Christmas Party

Disclaimer: This is an original story and has no connection to the actresses who are stated in it

Christmas Party


Allan Hannah

(ff , Fff)

Sammy Winward aged 16
Tina O’Brien aged 17
Samia Smith aged 23

It was the night of the ITV Christmas soap party where all the big stars
atteneded including Tina O’Brien, Nikki Sanderson and Verity Rushworth.
It was late in the night and emmerdale actress Sammy Winward was wearing a
long white dress wich showed off her cleavage while talking to the soap stars
and holding
her glass of champange. As the noght drew on the 16 year old Sammy
was getting a bit tipsy dew toher champange so she decided to go outside to get some
air. As sammy got outside she was joined by 23 year old coronation street actresses
Samia Smith as she too was feeling a bit light headed as the two girls talked they
decided to go for a walk in the hotels gardens. As they walked sammy looked behind
her and noticed that they were a good distance from the hotel, samia then asked sammy how
she was coping with being a mother for the first time with her daughter Mia to which Sammy
replied that it is an amazing experience at being a mum. As it grew even darker sammy
and samia walked past the lake which was glowing in the moonlight and sat down,
they were now sitting very close together and continued to talk, suddenly samia began to
hold sammy’s hand and moved her head closer to sammy’s, sammy looked down and saw samia’s
hand closing around her’s.

” What are you doing ” said sammy as she looked at samia in her eyes to which samia replied.

” Oh sammy it’s just since i first saw you on emmerdale when you came onto the show i’ve
become extremly attracted to you “.

Sammy pulled her head back in shock.

” I’m flatered relly but samia your married ” replied Sammy.

Samia put her hands on sammy’s face ” It’s ok baby Matthew knows all about me dating other people
as it strengthings our relationship “.

And with that samia moved in and kissed sammy on the lips. Sammy reciprocted by puting her
hands on samia’s face were she soon pushed her tounge through samia’s lips and began to massage her
tounge. As the two teenages made love they did not notice that they were being watched from the bushes.
As the mysterious figure watched the two lovers, sammy and samia began to roll down the hill before
coming to a stop at the edge of the lake. As they kissed sammy’s show slipped off and landed in the lake,
it was with that moment that samia took hold of sammy’s hands and lead her into the lake which in turn got
both their dresses all wet.

As their wet dresses clinged to their bodies, samia began to take of sammy’s dress which left her in her
soaken wet white bra and panties. As samia caressed her body sammy began to remove samia’s silver dress
until she was left in her pink underware. As the two women kissed samia began rubbing her hands on sammy’s wet
breasts making her nipples erect and poking out form her bra, suddenly there was a noise that came from the bushes
that made the girls stop their love making session. It was the mysterious figure that had been watching them. As
person walked towards them a womans voice came from that direction.

” that looks fun mind if i join you “.

It was then that the mysterious person came into view and was a person that both sammy and samia knew, it was 17 year old
coronation street actresse Tina O’Brien. As tina walked towards the lake she began to remove her long black split dress
until she was left in her black lace bra and panties, as tina stepped into the lake samia smiled and moved sammy towards
tina , who was now unfasting her bra, as they embraced sammy raised her arms and put her hands on tina’s round firm 32b
breasts and began to kiss her beautiful ruby red lips. As tina and sammy kissed samia walked up behind sammy and put her
hands on her bum and began to massage her hands all over her wet panty clad rear, as samia rubbed sammy’s ass tina began to pull
down sammy’s bra and caresse her 31b breasts. As they made love both sammy and tina fell back into the water were sammy wrapped her
arms around tina’s waist, while samia began to pull down tina’s lace thong and kissed her wet cheeks. As samia kissed her bum
tina procced to put her tounge into sammy’s mouth and massage her tounge, while they both played with each others young supple breasts.
Soon the 16 year old mum told tina that she had never done anything like this but was loving every mintute of it, tina smiled and
responded by putting her hand in between her lovers legs. As tina began to finger sammy’s pussy samia began to take off her pink bra and pink
panties and began to play with herself on the lake bank while watching the two lovebirds have sex. As tina began to suck on sammy’s cold hard
nipples sammy ran her hands through tina’s wet blonde hair and gasped each time tina delved her fingers deep into her pussy,

After a few hours sammy, tina and samia put their wet dresses back on and picked up thier wet underware and walked back to the hotel, as they
entered they saw that the other stars were going upstairs to their rooms. As they watched the last guest go upstairs the girls looked down and saw
their nipples were clearly visable due to their wet dresses as were their hands which were holding their soaken wet underware, to avoid
suspsion sammy sugested that they use her room to which samia and tina agreed. As the young girls quickly rushed upstairs tina could’nt withstand
the temptaiton to squezze sammy’s small bum, as they got to the 16 year old’s hotel suite sammy quickly opened the door and put the do not disturb
sign on the door handle and then locked it. Once in the girls dropped thier wet bra’s and pantie’s and kissed one another, tina held sammy close to
her wet dressed body and caressed her hands to the bottom of her dress and pulled it up while samia began to kiss her neck. As she kissed her neck
sammy put her hands around samia’s back and began to caresse her bum through her wet dress. After thier kiss tina walked sammy over to the bedroom all
the while removing sammy’s dress and letting it fall to the floor leaving sammy naked in all her splender, as sammy lay on the bed tina lay next to her
and began to kiss her neck and rub her hands up and down her thigh. As she felt tina’s lips on her neck sammy began ton pinch and fondle her cold erect nipples
while her other hand began to clutch the bed sheets, as tina kissed sammy’s neck samia walked over to the bed and lay on top of sammy while still wearing
her wet dress, with the water seaping through samia’s dress and onto sammy’s naked body they both kissed each other while tina began to remove her dress
and put sammy’s left arm on her breast. As tina roamed sammy’s hand over her supple breast samia began to take off her dress and put sammy’s other hand
on her 32b breast. as sammy and samia kissed tina put sammy’s left arm in between her legs and pushed two fingers into her pussy. As tina began to have
her orgasm samia bent down and kissed sammy on the lips before sliping her tounge into massage sammy’s. After a while sammy and samia stopped kissing each
other and smiled, sammy turned her head to face tina who was now breaking in beads of sweat as she continued to thrust sammy’s fingers into her pussy, sammy
then put her soft pink lips onto tina’s and began to kiss the 17 year old blonde actresses, as they kissed sammy put her hand on samia’s hip and moved them in
between her legs where she soon began to stroke her sensitive and slowly put her fingers into her pussy and began to pulsate them. As samia moved to the motion
of sammy’s fingers, tina put her hand on sammy’s breast and her other hand roaming through her golden blonde hair while kissing her.

As sammy and tina kissed they began to mix their saliva which resulting in thier pouting lips smacking against each other each time the young girls kissed, soon
tina moved her hand from sammy’s hair and put ti on sammy’s other breast and egan to squezze them while still french kissing sammy’s lips. As they frenched kissed
each other samai made her way down to the foot of the bed. As she got to the bottom she began to spread sammy’s legs apart and caresse her hands over them before
she began to plant kisses from her toes all the way up to her inner thighs. As samia made her way up sammy’s lower torso she soon started to kiss young lovely
pussy which made sammy moan with pleasure while still locking llips with tina, sammy and tina stopped kissing to which sammy looked down at her waist and smiled
as she saw samia began to lick her pussy, sammy ran her ahnds through samia’s thick brown hair and began to moan with pleasure with every lick that samia made.
As sammy moaned with pleasure samia dragged her fingers all over sammy’s slim legs before wrapping them around her back and continued to lick and kiss her now soaken
pussy before she put her fingers into her pussy to give sammy her first lesbian orgasm. As sammy began top come over samia’s fingers she resumed her french kissing with
tina until the three teenage naked lovers got into sammy’s bed kissed each other and wrapped their arms around each other’s naked bodies before falling asleep.

The End.

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