Chubby Lovin’: Scene 5

Title: Chubby Lovin’: Scene 5

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Daisy Ridley

Codes: FMM, oral, mas, anal, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is another porn-based series, in a world where all celebrity women are BBWs.

We fade in on a plump Daisy, lying on a couch, one hand squeezing her fat tit, the other between her thick thighs. “Hmm…” she moans, eyes closed, tilting her head back.  In our first close-up, we see her wet fingers move up and down inside her moist slit. “Huhn…” Daisy sighs, biting her lip, shifting around on the couch.

Daisy then opens her eyes, and smiles. “Oh, hi there.” The camera pulls back, to show two guys standing there.  One of them gets on his knees in front of her, and, in another close-up, buries his tongue in Daisy’s fat, sopping wet cunt. “Ooh!” Daisy moans, brow furrowing.  She then looks at the other guy, who’s unzipping his pants, then pulls them down, boxers with them. “Hmm…” Daisy grins when she sees his thick, hard cock.  The guy steps closer, and in another close-up, she wraps her lips around his rigid shaft, and starts to suck him off.  Her hand, meanwhile, cradles and gently squeezes the guy’s balls.  It then alternates between the two close-ups, with the first guy starting to finger-bang Daisy, who in turn moans onto the other guy’s cock.

The first guy then stands up, drops his pants, spreads Daisy’s thick legs open, and, in another close-up, inserts his rock-hard cock in Daisy’s pussy. “Ooh!  Fuck!” Daisy moans throatily, and jerks the other guy’s cock, as the first fucks her.  Back in the close-up, we see her pussy-lips close and open, as the guy thrusts in, then pulls out. “Oh, God!” she cries out, her breasts and belly bouncing and jiggling, as she then puts the other guy’s cock back in her mouth, and continues to suck it, moaning loudly onto it, grimacing.

Daisy’s now on her hands and knees, breasts and belly hanging down, as, in one close-up, she sucks the first guy’s cock, and, in the other, the second guy fucks her doggy-style.  Holding on to her wide hips, he suddenly rears back, and slaps Daisy on the ass. “Oh!” she grunts, before continuing to suck the first guy off.  Again grabbing her sides, the other guy speeds up, creating a slapping noise, as his body collides with her enormous cheeks. “Ooh!  Oh, God!  Fuck!”

Daisy’s again on her back, holding the other guy’s dick, looking down at the first, as, in another close-up, he rubs his swollen head on her moist, pink butthole. “Yesss…” she groans through her teeth, “Put it in my arse…” Back in the close-up, he inserts his cock, somewhat laboredly, in Daisy’s asshole. “Oooh, fffuck, yes…” she groans throatily, before continuing to suck the second guy off.  Before too long, Daisy’s ass starts to loosen up, and we see, again in the close-up, the guy’s cock moving in and out a little more easily.  As he continues to fuck her, Daisy’s other hand moves down, and starts diddling her fat twat. “Oh!  Fuck, yes!” she grunts, clenching her teeth.

Now, other guy lies on the floor, Daisy straddling him in a reverse cowgirl position.  Leaning back, and bracing herself with her hands, Daisy lowers herself, and, in another close-up, we see her ass envelop his cock. “Ohhh…fffuck!” Daisy moans, face screwing up, as, back in the close-up, her asshole moves up and down on his cock, sucking it off.  We then see the first guy get down on one knee in front of her, and, in yet another close-up, he re-inserts his cock in Daisy’s pussy. “Oh!” Daisy yelps, throwing her head back, forehead creasing, “Oh, God!  Oh, fuck!” She then starts to wail and whimper, as, back in the close-up, we see both cocks move in and out of their respective holes. “Oh, fuck!” Daisy suddenly gasps, “Oh, God, I’m cumming!  Oh, shit!  Fuck!”

We now see Daisy kneeling between the two guys, holding her tits up, as they jerk their cocks.  The first guy starts groaning, and a second later, his swollen head starts spurting, quickly coating her tits in his cum.  Soon after, the other guy starts grunting, and Daisy breathes, “You, cum on my face…” She then tilts her head back, eyes closed and lips pouting, just in time for him to start ejaculating, glazing her entire face. “Mmm…” Daisy moans, licking some of the jizz off her lips. She then wipes her face off with her hand, and flashes her trademark toothy grin. “God, that was brilliant!  Thanks, guys!”

The two guys say, “You’re welcome,” in semi-unison.  Daisy then holds one big tit up to her mouth, and licks the first guy’s splooge off it, as the scene fades out.

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