Chyna The Domyna: Chyna Vs Stehphanie McMahon

***Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. It contains
detailed descriptions of Female Domination, Fisting, Anal Penetration, and
Non-Consensual sex. If you don’t think you would enjoy that, then don’t read

***This story features the Characters of Chyna, Miss Kitty, Stephanie
McMahon-Helmsley and Hunter Hearst-Helmsley. They are the characters as
portrayed on TV and in no way represent Joanie Laurer, Stacy Carter,
Stephanie McMahon or Paul Levesque.***

Chyna The Domyna: Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
By Spring-Heeled Jack

"What is she
playing at?" Stephanie asked as she and Triple H watched
the show in their room backstage.

On the monitor, Chyna and her sidekick Miss Kitty were walking back up
the ramp having just interfered to save Chris Jericho from losing the
Intercontinental Title. She turned around as she reached the platform and
gave Y2J a smouldering look before disappearing beneath the Titantron.

"Is she sweet on him or something?"

Hunter gave Stephanie a startled look. He knew she had been almost
completely innocent before she had married him, having had an extremely
sheltered upbringing, but surely she wasn’t that naive? He had been
surprised to discover that she was still a virgin on their wedding night,
something he had quickly remedied with her eager co-operation; but she had
been a little less eager when Triple H had brought the rest of Degeneration
X into their Honeymoon suite. Between them, they had ensured that there was
nothing of Steph that was virgin by morning, but even so, the fact that
Chyna and Miss Kitty were obviously lesbian lovers hadn’t penetrated her

He turned away and shrugged, mumbling; "I don’t know. I’ve never
understood her."

"Come on, you must have some idea. I mean, she was your partner for two
years!" Stephanie exclaimed.

"Don’t ask me. Chyna’s a law unto herself. She doesn’t do anything the
way normal women do!" He replied with feeling.

There was a suspicious glint in Stephanie’s eye and she pouted at his
emphatic tone. She had heard a few whispered rumours about Hunter and Chyna
when they were together, but every time she raised the subject of his former
bodyguard, he avoided answering. She didn’t like not knowing the truth about
their relationship, just like she didn’t know why they had split up. In
fact, they had separated just a week or two before Hunter had started to woo
Stephanie away from her fiance. A paranoid part of her mind wondered if he
was only using her for his own advantage and that he and Chyna might still
be in cahoots somehow, that Chyna would return to steal her husband from

Not that Stephanie loved Triple H, she thought he was kind of gorgeous,
and the sex was great, but the real reason she had married him was to get
revenge on her father and to prove that she didn’t need or want his
protection. If Triple H were in love with Chyna, then where would that leave

She had to do something to find out.

* * *

Chyna didn’t bother to knock before she strode into Hunter and
Stephanie’s room with Miss Kitty scurrying in her wake. Triple H looked up
at her with surprise, and Stephanie smiled inwardly at his shocked

"Okay, Hunter. What do you want?" she asked with her arms folded across
her leather-clad breasts.

"I don’t want anything. What are you doing here?" he asked, then almost
before he finished speaking he turned to look at Steph, who smiled sweetly
from her seat on the couch beside him.

"I’m afraid I asked her here." Stephanie said, and then looked at the
former Intercontinental Champion with her eyelashes lowered, her smile
becoming a wicked grin. "I think it’s time we sorted out just what’s up with
her and Jericho."

"Steph . . ." Hunter tried to warn his wife as Chyna raised an eyebrow,
but Steph simply talked over him.

"No! I don’t care if she’s your friend or not, this is the
‘McMahon-Helmsley Era’ and nothing happens in the WWF without our say so!"
she turned back to Chyna, "I want to know what is going on between you and

"There is nothing ‘going on’. Jericho has my belt; I want it back.
That’s all." Chyna said.

"Oh, come on now Chyna, you don’t expect us to believe that do you?"
Stephanie stood up and shook Triple H’s hand off when he placed it on her
arm to restrain her.

"Come on, Chyna! We all saw the look you gave him tonight. You’ve got
the hots for him, haven’t you?"

Chyna flicked a glance at Miss Kitty barely suppressed grin and pursed
her lips in a disapproving frown. It was obvious that Stephanie was spoiling
for a fight, one that she believed she couldn’t lose since she thought that
even if Triple H was using her. He would have to back her up because he
still needed her, as all the power that he wielded was in fact hers. She was
trying to test Chyna and Triple H’s relationship, but Chyna was in no mood
to play childish mind-games to assuage her insecurities.

"It’s none of your business whether I have the ‘hots’ for him, or
anyone else." She replied.

"Come on. We’re all friends here. You can tell us. Do you want Chris to
be your boyfriend?" Steph’s voice dripped with sarcasm. As Chyna rolled her
eyes toward the ceiling, Stephanie’s eyes suddenly went wide with a feigned
expression of realization and she leaned in close to where Chyna stood.

"Or do you just want to fuck him?" she asked, emphasizing the swearword
with special relish and wrinkling her nose.

"I mean, he is kind of cute. But he’s really quite small, isn’t he? I
would have thought that a big, tough woman like you would go for the more
manly type." She made a gesture with her hands to suggest broad, square

Behind Chyna, Miss Kitty was listening to Stephanie in disbelief. She
knew how this would usually go; anybody that insulted Chyna would live to
regret their words, but Stephanie was their boss and had her husband to
protect her and she didn’t like to think of the possible consequences if her
mistress raped the stupid brat. Still, she thought it was funny to hear
Stephanie making a fool of herself.

"Or is that it? You want to dominate him, make him your little boytoy!
Just hold him down and screw his brains out!" Stephanie was grinning from
ear to ear, clearly enjoying herself.

The Ninth Wonder of the World looked at Stephanie and sighed as she saw
that Steph wasn’t going to back down until she provoked some kind of
reaction from her.

"I’ll tell you what Stephanie, why don’t you go back to your rich girl
house and your rich girl friends and keep your nose out of things which
don’t concern you."

"Truth hurt’s doesn’t it?" The color had risen in Stephanie’s cheeks, as
she exulted with a sense of her power. "Underneath all those muscles you’re
just like all the other women in the WWF, you’re just another slut who wants
to get fucked!"

After a momentary gasp, Miss Kitty grinned like the cat, or the Kat, who
got the cream and Triple H just stood back with an air of resignation as
they realized that Stephanie had gone too far. Both of them knew that Chyna
had a volatile temper, but it was one that was almost never apparent until
she really lost control, and sometimes not even then, so good was her
poker-face that nobody ever knew what she was thinking unless she allowed
them to. Even so, they had seen the tensing of Chyna’s powerful muscles at
the insult.

"You want to spread your legs for him so he can stick his cock right up
your hot cunt, isn’t that right?" Stephanie was oblivious to the danger,
flushed with excitement as she felt wonderful thrills from using forbidden
words, from actually saying them out loud.

Chyna moved her weight from one foot to another and gestured, pointed
almost at Stephanie’s chest. "You really seem to be getting off on this
whole power trip you’ve been on lately, but it’ll take more than a leather
skirt and a bad perm to make you a bad girl."

Stephanie rocked back on her heels and assumed an expression of mock
horror, struggling to suppress her grin. "Ooh. Now you’ve got me all

"You really aren’t very bright are you? I have absolutely no interest in
Jericho’s cock, or anybody else’s for that matter, and if you had a brain in
that pretty little head of yours, you’d already know that. Ever since you
took over the WWF, you’ve been playing games with the people here, but if
you want to play with me, understand when I say that I’ll play right back."
Triple H had his hand over his eyes as his wife stood impassively as Chyna

"Believe me, I play ‘The Game’ better than anybody." She added with a

"Oh, is that right? Well, we’ll just see about that!" Steph said and
walked over to her husband and wormed her way into an embrace. Hugging him
close, she turned her face up to kiss him but to her embarrassment, Triple H
didn’t respond. He looked somewhat awkward and shrugged, spreading his arms;
although whether he intended the action as an apology or as some kind of
dismissal she didn’t know.

She looked from his handsome face to Chyna’s cruelly satisfied smirk and
back again, before stepping away from him and turning her back, hurt by his
apparent disowning of her. She had wanted an answer, but the one she had
gotten wasn’t the one she had hoped for.

"You know something Stephanie, you were right about one thing. I am
feeling a little horny right now. In fact, I really could do with a good
fuck." Chyna said to Steph’s evident surprise.

"I’m still not interested in Jericho, but you look pretty good to me
right now." The rich girl frowned, her confusion clear. Stephanie’s
bewildered and vulnerable face delighted Chyna’s sadistic sensibilities.

"You could do with losing a few pounds, but you’ve got a very nice pair
of tits." And she reached forward and grabbed Steph’s left breast in her
right hand. The contact was momentary as Stephanie jumped back as if she had
been bitten, her eyes wide with astonishment.

Chyna laughed out loud at her expression, and then she took Miss Kitty
into her arms and kissed her diminutive lover passionately in front of a
thoroughly shocked Stephanie. She pushed her tongue deep into Kitty’s mouth
as her hands ran down the smaller woman’s back and squeezed the soft globes
of her buttocks, then sweeping one hand back up over her lover’s flank to
caress a leather-clad tit and Miss Kitty sighed with pleasure.

Steph felt the strangest feeling in the pit of her stomach, a fluttering
sensation unlike anything she had felt before and her breast seemed to
tingle where Chyna had touched her. "Oh my God," was all she said as she
witnessed the sapphic kiss.

A moment later, Chyna broke the kiss and gently pushed Miss Kitty down
to her knees so that the smaller woman’s face was on a level with her
mistress’s crotch. Miss Kitty knew what she had to do, and she was excited
by the prospect of performing before an audience. With quivering fingers,
she reached up and pulled aside the leather thong that Chyna was wearing.
She heard Stephanie gasp as Chyna’s smooth shaven pussy was exposed, moist
with her juices and her clitoris already visibly swollen.

Kitty ignored Steph and slipped her fingers between Chyna’s slick lips
and pulled them apart, then she bowed her head and took Chyna’s clit into
her mouth, sucking it like a tiny cock while she pushed her thumb into her
mistress’s wonderfully tight pussy.

Stephanie turned to her husband and saw that he was smiling broadly as
he watched his former bodyguard and her lover. Hunter’s cock was as hard as
a rock, his huge erection clearly straining against the fabric of his pants
and Steph was surprised to discover that she was getting excited herself
despite her embarrassment. Her panties were becoming damp as she listened to
the wet sounds of Miss Kitty sucking and finger-fucking the raven-haired

Chyna had both of her hands cradling and stroking Kitty’s head as she
stood with her eyes closed, moaning softly as her climax grew under her
lover’s expert ministrations. Within a couple of minutes, her fingers curled
tightly into Miss Kitty’s hair as she cried out. She rammed her hips forward
and began grinding her cunt against Kitty’s face as she came, squirting her
girl-cum into her lover’s mouth.

The Ninth Wonder of the World stood for several moments, trembling
slightly in the afterglow of her orgasm as her love-juice dribbled down her

"Why on earth would I want Chris Jericho," she said, a slight
breathlessness audible in her voice as she pulled Kitty up to her feet by
her hair, "when I can have Miss Kitty?" So saying, she bowed down and kissed
Miss Kitty again, tasting the sweet flavor of her own pussy upon her lover’s

"Oh, man." Triple H said, grinning and urgently readjusting his cock
while his wife just looked at him with the startled expression that seemed
to have become a permanent feature in the last few minutes.

Her husband obviously wasn’t even slightly surprised and even though he
had known about Chyna all the time, he had allowed Steph to make a fool of
herself and had then deserted her with a single look. Their marriage was a
sham, as she had always known, but the only reason he had married her was
for the power of her position as a McMahon and partial owner of the WWF. It
was the injury to her pride, the humiliation that she felt that caused her
to lose her temper and explode. Incoherently, she called all three of them
every name she could think of, railing against Triple H for making her look
stupid, for deceiving her and ranting emphatic denunciations of Chyna and
Kitty’s perversity.

Her rambling and voluble diatribe continued until Chyna grabbed
Stephanie, who cried out as she was pushed back against the wall. "I thought
that she was a ‘d-generate’ now? I don’t think that a degenerate would be so
easily shocked."

Triple H shrugged, "Hey, what can I say. I guess you can take the
McMahon out of Greenwich, but you can’t take Greenwich out of the McMahon."

"Oh, I think you can." Chyna said, and smiled as her free hand came up
to cover Stephanie’s clothed breast again.

"No!" Stephanie protested and tried to pull Chyna’s hand from her
surprisingly large globe, "Let me go! Hunter, help!" she cried, making one
last appeal to the man she had married.

"Stephanie, your husband knows better than to cross me!"

"Um, Chyna?"

The amazon looked over her shoulder at Triple H and raised a questioning
eyebrow. He looked a little uncertain for a moment and then said, "Just
don’t hurt her too bad, okay?"

Stephanie stared at her husband in horror. He had truly betrayed her,
handing her over to be raped by Chyna! Even as the thought crossed her mind,
she felt that same flutter in the pit of her stomach and she was very aware
of the fact that her nipple was a hardened nub against Chyna’s palm,
thrilling to every movement of the strong hand as it mauled her breast.

Chyna grinned evilly and said, "Don’t worry, I’m sure that a hot little
slut like Stephanie will enjoy every minute."

"Oh yeah, one other thing." Triple H’s grin was back, broader than ever;
"I get to watch!"

* * *

Chyna pulled Stephanie away from the wall and at Chyna’s command, Miss
Kitty grabbed Stephanie’s arms and twisted them up behind her back. The tiny
woman was surprisingly strong, and had no difficulty in holding the taller

The amazon then slipped her hand under Steph’s pale lilac blouse and lay
her palm against the hot skin of the spoilt brat’s stomach. She rested it
there for a moment before sliding it up to the well-filled cup of her bra.
Her strong fingers tugged Steph’s soft tit out of its lacy covering, causing
the young woman to gasp as Chyna made skin-to-skin contact with her breast.
Chyna tugged on her stiff nipple, twisting it painfully until Steph cried

Then she stepped back and took a firm grip on each lapel of Stephanie’s
blouse. "Now, lets get a look at what you’ve been hiding."

"No!" Steph shouted as Chyna tore her blouse open, the buttons flying in
all directions as the amazon revealed Stephanie’s half-exposed breasts in
their white brassiere. Chyna watched Steph blush hotly with shame and then
hooked her fingertips into the other cup of her lace bra, and pulled it down
to release Stephanie’s other breast.

Stephanie’s tits were surprisingly large, rather more than a handful,
and they were soft and well shaped. They trembled slightly on her chest as
Steph shivered, and the pale skin was pimpled with fear. Chyna bent her head
forward sucked one large nipple into her mouth.

The rich girl gasped at the sudden heat that engulfed her breast and
then sobbed as Chyna began using her teeth to nip at the hard bud of flesh,
squeezing and biting the defenseless nipple for several minutes until it
felt as though she had stripped the flesh raw. As Chyna suckled at
Stephanie’s breast, Miss Kitty used the torn remains of the blouse to tie
Steph’s wrists tightly together. By the time she had finished the improvised
bindings, Chyna had turned her attention to the other tit and she did the
same thing to that one too. From the corner of tear-filled eyes, Stephanie
could see that her husband had his hand in his pocket and he was stroking
his erect penis, enjoying her humiliation.

By the time Chyna had finished gnawing at her nipples, Stephanie’s
breast were throbbing and the once alabaster white skin was flushed red with
blood. Her nipples stung horribly, with a sharp pain every time a cooler
draft of air happened to catch them while Chyna’s hand’s continued their
exploration of the brunette’s body.

Everywhere, Stephanie’s skin was soft and warm to Chyna’s touch and the
amazon couldn’t resist the temptation to pinch that flawless flesh to raise
a little color, causing her victim to cry out. Soon Steph’s shoulders,
thighs and belly were covered with little red splotches from her endeavors.

Then Chyna began to run her fingertips over Stephanie’s skin, increasing
the pressure and curling them slightly to scratch her with her nails and
adding red stripes to the spots. She worked her way all over Stephanie’s
body, tenderizing her flesh until she was dragging her sharp nails up the
inside of her victim’s legs.

Chyna stopped when she reached the hem of the heiress’s leather mini
skirt, and lay her hands on her inner thighs. She could feel the damp heat
emanating from Stephanie’s pussy as it warmed the back of her hand. Steph
began to pant slightly as Chyna started to tease the soft skin of her thigh,
gently tracing the very tip of her finger across the trembling flesh and
working her way upward until she was flicking her nail across her lace
panties, causing the bound girl to lubricate freely.

Slowly, Chyna slipped her fingers into the waist of her panties and
pushed her hand inside, plunging down into the forest of Stephanie’s pubes.
There were tears of humiliation running down her blushing cheeks as she
begged her tormentor. "Please, Chyna. Please, don’t do this."

Chyna simply grinned and forced her hand fully inside Steph’s panties
and down to the wet heat of her pussy lips.

"My, my. It looks as though you really are a slut, doesn’t it?" Chyna
said as she ran her fingers up and down Steph’s slit. The rich girl’s legs
squirmed in futile resistance to the unwanted pleasure that Chyna’s caresses

"I think you’re really enjoying this. It might just be that it’s you
that’s the biggest slut of all!" She said, and she rammed her finger deep
into Stephanie’s tight cunt.

Stephanie squealed as Chyna began to finger-fuck her with expert skill.
The amazon fucked her finger in and out of Steph’s pussy while she used her
thumb to stimulate the girl’s swollen clit. Then she added a second finger,
and then a third, twisting and thrusting inside her until suddenly and
without warning, Stephanie started to convulse and saw stars before her eyes
as she experienced an extremely powerful orgasm.

Miss Kitty could not keep a hold on the spasming body and she released
her grip as Stephanie dropped to the floor in a faint. Chyna looked down at
Steph’s crumpled body and then raised her hand to her lips and licked the
girl-cum from her fingers, savoring the sweet honey of Stephanie’s cunt.

Triple H watched with rising lust as Chyna knelt down between his wife’s
now motionless legs and pushed the leather skirt up over her hips, then she
pulled the extremely wet panties down her legs to expose Stephanie’s cunt.
Her pussy was covered by a thick black bush of pubic hair, one that was
split slightly at her slit allowing a glimpse of the moist redness concealed

Still somewhat dazed by the power of her enforced climax, Stephanie felt
powerless to resist, all the strength seemed to have drained from her body
with her orgasm, and her muscles ached.

Reaching froward, Chyna parted the hairy, glistening lips to expose
Steph’s inner folds. She stroked her finger up and down the wet groove,
eliciting a soft moan from the recumbent girl, before she bent over to lick
her juices directly from the source. Chyna probed deeply into Stephanie’s
pussy, driving her long tongue as deep as she could and causing Steph to
gasp and arch her spine.

The Ninth Wonder fucked Stephanie with her tongue for several minutes,
until the rich girl began waken, at which time she switched to sucking upon
her small, now swollen clitoris. As she did so, Miss Kitty leant over
Stephanie from above and began to feast upon her tender breasts. Chyna
looked up from the fur-fringed pussy and locked eyes with her lover, as
between them they drove Stephanie closer to the brink with their skilful

Steph was just beginning to come around when she experienced her second,
more powerful orgasm, one that sent her into paroxysms of pleasure before
blasting her into unconsciousness.

Chyna swallowed all of Steph’s spending, and then pulled Miss Kitty into
a deep and passionate kiss before wiping the wet streaks from her chin. She
stood up and looked over to where Triple H had sat down to enjoy the show.
He had unzipped his fly and his huge cock stood proudly in his fist. She
raised her eyebrows in a disdainful expression and pursed her lips, crossing
her arms across her leather-clad breasts as she did so.

Triple H looked a little sheepish for a moment and then grinned and
Chyna had to suppress an answering smile of her own. He looked so wickedly
innocent that she was quite reminded of old times. Maintaining her
disapproving frown with an effort, she turned to her diminutive lover.

"Go and find my special bag." Chyna said, " It’s in our locker room; I
was going to spring a little surprise on you, but it looks like Stephanie
has volunteered to join us tonight. Then when you get back, you had better
take care of Hunter’s little problem, before he bursts a blood vessel."

Miss Kitty’s response was ecstatic and she jumped on the spot and
clapped her hands with girlish excitement as she thanked Chyna. Triple H was
almost equally pleased, since he had expected to be relegated to a spectator
only, and he sported a grin that split his face from ear to ear.

* * *

Kitty hurried back to the McMahon-Helmsley’s office and dressing room
with the large leather bag that contained many of Chyna’s favorite toys. She
didn’t want to miss anything and when she rushed through the door, she saw
that Chyna had stripped the last remnants of the unconscious Stephanie’s
clothing from her and untied her wrists from Kitty’s improvised bindings.
Triple H meanwhile, had also stripped, and his muscular physique and huge
jutting cock drew Kitty’s eyes like a compass to a magnet, even as she gave
the bag to her lesbian lover.

Miss Kitty was utterly devoted to Chyna, and there was nobody and
nothing on earth that could satisfy her as thoroughly as her mistress did,
but she also loved cocks. Any cocks. The way they felt, the way they tasted,
the way they throbbed with life in a way that no dildo could ever match and
especially the way that they spurted with thick, wonderful spunk!
Unfortunately, there were few cocks in the world that were large enough to
compare to the rubber dildoes that she and Chyna enjoyed, however Triple H
was blessed with such a cock. It was almost a foot long and as thick as her
wrist. The very sight of it made her mouth water.

With an effort, she tore her eyes away from the massive cock that Chyna
had promised she would enjoy and focused on her mistress. Chyna had had
opened the bag and taken leather manacles that she used to cuff Stephanie’s
unresisting hands together and fastened the chain to the legs of the heavy

The naked Triple H sat down on the sofa near to Stephanie’s head and
took his cock in his hand as he gave Chyna a questioning look. The
dominatrix was kneeling between his wife’s legs and stroking her hands up
and down the length of Stephanie’s smooth, wide-spread thighs, as though
appraising her prey.

"Stephanie?" she called softly, "Oh, Stephanie. It’s time to wake up

When she got no response, Chyna started slapping the rich girl’s face
lightly on the cheeks until Stephanie stirred. Steph wasn’t sure where she
was and she groaned softly. Then everything came back in a rush and she
began to fight against her bonds. Chyna caught her kicking legs and held
them easily, then pulled them upright and hooked one strong arm around her
knees to hold them together. With her other hand free, she grasped one of
Stephanie’s breasts and squeezed until she heard shrill screams of pain and
the girl’s struggles stopped.

"Listen up Steph! I want you to understand something. I AM going to rape
you," Stephanie began to fight again as she heard that, but her struggles
were momentary. "And nobody is going to save you, not your father, not Test,
and certainly not Hunter. So you have just two choices; either you can keep
fighting me and I’ll still rape you, and I’ll hurt you pretty badly as well,
or you do exactly as I say and I’ll give you the best fucking of your life!"

Stephanie’s eyes were as round as saucers as she looked from Chyna to
Miss Kitty to her husband and back again. She swallowed hard as a single
tear ran down her cheek and she said in a small voice; "I won’t fight you."

"That’s right. Just you lie back and enjoy it like a good little slut."

"Where do you want to start?" Hunter asked his former bodyguard.

"I think that first of all, we’ll have to get rid of this." She said,
and tugged on the thick black thatch of Steph’s pubic hair. "But that won’t
need three of us, so Kitty, you can show Hunter what a good girl you are
while I see to Stephanie here."

Miss Kitty squealed with delight and began to undress as Chyna reached
into the leather bag to extract a pair of curved scissors. Chyna released
Steph’s legs and said, "Okay slut! Spread your legs apart and hold them

Stephanie did as she was told and blushed furiously as Chyna curled her
fingers into the wiry bush of her pussy. She pulled the hair up painfully
and clipped it close to the skin. She snipped the hairs from her mound
quickly and efficiently, then trimmed the lips of her pussy too. She even
made the blushing Stephanie pull her legs up to her chest so that she could
cut the small dark hairs that stretched down to surround her ringpiece. When
Stephanie brought her legs back down, the ends of the short hairs in the
crack of her ass prickled against her skin and itching terribly, causing her
to squirm.

Chyna took an old-fashioned cutthroat razor from her bag, along with a
small can of shaving cream. She set the razor down beside her and squirted
the white foam onto Stephanie’s shorn crotch. She spread her fingers through
the slimy cream and began to massage it into Steph’s skin.

The touch of Chyna’s expert fingers reawakened the embers of Stephanie’s
arousal and it was with embarrassment that she realized that her pussy was
moistening once more. When the slimy caresses reached her lips, Steph felt
her vaginal muscles contracting involuntarily in response, her juices
flowing freely.

* * *

While Chyna was undertaking to depilate Stephanie’s cunt, Miss Kitty had
removed her clothing and now knelt naked on her knees before Triple H’s
awesome penis. She took it into both hands, and her short fingers could
barely touch as wrapped them around it, so thick was the shaft.

Slowly she began to masturbate him, sliding her hands up and down the
hot veiny flesh, pulling his foreskin back and forth over the plum colored
head. After the displays that he had witnessed earlier, his cock was leaking
precum copiously, so that Kitty’s tiny hands were wet with it within
moments. When she sensed by the increasing strength of the pulsing of his
blood that his orgasm was imminent, she stopped suddenly, causing him to
groan with frustration.

Once the twitching of his cock had returned to normal, Miss Kitty bent
her head down and licked at the base of his shaft, swirling her tongue down
to tease his heavy testicles before making her way slowly up his hard, hot
penis, worshipping his cock with her mouth.

When she reached the massive cockhead, his cock was twitching wildly as
Triple H tried to suppress his climax for a few more precious moments, long
enough so that he could come in her mouth. Miss Kitty pulled away for an
instant, just so that she could enjoy the frustration of his need, before
striking like a cobra, swallowing five or six inches of his thick dick in
one go.

"Oh God!" Triple H exclaimed, "I’m cumming!"

It was too much for him to bear and he immediately began to shoot his
load down her throat. Thick wads of spunk splashed the back of Kitty’s
talented throat, but only for a couple of spurts as she quickly pulled back
so that she could catch it in her open mouth. Kitty purred as Hunter’s cum
shot into her mouth, many of the powerful spurts missing their target to
splash over her pretty little face and her dyed black hair.

Miss Kitty reached up to her face and scooped the trails of cum into her
mouth, licking her fingers to make sure that this Kat got all of her cream.
A few gooey strands remained in her hair however, and there were wet streaks
on her cheeks, nose and forehead where she missed some of his thick seed.

Barely had his cock started to wilt, when she attacked it with her mouth
again, her tongue slavering wildly over its impressive length as she brought
it back to full rigidity. She cupped the palm of her hand over his large
cockhead and began massaging the fleshy knob while her mouth ran down to the
base of his cock, and then lower, sucking a testicle that was almost as
large as her fist into her warm oral cavity.

* * *

Once Stephanie had been lathered to Chyna’s satisfaction, the amazon
picked up the razor and brought it down against the trimmed pubic hair.

"Now stay perfectly still. I wouldn’t want to remove anything vital!"
Chyna joked to the frightened Stephanie as she started to scrape the short
hairs away.

Stephanie gave a cry of pain as the razor tugged on the hairs as it
shaved away her pubic bush. Her legs jerked and her to wriggled, clenching
and twitching as Chyna proceeded with deft expertise to remove her dark
delta. Chyna knew every trick that there was to shaving a woman and it took
only a few minutes to leave her mound completely smooth. Then she ordered
Stephanie to hold her legs up high while she shaved her cunt and crack.

Without being able to use her arms to help support her legs, they began
to ache in moments, but she had to keep them in place as the Ninth Wonder
completed her shaving. She tried to ignore the feelings that she experienced
through the ordeal. Even though the process hurt a little as hairs were
tugged, Stephanie was guiltily aware that the knowledge that Chyna was
seeing every detail of her sex being revealed, that she was truly being
rendered naked, was very thrilling to the so recently virginal and innocent

Stephanie tried to look away, to deny her arousal, but if she looked to
her left she saw the naked girlish body of Miss Kitty which had an effect
upon her that she would have never have believed that another woman could
create. If she looked upward, she could see Kitty’s head bobbing up and down
as she sucked Steph’s husband’s magnificent cock, and to her right there was
a full-length mirror that showed everything that was happening in the room.

Against her will, she was drawn to the mirror, looking into her own
eyes. The confused emotions that she was feeling were clear on her
tear-streaked face. She could see her own humiliation, the fear and shame in
her eyes, but she could also see the desire that she felt as Chyna finished
shaving her pussy.

Chyna rubbed her hand over Steph’s smooth, soft skin and causing the
rich girl to gasp in shock. Her pussy was so sensitive! Every touch seemed
to be ten times more intense than before as the big woman stroked her pale
and exposed skin.

"Now that looks much nicer," Chyna said, "Feels nice too, doesn’t it?"

It did, but Stephanie wasn’t going to admit it as Chyna shoved a finger
into Steph’s cunt and twisted it inside her, pressing against one side, then
the other before withdrawing it to slide it up her hairless groove and back
again. Steph was well on the way to another orgasm when Chyna pulled out and
rubbed the juices from her finger over the freshly shaved skin above her
clit. Chyna stood up then and began to remove her own clothes while the
pussy-juice dried, cooling on Steph’s sensitized skin.

Stephanie looked up at the statuesque amazon as her perfectly developed
body was revealed. Chyna’s waist was astonishingly slender, the abdominal
muscles rippling beneath her skin as she reached around behind herself to
unfasten her leather brassiere. The domina’s breasts were large and round,
standing proudly on her broad, muscular chest with the large nipples
standing stiffly on her globes.

As the Ninth Wonder unbuckled her crotchless shorts, Stephanie realized
that she was attracted to Chyna in a way that she had never felt before. She
had an intense desire to satisfy the raven-haired amazon who intended to
rape her, who had already humiliated her, molesting and shaving her most
intimate places. It was an alien sensation to the wealthy young heiress.
Always, she had been the one to give orders, to servants and employees, to
wrestlers, even to her father; a man who ran roughshod over anybody that got
in his way, but who had indulged his only daughter to a degree that would
have amazed his enemies. Even when she had been gang-banged by D-Generation
X on her wedding night, she had had the choice to say no, to stop them. Now
she had none.

She was bound and helpless, subject to the whims of a woman that had
expressed, and demonstrated, her willingness to cause pain to Steph,
regardless of her victim’s wishes, and Stephanie found that she yearned for
the total domination that Chyna promised.

While she had experienced this revelation, Chyna had removed her thong
and taken a long and narrow box from the bottom of the bag. The box was
about two feet long by one wide, it was made of a glossy black wood and
inlaid with bronze, with a red ribbon wrapped around it and tied in a bow.

"I had this specially made for Kitty and me," Chyna was untying the
ribbon as she spoke, "but I guess that Stephanie will be first to enjoy the

The Ninth Wonder opened the wooden box, and then raised the object
inside with both hands. Miss Kitty looked up from where she had just brought
Triple H to his second orgasm and spunk dripped from her face as she gasped.
Stephanie looked at the implement in puzzlement.

It was a dildo. Or two dildoes. Or one dildo with two ends, Stephanie
didn’t know. It was made of flesh colored rubber and painted to be as
lifelike as possible, except that no real penis ever looked like either of

The first was 18 inches long and 2 inches wide, with thick, rope-like
veins running up the length of its shaft. The second was over a foot long,
slightly thinner than the first, and was attached to the base of the longer
one at a ninety-degree angle, with large false testicles marking the
division. It was unlike any human cock Stephanie had ever heard of, it was
as realistically colored as the first but the head flared out significantly
and less than half an inch along the shaft from the base, there was a large
bulge or knot that was at least 4 inches wide!

"Isn’t it wonderful?" Chyna asked as she reached up to caress the longer
of the two cocks.

She stroked her hand back and forth over the cockhead, which was made of
a softer rubber than the shaft, then brought the head to her mouth and
licked the tip.

"You had it made for me?" Miss Kitty asked breathlessly.

"Oh yes. It’s a masterpiece. A work of genius." Chyna said, her hand
sliding down the long shaft to fondle the two false testicles.

The balls were actually two large spheroids held in a gel that was
contained in the rubber ballsac. Chyna squeezed them firmly and a thick
white goo spurted from the longer of the two phalluses, eliciting another
gasp of wonder from her diminutive lover.

"That’s not all, it even has a heating element to take it up to body
temperature." The dominatrix looked at the recumbent Triple H and his now
flaccid, but twitching, cock and added with a smile, "You could say, it’s
even better than the real thing!"

Miss Kitty looked from the massive double dong to Triple H’s foot-long
cock and back again, and then she chuckled.

"I’m afraid that you’re going to have to wait your turn though, because
I believe that I promised Stephanie the fucking of her life."

Steph had been trying to figure out what the second half of the dildo
was for when Chyna’s words brought her out of her detached contemplation of
the device.

"No! It’s too big! Chyna, you can’t! It’ll ruin me!"

"Nonsense, it’s just what a hot little slut like you needs!" Chyna
answered with a wicked grin.

"No! Please, Chyna, no!"

"Oh yes!"

Chyna stood above the frightened rich girl and spread her muscular legs
wide, allowing Steph an unrivalled view of her smooth and wet cunt. She took
the massive two-headed dildo and lined the shorter, strangely shaped phallus
with her hot slit. She ran the oversized head up and down the groove,
teasing herself before pushing it into her cunt.

She gasped as the large cockhead stretched her vaginal walls. Slowly,
she pushed the rubber cock into herself until she felt the sharp pain as the
head hit her cervix, just as the knot touched her pussy-lips. She had had
this half of the dildo made-to-measure so that the length from the tip to
the beginning of the bulge was exactly the same as the depth of her cunt. As
she forced the huge cockhead through her cervix and into her womb, the
rubber cock-knot stretched her pussy to the limits.

The Ninth Wonder of the World cried out loud as the flared cockhead and
the knot both popped through the resistance of her pussy and cervix at the
same time, leaving the double-dong tied within her, imbedded in her cunt
twice over. Firstly by the cock-knot just inside her vagina, and then by the
hugely flared head in her womb! With that double lock secure, the dildo
could not be removed without a massive effort. An effort that would
undoubtedly be painful, but Chyna quite enjoyed a little pain.

From her vantagepoint on the floor, Steph could see that the
double-dildo was pulled right up into her cunt, so far that her pussy-lips
were actually wrapped part of the way around the longer of the two
phalluses. With the shorter dildo concealed inside her, the longer one
jutted out before her like a real cock, dipping slightly toward the tip
under its own weight. That same weight was pulling at Chyna’s insides and
created an exquisite tension in her sex.

The three others in the room looked at Chyna standing with an 18-inch
cock sprouting from her crotch and massive balls hanging between her thighs,
and all of them were incredibly turned on by the sight. Triple H’s cock was
rock-hard once more and Miss Kitty’s cunt was literally dripping with her
desire. Stephanie’s reaction was more confused, she was turned on by the
strange she-male vision above her, but she also knew that she was going to
be raped by that monstrous tool. That thought both aroused and terrified

Chyna dropped down to her knees between Steph’s legs and the huge dildo
slapped the young woman’s belly. The raven-haired amazon moved forward on
her knees, the head of her false cock slid up Stephanie’s defenseless body
until it nestled between her breasts and then she grabbed the two soft
globes in her hands and crushed them together, the warm dildo trapped in
their embrace.

The Ninth Wonder of the World tittie-fucked Stephanie with her
impossibly long phallus while she remained positioned at Steph’s crotch. The
dildo was so long that the rubber cockhead was poking through the top of
Stephanie’s cleavage as it fucked her breasts, and Stephanie was terrified
of the prospect of being forced to take it all in her pussy. There was no
way it would fit. It would kill her if she tried!

After a couple of moments of tittie-fucking Steph, and enjoying the
pain/pleasure that she was feeling in her cunt as the tied dildo was pulled,
Chyna took her cock in her hand and ran the large head down the prone body
and rubbed it against the sensitive skin of the heiress’s newly shaven cunt.
She pressed the knob into her quivering pussy-lips and slid it up and down
her wet gash, forcing Steph to lubricate even more.

"Please, Chyna, please don’t do this!"

"Shut up and enjoy it bitch!" Chyna said with a smile.

Then she started. She pushed her cock into Steph’s hole and brought her
superior strength to bear. Stephanie tried to resist the violation but
nothing could have stopped Chyna’s slow, relentless thrust. Stephanie was
sobbing with pain as eventually the muscles of her entrance were forced to
yield and Chyna’s cock was inside her!

It wasn’t like an ordinary dildo, because the heating element and the
skilful sculpting of the rubber cock made it feel almost identical to the
real thing as it pushed its way into Stephanie’s wet cunt. It was thicker
than her husband’s cock, although not so much so that it was painful, but
Steph was only too well aware that it was a lot longer than Hunter’s near
12-incher, and she hadn’t been able to take every inch of that without a
great deal of pain.

Stephanie’s whimpers were like music to the ears of Chyna, and they
helped to heighten her own pleasure to the degree that she had to willfully
suppress her own orgasm. To ignore the wonderful pain and pleasure from the
dildo’s cervical and vaginal knots was one of the most difficult things that
she had ever done, and she was penetrating Steph gradually to reduce her own
pleasure, not to make it any easier for the spoilt brat.

Eventually, she felt her cock bottom out as it hit Steph’s cervix.
Looking down through eyes misted by her own pent-up need for release, she
saw that barely ten inches of rubber dick were inside Stephanie. Chyna
looked down again at the huge dildo that projected from her slit and into
her victim and it seemed that it really was her cock. Apart from a thin line
that marked were her shaven lips met the smooth, hot rubber, it really did
look as though it was a part of her, as indeed it was. After all, she could
feel every movement and twitch of Stephanie’s cunt through the second dildo
that impaled her own pussy, and through her clitoris which was crushed
against the heavy shaft of the device. It wasn’t just a tool, just another
dildo. It was her cock; Chyna’s own cock!

With that thought in mind, Chyna slammed her hips forward, causing
Stephanie to scream as the Ninth Wonder’s massive cock hammered at her
cervix. Chyna reared back and slammed her cock into Steph again. And again.

Stephanie’s screams were earsplitting when on the fourth brutal thrust,
Chyna ripped through her cervix and began to rape her womb. The dominatrix
rested for a moment and leant forward to wrap her arms around Steph’s
sobbing body so that their breasts were firmly pressed together. She bowed
her head and kissed Stephanie’s neck and then her cheek where she tasted
Stephanie’s salty tears, before kissing her full on the lips. In spite of
the pain, Stephanie found herself responding to Chyna’s kiss, pushing her
tongue forward to wrestle with Chyna’s as it invaded her mouth.

Then, Chyna began to fuck Vince McMahon’s daughter. Slow, even strokes
that gradually forced more and more of her cock into Steph’s cunt. The
gentleness of Chyna’s thrusts did much to reduce the pain, although it
remained considerable, and Stephanie found that her body was beginning to
respond once more.

Chyna increased the tempo of her thrusts, making Stephanie grunt with
the shock every time the large cockhead hit the roof of her womb, driving
her insides deeper into her own body. The muscular amazon started to rub her
huge breasts against Stephanie’s soft tits, and she kissed her again,
passionately and aggressively.

And, to Stephanie’s horrified surprise, she felt herself orgasm once
more. Her vision blurred but she didn’t faint again, the pain was too great,
and so instead she was forced to endure the merciless rape that Chyna was
perpetrating upon her.

* * *

Miss Kitty had watched her mistress as had inserted the double-dong and
had been amazed by the transformation. The massive dildo had been colored to
match Chyna’s skin perfectly, and really did look as though it belonged to
her. She desperately craved to experience the depth of penetration that
Chyna’s new cock would provide but Chyna was fucking Steph, which left Miss
Kitty with only Triple H’s cock to enjoy. Looking back at his foot-long
dick, she couldn’t help but think that it looked a lot smaller now, after
seeing Chyna with her huge cock sprouting from her pussy.

She took his thick penis in her hand and ran her fingers up and down the
quivering length. It still felt magnificent though.

Triple H was even more desperate for an orgasm than Miss Kitty. He had
never seen anything as erotic as Chyna with a huge cock and he felt as
though he could punch his dick through a brick wall, it was so hard. Without
any formalities, he reached down and picked up the little woman that was
stroking his penis. He lifted her up high with his strong arms and
positioned her over his throbbing cock.

"Oh yes," she said, "Pussy-Kat wants some cream!"

Miss Kitty wasted no time, planting her feet onto the cushions of the
sofa and reaching down to guide his bloated knob to her pussy’s entrance.
The wet head bumped against her smooth lips once, and the he was lined up
for his target. Triple H took a firm grip on her hips and rammed her fully
onto his huge erection.

Kitty gasped as his foot-long cock hammered into her cunt, the tip of it
slamming into her cervix.

Hunter was in no mood for subtlety, and simply lifted her up and down on
his stiff manhood with the power of his arms, using her as a receptacle for
his lust. He looked up at the pretty young girl above him, and then down to
where he could see Chyna’s ass bouncing up and down between his wife’s
thighs and he tried to imagine how much of the gigantic dildo was in her
tight little pussy.

He looked back up at Miss Kitty and her cum-smeared face, and remembered
her licking out Chyna’s cunt earlier. He pictured Chyna standing over them
now, forcing Miss Kitty to suck that massive cock in her pretty little mouth
and that was enough to get him off.

He shot load after load of spunk into Kitty’s cunt, and the small woman
cried out loud, the splash of his orgasmic release triggering her own

Miss Kitty fell forward onto his body, still impaled on his shaft, but
Triple H’s cock remained as hard as before. He rolled her over onto her back
with his cock firmly imbedded inside her so that he was kneeling on the
floor with Chyna’s little lover lying on the sofa, and began to fuck her
once more.

* * *

Chyna was riding from one powerful orgasm to another. The incredible
levels of simultaneous pain and pleasure that the large rubber knots inside
her womb and vagina and the constant pressure on her clit were producing
were now beyond her ability to repress.

She was almost mindless in her rapture, fucking the equally delirious
Stephanie with unyielding and unstoppable strength. Her body and mind were
in perfect equilibrium as she achieved an almost Zen-like trance, her entire
being devoted to the pleasure she was receiving.

Eventually it had to end, and it came when Stephanie experienced her
most powerful orgasm yet, one so strong that she clamped down with the
muscles of her cunt so powerfully that she almost ripped the huge
double-dildo’s knots out of Chyna. The sudden dilation of both the entrance
of her cunt and that of her cervix caused such an intense climax that
Chyna’s mental balance was lost and her muscles started to spasm.

She collapsed heavily onto the nearly unconscious Steph and fought to
retain her own consciousness.

Chyna rolled off Stephanie, the huge cock that impaled the rich girl
sliding slowly out of the tight orifice and causing Steph to cry out with
pain and loss. Never before had the Ninth Wonder of the World experienced
that state of absolute perfection so clearly, and she couldn’t wait to use
her new toy on Miss Kitty, although she knew there was no way that she would
achieve such perfection again until after she had been well rested.

After the Chyna’s cock came free, Stephanie felt a huge aching void in
her pussy, one that she wanted filled once more even though she feared the
damage that might have been done to her. She started to cry again, without
hysterics and without quite knowing why.

Chyna pushed herself up onto one elbow and looked Stephanie in the eye.
The amazon’s raven hair was dripping with sweat and it was plastered to her
face, but her expression was triumphant.

"Didn’t I tell you it would be the best fuck of your life?"

With a wicked smile, she dragged herself up to Steph’s bound wrists and
released them. Immediately, they went down to cover her brutalized sex and
Steph gasped as the pain registered when she made contact with her shaven
pussy. Now that her post-orgasmic glow was fading, the true extent of the
damage caused by the extreme stretching of her cunt was only now becoming
clear. She had not been wounded as such, there was no blood or gore, but
every part of her sex was battered and bruised.

While Stephanie cradled her aching cunt and whimpered, Chyna lay on her
back to enjoy the slight aftershocks that ran through her body. The massive
dildo was still impaled inside her, the large knot and flared head creating
wonderful sensations in her pussy and womb each time she twitched or moved,
while the longer phallus still protruded obscenely from her crotch. The
18-inch monstrosity of a cock was bent upward under its own weight, and it
was just flexible enough that the head nestled in the muscular cleavage of
her breasts.

Chyna reached up with one hand and caressed it, thrilling to the hot,
realistic quality that her cock possessed. She craned her head upward to
taste the metallic flavor Stephanie’s womb upon it. She could also taste a
hint of rubber, and she made a mental note to have something done about it.

The wandering of her thoughts signaled that she was losing her focus and
so she pulled herself back together with a conscious effort and heard
Stephanie’s moans beside her.

"Oh god . . . I’m ruined . . . it hurts . . . she’s ruined me . . ." the
spoilt brat sniveled.

Chyna pulled herself upright, her cock slapping the thick carpet beneath
her as she did so. "Snap out of it, you whiney little slut! You aren’t
ruined. You’ll be back to normal in no time and craving for more!"

Stephanie made no response other than to close her eyes and sniffle a

Chyna was in no mood to coddle Stephanie, so she pulled her tightly
clamped legs apart, causing Steph to cry out, "No!" and hold her hands
protectively over her pussy.

The Ninth Wonder of the World lay her larger hand on top of Stephanie’s
and rubbed the back of the girl’s fingers. Then she began to press against
them. Stephanie yelped as Chyna pushed their fingers into her battered slit,
and then deeper, forcing rich girl to finger herself.

"No! Chyna, stop!" she begged, but to no avail.

The amazon concentrated on one of Steph’s hands now, gripping it by the
wrists and using her own strong fingers to press against the back of her
hand as guidance. Stephanie tried to spread her fingers wide to block the
penetration attempt, but Chyna simply used her free hand to crush the
fingers together, creating a narrow point which she forced into the rich
girl’s wet and bruised vagina.

* * *

Miss Kitty wriggled her hips, grinding herself up against Triple H’s
massive cock as he rammed it into her vigorously. She adored the feeling of
his maleness invading her core and she mewled in appreciation while also
trying to see what her mistress was doing now.

With her back on the sofa she could only see Chyna’s shoulders and the
ends of Stephanie’s legs, but she thought that her lover must be fisting the
wife of the man she was being fucked by. That thought made her very happy,
as being fisted by Chyna was one of her favorite things, and she was glad
that Chyna was giving Steph as much pleasure as Triple H was giving her.

She locked her legs behind Hunter and began humping her hips now,
thrusting them upward with each inward stroke to rub her clitty against his
wiry blond pubes. Triple H’s hands slid up her body to fondle her breasts
and tweak her nipples once more, so she returned the caress, stroking his
well-developed pectoral muscles and pinching his smaller, manly nipples.

In the last couple of months that they had been together, Chyna had
taught Miss Kitty how to have complete control of her internal muscles,
control which she now began to use to devastating effect on Hunter’s cock.
She started to undulate the walls of her pussy by squeezing one set of
muscles quickly and then another set immediately after. To Triple H it felt
as though there were small hands inside her squeezing each part of his cock
in turn and milking him for all they were worth.

Triple H came explosively into the small girl’s hairless pussy, and she
climaxed in response to the wet splash of his cum inside her. Miss Kitty
twisted his nipples painfully in her peak of pleasure and then she pulled
hard on them, forcing him to stoop down so that she could kiss him with her
still cum-smeared mouth.

When she allowed him to break the kiss, he slowly pulled his thick,
softening cock from her tight pussy’s grip. He turned to watch Chyna and his
wife and froze in disbelief.

Chyna had pushed Stephanie’s hand up into own pussy! She had a firm grip
on her wrist and she was pushing it in and out of his protesting wife’s
dripping cunt!

Miss Kitty pulled herself up beside him and they both watched as Chyna
forced Stephanie to fist-fuck herself with the whole of her hand. At the
widest point it was not much thicker than Chyna’s dildo, but her small
hand’s irregular shape was rubbing the sensitive membranes in a way that was
entirely alien to her limited experiences.

The raven-haired amazon reached down to grab Steph’s head by her permed
hair and pulled her upright so that she could kiss her on the lips. Then
Chyna gripped her upper arm in one hand, the arm whose hand was wedged in
her cunt, and pulled sharply, forcing Stephanie to twist her shoulder so
that her back was bent in a bow. The Ninth Wonder then gripped the arm by
the elbow and halfway up the forearm and positioned it so that it was in
line with her pussy.

Stephanie realized too late what Chyna meant to do and she screamed as
the amazon punched half of Stephanie’s arm into the wet hole. She pulled it
back and thrust it again, working it deeper into Steph’s sex in the same way
that she would a dildo until the spoilt brat was bent all the way over with
her arm buried in her own pussy up to the elbow!

She could feel the heat and wetness of her own vagina on her arm, and
her fingertips were pressed painfully against her cervix. Then Chyna began
fisting her, using her prodigious strength she gripped Stephanie’s elbow and
rammed the entire forearm in and out of her cunt.

Hunter was so turned on by the incredible vision before him that his
cock was standing massively erect once more, a fact that did not escape the
notice of Miss Kitty. She stood up in front of him for a moment, then lay
her hands on his shoulders to push him gently back down onto the sofa. She
turned her back on him and reached down to grab a hold of his engorged
member and guided herself over it.

Miss Kitty suddenly dropped herself down onto his cock and screamed out
loud as she impaled herself, ramming her unlubricated asshole onto his thick

* * *

Chyna forced the weeping Stephanie to fist-fuck herself for several
minutes, and despite the tears, Steph came twice, soaking her arm with her
girl-cum. Girl-cum that Chyna lapped up as it oozed out around the soft
muscle of Steph’s forearm.

Then she stood up and pushed the head of her cock into the space below
Steph’s elbow and slid it into line with her already filled sex.


Stephanie screamed as Chyna forced her cock into her Steph’s
pain-wracked pussy, stretching the muscles beyond anything that the brat’s
sheltered upbringing had prepared her for.

Chyna could barely get more than a couple of inches of penetration in
the incredibly tight grip, so she reached underneath herself and began
fondling her balls. They were wet with her pussy-juices that had oozed
around the dildo to run down her thighs and over the fake testicles. It was
strange to the domina to find the huge balls beneath her thighs, and she
enjoyed the way they rolled inside the ballsac but that wasn’t why she was
toying with them. She squeezed the fake testicles and triggered the release
of lubricant which squirted up the dildo’s shaft and into Stephanie’s cunt,
allowing Chyna to ram another 7 or 8 inches into her.

She dildo-fucked Stephanie’s screaming and doubled over body, with an
arm impaled alongside her rubber cock for another ten minutes before pulling
out after her own orgasm had been achieved. Roughly, she pulled Stephanie’s
arm out of her cunt as well and the rich girl curled up in a fetal position
with her arms cradling her belly.

The Ninth Wonder of the World didn’t intend for Stephanie to have any
respite however, and she grabbed her by the hair and pulled her squealing to
her knees. She dragged the brat over to Triple H and Miss Kitty so that she
could see her husband’s cock disappearing up into Kitty’s tight asshole.

"Now don’t you think you should thank Miss Kitty for let you have the
first turn with her present?" Chyna said, then rammed Stephanie face first
into Miss Kitty’s sloppy cunt.

Stephanie twisted her head and tried to pull away, but the amazon simply
held her in place, forcing her to taste her husband’s spunk and Kitty’s
girl-cum as it oozed out of her cunt. Tears ran from her eyes, adding to the
mixture of fluids that were coating her face as she could her and feel her
husband’s cock slamming into Kitty’s ass barely an inch away from her.

"Now then Steph, that isn’t very nice. Miss Kitty let you play with her
toys and now you won’t even thank her? I think that you need to be punished
for that!"

Steph cries were muffled by the wet flesh against her face, cries that
became screams as she felt Chyna kneel down behind her and press the slimy
tip of her unnatural cock between her buttocks.

"Steph, I’m going to fuck you up the ass and you are going to make Miss
Kitty cum with your mouth. I’m going to work it into you slowly, so the
quicker you get Kitty off, the less you’ll suffer!"

Then the raven-haired amazon thrust her hips forward and Steph screamed
as her asshole was ripped open. She was almost hyperventilating as Chyna
began thrusting little more than three inches of hard rubber cock into her
rectum, but within a minute she had regained some control of her breathing
and she set frantically to work, licking and sucking at Miss Kitty’s pussy

Stephanie was desperately trying to remember the things that Kitty had
performed on Chyna, and that Chyna had done to her with her mouth and
tongue, but mostly she was simply licking at everything she could. Along the
length of the girl’s slit from her clit to her vaginal opening, where her
chin touched Hunter’s thick cock as it powered into Miss Kitty’s ass, and
yelping every few moments as Chyna forced another inch of the massive
dildo-cock into her ass.

Eventually she was rewarded with a flood of Miss Kitty’s orgasmic juice
as she came and Stephanie began to relax. But Chyna didn’t stop. She
continued to force more of the dildo up the rich girl’s tight ass, 9-inches,
10-inches, 11, 12, 13 inches!

There was sharp pain as Chyna hit the limits of Stephanie’s bowels, and
she grabbed her balls again to shoot a large load of lubricant into Steph’s
ass. Then she started to twist her hips to make the dildo probe deeper into
her victim, maintaining the powerful pressure to stretch the walls of her

Miss Kitty grabbed two handfuls of Steph’s permed hair and wrapped her
legs around her head, trapping Stephanie’s face in her cunt. With the power
of Chyna butt-fucking Steph, and Triple H butt-fucking Miss Kitty, Kitty
simply rode Stephanie’s face like a fuck-pad, bringing herself off time
after time.

Chyna wrapped an arm around Steph and reached underneath to stroke her
swollen clitty. The rich girl began to feel the pressure building up inside
despite herself and began to pant.

Triple H could not stand any more and he began to cum deep in Kitty’s
ass. As soon as she felt the spurting wetness inside her, Miss Kitty pulled
herself off of his cock and pointed it at Stephanie’s distressed face, who
she still held by her hair. With one hand she aimed his huge cock, directing
his spunk so that it covered as much of her pretty face as possible. Once
his load was fully expended, she pushed the brat’s head down so that she was
sucking her husband, tasting Miss Kitty’s bowels on his slimy dick.

It didn’t last long though, because Stephanie suddenly came with an
incredibly strong orgasm. Her limbs went into paroxysms and she fell forward
onto Hunter’s cock, swallowing his entire length down to the root for a
moment before falling to one side to lie sprawled upon the carpet, the tip
of Chyna’s incredibly long cock still inside her asshole.

* * *

Chyna withdrew the tip of her rubber penis from Steph’s ass and leant
down to check that she was okay. Reassured by her steady breathing and
strong pulse, she simply rolled the unconscious heiress into a more
comfortable position and stood up.

"And did you enjoy having Hunter’s big cock to play with?" she asked her
lover while Triple H dropped down to the floor to scrutinize his wife’s
battered body.

"Oh yes mistress!" she replied with a wicked smirk. "But I’d rather have
my present now!"

Chyna laughed as Miss Kitty reached forward and grabbed the thick rubber
cock that stood arrogantly from its root in her cunt. "You’re insatiable my

Kitty looked up into Chyna’s eyes and the amazon was intensely aware of
her diminutive lover’s adoration. Then Kitty pulled the shaft up to her
mouth and began to suck it as though it was a real cock, humming as she did
so. Chyna could feel a pleasurable tingle in her filled pussy as the
vibrations from Kitty’s mouth traveled down her cock. Then Miss Kitty began
to deep-throat the dildo, increasing the intensity of Chyna’s pleasure.

After a few minutes of this sweet, gentle sensation, Chyna pulled her
cock out of Kitty’s throat and pushed her down onto her back. The Ninth
Wonder knelt between her lover’s thighs, the head of her dildo-cock resting
on Kitty’s belly, and she reached down under it to stroke Miss Kitty’s
smooth shaven, and cum-dripping pussy. She rubbed her finger up and down the
sloppy slit, trailing all the way down to her spunk-slick asshole and then
back up to caress her swollen clitoris.

"Do you want my cock?" Chyna asked.

"Yes please mistress." Miss Kitty panted.

Her cunt was twitching wildly under the expert touch of Chyna, and she
started to hump her hips upward, seeking to impale herself on the questing
fingers. Chyna slipped two fingers into her for a moment and then withdrew
them. She rubbed the cum-slick hand up over Kitty’s abdomen to stroke her
breast, pinching hard on her nipples.

"You’re going to be my little cock-slave, aren’t you Kitty?" Chyna

"Yes mistress! I’m your cock-slave!"

The raven-haired amazon bent down and kissed Kitty’s other tit, then she
kissed her collarbone, than her neck and cheek as she made her way up to
kiss her lover properly, full on the lips with their tongues wrestling
passionately so that Chyna could taste Hunter’s spunk. As she kissed her,
she lined her massive cock up with Kitty’s eager hole and teased her with
the huge head.

Then she thrust into Kitty with a powerful lunge, causing the smaller
woman to scream into Chyna’s lip-locked mouth. The 18-inch phallus sank more
than three-quarters of its length into Kitty’s wet pussy, its passage
through Kitty’s cervix thoroughly lubricated by both her own and Triple H’s

Chyna was determined to possess her slave utterly and she hammered her
hips down again, forcing even more of her cock into her tiny lover. Then
again, and again. Relentless, brutal strokes that powered ever more of the
giant dildo into Miss Kitty.

Then another huge thrust, and Chyna’s bald cunt was pressed against Miss
Kitty’s shaven mound and the two women were completely speared on the
massive double-dildo. Chyna had nearly 14-inches of thick rubber in her
cunt, with thicker knots tying it in place against her cervix and the
entrance to her vagina and Miss Kitty had a foot-and-a-half of dildo-cock
rammed up to her ribcage inside her.

Triple H watched Chyna’s muscular butt as it began to rise and fall
rapidly, slamming her huge cock into her lover, who squealed in delight at
the painful violation. He could see the testicles swinging below her impaled
cunt, and the outer swell of her glorious breasts were visible to the sides
of her broad back, pressed outward by the weight of Chyna’s body on the
smaller woman below her, and his cock began to swell again.

His erection was painfully hard, sore after taking Miss Kitty in all
three holes, but his desire acknowledged no pain as he knelt down behind
Chyna and poked the head of his big dick between the strong cheeks of her
ass. For a moment, she clenched them tight, crushing his cockhead as though
in refusal, but then she bore backward and pushed her asshole against his

Triple H needed no second urging, and he thrust with all his strength
through the incredibly tight ring of muscle and into her hot rectum. It was
Chyna that dictated the pace, when he tried to set his own rhythm she simply
ignored him and slammed her well-muscled ass back painfully into his hips
and forcing him to match her strokes into Miss Kitty.

Chyna’s ass felt silky smooth on his cock as he pushed into her as she
pulled out of Miss Kitty. She was gripping his shaft so tightly at times
that he thought she would pull it off, twisting and grinding her ass to rub
his dick over the thin membrane that separated his cock from the dildo in
her cunt.

They fucked in this manner for over a quarter of an hour, until Miss
Kitty was screaming in agony. Agony caused by orgasms so intense that her
small body couldn’t contain them and she eventually passed out.

Chyna ripped her cock from Kitty’s cunt and then rammed her ass into
Triple H so hard that he fell backward. He struggled to rise but Chyna
slammed herself down onto him so that she was sitting on top of his prone
body. Without rising from his cock she twisted around so that she was facing
him and Hunter gasped in pain as his cock was wrenched inside her.

Chyna sat astride him and looked down with her eyes burning with
passion. She rolled her hips forward and grabbed the base of her huge cock,
and then, with a huge effort that strained every muscle of her powerful
body, she ripped it out of herself!

"EEEEAAAAARRRRrrrrgggghhhh!!" She screamed as the huge knots tore from
their locking embrace.

Tears ran down Chyna’s cheeks when she looked down at Triple H again and
he felt a shiver of fear as he looked into her eyes again. He knew no name
for what he saw, but she looked like an animal unleashed, wild and

Chyna grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed down to pin him in place
as she straddled him and then she snarled. She began to fuck him, slamming
her ass up and down on his foot-long cock with her muscles tightly clenched
so that Hunter had to struggle not to cry out with the pain.

She started to twist and grind her hips once more, not relaxing the
agonizing grip she held on his cock, as she ground her clit against his hard
belly. Even though her every movement was causing him intense pain, his dick
remained as rigid as ever. In all the time that he had known her, it hadn’t
mattered what Chyna did to him, she could always keep him hard, even when he
didn’t want to be. It is supposed to be impossible for a woman to rape a man
but Chyna could do it in a dozen different ways, and make him cum too. As
Hunter was about to do.

He felt her beginning to spasm and he came in her ass at the same time
as she squirted her girl-cum all over his muscular abdomen and drenching his
blond pubes. But she didn’t stop. Chyna continued to fuck him for another
thirty minutes, forcing him to orgasm after orgasm until she had milked his
balls dry.

Finally, after a particularly strong orgasm, her shoulders relaxed and
she leant backward, her breasts heaving as she breathed deeply. She looked
down at the utterly spent Triple H and gave him an almost shy smile.

"Quite like old times eh?"

Hunter panted for air as his cock softened in her ass now that she was
no longer gripping it so tightly. "You . . . are magnificent!" he exclaimed.

Chyna smiled, a genuine and radiant smile that seemed to illuminate the
entire room and she patted him on the chest, as though her were a
well-behaved pet.

Then she pulled herself off of him and rose on unsteady legs. Chyna
reached down to help Triple H to his feet and they walked over to where the
now recovered Miss Kitty was hugging a conscious Stephanie. They were
stroking each other’s bodies, as they had been doing throughout Chyna’s near
rape of Stephanie’s husband and Chyna reached down and pulled her lover to
her feet and kissed her lightly on the lips.

"Come on. It’s time we got cleaned up!" She said, and slapped Miss Kitty
on her sweat and cum smeared ass.

Miss Kitty giggled and they went through into the McMahon-Helmsley’s
en-suite bathroom.

Triple H almost collapsed onto the floor and wrapped his arms around his
wife. Stephanie lay her head against his muscular chest and sighed. The
entire room and their bodies smelt strongly of sex, and she began to feel a
warm tingling in her battered and aching, smooth shaven cunt. She reached
down and gently wrapped her fingers around Hunter’s hot, flaccid cock.

She sighed again, and closed her eyes, feeling strangely content in a
way that she couldn’t explain as the pain in her pussy and ass seemed to
fade in her husband’s embrace.


* * *

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