and her sweet pussy.

Their kiss was disturbed by her giving a restrained, stuttering gasp as his fingers probed between her legs, managing to reach her clit and draw back to stroke along the length of her hot, swollen lips onto her ass, revealing just how turned on she was for him.

“I don’t need to come and get it, it’s ready and waiting for me,” he murmured as they continued to make out.

“Doesn’t mean I’ll give it to you that easily,” she managed, even as she pushed her ass back into his squeezing hand.

“Yes it does,” he said with a smile, supremely confident as he tugged her head back, eliciting another gasp from her as he exposed her neck. She gave gasping moans of pleasure as he immediately began to kiss and bite lightly at the pale skin of her neck, hooking the thumb of his other hand into the back of her panties to pull them down just a little bit more as his fingers reached between her legs again, making her instinctively squeeze her thighs together and then spread them more for him to give access, and a clear green light for him to fuck her brains out.

“Ohh fuck,” she breathed as his fingertips expertly located her clit, right on target as he started to briskly circle in a way that immediately weakened her knees, and resolve.

“Take your dress off,” he whispered, pulling away from her slightly before delivering a few more nibbles and licks to her soft neck. Without a moment’s hesitation her hands slipped from his shoulders, sliding over the red silk at her hips to reach round her back to find the zip, reaching up to take hold of it as he continued to softly kiss and tease at her neck. It made her tingle deeply through her body, directly to her clit where he was still stimulating her as trembling fingers drew the zip down, releasing her curvy body from the tight dress. She pulled her arms together in front of her to shrug it from her pale shoulders, then tipped her head back as it got to her chest, slipping over her phenomenal rack to reveal them nestled in the matching bra, his hand sliding reluctantly from under her skirt to let it drop down her body and off her hips to pool at her feet, revealing her incredible chest as she leant back, above the taper of her waist and curvy hips, the sexy lingerie decorating her perfectly.

He looked down at her breasts now, pushed up gorgeously in the grey satin, making her groan as his fingers raked through her hair and down her shoulders so he could lean down to press his face into her rack, kissing and tonguing across her soft, pale skin. At the same time his other hand resumed what it had been doing, only more directly now as he slid it down between them to press it against the front of her panties, grinding at her clit in a way that made her shudder intently and groan her pleasure. Christina just stood helplessly for a moment in the pool of her dress, letting him have at her body and drive her wild, so wet and ready for him and his big cock now. Wanting that, her hand fumbled to the front of his trousers, easily locating his rock hard erection through them, all nine inches ready and waiting for her. He murmured with pleasure as she groped and stroked at him, grabbing at the thickness of his shaft to help her remember just how big he really was. Her hand slid along it and she curled her fingertips around the tip, wanting to feel the thick ring she knew he had pierced through it, knowing very shortly she would be finding out how it felt to have that inside her, sliding through her juicy pussy and velvet walls to stretch her out.

She pulled at his belt and quickly undid it as his thumb threatened to delve into her now low-slung underwear, not that she would have cared if he did. Effortlessly freeing his trousers, she reached in for his cock, dispatching his shorts quite aggressively to release him and letting them fall to the floor.

“Oh yeah, that’s it,” she breathed, wrapping both her hands around his impressive manhood and starting to stroke more vigorously, feeling the smooth heat of him in her grasp, how he responded and jumped at her touch, pushing into her grip as she worked briskly along his length. She left one hand stroking along him in her well practiced method as her other one sought his head, letting the bulbous tip pull through her hand and then squeezing at it before seeking out the thick ring, hooking a finger into it as she had previously and pulling at it slightly. When he didn’t protest at all she got more bold, twisting and pulling at it harder, only encouraging him in her hands. She wasn’t surprised he liked it, after all why get it otherwise. She didn’t know how it would feel inside her, a whole new experience, but she wanted to find out, though she knew he would help her with that. At that moment his hand dived over her silky garter belt into the front of her panties, straight to her clit to rapidly press two fingers between her bulging labia and directly assault her, making her shudder and grunt at the overwhelming intensity of it.

He abruptly pulled up and kissed her, catching her somewhat off-guard but she immediately engaged him, their tongues wrapping together once more as he pressed against her, hand sliding from her underwear to join his other in grabbing her shoulders, their passionate kiss taking over and getting more hungry and intense up until the moment when he suddenly spun her around to the bed.

“Bend over baby,” he said even as he shoved her forwards over it whilst simultaneously kicking his trousers and shorts off, Christina pressing her hands down onto the luxurious bedding as she complied. No sooner had she bent over his hands were at her lingerie-clad hips to pull her back slightly into position, kicking her nylon-wrapped feet apart suddenly and grabbing the base of his huge cock with one hand as he surged forward to press it against her dripping pussy. She barely had time to register what was happening, feeling the cool metal of his piercing slip up her lips momentarily before he was inside her, his bulbous head popping easily into her despite his girth, her pussy so wet and waiting, begging for him, easily stretching to accommodate and welcome him inside. They both groaned in pleasure, Christina’s hands screwing up in the bedding.

“Oh fuck,” he growled as he pushed himself a few inches inside her, feeling her snug pussy hugging him so perfectly, clenching around him just right without resisting him, so slick and hot as he slipped into her depths. She could feel his piercing gliding into her, adding a distinctly rigid aspect to what was normally such an organic sensation, trembling in sheer pleasure at the sensations of him entering her. She was glad he was bareback really, it felt so much better and she’d have hated for there to be a condom between them at this moment. Christina arched her back and pushed towards him, feeling him pause and draw back, then push into her more firmly once more, driving more of himself into her, stretching her further and making her rasp with pleasure as she took him. She was tight, but so turned on that her body was just taking him, feeling his ring again as it disappeared deeply into her.

“Come on, fuck me,” she breathed, surprising herself slightly at the way she encouraged him, not that he really needed it. It was a green light however and she felt his grip tighten on her body, pulling back against the flare of her hips powerfully as he equally drove himself into her, making her really feel his size for the first time as she took most of him in, only a couple of inches remaining as he almost pressed to her ass. Both of them let out noises of pleasure at it, Christina’s pussy squeezing encouragingly at him as he got straight into a rhythm, dominantly holding her and starting to pump in and out of her, putting his big cock to work much to her pleasure. His hands caressed her, stroking the tactile temptation of her grey satin garter belt.

Her lovely body was a delight to him too, the way his piercing rocked with friction inside her adding an extra tingle to the sheer, slippery sensation of her engulfing pussy. Her noises ascended to a squeal and then squeak to silence as he picked up the pace to a level she never knew possible, hammering himself into her, almost full depth as he pulled her taut. His big cock jammed deeply inside her, sending twinges of pain through her as he started to really stretch her open, forcing her to loosen up more to withstand his pace as he slammed against her. Despite that it felt incredible, overwhelming though and all too much for her, just taking it with a silent scream, face screwed up the same as her hands in the bedding as she took the biggest cock she’d had in ages. Her huge breasts bounced heavily beneath her, rocking and dancing with the momentum of their fuck.

His pounding on her lasted just a few more seconds before he abruptly wrenched himself back out of her, making her gasp loudly before he suddenly spun her around again, this time pushing her down to sit on the side of the bed. Christina bounced on the side of the mattress, stabilising herself with her hands out behind her just in time for him to grab a handful of her long red hair and press his cock into her mouth with his other. She mumbled in surprise but didn’t complain as his thick head slid into her mouth, making her gag momentarily as he touched the back of her throat with his piercing before she could get into a rhythm. Her hand instinctively came up to grasp the base of him as she sucked firmly, pressing the tip of her tongue to the base of his shaft and letting it catch in his thick ring, playing with and exploring it, something she’d missed since the last time. His grip in her flame hair loosened as he pulled her head towards him, wanting every possible inch of himself in her mouth even as she twisted to push him into the hollow of her cheek.

Pulling himself out of her mouth, he pushed her back onto her hands again by her shoulders and thrust himself down towards her chest. It was where this had all started, with her phenomenal breasts, and he intended to continue there as he pressed himself between them and pushed them up together around him. Christina looked up to him with her big eyes as he revelled in her body, shoving energetically between her boobs with a throaty growl of pleasure. She looked down to watch his bulbous head surging up towards her, thick piercing glinting before her; it was far too tempting to ignore and she leaned down to lick at his tip again, working to try and catch his jewellery in the process and sucking at him just a bit where she could.

He watched as she worked to pleasure him as he thrust against her, loving the soft, sensual feel of her huge tits around him mixing with the hot, wet skill of her tongue as it danced and swiped at his sensitive head. It blended with the sensations of her hot, silky legs sliding past his as he stood over her, the actress slipping them up him lightly as she leaned back. He paused a couple of times on his up-stroke to let her toy with his gold ring since she seemed so interested in it, before enjoying the feel of her again with more strokes. As he paused again Christina took hold of the ring in her teeth, pulling at it and twisting slightly, sending a deep wave of sensation through him; not pain, or pleasure really, just an intense feeling. He let her have her moment and then pulled her head carefully back off him by her hair, releasing her lovely boobs somewhat reluctantly, though there was a far bigger prize at stake.

Christina was looking up at him, breathing heavily, just waiting.

“Ready?” he asked with his dominant tone. She just paused, heart fluttering.

“Yeah,” she replied, not messing around now. He’d already been inside her and she needed it back. It was a teaser, and reminder of how she loved big cock, and she wasn’t going to play around, that time had passed.

“Good,” he smiled, letting go of her hair and reaching down for her smooth legs, tipping her back on the bed so she bounced down on it, chest mesmerizingly doing the same as he took a strong hold on her stocking-clad limbs, his nine inches standing out between them, tantalisingly close to her body as her front garters went slack whilst the back ones pulled tight into her pale flesh. Lowering himself down to her, she murmured softly as he pushed forward to let his big, heavy balls rub over her waiting pussy, through her dark triangle of hair for a moment. Christina looked down to consider it, pushing up on her elbows to look down at him over her, how his length extended up her tummy and wide suspender belt. Fixated by it, she took in just how deep he would be inside her, how far into her body he would bury himself. He knew what she was doing and pushed right against her thighs to show her exactly how far it would reach when he was inside her, hearing her give a restrained gasp at the concept, knowing it could get a little bit deeper than that once he was actually inside her.

She looked back up at him with trepidation, met by a smile as he just held it there for a moment longer before slipping back and reaching down to aim himself down towards her slick pussy. Her renewed nerves certainly hadn’t made her body want it less, her pussy engorged and slick with thick juices, ready to stretch and receive him. As he lined himself up she let her elbows slide out from under her to drop back onto the bed, though she still craned up to look down and watch the moment he penetrated her. Holding her leg firmly with his left arm across the contoured lacy top of her stocking, he pressed his pierced cock to her waiting entrance, almost slipping inside her such was the wetness of her vulva.

“Mm I’d say someone was pretty desperate for this big cock,” he said with a grin, loving how badly she wanted it. He didn’t draw it out to demand a response from her however, simply teasing himself up and down her labia for a moment, letting her feel the thick ring before he pushed down and into her, his bulging head being immediately swallowed by her curvy body, eliciting a gasp from her as he dipped inside, feeling her walls clamp down around him. She just let out a few deep breaths as he pushed just over half his length into her and then drew back into a series of slow, deliberate thrusts as he gave a deep, masculine murmur of pleasure at the succulent squeezing of her pussy. His right arm joined his left in holding her silky nylon legs, taking a strong hold on her which gave her an idea of what she was in for. He certainly didn’t seem to be messing around, and now she was going to find out exactly what was in store for her. His hips started to pick up pace, thrusting into her faster, just giving her a moment more to get used to his thickness before he started to work on the depth, working another couple of inches into her with ease so she was handling around seven inches of him.

Christina felt herself stretch again delightfully as he squeezed his cock into her pussy, accommodating him perfectly and feeling her nerve endings lighting up as he stroked over every inch of her velvet walls. He leaned over her more as he started pressing that depth a little more firmly, putting more energy into her, making her close her eyes and drop her head back to the bed, just wanting to lay back and enjoy the unique sensations as he indulged himself with her body. He started to pick up the pace more, pumping powerfully into her as she clenched and gripped him with her pussy to intensify it for him, able to feel a little extra stimulation from the hard jewellery through the end of his penis. He wanted more of her though, all of her, and cranked back on her thighs to drill himself into her, squeezing to feel her sexy underwear, making her grunt as he slowed a little but pushed harder on her, feeling her body resisting him. She knew he wouldn’t take no for an answer though.

At that he gave a few hard, sharp thrusts into her, making her cry out and legs try to squeeze together at the abrupt increase in his efforts, pushing hard against her cervix. She breathed in relief as he resumed his thrusting again, letting her body relax again, knowing she would need to for his next effort. The break was just moments however as he went deep again, a firm thrust initially, before a second resulting in a push, aiming to squeeze himself into her. There was a moment and then he felt her start to give, just hinting that the prize was there to be taken. He pulled back to give another pair of quick thrusts, almost as deep, before he pressed again and forced himself against her squeezing pussy. Christina’s fingers dug into the bed beside her as her vagina stretched, feeling herself start to give way for him; he felt it too and gave slight grunt of effort as he pulled himself into her to capitalise on it. She gave a strained noise as she felt herself giving way, his persistence paying off as the slow force of his cock broke down her barriers, before crying out as he jolted past and bottomed out in her to embed all nine inches of his thick cock in her quivering pussy.

“Fuck,” she breathed harshly through gasping breaths, the sharp pain deep inside her from the breakthrough fading away. He paused to enjoy his victory, releasing her legs and leaning down over her to press his lips to hers, kissing her quite softly as he flexed his cock inside her, tongues entwining as they made out. Their liplock became more intense, faster and more hungry as every one between them seemed to have done so far until he suddenly pulled away from her and grabbed her legs again. Drawing himself back, he kept the stroke to just a couple of inches and then thrust himself back into her, making sure to fully consolidate his position inside her, Christina grunting with each time he went balls deep inside her. She inhaled as he drew back for a full length thrust, her lips bulging as his head threatened to pop out of her before he smoothly slipped it all the way back into her body, jolting back to full depth again as she grunted, broken in and unable to resist now, not that she wanted to as pleasure tingled into her from it.

“That feel good?” he said as he started into a steady rhythm of full length strokes so she could completely enjoy all nine inches of him.

“Yeah,” she breathed, eyes shut as she felt the pleasure spreading through her, rolling her hips onto him so he stroked more over her G-spot, squeezing her pussy down at him to feel a tingle of stimulation it released through her in the process. It was all pleasure now as they worked in unison and he started increasing his pace while she focused on the extra edge his piercing added. She’d never felt it before, but it was there and she was loving it. His strokes were short and hard now, using about half his cock and jamming himself into her, thumping his balls into her with every thrust as he hauled hard on her legs. His hands slipped down to her pelvis to hold the very base of his thighs, fingertips tracing the black edge of the saucy garter belt as he gained more leverage to really pump himself into her, rocking her whole body now as she bounced on the bed before him. She couldn’t do anything to get more involved; Christina was sprawled out on the bed, hair all over the place, completely lost to the fucking now as she gasped, grunted and groaned through it in sheer pleasure, huge tits bouncing deliciously. She’d forgotten how incredible it felt to take a properly big cock, how it stretched and stimulated every possible area within her, and how she surrendered herself to it.

“How long since you last took a cock this big, Christina?” he asked with a smile, slowing down to just rock in and out of her, catching his breath as he leaned between her legs and took hold of her chest for a firm grope. She breathed deeply and arched up as he squeezed her breasts, shivering at the sensations and loving his somewhat heavy handed approach to them.

“A while,” she breathed in answer to his question. Giving her a hard squeeze as he pressed back to full depth inside her again and held it caused her to shudder in sensation.

“How long?” he questioned, before going back to his smooth strokes into her velvet tunnel.

“Years,” she gasped as he picked up his pace a bit. His fingers pulled back to pinch at her nipples, giving a distinctly hard grip that made her almost yelp and push up from the bed, looking up to him to see his expression that said he was very much enjoying her curvy body. He groped her again as she flopped back onto the bed again, the pleasure still almost overwhelming her.

“How many?” he asked, giving some strokes of his full length once more as he squeezed hard at her huge tits.

“This big? Five years?” she nearly growled rhetorically as she gasped underneath him. She wasn’t entirely sure when it was, it was about that long, either way it was long enough that she’d forgotten exactly how great it felt to take it. It was accentuated by him picking up the pace again, whining with pleasure and squeezing down on him to feel it fully. She didn’t care anymore that she had handed over control to him, he could tell she was absolutely loving it and just wanted to lie back and revel in the sensations of it as he drove deep into her. His hands slid back to her hips again and he took a good hold of her as he set about fucking her again, staying deep and driving himself against her to see and feel her respond to it, giving her the big cock fuck she really wanted. Her boobs bounced intently again, and she gasped loudly as he reached out to smack each one in turn, connecting firmly with her soft body as she laid out before him. She didn’t tell him not to though, and as he fucked her he leant over to lay another slap on her from each side, harder now, leaving the slightest mark on her pale skin as her gasps broke the moans of pleasure.

It only served to heighten her pleasure as she got more turned on by it, ratcheting up bit by bit as he enjoyed himself and laid several more slaps on her iconic rack in between hard grabs and gropes of her until her suddenly leaned over her whilst burying himself to full depth inside and held it there to make her shiver and pull her thighs into him. He leaned down on his hands again to press his lips to hers, Christina enthusiastically receiving him as they engaged in another deep, tongue-twisting kiss, losing themselves to it a little bit as they made out once more, his full length embedded in her pussy. Her bite to his lip only made him smile with pleasure, feeling he had unleashed the full sexual hunger of her by burying his huge cock inside her. He pushed up his hands and thrust into her again as she craned up to kiss at his strong chest and neck as best she could while he stroked into her once more before he pressed her back down onto the bed again as he sunk balls deep in her. Raising a hand, he slapped her lightly across the face, making her gasp loudly in utter shock at the move despite the lack of weight behind it, even as she shivered with pleasure and her pussy gave a distinct clamp down on his cock. He smiled and gave her another, a little bit harder across her cheek that got the same response, her body loving it even though it was an affront to her personally. She wouldn’t admit she actually enjoyed it in that moment of course.

“Mm you love that don’t you?” he said, looking down and then thrusting himself deeply inside her several more times before driving in and holding at full depth once more. Another light slap was put across her face, making her give a barely restrained moan this time.

“You love this don’t you Christina?” he asked again, starting to thrust again to influence her response. It wasn’t forthcoming however. She gasped at another slap, this time across the other side of her face.

“Don’t you?” he demanded. It was more a statement than a question in all honesty.

“Yes,” she managed, pushing her satin-wrapped hips down to meet him as he squeezed his thick manhood into her.

“Love this big cock don’t you?” he pushed, loving how she was responding.

“Yeah,” she agreed, met with another light slap that made her jolt in pleasure and squeeze him tight enough to draw a grunt from him.

“Tell me,” he said, giving her a few more thrusts.

“I love your big cock,” she said simply, not attempting to deny it to him now, knowing she’d only receive another slap.

“Good. And what do you want?” he probed, wanting to hear it from her directly. In her position, there was no going back now.

“I want you to fuck me. Hard, really hard,” she breathed, almost a whisper as she pulled her legs back a bit more to surrender and submit to him.

“Good girl,” he said with a devilish smile as he leaned confidently on his hands once more and started to get going again, still so big and hard inside her as he started to reciprocate back and forth to plunge his cock deeply. Her pussy swallowed him perfectly and she groaned in pleasure at him completely filling her body, the deep satisfaction of his penetration so complete as she rolled her hips back with her knees up, pulling them in towards his body to encourage him with the smooth stroke of her nylons. She gave a cry as she was caught off-guard by another slap to her face, a little firmer this time, sending another burst of illicit ecstasy through her body as it combined with him driving into her pussy. It was followed by another burst of short, hard fucking that ploughed his cock full depth and very hard into her body, making her give a strained, overwhelmed sound of pleasure that resulted in a sighing groan when he slowed down.

Standing up, his hands grabbed her chest again, grabbing her hard and then massaging at her phenomenal tits as he continued to fuck her hard, making sure she took him full depth every time. Christina bit her lip as he slapped at her tits again, more intently now as they lost themselves into the primal nature of the fuck, the actress just relishing every different sensation as he delivered a further series of firm slaps to her breasts to pinken her pale, porcelain skin. Groping her intensely again made her grunt and then squeak as he pulled back to pinch at her stiff nipples again, pulling on them enough to send a jolt of pain through her to mix with the pleasure. That was itself very high and she was very close to climax now, his sheer size hammering her to orgasm after a fuck that she’d enjoyed every second of throughout, her body switched on and alive. She sneakily tried to slip her hand towards her clit to stimulate herself in every possible way, only for his hand to swipe down and smack it away onto the bed once more. He made it clear that she was going to come on his cock alone as his hand went back onto her chest, laying another slap on her tits from each side as she gasped.

“Ohh fuck,” she whined in a strained manner as he suddenly ramped up even faster, finding speed and power she couldn’t imagine, especially as he put it behind his big, thick cock, jamming nine long inches into her with intensity she had never believed possible. Her body was completely overwhelmed now, pleasure emanating from her pussy through her as his hands mauled her chest, digging his fingers in now as he slammed himself against her, his big balls pressing hard against her as he plundered every possible inch of depth she could offer. The orgasm that had been accumulating over the course of the fucking she’d taken was suddenly coming to fruition, bubbling up effervescently within her. She bounced energetically underneath his merciless fucking as her legs started to tremble, stocking-covered toes twitching as they curled towards the wall, managing to pull them in towards his body to stabilise herself while her hands grabbed desperately at the covers in the final moments before it all gave way.

“Shit!” she winced as she tried to hold it back just a second longer before she gave a piercing cry and shoved her hips down as hard as possible to take him as deep as her pussy would allow, right before it clamped down incredibly tight around the base of his throbbing shaft. His pierced tip jammed through her cervix and he grunted as she clenched so tightly around him that she held him still, making him surge and stiffen inside her as his nails dug into her tits. Her whole body shuddered and shook uncontrollably on him, pussy going from one intent clench to fast, powerful grasps at him as she rolled her hips to maximise her ecstasy in the huge orgasm. Her own fingernails dug into the bed and she writhed on the edge of being unable to stand it, the sensation simply too great even as she worked her hips to intensify it, gasping breaths turning to an overwhelmed wail as he started to fuck her again, just as hard as he had been prior causing Christina to swat at his hips with her hand weakly to try and get him to stop, not that she really wanted him too, because she couldn’t take it. Hammering through her peak sustained it several more tense seconds before she collapsed with a final capitulating shudder, flopping exhausted on the bed with deep, gulping breaths, legs dropping down weakly next to his as he stood between them.

“I’m not finished with you yet,” he said with a smile at her complete surrender, exhausted on the bed before him. A couple more firm slaps to her chest perked her up again and she pushed her hips into him as he plunged into her, sinking deeply again and shortening his strokes now as he pushed on to find his own climax as he pulled her legs back up once more. His stamina was good and he could have continued a bit more but now he wanted to finish with her and collect on the main point of their deal this time, the thing she had refused first time around. He stroked into her hard and fast, pushing more grunts and groans from her, still tender and sensitive in the wake of her huge orgasm as he pumped her intently. She felt him give a twitch and stiffen, getting close now, though not quite there yet.

“Mm yeah come on,” she encouraged, aiming to help get him to the finish line just a little bit quicker. Adding the squeezing of her pussy helped as she pulled a growl out of him, focused hard now on fucking her as she lay back, pushing up on her elbows a little bit.

“You can, come all over my face again,” she breathed heavily, looking up at him seductively with her big eyes. He looked away from where he was penetrating her puffy lips to lock eyes with her.

“If you want to,” she purred, controlling her gasps. There was a moment as they stared into one another’s eyes before he sunk himself full depth and leaned over her again, kissing her softly in a pause.

“I would love to come all over this pretty face again,” he said smoothly despite his exerted breathing, reaching up to run his hand down her cheek, making her murmur and smile as she shut her eyes.

“But you know exactly where this load is going,”  he whispered, drawing away from her and then slapping her softly, teasingly across the face again as he stood back up with a grin, the flame-haired actress groaning as he started to thrust inside her again with renewed vigour and vitality. He was clearly going for his imminent climax now, stroking just the final few inches of himself into her with his hands taking a tight hold of her curvy hips now, jamming himself deeply inside her as his thumbs twisting under the snug grey satin of her lingerie. Christina wanted to maximise the sensation for him so started to rhythmically squeeze her pussy down on him again, catching him each time he went right inside her, well trying at least as his pace increased. She braced herself on the bed underneath him and bit her lip as he fucked her hard, really hard, surging into a final assault on her body as his orgasm rushed up on him, squeezing deeply inside him and building pressure rapidly as he twitched.

“Ohh…fuck!” he exclaimed as he abruptly slammed himself deeply inside her, piledriving her so hard it sent a final twinge of pain through her, making her wince and pussy clench delightfully tight on him as he erupted, the pressure too much to take. She sighed in satisfaction as he swelled even harder and jumped powerfully inside her, his thick cock bucking with every thick spurt he released deep into her body as he held all nine inches to the maximum, holding her to him possessively as he conquered her completely. Christina marvelled at how long and intense his climax was, his fingertips digging into her pale skin as his big, heavy balls tightened to pump every last drop of himself into her. He gave two more strained thrusts into her, shuddering at the intense stimulation before a final clench to unload the last possible drop inside her. Exhaling hard, he relaxed and slackened his grip on her, taking deep draughts of air as he stared down at her body, lost in the moment it seemed, before he looked up to her; there was no smile, just an intense, steely stare that seemed to portray just what this slice of time meant, holding it as she gasped beneath him, vibrant red hair stuck to her sweaty forehead as only their ragged breaths broke the silence of the hotel room.

He dropped his gaze as his hands slipped from her hips, just letting his fingers snag and twist her garter belt slightly before moving back up her thighs to where her knees still pressed to his body and pulled to slide himself out of her, taking a step to draw the length of his still firm cock out of her, slipping out with a slight sigh at the stimulation to his head as he pushed her knees back a little. Free of her silky haven, he rocked her knees over to the side to roll her hips, making Christina twist over out of his way before turning to sit heavily on the side of the bed, immediately collapsing back onto the expensive sheets and staring at the ceiling as he drew in more heavy, sated breaths from the quiet room. She was absolutely exhausted and could feel the ache in her pussy that she was sure would be with her for a couple of days. It was easily the hardest fuck she’d had in a long time, and one she wouldn’t soon forget. He pulled himself back up onto the bed more beside her to rest, having expended a good deal of his energy on demolishing her, evidenced by the actress flopped out with her eyes shut.

After while resting, Christina dozing lightly in the remains of her sexy lingerie, he gave a stretch and then pulled himself up from the bed. He casually found his shorts and stepped into them, picking up his shirt and sliding it on as she awoke and looked up to him.
“What are you doing?” she mumbled, glancing round at the clock in momentary confusion.

“I’m getting dressed, Christina,” he said, using her name deliberately, much as he had the night they met.

“What, why? Are you leaving?” she said, quite affronted as she sat up from the bed to stare at him.

“Yeah, I am,” he replied as he pulled his trousers on.

“Aren’t you gonna stay the night with me?” she asked, even as he sat down to get his shoes on.

“Do you really want me cluttering up the place tomorrow morning?” he asked in return, looking round at her with a questioning look that said it was about more than just his physical presence. She paused, looking at him and thinking for a moment.

“No, not really,” she said honestly.

“Exactly, so let’s just consider it another deal very satisfactorily completed, wouldn’t you say?” he smiled, sliding his jacket on.

“I would,” she said with a naughty smile of her own, looking at him foxily as he stepped to the bed.

“Excellent. When you get hungry again, give me another call, you’ve got the number,” he said with a smile, turning on the same cocky charm she knew, that had ultimately got him into her pants.

“If I get hungry again,” she said, cocking an eyebrow at him, not wanting to give him any ideas. He just paused, taking her in, her delicious body, naked bar the sexy stockings and garter belt. Leaning down to her, he let his fingers slide across the back of her neck, making her immediately shiver in pleasure, reaching round it and then drawing her towards him slightly as he planted a soft, lingering kiss on her cheek that made her just melt a little.

“We both know it’s when,” he whispered softly into her ear, then stood up, just letting his fingertips tease across her fantastic breasts ever so gently before stepping to the door. She watched him go with a deep sigh of arousal as he slipped out into the corridor and closed it behind him without even looking back to her.

Deep down, she knew he was probably right.


To be continued…

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