Cindy And Laetitia 1: The Christmas Present



Subject: Cindy and Laetitia 1: The Christmas Present 
(Cindy Crawford, Laetitia Casta, FF, con, oral)
"Shall we shake on it, ladies?" asked Christine Hefner
as they signed on the dotted line.
"You first," Cindy Crawford told Laetitia Casta. "I've
done it before."
"Playboy" had had twins as centrefolds before such as
the Collinson twins in the 1970s, but now the Rabbit
planned a special 
issue featuring the first
double-celebrity pictorial in its history. Cindy would
be posing nude for the third time (several years early
in a sense, as her fans had reasonably expected the
next time would be when she was 42 instead of 34), and
after lots of begging and money-offering, Laetitia had
followed in the footsteps of Elle Macpherson and
Gabrielle Reece and given in. Like Cindy, it would by
no means be the first time she had appeared in her
birthday suit... but this would be the first time that
either woman had appeared full-frontal. No faking this
time - Dominique Issermann (Laetitia got to choose the
photographer) would be getting the pure 100% real
article. Each woman would have her own spread, plus a
layout with the two together, all shot south of the
border down Mexico way (Cindy got to choose the
The schedule for the shoot had been planned for a day,
but Issermann didn't like to rush things like this
(plus she enjoyed the Mexian scenery). So it would now
go for three days - the first day would be Laetitia's,
day two would be Cindy's, and the two ladies would be
showcased together on the third day. 
Slumbering alone in her hotel bedroom that night,
Laetitia was excited about tomorrow's shoot. She was
hardly inhibited about her body, but this was a new
thing for her. In spite of lad mags like "FHM" and
firms like Victoria's Secret, doing a "Playboy" spread
still had some cachet - until "Maxim" et al featured
complete nudity, this would be fine. Plus, she had
warmed to Cindy from the off, suggesting that the
third day would be a good one. Her thoughts were
sidetracked by noises coming from upstairs, causing
her to sigh; unlike Cindy, who had come with her
husband and son, Laetitia had no one to keep HER
company in bed.
Cindy's moans and gasps were becoming more audible
thorugh the ceiling, along with some surprisingly
un-Middle American language. "It's always the quiet
ones," Laetitia laughed to herself; though she wasn't
exactly a voyeur (or whatever the equivalent for
listening to sex is), she was enjoying it. Laetitia's
fingers moved inexorably towards her private parts;
she was amazed to find herself already moist below.
She closed her eyes and let her imagination summon
forth a fantasy lover as her fingers did their work.
She hoped she wouldn't be single for long - she was
hardly desperate for a man, but she didn't want to
spend the rest of her life alone. Fun though
self-orgasm was, it was no substitute for the real
thing... feeling hands stroking her, whispering her
name, covering her with gentle kisses. As Laetitia
approached the moment of truth, she could see Cindy's
sweet face bending forward to kiss...
Laetitia shook herself and pulled her hand out. "No,"
she said hastily. "No. No. NO." She told herself she
meant to think of someone like Vincent Perez or
Joaquin Cortes instead. Yes, that was it - Joaquin
Cortes. After all, he had the same flowing dark hair,
long elegant legs and tight buttocks as Cindy. And he
had that little bit extra between his legs that Cindy,
for all her fine qualities, lacked. Laetitia kept
telling herself that all the way to dreamland...

Upstairs, Rande slept the satisfied sleep of someone
enjoying a very healthy sexual relationship with his
wife, even allowing for his wife being Cindy Crawford.
Cindy was trying to sleep, but she was finding it
hard. She was doing her best to convince herself that
she had both physically and mentally focused on
licking Rande's chest - as opposed to a brief mental
image of Rande's nipples being replaced by Laetitia's.
"What am I doing?" she said low enough for Rande,
luckily, not to awaken. 
"That French model may be half your age but she
doesn't look twice as good," the hotel manager had
confided to Cindy as they left, and she'd thanked him.
She did have Laetitia's body on her mind, but it
wasn't in terms of jealousy.
Cindy had dropped in unannounced on the morning shoot
- "Just checking out the competition so I know which
shots to sabotage," she had joked - and was observing
Laetitia frolicking on the hotel lawn. As the
photographer clicked away, she crouched on the grass
in a foetal position for the cover shot (this issue of
"Playboy" would have three covers - all foldouts
showcasing each cover so the punters would have all of
them anyway, but one cover would have Cindy, one
Laetitia, and one both). Then she unfurled like a
flower blossoming.
Cindy let out a long, low, impressed whistle at the
sight of the nude French woman and felt relieved Rande
wasn't there as Laetitia got down to business. As she
disported herself energetically, a woman of the world
one minute and an innocent girl the next, Cindy was
transfixed. This girl was a top model in every sense
of the word.
"Um... Henry, is it?" Cindy asked the photographer's
"Yes?" Henry replied.
"She's an amazing girl," Cindy told him. "She could
have a long career ahead of her. Tell her..." She
hesitated. "Tell her I'm looking forward to Friday."
"I'm sure you are," Henry thought as he watched her
leave. He couldn't hate her for hiding her feelings -
she hardly knew him, and besides he himself had spent
years denying his fondness for both sexes.

"She was here?!" spluttered Laetitia through her
"Yes indeed," her assistant confirmed, hoping the
stories about Mexican water weren't true. "She was
watching for about fifteen minutes - she couldn't take
her eyes off you. I know some guys like that..."
Laetitia's heart was already beating faster. She felt
like Molly Ringwald in "Sixteen Candles" after finding
out that the guy she loved from afar had asked about
Cindy had gotten used to the persistent rumours about
her sexuality by now - she knew in her heart that she
wasn't about to set up house with Melissa Etheridge or
Christy Turlington or somebody, and she didn't see why
she had to make a fuss about it - but her own feelings
were coming into focus now she was working with
Laetitia. She really was looking forward to the dual
shoot on Friday, but she told herself it was because
she was working with one of the hottest models on the
planet, and not because she wanted to know,
physically, how Laetitia felt.
As she rested, Cindy tried to replace the image of a
reclining Laetitia with one of her husband. You cannot
imagine how relieved she was when she succeeded. 
Cindy was reclining on the beach, enjoying the sun's
rays, and completely naked. Laetitia had an arm around
her shoulders, enjoying the sun's rays, and also
completely naked. This would be the pullout shot (in
addition to three covers, there would also be two
centrefolds). They looked completely at ease, as if
they thoroughly enjoyed each other's company. They
both relished the warmth from the sun, and from each
"I don't know how you can do it," Laetitia panted as
she sank into the back seat of their limo some weeks
later; they had just finished a dual appearance at
Tower Records in Los Angeles signing copies of their
sellout issue ("Great to see Hefner getting back to
REAL women like you two, and not men like Chyna!" had
been one of the milder responses from fans).
"You get used to it," Cindy replied. "Great work, by
the way - or have I told you too many times?"
"Oh, you can never hear that enough," Laetitia
giggled. "You were good too." She gave Cindy a warm
smile and squeezed her hand. Cindy returned the
squeeze, holding it a bit longer than expected. She
saw a coded message in the younger model's eyes, the
same one she suspected Laetitia saw in hers.
"The pictures were beautiful," Laetitia said. There
was no professional courtesy in her voice at all - she
meant it the way Cindy's male admirers frequently
meant it. "I felt..." she fell silent.
"Go on," Cindy urged.
"Oh God, why did it have to be me? And why YOU?" she
begged no one in particular.
Now there was no hiding it. "You're..."
"I've been thinking about you the way I should never
think about a woman, Cindy," Laetitia cried. "I...
I... I was watching you the day we were together. I
thought it was curiosity at first, and then when we
spending more time after work together I thought it
was because we were friends --"
"We ARE friends, Laetitia," Cindy assured her, with a
growing feeling that she was more right than she felt.
Laetitia was silent then, coming to terms with
herself. She felt as if she was about to cry, and when
Cindy took her face in her hands, there were tears. 
"Listen to me, Laetitia Casta," Cindy said calmly. "I
think you're a wonderful woman and a gorgeous woman,
but I don't believe you're a lesbian any more than I
"Sh," Cindy interrupted. "Dreaming of killing someone
doesn't make you a killer, and wanting to sleep with a
woman doesn't mean you're giving up men. Trust me;
some straight men have had it from gays and haven't
gone leaping out of the closet afterwards, and you've
had gay men having sex with women, and liking it, and
being gay and happy afterwards."
"What makes you so sure?"
Cindy summoned up all her courage to tell Laetitia the
next bit. "Because the night after our dual spread, I
dreamt about you." She grew misty-eyed thinking about
it. "You were getting married to Howie from the
Backstreet Boys-"
"I was marrying one of THEM?" Laetitia interrupted,
looking disgusted.
"It was only a dream. Anyway, I interrupted when the
reverend got to the bit about speaking now or forever
holding your peace, and I told everyone there that you
were mine, and I carried you away..."
"And what happened then?"
Cindy answered by bending forward and kissing Laetitia
on the cheek. "First, that..." Then she placed a
second kiss on her neck. "Then that..."
Then she kissed Laetitia on the lips, surprised at how
quickly she received a return. Laetitia slipped her
tongue into Cindy's mouth, and the moled one returned
the compliment. Laetitia thought to herself how much
healthier it was to kiss Cindy Crawford than a
Backstreet Boy. Her lips were soft and welcoming, her
breath fresh, and the eyes she was looking into
After what seemed like far longer than 30 seconds,
they broke the kiss and pulled back. "I'm married..."
Cindy panted.
"I'm working tonight..." Laetitia added.
"I need to see you again..."
"Maybe we can wait until the end of this promotional
Cindy nodded. "Maybe I can see you at my Christmas
As Laetitia replied in the affirmative, Cindy tried to
keep the song "Almost Like Being In Love" out of her
The party was officially for the families of Cindy and
Rande, but each had been allowed to invite a few close
friends. As said friends were also in their respective
businesses, star-struckedness was at a minimum that
Christmas night.
At around ten o'clock, the Brentwood house was filled
with singing, for the most part on key, as the mob
stood arm in arm merrily engaging in a round robin of
"Frosty the Snowman." All except those couples who had
crept off to other parts of the house. Including the
master bedroom.
Having tucked Presley in and kissed him goodnight,
Cindy had made her way there, hoping that Laetitia had
managed to find her way there as well. It was a pretty
big house; easy for someone not familiar with the
place to get lost. A few molecules of doubt in her
head were soon erased - she knew exactly what she was
doing. If this cut out all the doubt in her heart, all
the better.
Laetitia had managed to find the room all right, and
was wearing one of Cindy's dressing gowns when she
entered. Cindy didn't know how to react when she saw
how well it went with her skin.
"I hope you don't mind, Cindy," said Laetitia shyly,
"but I needed something to cover my present to you."
"But you didn't buy me anything," Cindy pointed out.
Laetitia undid the gown and let it fall, revealing her
nakedness. "I never said I bought anything," she
answered, and beckoned to Cindy, who immediately
advanced, undressing herself until she stood before
the French model, nude herself.
The two women passionately kissed, each enjoying the
other's heat. With an urgency Laetitia had never
believed she could feel for another woman, she ran her
fingers down Cindy's front, cupping her breasts and
rubbing her fingers in a circle over her nipples,
relishing Cindy's sigh before continuing downwards. It
was Laetitia's turn to sigh as she spread her fingers
into Cindy's trimmed box and began to explore.
"Do you want me to..." Laetitia started.
"Do you want to?" Cindy asked, knowing what she
Laetitia answered by dropping to her knees and burying
her face in Cindy's garden. Cindy hated to admit it,
even now, but Laetitia's tongue was finding places
that Rande, though a good man and a great lover, had
never touched. And her fingers were touching her as if
she had been given a special assignment of delighting
Cindy Crawford. The room was silent apart from the
murmurs of happiness from Cindy and the grunts as
Laetitia feasted. Cindy arched her back with extra joy
as Laetitia started to fondle her behind, pinching one
buttock and slipping her fingers into the cleft as she
squeezed the other. 
As Laetitia bestowed a final kiss on Cindy's box, she
felt her lover shaking. "What's wrong?" she asked,
raising herself to begin nibbling at Cindy's navel.
"It's me..." Cindy answered, feeling Laetitia heading
upwards. "Sooner or later you're going to stop...and I
don't want you to." She breathed deeply, feeling the
sensation of Laetitia climbing up her body, sliding
over her like a living blanket. Soon the two locked
lips again and subsided onto the bed in each other's
arms, Cindy stroking Laetitia's back, while the latter
used her legs to caress the former. Each gave the
other quick, wet kisses as they explored.
Cindy took Laetitia's heavy breasts in her hands and
started to play with them, looking with something like
envy at the swollen nipples. "Did you really use
Corsican cream on these?" she laughed as she licked
them. "Sometimes I wish I had a rack like this...
someone should write a song about these."
"As long as it's not the Backstreet Boys," Laetitia
agreed, feeling Cindy gently sucking them. Completely
lost in her passion, Cindy pressed her head into La
Casta's chest and moved one of her hands downwards
until she found her lover's surprisingly hairy pussy.
Cindy felt an added tingle as she began to masturbate
Laetitia while working on her breasts.
Laetitia started to talk dirty to Cindy, in French,
while she fondled her ever faster. Neither woman
noticed the door opening. 
"'...Christmas by myself this year...'" bellowed a
smashed-out-of-his-skull colleague of Rande's to the
woman he had picked up downstairs. "I'm telling ya
that'sh the beshst Chrishmash shong EV-UH." 
"Notachance," his equally blotto conquest countered,
"you can't beadaclassic... 'Rudolffff the redNOZZE
reinDEARRR...' Come on baby, no time for this..."
"Oh shit..." the man blurted out, noticing the room
was occupied through the haze, "Sorry ladies...
dintmean to buttin - c'mon Natalie the boss has to
have a free room somewhere..."
"HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!" Natalie yelled as they withdrew,
unaware that the women had been too involved in their
love-making to even notice. As Cindy's hand moved more
rapidly in and out of Laetitia, and as Laetitia, whose
fingers had found Cindy's privates, began to reply in
kind, they both knew that this was probably the only
chance they would have for a very long time to do
this, which was why they both threw themselves into
their lust.
Twenty minutes later, the singing downstairs had given
way to "The Twelve Days of Christmas," and upstairs
Cindy and Laetitia were engaging in what Arnie Becker
from "L.A.Law" called a sex act defined as a
double-digit number. For the first time neither had
anyone on their mind but each other - Laetitia's
tongue was dabbing at Cindy's vulva and asshole while
slowly caressing her long thighs, while Cindy was
worshipping Laetitia's beautiful light brown pussy
with her mouth and exploring her behind, both giving
way to how they felt.
"You're the only woman FOR ME...." Cindy cried as she
felt herself about to come, kissing the inside of her
lover's legs.
"I am so glad you aren't drunk..." Laetitia answered,
submitting to Cindy's kisses and touches. "I may sleep
with more than one man... and I have... but I will
never be with another woman. I... PRO... MISSSSS...."
The screams of Cindy and Laetitia on coming were JUST
drowned out by the crowd downstairs finishing the
much-loved Christmas song. In a sheen of love-sweat,
Cindy clambered off Laetitia to turn around and join
her the right way, and the two held each other tightly
as they came down from the heights of a few moments
"This may sound a bit forward," Laetitia laughed as
she kissed Cindy again, "but how long can we stay up
"Not much longer," Cindy replied. "If they're all as
drunk as that couple we saw they might not miss us,
but we'd better get back downstairs anyway."
"I'm not going to leave any man for you - I should
make that clear now," Laetitia said as she clambered
off the bed, "but this is not what you call a one
night stand either. We will still get together as
"I already have enough models as friends," Cindy told
her as she rose. "I'm friends with Gail Elliott and
Angie Everhart, and I can think of them without... you
know. Can I call you something else besides a friend?"
Laetitia looked at Cindy tenderly. "Yes you can,
Cindy," she said, and took her hand. "Yes, you can."
"Shit, I must have been really drunk at that party,"
Rande's colleague told a friend of his on Wednesday.
"I thought I saw Cindy Crawford fucking Laetitia Casta
upstairs... guess it was wishful thinking plus all
that booze, huh?"
"Yeah, I guess," the friend answered. "That's
something to think about in bed though... whew!"
Laetitia lay in bed with her new boyfriend, a
contented smile on her face; they had just finished a
strenuous session of sex. He had enjoyed penetrating
his lover, and she had seen Cindy's face at various
times during the lovemaking. They had both enjoyed it.
And Cindy? She was at peace with herself at last. She
wouldn't leave Rande, but she welcomed Laetitia in her
thoughts. This was looking like a very happy new year
for her.

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