Christmas Present For Carnage Jackson

The usual disclaimer that this is a fantasy. Though in this case I should add there is also no allegation of impropiety(though I for one wouldnt blame him…..).

Carnage Jackson has a bad cold. Nothing serious. But he decides to take a day off work so that he can catch up with some CSSA stuff. About mid-morning theres a ring at the door. He opens the door and stands in amazement as he sees Andrea Corr standing before him. Though shes not wearing make-up, the beauty of her face, the sharp perfection of her bone structure is still there.

“Are you Carnage Jackson?” Her soft Irish brogue is like a purr.
brain turning quickly to water, he can only nod.

“May I come in.” She flashes a smile, which doesnt help.

“Forgive me. Of course.” He stands to one side as she walks through to the living room.
“Im sorry. Its in a bit of a mess…..”

Shes looking round. “Dont apologise. You should see my brothers room. And as for Sharon……what a slut.” She turns to him. “Oops, you didnt hear that from me.”

“I didnt hear anything. Wont you sit down?” He watches as she leans back on the sofa and he sees how her breasts are straining against the thin fabric of her white t-shirt. Shes not wearing a bra and he can clearly see the poke of her nipples.

“Would you like something to drink?” She nods and then crosses her long legs that are sheathed in jeans and their sweet melody starts to sing to him.

“Some coffee, perhaps?” Her voice is a husky cough interrupting his reverie.

“Of course”, he says. He returns with two cups and a fervent wish she cant see the growing bulge in his trousers.

She takes a sip and then puts her cup down on the table thats by the side of her. She looks at him and her beauty bleaches all thought from his brain.

“I suppose youre wondering why Im here. Well, its a long story. One night Im surfing the net and come across CSSA. So Im intrigued, right? I click on the stories and there are hardly any about us.” She pouts. “And not one just about me. Sure, theres plenty about Britney. More even about Charlotte Church, for fucks sake. Why? Arent we beautiful enough, popular enough?
So I notice the House of Victoria, find their address and go and see her.

She said its nothing to do with her and youre the man. She wouldnt give me your address. Confidentiality, she said. But after I licked out her pussy……”

“What!” He interrupts, thinking, this cant be happening, Im not hearing this.

“Thats right. She was far more amenable once she had smeared my face with her cum. She called me a dirty bitch as well. Can you imagine that?”

And she shoots him a look of such injured innocence that he almost shoots his load.
“So, here I am.” She smiles brightly.

“And you want more stories about you and the Corrs on the site? But I dont write the stories…..”

“I know that. Do you think Im dumb?” She gets down on all fours and crawls towards him. She spreads his legs wide and then sits back on her haunches, her legs folded neatly beneath her. “But you know the writers. You must have some influence. Look, do I need to draw you a diagram…….good… stand up.”

He obeys, thinking this just has to be a dream, soon I will wake up and swear. But hes a puppet and shes pulling the strings.

She undoes his trousers and pulls them and his boxers down until theyre at half mast. His prick swings free.

“Not bad”, she says. “Not bad at all.”

Her small hand takes hold of it and as he feels her gentle touch he knows hes not dreaming and that it is Andrea Corr, Andrea Corr for Christs sake, that is now ducking her head, her hair falling like a cascade, and licking with the feather of her tongue the end of his cock.
And a part of him screams silently that no-one will ever know. He can just imagine his friends and colleagues saying, of course she did, we believe you, I mean last night I fucked Britney…..

Well, Victoria maybe…….

Her head is bobbing up and down his dick and he thinks well, shes just a bitch after all. And so he now runs his hands through the flowing water of her hair.

He closes his eyes as he feels the soft velvet of her tongue caress his shaft. Her hand pushes his dick back against his stomach as her tongue licks his balls. Now her tongue is playfully flicking the head and scoops up a drop of pre-cum. And now his prick is back in the moist haven of her mouth as she sucks him in deep.

Jesus, he thinks, how do porn stars last so long. They cant be human.

“Im cumming”, he warns. Her mouth stops a quarter of the way down as he pumps his load into her. When hes finished, she looks up at him and allows a small dribble of spunk to escape from the right corner of her mouth. The rest she ostentatiously swallows. Her tongue then flicks out and licks up the fugitive dollop of cream.

She stands up. “That was nice.” She giggles. “A blowjob a day keeps the doctor away.”
He realises how foolish he must look with his flaccid dick dangling. He quickly pulls up his trousers.

She looks down. “I can think of a few more uses for that. So there will be more stories about us, wont there? Good. And as a further incentive. If we start to rival the number Britney has, I will return and you can fuck me any way you like.”
She sticks out her hand. “Deal?”

He shakes her hand. “I will do my best.”

“And Im sure that will be good enough.” She gives him a quick peck on the cheek and slinks from the room.

He admires the wiggle of her ass and thinks I just got to fuck that…….

Which is why I have written this story!!!!!!

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