Christina Hendricks – Cockpuppet III

Title: Christina Hendricks – Cockpuppet III

Author: Viper_Noj

Celebs: Christina Hendricks

Codes: cons, MF, oral, anal

Disclaimer:  This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

Christina Hendricks gave an exasperated sigh, tossing her bag aside onto a chair in the latest hotel room. It was another hotel room in another city, just for a couple of days as she gave yet more interviews to more reporters in promotion for her latest film. It was all part of the circus, she knew that, but she was exhausted by it; going over the same things, the same questions, the same frustrations time and again. Friday evening, end of the week, and she just needed to relax now, get away from it somehow. Stepping into the generic hotel room, she cast herself down on the end of the bed, leaning back on her hands and rolling her head back, feeling the tightness in her muscles as she kicked her shoes off. She wondered if she could get a massage to help relax her and work away the stress and strain in her body, gently pummel away the tiredness and tension from her curves. It wouldn’t scratch one itch though, the one she felt deep inside her, tingling with her craving. That craving was sex; plain and simple, she needed to have it. Frankly, she needed to get fucked. She was would admit it to herself if nobody else, but she needed a guy to absolutely spend all of his energy on her, to put every last bit of effort into screwing her, to pull at her hips, squeeze at her breasts, bite at her neck.

She shivered a little as she thought about it. It’d been a while since she’d had sex now and she was hungry for it, feeling it as a deep frustration she couldn’t be alleviated by any other method it seemed. Sure she had her fingers and a couple of vibrators like so many women, and she’d put them to good use whilst being out on the promotional tour, but it just wasn’t hitting the spot. She needed sex. More than that, she needed to get fucked, that was the truth; she needed a guy to take charge, pin her down and absolutely take her, fuck her, enjoy her. As she thought about that she squeezed her thighs together at the tingle of arousal she felt, her mind tumbling over thoughts, dreams and memories, of sexual encounters, about what she could do, what she could have a guy do to her, the intimate rough and tumble of a vigorous fuck session. Standing up, she stepped over to the minibar to get herself a drink; at least that was covered for her. Picking out a small bottle of scotch, she chucked a couple of ice cubes into a glass and poured it over them, picking it up to take a deep inhale of the aroma before taking a long, slow sip, feeling the burn spread through her throat in its wake. She took another sip, eyes closed, giving a sigh as she felt a little tension release from herself.

She knew her vibrator was going to get used tonight, that was for sure. She needed to slide it slowly into her pussy and feel it make her tingle, even if the release was going to be fundamentally unsatisfactory. Deep down, she needed to get fucked. On top of that, something else she realised was that it had to be a big cock, something to deeply and completely stretch her out, work her pussy properly, which she knew meant only one thing; calling him. It was the truth of things and what she knew she needed. In a way she hated herself for it, for needing sex in that specific way. She’d gone for years without such an impressive cock prior to meeting him, and all it had taken was that one night to seemingly get her hooked on it again, needing him to squeeze it inside her and take her for a serious ride again. She gave another sigh as she drank her scotch, mind running a mile a minute as she contemplated it, calling him, verbally surrendering to him over the phone. She knew he’d make her do it, want to hear her admit her wants to him, and knew he would likely expect something from her in return. What made it worse was she knew she would agree to do it, unable to help herself.

Fixing herself another drink, she sipped through it before she fully admitted it to herself and steeled herself for the phone call ahead. Finding her purse, she pulled out his card, the one he had so boldly slipped into her bra on the night they’d met and studied it. She knew the number even if she pretended that she didn’t, taking in the slightly creased card a little for a moment, pondering what had happened last time she’d dialled him, how he had delivered everything she had hoped for. Laying it aside on the bed, she sipped her second drink and stood up, giving a stretch before she stood her glass down, then reaching round behind herself for the zip on her snug, figure-hugging dress. Drawing it down, she shrugged the blue silk forward from her shoulders and pushed it down, letting it drop down around her feet. Stepping out of it, she picked it up to put it aside more carefully over another chair, taking hold of her glass again to drain it, feeling the burn of the scotch as she sank it and stood it aside with a clink of ice cubes. She gave a little sigh to herself, standing by the bed in just her lacy black bra and panties, pausing a moment before she gave in.

“Fuck it,” she said to herself, knowing what she had to do. Sitting back down on the bed, she found her phone from her bag and picked up his card, dialling the number carefully. She didn’t keep it saved in her phone, always wanting to keep it a little out of reach. Taking a breath, she pressed to call and raised her phone, heart starting to pump quicker as there was a moment before it started ringing. There was a couple of rings, making her think perhaps he wasn’t going to answer, or that she could suddenly back out of this, take control of herself. That was all swept away as he answered however, the line clicking to connect before he spoke.

“Miss Hendricks,” he said, cool and calm, as if he’d been expecting her call.

“Hello,” she replied, unsure how to begin such a conversation, and immediately put off her game by his suave answer.

“How are you doing?” he asked, as casual as anything despite the fact he must know why she was calling him.

“I’m doing alright, just…busy, stressed with work you know?” she said, saying something that might perhaps give away why she was calling him.

“Yes work can get on top of you sometimes, especially when one has the busy career that you do,” he replied.

“Absolutely, all these press events and stuff, it gets too much sometimes,” she said, sighing again as she contemplated it a moment.

“Indeed. So Christina, why are you calling me?” he asked, bringing it very much back on topic.

“I…was hoping you had some time to meet up?” she asked, coy about what she wanted.

“Meet up, like a date, Miss Hendricks?” he said, addressing her properly again, something he did that seemed to just work on her infuriatingly well.

“I…well no, not exactly like that,” she replied, stumbling a little on her words as she felt a tingle run through her.

“Christina, I think you and I are far beyond games now, don’t you?” he replied, addressing her hesitation.

“Yes, I think we are,” she conceded, since they most definitely were.

“You don’t want me to take you out on a date. So, tell me exactly what you want, don’t waste my time,” he replied, putting her on the spot. She hesitated a moment, drawing a breath, feeling her heart pound as the seconds stretched with no interruption from him.

“I…” she mumbled, hesitation again.

“Christina, tell me right now,” he said, the power to his voice making her tremble, that dominant tone that had worked so effectively on her in the first place.

“I want you to fuck me,” she blurted out, being blunt and honest. She didn’t know why it was this difficult, she’d done it before and they both knew why she was calling him. It was like she could hear him smile down the phone, loving hearing her say it, contemplating what he could do with her.

“Well now, that is an excellent invitation, especially since I know how well you fuck,” he said, the sound of his pleasure evident in his voice as he rubbed it in, loving to make her admit it, like she knew he would.

“Where are you right now?” he asked, since she just kept silent, waiting for him to tell her what to do.

“I’m in a hotel in L.A, here to do this press work,” she said, “I’m here for the next few days, but I’ve got some time this weekend,” she said.

“Quite convenient, since I’m in San Francisco this weekend, business here. Quite fortuitous,” he said.

“Yes, quite,” she replied in a small voice, waiting on him.

“But you see there’s a problem,” he said, sending a cold rush through Christina.

“A problem?” she questioned, wondering what could possibly stand in his way as she offered herself.

“Yes, you see I have other engagements tomorrow evening, and I fly out again on Sunday. I am not sure I can spare the time to come to you,” he replied calmly, as if he were simply talking about a business meeting.

“Oh,” she said shortly, unsure what to say. It made her feel a little foolish to be rejected, embarrassed that she’d called. She kept herself calm though, waiting.

“It is a difficult situation indeed. But, I could potentially alter my arrangements,” he said, offering her hope that it was not a call in vain.

“Oh?” she said again, but with optimism to her voice that she couldn’t hide.

“Yes, however I’ve had this appointment for quite a while, and it would be a shame to cancel it. Why should I come and see you, Miss Hendricks?” he said, suddenly putting the ball back in her court. Flustered, her heart suddenly racing, she stumbled to think of what to say, how to reply to him, tempt him.

“Well, I…I mean I’m…” she stuttered, unable to think quick enough, unexpectedly having to justify quite why he should come down to L.A. and fuck her, something she thought was an explanation in itself.

“Come now Miss Hendricks, what is it you’re offering me?” he said, giving her a moment to collate her thoughts, heart pumping as his tone exuded dominance and control, the kind she knew he would use with her when they were together. It was a very open question, and one where she knew what the answer was. After a deep breath, she shared it;

“Everything,” she whispered, eyes closed as she surrendered herself. There was a pause at the other end of the phone, evidently just composing himself and enjoying his victory somewhat.

“Well now, that covers an awful lot of things, Miss Hendricks,” he said, just quantifying what it was she was proposing. It was evident that he would take her at her word, and she would expect nothing less.

“Everything,” she repeated, louder this time, reinforcing that was really was offering all of herself to him. She would be his to play with in any way he pleased, just as long as he sunk all of his thick cock deep inside her.

“Then I think I will be able to rearrange my schedule to come and see you, Christina,” he said, the sound of his smile evident over the phone once more.

“Excellent, when?” she replied, taking control of herself again and wanting to get the details.

“I’ll come to you around seven tomorrow, send me the details of your hotel,” he said coolly, frustratingly calm at what he’d got from her, how he’d broken her down.

“OK Do you want me to dress in anything particular for you?” she offered, having already given herself to him, there seemed little point now in much besides seeking to maximise the experience.

“I will leave it to you. I am sure you know what I appreciate,” he said, leaving it up to her, another point of frustration for her to come.

“OK, I’ll see you tomorrow evening,” she said, since there was nothing else left to say.

“You will. Until then, Miss Hendricks,” he said, coolly signing off, the phone clicking off as she lowered it from her hot ear. With the end of the call, she realised how tense she was, how tight she’d been holding herself, muscles knotted up intently. With a deep sigh, she let out a breath she didn’t know she’d been holding and collapsed back on the bed, tension accelerating her heart a little more before it slowed with her deep breaths, magnificent chest rising and falling as she sprawled on the covers. She felt exhilarated but exhausted, tense but frustratingly horny, pussy wet and ready in the aftermath of her loaded surrender to him. One hand slid to her impressive chest, giving a squeeze to her uncontainable breast as her other hand pushed over her tummy to the edge of lacy panties, just toying along the waistband a moment before she lifted them and delved beneath, through her triangle of pubic hair and straight to her waiting, aching clit.

She gave a shuddering groan as she touched herself, her fingertips feeling electric as they slid straight onto her delicate button, wasting no time in going to it immediately now and starting to circle as she remedied her arousal. She didn’t intend to press her fingers into herself, sink them deep inside her, knowing it would only perpetuate the frustration she already felt that now would be addressed the following night. Right now she just needed to come, to bring herself to a rapid climax, and set about doing that as her fingers firmly circled her sensitive nub, pressing firmly as they raced around it, her other hand squeezing and grasping at her chest as she arched on the bed with pleasure. She thought about him taking charge, her surrendering completely to him, letting him do exactly what he wanted with her. Her hand faltered at her chest, fingers just hesitating a second in their ministrations as a thought crossed her mind, a sinful, scintillating thought that made her tingle.

Working her fingers at her clit again, rolling her hips into it, she raised her other hand slowly from her breast to her throat, just letting her fingers play over her soft, pale skin as she shivered at the touch of it. Continuing to masturbate, faster now, she turned her hand to close it around her throat, just giving a little squeeze that immediately made her body rush, giving out a stuttering breath of pleasure. Deep, illicit pleasure, the kind she would get if she were controlled, dominated, owned. Squeezing again harder, she felt another tingle spread through her as her fingers accelerated, attacking her clit busily now as she felt the orgasm building, much faster now as she gripped her throat. Squeezing again, she gripped hard enough to just make her breath catch, making her arch from the bed, nipples tingling as they stiffened a little more through her bra at the illicit pleasure, imagining him taking charge of her in such a way.

She was on the brink now, and knew that with another clench of her hand she would climax, so she didn’t hold back. Taking a last, quick breath, she squeezed hard, choking herself, feeling a little pain as her fingertips dug into her alabaster skin, breath cut off. She managed to let out a hard, choked, guttural gasping sound as her orgasm immediately hit her, rushing up through her body from where she rubbed intently beneath the lacy black underwear, fingers dancing expertly on her clit. In her moment of climax she thought of how he would treat her, control her, and just how badly she needed that as her body tensed up, stomach pulling tightly as she bucked on the bed as her peak hit her, hips bouncing and thrusting up into her aching hand. Working herself through, her eyes squeezing shut, she was silent save for the little noises that escaped as her hand just gripped a little tighter at her neck, sending a final edge through her in the last moments before it all became too much. As the sensitivity took over, pleasure fading quickly, she pulled her fingers off her button as she released her throat, letting out a deep, heavy gasp, followed by long, desperate breaths, huge chest heaving as her head spun, sucking in the cool air as heat pricked her skin all over.

For a minute she just lay there, flopped on the bed, taking deep, slow breaths she tried to control her heart rate, hand still shoved in her panties, the other draped across her chest, fingertips curling slightly into the skin at her collarbone as her throat ached in the aftermath. Eyes still shut, she just basked in relief, feeling more relaxed than she had all week in that moment. She rested for a couple of minutes, sweat cooling on her skin, feeling herself go a little numb in the sheer bliss before a cold shiver stirred her. Pulling herself awake, she slid her hand from her underwear and gave a stretch, arching stiffly from the bedding before sitting herself up, sliding off the edge onto her feet and walking to the bathroom to take a hot, refreshing shower. Getting the water running, she reached back to unclip her bra, letting her fantastic chest bounce softly free as she leaned down to quickly slip her panties off, casting the underwear back out the bathroom door before stepping into the hot cascade, shivering in pleasure at the saturation to her pale skin.

Despite her release, she couldn’t stop her mind straying to thoughts of him and what he might do with her, trembling slightly as she thought of what she’d offered him, heart pumping as she thought of what she might get after promising “everything” to him. Nerves coursed through her, but so did a ripple of arousal, screwing her nipples into hard points under the hot spray, pussy tingling with an urge to be touched again as she showered. Christina let her hand stray close to it, over the curve of her hip, silky skin sliding beneath her touch, teasing across her stomach as her thighs squeezed a little at the temptation, before she controlled herself and pulled back. She wanted to leave it now, to leave herself bubbling at the thought of him taking her, using and controlling her the following evening. With that restraint, she finished her shower and shut it off, swathing herself in a large towel as she walked back into the bedroom. Drying herself off with it, she cast herself onto the bed, not bothering to find anything else to wear as she sprawled on the covers, just enjoying the freedom of being naked as she let tiredness overwhelm her, realising how long the day had been. The next day was by no means free and she still had some appointments in the morning, so decided to enjoy the opportunity to sleep. Sliding beneath the covers, she enjoyed their dry, rough feel on her soft skin, spreading out and quite quickly dozing off, the day catching up with her.

* * *

Waking the next morning, it took just a few seconds before she realised what would happen in the evening. It sent a rush of excitement through her, making her mind race with thoughts of what could happen, but she fought to suppress them, knowing it would do no good to get wound up over them right now. It did remind her to send him her details though, and she sent a time and the hotel details to him in a text message, setting things fully in motion. She pondered what she was going to wear for him, knowing he loved to see her make an effort, figuring she would have to go lingerie shopping since she had hardly planned on this and didn’t have anywhere near enough to dress as she wanted to. It was alright though, she had the afternoon free after press events and other PR work in the morning. She could spend a couple of hours finding the right thing to wrap herself in for him, make her the most pleasing she could for him. Christina paused a moment to think just why she wanted to please him so much, and given she was already offering all of herself she should already be doing that, but cast the thought from her mind, unable to come up with an answer that matched her strong, independent attitude.

The morning seemed to pass in a haze, unable to concentrate on what she was doing, her mind constantly wandering to the pleasure and pain of the night to come. She wondered what he would do with her, how he would apply the freedom she had promised him, knowing full well he would take advantage of it and make use of her. Feeling her pussy wettening again as she thought about it, she shook herself out of it and back to what she was supposed to be doing, suppressing her thoughts and managing to get focused on her day, getting into the rhythm of the press events and ticking away a few hours doing what she was meant to for the film. With it over, she paused for lunch, enjoying a few minutes of break before she headed out to the shops to get prepared, her tummy tingling slightly with nerves.

She immediately headed into expensive lingerie shops, knowing she wanted something sultry to please him. Christina wondered what she should wear, how far she should go with it; she knew he would appreciate it as he loved her curves in lingerie, but she also wanted something reasonably practical, nothing that would take too long to get off so he could ravage her swiftly. After looking around shops for a couple of hours, taking her time and thinking it over as she gazed over all sorts of corsets, basques, bustiers, bras, panties, garter belts and stockings. There was so much choice, dismissing the offers of assistance she received as she tumbled it over in her mind. In the end, she made up her mind and went back to the shops she’d decided on for the items she wanted. Christina wanted to go for black underwear, but decided not to go for garters and stockings this time, thinking some hold-ups would be better and she had seen some fantastic ones so went to buy those. They were sexy, black, detailed hold-up stockings, with a beautiful lacy design all the way up front from the ankle to the top, which was a nice lacy edging to accentuate where they wrapped around her thighs.

With those bought, she headed back to another store with her eyes on a sexy basque, knowing it was just the right thing. Sexy but quite easily removed. After looking around a little for it, she had to ask as due to the size of her magnificent chest they had nothing out. She was in luck though, and they were able to find the right size to contain her voluptuous body in the alluring black basque, a mixture of satin and sheer panels, with a little padding at the chest and lovely lacy edging around it and the slender straps for her shoulders. It had attached garters but she could unclip those for another time. To complete her shop, she also selected a pair of black panties to match the basque, also with a mix of sheer and satin that gave a peek at her treasures but just kept enough hidden. Feeling confident that she’d look pretty special for him, she headed back to her hotel with her rustling paper bags, having plenty of time before he arrived for her. She took a little time to relax a bit, having a coffee and watching some TV, just working to keep herself calm as the lingerie bags seemed to look at her, begging her to take it out, touch it, wrap herself in it.

Deciding she could resist no longer, she set about getting ready for him, turning off the telly and beginning to strip off, casting her clothes onto the end of the bed and heading for the bathroom in her underwear. She paused to look at herself in the mirror, just staring at her body, taking in her curves before she reached back to release her bra, taking the impressive garment off and freeing her large chest, letting her breasts hang free and eyeing herself, pleased with how they looked. Reaching down she slipped her panties off, casting them down to her ankles to let her take in her triangle of pubic hair pointing down at her clit. It was a little untidy but she liked having her sexy little style, however she also wanted to please him, excite him when he slipped her panties off. Christina decided she’d shave herself smooth, get rid of everything and give him a silky surprise to run his tongue over. Casting her underwear out of the bathroom, she got her razor, lathered up with shaving foam and settled down to take several minutes to carefully shave herself to smooth perfection. With a final wipe of the towel, she gazed down over her beautifully smooth mound, tingling a little at the sensitive sensation of the rough fabric on her freshly shaved skin. Pleased with herself, she ran a deep, hot bath to recline in, tying her long red hair up out the way as the water thundered into the tub.

Relaxing in the hot water, Christina let her hands roam a little, squeezing her huge breasts, feeling how sensitive they were as she tingled, nipples drawn instantly into points in anticipation. Her fingers pushed lightly over her silky pussy, loving how smooth it was and knowing he would love it. After taking time to relax in the hot water, she pulled the plug and got out, drying herself off as she headed back into her main room, pulling the shopping bags onto the bed now. After removing all the labels and tags, she stood for a couple more minutes to dry off and cool down more before setting about putting it on, slipping into the sexy panties first before pausing to remove the garters from the basque before squeezing her curves into it, settling it onto her body and comfortably arranging her huge breasts in it, almost spilling out. Sitting down on the bed, she pulled the hold-ups smoothly up her legs, unrolling them onto her thighs, feeling them squeeze snugly around to hold on. Dressed in her lingerie, she took a moment to study herself in the mirror, shifting her breasts a little more as she admired herself. She then took a few minutes to fix her make-up, making her eyes dark and smoky to go with deep red lipstick, a sharper contrast to her hair as she let it back down around her shoulders.

Ready aside from a dress, Christina poured herself a scotch, taking a deep sip of it to calm her nerves as they built up. She’d decided on a blue silk dress, one of the few she had with her, which had a nice split up the skirt to show off her hold-ups and a good cut to the chest to highlight her breasts. Stepping into it, Christina pulled it up over her shoulders and reached back to zip it up, smoothing it out slinkily over her lingerie before stepping into the high-heels she’d chosen, some simple black suede style ones with a four inch heel to accentuate her figure. Ready, she took another trembling breath, drawing her glass of scotch and then tidying away everything littering the bed, throwing it out the way into the cupboards, leaving her waiting for him. Glancing at the clock, there was around half an hour to go in her wait for him, making her sit down and take a moment to calm herself down. She didn’t know why she was so nervy, she’d done this before after all and it was exactly the same, she knew he would like what she had for him. She got another scotch and kept that in mind, that she was exactly what he wanted and would thoroughly enjoy as she sipped her drink. The time seemed to tick away so slowly, but it felt like it had gone in an instant as there was a knock at her door a couple of minutes early, shocking her despite having been waiting for it. Christina sucked in a deep breath, heart pumping hard as she stood up, taking a second to make sure she was perfectly presented for him before stepping to the door and opening it to him, waiting casually at her door with a slight smile that hinted his pleasure at what was waiting for him.

“Good evening, miss Hendricks,” he said politely with a slight nod, wearing a tidy suit.

“Evening,” she replied simply, giving a slightly nervous smile. His eyes scanned slowly down the length of her body, making no secret of checking her out.

“You look fantastic,” he commented, making her smile shyly.

“Thank you, it’s all for you,” she said, blushing a little.

“Good, can I?” he asked, gesturing towards her room behind her.

“Oh sorry, please,” she said hurriedly, having got lost in meeting him and not invited him straight into her accommodation. She stepped aside and welcomed him in, closing the door behind him and locking it securely, not wanting any risk of being interrupted.

“Very nice, you get to stay in some lovely places,” he said, looking around the fairly opulent room.

“Yeah I do, can’t complain,” she said, still stood against the door, watching him glance around, a little annoyed he didn’t just check her out.

“The room, however, is nothing compared to what’s in it,” he said, suddenly looking straight at her, making her heart squeeze and a breath catch in her throat.

“My, you do look sensational. I like that you’ve dressed up for me, Christina,” he said, addressing her again in a way that just somehow made her melt a little.

“Thank you, I try to make an effort,” she managed, holding back the nervous stutter that almost accompanied her words. His eyes just ate her up for a few moments more, scanning over her curves, her body snugly wrapped in the blue silk, highlighting every gorgeous feminine shape of her body. Reaching out towards her, he gestured with his fingers for her to approach.

“Come here, Christina,” he said quietly, but with a voice that simply conveyed his dominance. She felt the urge to obey him, to subserviently do as she was told, but she couldn’t quite give in to him so easily, freezing and resisting stepping forward even though she wanted to. There was a pause and then he suddenly snapped his fingers at her, his smile fading into a sterner expression.

“Miss Hendricks, now,” he said sharply, making her immediately respond, heart surging and feet obeying, stepping away from the door towards him, knowing in that moment he’d broken her and she was now going to submit completely to him. She had already known it would be that way, that he essentially owned her, but it had been her token protest against it. Stepping close to him, his hand immediately squeezed her breast hard, making her gasp as she still stepped just a bit nearer him, his grasp tight as he clamped down on her gorgeous chest. Groping her, he then let his hand slide round her back as his other hand slid over her hip and round to take a firm grip of her ass, making her moan slightly in her throat, looking him in the eye as he took a hold of her, holding her close to him, able to smell his reminiscent scent, reminding her of the last time they were together. Holding her, he leaned forward and kissed her, dominantly but quite gently, in charge but it was a soft kiss all the same, their lips pressing together, tongues just touching firmly.

“Don’t test me, Christina,” he said as they broke apart. “I want us to have fun, but if you push me then I will take control. I can punish you as hard as I can bring you pleasure, so don’t invite it unless you want it,” he said.

“OK,” she breathed, heart beating hard in her chest, head swimming. She gave a cry as his hand suddenly pulled up into her long red hair, yanking her head back sharply.

“What was that?” he asked, waiting for her to slip up as he leaned close and nuzzled along her neck. Trying to ignore the tingles running through her body, and the wetness of her pussy, she concentrated.

“Yes, sir,” she responded, knowing what he wanted to hear, testing her.

“Good,” he replied, then kissed softly at her neck, making her sigh in pleasure, drawing his tongue back up her pale skin under her jaw.

“Sir, I have an idea I think you will like,” she offered, obeying him perfectly, silently hating herself for submitting so easily to him, but at the same time absolutely dripping with arousal over it.

“Go on,” he said, hand sliding out of her hair to her back again, his other still squeezing her ass.

“I was thinking you could tie me up. Then that way you can have me at your mercy, I will do anything you want,” she said, wanting to offer him complete control of her. Pausing, he gave a smile as he leaned back from her, hands sliding to hold the pinch of her waist.

“Christina, I’m not going to tie you up,” he said with a smile, hands squeezing a little at her body as she looked a little put out.

“I’m not going to tie you up because I don’t need to,” he continued, making her breath catch, eyes widening.

“You will submit completely, and do anything I ask of you. You want me to bind you as an excuse, something you can tell yourself as to why you did everything I’m going to tell you to. But I’m not going to give you it, because I have no need of it and I want you to admit to yourself that this is what you love,” he finished. Her heart was pounding now, having it put to her so directly, and knowing full well it was true.

“Yes, sir,” was all she could manage, knowing either way she had to obey him.

“You’re going to do anything I want, without question, aren’t you Christina?” he asked, looking into her eyes. Unable to speak, she stared back at him with her eyes wide as she nodded once in obedience.

“Good girl. Now, you are going to suck my cock,” he said, giving her a direct order. Finding her voice, Christina spoke up.

“But sir, don’t you want me to take my clothes off first?” she blurted out, unable to control herself at that moment. He paused, looking down at her dress again before back into her eyes.

“I am not concerned with your clothes. Whilst they are very nice, very sexy, what I find sexiest is the fact that you made such effort for me. That is what’s sexy about them. I’m sure there’s some very alluring underwear underneath that dress to go with it, but what I came here for is your body, not what covers it. And I don’t need you to take anything off to make you suck my cock,” he said, his tone just making her submit. He had barely touched her and she was already tingling, feeling like she were on the brink of an orgasm.

“Yes, sir,” she responded, unable to say anything else.
“However, I will grant you the choice,” he offered. She didn’t know how to respond to that, wanting to do only what he wanted of her, and given his position she had no idea if he wanted her  to strip yet or not.

“But…” she started, only to have a finger placed firmly on her lips.

“Ssh Christina. You are going to suck my cock,” he said as a statement, giving her no room to object, not that she would have. She gave a single nod to agree that yes, she would.

“Do you want to take your dress off?” he asked, cutting down to very simple points. Again she nodded, not even pausing, wanting to strip off for him and show off the lingerie she had bought to please him. He gave a smile, lifting the finger off her lips and then opening his hand to gesture she should as his other hand slid from her ass with a final squeeze. Taking a step back for space, Christina, reached back behind herself, pushing her tits out fantastically as she fumbled for the zip of the dress, taking hold of it with trembling fingers and then drawing it down to her lower back, shrugging her shoulders forward to throw the dress off herself.

“Slowly,” he interjected, making her look up to him, greeting by the slightest head tilt that said she should take her time with it. Hesitating, she just held her dress up a moment as she straightened up, standing fully before him and then slowly lowering it, revealing the sexy black basque and her phenomenal chest for him, just watching his eyes as she peeling the blue silk away from her body, watching for the moment his eyes flicked down to take in her pale skin and the stark contrast of her lingerie. Sliding her dress down, she revealed her body in the snug, hugging basque and then bent her knees to lean down and push the dress past her hips, never letting her gaze leave his face as she watched him take her in, standing back up as it dropped around her feet to give him a good look at her sexy, matching panties and the long, detailed hold-ups she had on for him. Gazing down her, taking it all in, he looked back up to her with a small smile.

“Very nice, very you. I appreciate your dressing up for me,” he said, addressing her presentation skills. She smiled, unable to stop herself, feeling stupidly proud at his pleasure in her dressing up for him.

“Now get down on your knees,” he ordered, with a harder tone to his voice that simply made her respond. Kicking the dress out the way, Christina carefully sank down onto her knees for him, taking her place as he pulled off his jacket and threw it to a chair, reaching down to undo his trousers in front of her as she waited for him obediently, ready to suck as she had been instructed. Pulling his cock out before her, she quietly inhaled as she was reminded of its size and the piercing through the tip, loving the thick nine inches that awaited her, hardening fully for her as she stroked it a few times to get it completely ready for her. Releasing it, his hand slid into her soft red hair and pulled her towards him and his pulsing erection, making her dart about to capture it and sink her mouth onto it, straight into things as he pressed almost half of it into her hot mouth, groaning at the sensation of her velvet heat wrapping around him.

“Mm that’s it, now suck”, he commanded as she just waited a moment on it. Spurred into action, she sucked firmly as her tongue felt the thick piercing through the tip of it, tingling in arousal as she started working, bobbing her head firmly to take what she could, letting him bump the back of her throat as she worked at his thick cock, applying firm pressure to him and letting her tongue hook and pull at his ring. She kept her hands down at her sides as his hand pulled into her hair, holding the back of her head and guiding her, making it clear what he wanted as she gave him a blowjob.

“Christina, I didn’t need to tie you up, meaning your hands are free,” he said, making it clear to her that she should use them. She immediately responded and raised her hands to him, wrapping one firmly around the base of his thick shaft and using the other to carefully squeeze his balls as she continued to suck. Pressing down onto him, she hollowed her cheeks so they could softly rub at him as she worked back and forth along his length. He murmured with pleasure as she worked, just letting her show her skills, knowing she could suck cock impressively and letting her go at it, using her hands in great support of her sucking, stroking the bottom of his cock with firm, short strokes as she worked his balls, feeling their weight in her hand and working around them in turn, just squeezing and fondling carefully as she blew him. Her tongue had switched from toying with the ring in his tip to pressing along his length, curling it into the underside of his cock as she slipped up and down it.

She pulled back to tug at the ring with her teeth, hearing him exhale slowly with pleasure at the different sensation, pushing it to be a little rougher, pulling back firmly and twisting it a bit, none of which he asked her to stop. Emboldened, she continued and attacked more with her teeth, running them over the bulbous head of his cock, biting lightly and dragging them across it, pulling at his ring with her tongue and working as busily as possible. His other hand pulled into her hair, both guiding her head as she focused on the tip, before she was caught off guard by him sinking his cock back into her mouth, catching her breath and then almost making her gag as he powerfully pushed it to the back of her throat. Despite her inhibited breath she continued doing as she had been ordered, sucking firmly and working her tongue around his cock, feeling the powerful member throbbing in her mouth as he held her down on him. He released her somewhat but kept her deeper on him, making it clear he wanted her to suck more of his length, at which she did her best, bouncing herself harder onto him to push his cock into her throat, holding her gag reflex back as she did. He groaned as he felt her efforts, feeling her throat clench and flex around him as she struggled with it.

“Hands off,” he commanded, and was very pleased to see her immediately obey, dropping her hands from him instantly and placing them on her knees, leaving him free to do as he chose with her.

“Very good,” he said, impressed with her obedience. His grip tightened in her hair, making Christina steel herself for what she was sure would be a vigorous fucking of her mouth. She was wrong however, as he didn’t start pumping into her mouth intently, instead taking a slow thrust or two and then pressing it into her throat, forcing past where she could take as he felt her gag and then choke on him, pushing it hard into her mouth. But despite this, she never raised her hands to stop him or push him off, being the perfect fuck doll as she let him take everything he wanted from her, even as her eyes watered and throat contracted to try and resist him. She coughed and breathed hard as he pulled back, giving her just a second to recover before he did it again, shoving himself into her throat harder this time, driving his pierced tip deeply into her, Christina feeling it pressing hard into her as it slid down her throat, focussing on it as she tried to hold back her gag reflex. She couldn’t though and her throat contracted, body surging as it tried to push him out, but he didn’t relent and kept it deep down, groaning in pleasure as she struggled to take him.

“Very good,” he said, drawing back to let her breath again, Christina looking up at him, her make-up running as tears ran from her eyes, seeing him smiling.

“Why don’t you show me just how much you love this cock,” he said released her head and just pushing his shaft back to her mouth. Christina didn’t need telling twice and immediately leant forwards to capture his cock once more, sucking firmly at the tip and letting her tongue play with the ring again, flipping it side to side and teasing under the tip to make him jump in her mouth. She relished the feel of his thick, hard cock, the hot sensation of it, both yielding and resisting her touch as she tongued and sucked at it, just letting her teeth lightly pull and graze at it, a threateningly hard edge to her blowjob though he knew she would never dare bite him. She was almost tempted, just to feel what the punishment would be. He gazed down at her as she worked, loving the tears that streaked her cheeks and her phenomenal rack beneath, pushed out and up by the underwear she’d chosen.

“You can use your hands,” he said, since she was still obediently holding them down on her legs. Immediately she reached up and took hold, grasping around the base of his cock, squeezing and stroking as she continued bobbing her head on the first half of him, her tongue busily rolling and wrapping around his head as she engulfed him. Her other hand squeezed his balls again, quite fascinated by their size and weight in her hand, letting her fingers roll and fondle them. Pulling off him with a gasp, she stroked her hand up his full length, giving a couple of licks to the head of his cock before she leaned down closer to his balls, running her tongue over and around them, pressing her lips to them to kiss and softly massage, just gently pulling one into her mouth to suck at it, pressing her teeth lightly into his skin. It was a wonderful sensation to him, his cock stiffening a little more in her hand which she noticed with a squeeze and some faster strokes, the threat of danger as her teeth pressed into him combined with the sucking of her mouth and lashes of her tongue was a wonderful cocktail.

She looked up as he rested his hand in her hair, not guiding her, just gently encouraging her to continue as he looked down into her eyes, Christina holding his gaze as she sucked at him, pulling back to lick up the underside of his shaft, letting his full nine inch cock bounce on her face as she did, letting him slide back and forth across her lips, feeling the hard ring run across her skin, tempting her to capture him. Unable to resist, she caught it with her teeth, giving it a little tug, feeling no response so pulled harder, making him gasp this time and his hand close into her hair. Doing it again, this time with a bit of a twist, made him shudder in sensation, a mix of pleasure and pain as she did, his hand pulling tighter onto her head but not stopping her.

“Christina, keep that up and I’ll push it all down your throat,” he said softly, a tone that told her he absolutely meant it, and should she continue she’d be on the receiving end of the biggest deepthroat of her life. Well, attempted at least. She considered it for a moment, carefully toying with his piercing, hooking her tongue through the ring, feeling the flex of his cock as her hand stroked up and down his rock hard length, momentarily realising she absolutely couldn’t wait until he buried it inside her. She felt in the mood to test him a little however, and grabbed the ring with her teeth, pulling and twisting it intently so he shuddered deeply, feeling his cock surge in her hand as she pulled, his hand in return twisting into her long red hair for a strong grip and then pulling her back, Christina relinquishing her grip to let him remove her from his manhood. Her head snapped to one side as he laid a firm slap across her face with his free hand, making her elicit a ragged gasp as the sting spread over her pale skin, turning to heat as he pulled her back into place with her hair. Pushing his cock down, her delved deeply into her mouth, pushing to her throat in one easy shove that tripped her gag reflex, pausing momentarily while she settled and then pushing again, hard this time, not giving her any break. Both his hands were in her hair now, holding her tight and forcing her onto his cock, making her choke and reach up to try and push away this time.

“Hands down!” he snapped authoritatively, making her heart surge as she dropped them, giving him complete control as she did as she was told. Holding her down a moment longer, he enjoyed her choking before pulling back, but only a couple of inches, giving her a moment to draw a breath and then forcing his cock back into her throat again, feeling her choking on him as he sought to force all nine, thick inches down the throat of the feisty actress. Saliva ran down her chin as she struggled to swallow his cock, gagging on him but also chiding herself for not being able to take him all in like he evidently wanted. He continued a few more times, drawing her back and then slamming into her throat, trying to force himself all the way in, feeling her gag and choke and drool around him, but found himself unable to make her swallow the last couple of inches. It was impressive as it was, but he wanted all of it, to make Christina Hendricks swallow every last inch of his cock. Pulling back, he extracted himself from her, sliding it from her mouth and hearing her give a deep gasp of breath as she had the chance, head hanging in his hands by her hair.
“Not good enough,” he said, and as she looked up he put another firm slap across her face, harder this time, making her gasp loudly, saliva dripping from her lips as she felt his dominance, having no will whatsoever to resist him, only to please him. Releasing her, he stepped back, her knelt on the floor before him.

“Stand up,” he said clearly, making her look up to him again and then fumble to her feet, feeling her shaky legs beneath her as she teetered on her high heels, drawing herself up and pushing her chest out. He paused to take her in, all her curves displayed perfectly in the lingerie she had picked out for him, her fantastic chest spilling out of the basque she had chosen, wrapping her body perfectly, leading down to her matching panties and hold-ups, presented for him to enjoy. It was certainly a treat, and he didn’t imagine she did this for many men so intended to make full use of her, to push her to the limits and take everything he wanted.

“Very nice,” he commented as he surveyed her body.

“Thank you, sir,” she said, smiling to herself, looking down a little shyly. She had no trouble addressing him submissively, having given herself up to doing as she was told. Stepping forward, he reached up to grasp her throat, not tightly but dominantly, controlling her, making her pause as he leaned forward to kiss her, their tongues dancing momentarily. Breaking apart, he swiftly reached up with his other hand to smack her across the face with an air-splitting slap, making her gasp hard, the contrast of sensations hitting her hard, which was accentuated as he squeezed her throat harder and then shoved her brusquely down on the bed, Christina bouncing across the corner of the larger hotel bed on her back. Starting to push herself back up, she was immediately put in her place.

“Stay,” he commanded, making her sink back to the bed, straining up just a little to watch him undo his shirt, shrugging it off to reveal his muscular figure that somehow seemed to match his thick, nine-inch cock, still pulsing before him as he paused to strip off. The seconds seemed to stretch for an eternity as she wasn’t touched, sliding his clothes off to leave himself completely naked, ready to take her on. Stepping round the end of the bed, her eyes followed him, or more specifically his bouncing cock, seeming to harden more again as he focused on her again, letting his fingers trail up her silk encased figure. Stopping by her head, she looked up at him and his thick, throbbing cock over her, red hair spilling down the end of the bed as he leaned over her. Grabbed hold of her shoulders, her manhandled her powerfully a little further to the end of the bed so her head was unsupported, tipping back perfectly over the end as he let his hand slip into her hair and pull down against her resistance. Christina fought it for a second and then let her head sag, flopping down over the end of the sheets into a perfect position for him, making her throat straight and an inviting target. His hand slid back onto his cock and she as he gave a couple of long, slow strokes of it to bring himself back to absolutely hardness for her, his cock pulsing once more with his heartbeat, ring through the tip looking to tantalising for her.

“Are you gonna fuck my throat?” she asked, watching him stroke the cock she lusted for so much, needing to confirm it almost. What she got instead was another slap across the face, gasping loudly, feeling her clit prickle and vagina squeeze in lust in response. She had almost asked just to tempt him to slap her, getting turned on by it. It wasn’t hard or violent, it was dominant, controlling.

“I’m gonna do whatever I want with you, Christina,” he said, reinforcing his ownership of her. With that he wasted no more time, bending his knees and pressing his thick cock into her hot mouth, hearing her take a deep breath as she took him in, immediately sucking at him, her tongue applying to the top of his cock this time and playing with his piercing as she started sucking firmly, doing exactly as he asked of her. He dominantly leaned over her, pushing down into her mouth, not holding her head but more in charge now, dominating the actress completely as he pressed his cock to the back of her throat, pleased to not feel her gag at all as he warmed her up again. After a couple more testing pushes, he leaned on her and forced his cock deeper into her throat again, getting to around seven inches again before her gag reflex tripped and she contracted, body heaving and fingers digging into the sheets. Only this time he didn’t pull back, pressing harder to try and make her swallow it, the curvaceous actress resisting and twisting on the bed, before she reached up to try and push him away.
“Hands down,” he ordered as he pulled back, Christina coughing around him as he withdrew. She lowered her hands back to the bed and was thankful he paused to let her breath, controlling herself and sucking in as much air as she could. It was a brief pause however, and he quickly shoved himself aggressively back into her throat, leaning on the bed as he powerfully pushed forward with his hips to try and squeeze every last inch of himself into her. Christina choked again, feeling his hard piercing sliding down her throat as he pushed himself in, using her for his pleasure, driving hard into her so she felt him push a bit deeper despite her gagging hard on him, noisily choking around him as she lurched on the bed. She tried to keep her hands off him, grabbing fistfuls of the bedding as he pulled back and thrust into her mouth again, stretching her throat out as he forced to nearly eight inches before she could take no more and reached up to push him back, desperate for air and a break from it.

“I said hands down, bitch!” he snapped, and for the first time she could hear anger in his voice. He wanted her, his fuck doll now, to swallow everything he was giving her and her insolence was not welcome. After slapping her hands away from him, he delivered a harder, stinging slap across her face that made her gasp harshly, giving a further, harder breath as she felt the heat spread through her pale skin. It was punishment, and she knew she deserved it for disobeying his direct order. Wasting no time, he fairly wrenched her head back into position and shoved his thick cock into her mouth, driving straight to the back of her throat. The speed made her work to hold her gag back, grateful that he paused, her heart pounding as she waited for the push.  Leaning over her, he took hold of her wrists and pressed them into the bed, and in that moment she knew he was going to take what he wanted from her. Dominating her totally, unable to resist, he forced his cock deeply once more, his ring sliding into her throat as he buried his cock into her once more. Despite trying to hold it back she gagged once more, squeezing and resisting him, but he didn’t care and as he pressed her hands down into the bed he piled on the pressure to force his cock into her throat. Pulling back a fraction, he timed it to perfection with the culmination of her gagging to drive back in and with that her body was caught out and he sank his entire nine inch cock into her throat, pressing down so his balls pressed into her face as he gave a groan of pleasure.

“Oh yes, I knew you could swallow it all,” he said with a smile even as she heaved again, body overwhelmed, eyes streaming, but she couldn’t dislodge him. He held himself down deep in her throat as she controlled herself, breath blocked, before he pulled slowly back and let her draw breath in around his slick penis. It was just a second, letting her haul in the oxygen deeply, before he drove his cock back down into her throat, following her breathing action to drive himself all the way in once more before she couldn’t resist. She gagged again, but held it together better as he groaned in pleasure, feeling her flex and contract around him exquisitely.

“Mm yes, fantastic,” he said, loving the squeeze of her throat and watching her curvy body twisting beneath him, feeling her still trying to raise her arms beneath his powerful grip. Holding her down, he pulled back, just a couple of inches, before pushing himself back to full depth, quite slowly this time, feeling her holding her gag back as best she could but lost the battle, convulsing again, only this time her throat didn’t have the power to resist him and he pressed down full depth once more. He had broken her resistance, and with that he started to slowly but firmly thrust in and out of her throat, full depth on every stroke, pulling back just enough to let her breath. Gulping for air, she gagged a few further times and then finally managed to suppress it, holding herself tense as her heart pounded but able to swallow him, his entire cock sliding deeply in and out of her throat, eyes watering as he pressed down fully to sink his pierced tip to its deepest point inside her.

“That’s it, that’s what I wanted,” he said as he thrust himself in and out, picking up his pace a bit and releasing his hold on her wrists somewhat as he felt her relax. She couldn’t help but be proud of it, that she was now able to do as he pleased and be his perfect little fucktoy. Tears streamed from her eyes, cheeks flushed, sweating beading across her forehead as she held herself prone and relaxed, just able to keep herself as he wanted her for him to pillage her throat, taking longer strokes now as he thrust his full impressive length right into her, his balls pressing into her lip with every thrust. He tested her, holding deep to let her throat handle him and block her breath, pushing her limits, but Christina fought the urge to fight against his hold and gag, just staying cool. She was rewarded by his hands releasing her wrists, taking a hold on her incredible chest instead and giving a firm squeeze as he continued to feed her his cock.

“Mm yeah that’s it, good girl,” he said as she felt him tremble a little, cock stiffening in her throat. Christina knew what that meant as she beamed with pride at pleasing him, doubling her efforts with her tongue to stimulate him as his hands groped at her huge tits, presented for him by her tight basque. His hands gripped them, fingers digging in firmly to her flesh as his thrusts became shorter, using around half his cock as he rocked his hips in to get full depth each time still, speeding up. She knew he was pursuing his climax now and sucked just right for him, pretty hard but not too much, tongue swirling and thrashing across him as he enjoyed her throat, not resisting at all now, letting him do exactly as he pleased which was evidently exciting him, that the feisty Christina Hendricks submitted so completely. His grasp on her tits intensified, squeezing tightly as he ramped up to his climax, thrusts becoming short and rapid, his balls hitting her face quickly as he used everything she could give, saliva running down her face now as she gave a slight cough and gagging sound, starting to struggle with his pace. It only mattered for a few seconds however, as she felt him stiffen intently in the last couple of seconds.

“Oh fuck,” he breathed, and his hand suddenly swept under her head, gathering up her long red hair and holding it as he pulled back almost all the way, catching her a little off guard and almost causing a gag as he withdrew to just his bulbous, pierced head in her mouth, the thick accentuated shape just inside her lips. With a deep, guttural growling he came, hands tightening on her chest and in her hair as his cock bucked, the tip seeming to pulse and jump in her mouth as he exploded and emptied his hot, abundant load completely into her mouth. She hadn’t really been expecting that, and didn’t generally let guys finish in her mouth, but she was obedient and didn’t think twice in that moment of sucking hard and working her tongue intently at him to maximise his pleasure as he came in her mouth. His abs tensed hard as he gave several hard clenches to ejaculate fully into her sucking haven, lips sealed perfectly around his cock, letting every last bit of his salty load go with power into her hot mouth as she dutifully took it.

“Ah fuck, that’s enough,” he gasped as he was hit by the sudden sensitivity in the aftermath of it all, pulling her head down by her hair to release himself, Christina just pushing it by letting her teeth catch his ring, pulling at it a moment before she released it and allowed her head to be pulled back, his softening cock springing away from her mouth. His hands slid from her body and he stepped back, breathing hard as he looked down at the redhead actress, head still hanging back, eyes closed, breathing through her nose due to the thick load in her mouth. Lifting her head a little, she opened her eyes to look straight up at him, make-up streaked across her face from her tears; staring at him with her big, pretty eyes, she knew what he wanted to see from her and swallowed deeply, feeling her throat aching as she did, gulping his big, thick load down for him as he watched. With it gone, she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out for him, holding a moment before she rolled it showily back in and closed her mouth.

“Am I a good girl?” she questioned in a small voice, looking up as she breathed hard, chest heaving with her breaths.

“A very good girl,” he said, looking down at her with a genuine smile, reaching out to brush his hand over her sweat dampened cheek. She closed her eyes and gave a smile in return, enjoying the touch a moment before she pulled herself slowly up, giving a grumble at the twinge in her neck and stiffness of her body from the tension, pulling herself onto the bed properly and resting her head back, feeling her muscles give a slight spasm as she finally relaxed them, wincing in pain from it as the tightness left her body. Turning, he sat down beside her, leaning back on one hand as he just placed the other on her tummy, a small connection but more than enough as they both recovered, breathing hard.

There was a couple of minutes of quiet, both of them just breathing deeply, absorbing the oxygen as sweat prickled over both of them, a sensual mix of hot and cold as it beaded on them and cooled in the air. As their breathing settled, his hand started to move, curling his fingers to press them into her pale, creamy skin as his hand slid to her large breast through her basque. Christina murmured and arched a little, turning to look at him, swimming in her long red hair on the bed as she raised her own hand to touch his arm, just softly pulling her own fingertips over his skin as his hand slid onto her huge chest, doing its utmost to cover her breast, squeezing firmly. He felt her stiff nipple pressing into his hand as he groped her, loving how perky she was, her fantastic tits just begging for attention. Christina groaned throatily as he toyed with her, arching up into his touch, giving just a slight grunt as his fingernails rolled to press into her soft skin through the satin and then gasped intensely as he pulled them back into her nipple, pinching sharply at her and pulling slightly. Lifting herself from the bed, Christina started to sit up, following his hand to take pressure off his grip as her eyes screwed shut at the sensation, her own fingernails digging into his arm in the moment.

“No, Christina,” he said, in a deep voice, almost with a growl, as his hand suddenly released her chest and grasped her throat, a wide, dominating grasp of the actress that made her eyes pop open wide and her breath catch in her throat, staring at him with unsettled excitement.

“You’re going to stay lying down,” he said firmly, and with that pushed her back down onto the bed, the pressure on her throat making her pussy tingle, loving the domination he exerted on her. Christina let herself be pressed back down, her elbows slipping out from under herself to lay back on the expensive sheets and yield to him, arms by her sides, looking up at him as he maintained his grasp of her throat. Not releasing, he stared into her eyes for a moment, somehow seeming to sense what she would like and pushed her by squeezing firmly, gripping her soft neck, upping the pressure and letting his hand slide forward a little to inhibit her breath until she gave a slightly choked sound, holding it a moment as he felt her arch up a little beneath him, loving it, before he released her and dragged his fingers down her soft skin to tug at the neckline of her sexy basque as she took deep breath.

Pulling himself onto the bed, there was just a pause as he knelt up and over the busty actress, applying his other hand to her chest now and using both of his hands to squeeze intently at her celebrated breasts, making her exhale loudly, pushing up a little but obediently keeping herself pressed down to the bed. Releasing them, he leaned down close to her and kissed her deeply, their lips pressing together as he poured his tongue into her mouth, wrapping it up with her own as they paused to quite intimately kiss. He owned her this time, there were no rules and he took advantage by taking time to make out with her. She wouldn’t have stopped him even if she had told him no in the first place now anyway. Pulling away, he gave her another hard squeeze that made her wince slightly and then sharply grabbed hold of the shoulder straps of her basque, wrenching them abruptly down her arms, then grabbed the front of the black satin to yank it down off her breasts, exposing the magnificent flesh beneath as she gave a slight gasp. She loved him taking such control, it was so different to how she normally got treated that it just made her melt, and obey.

He dove down on her chest, pushing her fantastic tits together and pressing his face to them, planting kisses all over her soft skin as she gave a moan of pleasure, loving his sheer interest in her chest, her fingers sliding over her skin as his mouth went all over them, covering them with hungry kisses, his tongue applying itself to her as he did, pausing to suck at her nipples. His kisses turned into more aggressive bites, scraping and pulling at her soft skin, getting harder as he went, her breaths turning to sharp gasps, but never telling him to stop. As he latched onto her nipple again and gave a hard bite to it, testing her, she gasped hard, raising her head as her eyes squeezed shut, but was greeted swiftly by a hand on her forehead, pushing her back down onto the bed as his teeth continued to snap and tease across her skin. Squeezing her breasts up again, she just listened to her pounding heart as he kissed down over her body, over the ruffled up lingerie and down across her tummy, his destination clear.

Letting his hands draw down the taper of her body, he gripped at her waist as he kissed over the patch of bare skin before the waistband of her matching panties, loving the matching black satin and sheer look on her. Sliding down between her nylon-clad legs, which she opened easily for him, he nuzzled over the front of her panties, able to feel the heat of her and how badly she wanted it. Wasting no further time, his hands slipped down into the waistband to draw them down, Christina obediently lifting her hips to let him slide them down, just clinging to her lips a moment longer before it revealed her perfectly shaved pussy for him as he slid them down her silky legs and threw them aside. She kept her head down as she’d been ordered to, knowing he was surveying her, and then cooed softly as his fingers pushed gently over her pussy, feeling her silky smoothness, letting his thumb just pull her lips open a little and then pull firmly over her waiting clit to make her tingle.

“Very nice, Christina,” he said, making her tingle with excitement, loving that he was so pleased with her physically, not that he ever wouldn’t be. Letting his thumb circle, he got into a rhythm on her delicate button, perfectly positioning his touch before he accelerated his pace, making her moan in pleasure as he attacked her most delicate nub, his thumb briskly rubbing round and across it, not worried about her soft hood as he stimulated her. His other hand took hold of her nylon-clad leg, readying himself as he made her writhe on the bed, gasping and grunting with pleasure as he worked at her. In a fluid motion he stopped and grabbed her other leg, taking a solid hold of her and slipped back off the edge of the bed between her legs to lean down and apply his mouth straight to her freshly shaven pussy.

“Ohh fuck,” Christina whined as she felt his hot tongue slide so easily across her labia, able to feel every little contour of him as he flexed the muscle against her, lapping smoothly up her from bottom to top, taking in every silky millimetre of her pussy. His tongue curled to split her soft, puffy lips and delve somewhat inside, just taking in the first few millimetres of her drenched pussy, tasting her sweet juices and pulling up to catch at her clit, pushing beneath the delicate hood to directly stimulate her button. She just grunted and groaned at the sheer pleasure of it, loving every little swipe and twist of his tongue, her hands screwing up the bedding as she lay at his mercy. Pulling back to give a quick lick over her silky smooth lips again, he teased her with the tip of his tongue, feeling her shift frustratedly as he tempted her, before he moved down a little and delved his whole tongue swiftly inside her, feeling and tasting her thick, abundant juices as he did, drawing a new gasp from the curvy actress as new nerve endings were tingled.

“Oh don’t stop,” she gasped, momentarily forgetting her place. In response he did stop, sliding his tongue out and just holding for her to correct herself.

“Sir, please don’t, pleasure your fuckdoll,” she quickly breathed, immediately blushing at her complete submission to him at how she referred to herself. He didn’t notice however, simply happy with her self-admonishment as he delved his tongue deeply back into her pussy, making her murmur again with pleasure as he sank his skilful muscle as far inside her as possible. He thrust it rapidly in and out of her, making her shudder as he stimulated a mixture of nerve endings, so horny that everything buzzed her wonderfully right now. Sliding out of her squeezing body, he immediately attacked her clit again, pushing her hood out the way now and letting his tongue press to her button in a much more focused fashion, the tip pressing firmly into her as he ran around the outside of her delicate nub. The actress shuddered hard under the renewed assault, her stiff clit throbbing as he attacked it, unable to hold her hands down now as she pulled them up to squeeze her fantastic tits, groaning loudly with pleasure as his tongue rapidly flicked at her clit.

It only lasted a few more seconds before he suddenly pulled away, standing up as Christina, gasping desperately through her imminent climax, looked up over her huge chest, unable to maintain obedience in that moment as she sought to understand why he’d stopped. Standing up, he surged over her, not releasing her smooth leg as his fingers went straight to her dripping pussy, immediately burying his two middle fingers deeply inside her with ease and hooking them back towards her G-spot as she gave a grunt. Her grunt turned into a ascending, rasping groan as he started thrusting his fingers rapidly inside her, curling to just find the little rough patch of her G-spot, focusing on the intimate area and then pressing intently on it as he pumped his fingers into her, feeling her muscles start to squeeze and clench around him in unison with her noises.

“Oh fuck, master,” she gasped, not remotely ashamed now at submitting, hands clenching tightly at her firm breasts as she laid writhing on the sheets, red hair tumbling over the side of the bed as her head tipped back. His hand moved in a blur as he worked it energetically in and out of her juicy pussy, loving her muscles working around him as he did, feeling her trembling on the edge of climax now. Her free leg was pulling up now as she tensed, accelerating towards her orgasm now, feeling it coming intensely deep inside her as her G-spot was dramatically assaulted. She hadn’t stimulated it lately and even when she did, using her toys, it was never like this and he was simply overwhelming her. With a few more seconds of intense fingering she felt her resistance break, the point of no return passing and her peak rushing up on her, gasping intently as her heart raced, the pulses of pleasure rushing quickly through her body, tightening and lifting her from the bed in the rush up to the finish.

With a strained sound, she held on for a second longer before she gave a deep shudder and let out a wail of pleasure, body shaking and shivering despite her tight, contracted muscles. His fingers kept working despite her strong muscles clamping down around him, keeping her on the boil as long as possible as she shook and shuddered with waves of pleasure as they washed through her, slamming against her soul as her hands gripped savagely hard at her breasts, digging her nails into her pale skin as she arched up and cried her utter pleasure to the hotel room. There was a couple more seconds of exhausted, ecstatic gasps before she gave another tremendous shudder and collapsed onto the bed, trying to squeeze her legs shut as she clumsily reached down towards her pussy to make him stop, suddenly so sensitive she couldn’t stand it. Gasping helplessly on the bed as he withdrew his fingers from her, she felt heat bursting through her skin all over her body, suddenly aware of it all as he held her still.
“Thank you, sir,” she breathed between her gasps, eyes still closed as she sprawled on the bed.

“Your pleasure is my pleasure,” he said, stroking at her thigh, feeling the top of her hold-ups. He was rock hard again now and reached down to run his hand over his length, feeling the ring through the tip as he gave the few strokes that brought him to full hardness. His big, nine inch erection stood up between her legs, not that she was focusing on it, waiting for her. Grasping it firmly, he pushed it down and then hauled Christina to the edge of the bed, making her open her eyes to take it in as he effortlessly positioned her, then leaned down to press his big cock into her pussy, pressing his hips to pop his bulbous head straight inside her with a growl of satisfaction before he grabbed her other leg and used both to abruptly pull himself close and deep inside of the flame haired actress.

Christina gave a clench and cry, reaching down a token hand to try and resist his hips as he yanked her close to drive his whole cock inside her, stretching her pussy out for the first time. She was dripping wet and ready for him, but she hadn’t had anything so large inside her since the last time he fucked her, so his deep penetration of her stretched her out in places she had forgotten about. Pulling back, he jammed firmly into her again to make her take all of it, creating another gorgeous squeeze of her pussy as she tried to resist it, grunting hard again, before he starting to stroke faster, using his hard thrusts to penetrate her deeply, intently driving every inch of his pierced cock inside her, overwhelming her muscles and using her pussy for his pleasure. With his increase in pace, Christina couldn’t stand it, utterly lost to her senses and writhing under him, twisting away and reaching down now with a firm hard to stop his hips, preventing his deep thrusts inside her.

“Stop, sir please!” she gasped, eyes screwed up with sensation. Mercifully, he stopped, his thick cock half inside her, just pausing.

“Miss Hendricks, I can do whatever I want with you. Tell me, why should I stop?” he questioned, goading her, pushing her to challenge him. He felt her squeeze her pussy around him in the pause, feeling his girth inside her.

“Sir, you know I love your cock,” she said, playing up to him, and telling the truth overall.

“But I need a moment. I’m too sensitive, and you’re so big, I need to get used to you, please,” she finished, making her play for lighter treatment.

“Alright, since you asked nicely I’ll give you a break…for now,” he said, reaffirming his grasp on her thighs and pressing his cock into her again, but not all the way this time, and settling into a smooth, slower rhythm with her as his fingers felt the lace of her stockings.

“Thank you, sir,” she breathed as she let her hands fall onto the bed, just feeling him slide perfectly in and out of her body, taking his time with her beautifully smooth pussy now as he split it around his thick cock. She just relished the steady strokes inside her, tingling her walls and warming her up, getting her ready for when he pressed it deep again. Reaching up, she pushed her hair back, leaning back into the bedding as she enjoyed the sensations, and then being further stimulated by his hands at her breasts, squeezing firmly at her huge chest, taking in her curves through her lacy basque. She murmured at the mix of sensations as he firmly groped at her body whilst continuing to thrust his thick cock inside her, squeezing her pussy at him as he loosened her up. And that’s how it continued for a couple of minutes, with him taking in her body whilst giving her a brief break from the fucking he fully intended to give her. His hands slipped down her body and back to her thighs, taking a firm hold on her once more as he prepared himself, settling his feet on the floor, and then put his weight behind his hips and drove his whole cock inside her once more.

“Fuck,” Christina winced, dropping her head back again as she closed her eyes, but not asking him to stop. She was a lot more ready for it than she had been before, her pussy swallowing him up, flexing easily round him as he started to really fuck her again, holding her tight to pound into her pussy. He drove deep with every thrust, making her take all nine inches into her, able to feel the thick piercing as it penetrated her and tingled nerves on its way. Her hands screwed up in the bedding now as she held on, relaxing for him to help him comfortably delve deep inside her, tingling with pleasure now as the tightness subsided completely, able to relish the unique sensations of a big, hard cock. Christina shivered with pleasure as she thought about how much she liked it, dominating her, owning her. She realised she would do anything he asked of her right now, as long as he kept fucking her like this.

“You like that huh?” he asked with a smile, seeing her enjoyment. Her pussy felt perfect around him now, relaxed but squeezing, snug but yielding as it drove deeply inside her, holding onto her curves as he made her take all of his impressive cock.

“Yes sir, it’s why I called you,” she breathed, losing herself to the pleasure now, loving the feeling of him sliding in and out of her, able to take in every contour of his cock. He leaned over her, looking down into her eyes as he continued to stroke in and out of her, Christina breathing fast. Reaching out, he slowly and deliberately positioned his hand and then laid a hard smack across her face, snapping her face to the side with a gasp, sending a rush of excitement through her.

“And you’ll do anything I want to please me, won’t you?” he said, relishing his control over her. She hesitated for a moment, just enjoying his deep thrusts inside her, then gave a hard grunt as he shoved himself hard inside her and held it there.

“Yes master, anything you want,” she breathed, eyes shut, revelling in the sensations of his cock inside her, sighing as he resumed his rhythm.

“Good girl,” he smiled, holding her thighs powerfully as he started to pound with a renewed vigour, his hips slapping against her ass as he took her. Christina’s hands grasped at the bed as she steeled herself for his increased assault on her, shoving hard against her, holding her but at the same time trying to drive her up the bed. Reaching up, he smacked her face from the other side, just as firmly, making her feel the heat spreading through her skin. She was sure he would leave marks on her, but she didn’t care right now and was happy to let him. He moved his hands to her chest and left her to obediently brace herself for their fucking as he grasped hold of her fantastic tits again, giving them a hard squeeze as she groaned, still holding the bed tightly to keep herself in place. His hips kept pumping as his hands took in her stunning chest, something she was so famous for, groping and fondling her through her lacy black basque. Jiggling them a little, he then straightened up over her, pausing by burying himself into her fully again, making her breath catch and thighs clench a little on him as he did, readying himself.

He reached out and smacked her hard across the chest, making her curves shake beautifully as she gasped, feeling the strength and power of the hit, the domination. She had never let anybody treat her like this, and she absolutely loved it, giving up control, letting him have dominion over her physically. But there was a reason, and that was that it turned her on like nothing else. Her pussy wettened as he slapped her other breast, just as firmly, lubing his impressive cock and letting him slide the whole length of it effortlessly in and out of her. Christina knew he could feel it, her need and want for him, but he didn’t let on by thrusting faster into her and just continued to slap at her, getting harder and faster as she groaned. Within a couple of minutes her eyes were screwed shut as she gave hard, rasping gasps while he shoved himself deep inside her as he laid almost brutally hard smacks down on her body, raining down the now intense blows rapidly as her body shook, gorgeous breasts stinging and shaking with every smack hitting her through the alluring lingerie. Fingers dug into the bedding, pressed back hard into it as she arched her back to give herself completely to him despite the sharp, stinging pain now shooting through her body with every slap as he piled them one on top of the other.

“Don’t stop!” Christina gasped, only to find her head knocked to the side by a hard slap across her face.

“Don’t tell me what to do, slave,” he said with his firm, dominating tone. Christina just gasped raggedly into the bedding as he continued to slap at her curves.

“No sir,” she replied breathlessly, just taking in every sensation of it, every bite of pain, every hot sting of the slap, every soul tingling lift of arousal, every nipple tightening shiver. Her pussy was so wet now as he slipped in and out of her, easily able to go much faster but controlling himself to focus on her chest. It continued for another minute or so, her skin crying out for mercy now but she would never plea for it, pale complexion turned red now by his blows, before his hands moved back to hold her thighs. He took in the silky smoothness of her stockings again as he thrust hard inside her and buried his full length into her body, making her grunt deeply, caught by surprise as he took advantage of her wetness to give her everything possible. Holding her tight now, legs locking her hips into position on the bed, he ramping up quickly to absolutely pound on her pussy, driving his himself into her ass as he plunged all nine inches of his pierced cock into the redhead, accentuated by deep, guttural grunts from her as she lost herself to the feelings it spurred in her.

“Oh sir, not so rough,” she gasped, playing up to it, deliberately disobeying him to get an inevitable result. As his hand intently connected with her face she gasped, the electric sting spreading through her and making her pussy clench on him, tingling all over with pleasure. She didn’t want him to slow down or be more gentle with her, she wanted him to be rough with her, rougher even, and spoke up to spur him on to dominate her so. He knew what she needed, and sought to immediately give it to her, for his own pleasure as much as hers. After a few more deep thrusts, he drove himself into her with his whole weight to make her give a strained grunt, holding it for a second to feel her snug pussy clamp down around him, her muscles not quite knowing what to do as they found his big, thick cock buried inside her. He swiftly pulled out of her and released her legs, the actress giving a gasp at the sudden withdrawal and looking down over her magnificent breasts to see what was going on. She only got a moment to admire his pierced cock springing up from her pussy, slick with her juices, before he grabbed hold of her legs again and with arousing ease pulled her effortlessly to the edge of the bed, her curvy ass hanging over before he flipped her body by throwing her legs to the side.

Christina gasped and quickly reached out to catch herself as she was rolled over at the side of the bed, her silky knees skidding down onto the carpet fiercely as her body tumbled over to follow it, gasping as her tits pressed tenderly into the bed beneath her. She cried out as he dominantly positioned her, kicking her nylon-wrapped legs wider in readiness before dropping down on his knees behind her and pressing his cock straight into her sweet pussy, making her gasp as he took her again immediately, sinking himself into her treasures once more. His hands took a strong grasp on her waist, pulling back into her hips as he started to fuck her once more, harder and faster now than he had been, their new position giving him perfect power to really crank himself against her body and drive his cock deeply into her pussy. The redhead could only gasp and grunt as she buried her face in the bed and dug her nails into the sheets, holding on as she was pinned down and fucked hard, the hardest she’d been since he’d last nailed her quite frankly, overwhelmed by the different sensations caused by the new position.

He was driving in over her G-spot now, the piercing in his cock pressing intently into her most stimulating area now as his big cock thumped in and out of her. All her attitude was forgotten as she just gave in to being fucked, good and hard like she wanted, his hands pressing into her pale skin as he worked to make her take every last bit of his cock on every stroke. Her nerve endings were lighting up as he continued to use most of his length to glide in and out of her silky pussy, loving the squeeze of her muscles around him as she trembled a little with pre-orgasmic contractions. He loved how dominated she was, doing everything she was told and taking it all without complaint, absolutely as she wanted it, giving up all control to him.

“You love this big cock, don’t you Christina?” he asked as he pumped on her, smiling down at her buried in the sheets of the bed.
“Yes sir,” she replied, doing as she was expected when asked a question.

“What will you do for me?” he asked. Quite an open question, but the insinuation was there.

“Anything sir,” she raggedly gasped as she shuddered with a tingle of pleasure, close to getting off now. She whined as he increased his pace, giving short thrusts now to allow him to speed up fucking her, fairly slamming against her curvy ass now.

“Anything? Well that is quite an invitation,” he smiled, reaching up for her long red hair. Christina felt him wrap it around his hands for a moment and gave a cry as he wrenched back on it, jolting her head up from the bed and cranking her body like a bow, arching her back more for him as he fucked her.

“I am yours to command, master,” she managed softly, holding back the pleasure as he thumped against her ass, eyes screwed shut as she gave primal, grunting gasps of ecstasy as her peak rushed up on her. She couldn’t stop herself as his pierced tip delivered focussed, intense pressure on her G-spot and with a throaty growl she came, her pussy clenching down tightly on him as he continued to thrust into her, pulling her hair just a bit harder. Christina let out short, harsh gasps of pleasure as the orgasm washed over in sharp little waves, accentuated by his brisk thrusting, her body trying to give up and surrender to the climax yet also keep reacting to what he was doing to her. In the end her muscles gave a tight clamp down on him, slowing him slightly and making him grunt in his own pleasure at how tight she was, but otherwise keep going, seemingly unconcerned by her orgasm. As she came down from it, sweat pricking all over her pale body, she shook uncontrollably with sensation, so sensitive in the aftermath and completely unable to handle him vigorously thrusting inside her.

“Master, master please!” she squeaked, trying to pull away ineffectively, blocked by the body and under his total control. Her body was a riot of different sensations, unable to stand it.

“Shut up, Christina,” was all he replied, renewing his pull on her long hair and hammering her hard, making her wail with the overwhelming situation, his cock easily plunging into her body, pussy juicy and wet in the wake of her intense climax. She couldn’t resist him, he had total dominance of her and was using it all to his advantage now, taking everything he wanted from her. Christina knew she could shout a safe word, beg for mercy and get a break, but she wouldn’t. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of hearing it, of knowing he’d pushed her too far and she couldn’t handle it. Despite surrendering to him, she wanted to go as far as he would, and right now that meant biting the sheets and taking his energy as he smashed her. She was able to as he suddenly released her hair to take a hold on her hips again, holding her tight and close to him as he stepped up another gear to pound her, Christina’s breath catching in her throat as she buried her face in the bedding and bit down on the cotton, fingernails digging intently in as she managed to groan her endurance of it. Her body rocked tightly under him as he gave her around half a minute of intense, short thrusts, loving her quivering vagina around him, her muscles unable to find coherence in it all as his big cock stretched and dominated her while she just held on.

“Fuck,” she gasped desperately as he suddenly slowed, hands softening their grip as he rocked back into a slow few thrusts of his full length again, his breath hard behind her as she breathed into the sheets, eyes watering. She was jolted by a very hard spank on her ass, making her body jiggle and her cry out as the sting spread through her alabaster skin.

“What was that?” he asked sternly, keeping up his role in charge of her, making it clear he wanted her to know and admit it.

“Sir, sorry sir,” she breathed, gasping on the bed beneath him, sweaty and exhausted, needing this break as he just gently rocked, feeding his cock into her body and giving her the break she wanted. Pulling back, he let his impressive cock spring free of her succulent pussy, coated thickly with her juices as his hand slid from her hip to her ass, giving a firm squeeze and spreading her open to see her now much loosened pussy and tight, inviting asshole. He reaffirmed his grip on her, spreading her just a bit more as he reached down to grasp the base of his slick cock and aim it as he pushed forwards to nudge the thick, pierced head at her tight sphincter, holding himself firmly as he started to press with his hips. Christina immediately realised what he was doing, feeling him probing at her most intimate hole, the hard piercing and bulbous head of his cock leading the way for what would be a very intense anal session. She thought of protesting, of telling him not to, but she didn’t; she had after all promised him everything and she had known this was on his mind, to fuck her in the ass and take all of her as his own. She had done anal sex several times but not for a while and this would easily be the biggest cock she’d taken in the ass, if he could break into her as she involuntarily resisted.

“I don’t know if it’ll fit, sir,” she said, looking back over her shoulder at him, seeing the concentration on his face. He looked up to her, staring her in the eye with a slight smile.

“I’ll make it fit, slave,” he replied icily, and she knew he would. He pressed firmer and worked his cock slightly with his grip, rocking his head against her tight muscle which started to give way to him. Christina paused, then took a deep breath and pushed out slightly towards him, trying to relax as she leaned back a little to help him. It took a moment, lubed only by her juices, and then her tight anus suddenly gave up the fight and let him in, his thick cock surging powerfully into her ass as she inhaled sharply, giving a strained grunt as his pierced head popped inside her, the widest part of his cock now past.

“There, easy,” he commented flippantly, smacking her lightly on the ass as she breathed hard, head down in the bedding, feeling pulses of pain twinging through her as he stretched her. He paid no attention to her struggles however and took a firm hold of her hips, gripping her tightly before pulling back and forcing his cock through her fighting muscles to bury several inches of himself into her ass while she held back a cry of mixed sensations. He was loving it though; he could tell the gorgeous, curvy actress didn’t really love this and was doing it because she was ordered to, not wanting to disappoint and because she’d promised anything he wanted. Her muscles tightly wrapped around his shaft was exquisite, so snug and tight, but unable to stop him from sliding deeper inside her, which after a short pull back he did, driving his thick, rock hard cock into her booty, stretching her out, feeling her try to pull away a little as he did, her mumbles and groans of pain and sensation only helping to make his cock harder for her.

Christina could feel his cock flex and strain inside her, feeling the pain spike again as he gave a thrust to get himself as far as possible inside her, pulling back on her to squeeze every last bit of himself inside her, his full nine inches buried to the hilt in her ass, accompanied by her strained grunt. She squeezed him again as he paused, seeming to give her a moment to accommodate him, where she gave a few tentative and then harder clamps of her muscles on him to get used to it, reminded how it felt to have something in her ass, though she was hardly used to it or anything as big as him. In his pause his hands slid up to take in her sexy basque, letting his fingers feel the material and way it snugly wrapped her body, pushing it up a little on her back as she got used to things. Taking charge again, his hands firmly grasped her waist once more and he pulled back most of his length before burying it inside her again, making her gasp but not flinch or resist, and he knew she was more than up to it.

“Excellent,” he commented simply, and then drew back to immediately get into a rhythm, using most of his cock to start stroking quite rapidly inside her, holding her tightly as he pulled most of the way back and then buried himself again, making sure she took the whole length of his cock each time and pushing firmly into her curvy ass. Christina just let out a low groan as she steeled herself for it, still not entirely ready but pushing back and relaxing for him to fuck, his cock feeling quite comfortable in her ass even if not really lubed enough for her liking. He was getting deep though, deeper than she’d ever had anal sex, and that was something new to deal with, sending little jolts through her each time he buried his magnificent cock into her. Her fingers curled to dig her nails into the bed once more as she lay her head down, breathing intently across the sheets, eyes closed as he fucked her in the ass, pulling back on her body to drive himself in each time.

Christina could feel the tenderness of her tits beneath her as she laid on them, evidence of how hard he’d hit her, and a little sting to her face as well. But she loved it, and she loved being face down in the bed this way as he had his way with her. His thrusts increased their stroke a little, still going absolutely balls deep but now pulling back so his bulbous head pulled at her asshole, threatening to pop out as he just teasingly stretched it a little, but he knew exactly what he was doing with her. As he increased his stroke he became harder, slamming his hips forward into her ass to maintain the pace, making the bed bounce beneath her as he fucked her harder. In the rhythm now properly, his cock slid effortlessly into her ass, able to pump on her hard and fast, Christina gasping in more pleasure than anything else now as his big, thick cock probed into her most intimate spots. She couldn’t deny it felt good, the pain having dissipated, leaving his cock to just stimulate a satisfyingly full sensation deep within her as he thrust into her. His grip was firm but not intense on her, both of them in this moment now, enjoying him burying his cock inside her with the redhead now working to squeeze firmly at him, intent on maximising his pleasure.

“Mm fuck, you love this don’t you?” he breathed, noticing how into it she was and how perfectly she was taking his whole length, loving the beautifully tight sensations around his cock, getting him going now towards a finish.

“Yes sir, I hope you do too,” she breathed obediently, not wanting to disturb this moment at all. He pumped into her with more hunger, his hands tightening a little at her curves, pulling back at her hips to drive his rock hard cock deep into her tightest hole, feeling the push back of her hips into him as she surrendered completely. It only spurred him to fuck her harder, loving that the gorgeous actress was all his to plunder as he wished, taking the opportunity to bury himself completely into her ass and shove hard against her round ass as she grunted deeply. Christina felt a twinge go through her with the deep thrusts, his cock so big as it delved into her naughtiest hole, stimulating new areas of her body in the most intense way, a mixture of pain and pleasure like she had never experienced before.

He started to ramp up the pace with her, plunging his cock into her gorgeous body in shorter, more energetic strokes that Christina knew meant his climax was imminent. His hands pulled into her tighter, back against the flare of her hips as he slammed against her, chasing his pleasure now as he let himself feel every delightful sensation of her squeezing hotly around his cock. The redhead started grunting as he got harder, pounding her ass with his thick shaft now as his fingers dug into her pale skin. It was the deepest he had ever taken her and she loved it, the illicit sensation of him plundering her tightest hole, taking her in a way she’d let so few men do. Despite the odd pains of it her pussy was dripping wet, and she knew he could easily slide balls deep into her if he wanted, but he wouldn’t. He had everything he wanted with her ass.

“Oh fuck, Master, fuck me harder,” she breathed hungrily, aiming to spur him on. She wasn’t entirely sure she could withstand much more pressure from him, but wanted to give him everything. It was what he wanted to hear though evidently as he turned it up even harder, finding the strength and stamina that always impressed her as he gave a hard yank on her hips and drove into her, stepping it up to a level she definitely couldn’t handle for long, making her cry out, unable to hold it back as he absolutely smashed his thick cock into her ass with short, rapid strokes. His hand roughly shoved into her long red hair, grasping her mane close to her head dominantly and yanking her back, making her cry out again as he pulled her head up. With her body cranked before him he absolutely put it to her, giving her the most intense ten second fucking she’d ever taken, especially in her ass, slamming his pulsing, twitching cock into her squeezing, spasming hole as she struggled to withstand it, gasping and whining beneath him.

With a near roar of release and pleasure he shoved himself deeply inside her, pinning Christina to the side of the bed with his hips as his long, thick cock swelled just a little bigger inside her as it exploded, emptying all of his abundant load deeply into her ass. The actress could only groan in sensation as his grip relaxed a little on her and she felt him spurting and twitching inside her, squeezing out the last of his heavy balls with one final push into her, arching her body  again and then letting her go to flop exhausted onto the bed. They both just breathed heavily for a moment, Christina feeling heat and sweat prickling all over her body in the aftermath as his hands just rested at her hips, before he pushed back to pull his thick, softening cock out of her ass, giving a little murmur as his head popped out. She gave a sigh as he withdrew from her aching hole, giving a tentative squeeze and feeling the pain like a stiff joint, before she gasped as he laid a firm smack on her ass and stood up. He turned and sat down on the bed as she pulled herself tentatively up from her knees and slid forward onto the bed, lying out and stretching her nylon-clad legs out behind her.

They lay recovering for a few minutes, the silence between them a comfortable one, before he got up to pop to the bathroom. In his absence, Christina pulled herself up the bed to rest on the pillows, giving a stretch and letting herself relax, absolutely satisfied in the wake of the intense fucking he’d given her. Emerging from the bathroom, Christina let her eyes take in his thick cock before she spoke.

“So, gonna be heading off then?” she asked, since he hadn’t hung around with her previously.

“Actually, I thought I might stay,” he replied coolly, catching her a little off guard.

“Oh, well alright then,” she said, a little unsure how to react to it. It was nice to not get walked out on, and she’d appreciate not sleeping alone for once.

“If that’s alright with you?” he offered, seeing her reaction.

“Sure, just let me go freshen up,” she replied, standing up from the bed as he flipped back the sheets, sliding in as the curvy redhead headed into the bathroom. Christina stripped off her hold-ups and lacy black basque, getting completely naked before she refreshed herself, cooling down for a couple of minutes in the clean, ceramic environment of the bathroom. Walking back out into the room, he was waiting for her in bed, his eyes taking in her curves as she walked round the bed and peeled back the sheets to slip in beside him. Sliding in, she reached out to turn off the lights, enveloping them in darkness before he enveloped her in his arms as she slid back, one under her neck and the other across her waist to draw her near to him. Christina let him, giving in to a little intimacy in what had been a somewhat distant relationship between them and sliding back in close to him. It felt good to be cuddled up with him, in his strong, dominating arms, and she trembled a little as he flicked her hair out the way and pressed a firm kiss to her cheek.

“Goodnight, Miss Hendricks,” he said, addressing her properly even now.

“Goodnight,” she murmured quietly as his arm moved down to squeeze across her enormous chest for a final time as he settled down. It took just a couple of minutes before she heard his breath deepen as he fell asleep, leaving Christina to think about things until she joined his slumber shortly after.


Waking in the morning to the sun coming in the windows of the plush hotel room, Christina blinked herself awake, reaching up to wipe at them a little. Feeling his arm underneath her, she looked back over her shoulder at him beside her, lying on his back now with just his arm beneath her, still asleep and undisturbed. She gave a yawn and stretched, pulling her muscles out as she moved a little before she felt a twinge of pain and gave a gasp, her ass feeling sore in the wake of the previous evening. Him sliding his long, thick cock up her ass had been an experience; it had been a tough welcome back to anal sex for her but a pleasurable, vigorous session none the less, however she would be feeling it for days. She gave a yawn and slid her hand into his by her face, squeezing it a little as she gave an arch of her back and settled down to relax again for a few minutes.

He stirred beside her, awakened by her movements, giving a stretch himself and groaning as he woke up, stirring his strong body as he took a moment to wake up before looking over to her. He took in the flame hair and pale shoulders of the actress next to him, her curves concealed by the sheets. Turning towards her, she shivered a little as his hand slipped over her hip and then up the front of her body to squeeze unashamedly at her phenomenal chest, pulling in close behind her and pressing his lips to her shoulder to kiss at her pale beauty.

“Morning Christina,” he murmured.

“Morning,” she replied, gripping his hand as she felt a tingle run through her. He was putting the moves on her already and she found herself powerless to resist him.

“Sweet dreams?” he asked, his hand taking a good grip on one of her huge breasts for a grope before his hand slid up her chest to her neck, letting his fingers just softly drag down over the pale flesh in a way that made her heart surge.

“Very,” she whispered, losing herself to his attention as her pussy tingled with arousal, feeling her nipples stiffening up as she wettened.

“Good,” he murmured, letting his fingers play across her hard nipples, pinching lightly at them as he kissed lightly over her shoulders and onto her neck, making her melt as his lips hit the spot that always turned her on. Her hand squeezed his intently, giving away her arousal as if her little gasps and shifts of her body didn’t. The actress couldn’t hide it, clenching her thighs together and rocking her hips as her pussy buzzed in anticipation, pushing back a little in hope of feeling him. He made her wait for it a couple of minutes, just building her up, before he slid a little closer and let her feel his thick, throbbing cock as his erection pressed into her curvy ass. Christina immediately rolled her hips to push her ass up around him, arching her back as she worked at him, needing to feel how hard his big, pierced cock was for her as he pressed it against her.

“When are you gonna get going?” she asked, wondering how long she had with him. He had never stuck around before and she was curious as to his plans.

“When I’m finished with you,” he replied sternly, the dominating tone edging his voice to make her heart pump a little harder. His hand gripped tightly at her breast to make her inhale harder as he ground his hips more firmly against her, letting her feel his rock hard erection pressing into her ass, ready to delve deep inside her.

“What if I’m busy, and need to go?” she managed, hinting at a protest, before her breath caught as his hand squeezed hers hard in response, his grasp so powerful. His teeth bit into her shoulder to make her breath out hard, gritting her teeth a little as she waited for him.

“You’re not going anywhere,” he said simply, then rolled away from her and slid out of the bed, standing and walking around to her side.

“No?” she questioned as rolled onto her back and watched him, eyes taking in his strong body and impressive cock, standing straight up for her, ready to claim her once more. He stooped down to sweep her panties into his hand, her satin and sheer black underwear that matched her basque.

“No,” he said, sweeping the sheets back to reveal her curvy naked body to his gaze, tits heaving with her breaths and smooth pussy waiting.

“You’re gonna stay here till I’m done fucking you,” he said sternly, taking a final couple of steps as he looked into her eyes, in charge again now, her master.

“Yes sir,” she said quietly, meaningfully, as he put his knee onto the bed and slid into place on top of her, strong arms either side of her shoulders as he put himself easily between her open legs.

“Open,” he commanded simply, holding the balled up panties up as he lay over her, his thick erection pressing against her pelvis, waiting to slip inside. Christina obediently opened her mouth and he wasted no time in pushing them in, quite roughly as he stuffed them all in, pushing them down into her throat a little and tripping her gag reflex to make her choke.

“Don’t spit them out, or you’ll regret it,” he warned with a smile. Closing her mouth a little to keep them there, she gave a small nod as she looked up with her big eyes.

“Good girl,” he complimented as his hand slid into her long, red hair and then pulled her head to the side, making her murmur as he planted a soft kiss on her cheek, lifting his hips and reaching down with his other hand to take control of his cock. Christina, lost in the moment, was completely unprepared however as he guided himself to her silky entrance and then abruptly buried himself inside her, sinking most of his thick shaft straight inside her as her eyes popped open and she gave a cry through the panties at the sudden stretch. She was turned on, her pussy wet, but her muscles were still tight and needed warming up, though he showed no concern for that and her silky juices betrayed her to let him slide deeply inside her. She gave more hard, overwhelmed cries through her mouthful of underwear as his cock shoved intently into her body beneath his powerful bodyweight, driving to balls deep in just a couple of strokes so his hips shoved to her despite her free hand trying to stop him, pressing ineffectively against his abdomen.

“Hands off,” he commanded sternly, pulling her hand away and pinning it to the bed beside her head as he pulled it down with her hair strongly, dominating her completely. She was totally overwhelmed, her pussy clenching with the pain of each deep thrust inside her as her muscles struggled to cope and adapt to him, being forced open each time by the cock she loved so much. Completely owned, there was nothing she could do but grunt gutturally with every bodyweight thrust into her pussy, held down beneath him as his good little fuck toy, able to feel his pierced cock sliding so deep inside her clamping pussy. It hurt, but she realised she loved it, being exactly what he wanted and serving him perfectly as she gave up all control, never once thinking about spitting the panties out. He held her down but she wasn’t fighting it now and as he fucked her, slipping so easily in and out of her juicy pussy, she warmed up to taking his whole cock and the pain dissipated to pleasure.

Christina gave a moan of pleasure through her underwear, pushing up hips up into him and giving a long, strong squeeze of her pussy onto him to let him know she was enjoying it. His grip softened on her wrist and hair as he pulled his hips back further to give long, thorough strokes of his length inside her, letting the actress feel every inch as she pulled her knees up and squeezed them at his hips. He stopped fucking her so controllingly and gave her a little room to play with, a chance to prove herself, which she took charge of and started to rhythmically clench and work her pussy on his invading cock, catching him as he withdrew to stimulate maximum pleasure for him by clamping around his swollen head which also let her feel his piercing to best effect. He gave a murmur of pleasure, spurring her on as he leaned down to kiss and drag his teeth at her neck, making her shiver in response as he pulled at her ear. Murmuring through her improvised gag she expressed her pleasure, even though it was obvious to him anyway.

Her pussy now stretched effortlessly for him, swallowing all nine of his thick cock as he delved inside her, the walls of her vagina alive with pleasure with every powerful thrust of his hips against hers, connected in the best possible way. Her ass already ached and she was sure her pussy was going to after this, being put through its paces by him intently, exactly as she needed. It was why she had called him and god damn had she needed this; it was everything her body desired, alight with pleasure and pain, submitting to him giving her the mental satisfaction she secretly craved while he made every use of her physically. She gave a cry through the panties as he bit her neck, sending a shudder through her as the sharp pain mixed with the pleasure, feeling his cock harden a little inside her in response to the intense squeeze she gave it. He knew exactly what he was doing with her, and she loved it, feeling his cock flex inside her as he fucked her vigorously, pumping in shorter, faster strokes now as he chased his pleasure. His body slapped against hers as he thrust energetically to pound his thick shaft into her again and again, feeling exquisite grasp of her silky pussy around him, threatening to hinder his penetration and then releasing to let him easily glide back inside her. She was treated to a blissful pounding for a few seconds as he plunged into her juicy body with unrestricted abandon, jamming his cock as deep as it would go in her clenching form.

Christina gasped loudly as he suddenly pulled out of her, yanking the big cock that she was enjoying so fully from her needy body to leave her gasping intently. Opening her eyes, she focused enough to see him climbing off her before he gave a yank to her red hair that make her mumble through her gag, stepping off her onto the floor beside the bed. With a pull of her hair he made her follow, drawing her swiftly up from the bed even though her legs were trembling, pulling her off the bed to kneel down in front of him. Holding her firmly, he reached down to pull the sexy satin panties out of her mouth, Christina sighing in slightly relief and taking a deep breath in the pause, getting a second to be free of them. With a hand in her hair he wasted no time and drew her onto his thick cock, piercing glinting and slick with her juices, but she didn’t care and obediently opened her mouth for him, letting him slide his thick shaft into her mouth, feeling the contours of his bulging head rub silkily across her tongue.

She gave a moan of pleasure, loving having him back in her mouth, tasting the slight edge of her own juices as she sucked immediately and started working at his hard cock, knowing he was close now, feeling the throb and tension of him. She kept her hands down as she knew he’d want, obediently on her thighs as she worked her head briskly to take him deeply into her mouth, sucking around half his cock, knowing she couldn’t deepthroat him without his want, forcing her down as he had down previously. His hand remained in her red hair though, a strong hold on her head, guiding her and letting her know that should she do an unsatisfactory job he would take charge and use her like he wanted to. Christina sucked firmly, not too hard, just as he liked and worked her tongue at him, letting her cheeks hollow to rub at the sides of his shaft as she bobbed up and down on him. Completely focused on her task, she closed her eyes and concentrated intently on bringing him maximum pleasure, working quickly and letting him feel how soft and welcoming her mouth was.

His fingers tightened in her hair as he gave a throaty growl of pleasure, pushing her just a little to swallow more of him, encouraging her to take him into her throat. Christina held back her gag reflex and let him touch her throat, working up and down his length, making sure her lips were sealed around him just right as she put in the effort to bring him ultimate pleasure. She naughtily brought a hand up from her lap to gently fondle his balls, squeezing the heavy pair with her hand as she carefully massaged him to accompany her blowjob, eyes closed as she worked rapidly at him. As far as she was concerned it was her job; she belonged to him, he was her master and so it was her job to bring him pleasure, and if he had decreed a blowjob then so be it. The flame haired actress worked her mouth on him as she moved rapidly back and forth in tandem with her gentle hand motions, feeling him stiffen and pulse within her mouth, on the brink. It only took a few more moments of work until she reached the tipping point, feeling him go absolutely rock hard in her mouth as his climax beckoned.

Pulling her off his cock by her luxurious hair, a pain she just let course through her now, he grabbed his cock and stroked it hard and fast, Christina opening her eyes to watch him as he played with his magnificent cock in front of her. It was just a few moments, giving her a few seconds to take in the thick piercing through his tip that drove her wild, before his breaths became heavy, deep. Christina expected a facial, not that she’d have complained at it, but he pulled her back just a little more and aimed his cock down at her fantastic chest, just a second away from exploding. She reacted instantly by pulling her hands to her breasts and pushing them up for him, creating the perfect cleavage as he gave a final grunt and exploded over her body, her soft breasts still marked red from the previous nights indulgences. He gave a surge forward and a splash higher up her chest before he pulled back and controlled himself to unload his thick load across her incredible tits, jerking his cock rapidly as he gave intense grunts to accompany the spurts across her pale skin, Christina sighing in pleasure as she tipped her head back in his grasp. With his climax fading, his breaths turned to long, satisfied sighs as he leaned forwards to wipe the last of his load onto her chest, leaving her with what he had promised to on the first time they met, months before.

“Fuck,” he sighed, releasing her hair and stepping back from her, leaving the curvy actress before him covered in his load.

“What you always promised me,” she said with a smile, looking down at his thick load covering her chest.

“You got it eventually, good things come to those who wait,” he said with a smile, reaching out to touch her face before leaning down to quite softly kiss her, their tongues entwining in an intimate moment.

“I guess so,” she said with a smile, looking down at herself and standing up, looking to get herself cleaned up. She had taken it all so well, exactly as instructed, pleasing him immensely and making him think that perhaps she was perfectly broken in for him to enjoy as she popped to the bathroom to clean herself up. He sat on the bed, contemplating for a moment, and enjoying the moment in the aftermath. Coming back into the room, Christina wordlessly sat down beside him and rested her head on his shoulder.

“That was fantastic,” she breathed, unable to lie about things as she basked in the pleasurable wake of it all.

“I’m not done with you yet, Miss Hendricks,” he replied coolly, his hand sliding onto her thigh.

“Good,” she replied, wanting him to take more from her, everything.

“Oh you’re admitting you want it now huh? You like me coming and taking charge of you, dominating you completely?” he asked, pressing her to admit it.

“Yes,” she said, surprising him a little as she gave up all resistance to him, admitting fully that she liked being his slave.

“I admit it. Anything you want, it’s yours, I’m yours,” she replied, practically sighing, looking down at the floor, her spirit finally broken.

“Miss Hendricks,” he said, turning to her and tipping her face up with a finger, “I’m sure we can come to an arrangement,” he said with a smile, before giving her a deep, tongue-entwining kiss as she smiled…


The End

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