Chyna The Domyna: Chyna Vs Terri Runnels

Chyna the Domyna 2

***Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. It contains
detailed descriptions of Female Domination, Fisting, Anal Penetration,
Bestiality, Non-Consensual sex and Sexual Torture. If you don’t think you
would enjoy that, then don’t read it.***
***This story features the Characters of Chyna, Miss Kitty and Terri
Runnels. The are the characters as portrayed and in no way represent Joanie
Laurer, Stacy Carter, or the real Terri Runnels.***

Terri Runnels
By Spring-Heeled Jack

Terri followed Vince into his temporary office and continued
to argue
her point. That being that she should be the top woman in the WWF. She put
on her most vulnerable and childish expression as Vince sat behind the desk,
which was, as always, covered with a hundred-and-one documents, memos and
all the other details that he was required to deal with prior to every show.

"I just think that there is so much more we could do with my character.
I mean I’m the only really beautiful woman in the WWF right now."

"Now you know that’s not true. . ."

"Of course it is! I mean look at Tori, she’s had so much plastic surgery
that she looks like she used to be a man. Debra is plain ugly from the neck
up, Luna is just hideous and Ivory. . . well Ivory isn’t too bad I suppose,
but we both know that the fans want to see tits and she hasn’t got a pair
like mine now has she?" To emphasize her point, Terri cupped her large
breasts in her hands and thrust them toward her employer.

"That’s true I suppose, but BB. . ." Vince said, but Terri cut him off.

"Oh please! Have you seen her talk? You can almost see the cogs moving.
She hasn’t got anything EXCEPT her tits. And Jacqui’s got tits, but she
absolutely sucks on the mic. Then there’s Miss Kitty, who hasn’t got any
tits worth mentioning and as for her ‘girlfriend’ Chyna, well, how you could
make a dog like her the number one woman in the Federation I don’t know!
Even assuming she IS a woman."

Vince sat back in his chair, removed his reading glasses and pinched the
bridge of his nose. He wondered why Terri had suddenly decided to make a
grab for more of the spotlight. It was always a problem, juggling the egos
of the various wrestlers and valets, and the women were always his biggest
headache. There were so many catfights and petty jealousies in the women’s
locker room that he generally just tried to ignore them, although things had
been fairly quiet since Sable left.

As long as they turned the fans on, that was all he cared about. And
having wrestlers like Luna helped to give the women’s division a modicum of
credibility, even if everyone knew that it only existed as an excuse for T&A

He placed his hands over his eyes and sighed. "Okay Terri, we’ll have a
look at the storylines and I’ll see if there isn’t some way that we can use
your. . . talents. . . more effectively. Will that make you happy?"

She gave him a brilliant, dimpled smile that emphasized her pretty eyes
and gave a little bobbing curtsey, all the while thanking him fulsomely.

As she left Vince’s office she gave a little skip that should have
looked ridiculous from a woman her age, but instead gave her a girlish air
that was totally at odds with her very womanly figure. She enjoyed the
admiring glances of the men as she passed and, as usual, she completely
ignored the women. And so it was that she failed to notice Miss Kitty who
had been standing next to Vince’s door for the entire time she had been
talking to him and had heard every word she had said.

* * *

Terri was deep in thought as she left the women’s locker room. Partly,
she was thinking that if she could get into Vince’s good books, then she
might be able to get her own dressing room like Chyna and Miss Kitty. But
mainly, she was thinking about the two new security guards that had started
today. They were both huge muscular men, and the black one had a very
impressive bulge in his trousers that she was hoping to gain a little more
familiarity with. She absently adjusted the bright orange halter top she was
wearing as she thought about the big black guard, with his big black bulge
and she smiled to herself as her nipples hardened in response to her

In fact, that was where she was headed now. She had waited until well
after the end of the show, and all the other wrestlers were long gone. The
only people around now were the roadies and a few technicians who were down
in the arena itself, dismantling the ring, the cameras, and the lighting
rigs to transport to the next venue. The perfect time to get to know a hunky
new security guard who was stuck with the dull job of watching over the now
nearly empty private car park that was used by the wrestlers and performers.

"Hello Terri."

Terri spun around in surprise to see Chyna striding up behind her. She
was wearing a leather suit with a tight fitting black shirt.

"Oh, hi Chyna." She answered and turned to continue down to the lower
level of the arena. She was surprised when Chyna slowed to match pace and
walked alongside her. The dark-haired woman towered over the bleached blonde
and Terri felt more than a little intimidated as she remembered back to the
time when Chyna first came to the WWF.

It was more to dispel the memories of Chyna forcing her to lick her
pussy out that rather than any desire for conversation that urged her to
speak. "Where’s Miss Kitty? I thought you two were always together."

As she looked at the tall amazon, the memories faded with surprising
ease. Or perhaps not, as Chyna had looked very different then, before she
had had the surgery to her face. Before even her implants, and she had been
a lot more muscular too.

"Kitty? I’m sure she’s making herself useful." Chyna smiled and Terri
shivered. There was no warmth in that smile.

"Are you done for the day? I mean, are you leaving now? Because. . ."

"Don’t worry, I’m not in any rush. Besides, it’s not safe for a woman to
walk alone this late at night."

"Oh, it’s just that. . . I, that is. . ." Chyna raised an eyebrow and
Terri’s courage deserted her. "It, it doesn’t matter."

As they walked into the Parking Lot, Terri looked around for the guard
she had arranged to meet but he was nowhere to be seen. Chyna looked at her
as she craned her neck to find him.

"Lost something?" she asked.

"Um, no. No, not exactly lost. . ." Terri replied.

Chyna turned her face away as they walked and she stared into the middle
distance. Terri thought about making a run for it, and then wondered why.
There had been something odd about Chyna’s behavior since they had met up in
the corridor above, but then, Chyna always seemed a little odd to Terri.

"I heard that you had a meeting with Vince this afternoon." She stated.

Terri froze in her tracks and she felt a shiver up her spine. There had
been no special emphasis in her words, but suddenly Terri knew that this
meeting was no accident. "Ah, yes. Yes, I did." She replied.

"About anything in particular?" she asked.

"Ah, um. I just wanted to talk about maybe having a bit more of a role,
you know, on screen."

"I see," said Chyna. "Are you alright? You look a little cold."

As she spoke she reached forward and pinched one of Terri’s
fear-stiffened nipples through the thin fabric of her halter top. Terri
stared into Chyna’s blue-grey eyes like a rabbit frozen in the headlights of
an oncoming truck while the amazon played with the hard nub of flesh between
her thumb and forefinger.

"I’ve been looking forward to renewing our acquaintance." Chyna said as
she began to stroke the huge breast beneath her hand and Terri shivered with

"But why? Please Chyna, I’m not. . . I mean. . ." She stopped babbling
as Chyna’s free hand came up to caress her neck.

"I also heard what you said about me!" Chyna hissed.

"No! Please, Chyna. I didn’t mean it. . . Don’t. . ."

Chyna silenced her by pulling her forward and kissing her, hard on the
lips. Terri struggled weakly against the bigger woman, but it was futile.
Chyna broke the kiss and Terri gasped for air.

"I’m a little disappointed. After all the fun we had last time, I didn’t
expect to have to instruct you again."

"No, Chyna please, I’m begging you. Don’t do this! Please, I won’t tell
anyone. I’ve learnt my lesson. . ." Terri pleaded.

"Oh no. I really don’t think that would be good enough. I think I’m
going to have to give you a little. . . ‘refresher-course’."

So saying she dragged the frightened Terri back into a passionate kiss,
thrusting her tongue deep into the big-breasted woman’s mouth. As she did
so, she placed both of her strong hands around her neck and pressed her
thumb down onto her carotid artery, cutting off the blood supply to the
brain and within a minute, Terri’s eyelids fluttered and her legs grew too
weak to support her.

Chyna caught the unconscious woman before she fell and she lifted her
lifeless boby up into her strong arms.

* * *

Miss Kitty brought her head back up, her tongue slavering over the huge
cock in her mouth. She pulled it out and tickled the underside with the tip
of her tongue before plunging all 11 inches back down her throat.

The huge black man relaxed in his chair and closed his eyes as the
little raven-haired woman deep-throated his cock. And to think, he’d thought
this job would be boring! Only six hours on the job and already he had a
pretty little thing kneeling between his legs and sucking on his cock as
though her life depended on it.

Not to mention that big-titted blonde that had been giving him the
come-on all day. In fact she had hinted that she might drop by after the
show. Even if she was a lot older than this gorgeous young thing, and a lot
older than she would like everyone to believe, she certainly had a hot body,
and those tits were to die for.

He just hoped he would have time to finish this one off before she
arrived. She’d seemed to be a hot little slut, but there was no sense in
letting her catch him with another woman giving him a little oral lovin’. He
sighed as Miss Kitty slipped down his cock and lapped at his balls.

Miss Kitty slipped one finger between his buttocks and the big man
gasped as she probed his asshole. She returned to sucking on the large,
almost purple colored head as she wormed her finger into his tight ass. She
pressed her tongue into the piss-hole and flicked it back and forth.

That was more than the guard could stand and his huge black cock
suddenly erupted into Miss Kitty’s waiting mouth. She hummed as she
swallowed eagerly while the guard shot load after load of his thick, salty

"What do you think you are doing?"

The guard opened his eyes with a start and saw in the doorway a huge
woman in a leather coat who was looking at him with such an expression of
disgust that he felt like a little boy caught doing something he shouldn’t.
Which, in a sense, he was. He tried to jump to his feet and pull his
trousers up, but the little slut wouldn’t release her mouth-hold on his

"You do realize that it’s a serious breach of trust for you to take
advantage of your position like this?" she demanded while he was trying to
pull the girl off of his softening cock.

Miss Kitty sank her teeth into his penis as he gave her a huge shove. He
howled in pain as her teeth scraped along the sensitive meat and she
sprawled back on the floor, smiling up at him with his spunk dibbling down
her chin as he hopped around in misery.

"You do realize that you could be fired for this don’t you?" Chyna
demanded in her most authoritative tone.

"Please. . . Please don’t do that, I only just got this job. . . I can’t
afford to lose it. . ." he said as he struggled to pull his trousers back

"Did he hurt you at all?" Chyna asked Miss Kitty.

"No, I’m fine," she said, still sitting and smiling on the floor.

"Very well then, we’ll say no more about it." The look of gratitude on
the guards face was short lived as Chyna added, "But if I ever hear that
you’ve done anything like this in the future, or if you ever cross me, then
your ass will be out of here so fast, it’ll make your head spin."

She leant in close to the guard who was still grimacing in pain and
added softly. "Do I make myself perfectly clear?"

The guard nodded and Chyna turned put her arm around Miss Kitty and

* * *

"What did you have to rush for? We were just about to get to the good
stuff!" Miss Kitty protested in her girlish voice and Chyna laughed.

"You’re incorrigible," she said, then she added, "you’re also drooling."

Miss Kitty reached up and wiped the black man’s cum from her chin and
then licked it off her fingers with every appearance of a connoisseur. Chyna
chuckled again as Miss Kitty rolled her eyes and acted as though it were the
sweetest wine she had ever tasted.

"Did you get her?" she asked once she had licked her fingers clean.

"Oh, yes."

"Oh goody! Can I play with her first?" Chyna laughed once more. Miss
Kitty loved to play the little girl role that her figure suggested, leaving
Chyna to play the ‘mommy’.

"You’ll just have to wait your turn," she replied and Kitty pouted.
"After all, I let you distract the guard didn’t I?"

Chyna held up the keys to Terri’s car and told her, "I’ll see you later.
And don’t take too long, because I won’t wait for you."

"You never let me have any fun!" she pouted.

As Miss Kitty reached up to take the keys, Chyna leant down and kissed
her gently and tasted the faint remnant of the guards spunk on her lover’s
lips. Kitty took the keys and Chyna smiled as she headed over towards
Terri’s car.

She reflected that Miss Kitty might be getting a little too familiar.
Not that she minded as such, but it wouldn’t do for her to get above herself
and forget who was in charge. But it wasn’t a problem, and she decided that
just this once she would indulge her lover, and allow her the first turn
with Terri’s pussy.

After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that Terri had been forced to
serve Chyna so she could afford to feel charitable toward her diminutive

* * *

Miss Kitty rushed down the steps so quickly that she very nearly missed
the small parcel of clothes on a chair at the foot of the stairway. In the
dim light, Miss Kitty discerned that her mistress had picked a specific
outfit for her tonight. Chyna would have been upset if Kitty had entered the
cellar in her current garb and she was thankful that she had spotted them.

She quickly pulled off her skirt and crop-top and, since she wore no
underwear that could delay her further, she dressed in the leather costume.
It consisted of a pair of crotchless shorts and a leather and metal bra that
pushed her tiny breasts high and together to give her a cleavage. But,
unlike the version she wore on television, this one had holes cut out of the
cups, each framed with a metal ring to expose and emphasize her nipples and
there was no accompanying thong so that her smoothly shaved pussy was freely
accessible. The outfit was completed by a pair of black leather boots with 3
inch, built up heels.

Once she was dressed she looked like a miniature version of Chyna, a
spurious similarity that was exaggerated now that Miss Kitty had dyed her
hair black because, Chyna said, nobody takes a blonde seriously.

Miss Kitty checked that everything was in place and slid her finger down
and into her honey-pot, which was literally dripping with anticipation of
Terri’s humiliation. She licked her own pussy-juice from her fingertip and
then opened the cellar door.

* * *

Terri knelt naked on the cold stone floor with her hands bound behind
her back by thick leather cuffs. She was begging the raven-haired amazon to
release her as Kitty slipped in through the door. Terri had a wide, tanned
body that was nonetheless curvaceous and feminine, without so much as an
ounce of excess fat and from where Kitty approached she had an excellent
view of the blonde’s tight, well-toned ass. As she circled the kneeling
woman to Chyna’s side, she saw that Terri also had a thick leather collar
around her neck.

"Please! Chyna, I’m sorry. Please let me go! I didn’t mean it. I’m

She almost shouted the last phrase as Chyna simply sneered down at her.
She was dressed almost identically to Miss Kitty and she turned to her tiny
lover and asked her in a tone of voice that made it clear that release was
not an option, "What do you think my love, should we let her go?"

She felt a warm glow inside as Chyna called her ‘my love’. "Oh no
Mistress. I think we should hurt her." She replied in her most severe tone.

Chyna had to suppress a chuckle as Kitty sounded just like a little girl
trying to sound grown-up. She gripped Terri’s face in her strong hand and
said, "You see? I’m afraid you’re just going to have to suffer, unless
perhaps you can persuade Kitty to change her mind."

Terri turned to look at the tiny woman who could not keep the expression
of glee from her face as she realized that Chyna was going to let her take
the first turn with their busty new slave.

". . .persuade. . .?" Terri asked in a small voice.

"I’m sure you remember how to do it." Chyna said mockingly.

There were tears in Terri’s eyes as Miss Kitty stood in front of her and
spread her slim legs apart. Her eyes remained staring steadily at the floor
until Miss Kitty, in her little girl’s voice, ordered, "Get to work, slave!"

Terri raised her eyes and was faced with Kitty’s smoothly shaved sex.
Her pussy-lips were quite small and nothing of her inner lips showed through
the tight slit, a fact that only reinforced the impression in Terri’s mind
that she was about to perform oral sex on a twelve year old.

She closed her eyes and tentatively licked the hairless groove before
her. There was a faintly musky flavor to her sex and a tiny rivulet of her
honey leaked from her vagina and onto her thigh.

Terri started to lap at the much younger woman’s pussy with short
strokes of her dry tongue, not probing any deeper than the outer surface of
her lips. Miss Kitty pushed her cunt down onto Terri’s face in order to
force her to lick deeper, and the blonde shuddered slightly as Kitty’s lips
parted and she tasted the stronger flavors of her vaginal secretions.

"Deeper, slave! I want your tongue right up inside me. Fuck me with your
mouth!" Kitty’s soprano voice ordered.

Miss Kitty arched her back as Terri began to service her properly and
she leant back into the arms of her mistress. Chyna curled her muscular arms
around her lover and cupped her small brassiered breasts in her hands. With
her thumb and forefinger she pinched Kitty’s nipples sending small shocks of
pleasure through the smaller woman.

She started to hump her hips forcefully against Terri’s face while her
amazonian lover slid one hand down her stomach to the smooth shaven skin of
her pussy. Chyna slipped one finger between Kitty’s cunt and their slave’s
face and she began to caress Miss Kitty’s tiny nub of a clitoris.

The threefold pleasure of Terri’s tongue fucking her hole, and Chyna’s
fingers manipulating her nipples and clit were too much for the tiny woman
and she started cumming explosively. She yelped and squealed as the powerful
climax tore through her body and she saw stars before her eyes.

Terri tried to pull away from the onrush of Miss Kitty’s orgasmic
fluids, but Kitty clamped her hands tightly around the older blonde’s head
and forced her to drink the gushing girl-cum.

Miss Kitty fell back as the orgasm waned, and it was only Chyna’s strong
arms that stopped her from collapsing completely.

Terri face was red with the shame and humiliation, and tears welled in
her eyes as Kitty’s love juice cooled and dried on her face. Then, suddenly
her hair was grasped tightly and her head was jerked back up. Before her
eyes there was Chyna’s full-lipped and hairlessly smooth sex.

Chyna didn’t say a word, but simply rammed Terri’s face into her cunt
and pulled her head around painfully by her hair. Terri didn’t do anything
to Chyna’s pussy as Chyna was intent on simply using her face as a fuck-pad,
grinding her soft flesh across the bones of Terri’s face until she came,
adding her wet cum to Miss Kitty’s on the older woman’s face.

Terri sobbed openly as Chyna pulled away from her. Her face felt
battered and bruised by the mauling of Chyna’s cunt and she was mortified
with embarrassment.

Miss Kitty had recovered and she went into a dark corner of the cellar
at Chyna’s command and started to turn a large iron winch. There was a
clanking of metal and a chain descended from the high ceiling directly above
the pool of light and Terri’s naked body. She didn’t struggle as Chyna
unclipped her wrists from behind her back and pulled them up above her head,
attaching the thick leather cuffs to the chain. Chyna then joined Miss Kitty
at the winch and she began to turn the wheel inexorably.

Terri was pulled first to her feet and then up on to tiptoe as Chyna
continued to wind the winch until Terri thought her shoulders would be torn
from their sockets. And then, just as her toes were about to lose contact
with the cold floor, the chain stopped.

The two lovers stood before their prize and enjoyed the wonderful sight
of Terri’s lovely body stretched to the limits. Her muscles bulged and
glistened with sweat in the dimly lit room. Terri was only slightly taller
than Miss Kitty, and because of the boots that Kitty was wearing they were
eye to eye. However, Chyna was much taller than them both and Terri still
had to look up to see into Chyna’s eyes, even on tiptoe.

"Please, Chyna! It hurts! Let me down. . . pleeeease. . . I promise I’ll
be good!" she begged, "Please! Let me down and I’ll do anything you want. .
. please?"

Chyna looked at her with contempt for her weakness. "It hurts? But we
haven’t even started on your punishment yet!"

Chyna nodded to Miss Kitty who skipped across the room to a cupboard and
returned with leather carry-all. The first item she took out was a ball-gag.
Terri’s pleading and sobbing were muffled when Chyna forced the gag into her
mouth and buckled the straps around the back of her head.

When Chyna was quite satisfied that the gag was secure, she turned to
Kitty who handed her some old-fashioned hemp rope. Miss Kitty then went
behind Terri and gripped her by the ribs with her small hands. Chyna pulled
the rope over her hand and smiled as she tested the strength of it.

Terri shivered when Chyna reached forward to stroke one of her firm
breasts. Despite the blonde’s fear, her nipples immediately sprang to full
erection, responding in accordance with her over-sexed libido, which was
extraordinarily strong.

Then the amazon began to loop the rope over her breasts, wrapping it
tightly around each of them close to Terri’s ribcage until both her tits
were completely encircled. Terri had tried to kick the larger woman away but
Chyna simply ignored her efforts and Miss Kitty held Terri’s body still as
her mistress continued to bind the large breasts.

Once she had finished tying off the ends, Chyna began to pull the rope
tighter and Terri squealed into her gag as the hemp scratched her skin. Then
she screamed as Chyna continued to pull the bonds even tighter, the nooses
cutting into the delicate flesh and forcing her breasts to swell outward
until they resembled two large grapefruit. Tears ran down Terri’s cheeks as
the pain of her bonds. The ropes had been reduced to less than half the
diameter of each giant tit causing them to stand out from her body, and
restricting the flow of blood so that they flushed an angry red color.

When Chyna was certain that the ropes were as tight as possible, she
handed the rope’s loose end to Kitty who passed it back on Terri’s other
flank so that Chyna could add more loops to the breast bondage before she
again handed it to Miss Kitty. This continued until they had created a
bra-like harness to ensure that Terri’s tits could not escape their
restrictive bindings.

Chyna leant forward and crushed her own massive breasts against Terri’s.
She rubbed them together and the metal studs of her leather bra-top added
yet more discomfort to the tortured valet. Chyna then pulled away and knelt
down by the carry-all. Terri’s relief was short-lived however, as when Chyna
stood up again she was holding two large alligator clamps.

Terri was shaking her head, her eyes wide with terror as Chyna smiled
and pinched the clamps so that the steel-toothed jaws opened wide.

"I assume you’ve guessed where these go then." She said as she stroked
one of Terri’s erect nipples with the cold steel. "You have such wonderful
nipples." So saying, she opened the jaws of the clamp and slipped it over
the stiffened nub.

Terri’s scream was audible even through the gag as Chyna released the
clamp and the steel teeth bit into Terri’s vulnerable nipple. Heedless to
her distress, Chyna swiftly attached the second alligator clamp to her other

Chyna stood back to watch Terri thrashing, as though she hoped to throw
the clamps off her breasts. Slowly though her struggles subsided as her
nipples grew numb under the torture of their clamps.

At a nod from Chyna, Miss Kitty knelt down before the bound woman and
started to stroke her sex. Terri’s pussy had a neatly trimmed pubic bush of
dark hair, with the full-bodied lips shaved smooth and Kitty ran her fingers
up and down the dry groove of her slit. Terri quivered at her touch and as
the tiny woman began to tease her pussy with her tongue, she felt her cunt
moistening against her will.

Chyna had taught Miss Kitty well in the arts of pleasuring a woman,
honing a natural talent to the point whereby even the most homophobic and
strait-laced of women could not long resist her ministrations. A woman as
highly sexed as Terri had no chance to deny the pleasure that was building
inside her, in spite of the aching pain of her bound breasts.

Miss Kitty used her tongue to lap up the secretions of Terri’s cunt,
even as she used it, along with her teeth, to tease the engorged clitoris.
She used her fingers too, gently finger-fucking the older woman until she
felt the rising of her imminent orgasm. She immediately broke off from
orally pleasuring Terri and stood up.

Terri’s eyes were tightly clenched and her chest was heaving in an
effort to obtain enough air as she was practically sobbing with frustration
by the denial of her now much needed climax.

"Aah, are you upset that Miss Kitty didn’t get you of?" Chyna inquired,
"Never mind, I’ve got just the thing to solve your problem!"

Terri opened her eyes and squealed in terror as she saw what Chyna had
strapped to her crotch. It was a strap-on dildo. But it wasn’t just the
massive size of the thing that struck fear into her heart, but the black, 14
inch shaft was studded for most of its length with hard rubber spikes, each
one of which was almost half an inch long!

The bound woman started to kick frantically, desperate to avoid the fate
that Chyna had in store for her. Her efforts were futile however as Chyna
simply caught her flailing legs and threw them up over her shoulders. She
wrapped her strong arms around Terri’s upper thighs and Terri was helpless,
hanging by her wrists with the smooth tip of the evil weapon nudging at her

Miss Kitty reached down to guide the spherical, 4 inch round cockhead
into Terri’s defenseless vagina. Chyna looked deeply into Terri’s eyes, the
blonde’s beautiful face contorted with fear as the dildo penetrated her
pussy. Then the amazon grinned widely as she thrust forward with a massive
effort and drove a full 6 inches into the older woman.

Terri’s scream was terrible indeed, even muffled as it was by the
ball-gag. The pain was beyond anything she had ever imagined as Chyna fucked
the studded dildo into her cunt, the rubber spikes lacerating her tender
membranes. The rubber was just soft enough that it didn’t actually cause any
permanent damage, at least physically, but firm enough to cause incredible
levels of pain.

The athletic blonde could do nothing but endure that pain as the vicious
dominatrix forced it deeper with every thrust, raping her with the black
rubber implement of torture. Terri’s entire world was reduced to the burning
agony in her cunt.

Chyna was fucking her forcefully, hammering her monstrous black rubber
cock inch by inch into Terri until she hit the woman’s cervix. There was
still another 4 inches of the studded dildo yet to go however, and the
raven-haired amazon simply continued with the slam-fucking until she ripped
her way into Terri’s womb.

Terri shrieked in unimaginable agony as Chyna brutally womb-fucked her
with the cruel implement. Eventually the whole of the dildo was inside Terri
and Chyna paused in her thrusting. Instead, of fucking her, she pulled out
an inch or so and began to circle her hips, twisting the dildo inside Terri
and grinding the exposed part of the studded shaft against Terri’s swollen

Terri’s orgasm was truly mind-blowing, shattering her consciousness with
its intensity. She practically passed out with the incredible pain and
pleasure that wracked her body and her head lolled lifelessly as her orgasm

Chyna grinned maniacally as she started to rape her semi-conscious slave
without mercy. She snarled as she ground the base of the dildo into her own
clit while she slam-fucked the entire length of the cruel phallus in and out
of Terri.

* * *

Miss Kitty watched her mistress raping Terri and she felt a cruel desire
to help hurt the woman further. She watched the glistening muscles of
Chyna’s ass as she thrust in and out and she suddenly had an idea.

She knelt down and ducked under the two women. She shuffled forward on
her knees until she could bend backward to part Terri’s butt-cheeks with her
tiny hands and then she began to lick at her asshole. She reamed her out
thoroughly using her saliva to lubricate the older woman’s ring and then
slipped one finger into her ass.

With only a little effort she soon had all four of her fingers inside,
and with one huge push, she forced her thumb in alongside them. She licked
up the love-juice that was now flowing freely down Terri’s thighs used it to
lubricate the rest of her hand until she could push her entire fist up into
Terri’s rectum.

Terri was riding mindlessly from one agonized orgasm to the next and was
barely even aware of the new pain in her ass as Kitty began to imitate the
actions of Chyna, synchronizing her punch up into the bowels of Terri with
the outstroke of Chyna’s huge dildo.

* * *

They double-fucked Terri for more than half an hour and all three of
them experienced multiple orgasms. Terri’s were unwilling, the result of her
brutal treatment. Chyna’s were from the stimulation of her engorged clitoris
and the agony distorted expressions on Terri’s face. While Miss Kitty was
left to frig her slit with her free hand as the other still impaled Terri’s
tight asshole.

Eventually, after a particularly satisfying climax, Chyna withdrew her
studded rubber cock from Terri’s tortured cunt and stepped back to examine
the gaping hole she had left in the older woman. Miss Kitty pulled her arm
out of Terri’s ass with great difficulty and slipped between the blonde’s
dangling legs so that she was kneeling at her mistress’s feet.

Every detail of Terri’s pussy was obscenely exposed, her vagina clearly
dilated still from the massive violation it had just experienced. Her
membranes were a vibrant red color from the abuse they had received and
Terri’s love juices were nonetheless flowing freely down her thighs from her
sopping wet cunt.

"You really are a complete and utter slut, aren’t you Terri?" Chyna said
as she mauled the wet sex-flesh, causing Terri to moan in pain once more. "I
mean look at this. Here I rape your dirty little hole with a real
bitch-tamer, and you go and enjoy it!"

Terri tried to deny it, but she was too weak to do any more than shake
her head.

"It looks like you could fuck just about anything and you’d still enjoy
it." Chyna nodded at her waiting lover.

Miss Kitty reached forward and slipped her small hand into Terri’s
vagina. There was no resistance whatsoever, so the diminutive domina
withdrew and clasped both hands together. She placed her double fist at the
entrance to the older woman’s vagina and pushed.

Terri moaned softly into her gag as she was penetrated by both of
Kitty’s hands, but there wasn’t much difficulty or pain in taking both
forearms right up to the elbow, just a little discomfort from her tenderized

Chyna watched Kitty fuck Terri in that manner for a few minutes and then
she knelt down beside her. As Miss Kitty pulled back, Chyna gently caught
her wrists and pulled the double fist out of Terri’s cunt. The raven-haired
dominatrix then lay the inside of her forearm along the outside of Kitty’s
combined arms and wrapped her strong fingers over Kitty’s clasped hands. She
smiled evilly at her lover, then she guided the now triple-fist back to
Terri’s wet hole and put all her strength into one unstoppable thrust.

Terri’s scream was terrible indeed, and came from so deep in her chest
that the gag did nothing to stop it. The pain was unbelievable as she was
stretched to almost impossible dimensions. Only muscles that had experienced
childbirth allowed Terri to take the massive penetration of three arms into
her cunt at the same time.

Chyna’s arm was thick and muscular and it alone was almost as thick as
Kitty’s two slender arms together. All three together were forcing Terri’s
cunt to open to more than 8 inches in diameter!

They triple-fist fucked her for more than ten minutes, with Chyna
providing all the strength that was required for such a massive violation.
The sounds of their combined arms as they rammed in and out of Terri were
sickeningly wet, as Terri’s love-juices were pistoned out of her by the
irregularly shaped violation.

Disgusting slurping noises accompanied Terri’s tortured screams until
Chyna eventually called an end to the multiple fist rape.

* * *

Terri was sobbing and gasping for air as Chyna scrutinized her gagged
face. Black tear tracks ran down her cheeks where her mascara had run and
her hair was plastered to her face, dripping with sweat. Her eyes were wide
with fear and saliva drooled from around the ball-gag and down her chin.

Chyna felt a powerful twinge deep in her pussy as she looked upon the
distorted beauty of the woman hanging before her. It had been a long time
since she had really cut loose on a slave and she was enjoying every minute
of this.

She absorbed every detail of Terri’s pain and she orgasmed even as she
stood there, with no more stimulation than the ravaged face of the woman she
had broken. She rode out the mild climax, the only outward expression of her
pleasure was a quickening of her breath and she contemplated what was yet in
store for Terri.

When she was sure that her hands would remain steady, she reached around
behind Terri and unbuckled the gag. Terri instantly started to gasp and sob
loudly as her aching jaw was released from its restraint.

"There, there. There’s no need to cry, Terri," Chyna said as she stroked
Terri’s face, brushing the hairs of her fringe from her eyes. "The worst is
all over now."

"So first of all, I’ll just release these." She said and she reached
down and took one of the alligator clamps that were still biting into her

She smiled sweetly and pinched the ends of the clamp together, opening
the jaws. For a moment, Terri felt nothing, and then the sensation returned
to the nipple and agonizing pain tore through her body once more.


Miss Kitty’s eyes were alight with sadistic glee as Terri screamed. Once
her cries were reduced to mere broken sobs, Chyna released the other nipple.
Terri was shaking so much as she screamed that Chyna didn’t even consider
trying to untie the ropes around her now purple breasts and so instead she
fetched a pair of scissors and cut the bonds free.

Yet more pain seared through Terri’s breasts as they were released and
the blood began circulating again, the ropes leaving deep imprints on her
bruised tits. Chyna grabbed both of Terri’s once gorgeous breasts and mauled
them roughly.

"Don’t worry, they’ll be as good as new in no time."

Then she stooped down and sucked one battered nipple into her mouth. The
gentle sucking felt as though red hot needles were being stuck into her
hyper-sensitized nipple.

Slowly, Chyna increased her suction on the tortured breast until Terri
was screaming once more. Finally she was rewarded, as a thin stream of
bitter milk spurted into her mouth, and Chyna fed lustily upon it for a few
moments, then she called Miss Kitty across to drink from the firm mammary
while she turned her attention to the other one.

Few women carry any milk when not actually feeding a child, and so Terri
ran out after only a couple of minutes of Chyna and Miss Kitty suckling from
her breasts. Kitty reached up and squeezed the large tit, pawing her
mercilessly in order to milk the last few droplets from her breast.

They broke away from breast-feeding and, at Chyna’s command, Miss Kitty
went over to the winch at the far side of the room and lowered the weeping
woman to the floor.

* * *

Terri lay huddled on the floor and sobbing with her wrists still bound
and clasped to her sore breasts for nearly twenty minutes while on the far
side of the room she could hear Chyna and Miss Kitty fucking each other. She
was so wrapped up in her own misery that she didn’t notice when they
returned and stood over her until Chyna nudged her with a booted foot.

She looked up with fearful eyes and saw that each of them had a large
dildo strapped to their groins. Each of them was a foot long, and nearly 3
inches thick. The black rubber cocks were held in place by a strap that ran
around their waists and two others that ran around their thighs. Miss Kitty
looked slightly comical, sporting such a massive cock on her tiny body.

"no. . . Chyna, please. . . I can’t take any more! I’m, I’m sorry. . ."
she begged weakly.

"Oh you don’t have to worry about these, they aren’t for you." Chyna
said, "I doubt you would even feel cocks this small now anyway!" she added,
and Miss Kitty began to giggle.

Chyna knelt down and rolled Terri onto her back. "No Terri, all you have
to do now is relax."

She pulled Terri’s legs apart and bent her head down over her much
abused pussy. Then, to Terri’s surprise, she began to lick her slit very
gently. Chyna’s expert tongue explored her slave’s battered cunt with slow
languorous sweeps, caressing her lovingly.

As Chyna was on all fours, and because of the arrangements of the straps
there was nothing to obstruct access to her pussy and ass. She sank to her
knees behind her, and began to rub the rubber cock-head up and down the
amazon’s hairless slit. Kitty slipped her small hands around her mistress’s
waist and gripped tightly to her leather clad hips in her crotchless shorts.

Chyna’s cunt was very wet and Miss Kitty sank all 12-inches into the
much bigger woman with one stroke, hitting the depth of her cervix. She
fucked Chyna as forcefully as her tiny body was capable of for a couple of
minutes and then withdrew.

Chyna gasped as her tiny lover bent down and pressed her face between
the dominatrix’ firm butt-cheeks. She smiled, even with her tongue buried in
Terri’s snatch as Miss Kitty began licking at her ringpiece, fucking her
with her tongue to lubricate the hole with her saliva.

Terri felt an orgasm building within her as Chyna licked her out. A deep
and powerful orgasm. But just as Terri felt that the dam would burst and her
climax begin, Chyna stopped her ministrations. Terri moaned in frustration
and moved her bound hands down to her crotch so that she could finish
herself off.

Chyna gripped her cuffed wrists and stopped them cold. Terri looked into
Chyna’s eyes and realized that her torment was not over. The cunnilingus was
simply an exquisite torture to drive her to the point of orgasm and then to
deny her that release.

Then the amazon moaned with pleasure as Kitty rose back up and pushed
the head of her cock into Chyna’s ass. She slowly slid the full length of
her big rubber strap-on into her mistress’s tight rectum. Miss Kitty took a
firm grip once more and started to fuck Chyna’s ass mercilessly, her flat
stomach slapping against Chyna’s muscular buttocks.

Chyna reveled in the sensation of fullness and it wasn’t long until she
was cumming. Her girl-cum sprayed out onto Miss Kitty’s legs as a strong,
rolling orgasm washed over her.

After a couple of moments to recuperate, Chyna rose back to her feet and
Terri heard the dildo make a wet popping sound as Chyna pulled herself off
of it. She ushered Miss Kitty forward on her hands and knees and the small
woman braced herself.

Chyna knelt behind her diminutive lover and reached forward to grasp a
hold of Kitty’s raven-black locks. She jerked her head back and rammed her
foot-long dildo straight up Miss Kitty’s unprepared ass. The girl gave a
shrill cry as the rubber intruder forced it’s way fully into her bowels and
then began to pant when Chyna started to screw her with the full strength of
her powerful body.

Terri had never seen a woman receive such a vicious fucking as Chyna
gave her lover then, and she was shocked to see that Miss Kitty obviously
enjoyed every moment of her brutal violation. She was mewling like a
pussy-cat as Chyna slam-fucked her ass with such power that the smaller
woman was being thrown forward with every thrust.

Kitty tried to bow her head and lick Terri’s pussy but the butt-pounding
she was receiving was simply too vigorous and so she had to settle for
grinding her face over the blonde cunt. Terri welcomed the rough stimulation
and willed herself on toward orgasm, but again, just when she thought that
she must cum, the stimulation ended.

And so it continued for an hour, with Chyna and Miss Kitty taking turns
to fuck each other while the other used her tongue and face to keep Terri on
the point of orgasm without ever letting her achieve it.

* * *

Eventually the two leather-clad women ceased in their game and they
hauled the over-stimulated and unsatisfied Terri up onto her hands and
knees. They clicked the manacles about her wrists together and attached
another pair to her ankles. Then they attached a short length of chain to
the links on each pair of cuffs and connected these to an iron ring set in
the floor positioned below her trim abdomen. Terri was forced to remain on
her hands and knees as the short chains allowed no freedom of movement.

"Well, Terri. Are you feeling a little bit desperate for release?" Chyna
asked as she ran a finger along the weeping slit of her cunt causing the
smaller woman to quiver with delight. "Are you ready to do anything,
absolutely anything if I let you cum?"

". . . please Chyna. . ." whimpered Terri.

"I’ll take that as a yes then shall I." Chyna grabbed Terri’s sweat
drenched hair and pulled her blushing face up.

"And do you know why that is? It’s because you’re just a dirty little
fuck-slut. A filthy little bitch in heat, desperate for a fuck! You’re just
like a little doggie doing tricks to please its mistress. Isn’t that right,
my little doggy-slut!" The amazon jerked back on Terri’s hair to prompt her.

". . . ye, yes. . ." she whispered.

"Yes, what?" Chyna demanded.

"yes, I’m your little, your little doggy-slut." She said quietly and
Chyna pulled her hair again.

"Mistress!" she squealed.

"That’s better!"

She released Terri’s hair with a dismissive shove and then Chyna and
Miss Kitty linked arms and left Terri sobbing with frustration and
humiliation in the middle of the room.

* * *

Terri listened to the scrabbling sounds of claws on stone outside the
door, and the whines of several animals but without quite realizing what it
was she was hearing. It wasn’t until the door opened and Chyna and Miss
Kitty came in with half a dozen huge black dogs that she understood.

She saw the huge urchin-like grin on Miss Kitty’s face and then looked
at the dogs again. The moment they entered the room they could smell the
combined scent of all three women’s sex and passion and immediately their
dicks began to stiffen. Terri saw the massive purplish red beast-cocks
enlarging and the reason for her strange bondage became obvious.

"NO! Chyna, please no!" she begged, "don’t do this, please! I’ll do
anything you want, but please don’t do this to me!"

The first dog to be released immediately started sniffing at her
vulnerable cunt. She yelped as its cold nose touched her hot flesh and then
she squealed as it licked her pussy and a powerful thrill of unwanted
pleasure ran through her.

The now dressed Chyna and Miss Kitty had released the rest of the
massive rottweilers from their leashes and they all immediately clustered
around the defenseless blonde. Terri could see them in detail as they
circled her and they terrified her. They were a Rottweiler/Mastiff cross
breed, combining the black, lethal appearance of a rottweiler with the
massive size of a mastiff. All of them had cocks that were at least a foot
long, with a large knot near the base that was more than 4 inches in

Chyna crouched down next to Terri, who continued to plead and beg. The
bigger woman placed one of her now gloved hands on Terri’s cheek and made a
shushing sound as Terri really began to panic when one of the dogs tried to
mount her but slipped off, it’s claws scratching her painfully across her

"You called me a dog," she said in a quiet, reasonable tone, "so I am
going to prove to you that there is only one dog in the WWF, and that dog is
you! These dogs are going to rape your cunt and you are going to enjoy every
minute of it like the dirty slut-doggy you are!"

Terri screamed as Chyna helped the dog back up onto her, guiding its
paws to her shoulders. Terri tried twisting her hips to deflect the wet
dog-cock that nudged her pussy-lips, but Chyna simply reached under the dog
and, grasping its large penis with her gloved hand, she pressed the pointed
tip between Terri’s swollen vulva.

The dog immediately thrust the full 11 inches of its fat cock into
Terri’s sopping wet cunt and began to pump frantically into her. The dog was
so big that its head was alongside hers and she could her it panting as it
fucked her. Terri sobbed as she was shafted by the dog, and felt sick as she
felt the rise of an imminent climax.

The exquisite torture that Chyna and Miss Kitty had inflicted upon her
earlier had worked. Her body was in desperate need of an orgasm and it
didn’t care that she was being raped by an animal. All that mattered was
that she was being fucked by a big, long cock and her body responded
accordingly. She tried to resist, but when, after five minutes the dog
rammed its huge cock-knot into her, she came.

The orgasm was beyond anything she had ever experienced before in her
life. She saw stars dance before her eyes and she felt that she would pass
out. The small part of her that was still capable of rational thought prayed
for unconsciousness to end her humiliation and degradation, but she remained
awake and was fully aware when the dog came inside her, filling her womb
with spurt after spurt of its vile animal spunk.

The dog dismounted but its cock-knot, instead of remaining inside
Terri’s cunt and tying them together, slipped out. After the brutal
treatment her cunt had received at the hands, or rather the fisted arms of
Miss Kitty and Chyna, nothing was going to be getting stuck inside her hole
for a long while yet.

The first dog gave a puzzled sounding noise, but another even larger dog
immediately jumped up onto Terri’s back and plunged into her. Terri felt
like she was going to be sick as the dog fucked her sloppy pussy, slick with
her own arousal and dog-cum. The thought of what was happening to her
repulsed her to the very core, and yet her body was enjoying the violent
copulation of these beasts.

"It looks like some of the others are getting impatient. I’m afraid our
little slut-doggy isn’t quite fast enough." Terri felt fresh humiliation
burn her cheeks at Chyna’s words. "So then, Terri. How do you think we might
speed things up a little?"

Terri looked up with large frightened eyes as Chyna pulled one of the
dogs in front of her by its collar. She maneuvered the animal so that its
huge cock was hanging in her face.

"Now, you’re going to suck this dog’s cock until it shoots its load
right down your throat and then you are going to swallow every drop.

The dog seemed to understand what was supposed to happen as it jerked
its hips, slapping her on the cheek with its wet cock. Terri flinched, but
Chyna still held her head and she pushed it back to the animal’s underbelly,
causing her face to be rubbed against the massive dog-cock.

Unwillingly, but under threat of further punishment, Terri opened her
mouth and licked the bright red tip, tasting the beast’s unwashed penis. She
shuddered with revulsion but at Chyna’s order she nonetheless opened her
mouth and sucked the dogs thick cock inside.

Miss Kitty was watching Terri fucking and sucking the dogs and she was
enjoying every moment of it. She slipped her small hand inside the edge of
her leather thong and fingered her slit while the second dog shot its load
into Terri’s belly, and once again the cock-knot failed to tie as it

Then the largest of the dogs mounted her. It was much bigger than the
human below it and its cock was well over 15-inches long. It made several
attempts to penetrate Terri’s pussy but didn’t seem to be able to get the
angle right so Miss Kitty dropped down to her knees beside the animal and
grasped its huge hot penis in her hand and guided it towards Terri’s tighter

Kitty watched with glee as the massive animal’s cock lunged deeply into
her ass. The thick red shaft hammered back and forth at a blinding speed and
Miss Kitty began to play with her clitty again.

Terri screamed around the dog-cock in her mouth as the beast raped her
ass, and the vibration was enough to trigger the orgasm of the dog in her
mouth. The blonde slave gagged as her mouth was filled with doggy-cum and
she retched uncontrollably, spitting the spunk out over the floor. The dog
continued to shoot its copious, and watery semen all over her face and hair.
The spunk dripped from her face to the floor in long thin strands.

Chyna grabbed Terri’s head and forced her tear-streaked face down into
the slimy puddle of dog-cum.

"I told you to swallow it all!" she snarled. "Now lick it up!"

Terri wept, but she stuck out her tongue and lapped at the dirty floor.
She had only just started on her task when she let out an agonized shriek as
the huge dog behind her forced it’s massive knot into her anus. It was
followed a moment later by the feeling of its hot spunk shooting deep into
her bowels.

Miss Kitty leant closer to Terri’s ass to get a good view of the deeply
buried cock as the animal dismounted. This time though the knot held and
Terri and the huge dog were tied at the ass!

Kitty was laughing at this when she suddenly felt a weight slam into her
back, forcing her down onto her knees, and she felt a hot wet cock poke
against her thigh.

"Chyna! Help" she cried as the dog tried to mount her.

The animal shifted its position and the tip of its cock pressed against
the crotch of Miss Kitty’s leather thong. She was relieved when a moment
later she felt the beast’s weight lifted from her.

She rolled onto her back and looked up at her savior who was holding the
dog up on its hind legs by its collar, its huge red penis was throbbing
obscenely and drooling pre-cum.

Chyna nodded toward Terri who was still tearfully lapping up the spilt
dog cum from the floor with a beast tied in her ass by its huge cock.

"Was that your idea?" she asked. Kitty nodded.

"It’s very cute. But it does mean that Terri’s mouth will be rather
overworked trying to satisfy all of these animals until he gets free, don’t
you think?" Miss Kitty tried to see where Chyna was headed and didn’t much
like the conclusion.

"After all, they are very excited to have the opportunity to fuck some
pretty human cunt," she said regretfully and gestured vaguely toward the
still massively erect dog-cock. "And now, because of you, they’re just going
to have to wait."

Miss Kitty knew what Chyna wanted, and she knew that she wouldn’t give
the order. The whole point of their relationship was that Kitty had to
foresee all of Chyna’s orders and obey them before they ever needed to be
spoken. The first time she would know if she had failed a test, that there
had even been a test, would be when Chyna punished her.

But she saw this one. She sat up on her knees and turned her back on
where Chyna stood with the massive dog and bent forward. She reached back
and pulled her leather thong down as far as the cutaway crotch of her shorts
would allow, and then she fell forward onto her hands and waited.

"That’s a good girl." Chyna said, and the next moment she felt the dog
mount her.

Its heavy weight drove the air from her lungs and the hairs of its coat
were short and smooth like a rough velvet against her back. Chyna reached
beneath the animal and guided its fat cock into Miss Kitty’s hairless cunt.

Immediately, the dog thrust its mighty penis into the quivering girl,
and Kitty squealed as she was penetrated by a real, live cock for the first
time in months. As it fucked her, it no longer mattered to her that it was
an animal that was fucking her.

She had never been as satisfied as she had since Chyna entered her life,
and she knew she could never go back to a life without her amazonian lover.
But it was precisely because of that sexual fulfillment that she hadn’t
realized how much she missed having a hot, living penis inside her. Now she
did, as her body soared toward an orgasm with incredible speed.

Chyna watched her girlfriend being fucked by the huge dog with an inner
pleasure that was simultaneously loving and sadistic, and she was thankful
to have found so willing and submissive a pupil and lover. Of the many women
she had fucked, some willingly and many not, she had never come across a
woman who complimented her own desires so perfectly.

After Miss Kitty had orgasmed, Chyna returned her attention to Terri.
The older blonde had licked up all of the cum and was sobbing again when she
was suddenly presented with the last of the six dogs to suck off. She didn’t
even try to resist, and just wrapped her lips around it and worked on the
animal’s prick like she would any other penis.

Miss Kitty squealed as the fat knot of the dog’s cock forced its way
into her tight cunt and she was cumming in moments. Then as she was just
beginning to come down from her climax she felt the wonderful sensation of
the beast’s spunk as it splashed deep into her womb and she came again.

The dog tried to dismount, but Kitty’s elastic pussy gripped his
cock-knot tightly and they were tied. Kitty lay panting for air for a minute
and then reached down between her legs to finger her clit, squeezing her
cunt on the huge dog-cock that was only slowly shrinking inside her until
she came yet again.

The animal in Terri’s mouth was clearly excited and came within a few
minutes. This time Terri managed to swallow it all, except for one single
rivulet that ran from the corner of her mouth. Chyna immediately presented
another dog before her, and as she licked the tip of its prick, she felt the
massive cock in her ass finally shrink enough that the animal could pull out
of her.

All this meant though was that her pussy was once more vulnerable and
one of the dogs leapt up onto her back and rammed its cock into her cunt.
Terri rocked gently back and forth as dogs raped both her mouth and her
pussy at the same time.

Meanwhile, as soon as Miss Kitty was free of the tie, she scooted across
the floor to one of the rested dogs and Chyna laughed out loud as she
wiggled her ass in it’s face to get its attention. It didn’t need any
further prompting and it jumped up onto the tiny woman and began to fuck her

* * *

After an hour, Chyna called a halt to Miss Kitty’s adventures as she was
clearly exhausted, having been fucked by all six of the dogs on at least one
occasion. Terri of course was beyond mere fatigue, shattered first by the
constant torture and now by the never-ending orgasms. but Chyna wasn’t
worried about her, she just didn’t want to have to give her lover time to
recover from this night as she had plans for Miss Kitty.

Chyna crouched down by Terri’s face, which was once again filled with
dog-dick. Once the animals had realized that they could get pleasure from
both ends of these hairless females, Chyna had no longer needed to guide
them into position.

"Now you understand, don’t you Terri." She said in an almost
compassionate voice. "You’re nothing more than a dirty little doggy-slut!"

Terri wept in humiliation at her words.

"I suppose you’re wondering what happens now? Well Miss Kitty and I are
going to leave and then we are going to fuck each others brains out while we
watch the videotapes of everything that we’ve done to you down here."

Terri squealed when Chyna mentioned the videotape and tried to pull her
head away from the bestial penis that impaled it, but Chyna simply grabbed
her by the hair and held her in place, keeping her gagged by the dog’s cock.

"You, on the other hand, aren’t going anywhere for a while yet." Terri
gave a muffled scream. "I’m leaving you to entertain all of these dogs since
you obviously enjoy it so much. I’ve put fresh tapes in the machines, and
they should be good for another four hours, so try to put on a good show,
won’t you?"

As Chyna stood up and said, "I’ll drop by in the morning to release

Then she turned to leave with her diminutive lover and Terri twisted
free of the cock in her mouth and shouted.

"Chyna! No! Please Chyna! Don’t leave me here! Chyna! CHYNA!"

Chyna and Miss Kitty turned to take one final look at their slave, her
hair tangled and wet, her body crusted with sweat and dog-cum, her large
breasts battered and bruised, and still being raped by a massively endowed

They turned to smile at one another and shared a long lingering kiss
before turning and walking out through the door with Terri’s screams ringing
in their ears.


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