Ciara and Bebe Rexha: After The Tour

Title: Ciara and Bebe Rexha: After The Tour

Author: Blocboy VC

Celebs: Ciara, Bebe Rexha

Codes: FF, cons, oral, inter

Disclaimer: This isn’t real. Fantasy is legal. If you have feedback or just wanna talk, email me at



R&B singer Ciara and pop singer Bebe Rexha, at the advice of their labels, had decided to do a collaborative tour. Everything went as normal as most tours go, except Ciara had realised that Bebe kept giving her small seductive looks and seemed to be making any excuse she could to be closer to her. She payed it not much mind, do to the fact Bebe knew she was married and with a body like her’s, it was kind of expected. On the last show though, something unexpected happen.

“I’m sad to announce this is the last night of the tour. I want you to remember this night for a long time.” Bebe said and Ciara ran out from the side stage. The audience cheered and screamed as Ciara snuck up behind the Albanian. Ciara shushed the crowd and took the mic. “I’m loving that energy! Now everyone, stand the fuck up, and let’s do this!”

The set went as normal. But that was soon to change. As Bebe’s song Mine started up, Bebe smiled a very odd yet erotic look at Ciara. The R&B singer knew something was up, but decided to ignore it and continue performing.

Although performing was quite hard, considering Bebe started to outright grind on Ciara, making it hard for her to sing and focus. Everything about it was getting to be too much, but truthfully, Ciara wouldn’t have traded it for the world. Bebe turned and softly kissed her, catching her off guard, before sharply turning around again and dropping to her knees as she began to sing the second verse of the track. Ciara could feel her face heat up as she slowly attempted to get back on track, while Bebe looped one of her arms around her neck once she was standing. Ciara was slightly taller than Bebe, but with the heels she was wearing, the Hight advantage meant absolutely nothing. Once the song was over, Ciara worked hard to calm herself down, thanking god that the other woman turned away from her to talk to the audience.

“I think that was quite a great end to this amazing experience. What do you think, girl?”

Yeah, yeah”. The way Ciara said these two words was more like a stutter, as she was still processing the fact that Bebe Rexha just kissed her.

“I’d like to thank all of you, but especially my girl Ciara here, who is just the best. Your dancing skills make me jealous. I wish I could be that good.”

“You are, Bebe, you’re almost as good as me, almost.”

After some additional talking to the crowd, they went backstage, Bebe tightly clinging to Ciara. Ciara pried her off eventually and looked at her with a slightly annoyed look in her eyes.

“What was all that shit about? You know I’m married! You can’t just kiss me like that, especially not in front of all those people.”.

“I know you liked it. What your husband won’t know won’t hurt him. I’ve seen you staring at me a few times too, don’t think I didn’t notice. Now come on, it’s like a fourteen hour drive, come and stay on the bus with me.”

“Fine, you’ve got a point.”

“So even though that was the last show, you wanna do another one soon? We’ve gotta get in the studio too and make some tracks together. I’d love to do a remix of Girl Gang with you and Kelly Rowland Between you and me, Kelly was the best member in Destiny’s Child.”

“You know it. I’m sure Kelly would be down for it too. Just don’t tell Beyonce’s fans about that last bit, you could end up the next Keri Hilson.”

Ciara didn’t know how it happen, but somehow, Bebe ended up straddling her lap. The strange part was that Ciara wasn’t trying to stop her.

“How about a little celebration for finishing the tour?”

“Bebe, I told you before, I’m married. People could see us if they decide to look at the bus. That’d give those gossip blogs a ton of ammo and could cost us our careers and me my marriage.”

“I know you want this, now just relax and enjoy. Why do you think I spent like 10,000 bucks on tinted windows?”

“You what?”

Bebe decided to not give a response, instead she moved one of her hands under Ciara’s shirt. She toyed with her bra strap and then moved slowly back down to the hem of her shorts.

“I’ve wanted to do this all tour.” Bebe said, slipping her hand into Ciara’s underwear. She continued to kiss the chocolate skinned woman’s neck while she teased her, never giving her friction where she wanted it, but not failing to make her extremely wet.

“I bet you’re gonna be so good.”

“Fuck.” Ciara moaned as Bebe grinded against her. Bebe tugged Ciara’s shorts down and spread her legs for better access. Her fingers brushed against Ciara’s clit and the R&B singer found herself moaning loudly.

“Quiet. You were the one who didn’t want anyone to know we were doing this, remember?” Bebe whispered in Ciara’s ear, stifling her moans with a kiss. Two fingers entered Ciara, making her gasp in surprise. She was a little tight, but Bebe eventually found an angle where she could pump in and out of her with ease. Bebe’s thumb toyed with Ciara’s clit and that coupled with her effective fingering style, pushed Ciara over the edge.

“Bebe!” Ciara screamed, waves of cum slowly flowing out of her. Bebe calmed Ciara from her orgasm and licked up all the cum Ciara gave her. She then gently kissed her until Ciara began to regain her strength, tasting herself along the way.

“My turn.”

Ciara moved Bebe against a wall of the bus and kissed her neck. She then removed Bebe’s shirt and bra, then slowly slid her jeans down the pop singer’s rather attractive legs. She then kissed down Bebe’s torso right to her underwear.

“I’m not taking those heals off, they make you look sexy as fuck.”

Ciara pulled Bebe’s underwear down, biting both of Bebe’s thighs as she did. Ciara took Bebe’s naked form minus high heals in before leaning down and pressing a soft kiss to her clit. Bebe quickly pushed Ciara’s head down, and Ciara began to lick her, teasing whatever spots she could.

“Fuck me, Ciara.” Bebe pleaded. Ciara probed her skilled tongue into her before removing it and sliding in two fingers. Ciara fingered her softly at first, nipping at her thighs and then going up to lick her clit as she began to speed up. She thrust her hips against Ciara’s face, and within minutes, she was screaming Ciara’s name as she climaxed.

“How was I?”

“We need another tour.”

The two then kissed, Bebe tasting herself on Ciara’s lips.

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