Christina’s Revenge

Disclaimer: This story is solely a work of fiction. It’s not meant to suggest any knowledge of the sexual practices or preferences of anyone depicted in it! Also, don’t read this if you’re underage and/or aren’t allowed to by your parents/government/god/sea-monkeys.

Christina’s Revenge

by Oric13

Chapter 1 – Bitch Fest 2000

Pop star Christina Aguilera sullenly sipped at her rum-coke; she needed a bit of alcohol to drown away this latest humiliation. That bitch Britney bested her again! Dragging away another award right from under her nose! and not just any award!
But the award for best female singer!! The notion that that no-talent little crooner could even be considered in her vocal range was ridiculous enough, but to actually hear a panel of judges confirm that crazy notion?!

‘Un-FUCKING-believable!’ Christina said to herself while draining the rest of her glass in one long swallow. ‘She must have been giving out blowjobs to the whole fuckin’ judging panel.’

“Another one,” she told the bartender, pushing the empty glass to him.

“Awwww, is poor lil Christina drowning her sorrows with booze?” A voice behind her said.

The blonde singer stiffened. That annoying whining voice, with that hint of a Southern accent, could only belong to her nemesis Britney Spears. A quick peek over her shoulder confirmed her guess.

“Well, if it isn’t America’s favourite Lolita, Britney Spears. What are you doing here, in a bar no less, Britney?” Christina asked as she turned to face the other girl, a fake-sweet smile on her lips. “It almost half past ten, kinda late for you to still be up. Shouldn’t your mommy be tucking you in right about now?”

The big smirk that was all over Britney’s face faltered, and the Southern Belle glared angrily at her biggest competitor. However, Britney Spears is nothing if not a pro, so she quickly recovered.

With a fake-sweet smile that surpassed Christina’s, and a voice that positively dripped of honey, she replied, “And shouldn’t you be in some bar picking up johns; doing some groundwork for when your already plummeting singing career is finally completely down the drain?” Britney’s eyes widened a little as she finished her sentence, and she looked around surprised as if just noticing the surroundings. “Oh wait. You already are!”

Christina’s smile turned noticeably colder, and the temperature in the room seemed to go down a few notches. “Speaking of turning tricks: did you suck the judges’ cocks one at a time or was it a sort of group thing, like shown in that short video-flick that’s all over the Internet?”

Britney’s cheeks turned a fiery red and her eyes sparkled angrily. The atmosphere in the bar was definitely getting frosty, as things heated up between the two beautiful pop stars.

“You know damn well that isn’t me in that video! and what exactly are you implying, Christina?”

“Oh! nothing you haven’t heard before, sweetie.” Christina returned Britney’s glare with an innocent look. “Just that you sucked off the entire judging panel to win this award.” Ignoring the look of murder that appeared in Britney’s eyes, she continued, “At first I figured that not even YOU would sink that low for some measly MTV Award, but then I realized who I was dealing with and figured that you’d probably wouldn’t change something that has worked so well to get your “singing” career started,” Christina concluded, using actual air-quotes for the word “singing”.

Drawing back her arm, Britney prepared to use her newly won award to swipe that annoying smirk from that bitch’s face! but was interrupted by the bartender who just returned with Christina’s second rum-coke.

“Whoa! Take it easy there, ladies!” Seeing Britney’s irritated look as he interrupted her intended remodelling of Christina’s face, the bartender nodded his head towards a bunch of men who were seated at the other end of the lounge, outside the VIP section.

“You’ve got an audience.”

The two divas followed his look and blanched a little when they recognized the men to be reporters.

“Thanks for the heads-up, Fred,” Christina said, giving the bartender a grateful look and a fifty. “I hadn’t noticed that those vultures followed me in here.”

“That because they were probably following ME,” Britney haughtily remarked.

Christina rolled her eyes. “Whatever. But since those damn paparazzi are watching us like hawks, we better play nice.”

Britney nodded in agreement. “Pretending to like you is going to be a challenge for my acting skills, but–”

“What acting skills?” Christina interrupted.

After shooting a laser-like glare at her antagonist, Britney continued, “But I don’t want to see my face plastered all over the tabloids again, so I’ll manage if you can.”

Christina nodded her assent. “I don’t want to see my face in the tabloids either, especially not if it’s right next to yours.”

Folding her arms beneath her ample (surgically improved?) chest, Britney shot Christina another glare.

Christina had the grace to look somewhat embarrassed and gave the younger blonde an apologetic look. “Sorry! Couldn’t help acting on my lower instincts just then.”

“You mean like when you perform?”

A grudging smile touched Christina’s lips. “Touché.”

Britney smirked. “So now that we’re even, how about we begin our performance and act like we’re best friends.”

They both let out a loud, fake laugh and then hugged each other.

“Bitch,” Christina whispered as she patted the blonde’s back.

“Skank!” Britney retorted while tightening the hug to a painful level.

After seeing the two beautiful pop stars give each other a big hug (something many a man would pay to see) the bartender watched with growing amusement as the girls smiled and waved at the reporters.

Christina then returned to her seat at the bar and Britney sat down beside her. Just to show that they were real friends and not just putting on an act, the girls proceeded to engage in some very enthusiastic, yet mostly meaningless chatter (as special studio-cloned celebrities they were both well-trained in the art of meaningless conversation).

Sitting there, cosily chatting to each other, they managed to act nicely for almost an entire fifteen minutes before the squabbling started up again.

“Wow, you’re really hitting back those rum-cokes, Christina!” Britney chirpily remarked. “I guess you’ll have plenty to talk about at your next AA meeting.”

“At least I’m old enough to drink, as well as being the only one able to hold her liquor,” Christina tersely replied.

“Hey! If I want to drink then I can drink all I want!” A suddenly indignant Miss Spears stated.

“Yeah, as long as it has a cute little umbrella in it, or if it says diet-coke on the bottle,” Christina answered with a condescending smile. ‘Hmm, sounds like I just found one of lil Britney’s weak spots.’

Christina’s jibe earned her another laser-like glare from Britney. “You don’t know shit, Christina. I can hold my liquor at least as well as you.”

The “Genie in a bottle” singer just smirked in reply; something that a piss-off Britney considered to be a challenge (which is exactly what it was). Turning to the bartender (who was trying to follow the singers conversation without being to obvious about it) she ordered, “Give me the same that Christina is drinking.”

The man’s eyebrows raised almost an entire inch upon hearing the singer’s “request”. Not very eager to start serving alcohol to someone beneath the legal age limit, he covertly glanced at Christina for help! When he saw the singer giving him a small nod and shoving another fifty his way, he shrugged and started mixing another rum-coke.

“Very well, but if anyone asks: I was pouring the drink for Christina.”


About ten drinks later, Christina helped an intoxicated Britney off her barstool. Just as she settled the bill, a man rushed into the bar and quickly headed for the two singers. It only took a second before Christina recognized him to be Britney’s manager, Larry Rudolph.

“Britney! Are you okay? I’ve been looking for you all over this damn hotel,” Larry panted.

“And why shouldn’t I be okay,” the Southern singer giggled. “I’m with my good friend, Christina.” She put her arm around Christina’s shoulder to indicate their friendship (and to keep from falling over).

The manager’s mouth dropped open as he looked back and forth between his boss and -the by her many times cursed adversary- Christina Aguilera, who just stood there and smirked at him. “You! your Good Friend Christina?” he repeated, not sure if he heard correctly. Less then a week ago, Britney had VERY loudly proclaimed to him how much she hated “that bitch” Aguilera, and now they’re suddenly bestest buds?! They must be ice-skating in Hell today!

Britney giggled again, and nodded.

It was only then that he noticed the odour of alcohol coming from both girls, and got a pretty good idea to the cause of Britney’s strange behaviour.

“Britney! are you drunk?” he hissed as quietly as possible.

The pop star straightened herself as upright as she could in her current condition and gave her manager an indignant look. “And why shouldn’t I be drunk? I’m not that innocent, you know!”

Larry cringed as the inebriated singer raised her voice and quickly scanned around for any reporters. Luckily the hotel staff seemed to have taken care of that and they were mostly alone by now. However, he knew from bitter experience that it wouldn’t take long before the press got a whiff of the situation and start circling around them like vultures around a dying prey. So he should handle this newest predicament as quickly and delicately as possible.

“Yes, Britney! I know that “you’re not that innocent” but your fans don’t, and I prefer to keep it that way! and if you were sober, so would you,” he added. Damn! He should have become a corporate lawyer like his father wanted! then he wouldn’t have to deal with shit like this.

The manager sighed. “I’ll need to speak to the hotel manager to make sure that none of this leaks out to the press! but first we need to get you to your room.”

“Don’t worry about that,” Christina said, opening her mouth for the first time since Britney’s manager arrived. “I’ll help Britney to her room and into bed.”

Larry issued the -suspiciously- helpful singer a sceptical look. In her current intoxicated state, Britney may think of Christina as her new best friend, but he suspected some ulterior motive behind the blonde’s sudden friendship with his charge. He wasn’t someone who paid a lot of attention to the rumour mill, but he did keep out an open ear when it was about Britney’s competition. And the things he had heard about Miss Aguilera didn’t exactly bode well for his client. Basically all rumours came down to this: Christina Aguilera could be a real bitch when crossed! And Britney had crossed her on more then one occasion.

“I’m not sure if that’s such a good idea,” he started to say before he was suddenly interrupted by Britney.

“I think it’s a great idea!” the tipsy pop star said. “Christina can help me to my room, and meanwhile you can deal with the hotel staff.”

“I really don’t think–” he tried again.

“Oh, Larry! Don’t worry so much!” Britney blew off his concerns. Giving him a wave, she hooked her arm with Christina’s and let the older singer lead her away.

Larry watched them go with a chagrined look, and considered going after them! then he shrugged.

Screw this! If Britney wanted to trust that blonde bitch then she could go ahead. He was getting really fed up with running after her and acting like her fucking lapdog.

He gave the girls a final look, before turning around and seeking out the hotel manager. ‘At least they’re smart enough to use the service elevators in order to avoid the press.’

Chapter 2 – Bathroom Fun

Larry’s hunch proved correct: Christina did have ulterior motives. Though she didn’t have an actual plan in mind (besides having a little fun) when she started feeding Britney drinks; an idea did occur when the superstar started getting really plastered. She considered getting the singer all riled up about the paparazzi (a subject, she knew, that could get Britney really angry), and then arranging an “accidental” meeting with the press! then all she had to do was sit back and enjoy the show as a not-so-innocent, intoxicated Britney made an arse out of herself in front of an army of reporters.

However, now that she got her chance, she didn’t really want to follow through with this plan anymore. One reason for that is she hated those paparazzi every bit as much as Britney’s did, and it went against every fibre of her being to throw someone–anyone, to the -nonexistent- mercy of those scumbags! even if that someone was Britney Spears.

But that wasn’t the whole reason, or even the biggest part of it.

Much as she hated admitting it to herself, the main reason was that the time they shared in the bar together had -somehow- rekindled some of the friendship they shared when they were both in the Mickey Mouse Club.

And now, as they made their way to Britney’s room, Christina couldn’t help feel a bit protective of the smaller blonde; she looked so damn cute!

“Ohhhhh, I’m feeling a bit sick! I-I might throw up on you,” a somewhat pale-faced Britney warned as they entered her room.

“Don’t worry about it! As long as you don’t start singing, I’ll be fine,” Christina flippantly replied.

Despite her nausea, Britney couldn’t help laughing at her friend’s little jibe. “You’re such a bitch,” she giggled.

“That’s me!” Christina good-naturedly responded while looking around Britney’s suite. “Now, let’s get you into the bathroom! before you start blowing chunks all over this expensive carpet.”

Britney giggled again and allowed her new friend to lead her towards the bathroom.

They just made it inside in time for Britney to rush over to the toilet, throw open the lid and empty her stomach into the bowl.

Meanwhile, Christina was acting out her new best-friend role by holding Britney’s hair while she threw up and murmuring comforting words into the sick girl’s ear.

It took almost ten minutes before the singer’s stomach was drained and the throwing up turned into dry heaves, and another ten minutes before Britney felt good enough to leave her position near the toilet bowl.

“Ugh,” Britney groaned, as she slowly stood up. Standing a bit wobbly on her feet, she almost fell if it wasn’t for Christina’s helping hand.

“Thanks,” Britney muttered.

“No problem. That’s what friends are for,” Christina smiled. “But you look like you’re about to take another drop again, any moment. So we better get you cleaned up and into your warm, comfy bed.”

“That sounds nice,” the Southerner smiled.

“I figured you would like that,” the older singer beamed back. “Now, let’s get you out of those nasty clothes and into the shower.”

“Mmmmm! a shower,” Britney mumbled –a dreamy look appearing on her face.

“Yes, a nice, hot shower,” Christina told the singer, then slowly began undressing her! Even though she didn’t want to sacrifice her “esteemed colleague” to the press, she still wouldn’t mind getting a bit of revenge on Britney! and this situation seemed to hold plenty of opportunities to get even with the pop star.

With a predatory gleam in her eyes, Christina started tugging at the tight pink top that Britney was wearing –eager to see the bounty that lay beneath the pink fabric. In her excited state it proved to be a bit difficult to remove the skin-tight top from Britney’s torso, but once the younger singer helpfully raised her arms, she finally managed to pull it off.

Having seen the outline of Britney’s pert nipples underneath the tight top, Christina already knew that the Southerner wasn’t wearing a bra. However, the Latino star still wasn’t entirely prepared for the stunning sight that greeted her, as Britney’s perfect breasts were suddenly revealed to her in all their splendid glory.

Christina’s eyes widened as she stared the most beautiful, round, firm and perky pair of tits that she’s ever laid eyes on; and then let out a slight gasp as she observed those twin beauties bouncing lightly up and down –only inches away from her face. She actually had to summon every ounce of self-control she possessed, to keep herself from lowering her face and just letting one of those perfect pink nipples slip inside her eager mouth.

Taking a deep, cleansing breath, Christina managed to shake off most of the feelings of lust that were threatening to overwhelm her. Quickly kneeling down, she continued her task of undressing the young pop star –this time focussing her attentions on Britney’s white mini-skirt.

With slightly shaking hands she unfastened the waistband, then slowly slid the skirt down! ‘Like unwrapping a present,’ she breathlessly considered as more and more of Britney’s tanned, silk-like skin came into view.

Seconds later, Britney Spears stood before her, clad only in a pair of knee-high leather boots and tiny pink panties. The superstar managed to look both sexy and innocent in this state of undress. But then again, Britney always had a particular knack for pulling off the innocent/sexy look. It was just another indication how good the young pop star was at it, that even in her current drunken condition, she managed to achieve that look.

After taking in this breathtaking sight for almost an entire minute, Christina moved to unzip Britney’s boots! With her hand already on the zipper, she suddenly changed her mind. ‘I have to see how she looks with nothing but those boots on,’ Christina decided.

Before making her move at Britney’s panties, she looked up at the pop star’s face. With a sense of relief, she noticed that Britney was mostly out of it. The young singer’s eyelids were almost closed, a far-away look on her face as she leaned with most of her weight on Christina’s shoulders. She showed not even the slightest objection while the older singer undressed and studied her nubile body.

A wicked smile appeared on Christina’s face when it became clear to her that she could pretty much have her way with the beautiful pop star! and Britney, in her current state, wouldn’t utter a single protest. She probably wouldn’t even remember it the next day.

Well, she sure as Hell wasn’t going to let this opportunity go to waste!

Drawing in her breath, she slowly slid her hands up across the singer’s smooth calves towards Britney’s muscled, well-trained thighs! As her hands reached their first objective, she gradually inched them closer to their main target: Britney’s pink panties.

Upon reaching her target, Christina hooked her fingers in the waistline of the panties, and then gently drew the flimsy item of clothing down.

Only seconds later, she found herself looking straight at Britney Spears’ snatch–Britney’s BALD snatch! There was not even the slightest hint of hair to be found on the megastar’s mons.

Christina studied Britney’s bald cunt with an expert eye. ‘This was no shaving job,’ she finally concluded. ‘Little Miss Spears obviously had an electrolysis treatment to get her slit this smooth.’

Licking her suddenly dry lips, Christina sat a bit back to fully take in the naked beauty before her.

What a sight! Britney -Fucking- Spears naked, except for a pair of knee-high leather boots. And those boots only helped to accentuate the singer’s nakedness.

After taking in this tantalizing sight for a minute or so longer, the Latino began to unzip and then remove Britney’s boots. That proved to be a difficult task since the singer was now in a sort half-conscious/dreamlike state and thus didn’t really cooperate with the removal of her footwear. But after a while, Christina managed to coax Britney in lifting her feet, and finally succeeded in taking off the boots.

Now her first task of stripping the Southerner totally naked was completed, Christina slowly stood up –putting her hands on Britney’s hips to keep her steady (among other reasons) while she got back to her feet.

Upright again, she stood face-to-face with Britney and issued the younger singer a big smile. “So, now that we got rid of your clothes; let’s get you into the shower and cleaned up!”

“Mmmm, ‘kay!” the singer sleepily responded. “But aren’t you wearing a bit much to get into the shower with me?”

Christina looked down and checked out her own fully dressed state. ‘Hmmm, damned if Britney isn’t right for a change! apparently she isn’t that much out of it.’

“You’re absolutely right, sweetie.” Christina smiled at the Southerner. “Why don’t you take a seat, and I’ll get rid of my own clothing as well.”

After helping Britney get seated on the toilet lid, Christina started stripping off her clothes. Initially, the Latino was in a kind of a hurry to get naked and get into the shower with Britney, but then she noticed that the younger singer’s eyelids were opened a bit more then before! Looking more closely, she detected Britney’s blue eyes peeking at her from under those long eyelashes –watching closely while she got undressed. With an impish smile, Christina slowed down and turned her disrobing into a sensual striptease.

Swaying lightly to some imaginary music, Christina slowly removed her bra! for a long, teasing moment she held the cups in front of her tits, then moved her left arm in front of them while using her right hand to swing the bra above her head and throwing it to the other side of the room.

Smiling wickedly, she turned her back to Britney and leaned over while keeping her legs straight, until her hands could touch the floor. Then she reached back, hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slowly drew them down her long legs!

Remaining bend over, she stepped out of her panties, then slowly straightened herself and threw her panties in the same direction as her bra.

Now totally naked, Christina gracefully turned around facing Britney again –whose face, she noticed, now sported a light flush.

Christina offered the Southerner a hand and helped her to her feet. “Let’s get wet,” she whispered in singer’s ear, and led a now blushing Britney into the spacious shower cabin.


If there had been a mirror in the shower then Christina would have noticed the lascivious look on her face while she rubbed the liquid soap all over Britney’s naked, nubile body –though she probably wouldn’t have been very surprised by it, since she was well aware of the arousal she felt while rubbing her hands all over that perfect teenaged form.

Britney, meanwhile, stood with her legs spread -leaning against the wall- in the exact same position as someone who was being searched for hidden weaponry. She seemed almost asleep by now, but obviously wasn’t, which was shown when she suddenly said, “Thanks for going through all this trouble for me, Christina; you’re a real friend.”

“Hey, don’t mention it, Britney,” Christina replied cheerfully, even though she felt a little ashamed for taking advantage of Britney in her vulnerable condition. “I’m glad to be of service. Like I said earlier: That’s what friends are for.”

‘Oh well,’ the Latino mentally shrugged, ‘I’ve always known I’m a bit of a bitch.’

Locking her conscience away, Christina moved her hands to where she had wanted them for the last half hour: on Britney’s perfect breasts. She held her breath as she cupped the teen star’s firm mounds and gently rubbed the soap in while covertly feeling them up at the same time!

Christina released the breath she was holding when Britney didn’t respond to the touching of her tits, other then letting out a small sigh. Feeling more courageous, she started kneading those perfect tits while rubbing her own breasts against Britney’s back.

‘Goddamnit! They are real!’ Christina thought surprised as she fondled the drunken superstar’s firm teen titties. ‘Well, that’s one bet I definitely would have lost.’

“Mmm! Christina? What’ya doing?” Britney sleepily inquired.

“Making sure every part of you gets nice and clean,” Christina reassured the young blonde.

“Oh? Mmmmm! feels! kinda nice,” the drowsy pop star muttered while rubbing her quickly hardening nipples against her friend’s hands.

The Latino grinned. “Glad you’re enjoying it, sweetie.”

As Christina toyed with Britney’s fully erect, pink nipples, she heard a soft, yet audible moan coming from the younger singer. An impish smile crossed Christina’s lips, and she gave both hard little pebbles another quick pinch –bringing forth another, louder moan.

“Mmmmmm! ohhhh! Oh yeah! Play with my boobies! Ohhhhhh!! That feels soooo good, Christina!”

Though Christina almost started laughing at Britney’s use of the word “boobies”, that didn’t prevent here from granting the singer’s request and giving the teenager’s perfect twins a thorough workout.

“Mmmm, you like that, don’t ya Britney?” she whispered into the Southerner’s ear. “You like me playing with those world-famous, much-admired titties of yours?”

“Ohhhhh! God! Yesssss!!” the younger blonde hissed as Christina pinched her nipples again while pulling at the same time.

Sensing that she could get away with almost anything right now, the Latino started taking further liberties with Britney’s body. While her left hand remained busy with Britney’s boobs, her right slid down across the superstar’s well-trained tummy towards the ultimate prize: Britney’s virgin cunt.

‘Well, self-proclaimed virgin cunt,’ Christina corrected herself. ‘But I plan on finding out soon enough if there’s any truth to that claim.’

A satisfied sigh escaped the Latino’s lips as her hand finally reached the smooth V between Britney’s legs. Instantly, almost on their own accord, her fingers began feeling up the blonde’s mons –rubbing and tickling Britney’s wonderful silky slit before sliding a searching finger between her swollen lips.

As Christina’s finger entered the Southerner’s snatch, it quickly encountered proof of the younger girl’s arousal, as the probing digit was in no time completely covered and dripping with Britney’s juices.

Christina’s smile widened at her discovery. While using her thumb to search out and rub Britney’s clit, she started sliding her finger in and out of the singer’s tight cunt.

Each time Christina moved her finger inside, she pushed in deeper! searching for the singer’s hymen.

Even though the Southerner was damn tight, she didn’t encounter anything resembling a maidenhead.

Meanwhile, Britney’s moans were getting louder and she started calling out further encouragements, “Ohhhhh!! Oh! OHHHHHH!!! Mmmmmm! Ohhhh Christina, that feels SO nice! Mmmmm! Ohhhhh yeah! Rub my clittie and play with my pussy! Soooo good! Ohhh!! Please don’t stop!”

“Don’t you worry, Britney,” Christina grinned. “I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon! At least not until I’ve made you shoot your hot girl-cum all over my hand.” The blonde singer followed up her words by inserting another finger into the famous teenager’s tight twat.

Britney let out loud moan as narrow entrance was further invaded.

“Oh yeah! That sure as hell is one hot little cunt you have, Britney,” Christina huskily whispered in the superstar’s ear, as she started fucking that tight passage with two fingers at once. “But is it REALLY a virgin cunt, or is that just a little white lie you tell the public?”

The Latino singer snickered when she saw the blonde blush at her question. “Well is it?” she accentuated her question by flicking the younger girl’s clit and pinching one of her erect nipples at the same time.

Britney gasped and rushed to answer, “YES!! Yes, it is! I am still a virgin.”

“Hmmm, then what happened to your hymen, little girl?” For emphasis, Christina pushed her fingers inside the superstar’s slick passage as far as she could get them.

“Lost it horseback riding,” the Southerner managed to grunt back.

“Tsk! What a shame,” Christina sighed. “Unless, of course, you were “horseback riding” some young stud at the time?”

“Nope, just ordinary horseback riding,” Britney answered; giggling a little despite the embarrassment and arousal she was feeling.

“So you’ve never let Justin put his cock inside this cute little pussy?” Christina curiously inquired.

“Noooooo, never!” Britney moaned, as she started moving up and down Christina’s thrusting fingers.

“That poor boy.” Christina let out another, this time fake, sigh. “What exactly do you do when he gets horny?”

“I -Ohhh!- I-I play with! his thing, a-and -Mmmm- let him play with my b-boobies.”

Christina giggled and leaned over to nibble on the blonde’s earlobe while at the same time finger-fucking the young star at an increasingly rapid pace. “That’s it, Brit?” she breathed into the singer’s ear. “You’ve never given him a blowjob?”

“O-Once! on his birthday,” Britney blushingly confessed.

Christina giggled again. “You naughty thing!”

With her curiosity satisfied, the older blonde stopped talking and concentrated all her attention on getting Britney satisfied.

Meanwhile, the blonde superstar remained silent as well! except for the grunts and groans which seemed to come from her very core; and which quickly became louder and more frequent as the Latino’s nimble fingers brought her closer and closer to a much-needed orgasm.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! OH! OH! OH!! OH!!” Pushing her little butt up and down, Britney enthusiastically rode her ex-enemy’s hand to the now rapidly impending climax. “OH!! OHHHH!!! OHHHHHH!!! OH GOD!!! I’M CUMMING!!!!”

Christina took that as her cue to add a third finger in the singer’s tight twat and using her left hand to rub Britney’s erect little clittie.

“GODDDDDDDD!!!!! I’M CUMMMMMINNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!” Britney screeched; startling not only Christina but also herself with that VERY loud announcement.

Though a bit shocked at first, that feeling was quickly replaced by a mixture of amusement, pride and arousal, as Christina watched the young blonde shake and shudder in her arms while experiencing what sounded like her biggest orgasm EVER. Gradually decreasing the rapid finger-fucking to a gentle rocking motion, she slowly brought the practically purring pop star down from her climax.

With a big grin, Christina leisurely played with the blonde’s pussy while watching Britney bask in the afterglow of her orgasm!


After finishing up their shower, Christina turned off the faucets and helped the younger girl out of the shower. Since her orgasm seemed to have drained all of the Southerner’s energy reserves, the Latino had to practically carry Britney from the shower stall.

Having used her time in the shower to consider her next step, Christina took a seat in front of the bathroom mirror and pulled Britney on her lap. The smaller singer slumped down against her breasts, but managed to stay seated.

Sporting a big, satisfied smirk on her face, the “Genie-in-a-bottle” singer gazed down at the barely conscious Britney and let her hands play across the teenager’s well-trained form. Tweaking the Southerner’s still stiff nipples only brought a low moan from the singer’s lips, otherwise she didn’t respond.

Christina’s smirk grew even bigger as she cupped the teenbopper’s breasts and roughly kneaded the firm flash. This brought forth another, deeper moan from Britney’s lips, but no further response.

‘Poor lil Britney, she must be exhausted; she’s already practically asleep,’ Christina silently considered. ‘Good! That means she isn’t likely to object or fight me while I make some of those fantasies I’ve been having about her come true.’

A surge of lust went through the Latino’s loins as she stared down at the girl who could easily be considered the embodiment of most men’s fantasy girl: A young blonde, beautiful teenager with a perfect body, on the fringes of adulthood. And it must be the ultimate wet dream if that girl happens to be Britney Spears who’s sitting naked on the lap of her nemesis Christina Aguilera with both legs spread far apart, exposing everything.

‘And I can have my way with her,’ Christina smiled to herself as she stared at their reflection in the mirror, and gave Britney’s titties another squeeze. ‘My very own Barbie doll.’

After playing with the slumbering pop star’s perfect body for a minute or five, Christina brushed her teeth and then -with some difficulty- brushed Britney’s.

“Can’t have your breath smelling like barf, sweetie,” she told the Southerner while making her rinse and spit out the toothpaste. “That would really ruin the night I have planned for us,” Christina added inaudibly, under her breath.

With barely restrained enthusiasm, Christina helped–or rather dragged the dazed and tired superstar into the bedroom and deposited her on the bed.

Putting her hands on her hips, the Latino star surveyed the position Britney was in with increasing satisfaction. Lying on her belly in a half kneeling position, Britney’s little bubble-butt was pointing straight at her.

‘Sorta makes me wonder if she ever let Justin fuck her up the ass,’ Christina pondered. ‘Not a bad solution when her pussy seems to be off-limits.’ Then a wicked gleamed sparkled in the pop star’s eyes. ‘Well, she sure as hell is gonna experience a trip up the good ole Hershey Highway tonight!’

To be continued in Chapter 3 – A Night to Remember

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