Chubby Lovin’: Scene 6

Title: Chubby Lovin’: Scene 6

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Lizzy Caplan, Lea Michele

Codes: FFM, oral, mas, anal, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is another porn-based series, in a world where all celebrity women are BBWs.

We fade in on Lizzy and Lea lying on a bed in their underwear, tongue-kissing.  As they make out, Lizzy gropes and squeezes Lea’s huge titty through her bra.  Sighing, Lea reaches under her, and unhooks her bra, which snaps as it’s released, then slips it off.  In our first close-up, Lizzy immediately starts licking one of Lea’s nipples, with their large brown areola, tongue encircling slowly, before sucking it. “Uhmmm…” Lea moans, smiling, eyes closed.  Back in the close-up, Lizzy now gently bites her nipple, causing her to moan even louder.

Lizzy then starts kissing down Lea’s big, round belly. “Gonna eat my pussy, baby?” Lea whispers.

“Hm, you know it…” Lizzy mumbles back, as she kisses and licks around Lea’s navel, and pulls down her large panties.

In another close-up, Lizzy spreads open Lea’s fat pussy, and buries her tongue in the middle. “Ooh…” Lea moans, pursing her lips.  Back in the close-up, Lizzy now licks around the juicy pink inside of Lea’s cunt, while she bangs her with her first two fingers.

Suddenly, we hear the door open, and Lea looks off-screen. “Oh, hey, baby.” At this, Lizzy pulls her head out from between Lea’s thighs, and kneels on the bed, looking in the same direction.

“You two started without me?” a male voice says.

“We couldn’t wait any longer,” Lea smiles.

“Man, I know what you mean, I’ve had a hard-on since lunch.”

“Well,” Lizzy says in a seductive voice, grinning, “bring it here, baby…” The guy appears on-screen, and whips his cock out.  Getting on her hands and knees in front of him, in another close-up, Lizzy starts sucking the guy off.

“Ooh, fuck…” he moans, as Lizzy’s lips slide up and down his rigid shaft.  Lea, meanwhile, gets up, crawls over, and unhooks Lizzy’s bra, again snapping free, and pulls it off her.  In a side shot, we see Lizzy’s huge tits and fat belly hang down, as Lea now gets on her hands and knees behind her.  In yet another close-up, Lea starts to lick and finger Lizzy’s already sopping wet cunt.  Back in the other close-up, we hear Lizzy moan onto the guy’s cock, her brow furrowing.  In the second close-up, Lea is now finger-banging Lizzy’s cunt, while her tongue has migrated up, between Lizzy’s cheeks, and, in a third close-up, we see Lea licking her moist, quivering asshole.

“Oh!  Fuck!” Lizzy moans out loud, jerking the guy off.

“Huhn…turn around…” the guy grunts, and Lizzy turns her ass to him.  Lea follows, as, in another close-up, the guy inserts his cock in Lizzy’s fat pussy, and starts to fuck it.

“Ohhh, God…” Lizzy moans.  Lea, meanwhile, continues to eat out Lizzy’s ass.  After fucking Lizzy’s cunt for a couple minutes, he pulls out, and Lea immediately shoves his cock in her mouth, and deep throats it.

“Yeah, taste her pussy…” After a moment, the guy takes his cock out of Lea’s mouth, and continues to fuck Lizzy, now speeding up.

“Oh!  Fuck!” Lizzy groans and grimaces, and we hear a slapping noise, as the guy’s body collides with Lizzy’s ass.  As this is happening, Lea starts finger-banging Lizzy’s ass. “Oh, God, fuck my ass!”

“What did she say?”

“She wants you to fuck her ass,” Lea says, grinning.  The guy takes his cock out of Lizzy’s pussy, and, in another close-up, shoves it laboredly into her tight asshole.

“Ooohhhfuck!” Lizzy groans, then cries out, as the guy starts thrusting into her.  After another minute or so, the guy pulls out, and once again, Lea deep-throats his cock, before he puts it back in.

We now see Lea on her back, legs spread, as the guy, kneeling before her, fucks her, causing her breasts and belly to bounce and jiggle.  Lizzy, meanwhile, watches them, rubbing and fingering her twat. “Fuck that pussy!” Lizzy moans.  The guy grabs Lea’s wide hips, and speeds up, causing her to cry out, and her huge tits to now flail around.

“Oh!” Lea screams, scowling, “Fuck!”

Now, Lea is face down, ass in the air, the guy kneeling behind her, and Lizzy next to her, holding her cheeks open. “Yeah…” Lizzy sighs, “Put it in there…” In another close-up, the guy pushes his cock into Lea’s asshole.

“Ohhh!” Lea wails in pain, as the guy starts to fuck her ass.  Back in the close-up, we see his cock move slowly in and out of Lea’s butt-hole, and we hear her whimper on every thrust.  We then get a shot of Lea’s face, which looks like she’s going to cry, as her butt is assaulted.

Eventually, the guy stops thrusting, and begins groaning loudly.  He then pulls his cock out of Lea’s ass with a wet pop.  Immediately after, Lizzy leans down, and licks Lea’s sore asshole, causing her to moan hoarsely. “C’mon, baby…” Lizzy whispers, “Squeeze it out for me…” In one more close-up, Lea clenches, and the guy’s load oozes out of her anus. “Yesss…” Lizzy then licks the guy’s cum off of Lea’s asshole, causing her to moan even more.  Finally, Lizzy turns her head, and suck the guy’s spent dick, as the scene fades out.

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