Chyna The Domyna: Chyna Vs Jeff J.

Chyna the Domyna 1

***Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. It contains
detailed descriptions of Female Domination, Fisting, Watersports, Anal
penetration and Non-Consensual sex. If you don’t think you would enjoy that,
then don’t read it.***

***This story features the Characters of Chyna, Miss Kitty and Jeff Jarrett.
The are the characters as portrayed and in no way represent Joanie Laurer,
Stacy Carter, or the real Jeff Jarrett.***

Chyna versus Jeff Jarrett
By Spring-Heeled Jack

Jeff Jarrett sat with his head in his hands and stared
at the floor.
There was a medical orderly who was trying to check whether JJ had been
injured during the match, possibly even concussed from the guitar shot to
the head that he had received, because after he had lost his Title he had
not responded to anyone. He just sat staring at nothing, and ignored the

He had been beaten. Worse, he had lost to a woman!

That bitch Chyna had embarrassed him in front of the entire world by
pinning him to become the new Intercontinental Champion. His mind thronged
with the cheers of the crowd as they witnessed his humiliation at the hands
of a woman and it was more than he could bear.

* * *

The new Champion was in the showers, her aching muscles seemed a thing of
the past as she was exultant! She had won! The first woman ever to win a
major Title in the men’s division of any organization. In that single
perfect moment of realization nothing else mattered and she slipped into an
almost dreamlike remembrance of everything she had gone through to reach
this, the crowning moment of her career.

"Pleeeaase?" The light soprano voice brought the raven-haired amazon out
of her reverie and back to the small blonde woman who had followed her back
to her dressing room after her victory.

"You want to be my what?" she asked.

"I want you to teach me how to be like you. Please?"

Chyna studied the diminutive Miss Kitty. A more startling contrast than
that between these two women it would be hard to imagine. Chyna was nearly 6
feet tall and had a broad shouldered, muscular physique, with massive,
shapely breasts and long black hair, while Miss Kitty was almost a foot
shorter, with a slight figure and small tits. Her blonde hair framed a cute,
very pretty face which at the moment bore an expression of adulation that
Chyna felt intently.

The word ‘jailbait’ crossed Chyna’s mind as she thought that Kitty looked
altogether too childlike. Chyna felt her pussy warming as she look over the
naked, girlish figure before her and knew that she wanted to possess and
nurture her. It was a feeling that she wasn’t used to, as she usually
enjoyed breaking an unwilling woman, forcing her to submit to her desires.

The tall woman stepped forward and cupped Miss Kitty’s adorable face in
her long-fingered hands. "And just what are you prepared to give me in
returned?" she asked in a husky voice.

Miss Kitty’s large, vulnerable eyes looked back into Chyna’s own and she
said in a trusting voice "I’ll do whatever you want."
One of Chyna’s hands slipped down the blonde’s slender neck and her
fingertips lightly brushed over her sensitive breasts, sending thrills down
the smaller woman’s spine, until she pinched her nipple between thumb and

"Anything?" Chyna asked.

"Anything," she answered in a quiet voice.

Chyna pulled the girl close and stooped down to kiss her firmly on the
lips. After a startled moment, Miss Kitty responded earnestly, her small
tongue wrestling with the larger woman’s as they explored each others bodies
with their hands.

It was Chyna that broke away from the kiss, and with one hand grasping
the back of Miss Kitty’s head, she guided her eager mouth downward to her
breasts. Such was the difference in their heights that Kitty didn’t need to
even bend her neck to suck on one of Chyna’s hard nipples. She brought both
of her hands back from their exploration of the Champion’s muscles and used
them to stroke the massive breast before her as the larger woman leant back
against the tiled wall and sighed, relaxing in the spray of the shower.

Miss Kitty took each breast in turn, and as she sucked on one she would
pinch the other with her small fingers. The heavy breasts heaved as Chyna’s
breathing became deeper while the blonde slavered over them, licking every
exposed inch and burying her head into the cleavage to lick the sensitive
flesh there too.

After about ten minutes of this, Chyna once more grasped the back of Miss
Kitty’s head and gently pushed her face downward. Kitty’s little tongue
continued to lap at the Champion’s skin as she went slowly down to one knee,
tracing the contours of Chyna’s abdominal muscles and swirling it around
inside her navel until she was faced with the ultimate treasure.

Miss Kitty had never seen another woman’s pussy before, and Chyna’s was
completely shaven to expose her every detail. Her pussy-lips were thick and
flushed with blood and Kitty could just discern the hood of her swollen
clitoris where it poked through the top of her slit.

After a moments hesitation, Miss Kitty kissed Chyna right at the very tip
of her slit, just above her clitty, sending a pleasant thrill through her
that surprised the amazon dominatrix.

Never before had something so gentle given her such pleasure. Normally
Chyna would be grinding her cunt against the other woman’s screaming face as
she pleasured herself, just as she had done to Debra a month before. She
couldn’t remember the last time a woman had served her without being broken

Miss Kitty parted Chyna’s moist lips and started to lick up and down the
full length of her slit. Chyna had to suppress a small rapturous cry as her
tiny lover slipped one slim finger into her vagina. Powerful muscles bore
down on the small digit, almost crushing it, and it was with great
difficulty that Miss Kitty inserted a second finger inside her.

Chyna’s clitoris had now hardened to more than half an inch in size and
Miss Kitty latched onto it with her perfect lips and sucked it out from
under the hood and into the warm cavity of her mouth. As she did this she
managed to force a third finger into Chyna’s pulsating cunt.

Miss Kitty sucked on Chyna’s clitoris like it was a small penis, working
her lips up and down it’s short length and teasing it by flicking the tip of
her tongue over the very end of it. Chyna bucked involuntarily over the tiny
blonde as she was driven wild with passion.

Slowly, Miss Kitty managed to get all five of her fingers into Chyna’s
hot vagina, and gradually she pushed harder into her, until the knuckles of
her fingers and thumb were past the point of most resistance and she could
force her entire hand into the big woman.

Chyna couldn’t restrain herself any longer and reaching down, she grabbed
Miss Kitty’s upper arm and rammed her entire forearm deep into her own cunt.
She pulled the blonde’s arm almost all the way out and then rammed it back

Miss Kitty sat back on her heels and watched in shock as Chyna used her
arm like huge dildo, fucking herself brutally. Chyna snarled and grabbed the
back of her head, forcing her face back into her cunt again. Miss Kitty got
the message and she fist-fucked the Intercontinental Champion and sucked on
her clit until Chyna suddenly seized.

Kitty’s hand was crushed by Chyna’s incredibly strong cunt-muscles as the
dominatrix orgasmed, the wetness of her spending flowing over the arm
impaling her and into Miss Kitty’s mouth. Chyna shook and convulsed wildly
for over a minute as she experienced wave after wave of pleasure before she
collapsed, landing heavily on the tiny girl below her.

Miss Kitty lay pinned under the female wrestler and struggled for breath
until Chyna regained her senses and rolled off of the diminutive blonde. As
she rolled onto her back, Miss kitty was forced to roll onto her stomach or
risk breaking her arm, because it was still firmly gripped inside the bigger
woman’s cunt.

As Chyna lay on her back panting for air, Kitty placed the heel of her
hand against Chyna’s pelvis and with a great effort, she managed to extract
her forearm. Her hand felt numb after being crushed inside Chyna’s vice-like
pussy and she tried to massage some life into her fingers.

She didn’t notice Chyna recover until her shoulders were gripped and she
was pushed down onto the ceramic floor of the over-sized shower cubicle. She
looked down on the girlish blonde and the usual dominant side of her
personality reasserted itself. She smiled evilly.

"Now, it’s my turn to make YOU come!" she said.

She held up a muscular arm and then curled the fingers of her hand into a
fist. Her smile grew broader.

* * *

They were laughing at him. Not to his face perhaps, but he knew that they
were anyway. He’d laughed often enough in the past at anyone whom Chyna had
pinned in the ring. He knew that a real man would never be beaten by a mere
woman, and he knew that he was a real man. But he had lost.

He looked up at the woman who was still trying to give him a clean bill
of health, and he saw the disgust in her eyes. She hid it well, but he knew
she had enjoyed watching that bitch Chyna humiliate him in front of

The other wrestlers all had carefully neutral expressions on their faces
when he looked at them, and he knew that they were laughing too.

Everyone was laughing.

And Chyna. She was laughing loudest of all. He could hear her, in his
imagination. But he would stop her, he would show her and the world that he
was a REAL man. And he would teach her what a woman was good for as well.

He stood up and pushed the EMT away and went in search of Chyna’s
dressing room. He would put her in her place once and for all.

* * *

Miss Kitty had her head held in both hands and she was screaming.


Chyna was kneeling between her wide spread thighs and she had her fist
pressed against Kitty’s blonde furred pussy. Her thick forearm was wet with
Miss Kitty’s love-juice right up to the elbow, and as the small woman begged
she punched it back inside her tight cunt.

Miss Kitty screamed as she was stretched once more beyond the limits of
anything she had ever felt before. Chyna’s fist was twice the size of
Kitty’s own, and Kitty’s pussy was much smaller than the mighty amazon’s.
Her vagina felt as though it was about to split, but she didn’t care as
Chyna bent down and sucked one of Kitty’s tiny breasts into her mouth. She
gnawed at the girl’s nipple as she continued to punch-fuck the delirious

At that moment they heard the door crash open as Jeff Jarrett stormed
into the changing room.

"Chyna! Where are you, you fucking BITCH!"

He slammed the lockers and threw one of the benches against the wall.

"Show yourself, you CUNT!"

Chyna stepped out of the shower and stood with her arms crossed.

"What do you want, Jeff." She asked in a deceptively reasonable tone.

JJ spun around and then stopped dead as he saw that she was naked. Her
skin was wet and her muscles glistened in the light. He saw that her huge
breasts didn’t drop at all when she was undressed as they stood high and
proud on her muscle-bound chest, her abs were well defined on her narrow
waist and tapered down to her smooth shaven pussy.

He completely lost his train of thought as he stood staring at her crotch
until he saw her pussy-lips twitch as she shifted her weight to one foot.
His cock swelled up to its full length in his shorts.

"Was there something you wanted, or did you just want to get a good
look?" she sneered as she uncrossed her arms and placed her hands on her
hips, exposing the nipples of her magnificent breasts.

JJ shook himself and realized how he could teach her a lesson she would
never forget. And he would get himself a little revenge by raping her ass.
If she wants to look like a man, I’ll teach her to take it like a man, he
thought, ignoring the evidence of her femininity before him.

Without saying a word, he lunged for her and grabbed her in a bearhug. He
released a hand from the hold and grabbed one of her breasts.

"I’m going to teach you what a real man can do!" he shouted.
Then he suddenly screamed as Chyna brought her knee up sharply into his
crotch. She gripped him by the shoulders and kicked him in the balls again,
and again, and again.

Jarrett was doubled over and gasping for breath, his hands clutched over
his testicles. Chyna jerked his head up by the hair and said, "Jeff, you
haven’t got the balls to take me!"

Then she twisted one arm around behind him into a half-nelson and rammed
him head first into the tiled wall. Double J staggered back in a daze and
Chyna spun him around and swiftly kicked him in the balls for the fifth time
and as he doubled over in pain, she rammed his head down between her powerful
thighs and hooked his arms up behind his back.

He just had time to realize that he could feel her hot, wet pussy
pressing against the back of his neck before she dropped to her knees and
drove his forehead down onto the cubicle’s hard floor.

* * *

"Jeff. Wake up Jeff."

He heard the soft spoken voice dimly behind the pain in his skull and his
testicles. It seemed as though he had been hit repeatedly over the head
today, by everything including the kitchen sink. He slowly pried his eyelids
open and looked up into Chyna’s smiling face. She looked almost friendly.

"Are you alright Jeff?" she asked sweetly.

He was only vaguely aware that his cock was being caressed and it was
stiffening in automatic response. He tried to speak but couldn’t seem to
co-ordinate properly and so he nodded unsteadily. She assumed an almost
concerned expression and Double J was suddenly aware that she was mocking

"That’s a shame, I guess that means I’m going to have to hurt you some
more." She said, and suddenly squeezed his prick painfully until it wilted.

He tried to get up but he couldn’t move. The bitch had tied him up! She
had stripped him naked and tied him up! He struggled against the nylon ropes
but Chyna knew her knots and he couldn’t even budge them.

Chyna grabbed his now flaccid cock again and said, "Tell me Jeff, was
that really as big as it gets? Because that’s not what I would expect of a
REAL man, a ten year old boy has a more impressive cock than you!"

"Let me go, you BITCH!" he shouted, causing a wave of pain through his
aching head.

"Now, now Jeff. That’s hardly the way to speak to your Mistress. You will
address me as ‘My Lady’ or ‘Mistress’ or, at the very least, ‘Ma’am’."

"You ain’t my mistress, you ugly cunt! And if you don’t let me go right
now, then I’ll make you regret it!" he shouted.

"Really? I have to disagree," she spoke softly, but her eyes had hardened
like flint at the insult. "Let’s see, I took Debra away from you, I took
the Intercontinental Title, I’ve taken your dignity and kicked your ass in
front of the entire world," She counted each item off on her fingers. "and
now, on top of all that, I’ve taken Miss Kitty away from you as well."

She beckoned Miss Kitty to join her where Jarrett could see them and
kissed her deeply and passionately. In spite of his predicament, Jeff’s cock
started to harden once more. Chyna broke off the kiss and turned back to her

"It seems to me that I’ve taken everything you ever had." She taunted,
and Jarrett started to swear and curse her in response.
Chyna sneered at his futile rage, took her measure of him and struck him
hard across the face. Then she struck him again with a backhanded blow
before she grabbed short blond hair and jammed his face into her smooth wet

She rubbed her cunt over his face and said; "Pay attention, you dickless
jerk! Because even though I am all woman," she crammed his mouth deeper into
her slit to emphasize her words, "I’m more of a man than YOU will EVER be!"

Miss Kitty giggled as her mistress humiliated her ex-lover. "He won’t
like that my Lady," Miss Kitty learnt much faster than Jeff that it was a
bad idea to show any disrespect towards Chyna. "he would never lick my
pussy!" she exclaimed.

"Is that so?" Chyna replied, "But I’ll just bet that he wanted you to
suck his little dickie now didn’t he?"

"Oh yes, Mistress."

"Well then Jeff, it looks like you’ve got some amends to make." She
pulled Miss Kitty over and positioned before the helpless man. "Get to work!
I want you to make her come in no more than 5 minutes."

Miss Kitty squatted down and spread her pussy-lips open in front of her
ex-employer. Jeff clamped his lips shut and turned his head away from what,
to him, was the sickening sight of her exposed sex. Chyna had stretched out,
leaning languorously against the cubicle wall as she watched. She smiled
crookedly as Jeff refused to co-operate.

"You had better do what I say, Jeff." She spoke evenly, "You’re going to
suffer a lot before I’m done with you, so the more you fight me, the worse
you’re going to make it for yourself."

Still, despite Chyna’s warning, Jarrett refused to co-operate and Miss
Kitty simply grabbed the back of his head and started to grind her cunt into
his face. As she rubbed herself on him, Miss Kitty began to realize the
exhilarating effect that having someone else totally at your mercy could
have. It was that new-found knowledge, more than the rough friction of
Jarrett’s nose and chin that eventually triggered her orgasm.

Jeff felt physically sick as Miss Kitty’s girl-cum squirted out onto his
face and she smeared it all over him as she squealed in pleasure. He was
silent when Kitty got off of him, biting back the curses and swearwords that
he wanted to say. He realized now that his only option was to play along
with these sick bitches until he got a chance to escape, and then he would
make them pay!

"I’m afraid that isn’t good enough, Jeff." Chyna said. There was no clock
in the changing rooms, but it wouldn’t have mattered how long Kitty’s orgasm
took. She got up from where she sat and crouched down next to Jarrett’s
bound body.

"You really don’t seem to be grasping the fundamentals here. I tell you
what to do, and you do it." She grabbed his aching testicles and gripped
them firmly. "So next time I give you an order, you do it! Understand?"

Jeff gave a sharp cry of pain as she crushed his balls in her strong
fingers. She kept on squeezing until he nearly blacked out from the pain. As
his mind slipped toward darkness, she released her hold and he heard he give
an order to Miss Kitty to fetch something. He recovered slowly and when he
did, he saw Miss Kitty standing over him with more of the nylon rope.

At Chyna’s command. The tiny blonde pulled his soft cock clear from his
body and began to wrap the rope around it. Chyna was telling her how to loop
it around the shaft and where to tie the knots and within a couple of
minutes his penis was a criss-crossed pattern of bulging cock-flesh and blue
nylon rope.

"Now Jeff, I’m going to show you how to please a hot little cunt like
Miss Kitty’s here, and you are going to watch."

With that, Chyna turned away from him and lay Miss Kitty down onto the
floor. She slowly stroked along the insides of her thighs up to the golden
furred delta of her pussy. She hooked her fingertips into Kitty’s little
pussy-lips and pulled them apart.

She looked over her shoulder at Double J and smiled, then she dipped her
head and licked the full length of the smaller woman’s slit. She tongued
Miss Kitty for more than ten minutes and made sure that Jeff could see every

The ropes had been tied tightly around his cock while it was soft and now
that he was forced to watch the lesbians in action, his penis was trying to
expand but there was no give in the bonds. He closed his eyes, but he could
still hear Miss Kitty’s squeals of pleasure as Chyna licked her out, and his
cock continued to grow.

"Jeff, do you really think that that pathetic little thing you call a
‘manhood’ could satisfy a woman?" He opened his eyes and saw that Chyna had
two fingers inserted inside the small woman.

"It takes a lot more than that to please even one as small as Miss Kitty
here," as she spoke, she inserted a third finger into the blonde. "Isn’t
that right Kitty-cat?"

"Oh yes, mistress." Kitty said, then she reached up above her head and
braced her arms against the wall. "Please… please mistress… Do it! I need
it… please!"

Chyna turned back to Jarrett and smiled, and then, before his
disbelieving eyes, she pushed her entire hand inside the panting blonde. She
twisted her wrist and forced more of her arm into Miss Kitty’s tiny body,
twisting and thrusting until inch by inch she had pushed her entire forearm
inside her lover, right up to the elbow!

Jarrett could not believe what he was seeing as Chyna started to
punch-fuck Miss Kitty once more. He could actually see Chyna’s hand as it
moved inside the blonde’s abdomen and his cock was agony to him in response,
as the sadistic bitch had intended it should be.

Chyna reached down with her free hand and started to rub Kitty’s swollen
clitty with her thumb. She crushed it down roughly against her pistoning
forearm and Miss Kitty came, screaming with pain induced pleasure.

Chyna pulled her arm out of the girl with a loud and audible slurping
sound, and as she knelt back, Jeff could see that Miss Kitty’s cunt was
gaping obscenely open. Jarrett’s vision was blurring with tears from the
pain of his tightly bound cock, which bulged through the gaps between the
ropes and was a very unhealthy purple color.

The raven-haired amazon rolled the smaller woman over onto her stomach
and she pulled her girlish buttocks apart. Miss Kitty gasped as she felt
Chyna’s slick finger press against the rose of her anus. Then, without
warning, she was penetrated!

"Take a good look, Jeff. I’ll bet she never let you have this little
treasure, did she?" Chyna twisted her finger inside Kitty’s virgin anus,
eliciting a small gasp from the girl. "So I want you to watch real close,
’cause she’s gonna take my whole hand!"

Miss Kitty felt a shiver of fear run through her at Chyna’s words. It
wasn’t possible! She’d be torn apart. But she had taken it in her cunt, and
if Chyna wanted her to take it up her ass, then that was what she would do.
The most important thing to Miss Kitty was that she never wanted to let
Chyna down.

She bit her lower lip as Chyna inserted a second finger. She pumped them
in and out a few times before adding a third. Kitty forced her asshole to
relax, suppressing the instinctive instinct to clench up against the
unnatural intruder, because even as inexperienced as she was, she realized
that resistance would only make it hurt more.

With only Miss Kitty’s own girl-cum to act as lubrication, Chyna forced
her fourth finger into the blonde. After a minute of twisting thrusts to
open her yet further, she pushed her thumb inside too.

Kitty screamed as Chyna kept the pressure behind that last push, forcing
the rest of her hand between her buttocks. She felt her sphincter being
stretched to agonizing dimensions as the widest part of her hand forced its
way inside her. Then, just as she thought that something would tear, her
asshole snapped back to grip Chyna’s wrist and the hand was in!

She lay panting and wild-eyed as Chyna reversed the direction of motion
and Miss Kitty cried out as her hole being stretched again. Chyna pulled her
hand out until just before the tip of her thumb would leave her hotness, and
then she forced it back inside. She repeated the process another four or
five times before she removed it entirely.

The muscular woman stood up and walked into the locker room, leaving her
lover spread face down on the floor with her asshole gaping wide and Jeff
Jarrett doubled over his agonizingly restrained penis.

When she returned, she was no longer entirely naked, as jutting massively
from her crotch was a huge black rubber dildo. It was more than 15 inches
long and about 4 inches in diameter! It was held in place by thick leather
straps that circled her slim waist and ran under her hairless pussy to
buckle up in the small of her back.

Miss Kitty looked up over her shoulder as Chyna knelt down behind her and
there was fear in her eyes as she saw the giant implement.

"M-mistress?" she asked quietly.

"Hush child," the amazon answered, "You can take it. I know you can." She
added reassuringly.

Chyna popped the cap on a tube of KY jelly and squeezed some into her
hand. As she applied the slimy substance to the black dildo she looked over
at Jarrett and smiled wickedly, then she started to slide her hand up and
down the huge length, as though she were masturbating her massive cock.

"You see Jeff? Now do you understand just how pathetic your little
boy-cock really is?"

The insult struck Jarrett like the strongest of blows. He knew it wasn’t
true, that his 7" inch cock was larger than average, but it didn’t matter.
Chyna’s ‘cock’ was more than twice as long and three times as thick as his
own and there was no way that he could possibly measure up to that.

Then Chyna turned back to her little love-slave and positioned the well
lubricated tip of her rubber penis in the cleft of Miss Kitty’s tight
buttocks. She slowly pushed the head of the giant dildo through her asshole,
and then she began to thrust easily in and out, gradually working her way
deeper into her lover.

With each thrust, she opened the blondes tight little rectum wider and
deeper until she bottomed out at twelve inches or so. When that happened
Chyna started to increase the tempo of her thrusts, changing the angle of
entry to stretch the walls further, allowing her to cram more and more of
the huge cock into her and forcing her organs to shift inside her to make
room for it.

Eventually Miss Kitty was completely impaled and Chyna began to fuck her
in earnest. As she did so, the mass of the giant dildo bore down just above
her clitoris with each inward motion and then the harness strap under her
crotch rubbed on the sensitive organ, sending her into a rising spiral of

As she felt her orgasm building, she reached around to hook her fingers
into her lovers snatch and started to frig her slit.

After less than a minute of this treatment Miss Kitty was screaming with
a truly mind-blowing orgasm. The shudders of her girlish body were
transmitted via her anus and the huge dildo to Chyna’s clitoris, and she too
came explosively.

Chyna collapsed onto her elbows as she was assailed by wave after wave of
orgasmic pleasure and she saw stars before her eyes as it seemed as though
she rode from one orgasm straight into another.

When she recovered, she slowly pulled the huge strap-on dildo out of Miss
Kitty’s arse with a sickening wet pop. She rocked back onto her heel and
looked down on the prostrate form of her unconscious love-slave. Miss Kitty
had fainted from the overwhelming power of her orgasm.

Chyna slid her fingers over her head and pushed her wet hair back from
her face. As she did so, she caught sight of the tightly bound Jeff Jarrett
who was almost weeping with the pain from his tortured cock.

"What’s the matter Jeff? Feeling a little left out, are you?" She said
and she rose to her feet, the giant rubber cock bouncing as she did so.

She walked over to him, the dildo jutting obscenely from her crotch. She
placed her hand on his head and stroked his head almost affectionately.

"There, there, Jeffrey. Perhaps what you need is a good pacifier?" she
said, and brandished the slimy black cock in his face. "Suck it!" she

After one shocked moment, he clamped his lips shut and turned his head
away from the towering bitch. She couldn’t crush his balls and feed him her
cock at the same time, so she gripped his jaw and crushed his cheeks against
his teeth with her fingertips until he was forced to open his mouth.

Once he did that, there was nothing he could do to stop her ramming the
dildo into his mouth. She grabbed the back of his head and forced the dildo

Jarrett’s jaw was forced as wide as it could go by the huge rubber cock
and there was nothing he could do to prevent the flavor of Miss Kitty’s
bowels and the lubricating jelly from swamping his tastebuds. He was totally
defenseless against her as she began raping his mouth, forcing the dildo
into his throat.

Chyna looked down on the gagging, former six-time Intercontinental
Champion as she made him suck her big black cock. She laughed as his eyes
bulged from his face as she started to fuck his throat, driving move than
six inches of the slimy strap-on down his gullet.

His face was as purple as his still hard cock and his eyelids were
fluttering before Chyna finally withdrew the dildo from his mouth. Jarrett
immediately started to cough and choke, desperately gasping for air.

Chyna turned away from Double J and bent down over Miss Kitty’s
motionless form. She scooped the tiny woman up in her strong arms and
carried her out of the cubicle, leaving Jarrett retching behind her.

* * *

Double J looked up when Chyna and Miss Kitty returned. Kitty was wearing
white, lacey lingerie while Chyna had dressed in her leather chaps and
bra-top combination, but she was still wearing her huge rubber cock and it
bobbed hypnotically before her as she approached him.

She crouched down beside him and jerked his head up and held it firmly
while Miss Kitty strapped the collar she had hidden behind her back around
his neck. Jarrett was about to protest when he saw the evil glint in Chyna’s
eyes and wisely decided to remain silent.

"Now then, Jeff. I think it’s time for your final lesson." Chyna nodded
to Miss Kitty, who knelt down and untied his ankles.

Jeff tried to make a run for freedom, but his legs were cramped and he
was jerked short by the leash that was in Chyna’s hand. She hauled him
backward and then rammed a knee into his stomach, knocking the wind—and the
fight—out of Jarrett.

"What did you want to do that for. And after you were doing so well!"
Chyna patronized him.

"Never mind, I know you’re going to enjoy your next punishment!"

Miss Kitty giggled as Chyna lead Jarrett like a dog by his leash into the
changing room itself. Once there, she kicked his feet out from under him and
he fell heavily to the floor. Miss Kitty then dropped down in front of him
and started to untie the rope harness that bound and tortured his penis.

His bloated manhood was beginning to turn black and had become almost
numb until the blood that had been trapped began to flow again. Jeff let out
an agonized howl as the pain returned tenfold. It was worse than anything he
had ever felt before in his life! He literally wept tears as Miss Kitty
finished releasing his cock from the tight ropes.

The pain was so great that when Chyna released his arms he couldn’t do
anything but try to huddle over his crotch. The amazon grabbed a bench and
pulled it into the middle of the room and then she and Miss Kitty forced the
pain-paralyzed man to kneel at one end of it. Chyna jerked on his leash and
made him lie face down lengthwise along the beach.

She tied the handle of his leash to one of the legs of the bench at the
far end and then they tied his thighs to the legs at the other end. His arms
were tied together under the bench, elbow to wrist.

Chyna looked down on her bound enemy and smiled. In this position, His
battered cock was visible, hanging below bruised testicles and his ass was
totally vulnerable.

"Since you’ve been such a bad boy, I think you need a good spanking!" She
said in her most condescending tone.

She gave his ass a stinging slap that shocked Jarrett to the core. Then
Miss Kitty slapped him on the same butt-cheek. And that was how it
continued. Chyna would strike one cheek with a powerful smack and then Miss
Kitty would slap the same place with a much weaker blow that Jarrett would
barely even have felt if Chyna weren’t so thoroughly tenderizing his rump.
Then Chyna would spank his other cheek and Kitty would copy her mistress.

All the time that they were spanking him like a little schoolboy they
were laughing and joking, enjoying the degree of humiliation so simple a
punishment could inflict on a full grown man. By the time they were
finished, his well beaten backside was a vibrant red. In the position he was
in, he looked rather colorful from the rear, with the red of his ass, the
blue and purple of his bruised cock and balls, and with his blond pubic hair
adding yet more color.

Chyna moved to Jarrett’s head and noticed the tear tracks on his cheeks.

"Oh dear! And I thought you were supposed to be a real man, not some wimp
of a sissy who cries at a spanking like a little girl?" she mocked. "Well,
never mind Jeff. I know what little girls like you need!"

He knew what she was going to do next and as he felt her parting his
buttocks, he began to beg and plead for mercy. He no longer cared about his
dignity, he only wanted to prevent her from raping him with that huge dildo.

"No, no, Jeff. It’s perfectly normal to be a bit nervous your first time.
Always assuming that it IS your first time!" She joked and Miss Kitty
started giggling again. "But don’t worry, after the unendurable agony
subsides, it will only be extremely painful. I’m sure a real man like you
will enjoy it."

And without any further ceremony she began to push the 4 inch wide head
of her strap-on cock against the unlubricated virgin hole of his anus.
Jarrett’s eyes bulged and he let out a soundless scream as Chyna forced his
asshole to open before the massive intruder.

Chyna paused for breath after the first inch or so was inside, and Miss
Kitty leant down to stroke the rubber shaft impaling her ex-boyfriend.
Jarrett was thrashing futilely against his bondage and clenching his ass
tightly against her, but Chyna simply grabbed both hips and put all her
strength behind a thrust that drove the huge dildo another 4 inches into his

And so she continued, fucking her big rubber cock up into his dry asshole
inch by inch until finally it bottomed out in his resistant rectum at about
9 inches. Jarrett was sobbing openly now. He knew that by fighting her, by
clenching the muscles of his ass, that he was making it much, much worse
than it would otherwise be, but he couldn’t just accept what the bitch was
doing to him.

"You’re not crying again, are you? Jeez, Jeff, for a real man you sure
are a crybaby! I mean, Miss Kitty is less than half your size, and you
didn’t see her crying and whining that it was too big!"

Miss Kitty grinned and Chyna rammed another inch into Jarrett who gave a
weak scream.

"That’s pathetic. To think that even Miss Kitty is more of a man than you
are!" The two women laughed, but Jeff could do no more than try to endure
the pounding pain.

As Chyna started to fuck Jarrett properly, Miss Kitty suddenly had an
idea. She dropped down onto the floor and slipped under the two wrestlers,
wriggling between their knees and then she took Jarrett’s bruised cock into
her mouth. Chyna realized that she wanted to make Jeff cum. She liked the
idea because to a man like ‘Double J’, being forced to orgasm with a fifteen
inch cock up his ass would certainly be a humiliation, not a pleasure. She
began to even her strokes, directing them across his prostate gland to
increase the stimulation as she fucked ever more of the dildo into him.

Miss Kitty was an experienced and expert cock-sucker and in no time at
all, she had Jarrett’s tortured cock painfully hard. In spite of Jeff’s
every effort, he soon felt himself building up towards an orgasm. Despite
the cruel and brutal treatment he had received, and because of the perverted
lesbian sex acts between Chyna and Miss Kitty that he had witnessed, his
balls were practically boiling with spunk.

Eventually he came explosively. Miss Kitty clamped her pretty little
mouth over his cock as it shot load after load into her face. She stayed on
the end of his cock until it started to wilt, by which time there was so
much of his cum in her mouth that her cheeks bulged with it.

She squirmed out from under them and rose to her feet carefully to avoid
spilling any of her mouthful. Chyna watched in approval as she went up to
Jarrett’s head and saw the twinkle in her eye as she bent down.

Jarrett had his eyes shut, so her didn’t see Miss Kitty until she grabbed
his head in both hands. She pouted her lips and moved toward his. Even when
she kissed him, he didn’t realize what she meant to do until she started to
squirt his spunk out of her mouth and into his.

She held firmly onto him as he thrashed, wrapping one arm around his head
and using the other to pinch his nose shut so that he was forced to swallow
his own cum.

Once Miss Kitty left Jeff’s gagging face, Chyna started to rape him in
earnest. She started to ram the full length of her cock into him with every
stroke as her hips slammed into his rosy cheeks. She ground her clit against
the straps of the harness and within a minute she was cumming.

But she didn’t stop. Wild-eyed and snarling, she jack-hammered the dildo
in and out of his asshole for another five minutes, riding from one
incredible orgasm to the next while Jeff Jarrett sobbed and wept. A truly
broken man.

* * *

It only took Chyna a couple of minutes to recover thanks to her
remarkable constitution. She pulled her massive dildo out of Jeff’s tight
ass and, with Miss Kitty’s help, she unbuckled the giant implement. Jeff
didn’t even try to struggle as she untied him from the bench and then retied
his arms behind his back and pushed him back into the shower.

She threw him down onto the floor and stood over him with the leash in
her hand and her legs spread wide so that he could see her wet, swollen
pussy-lips and engorged clitoris. She sneered down at the once arrogant man
that she had beaten to become the WWF’s Intercontinental Champion, and that
she had then raped and degraded.

"Listen closely, Jeff. You lost this feud, and you got your ass raped
into the bargain, so I suggest that you just take it like a man—like I know
you can—and quit before I really hurt you!"

He looked up at her with fear and hate filled eyes and she smiled evilly.

"Make no mistake Jeff, if you mess with me again, I’ll piss all over

With that she tugged on the leash, pulling him up by his collar and with
her right she pulled her hairless cunt-lips apart. Just as Jarrett thought
she was going to make him lick her out, a hot golden stream hit him in the

He tried to struggle but Chyna simply held him tightly as she aimed her
piss at his face, and he spluttered and snorted as the salty liquid ran into
his mouth and up his nose. Chyna redirected her golden shower so as to bathe
Jeff’s entire body with her piss. Then, when her bladder was finally empty
she released the leash and his head dropped back down to the floor.

Barely had Jeff got his breath back when he was being pissed on for a
second time. Standing over him with her knickers pulled aside was his former
valet and girlfriend, Miss Kitty.

All she said was, "Who’s in charge now, Jeff?!"

Once she was finished, the two women left him lying sobbing and broken,
piss-soaked, tortured and ass-raped, on the shower floor.

* * *

When Jarrett finally managed to escape his bonds, he spent over an hour
trying to get clean. His cock and balls were bruised and his rectum felt
like a gaping hole between his well-spanked cheeks. He couldn’t seem to get
the foul taste from his mouth and he knew, more than anything else in the
world, that he could never face Chyna again.

The memory of what she had done to him would haunt him for the rest of
his life. And so it was that that very night he found Vince McMahon in his
penthouse suite and told him that he was quitting the WWF. Immediately.

Vince tried to change his mind because they had put a lot of effort into
getting him over as one of their top heels. But as the simple act of sitting
down with Vince reminded him forcibly of the brutal treatment Chyna had
meted out upon his ass, there was no changing his mind.

As Jarrett left Vince’s Hotel room, he consoled himself with the thought
that at least he wouldn’t have to deal with any jacked-up bitches in WCW.

The End?

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