Chyna Syndrom

Chyna Syndrome
by Wingshoe

The show tonight was fabulous. Chyna had agreed to face off with Pat Patterson &
Gerry Brisco in a handicapped match. If all went well, she would be even more
over with the crowd than the WWF Women’s Champion, Sable.
Her popularity had been skyrocketing lately after quite a dismal start. When she
arrived in the WWF, she had been seen as some kind of genetic freak. Women
weren’t supposed to be muscular, they were supposed to be supple and sexy like
Sunny. In fact, at the time a lot of people had developed a "scale" for
measureing women from
good to bad. Sunny being good, Chyna being bad. She was
tough on the outside, but inside she was crushed.
After some cohersion by Mr. McMahon, she decided to start wearing skimpier
outfits and get some implants. It helped as the fan response started to pick up.
Instead of hitting the weights to bulk up as before, she tried to keep the mass
down and increase definition. It was helping, but she still had a jaw squared
than Sgt. Slaughter’s! She was convinced to have surgury to round out her face
and make her appear sexier. She liked the results and starting wearing more
makeup to excentuate the change.
Mr. McMahon had an idea of using Chyna as the first woman in the Royal Rumble to
help "equality" in the WWF. Before she was to enter, they wanted to pull off a
series of stunts to show that she could wrestle with the men. Chyna agreed and
in the course of a week, she won a rumble match and had defeated McMahon in an
arm wrestling match. The coup de gras was to face Brisco & Patterson in a
handicap match.
When the meeting on the course of the match was discussed, Chyna was initially
shocked at what they had proposed. The WWF was getting racier and racier. In
fact, she played a part in a transvestite setup storyline, but this one she
wondered about. The match almost seemed like a grope fest. Chyna would apply
"testicle claws" to both Brisco & Patterson, who would in turn act like school
boys and grop her during the course of the match. After the promise of a big
raise and more exposure in the storylines including a match with Sable, Chyna
At the taping for the January 18th RAW held on the 12th, Chyna did as
instructed. The match went as expected. Some pats on the ass here… some pats
on the ass there. An attempted low blow by Patterson was nothing more than a
glorified crotch grab carefully disguised. The attention being paid to her body
was really turning her on. When the time came to grab Brisco & Patterson, she
wasn’t surprised to find them rock hard as well! According to script, she has
some powder thrown in her face. Gerry & Pat then proceeded to grope her breasts.
She was getting so hot and bothered, she wondered if her wetness would go
through her outfit. Better get this match over fast.
After the match, she went back to her changing room. Chyna pondered what was
going on in the ring. Not whether it was right or wrong to do it, but did the
exhibitionism get her hot or was it the men?
Before she could answer that in her head, Pat Patterson knocked on her door to
congratulate her. Before he could say anything, Chyna pulled him into her
dressing room and forced him against the wall.
"Chyna… don’t be mad… we discussed this before hand, and besides… you
heard the crowd. They loved it!" He pleaded.
"I"m not mad… I’m horny as hell!"
With that Chyna kissed him flush on the lips. Patterson didn’t know what to do,
but he wasn’t arguing with this. His tongue snaked in and out of Chyna’s mouth
for a couple of minutes. His hands made their way over her muscular body. His
left grabbed her ass while his right massaged and squeezed her breasts.
Chyna stopped kissing him and pulled back. She pulled her top off exposing her
breasts to Patterson. Unable to resist, he licked & sucked on one nipple while
his fingers rubbed the other to hardness. Chyna was getting hotter by the
moment. She rubbed his rock hard cock through his sweatpants as he teased her
Chyna pulled Patterson’s head off her tits and led him over to the counter.
Chyna slipped out of her tight shorts leaving her knee high boots on. As Chyna
got to her knees, Pat took off his shirt. Chyna rubbed his pants covered cock
for a couple of seconds before pulling his sweatpants down exposing his harded
"You don’t mind if I get a closer look at this. After all we’ve been through
tonight, I want to make sure I didn’t hurt anything earlier." Chyna said.
Before Patterson could get a response out, he felt Chyna’s mouth envelop his
rigid cock. Chyna bobbed her head up and down on his prick. She pulled it out of
her mouth and gave it a couple of quick licks on the head.
"you like this?"
"Oh God yes… " Patterson responded.
Chyna ran her tongue the length of his dick. Patterson looked down and saw her
take him back into her mouth. Chyna took it in slower this time. She paused for
a second, opened up her throat and took all of him into her. Chyna was sucking
cock like a champion, but needed to feel herself fulfilled.
Patterson’s dick came out of her mouth with a pop. The disappointed look on his
face quickly vanished as Chyna laid down on the floor and spread her legs.
"Don’t be disappointed, Pat. I’m not finished with you yet." Chyna said as she
rubbed her pussy with her fingers.
Patterson kicked off his sneakers and got down on his knees between her legs.
Pat ran the head of his cock up and down Chyna’s wet slit. I pushed inside her a
little bit. Chyna looked at him longingly as Patterson teased.
"Fuck me… come on… don’t play around. I want your cock." Chyna said.
Patterson slid the remainder of his dick into Chyna’s wetness. She let out a
muffled goan as he did. Pat started to pump his cock slowly in and out of
Chyna’s gripping pussy.
"mmmmmm…. there we go…. yeah, Pat… fuck the shit out of me…."
Patterson started to pick up the pace. Chyna did the same as they both found a
mutual rhythm. Patterson was pumping in and out of Chyna faster and faster.
Chyna was starting to grunt and groan as the pleasure started to swell up inside
of her.
Just when Chyna felt like she was on the verge of cumming, in walked Gerry
Brisco. "Chyna, I just want to make sure that… oh."
"Damn it Gerry… we’re busy." Pat shouted.
"the more the merrier, Pat. I’m plenty of Woman for both of you." Chyna pushed
Pat off of her and on to his back. "Why don’t you come over here and find out
for yourself." Chyna smiled.
Sweat was dripping off of her as she straddled Patterson. Chyna lowered herself
onto Pat’s upright member and began rocking back and forth on his cock. Brisco
wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but he knew what he wanted. He quickly
pulled down his pants and walked over.
Chyna purred as she massaged Brisco’s dick to attention. Patterson was pistoning
in and out of her pussy and she grinded her clit against him. She was almost
losing herself again, but took Brisco’s dick into her mouth.
Chyna was sucking his cock like a champ when she was starting to feel the waves
of organasm over take her. She spit out Brisco’s dick for a second.
"Cum inside me… I want to feel your cum deep inside…"
Chyna began sucking faster on Brisco’s dick to get him off as well. Her sopping
wet pussy spasamed & clamped down on Patterson’s dick as he started to unload
gob after gob of cum deep inside her.
"Oh God, Chyna… here it comes…." Gerry moaned.
Chyna spit Brisco’s dick out with a pop. She arched back to take in the
pleasures of the orgasam she was having on Patterson’s rigid cock as the first
gob of Brisco’s cum hit her in the face. More and more of his hot cum splattered
on her face and on her tits. Chyna moaned as she came with more fury, her juices
flowing out of her pussy and down Patterson’s thigh.
Chyna leaned forward and wiped the cum from her chest and face. She licked her
hand clean as she dismounted from Pat Patterson. "Alright guys. You can leave
now." Chyna said.
"But I didn’t get to…" Brisco stammered.
"Get out, or else." Chyna threatened. With that, Brisco and Patterson dressed
and left. Chyna laughed and looked in the mirror. "God I love this business."

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