Christina Ricci’s School Days

Christina Ricci’s School Days
By The Bowman
With Inspiration from the Net.

Part 1

Christina Ricci’s parents are from the bible belt of the States, her
Mom and Dad are good God fearing folks and they have done their best
to pass it onto 15 year old daughter Christina.

" Alright Christina, you may be in the movies and with those Hollywood
folks, but I expect you to have a good education and learn some strict

" Yes father"

Christina had been sent to study at Miss Ryder’s school for Girls.
The school was strict on discipline
and had there own way of enforcing
the strict discipline policy at the school.

Being a new girl, Christina as yet hadn’t experienced any of the
school’s rather strange approach to discipline. But she had settled
into life at the Ryder school and had made a friend with her room mate

"Well, what do you think?" asked Christina Ricci as she turned and
modelled for her roommate Emma, the morning sun accenting her teenage
curves. "They’re beautiful!" replied the girl seated on the bed,
admiring her new friend’s matching bra and panties.

"Where did you get them?"

" A fan sent them to me, I don’t usually accept them – but they are so
cool – My Mother would freak if she knew I’d got anything like this!".

Christina Ricci the teen starlet stood in the middle of the dorm room
she shared with Emma. In addition to the day-students who made up the
majority of girls at the school, the Ryder school for Girls housed a
number of boarding students who lived in rooms on campus; such was the
good reputation of the school it attracted a number of out-of- state
(and even international) pupils whose parents were willing to pay the
extra fees to ensure there daughters received the best education.

Christina was a long way from home at only 15, but being in movies she
had begun to being away for weeks, even months away from home when she
was shooting a movie.

Christina turned to look in the full length mirror which stood in the
corner of the room, delighted with the daring new lingerie. The set
was made of black satin, the glossy material practically glowed next
to her pale creamy skin. The panties were shockingly high cut in the
leg, running from close to her crotch to the crest of her hip, making
her teenage legs look fabulously long and sleek.

She turned side-on to the mirror and followed the hem of her panties
with her finger as it curved over her hip and bottom, leaving fully
half her ass cheek exposed.

Christina was at heart a shy girl, who had never dreamt of showing
herself to a boy or to appear nude in one of her movies.

Turning back Christina blushed as she studied closer the lacy front
panel, it was so sheer she could see the sparse dark curls of her hair
"down there" through the lace!. Christina had to fight the impulse to
cover her crotch with her hands, even though only she and her best
friend were present.

Sitting behind her, fully dressed in the school uniform, Emma watched
her friend in the mirror with good-natured envy; here was the latest
Hollywood hot property standing in front of her in just her underwear.

"That wonder bra is gorgeous," she thought.

Her friends B-cup breasts were barely decent within a demi-cup wonder
bra of the same black satin, the narrow straps of which swept down to
the sides of her ribcage leaving the smooth expanse of her chest bare,
the tops of the bra cups were edged in lace, only just concealing a
pair of girlish teen nipples of the palest pink, It hardly mattered
though, Christina’s young breasts needed little support, and Emma
expected her friends chest would fill out with time.

Time, TIME! Emma looked down at her watch.

"Christina, look at the time! It’s only twelve minutes to first

Startled out of her dreamy self-admiration, cried out "Hell!" and
flung open the wardrobe. Panicking she began to pull on her blouse,
and then slipped on her grey school skirt.

"Here, help me with my buttons!" she cried as she started to knot her
school tie.

"Wait! Your underwear! You’ll have to change it!!" yelled Emma. Both
girls knew just how strict the uniform codes were at their school.

"No time, No time! Besides – no-one will know, we don’t have Gym
today, and I never get in trouble."

This last was a reference to the unique punishment system at the Ryder

Holding that corporal punishment was barbaric, the school long ago
decided that public humiliation was a more humane, and ultimately more
effective deterrent to misbehaviour – indeed many girls whose petty
misdemeanour had resulted in them spending the day bare from the waist
up (or waist down for more serious transgressions) would have almost
preferred a few whacks of the cane to their prolonged shame.

"You’re crazy." Emma muttered as she helped her friend get dressed.
"There, now I’ve got to get going – will you be ok?"

"I’ll be fine, they don’t do spot checks you know!, after all I’m a
Star" laughed Christina as she finished dressing, tying the laces of
her flat-heeled school shoes and buttoning down her blazer.

"Just don’t be late!"

Dashing through the corridors of the dormitory building, Christina
figured she was in no real danger of arriving late, but not having a
watch she didn’t want to take that chance. As she sprinted down the
stairs, her grey knee-length skirt flapped wildly about her flashing
thighs, and her ponytail of dark hair, which normally hung low enough
to brush the swell of her buttocks, swished and bounced in her wake.

She jumped the last few steps and burst around the corner of the
ground floor corridor too quickly to notice the bundles strewn in her

Today was laundry day and the housekeepers were stripping all the beds
of their dirty linen to replace them with fresh. The sheets due for
washing were left in the corridor outside the rooms to be collected
later, and it was one of these which tangled itself about Christina’s
feet, tripping her over.

Due to her speed, the young actress flew almost five feet in a
horizontal dive before landing with a soft thump, face down in a heap
of white linen.

"Goodness child, are you all right?" asked a voice.

"Uhhhhh…" Dazedly Christina rolled onto her back before focusing on
the figure who had just emerged from one of the rooms, at the same
time she recognised the voice as belonging to Mrs Clare, head
housekeeper to the boarding girls.

"My my you did take a tumble, MY ! you’re that actress from Hollywood,
the new girl, Christina Ricci can you stand up?"

Coming quickly to her senses Christina took stock of her situation;
Glancing down she was horrified to see her skirt was bunched around
her waist, her bare legs splayed apart from her fall, placing her
decidedly non-uniform black satin panties in plain view!

The pose could not have been more revealing if it had been deliberate!

Hastily she brought her legs together, snatched her skirt down to her
knees and bounded to her feet. Avoiding looking at the older woman’s
face Christina began to stammer out a reply, hoping against hope that
the matronly housekeeper hadn’t noticed her risqué underwear.

"I’m fine Mrs Clare, I’m ok, I’m not hurt, sorry I was running, I’m in
a hurry, I don’t want to be late for lesson, May I go please?"

Christina risked a glance at the woman’s face and her heart sank at
the disapproving frown she saw there.

"Just a minute girl, what are you wearing under that skirt?" came the
dreaded question. Arms now folded beneath her breasts, Mrs Clare now
seemed a lot less concerned with the young girl’s well-being.

Though she wanted to curl up and die, Christina knew it was no use
lying. Instead she got busy with excuses.

"Please miss I was only trying them on in my room, but then I was late
and I didn’t have time to change, and I didn’t want to be late so I
thought it wouldn’t matter, I never meant to wear them to classes."

"Rules are rules Christina, I thought all girls knew that, now raise
your skirt….. higher…… turn around……"

Mrs Clare shook her head and tsk’d in disappointment as she watched
the 15 year old actress follow her orders. The girl was wearing the
most shocking underwear, in black satin and lace, what little there
was of it.

Impractical too, she thought as the girl shuffled through 360 degrees,
with all that running the back of the panties had practically
disappeared between Christina’s ass -crack, leaving the whole of her
ass cheeks bare in a most lewd display – and as for the front, the
black lace was so sheer you could read newspaper print through it,
never mind being able to see the downy growth of dark teen pubic hair
which barely concealed the girl’s privates, some hair even peeked out
of the lacy hem where the crotch had ridden up in front.

Such a pretty young girl too, Mrs Clare sighed, she might well blush!

This was an understatement.

Christina Ricci’s face was beetroot red, she was mortified beyond

Her lower lip began to tremble as she noticed other members of the
housekeeping staff emerging from the rooms to witness what was going
on. Two Hispanic girls in their twenties, wearing maid’s uniforms,
appeared in a doorway, their eyes widening in shock and then glee as
they saw the teenage actress turning about with her skirt raised past
her hips.

Whispering to each other, they giggled "Christina Ricci", one of them
winking to Christina her approval of the scandalous panties, which
only deepened the girl’s shame.

"At least there are no men about." she thought.

Since coming to the Ryder school the idea of being exposed before a
member of the opposite sex (a real possibility, many of the classes
were taught by men), had been enough to keep her an ideal pupil, never
putting a single foot wrong, and now this had to happen.

Christina dreaded hearing whatever punishment Mrs Clare decided to
hand out.

Luckily for her, Mrs Clare’s kindly nature was winning out over her
shock and disapproval. She did not wholly agree with the punishment
policies of the school, thinking them often unnecessarily cruel.

But the new girl, even a actress from Hollywood couldn’t be allowed to
believe it was acceptable to wear such things, and the breaking of
established rules must never go unpunished.

"Please remove those panties Christina Ricci.

You know the uniform in this school, panties are plain white cotton –
of a respectable cut. I’m severely disappointed in you."

Closing her eyes to hide her shame, Christina peeled the panties down
her legs, tugging them free from between the cheeks of her bottom she
pulled them to her feet and stepped out of them.

"Now, hand them over." She handed the scrap of warm black satin to Mrs
Clare and waited for what was coming next.

"You may have these back at the end of the term, I won’t permit you to
have them while you’re staying under my roof. I’ll let you keep your
skirt on for now, though I don’t know why I should, but you must spend
the rest of the day without underwear.

I’ll be locking your room ’till this evening to make sure you don’t
sneak back to put any on. Make sure it’s white cotton from now on, or
I’ll strip you naked I swear!

Now be off with you, and you might still get to lesson on time!"

Christina blinked twice before scurrying off to class. She couldn’t
believe she was still wearing a skirt, she’d been so sure she’d have
it confiscated too. Still, being without panties all day was going to
be no picnic, especially in this cold climate – but it could have been
so much worse!

She thanked her stars that Mrs Clare was too much of a prude to
imagine that Christina might be wearing a bra equally as revealing as
the confiscated panties.

If that had been found out… Christina’s mind refused to consider the

Hurrying to class she was *very* conscious of the way the hem of her
skirt was flipping around, and she took great care not to trip.

Christina Ricci had escaped by the skin of her teeth.

That’s when Christina, with a sinking feeling, remembered what other
classes she had that day……

At the Ryder school for Girls, Dancing was considered a vital part of
any young girls education. It fostered grace and elegance, and taught
fitness and discipline.

All girls had one class a week with Miss Adler, the school’s qualified
dance instructor, learning the basics of tap, ballet and modern, and
recently they had begun lessons in Ballroom. At first the headmistress
and governors of the school had tried to prevent Miss Adler giving
lessons in Ballroom dancing, because there is no way to teach Ballroom
without partners – and partners meant *boys*.

Those in charge of the Ryder school tried to see that their girls had
as little to do with boys as possible, and thus the idea of inviting
groups of teenage boys from the nearby Depp Boy’s School to take part
in lessons with the girls was viewed with outrage by many of the more
traditional members of the staff.

But Miss Adler had insisted and the school, knowing it could not
afford to lose such a skilled instructor, had relented, so in the last
few weeks, dancing lessons had gained an exciting new twist for the

The Dancing lesson on Tuesday afternoon was normally one of the
highlights of Christina’s week.

She loved moving to the music, letting her mind go and expressing her
feelings through the rhythm.

Though there was no close-dancing, and everyone was under the watchful
eye of Miss Adler, it was still thrilling for Christina to dance in
the arms of a boy her own age. With one set of hands holding, and
another on each other’s hips, it was by far the most intimate
experience of Christina teenage life.

Yes, ordinarily she looked forward with eager anticipation to the
week’s lesson, but today was different.

As Christina Ricci entered the studio, walking stiffly upright, she
felt as if she had a sign reading "NO PANTIES" across her forehead.

When Miss Clare had confiscated her underwear she hadn’t thought it so
bad until she remembered she would be spending an hour and a half in a
room with fifteen boys her own age!

What if one of them should find out?

She couldn’t imagine how anyone would, but the possibility terrified

Now she couldn’t meet the eyes of anyone in the room, not even Brian,
the tall dark- haired boy who had been her partner since the lessons
began, and who gave her a sweet smile whenever she arrived for the

Then she saw Emma across the room and made her way over.

Emma was on one knee tying the laces of her dancing shoes, and
Christina dropped down to join her.

"Hi," said her friend "have you heard, we’re starting a new dance

I’m glad, the waltz was getting a little boring."

Christina said nothing and started changing into her dance shoes.

"Say, are you still wearing your new underwear? I bet Brian would like
it!" She teased.

"Uh, not exactly." mumbled Christina, unwilling to reveal her
embarrassment even to her best friend. She needn’t have worried
though, because at that moment as Christina swapped knees to begin on
her other shoe, Emma was granted a full view up her friend’s skirt all
the way to…

"Christina! What happened to your panties??" hissed Emma hardly able
to believe she’d just caught sight of Christina Ricci’s pussy and,
because of the way her friend was kneeling, even the lips of her
virgin pussy, slightly parted.

Her eyes moistening with tears of shame, Christina explained how she
had lost her panties, and confessed her fears about the upcoming
lesson. "Don’t worry you’ll be fine, no-one will know. Just, uh, be
careful how you kneel in future!"

Flushing crimson Christina stood up and joined the rest of the class
with Emma by her side, bolstered by her friend’s reassurances.

"To warm up," announced Miss Adler "we will begin with a waltz, which
you should all have mastered by now." she added with a small smile
"Partners please!".

Emma whispered "good luck" to Christina and made her way over to
Roger, her dance partner. Placing her hands over her jittery stomach
Christina tried to smile as she saw Brian approach.

There was a heart stopping moment for her as Brian took her hand and
placed his other gently on her hip. "What if he can feel I haven’t got
panties on!" she thought.

The moment passed though as Brian showed no unusual reaction, and when
the music began and they started to dance, she felt her fears begin to

Her confidence was helped by the fact that Brian seemed to have
trouble meeting her gaze, he kept his eyes downcast throughout almost
the whole dance.

Seemingly fixated on the floor.

"It’s as if he’s as shy of me as I am of him" she thought. and that
thought made her feel warm and tingly inside.

She lifted her head up and began to smile from a sense of pride,
rather than nervousness.

A new and unfamiliar feeling of herself as an attractive young girl
began to envelop her, at the idea that this handsome young boy might
feel nervous about dancing with her.

Indeed, though she would never have believed it, she was one of the
most beautiful girls in the room, and Brian was envied by his friends
for being lucky enough to have Christina Ricci the actress as a

It was only as the dance ended and they stepped apart to bow and
curtsy to each other that Christina was able to look down and see
exactly what had occupied her partner’s attention throughout the

It took her a moment to work out what she was seeing. It seemed as if
Brian had fixed a tiny square of mirrored glass to the toe of his
right shoe.

Why on earth he might do such a thing was beyond her for at least
three seconds.

Then she realised that standing so close to each other, with the
mirror he would have been able to see right up her skirt!

He must have seen EVERYTHING!!!

Christina’s fantasy castle came crashing down about her ears.

Her warm feelings of pride and contentment evaporated, to be replaced
not by shame or embarrassment, which surprised her, but a seething
anger at this crude, cruel, smirking BOY!

"You BASTARD!" she yelled, and pushed at him.

Startled by her reaction, Brian couldn’t keep on his feet and fell on
his back.

He did keep his wits about him though, for as he landed he swiftly
palmed the mirror from his shoe and swept it into his trouser pocket
before anyone could see.

"AAUUGGH!!" Christina screamed and curled her hands into fists.

"Stop this INSTANT!" Miss Adler’s voice cracked across the room like a

"What is the meaning of this outrageous display? Christina Ricci,
explain yourself at once!"

Stopped in her tracks by the powerful command of her teacher, but
still in the throes of a violent passion, Christina whirled to face
Miss Adler.

"Miss, He – He’s been looking, up my SKIRT!" she cried. "All the time
we were dancing!"

"Really?" asked the teacher, puzzled "Does he have eyes in his knees,
that he was able to do this? "Talk sense girl!"

"No! He had a mirror – on his shoe, he was looking in the mirror the
whole time!"

Now Christina’s anger was dissipating, and her more familiar feelings
of shame and embarrassment began to return in full force. The thought
that this boy, who she had liked and wanted so much to like her, that
he had seen up her skirt without her knowing!

Bad enough if she had been wearing panties, but it had to have been

He must have seen her pussy, and even her ass the way his feet wove
between her legs as they danced. Christina wanted to die of shame when
she thought about his eyes feasting on her lightly furred pussy.

The other girls used to tease her in the showers about being the big
Hollywood actress stark naked was just like the rest of us….

She wanted to die..

"I see no mirror." said Miss Adler interrupting Christina’s

"What?" thought Catherine, her thoughts unfocused – she didn’t realise
she had spoken aloud. "

I said I see no mirror on this boys shoe, where is this supposed
mirror Christina?"

Miss Adler was annoyed at this interruption to her lesson.

A consummate professional, she had very little tolerance for bad

In addition she believed wholeheartedly in the school’s discipline
policy, which in her view tended to teach these girls that excessive
modesty was just making a rod for your own back.

In other words, the more a girl fussed about her modesty, the worse
she suffered when undergoing forced exposure. In the long run she
hoped these girls learned that body-shame was an unnecessary concept,
and a common-sense attitude to nudity was best in the long run.

"Miss it’s in his pocket, he put it there when he fell! Make him turn
out his pockets!" tears were welling in Christina’s eyes now that the
backwash of her emotions had hit her, her voice was trembling also

"Is this true?" Miss Adler asked?

Though she hardly expected an admission of guilt if it was.

"No Miss Adler, look." said Brian, still on the floor though now
propped up on one elbow, as he turned both pockets inside out and
opened his hands to show there was nothing in them.

Unbeknownst to Christina, he had a hole in his trouser pocket, and
instead of pocketing the mirror, he had slipped it through the hole
and tucked it into his briefs.

It was hardly comfortable, especially considering the raging hard-on
he had after seeing Christina Ricci’s naked ass and pussy.

He never imagined when he concocted his plan to see up her skirt that
she’d be "sans panties", as he and his friends jokingly described the
teen actress.

The boys of his school had heard some pretty wild tales about how they
punished girls at the Ryder school, and now he began to believe they
were true.

He knew that the sight of Christina Ricci’s upside-down pussy (wait
till he told the guys!) would be etched in his mind forever.

Christina was feeling much the same way at the sight of Brian’s empty

"But, but he DID have a mirror Miss Adler! I’m NOT making it up!"

She couldn’t understand how he had managed to make it disappear
though. and she had a terrible feeling about the way Miss Adler was
regarding her with growing irritation.

"Christina Ricci, I do not care who you are, Hollywood actress or not,
you are a pupil at this school and I will not tolerate lying, and if
you make an accusation without proof you do not deserve to be
believed, I don’t know what caused all this fuss and nonsense but it
ends here!".

" Look !" Christina cried, "this is not fair, he did have a mirror, I
don’t have to put up with this, I’ve been in movies worked with people

Christina was stooped by Miss Adler in her tracks….

" Then CHRISTINA RICCI since you are such a star and above us mere
mortals, you need to learn a lesson that we are not all fixated by
being with a star such as yourself and to stop you worrying about boys
looking up your skirt I suggest you dispense with it entirely!

That ought to make you think twice about disturbing my lesson with
trivialities in the future!

Hand it over, NOW Christina!"

Christina Ricci could barely hear the shocked gasps of the girls and
the eager mutterings of the boys above the blood pounding in her ears.

She hadn’t registered anything after her teacher had said "…..

I suggest you dispense with it entirely!…."

Now her vision began to blur around the edges as she locked eyes with
Emma, nd saw her friends mouth in a wide "O" of disbelief. Only Emma
knew exactly ow much losing her skirt would mean.

Even Christina was having trouble taking it all in!

"Well?" snapped Miss Adler, "I’m waiting.."

Her face a picture of wide-eyed horror, Christina gripped her skirt in
both hands – terrified to the point of paralysis by the thought of
losing it.

The prospect of her female classmates watching her strip to her
panties would alone have been enough to drive her to distraction, but
half of the class was made up of boys her own age – and even that
wasn’t the worst of it!!

Christina finally summoned up the strength to speak, her only hope
remained in appealing to her teachers mercy.

"P-Please Miss, I c-can’t take my skirt off… I just CAN’T!!" she

The other girls in the class began to mutter in shocked amazement and
Miss Adler’s brows darkened in annoyance.

"Did I hear you correctly girl?" "Do you presume to argue with me?"

"I’ve never heard such impudence! What on earth makes you think I
should change my mind??"

That was indeed the question, and answering it was the most
embarrassing situation Christina Ricci had faced in her 15 years, but
she had to try, try anything to avoid what was coming.

Hanging her head down in shame, grateful for the few locks of hair
which had escaped her ponytail earlier and now hung forward to further
shield her face and said in a quiet, trembling voice – little more
than a whisper.

"Please Miss Adler ….I’m not w-wearing any panties."

"I can’t hear you RICCI, speak up!"

"I’m not wearing any PANTIES!!" she shrieked, her head snapping up to
show glistening tears now running freely down her scarlet cheeks.

Unable to contain her humiliation at being made to admit such a thing
in front of all the other girls and boys, Christina held herself
tightly and shivered as uncontrollable sobbing shook her small frame.

Miss Adler on the other hand merely pursed her lips in frustration.

True, she hadn’t meant to punish the girl so severely, but no teacher
Could hope to maintain discipline once seen to go back on her word.

Plus the teenage girl had brought it on herself, imagine attending her
lesson without wearing any underwear! The girl was clearly not the
wilting flower she pretended to be, Miss Adler couldn’t believe
Christina Ricci could be so brazen!, a actress yes, but this brazen

Well, perhaps this would serve as a sharp lesson not to use her
dancing class as an opportunity for shameless thrill-seeking!

"Well Christina Ricci, that is neither here nor there – your
punishment was to remove your skirt, which you will now do without
further delay, or there’ll be worse to follow mark my words!

And for Heaven’s sake call yourself a actress, pull yourself

Brian’s face was flushed and his eyes sparkled in anticipation as he
pulled himself up into a sitting position.

This could be about to become the greatest day of his life!, he was
about to see Christina Ricci, the girl he watched in "Now and Then"
and jerked off for a week after to her "bra" scene, be forced to
remove her skirt and she wasn’t wearing any panties, now he and the
whole room was going to get to see what Christina Ricci had in her

Though Christina’s chin still trembled, her hands began to move
towards the buttons of her skirt.

Christina now felt she was beyond tears.

She had the strangest feeling, as if she was far away watching all
this happen to someone else. Her dreamlike state was reinforced by the
fact that the dance studio was completely silent. The boys who had at
first balked when they heard they were required to attend dancing
classes at a girls school now felt blessed by God in some way, that
they had been allowed to be here to witness this event.

Seeing the teen starlet Christina Ricci being forced to remove her
skirt and in doing so revealing all she had, with eager eyes and
baited breath they waited.

The girls were too shocked to speak, some held hands to their faces,
or covered their mouths in amazement at what Christina Ricci, the
Hollywood teen actress was being forced to do.

Some shook their head in sympathy, and Emma felt tears brimming for
her best friend’s plight.

Though there were a minority of mean spiteful girls who watched with
the same eagerness as the boys for the Hollywood bitch to be taken
down a peg or two in there eyes.

It was time for Christina’s Ricci’s humiliation and they were loving

Now Christina watched detachedly as her numb fingers, seeming to move
of their own accord, began to fumble with the first button of her

The loss of tension around her waist as it popped free, felt to her
like a bridge support snapping while she crossed a gaping chasm.

Like an automaton, she moved onto the next button.

Though the skirt was tight over her hips, it was looser once it
reached her thighs, and after another two buttons the skirt would drop
to the ground of it’s own accord – freeing Christina, so she felt,
from the burden of taking an active part in her own humiliation.

But unfortunately she wasn’t moving fast enough to suit Miss Adler.

"That’s enough buttons girl, now slip off your precious skirt and give
it to me, you can have it back at the end of the lesson, and thank me
for being generous!"

These sharp words popped Christina’s bubble of detachment and in a
flood she became acutely aware of everything around her.

Part 2

Her face felt like it was on fire as she placed her hand on her hips
and began to slide the skirt downward. Though her mind was screaming
at her to get it over quickly, in the same way we are told to remove a
sticking-plaster with one sharp pull to lessen the pain, she couldn’t
will her arms to do it.

The soft glide of the skirt over her hips and buttocks seemed to take
an eternity.

First her blouse pulled free of the waistband – because it was rumpled
and bunched from being hastily tucked in, it hung no lower than the
small of her back and her bellybutton, doing nothing to help shield
her modesty.

The cute dimple of Christina’s Ricci’s navel was the first thing to be
revealed to all the eyes in the room followed by an ever-widening band
of smooth, gently-sloping stomach.

At the rear, the top of her skirt now began to ride the firm curve of
her bottom, lower and lower, until in the middle a gentle valley
appeared, quickly narrowing to form the tight crease between her

Christina’s skin was now damp with nervous perspiration, and in the
small of her back a tiny bead of sweat broke free and trickled down
between her cheeks making her ass twitch involuntarily. She wished she
didn’t know what was happening, but even without looking, the brushing
of her skirt over her skin told her exactly how much she was

At the front the skirt now hung very low, lower than the skimpiest
panties, until inevitably the first wisps of dark hair peeked above
the grey material.

Christina heard gasps from boy and girl alike and bit back more tears.

Her worst dreams were coming true as more and more of her immature
teen bush was revealed to full view. She found herself wishing she
could have a thick growth of dark hair down their like Emma’s,
anything to make her feel less naked.

For she knew that those standing close enough could would easily be
able to make out the cleft of her teenage vaginal lips beneath the
dark curls.

Christina’s arms were now straight down by her sides, having slid the
skirt as far as she could. She was now forced to bend at the waist to
slide it the last few inches, giving a full moon to those standing
behind her, though thankfully concealing her pussy, however briefly,
in shadows.

Her skin now glistened with perspiration, and the pale cheeks of her
ass gleamed in the bright lights of the studio as they were gradually

As it finally made it past the swell of her buttocks, her skirt
finally slid free of her fingers and dropped to the floor.

Trying desperately to ignore the people around her, Christina stepped
to the side and squatted down to retrieve the skirt.

Then from behind her came a soft, low whistle – impossible to know who
gave it.

At once the indignity of Christina Ricci’s pose crashed home to her,
and flowing from her neck down, like a sunset, a scarlet flush crept
over her entire body.

Spurred to action she swiftly straightened with the skirt in hand,
walked over and gave it to Miss Adler.

She still didn’t trust herself to speak, but was finally able to tug
down the rumpled tails of her blouse in an attempt to cover herself.

Even though the blouse was a little large, it couldn’t hang low enough
to give Christina more than the barest feeling of relief.

Shorter than the shortest micro-mini, it skimmed the bottom of her
ass-cheeks and barely made it below the lowest tufts of her pubic
hair, and this was while standing stock-still.

She knew that every time she moved she would be treating the class to
teasing glimpses of her private flesh, but at least she wasn’t
completely exposed all the time.

Tapping never-before found reservoirs of strength, Christina attempted
to compose herself and make the rest of the lesson as bearable as she
could under these circumstances.

She just hoped it would pass quickly!

"Now, everybody back to the lesson." Miss Adler resumed her

"Today we will begin learning a new part of the ballroom dancer’s
repertoire, the Tango."

Excited murmurs greeted this announcement, the class was eager to move

Christina "oh no not the Tango", Christina knew only to well, what the
dance involved, the close contact. The way you had to stand almost
nose to nose, how you had to clasp one arm out straight to the side
and placed the other on the small of their partners back.

How this stance was much closer than any of the dances the class had
learned previously.

How you had face to one side, cheek-to-cheek, with your hips touching,
your legs brushing with each step and the finale where the partners
pressed their pelvises tightly against each other.

For Christina Ricci, standing bare-legged in only her shirttails,
could see in her minds eye.

Brian and herself parading across the room, she naked from the waist
down, their torsos pressed together, arms about each other’s waist.

Christina turned to look at Brian who had been standing close beside
her since her humiliation began, just in time to see him mouth one
word. "Jackpot!" he whispered, his eyes wide and shining, a fact
which the boys whispered to each other with excited glee, the girls
did the same, waiting for Christina’s big performance.

Miss Adler strode to the raised platform from which she supervised the
class, as James returned to his usual partner.

Clapping her hands she addressed the assembled pupils.

"Now, partners please, and we will begin practice; Individually at
first, one couple at a time, so we can all watch and learn from each
other’s mistakes."

Looking around the room, it was obvious to Christina that there was
not be enough time left to the lesson for every couple to take a turn
practising, surely Miss Adler would not be so cruel as to choose her
this time.

Miss Adler had other ideas however.

Though she was a fair-minded teacher, when she handed out punishment
she saw to it that’s exactly what a pupil received.

If this girl chose to go around without panties, Miss Adler would show
her exactly what that entailed!

"Christina Ricci, Brian, you will begin. Take up the stance as you

If it been up to her alone, it is doubtful that Christina could have
willed herself to move.

But, unable to completely conceal his grin, Brian stepped up beside
her, took her hand and moved to lead her to the middle of the dance

Before she could protest, Christina was pulled into motion, forced to
stumble after her partner as he set a quick pace to the open floor.

Those first few steps she was lucky to keep her feet, before being
made to trot after the boy and finally regaining her balance.

Each swift movement caused the tails of her blouse to swish and

The buttons in front did not reach all the way to the hem, leaving a
gap of several inches which would flap open and closed as she walked,
providing tantalising glimpses of the treasure it barely concealed.

Finally they stood face to face, apart from the rest of the class.

Brian took her unresisting hand and held it out straight to the side,
and with breathless delight placed his other hand on the small of her
back, resting atop her blouse.

Christina felt she had no choice but to place her own arm about his
waist. Her heart fluttering, she tried to make herself believe she was
fully clothed, that this was a normal lesson.

Only that way could she keep her composure.

Already however, the boys and girls observing the pair were left in no
doubt as to Christina’s true state of attire.

The combination of her outstretched arm, and Brian’s hand pressing the
blouse to her back, had raised the hem of the garment several crucial

From behind, the twin mounds of Christina Ricci’s firm ass peeked from
beneath the blouse, and it was apparent to all that this was only a
taste of what was to come.

A subtle change had taken over the class, the boys and girls standing
closer to each other than they normally would, many holding hands, a
heightened colour in their cheeks.

They all waited, though the girls at least would not have admitted it,
in bright-eyed anticipation of the upcoming spectacle.

All too soon the music began.

Brian’s head snapped to the side, and Christina followed suit,
determined to give of her best despite her shameful condition.

As they turned to begin the dance however, Christina felt her blouse
draw up over her bottom, exposing fully half her ass.

Her concentration shattered she lost the rhythm and what should have
been a graceful stride became an awkward scurry.

Any hope of Christina’s that this would be a brief exercise was
quenched when she heard Miss Adler call them to halt.

Though they had stopped Brian did not release her from his arms.

When the dance began he had taken the opportunity to gather more of
her blouse in his hand and now the hem did not drop back into place
even when they were still.

"No no no girl, where’s your rhythm, your poise? – Like this!"

So saying, the teacher forced the couples arms out straighter, turned
their heads roughly to one side and placing a hand on each of their
backs, forced their bodies together.

Brian gave a grunt, as Christina felt something press against her
pelvis, and she realised with horror what the bulge was.

His THING was touching her! Right between her legs! Her small
breasts were now squashed against his chest.

Just then the music began again, and in her shock Christina found the
grace she had lacked. Moving swiftly forward she struggled to hold
onto herself despite the insistent messages battering at the walls of
her concentration.

She was aware of how revealing the long strides she was forced to take
were to everyone. She was painfully conscious of her hip and torso
pressing against her partner’s.

Her only consolation was that Brian was shielding most of her front,
making it difficult for anyone to see her pussy.

That thought almost made her clasp him even closer.

All of a sudden Miss Adler called "Turn!", and with a actress’s
discipline Christina’s body responded.

A distant part of her mind screamed when, as they changed hands, she
felt Brian placed his hand on her back UNDER her blouse! His hand
felt like a spider on her burning skin and she realised that her
blouse was now raised up above her ass, above her bellybutton, as when
she first removed her skirt.

Only now she was parading back and forth under the unblinking eyes of
her classmates. Christina now fantasised she could feel those eyes
crawling on her skin, tickling.

Her sense of touch seemed to have been magnified a thousand fold, she
felt the swish of her legs as she paced the floor, the warmth of her
hip against Brian’s, the cool air against her bare skin as they
danced, her firm breasts moving against the boy’s body.

Again Miss Adler called "Turn!", and as she did Christina once more
felt Brian’s large bulge against her virgin pussy lips.

The teenage girl was in a state of complete confusion, only her
natural instincts kept her moving in time to the music.

In her feverish state an unfamiliar tingling began to be felt in her

She was strangely conscious of the sensations coming from her nipples,
which now seemed to be standing up, though she was not at all cold.

To her eternal shame and terror it dawned on Christina Ricci she was
becoming aroused.

The incongruousness of the feeling amazed her, she didn’t feel in the
least bit sexy! But the physical sensation was unrelenting, her heart
was beating wildly, her skin flushed and damp, her breathing quick.

"Oh please let this end soon!" she thought.

But again Miss Adler called the turn, and there was no hope for

With each sweeping stride she now felt her pussy lips parting and
rubbing, the smooth scissoring of her legs sending a constant flood of
unwelcome stimulation.

Her nipples, now at their stiffest sending signals with every small
movement against Brian’s body.

The cooling effect of the perspiration on her body cause goosebumps to
rise on the skin of her buttocks and thighs.

Her eyes tight shut against her shame, Christina’s tears leaked down
her cheeks even so.

All at once Miss Adler called "And… Finish!", and like a rag doll
Christina allowed herself to be spun out, flashing her charms to
everyone present, and then crushed against Brian’s body, to finally
hang limp in his arms, her pussy lips ground against his, his "thing"
seeming so large against her hypersensitive flesh.

Christina now began to shudder with relief, finally she thought it was

She straightened as Brian released her, and stepped back.

He took the opportunity to get a good look between her legs, then
looked at his own crotch.

"Jeez!! What have you done to my PANTS??" He called out loudly.

Causing everyone around to study the front of his trousers.

Christina Ricci began to shake her head in horror as she saw that the
boys crotch was smeared with streaks of clear, sticky fluid.

With trepidation she looked down at herself and nearly screamed at
what she saw.

The normally wispy curls of her pubic hair were now matted and
glistening with her own juices, the outer lips of her pussy were
parted to reveal the ruby flesh within and her little clitoris,
normally so shy, was now brazenly peeking from beneath his hood.

Evidence of her unwilling excitement became apparent to everyone in
the room.

Even the tops of her inner thighs were slick and gleaming.

In the final clinch of the Tango she had rubbed the jiuces from her
teen pussy all over Brian’s school trousers.

Christina put her hands over her face and wept, moaning "No, no… it
isn’t true.", trying to convince herself as much as her friends and

Shocked and scandalised laughter now appeared about the room from boys
and girls alike.

Even Emma found she could not contain her amazement, tinged with
wicked glee.

Her eyes sparkled and a delighted grin split her face as she witnessed
this transformation in her best friend.

The laughter died however when Miss Adler strode down from the dais to
appear in their midst.

The stern teacher took in the sight of the 15 year old girl covered in
her own sexual juices without batting an eyelid.

But inwardly she was seething. Rather than being chastened by her
ordeal, this hussy appeared to have revelled in the exposure.

She was evidently some kind of exhibitionist!

To the instructors no-nonsense outlook, gaining sexual gratification
from nudity was as bad as excessive modesty.

Why couldn’t these children think of their bodies as natural?

She marched over to her own bag and returned with a handful of tissues
which she thrust at Christina.

"Clean yourself up girl, your a disgrace!"

Christina Ricci……….. The Hollywood teen starlet, lusted after
by men the World over took the proffered tissues and began to wipe
away the traces of her shame, surrounded on all sides by girls and
boys her own age, who drank in the spectacle without mercy.

Shuffling her feet apart she began with her thighs, mopping up the
moisture her traitorous body had produced before moving on to the
sticky dark curls of her pussy hair.

As she rubbed between her legs to clear up the worst of the mess, she
kept her head down, trying to shut out the presence of those crowding
round her.

So she hardly registered what her Teacher was now saying.


Christina nodded dumbly as she continued to wipe her pubic hair free
of her juices.

Her mind refusing to believe the action she was being made to perform,
the fact that she was still wearing her sexy new black wonder bra had
completely slipped her mind.

She was about to lose more than her blouse…

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