Christina Ricci On The Beach

This FICTIONAL story contains extremely GRAPHIC sexual
situations, if you are underage or easily offended please stop
reading. I am not the author I am reposting it…

Christina Ricci on the beach

          By the Captain

      with inspiration from stories on the net Rape (mmmmm/f,nc)

      Christina Ricci was
excited. She was finally going to meet
her new boyfriend
Jim’s friends. She’d heard him talk lots about them over the
past couple weeks, so when she heard that they were having a
beach party, she pushed Jim to go. Luckily, she had her
outfit all picked out, because traffic was terrible. It was
going to take her at least half-an-hour to get home, and
that’s when he was supposed to pick her up. She didn’t
require much dress-time. After all, who wears makeup to the
beach? Her shoulder black length hair also required a lot of
work. When she got home, she went upstairs to change. The
bathing suit she’d picked out was a conservative one-piece.
She also had a skirt wrap to match. Before she put the suit
on, she examined herself in the mirror. Christina Ricci
considered her breasts to be fat, but guys and her fans and
all the Ricci relate sites on the net seemed to like them.
Jim couldn’t keep his hands off her. Her hips seemed too wide
too, but Jim repeatedly told her that she was exceptionally
curvy. At least her tummy was flat. She was very proud of
her tummy. She heard Jim pull into the driveway and honk the
horn. Quickly, she grabbed the suit and pulled it on. RIP!
Christina gasped. The butt of her brand-new suit ripped
wide. She could see the crack of her ass peeking through in
the mirror. "Shit! What do I do?" she thought. She smiled,
wondering how Jim would feel about her showing up in a suit
like this. She only had one suit left, and it was two years
old. She had been 15 at the time, and had grown quite a bit
since then. It was also a two piece bikini. Jim honked
again. He looked impatient. No time to do anything else,
she grapped the pink polka dot bikini and put it on. The
bottoms were the kind that tied on each side, luckily, so she
could get into them. They were small, but at least her crack
didn’t show. The top was the problem. Her 36C breasts
spilled out of the B cups on both sides. She grabbed the
skirt wrap and a t-shirt, pulling them on as she ran
downstairs. As she ran, she could feel the small bikini
bottoms gathering in her ass. Shit! She decided not to take
the skirt off at the beach. Jim was visibly happy to see her.
The pink bikini top was visible through the white shirt when
she got in the car. "WOW CHRISTINA ! That’s a sexy top."
She noticed a bulge growing in his thin shorts. "Wait
’till later, you can help me remove it." she coaxed his cock
on. She wriggled a little bit, trying to get the bikini
bottoms out of her ass. The beach was only twenty minutes
away. It looked as though everyone else was there. It was a
small beach, and it had been closed to the public for the
party. There were about thirty people total there. Most were
guys, although some had brought girls. All the other girls had
one piece suits, but Christina Ricci decided not to be
embarrassed. After all, Jim kept telling her how good she
looked today. They lay towels down, and she pulled her shirt
over her head. She felt cool air on her breasts where they
spilled out of the bikini top. "Wow!" exclaimed Jim loudly.
"Shhhh!" she said, but noticed that quite a few of the guys
had heard and were turning to gape at her. She pretended to
ignore them, excited to be receiving such attention. "Let’s
get some food." Jim said, and started for the food table.
Christina slipped on her sandals off and ran after him. She
noticed that the thin skirt wrap was blowing up in the breeze.
"That’ll give the guys something to dream about tonight," she
thought. The two girls at the food table were obviously
digusted by the way she was dressed. One girl was a little on
the large side, and the other was rather ugly. They were
wispering and glancing in her direction. They were probably
just jealous of Christina being a star, she thought. "Jim!!"
a guy ran up. "We need two more for Volley ball.
Interested?" The guy was gawking at Christina’s breasts very
obviously. She started to become uncomfortable with the way
she was dressed. "Sure, Kyle, let me get something to drink
first. Want to play, Christina ?" Jim smiled at her. She
glanced nervously at Kyle, who was stil gawking, then said
"Okay." "Great," Kyle said. When Jim turned back around,
Kyle leered at Christina Ricci, reached under her skirt and
grabbed her ass. He got all skin, and part crack, too. She
was too shocked to react at first, then he was gone. She
tried to convince herself it wasn’t important. Volleyball was
fun. They played for hours, switching players in and out.
Her breasts bounced and her skirt flew high often. The guys
were obviously enjoying it, it looked as they the ALL had
hardons. They were all constantly gawking at her starlet
breasts and ass. She even suspected they were trying to get
her to bounce by strategically hitting the ball. She didn’t
care, there were no camera’s around, (so no pictures in
"Celebrity Skin") and Christina Ricci was having fun.
Eventually she grew tired and went back to her towel to lie
down. She even removed the skirt so the fronts of her legs
could tan. She couldn’t bring herself to roll over. People
had been steadily leaving the party, and the crowd on the
beach reduced from thirty to fifteen. Jim came over and told
her he had to run into town with another guy to get more beer.
Christina couldn’t believe that four kegs had been finished
by so few people. Most of them were blasted. " Do you want
to stay or come with me Christina ?" Christina was enjoying
the sun and told him she wanted to stay, she watched contented
as Jim drove away, Christina laid out on her towel enjoying
the sun and being away from all the media attention. After
about 15 minutes, Kyle came over. "Hey, why’d you stop
playing? We were having fun!" "I was tired. How long can you
guys play volleyball, anyway?" "As long as you’re playing.
All night." he leered again. He stared at Christina
Ricci’s breasts. Then he said boldly, "You want to go into
the bathhouse with me Christina ?" It was where all the
horny couples went. She was shocked! "NO!" she said. "I’m
dating Jim!" "C’mon, he’s not here, I always wanted to make
it with you, especially since now you’re a Hollywood star."
"Please leave me alone!" He hung his head, just a little,
and went back to the game. Christina was shaken. Kyle was a
digusting creep. To think of doing anything like that with
him made her shudder. She decided to tell Jim everything
when he got back, including that Kyle grabbed her ass. The
two girls she had seen earlier came running up. "Don’t mind
him, he likes your movies and wants you so he can boast about
fucking Christina Ricci, the heavier one said. "We’re going
swimming, want to come?" Christina turned to look for Kyle.
He was staring again. Not wanting to be left alone, she
said yes. She stood up and pulled her bikini bottoms back
over her ass. Unfortuntely, as Christina walked towards the
lake, the starlets plentiful ass swallowed them up again.
Luckily, she would soon be in the water. She ran the rest of
the way, breasts bouncing. The two girls followed her,
smirking. They were the only three girls left at the party.
They walked/swam out about neck-height. Christina was a
little uncomfortable with the girls, but being out in the
water was better than facing Kyle. They gathered in a tight
circle to talk. "Thats a small suit you’re wearing," the
smaller, uglier girl said. "It’s a old one, I ripped my other
one." "The guys really love it. They’re all talking about
you." Christina was nervous. It was worse than they thought.
She didn’t notice that the heavier girl was backing away a
little. "You’re a lucky girl, being a big Hollywood actress,
a big star. I think any one of them would fuck you if you
asked, they’d love to see what you’ve got", "THAT IS NOT GOING
TO HAPPEN" Christina said, " really" they smiled and before
Christina Ricci could react, the heavy girl grabbed the ties
to her bikini top and pulled them. Christina felt her
breasts fall free in the cool water as the girl ripped her top
off. " NO!" she instinctively covered her breasts with her
arms, "Give that back!" "Not much here to give back." She
held it up in the air, over her head. "Come and get it
CHRISTINA ! ." Not thinking, she reached out and up. The
tops of Christina’s Ricci’s breasts came out of the water.
This put the other girl behind her, and before Christina could
stop her, she graped the ties to her bikini bottoms and pulled
them off, and swam well out of reach. Christina was
horrified. She was now naked in the water. "I think we’ll
show the guys, YOUR FANS, your suit!" " NO!!" Christina
whimpered. The teen actress was shaking. "Please give it
back." She hoped Jim came back soon. Somehow, she thought,
he could get her out of this situation. The two girls headed
for the shore, yelling, "Hey guys, look what we have!" The
remaining guys gathered on the beach, and a roar of approval
arose when they recognized Christina Ricci’s bikini. The two
girls dropped the suit in front of them and disappeared behind
the small crowd. Christina realized she was now alone, and
naked, with at least ten horny guys. Kyle held up her
swimsuit. "Lose something, Christina? Come and get it
before Jim comes back. You don’t want him to think you’re
some Hollywood slut, do you ?". Christina started to cry. She
was so embarrassed. She decided not to move until Jim
returned, then she saw there was one of the guys standing
there taking photographs. Oh no, she thought, my pictures
will be everywhere now and she dipped back into the water
until she was at chin level. "Don’t make us come out there!"
the guys yelled Her skin crawled. She was in deep shit. "
What no nude scene Christina ?, come on smile for the camera"
the guys laughed…. The guys were talking among themselves.
Suddenly, five of them dropped their swim trunks and ran into
the water. Christina Ricci screamed. She tried to swim away,
but a strong hand grabbed her ankle. The guys laughed as they
pulled her back in, struggling. She felt a hard cock brush
the crack of her ass, and another press into her stomach. She
was terrified. She realized now that they planned to fuck her.
The cock near her ass drove deeper. It had cleared her
cheeks and was rudely pressing on her ass hole. "Please,
don’t!" just as she thought that it was going to rip into
her, it was gone. The guys picked her up and held her
struggling above their heads. They guys on the beach cheered
loudly as the guys in the water carried her to shore.
Christina Ricci, the 18 year old Hollywood Star who refused to
do nude scnes was exposed to everyone. Christina felt breasts
jiggle with each step, the guys carrying her fingering her
pussy. They carried her to a blanket that someone had layed
out. They lay her down gently on her back. A circle of
ten guys stared down at her. Then the groping started.
Hands were everywhere, especially her breasts. They fought
over them. Her stomach, her ass, her breasts, her thighs,all
being kneaded like dough by the horny guys. Then they were
gone. "Jim got a flat tire, baby. He won’t be here for a
while. He told us to keep you entertained. How’re we
doing?" Kyle said. He move around in front of her, dropping
his shorts. "No!" Christina screamed. Of all the guys in
the world, the last one she wanted touching her was Kyle.
Christina rolled over on her stomach and started to stand,
pushing through the crowd. They grabbed her and roughly
pushed her back down. "Flip her over!" Christina was
returned to her back. This time, numerous hands held her arms
and legs. Kyle dropped his shorts, exposing an enormous cock.
She watched it grow as he knelt between her legs. She started
crying, and closed her eyes. "Take that Hollywood tease,
Kyle!" a guy next to him said. "Fuck her hard!" another one
said. Kyle licked his fingers and pulled Christina’s tight
pussy lips apart. Christina felt his huge cock rubbing her
thigh as he prepared her cunt. Then he placed the head of
his cock on her slit. "Beg for it!" "Wha, what?" " Beg me to
fuck you, and I won’t hurt you." "No!" she said weakly. He
slapped her across the face. "Say it!" he yelled. He slapped
her again, harder. "Please." she said, very quietly. "Please
what?" he was growing angry. "Please…..Please," Christina
lowered her voice even more, "fuck me." She started crying
again. She felt Kyle’s cock push into her. He was
pistoning hard, and she bit her lip to keep from crying out.
"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she gasped with each push. Then the pushes
got harder, and she realized he was coming. Christina screamed
in agony. "Stop!" She screamed. He was going to shoot his
load into her, and it was more than she could stand. She
struggled against the arms which held her down. "Please
don’t!" "Argh!" Kyle exclaimed as he came. She felt his hot
cum squirt into her, then he collapsed. "Get off of her, it’s
my turn!" "I want some!" A chorus of voices rose up as every
guy wanted to be next to fuck the young Hollywood star. Kyle
rolled off her. "She’s a great fuck!" he said. Christina
cringed some guy took photograps of her as each guy after guy
climbed on top of her. Each one shot their load into her, her
breasts jiggling the entire time. "Move back!" someone said,
and Kyle appeared between her legs again, leering. He had a
raging hardon again, "Help me flip her over. I’ve always
wanted to do this to your ass, ever since I’ve seen your
movies" Her eyes widened as she realized what he meant. She
couldn’t stop them. Strong hands picked her up, flipped her
over and forced her to kneel. Her arms were gathered behind
her, and her face was shoved into the blanket. Her breasts
swung free as Kyle positioned himself behind her, rubbing her
ass with his cock. "Oh NO Please don’t, not that" she said
weakly. Without warning, he thrust, and Christina felt the
searing pain as her ass took his full length. He came almost
instantly, but every other guy wanted his chance then. When
they were done, they left her in a heap on the ground. She
was too sore to move now. "Bring the little Hollywood starlet
over here!" Kyle yelled. Two guys grabbed her arms and drug
her on her back to the bathhouse. Kyle had gotten some rope
from his car, and bound her hands with it. They hoisted her
up into a standing position and tied her hands to a low
rafter. Guys photgraphed her large breasts hung beautifully
from her exhausted body. Her flat stomach heaved. "Let’s
leave her here," he said. Someone dropped her bikini by her
feet. Everyone left. The light was pretty much gone now,
and, as she waited for Jim…., Christina Ricci wondered what
he would say. Hopefully he’d want to kill that fucker Kyle.
Suddenly she felt a pair of hands caressing her naked waist.
A finger entered her pussy briefly from behind, and
Christina groaned in disgust as, yet again, one last cock
thrust into her starlet ass…. The End

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