Christmas Present: Part 1

The Christmas Present Part 1

by anatole

Celebs:Christina Aguilera,Hayden Panettiere

Codes: FF,non-cons,cons,Fsolo, voy,

DISCLAIMER: This story is pure fiction. None of it is real, and if it is it is by pure coincidence. No harm; physical, emotional, or career wise, is meant towards any of the celebrities in this text; including the ones that are merely just mentioned. It is meant for entertainment purposes and entertainment purposes only

Christina Aguilera needs a lot of sex. Can’t get enough of it. Sex in the morning, sex in the day, sex in the evening
and sex at night. Her husband understands, and he knows that when she goes on tour she’ll fuck anyone who crosses her path from roadies and groupies to dancers with dildos. She loves it. But sometimes, on those rare occasions that she finds herself without a man or woman to fuck, she’ll find the ultimate in frustration just too much to bare.

Christina had a 10” long dildo….a mold taken directly from Jordan’s own cock (hey, why else do you think she married him?). It was nicely veined, realistically flesh colored, and soft to the touch with a hard core. It felt almost like the real thing.She was her favorite toy…. Christina is Bisexual.

The arrangement was that he would be the only guy she would fuck but she could fuck any women she wanted…..and she craved for young pussy alot!!!!

Christina had just returned home from Christmas shopping when she heard moaning coming from her tv room….she quickly headed that way. As she moved closer to the room, she could hear soft moans coming from inside. The door was slightly ajar, and he quietly peeked inside. “Holy Shit” she thought to herself as she peered inside.

Her husband was watching Bring It On: All or Nothing on their widescreen tv…..he had his cock out and was jacking it furiously…

”Oh yeah…take it all little cheerleader….you’ve been a bad girl …a naughty… little… cheerleader” he said

Christina was stunned…and turned on by the sight in front of her….her husband jacking off the picture of a dancing cheerleader on tv…. As she paid more attention on the tv she recognized her as the indestructible cheerleader from tv show Heroes..Hayden Panettiere…but that was from a movie she did earlier..and was a hit on tv…for obvious reasons….

”I shouldn’t be watching this? she thought as she got more and more turned on. She tried to make herself close her eyes, but couldn’t do it.

”This is fucking hot though! She thought as she opened her eyes again and gave in to the voyeur inside her.

“Letting yourself get seduced by a stranger…what… were… you… thinking… you… dirty… little…girl… letting a stranger touch that sweet…innocent… little… body of yours. Letting him slide his cock all over your pure… virtuous… untouched… tiny… body and defile you… stully you… make you all dirty… and nasty… like he is…turn you into a disgusting… little… slut… what were you thinking? What… were… you… thinking… you… dirty… little…girl…?

”Letting some guy turn you into a little naughty slut. Is that what you are now…a… little…cheerleader slut…?”

”Yes….fuck her…fuck her hard” Christina thought….biting down on her fist to keep from moaning as her other hand
slipped two fingers into her dripping wet pussy, frantically masturbating….

“Did you enjoy that cheerleader?” he moaned again….and exploded all over the place…and fell asleep exhausted…

Christina was frustrated…she didnt get to cum……but that show in front of her…made her thing the perfect Christmas Present for her husband…and for herself!!!!

But first thing first…she had to finish herself off…and as her husband was unavailble…she had to resort to the next best thing….

Christina entered her room, she was feeling really horny after that show downstairs..She slipped her top off, exposing her lovely 34 C breasts. She unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the floor,completely naked, she walked over to the draw and got her 10″dildo out. She admired herself, She blew herself a kiss and imagined what it would be like to fuck the shit out of Hayden Panettiere. Mmmnnnn.

She sat on the chair and ran it across her breasts. She felt her nipples harden as the soft jelly like toy caressed her breasts.

Her free hand roam her wet pussy. She raked her fingers over her clit and shuddered at the touch. She closed her eyes and imagined it was Hayden doing this to her, giving her pleasure.She stroked her pussy lips with her fingers, exploring every crease and crevice,she fingered the folds of skin around her rosebud. Her bald pussy soft and pink. The dildo glided over the soft silky skin of her breasts, her nipples tingled as the soft toy fondled them.

She moved it down to her waiting pussy, letting it run over her slit, before sliding it inside her dripping love hole. She thrust 4 inches in, groaning in pleasure as her walls surrounded the large instrument, her juices coating it. She pushed another couple of inches in, her cunt swallowing the tool, sucking it in even further. She groaned loudy as she pushed it in.

Her free hand worked on her clit, flicking furiously over the swollen bud,the sensation was almost unbearable as she worked faster and faster until the twinge of orgasm approached.She stopped and let it subside before sticking the come soaked dildo into her arse. She worked it slowly and then a little faster. She continued to tease her clit at the same time.She felt orgasm the approaching again, and stopped. She was going to make this one last!She took the dildo out and ran it across her nipples, covering them with juices. She took it to her mouth and licked the sweet love nectar off herself.

She rammed the dildo back into her cunt, faster and faster until she felt the twinges of orgasm approaching again.
This time, she let it wash over her, the height of ecstacy overcame her and she let out a loud groan.Her body rocked to the rhythm of her climax.

Now….it was time to think….how she’d her Christmas Present…

Two days had passed…and after some planning at last Christina has managed to find out where and when Hayden can be….found…

Hayden Panettiere is walking backstage an awards show. When suddenly a figure dressed in all black sneaks up behind her
and hits her over the head with a crowbar and knocks the bitch out cold. When Hayden awakes she is in a small room with her hands handcuffed behind her back.

“Good Morning Cheerleader….you little slut bitch, all you ever do is get men horny…..”and women Christina thought to herself…

Hayden pleaded ” What do u want with me” scared for her life….

”Just to teach you how to be a good little cheerleader slut” said Christina

“Please…not this way….i am still a virgin” Hayden said

“Too bad … i wonder where where I should put it…the mouth ass or pussy….decisions, decisions.

After that evil comment she sticks her middle finger up Hayden tight little asshole and wiggle it around

”Nice and tight…the ass it is.”

”All i want is sex…..obey me…and you wont be harmed,trust me”said Christina trying to make Hayden as comfortable as possible…

”Uh Uh, no way!? Hayden huffed.

‘Okay, have it your way.? Christina replied….”I like it tought”with an evil smile forming on her face

And even as she said it, the cuffs continued to dig into her wrists and Hayden realized that she had no choice but to give in.

”Fine, I’ll do it.She huffed.Just please take them off.”

”What’s that?? Christina teased.”

“If im going to remove those…the you should call me Mistress”

Hayden took a deep breath and as sweetly as she could replied.

”Please take them off Mistress.”She cooed.

”I promise I’ll be a good girl.”

And as much as she thought she was going to hate groveling like that,Hayden could feel her pussy starting to tingle.

”You better not try to run, I’m warning you now!” Christina said as she grabbed the keys and unsnapped the cuffs.

She then circled back around in front of Hayden and grabbed her face with one hand, forcing her to look in the eyes.

”Now what do you say”

”Thank you Mistress.” Hayden said as she rubbed her wrists and flashed her famous little half smile.

”Unzip my skirt!” She instructed Hayden as she turned around to let her obey.

”Yes ma’am.” She said obediently as she started to allow herself to enjoy the sub/dom turn that events had taken.

As the skirt fell in a heap around Christina’s ankles and she kicked it to the side, Hayden started to reach for her panties to pull them down.But…she was shocked from what she saw….

Christina was wearing a strap on….it was her special 10” dildo specially made for she can fuck…little cheerleaders like Hayden!

”Yes my little cheerleader…if im here to fuck you…and fuck you good i will!!!” said Christina

Christina kissed Hayden’s neck and began to dry hump Hayden’s small but bubble ass.

“I love this ass” she whispered as she continued to kiss her neck.

Christina could feel her wetness soaking through her panties. “I’ve been waiting all day to fuck you with my big fat cock”
Christina thrust her hips forward rubbing her cock up and down on Hayden’s pants….

Hayden started to reach for her panties to pull them down.”What do you think you’re doing? She snapped, slapping Hayden’s hand.

”If you want something from me you need to ask for it.””May I take off your panties so I can taste your cock Mistress”

She asked, gazing up innocently at Christina….

”Fine.” She agreed, unable to suppress a warm smile as she unbuttoned her uniform top. ”But do it with your teeth.”

”Yes Mistress.”She replied, her cheeks reddening with embarrassment.

Hayden crawled over to Christina and awkwardly thrust her mouth forward towards the waistband of her underwear. Her teeth lightly grazed Christina’s stomach on their way down and she left a tiny bit of saliva on her body but eventually she caught the front of the panties and was able to slide them down using just her mouth setting free the restrained cock by her delicate lace panties. Christina took time to rub it before finally letting it loose. Hayden was still shocked as she saw it in full for the 1st time.

”That’s a good little cheerleader.Christina praised. And now Im going to me that pretty little ass of yours”

”But before I fuck your ass, you need to lube this thing up don’t you”Christina teased.

”I want you to suck this big cock”

”Yes mistress”said Hayden

She hesitantly took the plastic cock into her mouth and slid it in.Hayden had had a few boyfriends but she had never made it as far as sucking any of their cocks and so it felt quite foreign to have this strap on dildo in her mouth. But she did the best she could, working the shaft into her pretty mouth and coating it with as much saliva as she could.

”Mmmmm that’s it girl, suck that fucking cock!” Christina teased.”Suck it all”

Hayden smiled, her mouth full of cock. Hayden felt Christina’s cock hitting the back of her mouth…trying her best to deep throat the whole thing…

”Thats a little cock sucking cheerleader…you must have done it many times…with all those directors and film producers to suck…”

”Hayden tried her best to block Christina’s words out and soon enough she grew tired of Hayden sucking the dildo.

She pulled it out of Hayden’s mouth and crept around behind the small blonde girl where she once again licked her lips at the sight of that pretty backside in all its glory.

End of Part 1

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