Chubby Costume Party

Title: The Chubby Costume Party

Author: The Artist

Celebs: Margot Robbie, Daisy Ridley

Codes: FF, oral, spank

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.


Margot Robbie was trying to squeeze into her Harley Quinn costume. There was a time when it would have fit easily, but Margot had put on more than a few pounds. Her belly was a little bigger, thighs were a little thicker, and the good parts were a little fatter too. After packing on so much weight, Margot didn’t even want to wear this costume. But as she tried to fit, she remembered how she got into this mess.

It was only a few weeks ago. She had been hanging out with Daisy Ridley, who had also gotten on the chunky side. Both had been invited to a Halloween party, and both were reluctant to go. They knew the point of these Halloween costumes was to dress as slutty as possible. After plumping up, neither one felt like putting their larger bodies on display. Though it was Daisy who stepped forward and suggested they wear some sexy outfits. Margot shrugged off the idea, figuring nobody would wanna see a whale like her in anything sexy. Daisy promised her that if Margot wore a sexy costume, she’d wear a sexy costume too.

Margot was finally able to squeeze into her Harley Quinn outfit. As she was checking herself out in the mirror, she began to admire herself for the first time. There were probably a lot of guys who would call her fat, but she felt sexy. The costume was definitely full nine: Hair, makeup, everything.

The doorbell rang. It had to be Daisy. Even if she was beginning to feel better, she thought about what she might do to her if Daisy welched on her side of the deal. Margot opened the door – Daisy was there, with her full-figured glory covered in a robe. The two hugged it out. “I see you worked up the courage to wear something sexy,” Daisy cooed.

Margot knew there had to be something under that robe, “How about you? This was your idea after all!”

“Yeah, and that’s why I was worried you wouldn’t do it. But tell me, you think this is sexy enough?”

Daisy disrobed and revealed she was wearing an authentic slave Leia bikini.  Margot was taken aback at how good Daisy looked – Even with her round belly fully on display, her hourglass figure and the “steel” bra barely holding in her plush boobies, Daisy looked like a plus-sized goddess.

“Oh my God,” Margot blurted out. “You look fucking amazing.” And she really meant it. Maybe it was getting a little chubby herself. Maybe it was seeing her in that outfit, but Margot felt more attracted to her friend than ever before. It was that moment she decided to make a proposition.

“Listen,” Margot said. “I don’t think a lot of BOYS are going to be interested in girls like us at that party. What do you say we stay in and have some real fun?”

With Margot’s sexy tone, it wasn’t hard to figure out what she meant. Daisy raised an eyebrow. Admittedly she was having these kinds of feelings about Margot. She began rubbing Margot’s thick but-definitely-not-muscular arm. “I don’t think any of the boys there deserve us.”

Daisy moved in and kissed Margot on the lips, definitely creating sparks between the two. Margot picked up her candy bowl and had another suggestion: “I was gonna save this for Trick or Treaters. How about we split it? After all, we gotta keep our girlish figures.”

Daisy giggled. “I like your ideas.”

Margot and Daisy took a seat on Margot’s couch and they began seductively feeding each other pieces of candy. Daisy took a bite-sized Snickers and rubbed it across Margot’s thick thigh before eating it, a smile crossing her face. Margot realized the ante had been raised and placed a small Butterfinger on Daisy’s thigh where she quickly devoured it. Now it was Daisy’s turn. The brunette put a Milky Way in Margot’s mouth and began eating it from there. Being so close to each other’s lips, the two went back to kissing. It wasn’t just any kissing, it was like the two were magnetically connected, unable to pull away and stop kissing.

Their tongues were doing a lot of the work, wrestling inside and outside their mouths. In between kisses, Margot cooed, “I think you have a little chocolate on your cheek.” Daisy didn’t, but that didn’t stop Margot from licking Daisy’s face. Turned on, Daisy pulled back and began undoing her bra a little. Daisy’s fat, meaty tits were now completely on display. Margot knew that was Daisy’s invite to dig in. A little foreplay commenced, with Margot squeezing and kneading Daisy’s breasts.

The euphoria caused Daisy to tilt her head back as Margot began rubbing her face on Daisy’s breasts. Did it matter if Margot accidentally got a little makeup on Daisy’s boobs? With how good it felt for both of them, it didn’t matter. Margot began moving down and started planting soft, sweet kisses all over Daisy’s fat tummy. Never realizing what a tender, erogenous area her belly was, Daisy couldn’t help but giggle a little.

Margot sat back up and patted her lap. “Why don’t you lie down and relax for a little? I wanna see that booty.” With a big smile, Daisy seductively crawled all over Margot’s lap. The only thing Margot had to move was the small, skimpy skirt and Daisy’s full bare butt cheeks were on display. “Mmmm,” Margot cooed. “Your ass is so beautiful – so round, so meaty – just the way I like it.”

Margot showed how much she liked Daisy’s big ass and began digging her hands in, caressing and massaging Daisy’s warm lady-flesh. “You really know how to use your hands,” Daisy said in approval.

To this Margot replied by giving Daisy’s ass a few spanks. The blonde Aussie made sure each cheek got a little loving, especially to hear Daisy’s cute little yelp. “Your big booty is so good, but you’ve also been very bad,” Margot said devilishly. Each spank produced a sexy jiggle from Daisy. And watching Daisy’s fat ass jiggle turned Margot on so much she decided to shake Daisy’s tush just to make it jiggle a little more.

Margot leaned down and planted a few soft kisses all over Daisy’s butt. “God, your ass even tastes good!” Both women had a laugh at this.

Daisy sat back up and coyly said, “I think you should have one low-cal meal tonight.”

As is she needed another hint, Daisy pushed aside her skirt to reveal her big pussy. Margot moved in and began kissing and licking along Daisy’s thick thighs. It wasn’t long before Margot made it to the sweet spot and began munching on Daisy’s pussy.  Daisy titled her head back and moaned in ecstasy. Had Margot done this before? Because Margot sure felt like a pro as licked every good part of Daisy’s box until the Brit blew her load.

Margot came back up as Daisy was panting for air. “Wow, it’s true what they say,” Daisy said in between breaths. “Big girls definitely do it better.”

The blonde found that amusing and replied, “Why don’t you show me how well you do it?” Daisy raised an eyebrow and smiled at the idea of exploring Margot’s body – and there was a lot of body to explore.

First, Margot lifted up her “Daddy’s Little Monster” shirt enough to expose her fantastically big boobies. Like a child excited but unsure, Daisy approached Margot’s globes with enthusiasm but a little trepidation. Was she really allowed to worship these big beauties? Yes, she was; and yes, she did. Daisy started licking around the flesh of Margot’s jugs. The succulent flesh tasted and felt so good and tasted so good, just as Daisy’s moist tongue on such sensitive area felt so good to Margot.

Slave Leia Daisy began licking Margot’s already stiff nipple. Harley Margot began stroking her fingers through Daisy’s hair as she began sucking on Margot’s nipple. While she was already in seventh heaven, Margot had a request. “Bite it,” Margot just breathed out.

Not one to argue, Daisy bit Margot’s nipple – not a tough bite that could hurt her friend. It was a gentle bite, enough that Margot was definitely gonna feel it. She even gave Margot’s nipple a little tug. Daisy started working her way down to Margot’s big, plush belly. “I really like your tummy,” Daisy said. “It’s so round and squishy.”

She showed how much she liked Margot’s round, squishy tummy by smothering it with tender, gentle kisses – especially around the naval and started licking around the belly-button. Margot never knew something like this could be so sensual. She felt a queen and Daisy was certainly worshipping her like one.

Daisy glared up and gave Margot a sheepish smile. “Since I showed mine, can I see your bum?”

Margot liked the idea and got on her knees with her booty on display. Though Daisy was not subtle about wanting a show. “Can you twerk?”

That was another suggested Margot liked. She pulled down her already skimpy shorts, revealing her full, pillowy ass-cheeks. Good to her request, Margot began twerking. It was such a turn-on for Daisy to see Margot’s fat ass jiggle as her sexy cheeks clapped together.

“Oh my God, your bum is so sexy and jiggly!” Daisy said with an almost childlike enthusiasm. She couldn’t help but give Margot’s booty a few playful smacks. Returning the favor from earlier, Daisy began planting loving smooches all over Margot’s big butt. Though the temptation for another favor came back when Daisy playfully bit Margot’s ass.

“Ah!” Margot yelped.

“Sorry love,” Daisy apologized. “Your bum is just so tasty I couldn’t help.”

“I can think of something else you can do with my ass.” Margot stepped away and returned with a large strap-on. “I want you to fuck my fat ass.”

Margot knelt down on all fours and jiggled her ass seductively. This was all the invite Daisy needed as plunged the strap-on into Margot’s behind. Margot began moaning in pleasure immediately. Before the two had been so loving and tender, but now Daisy was showing her rough side – pounding the toy into Margot and giving her a few more hard spanks. Daisy even began pulling on Margot’s pigtails for leverage in fucking Margot. Margot let out a throaty groan as she climaxed.

The two pudgy beauties collapsed on the couch in each other’s arms. They stared at each other lovingly. “Better than that Halloween party?” Margot cooed.

“Much better,” Daisy replied with a smile.

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