Chubby Lovin’: Scene 3

Title: Chubby Lovin’: Scene 3

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Melissa Benoist

Codes: FM, oral, mas, anal, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is another porn-based series, in a world where all celebrity women are BBWs.

We fade in on a POV shot of someone walking up stairs, approaching the sound of a shower.  The guy enters the bathroom, where we see Melissa in the shower, her broad back, large ass, and thick thighs facing him. “Wow…” the guy says to himself.

Immediately, Melissa turns her head to him. “Oh, hey, baby!  You’re home early!”

“Yeah, work was dead, so they sent us home.”

Melissa turns around, smiling, showing us her huge tits and big, round belly. “Oh, man, I was hoping to be done before you got home.”

“Hey, don’t be sorry, baby, you know I like you when you’re wet and soapy.”

Melissa giggles at this, then smirks. “So, gonna join me in here, or what?”

We then see the guy’s in the shower, looking down at Melissa, who’s kneeling in front of him, stroking his big, hard dick. “Yeah, that feel good, baby?”

“Mm, yeah…”

“How about this?” She then wraps her lips around his cock, and starts to suck him off.

“God!” he groans, “You give the best blowjobs ever!  I kind of wish I could share you with other guys, just so they could experience this.”

Melissa again smirks at him, raising one eyebrow. “You saying you’d be interested in a three-way?  Or you just want to watch me suck another guy’s dick?”

“Um, can I take the fifth on that?” Melissa laughs, then continues to suck him off. “Oh, baby, wrap your tits around it…”

“Hm, whatever my man wants.” Melissa lifts her huge tits up, and gives her boyfriend a titty-job.

“Ah, yeah…” The guy’s dick peeks out periodically from between Melissa’s tits. “Ahhh…” After half a minute or so, the guy grabs her tits, and starts to fuck them.

“Mmm…” Melissa moans, closing her eyes. “Mama likes having her titties fucked…”

We now see Melissa lying on a bed, still wet from the shower, as her boyfriend kneels between her thighs, looking down at her. “God, you’re so fucking sexy…” he says in a low growl, then looks down, as he rubs his cock up and down Melissa’s fat pussy, before inserting it.

“Ooh!  Huh!” Melissa moans and gasp, then bites her lip, as the guy fucks her, causing her boobs and belly to bounce and jiggle. “Oh, God, baby, you’re always so hard for me!” The guy starts to speed up, causing her tits to bounce even harder, until she grabs them. “Oh, God, fuck me!” Melissa whines, kneading and manhandling her tits, even digging her nails in.  Finally, the guy speeds up so much, his body starts slapping against hers, and she begins crying out shrilly. “Oh, God!  Ooh, I’m gonna cum!” Soon after, she lets out a strangled scream, as she climaxes.

It cuts, and now Melissa’s on her hands and knees, as the guy rubs his cock up and down her pussy, then migrates up to between her massive ass-cheeks. “Ooh, baby…” she moans, “You wanna do anal?”


“Oh, God, please, put your cock in my ass!”

“Beg me.”

“Please!  I’ll do anything you want!”

“Will you go ass to mouth?”

“Yes!  I’ll suck your cock right out of my dirty, dirty asshole!”

“Um…Okay.” The guy shoves his cock right in Melissa’s asshole, causing her to groan, then whimper, as he slowly moves it in and out.

“Oh, baby, harder!” The guy grabs her sides, and starts thrusting into her ass, harder and faster. “Oh, God!” she cries out.  As he goes faster, the guy suddenly rears back and slaps Melissa’s ass. “Oh!  Harder!” The guy complies, and Melissa shrieks. “Again!” He slaps her ass again, and she shrieks even louder.  They do this a few more times, until we see her ass-cheek is slightly red.

Now, we see Melissa sprawled out on her back, as the guy fucks her mouth.  Suddenly he starts groaning, so he pulls out and starts jerking his cock. “Oh, baby, cum in my mouth!” Soon after, he lets out a loud grunt, and his cock starts shooting, most of it landing in Melissa’s wide open mouth, but some of it landing on her cheek, and even in her hair.

“Fffuck…” he sighs, as Melissa sucks his spent dick.

“So,” she says, after she stops, “you wanna go out tonight?”

“Idunno, I was thinking of just staying in all night doing this.”

Melissa again smirks. “You sure you can handle me for that long?”

“Probably not.  But it’s worth a try.” Melissa chuckles, and smiles, showing her teeth, as the scene fades out.

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