Chyna Rapes The WWF Divas

In 1999 while Chyna’s popularity had risen she was happy but toward 2000 and 2001 the rest of the Divas treated her like crap due to her cheap character, she was not the same person since then.

Chyna arrived in Boston for Raw and was about to head toward her dressing room but was stopped by Stephanie Mcmahon.

Chyna i need to talk to you right now, Stephanie Shouted

They went into the dressing room

I don’t know who the hell you think you are but you are not the dominate female, Stephanie Yelled

Now when Raw Starts I want to see a real show not this lame crap i’ve seen from you the
last couple months

Is that so, Chyna asked

You damn right, Stephanie Shouted

Take that back, Chyna demanded

Make me, Stephanie said

Chyna grabbed Stephanie and through her against the wall and Stephanie was in to much shock to say anything even more in shock when Chyna pulled her cock out she was a Shemale everyone had guest it over the past year.

Stephanie ran trying to get away but Chyna was too strong for Stephanie

I’ll make you take it back, Chyna Shouted

Chyna stuck her 9 inch cock into Stephanie Pussy and went faster by every stroke

STop, STOP, STop, Stephanie Shouted

But Chyna didn’t listen she kept on going

Stephanie then suffered a strong Orgasm which caused her to shake violently, Chyna then came all over Stephanie face

Now that should teach you a lesson don’t Fuck with me

Part 2 LIta

Chyna after leaving Stephanie in a pool of cum, then passed by Lita her Tag Team Partner for that night.

Lita was kinder then Stephanie

So how are you Lita, Chyna asked

Oh i’m fine, Lita answered

If you don’t mind i’d like to go over the match, Lita asked

Sure, Chyna said

Chyna always loved Lita

Lita figured since Chyna was a women she started Changing for the Match while discussing the match.

Chyna’s cock became hard in seconds when she saw Litas Bra but tried to hide it

Lita was about to get her pant’s but Chyna quickly grabbed her

What are you doing, Lita asked

I’m showing what i like about you, Chyna answered

When Chyna pulled out her cock Lita tried to run.

Lita couldn’t make it Chyna stuck her cock in Litas pussy before Lita could do anything

Lita began crying with the pain and suffered her orgasm and Chyna didn’t cum in the face she just straight came in Lita’s Pussy.

Chyna blew so much cum into Lita is was to Much for Lita and some poured out of Litas pussy

Now that’s what you got to remember about me Chyna said.

Part Three TERRI

Chyna new Terri Runnels from the beginning of her career and Terri knew Chyna was a Shemale but never told anybody

Chyna went to her dressing to see her old friend

Hey Terri, Chyna said

Hey Chyna, Terri said

How do you like this dress i’m going to wear to the ring, Terri asked

It’s nice, Chyna Said

Chyna walked up to Terri and Grabbed by the waste and took the Dress out of Terri’s hand

Terri and Chyna have been having sex for almost 4 years now and do it before every show

Chyna lifted little Terri up on the counter and started to lick her pussy


Terri then put Chyna’s Cock in her mouth and gave Chyna the best blow job she could get.

Chyna then Stuck her cock in Terri’s Sweat Pussy and in No time Came in Terri’s Pussy

That was better then the last time, Terri said

Part 4 Trish Status

Trish Stratus the biggest slut in Chyna’s mind and felt she needed a taste of her own medicine

Chyna went into Trish’s dressing room and was disgusted because the walls were covered with pictures of all the guy’s Trish went out with.

Trish walked into the room and When she closed the door and turned around Chyna grabbed her by the neck and pulled out her cock she humped Trish like never of her boyfriends had ever done


What’s the matter Trish a little to rough even for a Slut like you, Chyna said Violently

Trish then suffered a huge orgasm and Chyna took her cock out Trish’s Pussy Juices came out

Trish laying on the floor crying then Chyna came right on Trish’s huge Tits

Hopefully you learned a lesson, Chyna said

Part 5 Stacy Keibler

Chyna was always jealous of Stacy Keibler because Stacy was actually as tall as her

Chyna was literally hurting from all the girls she raped and the fun she had with Terri

Chyna didn’t waste anytime she ran into Stacy’s Dressing room and pushed her down took out her hurting cock

Lifted up Stacy’s long legs and fucked Stacy like a wild animal

Stacy was screaming and crying when her orgasm came her huge legs began to shake and her juice ran all over the Chyna’s cock but she came so much Stacy’s juices ran all over the floor Chyna then Came in Stacy’s pussy but couldn’t help herself she started to jack off over Stacys left leg she came 3 times over Stacys left leg, Stacy then came back down to earth and tried to run but Chyna was smarter then that she pulled out handcuffs and handcuffed Stacy to the Table leg.

Chyna then started to Jack off over Stacy’s Right Leg and Jackoff so much she came another 3 times on Stacy’s right leg and Jacked off one more time to cum on Stacy’s face. Stacys Legs were completely covered with semen and her pussy was filled up so much with Chyna’s cum It started pouring out of her aching pussy.

Vince Mcmahon heard about this from his daughter Stephanie who was still recovering from Chyna Vince then Fired Chyna, but a few months later found out that Stacy, Lita, and Terri were pregnant, Terri was happy to have Chyna’s baby but Lita and Stacy were crying.

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