Christina Turns From Pop Star To Pop Tart

Christina turns from pop star to pop tart!

Christina Aguilera is a succesful popstar who is Britney Spears’ biggest rival. This story explains how Christina has not only the biggest selling single but becomes a fast fucking, cock sucking whore.

Part 1

It was the night of the Smash hits awards and Christina, dressed in a white, knee length dress which showed off Christina’s sexy legs, sat at a table with S Club 7, Steps and Janet Jackson. Having just released her new single, “Lady Marmalade” Christina knew that she must get it to no 1 in the Charts to have at least a chance of equaling Britney
Spears’ success. She knew there was only one way and that she must do it tonight after the awards. Soon enough the awards had started and Christina decided she would get to action in an hour. The first award for best video had gone to S Club 7 with Natural. The night was going fast and soon came the end of the awards but the time for Christina. She had already picked up two awards, for best selling duet, with Ricky Martin and most origional video. Christina decided she would go over to a table where a few 18 year old lads were sitting to show off her award.

“Hi guys” she said sitting down at the table.

“Hi,” they wispered, shocked Christina had come and sat with them.

“So what do you think of my award?” she asked

“Oh yeah cool” they said starting to act like geeky 13 year olds.

Two of the lads were dragged off by the girlfriends, after seeing the lads flirting, leaving just two of the lads with Christina.

“So whats your names?” Christina asked.

“Oh I’m Kraig and this is Bret” answered the brown haired boy getting up and walking over to the bar.

As Christina turned back round she saw Bret disappear under the table. Christina popped her head under to see what he was doing.

“Ohhhhh I….I….I…. dropped my pen” he quickly said.

“Yeah right,” Christina said sarcasticly, ” You were trying to see up my dress weren’t you, you perve.

“No no I dropped my pen” said Bret in a voice a child uses when he’s caught looking at porn by his mum.

“Yeah you were!….. Look if you wanted to see my panties that much why didn’t you just ask.”

Bret couldn’t believe what Christina had just said. Christina climbed under the table and sat on the floor stretching her legs out in front of her. Christina spread her legs and pulled the skirt up to her hips.

“See!” she said “Just a red lacey thong….. What did you expect, no panties? I’d be crazy not wear any underwear.”

Bret looked shocked, pleased and a little dissapointed all at the same time.

“If you wanna see more then come round to my place at 12, providing you go out and buy at least 5 copies of Lady Marmalade.” Christina said handing him a card with her details on.

Bret couldn’t believe his luck. As he got up onto his knees Christina noticed the large bump in his trousers.

“My my we are a horny devil” Christina siad motioning at the bulge, “whats your size?”

“I’m an 11inch” Bret answered a little embarressed.

A smile grew on Christina’s face as she climbed back from under the table. She saw Kraig coming back.

“Bring him too” she requested.

Christina then stood up and went over to a table where a man about 25 was sat. He was watching someone dancing and didn’t notice Christina slip under the table. He was wearing Jeans so this one would be easy, she thought as she unzipped his fly. He gasped and looked under the table at Christina’s face. Shocked he turned his head back to the dance floor as Christina removed his cock from his pants. She took it in both hands and massaged it until it grew to a length of 9 inches. Christina was pleased and slipped a card inbetween his balls then climbed back out. She wandered around doing this all night. In the end she had roped together 5 men all with cocks over 8 inches. She decided she still needed more. Christina slipped away from the party and into the mens toilets. She hid in one of the cubicles and looked under the gap, at the bottom, at the men taking a piss. Christina looked at their cocks trying to find one big enough to please her. The perfect one came in a few minutes later. He had blonde hair and was tall. He stepped into the cubicle next to hers and removed his boxers and trousers revealing a drooped cock at least 8 inch. A second later a woman entered the same cubicle and dropped to her knees. She took the cock in her mouth as it became erect growing to a full 14 inches. The girl deep throated it until the man came all over the girls dress and straight into Christina’s cubicle. It splatted all over the floor and onto Christina’s legs. Christina didn’t notice though, she was too busy drooling over the size of the mans cock. The girl turned round to reveal her face to Christina and show it was none other than Hannah Spearitt from S Club 7. She removed her skirt and red laced panties revealing her blonde haired twat. She bent over and took hold of her pink pussy lips stretching them enableing the mans cock to enter Hannah’s cunt. She groaned in extacy as she thrust her hips into the man.

“Ohhhh yeah fuck me you bastard” she moaned

“Show me your tits then you big S Club whore” the man demanded.

Hannah took hold of the zip on the front of her silver jacket and pulled it down to the bottom. The jacket fell to the side exposing Hannah’s 35B tits. As she did this she felt an orgasm coming on.

“Ohhhhhh Shiiiiiiiitttt, Ahhhhh fuuuuuck” screamed Hannah as she came all over the mans cock. She fell back tired out by the whole expierience. The man took his cock and placed it between Hannah’s tits. She bunched her tits around his cock and started to fuck him with them. He came all over her tits and pussy as she started to wank herself inserting a fist into her pussy. Christina noticed him go so when the coast was clear she too stepped out of the cubicle and back into the party. She saw him go over to Emma Bunton and tried to chat her up. They both split up and Emma went over to the womens toilets. A few minutes later the man was walking towards the womens toilets. Christina found her oppertunity and pulled him to one side.

“Hi handsome, and who are you?” She asked stepping closer into his arms.

“I’m Josh, your Christina Aguilera, arn’t you.”

“Oh yeah, y’know you are really nice” Christina said taking hold of his cock through his trousers. “My my that is a big one isn’t it! I don’t think I’ll be able to fit that in my mouth.”

“Well why don’t we try” he whispered pointing to one of the empty tables.

Christina declined the offer but gave him a card and walked away.

Pleased with the men she had found Christina left the party. As she walked around the streets of New York she noticed the amount of hookers hanging on street corners. Christina kept walking until she came to a another club. She looked at her watch. It was only 10:30 so she walked in and sat down at a table. After a while Christina had found another 4 men around 26. Before long Christina had each of them coming around to her place. Soon enough 11:30 came and Christina went. Christina got to her hotel room at 11:45 and prepared for a night of fun slipping into a white nightgown with a red laced bra and a red frilled G-string underneath. She turned out the lights and layed on the bed in wait.

Part 2

The first to arrive at Christina’s were Bret and Kraig. Christina shouted for them to come in. They stepped into the dark.

“Hey Christina where are you,” Bret shouted

Christina didn’t answer. They shouted again but again she didn’t answer. Suddenly Christina shouted “Get your cocks out lads” she demanded. She heard their trousers coming down and saw a brief outline of there bodies.

“Bret come here” she demanded.

He rushed over and sat on the bed. Christina took hold of his cock in her hand and started to wank his cock.

“Remember under the table you wanted to see my pussy”

“Oh yeah” he groaned.

Christina didn’t reply but instead got up and opened the door to the bathroom for Kraig. He stepped inside and Christina locked the door and walked back over to the bed. She turned on a bedside lamp. Bret stared at her layed in her gown. She slid it off her back and moved on top of him. She thrust her cleavage into his face. He gasped with excitement, as Christina unclipped her bra letting it fall to the ground showing her 35D tits to Bret. Pre-cum started to come out Brets pee hole. Christina saw this and turned round. She bent over licking up the cum. Then in one go took all 11inches of Brets cock. He started to feel her breasts making Christina’s pussy wet until it became see through. As she sucked away Josh and two other guys crashed through the door. Christina looked up and then climbed off Bret.

“Alright then guys cocks out now,” Christina demanded.

The three men took off their trousers and boxer shorts. Bret walked over and joined them as Christina opened up the bathroom and let Kraig out. Just then another 5 guys appeared at the door. They walked in and closed the door. Seeing the other 5 men naked they stripped too. Christina layed staring at the 10 men. She ripped away the red G-string exposing her blonde haired twat.

“Ok you, you and you, come and choose your hole.” she ordered,

3 men stepped forward one with an 8inch cock and the other two with 9inch cocks. As Christina started to deepthroat the 8 inch cock the two 9inchers rammed their cocks up Christina’s ass and cunt. Christina thrust her hips back and fourth pleasuring herself. She flicked her tongue over the cock in her mouth, sending it to the extreme. It sprayed cum into her mouth. Christina tried to swallow it all but it was too much. The cum dribbled down her chin and over tits making them sticky. The other 2 were also close to cuming as was Christina. She thrust her hips more still trying to swallow the cum being sprayed at her.

“Come on make me cum you slutty little whore,” the man up her ass shouted.

“Yeah you little fuck slut make us cum like him” the man inside her twat screamed.

Christina thrust her hips faster and faster finally driving the two men to cum. They stepped back as the white liquid sprayed from their cocks over Christina’s cunt and ass.

The three stood to one side as the next 3 stepped up. Bret and two other men stepped up. Christina took one of the 10 inch cocks in her mouth and two 11inch cocks in her hands wanking them off. Kraig slid his cock easily into her cum covered ass hole. Bret plunged his cock into Christina’s steamy twat.

“Ohhhhh fuckmefuckmfuckme!!!!!!! Cum on stuff my cunt and ass with your cocks” Christina screamed with pleasure.

Soon enough the other man left walked up to Christina and started to fuck himself with Christina’s tits. He was the first to cum shooting his load over pink nipples. Kraig was next to shoot his load all over her ass, cunt and Brets cock. The guy in Christina’s mouth was next to cum as he stuffed the last two inches inside her mouth. He started to spray down her throat gagging her. She started to choke so he pulled out spraying his load over her face and hair. The guys in her hands were now cumming aswell all over her face and in her hair. Bret was still going as cum dripped from his cock.

“Ohhhhhhh ssssssshhhhhhhiiiiiiiitttttt!!!!! I’m gunna fucking cum” he cried.

He pulled out ready to cover Christina in his load.

“No you fucking asshole cum inside my twat” Christina screamed

As she said this cum blasted out from Brets prick filling Christina’s twat with cum until it ran out from all sides. Bret pulled out and lay down. Josh was now the only one who had not fucked Christina. She motioned for him to cum over. By this time Christina’s blonde hair had now turned white aswell has her blonde pubic hair. Josh walked up. Christina turned onto all fours as Josh pushed his meat slowly inside Christina’s cum filled cunt.

“Aaaaaah Shit! Oh fuck!” screamed Christina. The biggest she had ever taken was 12 inch, she wasn’t ready for 14 inches of cock. As he kept pushing his dick inside her, Christina grabbed an 8inch cock and started to suck on it hard. As she did so 2 more cocks loomed up infront of her face and stuffed them inside Christina. She happily sucked each one. While doing so two others took Christina up the ass. She started to quiver, ready for her orgasm, two others fucked her tits from underneath. Bret and Kraig both wanted some more action. Seeing this Christina took her pussy lips and stretched the red skin back enableing the 18 year olds to fuck her. With 10 men all fucking her at the same time Christina knew her orgasm was close, as everyone, except Josh. Bret and Kraig, sprayed their cum inside her once more.

“Ohhhhhhhh yyyyyyeeeesssss!” She screamed, “Come you big bastards, I’m Cummmming, Oh yeah fuck me harder! Shoot your cum up my big dirty Twat! Sssssshhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiittttttt.

Christina came over the guys as they did over her.

As the night came to a close Christina only hoped her plan had worked.



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