Christmas Bell

Title: Christmas Bell

Author: ByD ( (please do e-mail me I really appreciate it!)

Celeb: Kristen Bell

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal

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Also celebrities don’t act like this in real life, blah blah. But it’s parody (or is it satire?) so I’m protected from your litigation, bitches!

This story is in the line of “Jailbird”. Some quick little thing I wrote when stuck on my “bigger” project Manwhore. Sometimes I just need some good ol’ fashioned short fucking out of my system.

Also, it’s sort of an unofficial sequel to the collaborative opus “Pool Party” by DarklordZ & co. I have asked his permission for this and he mercifully granted it.

And of course, we can’t ignore the fact that this is a nice seasonal surprise. I hope it makes it up before Xmas.

We had just arrived at the bungalow somewhere in the snowy fields of Quebec. Kristen felt tired and was taking a nap. I showered to get the stickiness of sitting in an airplane for more than eight hours off of me and now sat next to a roaring fireplace, clad in a bathrobe and my boxers, reading a good book.

The bungalow was very luxurious, but still had the style of an old-fashion wooden cottage. Everything in the house seemed to have been from lumber and I was sitting in the main room, next to the bearskin rug, in front of the fireplace.

Snow was falling leisurely outside the windows and a chilly wind blew through the pines. I sank myself deeper into the leather chair, basking in the warmth of the fireplace. So engrossed was I in my book that I did not hear her approach.

“Merry Christmas, Bee,” Kristen’s voice sounded.

I looked up, startled by the sudden intrusion of the silence and looked at her. Kristen Bell stood there, with one hand on her hip and a smile on her face. A Santa hat atop her beautiful golden locks. Her face free of any make-up and still looking more beautiful than any other woman on this Earth. A red lacy bra pushed up her modest breasts and created enticing cleavage. A red garter belt held up her red stockings, which emerged from her knee-high leather boots. Her smoothly shaven pussy was visible by the crackling fire, but her tight vaginal lips looked as enticing as ever.

“I thought you were tired?” I asked.

“Had to keep the surprise!” Kristen said, giggling.

“Hell of a surprise,” I replied.

“Oh, you haven’t gotten to the best part yet,” Kristen teased.

She walked delicately in her high-heeled leather boots and got on her knees in front of me. She took the Santa hat of and threw it aside, she then untied the sash that kept my robe together and opened it. Kristen ran her hands all over my upper body, softly rubbing, creating goosebumps on my skin. When her hands reached the waist of my boxers, she began tugging them down. I raised my butt to help her get it down, revealing my already semi-hard cock.

“I never get tired of this thing,” Kristen said, smiling. Her face was close to my cock and I felt her warm breath on it. It reacted to it, stiffening slightly.

Her right hand formed a fist around my shaft and started to jerk up and down. Her left went down to my balls and started to rub my sac.

All I could do in response was lean my head back and moan.

“You like that?” Kristen asked.

“Goddamn right I do,” I answered.

“I think you’ll like this more,” Kristen said.

Her jerking of my cock sped up and it didn’t take long until my cock had reached its full 9 inches of length.

Kristen smiled up at me and took only the head in her mouth. As soon as it entered the incredible soft warm place, a whole new wave of pleasure overcame. Kristen added her tongue slowly swirled around the purple skin, occasionally stabbing at my pisshole. Her hands were still rubbing the length of my shaft that wasn’t in her mouth and playing with my balls.

After some time exploring every single molecule of my mushroomhead, Kristen removed the cock from her mouth, strings of glistening saliva and precum attached to her lips. She ran her tongue along her lips to get rid of them.

She placed her hands on my hips and looked at me with a very mischievous look on her face, which told me she was about to do something awesome. Kristen used her tongue to put my cock back in her mouth and used the leverage of her hands on hips to thrust it down her throat.

While she expertly suppressed her gag-reflex, some gurgling sounds did emit from her throat. Her blue eyes stared deeply into mine, her nose pressed into my pubic hair. I luxuriated in the feel of her tight throat around my cock. It couldn’t last forever, of course, so after holding out for as long as she could, Kristen pulled my cock out, coughing a bit.

After she recovered, she got up and put her feet outside of mine on the big leather chair, hovering over me. I could feel the softer leather of the chair and the harder, slicker leather of her boots against my legs.

Kristen sucked on my neck slightly, giving me tiny kisses, moving up over my jaw until she reached my mouth and our tongues wrestled, lost in a passionate kiss. Kristen’s hands cradled my head, mine were roaming over her back, I felt her spine due to her arched back. I moved to the clasp of her bra and undid it. Letting it fall on me.

We ended our kiss, Kristen straightening up, still hovering over me. I looked up at her and then her chest. While her breasts were not very large by anyone’s standards, they were barely B’s, they were perfect to me. They fit her petite and lithe frame and they felt soft and pliable in my hands. I cupped them, letting my thumbs rub over her pink nipples, arousing them and making them hard and extended. Kristen closed her eyes and moaned deeply in response.

I then swiftly moved up my hands under her arms and lifted the lightweight petite girl of me and set her in front of the chair. Kristen yelped in surprise. I stood up as well, discarding my rob and stepping out of my boxers.

I embraced Kristen, feeling her hard nipples poking into my chest. We moved our heads closer, closed our eyes and went for another bout of tongue wrestling. As we finished our kiss, we stared each other in the eyes. I could feel a strong connection between us, stronger than mere animal lust. Was it love? Who knows. For now we were determined to get lost in each other.

I brought Kristen down with me, laying her on the bearskin rug.

“The fur tickles my butt,” Kristen giggled.

“That won’t be last thing I’ll be doing to your butt, I promise you that,” I said to her.

I spread her beleathered legs wide. I crouched down between and kissed down Kristen’s tight and toned abdomen. I licked the outside of her pussy, tasting the wetness that was already there. Kristen groaned appreciatively and put a hand on the back of my head.

I leaned in even closer and kissed the hood of her clit. Then I took my hands and spread her lips. I licked around inside of her, only barely, enjoying the sweet and salty taste of her fluids. Going further, I inserted my tongue deeper into her cunt, clamping my mouth down on her opening.

Making stabbing motions and nonsense patterns with my tongue in her pussy, Kristen reacted with shallow breathing and encouraging moans. She writhed in place on the rug, her eyes closed and a look of utter concentration on her face. Sweat formed on her brow and her cheeks flushed red.

I removed my tongue from her pussy, eliciting disappointed sounds from Kristen and moved backwards a bit. I took the index and middle finger of my right hand inserted them and began fingerfucking her quite harshly, moving upwards against her g-spot.

Simultaneously I began tonguing Kristen’s asshole, enjoying the tangy taste I encountered there, contrasting against the taste of her pussy. The room became filled with the sopping sounds of her pussy getting properly fingerbanged. Kristen was unable to form any sentences and merely uttered sounds of utter ecstasy. A layer of sweat now lay over her entire body.

“I’m cumming!” were the first words she was able to form. I casually kept on inserting my tongue deep into her puckered starfish and furiously inserting my fingers. Her orgasm soon followed, unable to lie still, the rug moved around the floor, Kristen flailing around as if she were possessed. Her pussy spasmed around my fingers, as did her sphincter on my tongue.

When she came down from her orgasm and I sat back and just looked at her, appreciating the blonde goddess basking in the afterglow.

“Shit, we haven’t been for more than a couple of hours and you’ve already rocked my world, Bee,” Kristen said to me.

“You rock my world just by being near me,” I responded.

“So, why don’t you come up here and fuck me?” Kristen said, patting on the rug.

I smiled and moved near her again, jerking on my cock to make sure it was still as hard as ever and held it in front of Kristen’s pussy. I rubbed around her pussy, coating my cock in her juices. When it was positively slick with Kristen’s wetness, I started to insert my cock into her pussy. I don’t know how it is possible, but her pussy is always extremely tight. I suppose whatever magic makes her still look like a teenager when she is nearing 30 makes her cunt like a teenager’s also.

Inch by inch I methodically slipped into her pussy, until my balls touched her asshole, our pubic bones met and my pubes coarsely rubbed against her shaven mound. I leant forward, our bodies almost touching and I stared in Kristen’s eyes again. I started to move my hips and thrust once. Kristen’s eye opened wide and her mouth became the shape of an ‘O’, a small moan escaping it.

At a reasonable tempo I then proceeded to fuck Kristen Bell. My cock sliding through her tight pussy, sending vibrations of pleasure to my very core. Kristen began getting into it more, her hips twisting up to meet mine. The only sounds in the room were the wood burning and the fleshy sounds of our copulation.

Sweat was dripping from our bodies as they moved in unison. Kristen’s breathing became laboured once again and each time I would bottom out inside of her a deep moan would come from her throat.

Instinctively we began fucking faster and faster. My thrusts becoming more rapid and shallow. I had my hands on either side of Kristen for support and she gripped them tightly, her eyes still locked on mine.

Kristen’s toes began to curl and her back began arch to move her groin closer to me to get more and more of my cock in her. With a hard thrust, Kristen had another orgasm. I had been waiting for this moment.

Whilst still in the throes of it, I exited her and turned her around on the rug. Kristen was too lost in the daze of her orgasm to notice it. Without any preamble, I slid my cock into the asshole I was licking early, it still being wet with my saliva.

This did not go by unnoticed by Kristen.

“Ah, fuck, yes fuck my ass, you fucker,” were her exact words.

I then did as the lady asked. I plowed my cock deep into her bowels, drilling Kristen deeper into the rug. Her hands clasped handful of fur and she shrieked high moans into it.

Her ass was even tighter than her pussy. And ever since our exploits at Daniel’s pool party, Kristen had become an absolute anal fiend. Kristen looked back at me over her shoulder, tears of pleasure rolling down her cheeks, her eyes watery, face red with excitement.

“Come on, Dutch boy, give me what you’ve got!” she yelled. I was thankful that this bungalow was pretty isolated, or else the neighbors would probably be banging on the walls.

I moved all of Kristen’s beautiful golden locks to one side and began kissing her in her neck whilst still roughly forcing my cock down her ass. I moved hands around Kristen and encircled her waist, holding her there and using it to move her upward, her back against my chest.

We were now upright, her faces next to each other, trying hard to run so we could kiss each other. I still thrust upwards into her ass, every ridge of anal canal pleasuring my cock so.

“Kristen, I’m almost going to come,” I warned her.

She reacted immediately and stood up on her boots and pushed me backwards on the rug. She knelt down and hungrily devoured my cock, giving me some old-fashioned ATM.

Her hair fell over her face and all I could see was a blonde mass bobbing up and down my cock. But what I felt was her dainty hand jerking me off hard, and her mouth and tongue working overtime on my cock.

My orgasm came and quick and I shot my load into Kristen’s mouth. She kept her still down on my cock and swallowed every drop. She then lied down next to me. I put my arm around her and she nuzzled up close to me.

“We’re going to have a lot of fun, the two of us, over the holidays,” I told her.

“We could invite one of my friends. We had a lot of fun at the pool party with Hayden,” Kristen offered.

“Yeah, we could do that. Hey Kristen,” I said.

“Yeah, Bee?” Kristen said dreamily, looking up at me.

“I think I…” I began.

“You what?”

“I… Uh… I think we’ll have a lot of fun.”

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