Christina’s New Video

Christina’s New Video

1. Christina Aguilera and a producer are setting up for her newest video.

2. The producer pulls equipment out of van while Christina puts on make up and get up while listening to her CD.

3. The two are all alone and have a large camera set up for some light recording.

4. Villian seizes opportunity and kills producer with violent blow to head with crow bar.

5. Villian drags producers carcass into shrubs leaving Christina all alone.

6. Villian sets up camera on van while the unsuspecting singer dresses up.

7. Villian waits for his prize to exit van patiently and quietly.

8. Christina Aguilera emerges from van wearing a very scantily clad outfit.

9. A blue cheerleading dress with white cotton socks and sneakers.

10. A white sweater completes her outfit.

11. Villian cracks Christina over the back of her head with crow bar.

12. Villian watches as singer collapses to ground for camera.

13. Villian checks Christina for vital signs as well as panties.

14. Christina had both.

15. Christina’s unconscious body is hoisted up over villians shoulder in front of camera.

16. Villian runs his hands up and down Christina’s legs for camera.

17. Villians hands fondle Christina’s tight, round ass for camera too.

18. Villian says outload “to the victor go the spoils”.

19. Villian places Christina Aguilera inside back of van while continuing to fondle her.

20. Villian joins Christina Aguilera in back of van and closes van door very slowly and seductively for camera.

21. Villian has devilish smile as he closes door.

22. Van door shuts sealing the singers fate as music continues to play.

23. The camera still records as a few minutes pass.

24. Villian disrobes and disrobes Christina as well.

25. Villian enjoys sweet scent of Christina’s panties protected ass.

26. Villian enjoys the intoxicating aroma of Christina’s sexy feet as well.

27. Villian positions Christina on her back and places her sexy legs and feet in front of him.

28. Villian removes Christina’s panties and wraps them around his neck like a reward.

29. Christina’s well shaved cunt and ass are exposed to villian now while music fuels his passion.

30. Villian forces his swollen manhood into Christina’s tight ass!

31. Villian begins to bang the superstar!

32. Van begins to rock rythmaticaly, leaving little doubt to what was happening inside.

33. Villian moans in utter ecstasy as he approaches his climax.

34. Music and moans are heard coming from van as it continues to sway.

35. Christina just lies there, allowing villian to rape her!

36. Villian explodes with a powerful orgasm and Christina Aguilera’s ass is fed his every last drop.

37. A much loader moan of exstacy is heard from inside van as our villan orgasms!

Van stops swaying leaving little doubt what had just happened.

39. Christina Aguilera’s feet are smelled and sucked upon while villian catches his breath while Christina’s music keeps him hungry.

40. Villian slides down between Christina’s legs and begins to please her orally.

41. After 10 minutes of ravaging Christina Aguilera’s womanhood orally he mounts the gorgeous beauty!

42. In the missionary position he begins to fuck Christina!

43. Van begins to sway again in camera’s view, leaving little doubt that round 2 had just begun.

44. Villian caresess and kisses Christina’s slightly ajar mouth while making love to her.

45. After 3 minutes our villian begin another run towards another orgasm.

46. While van sways rythmatically, his moans are
heard from inside the van once again. 47. Christina just lies there beneath
her suiter as he plunders her delicious vagina repeatedly with his meat. 48.
A loader moan of satisfaction is heard from insie the van as the van slowly
begins to stop swaying. 49. Our villian errupts again this time filling the
superstars vagina with his hot jism! 50. Van sits dorment for several minutes
leaving little doubt our villian was exhausted. 51. He rested for alittle
atop Christina’s prone figure. 52. Villian sits up and rolls Christina over
onto her stomach. 53. Christina’s ass is fondled and groped before he sprawls
across her backside with more anal sex in mind! 54. Christina Aguilera
continues to just lie prone beneath her attacker as her forces his member
inside her ass! 55. Villian begin to hump the unconscious superstars backside
with long, slow strokes at first, then went faster and faster yet. 56. Van is
seen beginning to sway once again leaving little doubt round 3 had begun. 57.
Villian moans in glee to his every stroke while Christina’s figure straddles
the van floor. 58. After 5 incredible minutes villian sits up and positions
Christina’s ass in front of him and continues his assault! 59. Moans of
exstacy along with the slapping of flesh are heard comming from the van
giving perfect notion to what was happening. 60. Christina Aguilera is
unmercifly ass-fucked by our villian for the next few minutes. 61. Music and
various noises are heard comming from van as the villian continues his
relentless assault! 62. Villian’s voice saying “oh yeah, and you slut, and
give me more” are heard comming from van accompanied by other sounds. 63.
Christina begins to moan in utter exstacy to our villian pounds into her
hilt. 64. Christina’s sexy voice is heard in the thrawls of passion comming
from the van. 65. Villian after 10 minutes finally begins his painful climax.
66. Christina still semi-conscious still uknowingly reacted as if she were
having a wet dream. 67. Villian painfully errupts inside Christina’s ravaged
ass! 68. The moans of the villian overlapped those of Christina’s leaving
little doubt round 3 had come to an end. 69. Villian fed every last drop of
jism to the singers molested backside and fell down to his side taking the
superstars grade A hilt with him. 70. Totally exhausted and spent he knew she
was recovering from the blow to the head so he sat up. 71. He reached for his
crow bar and administered another blow to the back of Christina’s crannium.
72. Our villian enjoyed a few more minutes with both her feet and ass before
rolling her over on her back. 73. He threw Christina’s arms up over hear head
and savagly groped and sucked on her firm little breasts! 74. After a few
minutes of that he emerges from the van naked as a jailbird and light up a
ciggarett. 75. “What a fuck” is said in direction to the camera as he smokes
the ciggarett. 76. When he finishes his smoke he gets dressed. 77.
Christina’s bare feet are spotted by camera lying motionless barely in view.
78. Villian closes van door and while smiling devilishly yet again towards
the camera. 79. Villian is heard saying “your comming home with me Miss
Aguilera” while jumping in the front seat. 80. Van drives off leaving little
doubt to the fate Christina Aguilera had before her. 81. Villian returns a
few minutes later after leaving to collect the camera as well as Christina’s
newest video! 82. Christina Aguilera was never seen or heard from again and
Britney Spears took over sole possession of the pop charts….

The End

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