Christina Ricci


"Christina, you may go in now," the secretary said in a cheery
voice. Christina Ricci stood up and walked to the office door,
wondering what this meeting was going to be about. The Buena
Vista company had called her a week ago telling her to come —
it had something to do with her role in the upcoming remake of
"That Darn Cat!" for Disney. Christina thought the idea was

kinda lame, actually, but the money was good, that`s for damn

After her breakthrough as Wednesday in the two "Addams Family"
movies, she had starred in "Casper", "Now and Then", and
"Golddiggers". With her long black hair, beatiful face and
shapely body, including a pair of tits much bigger than most
young girls have and a great ass, lots of guys in school —
especially older guys — had become interested in her. Of
course, she was only 15 years old, although she really looked
much older than that. She was also wise beyond her years,
knowing some of the horror stories of Hollywood…….

As she walked into the large office, she saw anout ten
middle-aged men sitting around one of those big tables you
always see in office meetings. One of the men offered her a
seat at the far end of the table, facing everyone. Christina
was curious — she had been to a few of these meetings before,
but she didn`t recognise these guys! The meeting was pretty
boring for the first 15 minutes or so, and she began to
daydream — as she often did — about sex. She was still a
virgin, but her hyman had already been broken from

"Christina?" "Christina?" She suddenly jolted awake from her
daydreams. The head guy was asking her something. "Oh, uh, I`m
sorry sir, what was that?", she asked in her most polite
manner. "Would you like to add something? That`s why we called
you in here!", he said in a warm voice. Christina took a good
look at the guys for the first time. They all looked fairly
young — maybe in their mid-thirties. Apparently they were
pretty low on the ladder at the company — they were just
asking about insurance policies and stuff like that.

After some more conversation, it turned out the youngest guy
was sort of the head exec. The others seemed a bit older, and
were eyeing her in a creepy way.

"Christina, do you have any………..special talents we
aren`t aware of?", one guy asked, looking at her breasts. This
was new! Christina glared at him. "What do you mean?" He
winked. "Just anthing that might move you up in Hollywood."
Christina looked at each of the men in turn — they were all
staring at her body lustfully. "Sure," she replied, "anything
you want."

She climbed onto the table and kneeled. Stretching, she
displayed herself to the execs, who were almost frothing at
the mouth by now. She pulled her sweater off, revealing her
black bra. Reaching back and snapping it off from behind, she
tossed it to one of the execs. Now she started with her jeans,
unzipping them……….

One of the men stopped her — "No, let me!" he pleaded.
Christina stood on the table now, so her crotch was level to
his head. The man finished unzipping the jeans, and slowly
pulled them off. By now she was just in her black,
tight-fitting cotton panties and socks (she`d taken her shoes
off before.) The man gripped her buttcheeks with his sweaty
hands and began licking her young pussy through her panties.
He could feel just a little pubic hair there — after all, she
had just been 15 a few days ago! He kept licking, making a
round wet spot at the base of her crotch, even darker on the
black fabric. Christina loved the feeling, it was the first a
guy had gone down on her — hell, it was the first a guy had
done ANYTHING with her!

After a few minutes of this, she came, the first orgasm she`d
ever had aside from masterbation. Another guy climbed up on
the table behind her and grabbed her tits, squeezing them from
behind. The one who had just ate her out pulled her wet, messy
panties from her. Now a few more guys were on the table,
feeling her up with their hands and mouths. One of them gently
pushed her body down on the table, so now she lay on her back,
looking up at all the lustful men.

Every inch of Christina`s body was alive with sensations —
hands rubbing and carressing her, tounges licking and sucking
on her soft flesh, and some guys were standing over her
jerking-off, pointing their thick cocks downward at her body,
so their hot white slime splattered all over her, oozing off
and forming a thin puddle all around her. She opened her mouth
wide, trying to catch as much of the goo as she could in it,
but by now almost her whole little body was covered in a layer
of white stuff.

One of them decided to really get down to business, and rammed
his hard-on into her now-sopping pussy. Christina gasped
(getting cum shot in her mouth in the process) at the feeling
— the dick pumping in and out roughly, grinding against every
inch of her tight pussy. As she savored the moment, a guy
shoved his cock in her mouth and she had no choice but to suck
him off. Not that it was bad — she loved the feeling of a
sweaty, throbbing hunk of flesh in her mouth. He slowly pulled
out and back in, letting her kittenish tounge and hot saliva
grind his dick into bliss. Just as the cock in her pussy came
— shooting cum up into her belly — the dick in her mouth
came too, filling it with with the sick, bitter-tasting slime.
Christina didn`t much like it when the first load smacked into
the back of her throat, so she tried to pull his dick out of
her mouth, but the guy roughly kept it in, roughly pushing her
head against his crotch so she had no choice. In a matter of
seconds her mouth was filled up with goo. She tried to swallow
the stuff as fast as she could, but it kept pumping out. Just
as the guy finally pulled his dick out, she had a chance to
swallow the rest, immediatly someone else shoved their cock
in, and the process started over.

Meanwhile, almost all the guys had taken a turn with her
pussy, and by now it was loose and oozing with the guys` cum.
One guy went back for seconds, and as his dick plunged into
her, thick globs of white cum gushed out, smearing up her
inner thighs. After this the men decided her pussy was
throghly ruined. So they started on her other hole.

They flipped her young body over, hearing her cum-covered body
smack against the table, and one of them parted her
buttcheeks, exposing her tiny, virgin anus. It was so red it
looked swollen. Christina, who still was sucking men`s dicks,
wasn`t happy about this. She had heard from older girlfriends
that anal sex was painful. She braced herself as she waited
for the pain, and she just went on sucking the dicks that kept
shoving in her mouth, swallowing down load ofter load of

Since all the guys` dicks were smeared with either Christina`s
pussy juices or Christina`s saliva — and in many cases both
— they didn`t bother with lubrication. The first guy shoved
just the the head of his cock in first. Christina was
surprised — so far it actually felt kinda good. The guy went
ahead and rammed his whole length into her, mercilessly
pumping in and out, savoring Christina`s tight, sticky anal
canal. Christina winced. Now a it hurt a little, but not as
bad as she`d thought. The man watched her anus expand around
his thick cock each time he thrust back in, loving the sight
of that tiny swollen rosebud stretching as far as it would go.
Finally he came, shooting hot cum deep into her bowels.
Charistina was shocked — the feeling was unbelievabe! She
could feel the goo splattering into places so far up in her
bowels, it felt like it was shooting into her stomach itself!

So one-by-one the guys now fucked her pretty pink butthole.
Pretty soon, it too was oozing cum — spurting it out as she
flexed her anal muscles. The men were amused — it looked like
her butthole was cumming!

The men had finally had enough. They got dressed and left in
procession, leaving a few guys behind to see to Christina. The
poor girl got up, dripping with sticky cum, and tried to wipe
herself off with a towel one man gave her. She got most of it,
but her body was still sticky and damp as she got back into
her clothes and left the office, sure she would never come to
on of these meetings again!

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