Christina Hendricks – Cockpuppet

Story Title:Christina Hendricks – Cockpuppet
Author’s Name: Viper_Noj
Content Codes: MF, Cons, Oral
Celebs: Christina Hendricks
Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

Christina Hendricks strutted through the party, the bustle of people around her creating a blanket of indiscernible sound. It was glamorous and somewhat fancy; everyone dressed up nicely, her own lovely curves wrapped in a snug black silk dress. It highlighted her hourglass figure, contrasting starkly with her pale skin and stunning red hair, tumbling in loose curls over her shoulders. Her magnificent chest was on show, not over exposed but shown off, highlighting her assets nicely as she swanned through the crowds of people and elegantly swept a glass of champagne from the welcoming table as she passed with a smile. It was something of an unofficial end of season party, though plenty had turned out for it, a mixture of friends and colleagues amongst the guests.

After mixing with the crowd for a while, sipping from her glass quick enough to get through a couple of them, she was talking with a friend. It was just a general chat, leaning together to talk over the background noise of the party. Her gaze was drawn to a man emerging from the crowd of people, her eyes flicking sideways to him, followed by her head as she took him in, dressed sharply in a fitting black suit and open collared shirt. He saw her checking him out and was already making a beeline for her, clearly intending on more than a passing glance. Her friend looked up as well to see the latest man in a suit to come their way, though they didn’t know him, not a member of cast or crew, or any producer they knew. He paused in front of them, a smile spreading over the redhead’s lips as she watched him deliberately check her out with a glance.

“Christina,” he said, breaking the silence with a charming smile.

“Hello,” she replied neatly, holding his gaze.

“I’d just like to say you look absolutely beautiful,” he said, extending a hand to her.

“Well thank you,” reaching out to take his hand. He leaned down and drew it up to plant a kiss on it, looking up to see her smile as he released it, unable to stop herself. She loved the gentlemanly touch of it all.

“I’m a big fan, I think your work is fantastic,” he said, watching as she reached up to brush her fiery hair back over her ear with a slight blush, easily visible with her alabaster skin.

“Thanks, I’m glad you enjoy it,” she almost purred, her unique accent adding a lovely tone to it.

“I hope you have lots of projects coming up?” he enquired, standing a little closer now, looking into her big eyes as she smelt his aftershave, taking in the manly scent of it as she looked up to him.

“I have plenty, my schedule is pretty busy right now,” she replied, wrapped him in his captivation by her.

“Great to hear, I look forward to seeing them. Can you give me a sneak preview of them at all?” he said with a quick flit of his gaze down to her fantastic chest and a slight, sideways smile.

“I’m afraid not,” she murmured with a wider grin, subtly pushing her chest out a little more, as if it possibly needed it.

“Well that’s a shame. Can I get you a drink?” he offered politely, gesturing towards the bar.

“I’m fine right now thanks,” she answered, holding up her third glass of champagne.

“No problem, nice to meet you,” he said, giving her a final nod and stepping past her, disappearing into the throng of the party behind her as she looked back over her shoulder.

“Well,” her friend said, snapping her back to the moment. She’d forgotten she was there.

“What?” she said, looking round at her.

“You were totally into him, plenty of sparks there.” she said, shaking her head.

“Oh stop it,” Christina replied with a giggle, “it’s just a bit of flirting,” before taking a sip from her glass.

“Seemed like more than that,” her friend said, flicking her eyebrows.

“He’s just so…mysterious, it’s just intriguing is all,” Christina said, glancing back to see him nowhere in the crowd as she took another drink, stepping away from her friend to engage other guests.

She mingled through the party for an hour or so, people starting to get into their drinks now, a little tipsy and rowdy, the volume of the room creeping up steadily around her as she joined in, enjoying the company of the party as she sipped through a few more glasses of the free, but good quality, champagne. Taking a break from it all, she sidled into a corner of the room, taking a breath and standing back for a minute and sipping at her flute of champagne.

“Some party, huh?” said a voice over her shoulder, sending a tingle through her at its smooth tone. She could smell his aftershave, combined with the smell of a smooth scotch, glancing sideways slightly to see the glass in his hand beside her. She loved a man who drank scotch.

“Yeah, quite a night. I hope you’re enjoying it,” she said, turning round to look up at him with a smile, leaning closer to take in the manly smell of him a little more.

“Oh I am, such a pleasure to meet people such as yourself,” he replied as she looked back into the room. Nobody had noticed them removing themselves from the crowd.

“Glad to hear it, nice to meet people who appreciate my work,” she said, sipping her drink again as there was a pause between them.

“You look absolutely sensational tonight, you know,” he said, an edge to his voice now that cut into her just right, a little shiver running up her spine. What she also felt was his hand slide onto her ass, gliding over the black silk and giving a slight squeeze. She paused in her sip, before continuing and taking it, glancing down to where his hand was on her and then back round towards him, but without looking at him.

“You can’t afford the dress you’re touching, let alone anything else,” she said curtly.

“I wasn’t intending to pay for it, I was thinking you’d give me it for free,” he said, no change in the phlegmatic tone of his voice.

“Oh really, not sure why I’d want to do that,” she replied with an edge to her voice, his hand still on her ass.

“You know, your tits look fantastic in that dress, your figure is divine,” he said, accentuating it with a slight squeeze.

“Hardly the smoothest compliment I’ve ever had, but there’s a reason I wear this dress,” she said, looking over her shoulder slightly at him.

“I’m sure, but they really do,” he said, taking a drink.

“Plenty of guys like my tits, do I ever know that, but what’s your point?” she asked, turning round more to face him, his aftershave more intoxicating now as she leaned in to keep her voice down, noting how his eyes glanced down her dress once more.

“I think they’d look even more fantastic with my cock between them,” he said. Christina hid her surprise at the boldness of his approach, holding his gaze as she turned it over in her mind a moment. It was oddly attractive how straight forward he was being with her.

“And why would I let you do that? I doubt you deserve me, and not just based on the impropriety of this proposition,” she replied sternly, arching an eyebrow at him and taking a drink of her champagne.

“This is abrupt I know, but I didn’t want to waste your time. What other reasons?” he said as she looked on somewhat incredulously that he was continuing. Christina contemplated it a minute. She could either walk away now, or she could put him in his place. Guys never handled her like this, and she didn’t like that.

“I don’t go for guys under about eight inches,” she said, casting a glance down him indicatively, “so even if you hadn’t been expecting me to just offer myself from a hand on my ass we still probably wouldn’t be having a conversation about this,” she finished cuttingly, turning away to look back at the party with a slight smile to herself.

“How about nine?” he whispered into her ear after a moment’s pause, making her heart surge a little. She had put herself in a corner now, and wasn’t sure which way to go. Pride made her decision.

“Sure, I’ve heard that before,” she retorted over her shoulder at him.

“You can find out…unless you’re not up to it?” he said, giving a smile as she looked round at him quickly to shoot him a glare.

“Lost your nerve?” he said, goading her. She was unable to resist the charge, wanting to remain in control of him, keep him lusting for her despite all that had gone.

“Never. Be straight with me,” she said, dropping all pretence as she turned around to face him, draining her glass, “are you serious?”.

“Absolutely,” he said, looking her in the eye.

“Because if you are, then perhaps we can make a deal,” she whispered, leaning close to him to be as quiet as possible, her heart racing. She didn’t quite know why she was doing it, but she refused to back down.

“What did you have in mind?” he said quietly after a slight stutter, caught somewhat off-guard by her calling him on it and hoping of course that she would offer few limitations.

“Well how about, as you suggested, my chest round your cock…only,” she whispered, cutting straight to the point.

“Nothing more?” he asked, wondering at her motivations as he regained his composure.

“For now. Let’s see if you can live up to your promises first,” she purred, finding her attitude again.

“Then we have a deal, if you can handle it,” he replied, without hesitation but in no rush.

“I can definitely handle it,” she said, reaching out to take his scotch and draining his glass as she looked him in the eye, thinking about what she’d just agreed with him. She rarely admitted it, but she liked how guys celebrated her phenomenal chest.

“When do we…complete?” he said as she set the glass aside. Christina glanced at the clock.

“Upstairs, room two-oh-four, twenty minutes, if you’re sure you can handle me,” she replied.

“I’ll be there,” he said with a smile, and she knew he wouldn’t be late. She didn’t say a word, and turned to walk away from him. She felt how wet she was as she walked slowly to the bar to get another shot of Dutch courage. As she drank her own glass of scotch, she thought about how much the power-play confrontation between them had turned her on, heart still pumping fast as she swiftly drained the glass. She was surrendering her chest, for the chance to get a proper nine-inch cock. If he was to be believed of course. The way he’d just asked her for what he wanted and made a move, she never met guys like that, they always shied from her or tried some more subtle move. He was demanding, but irritatingly polite and cool in the process. She spoke briefly to someone on her way to escaping the party, taking a few minutes before she slipped into the hall and headed up the stairs, the quiet wrapping around her as she ascended.

Getting to her room, she slid inside and then sat down on the bed for a moment, taking a deep breath as her heart pumped with exhilaration. She thought about what was to come in just a few minutes, quite literally, and where things could lead. It was such a rush to have a bit of playtime with a handsome stranger she’d met at a party, feeling how hot and ready she was, looking up to the unlocked door. She looked down at her immense cleavage, reaching up to pull the black silk down a little more and push her breasts up to give him the maximum to look at. That’s what he was there for after all. Christina smoothed out the black silk, looking around the smooth, neat hotel room around her, and the double bed she was sure to be laid on shortly. The tick of the clock was all that filled the room for a few moments as she stayed calm and waited, glancing around again to make sure she was all ready for him.

The knock at the door still broke the air like a sledgehammer despite her anticipation, making her jump and breath catch. Standing up, she took one last glance at herself in the mirror.

“It’s open,” she said, keeping her voice down so as not to alert anybody else that might be nearby. The handle turned patiently and the door followed in the same manner, opening to reveal him in his dashing suit, taking her in as it swung out the way. Unashamedly drinking in her body, eyes scanning down from her pretty face and shock of red hair to her huge breasts, pinched waist and curvy hips, completed with high heels as she waited before him. Closing the door behind him, there was a definitive click as he locked it, making it just the two of them for their illicit encounter.

“Finally,” he murmured with a smile.

“We’d best not take too long, otherwise people might notice we’re missing,” she said, feeling her heart pumping.

“Notice you’re missing you mean, nobody will worry about me,” he said with a smile.

“I noticed you,” she said quietly, looking into his eyes.

“I know, and I’m very glad you did,” he said, letting her shuffle under his gaze for a moment.

“I thought you’d be…ready and waiting for me, especially if you want to get on with things?” he added, eyeing her again and clearly suggesting the fact her dress was still on.

“I thought you’d want to watch this,” she said, and with that steeled her nerves and reached behind her back, in the process pushing her chest out even more, almost bursting out of her dress. Taking control of things now, she pulled the zip down in one smooth motion, keeping her eyes locked on his as she did so. Feeling the air, she let reached up to sensually push the silk straps off her shoulders, his eyes dropping from hers now down to her magnificent rack as the dress inched off her smooth white shoulders. The stark black dress slipped over her pale skin in the soft light of the hotel room as she let it off one shoulder and then the other, dropping her hands to urge it off the curves of her body. Peeling it down revealed her black satin bra, holding up her lovely chest, his eyes taking in every detail of her fair breasts as they threatened to spill out. Her hands pushed the dress down with a wiggle of her hips to free it, letting it effortlessly fall to the floor around her feet to reveal her smooth, matching black satin underbust corset that was giving her the perfect feminine shape, above a pair of equally matching black satin panties to go with it. It was the whole look, with black stockings attached to garters from the corset, a deliciously enticing classic lingerie look before him.

“Well?” she prompted after he’d been staring a few moments.
“Sensational,” was all he said, looking back into her big eyes with a smile of lust and intent.

“Good,” she replied, reaching down to pick the dress up and then quickly lay it aside, needing it to return to the party. Turning back to him, she was just in time for him to reach her, an arm sliding around her waist as he leaned down to her. She swiftly raised a finger and pressed it to his lips.

“You don’t get to kiss me, that’s not part of the deal,” she said with smile as he held her closely.

“Then let’s close this deal,” he said with a more decisive tone, simultaneously releasing her with one hand and pushing her onto the bed with the other so she sat down, before grasping her shoulders and shoving her playfully back onto the bed on her elbows. She gave a smile as she looked up at him, loving his take-charge attitude as she pulled herself a little further up on the bed.

“Lose the bra,” he said, capitalising on his position. She just let her smile widen to a grin and wiggled her chest suggestively at him.

“Not so fast. I think it’s your turn, let’s see what you’re packing. You’ve already got my dress off, now I need to see if you can hold up your end of this bargain,” she purred in her soft tones, eyeing him up and down.

“By all means,” he said in a measured yet loaded manner, shrugging his expensive jacket off and casting it easily aside onto a chair in the soft light. The actress watched with her wide eyes as he kicked his shoes off and unbuttoned his silvery grey shirt, taking time to let her take him in, clearly relishing his time with her in private. He was in good shape, a generally muscular build that suggested he worked out, and that he might have the power to make her his even if she resisted it. Throwing it aside with his jacket, he unfastened his trousers and then reached down to pull them off his feet with his socks, taking a somewhat slow and methodical approach to it, an inexorable quality to it all. As he stood back up, Christina was able to take him in properly in his closely fitting shorts, his toned body and crucially the impressive and enticing bulge in the front of them that told her he wasn’t lying.

“Very nice,” she murmured as he stepped towards the bed and let his fingers slide over the smooth nylon of her stocking, stroking over her knee and onto her thigh, his fingertips caressing the contoured lace tops and clasp of the garter.

“Now the bra,” he said with a smile, letting his fingers play over her thigh as he gazed down at her laid back on the bed waiting for him. She paused, then smiled and started shuffling backwards up the covers more.

“Lose the shorts and you can come and get it,” she murmured, teasing him to come and take what he wanted. He happily obliged, reaching down to push his shorts down, his long, thick cock springing out in front of him, stiffening towards full hardness in its freedom. Christina’s eyes locked onto it, taking in every magnificent inch of his big cock and full balls, eyes widening a little more at his size and the surprise of a thick ring pierced through the tip in a Prince Albert. She’d never been with a guy with one of them before, and it only added another exciting dimension to the first big cock she’d had in a while.

Sliding onto the bed between her legs, he was gifted a nice look at the smooth bulge of her pussy closely hugged by the satin panties as he did, his hands slid down her thighs as he moved over her, tantalisingly close to having so much more of her. Leaning over her, their eyes stayed locked as he pulled up to kneel over her, pinning her curvy hips down to the bed, Christina leaning back just a little to submit to him more, chest rising and falling rapidly with her excited breaths. His cock finished stiffening to full rock hardness in front of her  eyes, bobbing with the beats of his heart as it stood up before her, the ring holding her gaze as she thought about what it might feel like.

“Let’s see them then,” he said with a smile, pushing up over her corseted body a little more and pushing his hands over her huge boobs, feeling them through the straining satin bra. A firm squeeze made her breath catch, arching her back more to push towards him, his hands having no chance of fully squeezing her given her size. A few more firmer, roaming squeezes took them in completely before his hands slid under her back, between her own arm and her ribs as she leaned up on her elbows for him. Watching him, she saw his gaze intently on her chest as he deftly released her bra, pulling the straps out from under her where she dutifully obliged in dropping back onto the bed and raising her arms so he could take it off her. He gave a quiet groan of pleasure at revealing her chest as the bra slipped over her pale, slender arms to be discarded swiftly beside the bed, her huge breasts on display, nipples already stiff and waiting. Her breaths were short and tight in anticipation as his hands pushed back onto them again, making her tingle to her core as his warm grasp firmly took them.

“Stunning,” he murmured as the stiff nipples rubbed under his hands, drawing back to circle them with his fingertips before squeezing and pushing her boobs up again. In return Christina reached up tentatively for his big cock, just brushing over it gently at first, feeling it jump away from her at her touch, his breathing heavier as she wrapped her digits around it and squeezed testingly at its shaft. Her arm automatically fell into rhythm and started jerking him gently back and forth, pulling back over the ridge of his head, which was particularly defined. It would certainly be felt sliding inside her she mused, gripping tighter and pulling back more slowly over it to feel it pop through her hand as he groaned. She felt the thick ring bump against the side of her hand, just pulling at it very slightly though he didn’t care at all. Christina wondered what that would feel like inside her, the areas it might stimulate, and then scolded herself for thinking about it. She was only here to let him do one thing, well…two things. Opening her eyes, she looked up to him as he enjoyed her in the soft light of the room, glancing down at his large hands massaging her breasts and then back to him with a slight smile.

“Are you just gonna play with them?” she teased, making him hesitate in his answer as she started jerking him quickly, her skilful hand having no problem with his size. He pulled his fingers back to pinch firmly at her nipples, pulling on her just hard enough to make her gasp.

“You’re not giving me much reason to change the station right now,” he mused as he gave her a hard squeeze in return, pushing her massive boobs hard together in the process. She just giggled slightly and kept stroking him slowly as he groped her, before she gave a long grasping squeeze off his head and let her fingertip hook into the ring through his tip. Pulling carefully at it, she urged him forwards, his hands taking a last long squeeze of her chest before he let go and shuffled forwards on her knees, straddling her body. She released him as he lined up with her magnificent rack, sighing as he lowered himself carefully to gently rest on her as he pressed his throbbing erection down to her body, both of them murmuring with pleasure as his hard, smooth shaft pressed onto her pale skin between her soft breasts. Their eyes locked together as he lightly pushed slowly forwards and back across her chest to test the range of his impressive manhood, Christina giving a slight inhale as the cold, thick ring touched her alabaster skin. His eyes looked down to her chest, the actress following his gaze to look down and watch his huge cock sliding gently up and down her body, able to slip all the way up between her breasts to just below her chin with ease.
She kept watching as his large hands came down to her chest once more, his cock bouncing with his heartbeat as he pressed her magnificent boobs together around himself, her soft, smooth flesh wrapping around and over his rock hard shaft, engulfed by the heat of her body. He repositioned his hands slightly to get a perfect hold on her, looking up to meet her glance momentarily before back to his task, pulling back so the bulging head of his cock and its defined ridge pulled deep between her tits, followed by slowly and smoothly gliding between them as he pushed across her, the polished piercing leading the way, the redhead watching his engorged purple head push up to meet her as she looked down hungrily at it.

He paused with a sigh of deep satisfaction, as much at the conquering of her as the sensation of it, before slowly pulling back to begin a rhythm. The bed rocked beneath them as he straddled her, his grasp on her firm yet gentle, Christina loving the feel of his big, heavy balls dragging across the top of her underbust corset and just onto her skin with his thrusts. His cock was so hard between her breasts, her hands pulling at the sheets beneath her as she lay back to take what he was giving her, not being allowed much opportunity to participate right now. It was what he wanted, and what she’d offered him, submitting to him in the soft, half-light of the hotel room.

Looking up to him again, she had a few seconds to watch him as he concentrated on rubbing his cock firmly and powerfully between her breasts before he caught her gaze, looking deep into her eyes before a smile spread onto his face. Christina’s full lips broke into a naughty smile, loving the pleasure he was deriving from her, holding his gaze a second longer and then closing her eyes, resting her head back with a slow breath as she focused on the sensations. She loved a big cock, even when it wasn’t inside her. His strokes became faster and firmer, rubbing the full length back and forth as he squeezed her magnificent chest harder, making her arch up from the bed a bit into his attentions as he used her for his pleasure.

Opening her eyes once more, she look in his tight muscles as he tensed himself over her, working his cock harder as she looked down at it surging up towards her once more. She couldn’t help herself, opening her mouth and leaning down more, extending her tongue to flick it over his head as he pushed up. His stroke hesitated for a moment at the pleasure of her hot, soft tongue tasting him, Christina tingling at the new, unique feeling of his thick piercing. Her eyes flitted up to him, smiling as she pushed her tongue out to wait for his next stroke, which he happily gave her to deliver his sensitive head to her skilful tongue. He was very deliberate, pushing up between her breasts fully to push his cock to her mouth and onto her tongue while she still held his gaze, curling it up around him slowly a couple of times as they held the moment before she looked down and started attacking him more thoroughly, licking intently at him and then leaning forward to suck him a couple of times with her full lips as he groaned with pleasure. She worked her tongue to flick his piercing back and forwards, loving the different feeling of it before he pulled back to resume his tempo, giving her chest an intensive groping for a moment and repositioning his hands to continue as he started to thrust against her chest once more, Christina leaning down to capture his tip with her tongue every time he pushed up, his breathing a bit more rapid now.

“Let me do that,” she breathed, pulling her hands up to grab her chest, pushing underneath his hands to support her fantastic tits and push them round him a bit more firmly, freeing him to lean over her and thrust more energetically. Pressing his hands down onto the bed over her head, letting him thrust down more intently onto her, gliding between her lusciously soft rack and onto her tongue, starting to go faster now and pump vigorously at her, losing himself to the incredible opportunity of a titfuck with the flame-haired actress. Christina was also breathing harder, working her tongue back and forwards under his pierced cockhead as she rocked on the bed beneath him. He just watched as she attacked with her tongue, relishing the warmth of her gorgeous body, and then gasping as she abruptly took his head into her mouth as he pushed up. It only encouraged him to stroke faster, pushing up as far as he possibly could to get into her mouth, the stunning redhead lunging down every time to suck on the swollen head of his manhood, both of them loving the moment.

He couldn’t resist her any further, and she was clearly more than willing, pushing up on his knees and sliding one over her shoulder to get to her mouth, reaching down to drive his big, thick cock onto her hot, waiting tongue. She gave a mumble of pleasure and hunger as she leaned up to help suck onto his cock, no pretence of not wanting to as he leaned over her. Christina’s hands left her chest to slide one onto his leg and the other around the base of his cock, jerking briskly the inches she couldn’t fit into her mouth. There was no hope of getting it all in, so she massaged what didn’t as she craned to bob her head on him, sucking firmly at him as her tongue attacked him in all sorts of manners, under and around him, paying particular attention to his piercing. She was fascinated by it, making him different from any other cock she’d had, relishing the smooth feel of it and the way she could hook into it.

She fleetingly wondered what the people downstairs at the party were doing, their idle chat and drinks as she was upstairs sucking on his huge cock. He leaned over her dominantly, just letting her suck hungrily at him, picking up her pace in both sucking and stroking. Her eyes were closed, luscious red hair spread out on the bed around her as she bobbed on his cock, her hand working a bit harder as she tongued vigorously at him. Christina pulled him out of her mouth with a slurp and took a deep gasp of breath, dainty hand immediately stroking up and down his throbbing erection. Her finger hooked into his piercing again and this time gave it a twist, pausing in her hand job to lean up and lick firmly over his heavy balls, letting her tongue run over and around them, pushing them up in turn.

The redhead hungrily sucked at them with slow breaths, starting to stroke him again as she opened her eyes to look up and take in the rock hard length of him over her, his big cock just over her face as she took in his large, smooth sack with her mouth. Her soft lips sucked and massaged at him, just letting her teeth graze lightly at him, ever so threatening that she might show some attitude. She gave a hard squeeze behind his head and pulled him back into her mouth, immediately going for his ring with her tongue as she sucked hard, pulling a strong vacuum on his sensitive tip to make him groan at the intensity.

“Goddamn you give a good blowjob,” he murmured as he pulled away from her, Christina letting him slip reluctantly out of her mouth and grasp as he slid his knee back and stood up erect over her chest. Pushing himself down, she immediately grabbed her breasts ready for him and let him slide between, slipping his full length straight up to her chin and then pulling back, sitting down more firmly on her this time, knowing she could take it as he leaned over her on one hand, brushing his fingers through her hair and down the side of her face softly even as he started to stroke his whole length against her chest once more. She couldn’t help but smile up at him and then look down again, opening her mouth once more and extending her tongue to accept his bulbous head with every stroke. Her nipples were stood up rock hard, capping her fantastic breasts as she supported them, letting her thumbs stray to circle over them as she hooked her tongue under the tip of him, where the piercing came through, to stimulate him to the maximum.

He was chasing his pleasure now, eyes closed as he stroked harder and faster between her tits, loving how hard she was pressing them together for his enjoyment. Her hot mouth captured him perfectly every time, her tongue and hot, velvet mouth enclosing his head in a brief, sucking intensity for a moment with every rapid stroke. Both of them were breathing hard as he leaned over her, fingers digging into the bedding as he worked his hips against her, Christina starting to give hungry, energetic groans. It only spurred him on to work harder, feeling him stiffening between her huge tits, her slender hands working them up and down to maximise his pleasure as he pumped against her.

Trembling over her, taut from the effort, he growled and gasped at his peaking pleasure, holding on as long as he possibly could with her, wanting to enjoy every last possible moment of his time with the curvy actress. She loved the attention, sucking and licking at him as much as possible, waiting for him to blow it over her chest, over the magnificent rack he lusted after so much. She felt him go rock hard as he came to climax, releasing her chest to let him take control for the finish, jerking himself vigorously over her huge rack as he worked to the finish.

“Come on baby, all over these tits you wanted so bad,” she purred, pushing them together again for him, an inviting target laid out before him to explode across as she smiled, loving that she was all he wanted. Only he had a different idea; she was startled by his hand pushing roughly through her soft red hair and taking a hard handful, yanking her head down onto the bed as he surged up over her, his knees pushing over her shoulders and pinning her down.

“Hey, what the fuck?” she said. Her big eyes snapped open to the sight of him stroking his big, thick cock right in front of her, piercing glinting ever so slightly in the dim light of the room as she struggled underneath him to free herself, wriggling fruitlessly beneath his weight as he stroked himself hard over her. He held her tight and ignored her protests, on the brink now. Christina tried to push up but was totally pinned, her heart pounding, annoyed at him taking a liberty with her but also turned on at the thought of submitting to him and letting him blast it across her face with his magnificent cock. It wasn’t right, she was in charge, calling the shots, not him, though he’d just turned that completely around on her and was most definitely getting it his way now. He gave a growl of imminent climax, aiming his big cock down to her vulnerable face, leaving the redhead staring down the barrel of a gun with no way out.

All she could do was close her eyes, just in time for him to grunt deeply and explode across her pretty face, his load landing hotly across her pale skin as she gasped, open mouth catching the tail end of shots that spurted across her eyes, nose, cheeks and forehead, with a bit going into her shock of fiery hair. A final shot landed straight into her mouth, thickly across her tongue and running into her throat. With a shudder he relaxed, breathing hard as he squeezed the last bit out of his cock and wiped it onto her cheek before sitting back, thick cock softening in the explosive aftermath as she gasped beneath him, too shocked and surprised to even complain.

“Fuck that was amazing,” he breathed, pulling back stiffly from her, his heavy, spent balls sliding between her breasts as he did. Carefully extricating himself from her prone form, he flopped over onto the bed beside her, only their breath breaking the silence. She closed and swallowed, the distinct, salty taste spreading through her mouth from her tongue as she did to remind her exactly what it was like. She gave a sigh and reached out to signal she needed a tissue, unable to open either eye from his load, finding one pressed swiftly into her hand.

“That wasn’t part of our deal,” she mumbled, sitting up and wiping her eyes, soaking his considerable load up.

“Sorry,” he said as he reclined beside her.

“No you’re not,” she replied curtly, sliding her nylon-clad legs from the bed and standing up, giving him a view of her curvy arse and then of her fantastic tits hanging firmly in the mirror as she looked in it to finish cleaning up. She gave an exasperated sigh as she wiped it carefully out of the front of her luxurious red hair.

“I’m gonna have to do my make-up again now,” she grumbled, finishing wiping her smooth, pale skin.

“Well you don’t have to, if you just stay here with me,” he said, making her pause as her heart skipped in her chest. She turned back to him, letting him take in a full look at her fantastic chest for a moment along with the rest of her curves in their sexy, defining lingerie.

“That was most definitely not part of our deal,” she replied levelly.

“Your point being? When was the last time you had a big cock inside you?” he asked, glancing down noticeably to her black satin panties and the delectable bulge of her pussy. She didn’t reply, looking back to the mirror and her make-up bag.

“Come on, be honest,” he probed. He let the silence hang after that, a few seconds which seemed to stretch, prompting her to fill them.

“A while,” was all she said, glancing back to him. She couldn’t deny that her pussy tingled, already wet from their antics, tempting her at the thought of his length and thickness sliding inside her.

“Then maybe we should make a new deal,” he said as she sat down to tend to her make-up.

“If we did, there’s some terms. Namely no getting rough with me and you put a rubber on it,” she said, glancing down to his cock in the mirror.

“I won’t be rough with you, no more than you want, but I’m not wearing a rubber with you,” he replied coolly.

“What, why not?” she asked, pausing from her ministrations with a brush.

“An opportunity like this? I’m not letting that ruin it for us,” he remarked.

“You more like,” she replied testily, turning round to look at him, still casual about her toplessness, “you’re seriously gonna let me pass you by because you won’t play safe?” she asked incredulously. He didn’t reply, just looking her in the eye.

“I don’t make invitations like this to just anyone, you know,” she said, raising her eyebrows.

“I don’t do things by halves, it’s all or nothing,” he replied.
“Then it’s nothing,  I don’t want it that much,” she said, turning back to continue her make-up.

“You sure, you don’t want these nine inches buried deep inside you?” he said. Her eyes flitted to him again, noting his size even when soft in the aftermath of their fun.

“Not without a rubber on it,” she said with an air of finality.

“Then we don’t have a deal,” he said, with a surprising air of apathy that she couldn’t understand.

“No, we don’t. So get out of here, go back to the party, the deal’s done,” she said, referring to the reason she was redoing her make-up. He swiftly dressed back into his suit, making her internally grumble at how easily he was able to look immediately smart again, Christina taking glances in her mirror at his body as he hid it from her view.

“Pass me my bra would you?” she said, seeing he was ready to leave.

“Of course,” he said, picking up the large, supportive satin bra and stepping over to her, taking in her tumble of gorgeous red hair, pale skin and curves, the stockings supported by her sexy garter belt. He put it into her waiting hand, where he took a last chance to ogle her fantastic breasts before she slipped the bra on, reaching round behind her back to clip it up, rolling her shoulders and then pushing her boobs up and together to settle them into it before turning her attention back to the make-up spread before her.

“If you change your mind,” he said softly, suddenly leaning over her at the dresser, reaching across to gently slide a card into her bra at the same moment that he planted a soft, lingering kiss on her cheek. She closed her eyes, caught up by it all somewhat.

“Pleasure doing business with you,” he whispered in her ear, drawing away and walking to the door, the flame-haired Christina turning to silently watch him as he didn’t look back, opening the door and sliding out into the bright corridor, the latching of the door a sound of closure to their encounter. She just sat staring at it for a moment, fleetingly contemplating…


To be continued…

Big thanks to Ghost for helping create, plan, check and edit this story.

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