Cindy And Laetitia II: Butt Beautiful



Subject: Cindy and Laetitia II: Butt Beautiful (Cindy Crawford,
Laetitia Casta, MF, MFF, con, anal, oral)

I checked my schedule for the morning. My client list was as full as ever; even jacking
up my prices hadn’t put people off – "Maybe if you cut them they’d let up a
bit," my receptionist had commented, and he had a point, but I insisted on always
doing the best job possible, so until I lost it completely me and what Davina McCall
called my "magic fingers" would be in the relaxation business for a long time to
come. And by the time I did lose it, I’d be set up for life anyway, so it wouldn’t be such
a bad thing.

My clients were a mixture of the famous and the unknown, but all well off – strangely
enough, the unknown ones were almost always more of a pain than the celebs (although there
were exceptions, the only one ever to break wind in my face was not a famous one). Today
was, thankfully, Friday – I always closed early that day, no exceptions. And as I waited
for my next customer, I was pretty grateful – I had had to give a rubdown to Barbara
Windsor. I shuddered a bit at the memory.

The doorbell clanged; my next customer had arrived. I always looked forward to who it
was, and flexed my fingers. "Time to go to work, fellows," I murmured as I
awaited the woman. And waited. And waited. After waiting longer than I was accustomed to
waiting (around a minute), I strode into the reception area.

Rupert – my receptionist – was having a discussion with my next customer. Both of them;
inwardly my heart leapt with joy at the sight of Cindy Crawford on one side and Laetitia
Casta on the other, but outwardly I gave no sign. "All right, all right, what’s the
problem?" I asked approaching the scene of the dispute.

"Oh thank heaven you’re here, sir!" cried Rupert. "There seems to have
been some terrible mix-up on my part…"

"My people made an appointment for me to have a massage at 11am today," Cindy
explained. "But apparently so did hers."

"And I believe mine did it first," Laetitia added, "but I’m sure you’ll
be willing to wait."

"I can’t," Cindy told her. "I’m meeting with some people later and
flying back to the States tonight."

"Well, it’s not like he can take us both at the same time," Laetitia parried.

"Actually," I interrupted, "it IS." And two of the world’s most
beautiful women looked at me as if I had just announced I had found the cure for AIDS.

If there’s one thing I pride myself on in my job, it’s my ability to get right to the
source of my client’s ills. Although each session usually lasted around half-an-hour, it
was generally a mere five minutes before they were more relaxed than they had ever been in
their lives. Doing it with one hand was a rarity, but it was the only way I would ever get
to handle both ladies at the same time.

I had only ever done this once before, when Melanie Brown and Melanie Chisholm (Scary
and Sporty Spice to you) had called in on me – thankfully before the latter’s bulking up.
Then it had been a case of a clown to the left of me and a joker to the right, but this
time my right hand was carefully traversing the upper back of Cindy Crawford, while my
left was doing the same to Laetitia Casta, both far better physical specimens. They were
lying stark naked on their

respective tables but for towels covering their rumps, and they were having an animated
conversation while I worked my way along their backs, my long fingers probing their skin
and feeling the muscle underneath.

"So that’s another thing you only need one hand for…" Cindy sighed, and I
could hear all the worries flowing out of her as she did. "You should copyright

"What, and tell someone else about this?" I asked goodnaturedly. "No,
you keep this a secret."

"Well, it will be good to have a secret weapon for when I next come to
London," Laetitia mused. "You must be very effective at your job."

"Thank you," I answered, as my hands went ever lower down the two models’
backs, getting closer and closer to the towels. I was glad neither could see how hard I
was getting, but I was half-hoping that time would be up before I could give in.

"Remind us to leave you one hell of a tip," Cindy breathed as my hand brushed
the towel.

"That won’t be necessary," I assured her, as my hands paused. They were at
the towels now. "For you, this is all the tip I need."

"Oh?" asked Laetitia. "Lift it up."

"Come again?" I asked in surprise.

"Lift it up. I have nothing to be ashamed of."

While still massaging Cindy with my right hand, my left slowly raised the towel
covering Laetitia’s modesty, leaving her exposed in all her glory. Cindy nodded in
approval. "Now that is something ‘Playboy’ would kill for," she told her, and
reached up to pull hers away.

I was struck dumb. Laetitia’s ass was soft, round and perfect; Cindy may have been more
than 10 years older but the tight, jutting seat she displayed was just as enticing.
"Do you want to turn down this tip?" she asked.

I bent and kissed each of the four cheeks down there. "I’ll take that as a
yes," Cindy laughed.

I slowly licked Cindy’s buttocks all over, while Laetitia watched with something akin
to envy. Cindy was not watching anything; she was clearly enjoying feeling me squeeze and
kiss her behind. It was amazingly beautiful – I wished I could persuade her to let me take
a casting of it, so I could enshrine it at home.

Not willing to leave Laetitia alone, I reached out with my other hand and started to
make my way down to her derriere; Laetitia took my hand and guided it the rest of the way,
as I could not see anything but the soft Crawford flesh right in front of my face. I soon
found the delectable mounds the French beauty sat on, and probed them slowly and
carefully; feeling her behind was like feeling the finest silk woven by man. So firm and
so tender; a treat for the eyes and the hands. But no more so than Cindy’s.

I sucked the meat of her behind between my lips, and started to kiss the cleft as my
other hand found Laetitia’s tight anus. "Here, let me give you a hand," Cindy
whispered, as she reached down and spread her cheeks and I put my fingers in Laetitia’s
mouth. Knowing what she had in mind, she eagerly moistened them (all men should know what
it’s like to have the Casta tongue slipping around their digits), and as I returned the
hand to her lower half, I dipped my head towards Cindy’s waiting back door.

A tiny, winking circle, I dabbed at it, pushing my tongue inside a little. It was just
loose enough for the stories that Stephanie Seymour had told about Cindy’s fondness for
anal sex to have some basis in truth, but not loose enough for any real tightness to have
gone – her husband must have more restraint than I imagined. I kissed and licked it,
enjoying how fragrant it was (I was silently glad I had never done this with anyone else)
and slowly slipped my tongue up it. Cindy and I both sighed with joy; her sweet asshole
felt absolutely heavenly.

As I continued to eat Cindy’s ass, I began to slide my moistened middle finger into
Laetitia’s equally tight and beautiful puckerhole. Not for the first time, I was glad I
had such long fingers; Laetitia had such a perfectly packaged bottom that I had to explore
as much of it as possible. I went in and out of her opening, going in slightly deeper each
time, relishing the gasping coming from her as I did so. I couldn’t resist wriggling the
finger around inside her asshole.

The room was filled with the sounds of the two women panting as I loved them. After a
while I reluctantly removed my lips from Cindy’s now-glistening bottom as she sighed one
more time. "I wish I could go further," I added, "but I have another client
to meet… we won’t be able to finish today."

"But…" Cindy started.

"But I do want to satisfy both of you… Laetitia, I know you don’t usually go for
women, but do you think you could do to Cindy what I did to you?"

Studying Cindy, Laetitia arose and beckoned me to get off her table.

"I’ll take that as a yes," I added. "We’ll do it together,"
Laetitia suggested.

"It’s OK," Cindy assured me. "I can take it."

Wishing only that I was double-jointed or something, thus enabling me to anally fuck
Laetitia as well, we stood on either side of Cindy. Fingers ready, the two of us slowly
slid our digits up her tight and waiting rump. "This… this is as close as I’ve ever
gotten to a dual entry…" she gasped as our entrance continued. Feeling Laetitia’s
long fingers pressed against mine was an added thrill, but…would I be able to finish
before Carol Vorderman showed up? I was always willing to take a risk.

I slowly pulled my finger out, and aimed my cock at the opening. "Are you
ready?" I asked Cindy. The gasping supermodel could only nod. I carefully started to
push myself inside, delighted at her accommodating asshole, until both my prick and
Laetitia’s fingers were up Cindy.

As the young woman and I thrust back and forth inside Cindy’s back passage, we noticed
her starting to shake and pant – and I wanted more and more of her. "If I had a
prick," Laetitia said in French, "I would fuck her right now."

The vision in my mind of Cindy and Laetitia on a beach, naked and glowing, Cindy on her
hands and knees and Laetitia thrusting against her upraised behind with a strap-on was too
much for me – I started to grind into her even faster, and Laetitia was starting to fondle
Cindy’s thighs as well as continuing to enter her. All this attention was starting to be
too much for la Crawford. We were very glad it was a

soundproof room…

One month later, Friday again. I was again attending to Cindy and Laetitia, but this
time in the privacy of my own home.

Cindy and I knelt down behind Laetitia, sitting with her face to the wall. Cindy picked
up a handful of plaster. "When you said her ass was a work of art, you weren’t
kidding," she said laughing as she started to apply the substance – she and I would
make a plaster cast of Laetitia’s Callypygian behind as a souvenir, then Laetitia and I
would return the favour.

"I give you my word that you and her are the only ones I’m doing this to," I
said as I slapped the substance on and began molding it. "Now this should take about
half-an-hour to dry… I’m sure we can think of something to do while waiting for it to

"Like playing Monopoly?" Cindy suggested.

Laetitia’s (community) chest was wobbling back and forth in a very entertaining manner
as I pumped her. She was on her hands and knees as I thrust in and out of her sugar-sweet
pussy, and Cindy was watching – it was La Crawford’s turn to have her perfect ass
preserved for all eternity.

I slapped hard against Laetitia’s plump behind repeatedly, feeling her grind it onto me
as I moved. My cock was getting amazingly moist from her snatch – I had to time it just
right… I pulled myself out of Laetitia’s cunt faster than I had ever managed before, and
before she had time to say "Don’tSTOP!!!" I drove it deep inside her butt,
yelling along with her as I resumed my thrusts.

We were joined by a third voice now; Cindy was working her brown-tressed pussy with one
hand and stroking herself elsewhere with the other, getting all the stimulation she needed
from watching us. I cast an eye on the gorgeous American supermodel, and received more
passion from the sight of her masturbating. I reached over and pushed a finger into
Laetitia’s box, as her firm flesh and tight hole started to do their magic on my prick.

I’m ashamed to say that Cindy came first…

Alone again, a week later. Alone in my bedroom except for the completed works on either
side of my bed. To the left, a flawless copy of Cindy Crawford’s rump ("To Mr. Magic,
with love and appreciation – I’ll be back! Love, Cindy"). To the right, a perfect
reproduction of Laetitia Casta’s ("Thanks for the great handiwork! With much kindness
and respect, LC"). I had a friend who had a website devoted to pictures of celebrity
asses, but I knew for a fact that for all the drooling over the seats of Britney Spears
and Kelly Brook, he had never had the real thing and never would. I, on the other hand,
had. And I had the souvenirs – sculpted in padding and covered in latex, complete with
carefully placed holes – to prove it.

I remembered that tomorrow I had an appointment with Julie Burchill; again I shuddered
at the idea, even if she was an excellent tipper. Still, I could always take my mind off
the approaching horror by relaxing with one of my two new bedtime buddies. But which one?
Cindy’s or Laetitia’s? Laetitia’s or Cindy’s? Decisions, decisions…

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