Cindy And Shaq

This story is fictional it is not based on fact. Do not read if your under 18. Although Shaq claims he had an affair with Cindy Crawford, its never been proven and Cindy denies it ever took place, and Shaq later said he was joking, even though he sounded serious we he talked about the affair. Please understand the story I’m writing is pure fiction.

Cindy Crawford had just gotten a divorce from her husband Richard. She was at home bored, for once she had a free schedule and nothing to do. Much worse she had nobody to do at the moment. Cindy was lying down watching TV in a pair of tight jean shorts with a black bikini
thong underneath. She had on a white unbuttoned shirt over her black bikini top. Cindy had gone for a nice run on the beach, luckily there wasn’t a paparazzi out that evening so she wasn’t worried about pictures.

Cindy undid the back of her bikini top letting her firm breasts out. She reached up to squeeze a firm breast with her hand, lightly squeezing on her hard nipple. Cindy’s other hand slid down to her jean shorts which she unbuttoned. She started to rub her pussy outside the black bikini bottom. Her speed rubbing her mound began to pick up and she squeezed harder on her nipple then started to pinch it hard. “Oh yes” moaned Cindy, “God I need a man so bad.” Cindy then slid her hand under her bottoms and started stroking her pussy past her brown pubic hair.

Cindy slowly inserted a finger inside her cunt. It was already quite moist with her previously rubbing it outside her bottoms. Cindy slid a second finger inside her tight hole. Cindy took her other hand away from her breast and started stimulated her clit. Cindy’s body rocked back and forth on the couch as she rode her finger and got her clit excited at the same time. She slid her fingers in and out in and out of her pussy that was on fire, going a little deeper each time. Ohhhhhh ahhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssssss oh FUCK!!!!! Screamed Cindy as her body released a big orgasm. It had been so long Cindy had forgot how much she loved sex! Cindy flipped her wavy brown hair back, it was sweaty after the solo sex session she had just had. Cindy sat back up and grabbed her television remote.

It was amazing to Cindy as she flipped through the channels”all these fucking channels and nothing on TV at all.” Then she threw the remote down. Then a commercial came on about tonight’s game in LA It was a basketball game between LA and Orlando. Cindy was a big fan of Shaquille Oneal, Cindy was tall by a woman’s standards at 5 feet 11 inches. Because of that Cindy had played some basketball when she was younger. So she really admired the way Shaq played basketball. She had met Shaq on several occasions, they were friends. She laid there on her couch exploring her options, should she loaf around on the sofa, or go see a game.

Cindy jumped up and got dressed she got out of her bikini then slid on a pair of pink bikini panties followed by a pink bra. Cindy went back and forth on what to wear should she go with the ultra sexy look and wear a short dress or the comfortable look. Ultimately she decided on a pink low cut shirt revealing her cleavage with her pink push-up bra. Cindy was a nice B- cup, with the push up bra she looked to be a C-cup easily. Cindy then grabbed her tightest pair of levi’s blue jeans, and then up her smooth tan legs and over the sexy round ass that had men in all corners of the world drooling at the mouth.

Cindy gave herself a quick look in the mirror, then jumped in her BMW and sped off to the game. Being a celebrity getting courtside seats were easy. Cindy watched the game behind the Orlando team bench. Shaq noticed Cindy in the crowd as usual the supermodel stood out in a crowd of thousands. She also happened to be looking at him too, there eyes met and they gave each other a smile. Cindy was aroused by his glare too. She had never had a black man before and certainly seeing this 7 foot tall black man she couldn’t help but wonder if he was “big” all over.

After the game Cindy went courtside to talk to him. The two exchanged a hug. “Hi Cindy it been a while girl!” “Yes, it has been I felt like getting out to see you play since I had some free time.” “Oh yeah? I’m glad to hear ya have some free time Cindy, too bad bout your divorce, are ya still hurting bout that?” “Well, yeah its hard not to think about it but I’m doing OK could be better but could be worse.” “That’s good, you a sexy woman ya deserve the best Cindy” Shaq said with a smile. Cindy smiled at Shaq’s pleasant words it was nice to hear something nice from a man who wasn’t working for her or something.

Cindy asked Shaq to dinner, a surprised Shaq gladly accepted. He went to the locker room and changed into slacks and a black button shirt with a tie. The two went to dinner, Cindy talked about how tough her modeling schedule had taken its toll on her marriage. Shaq also talked about his tough schedule during basketball season masking it hard to meet anyone. The two found out they really had a lot in common. They kept talking even after they finished they’re dinner.

Cindy gave Shaq a hug good-bye, this time Cindy felt a bulge against her stomach, it was his hard cock. Cindy smiled to think that she still aroused men, there were those in the press saying that she was getting older and losing her sex appeal. It seemed apparent by the tent that was in Shaq’s pants that someone certainly found her sexy. Shaq felt embarrassed and awkward by the fact that he couldn’t hide his hard-on. Cindy decided to be bold and ask Shaq”so would you like to follow me back to my place for a little nightcap?” Shaq new exactly what this meant, and who was he to say no, not only was he gonna have his first white woman, but it was Cindy Crawford the supermodel on top of that.

Cindy drove home in her sports car and Shaq followed in a similar sports car convertible. When they finally arrived Cindy unlocked the door and walked inside. Cindy grabbed some wine from the fridge and brought a glass to Shaq and one for herself. The two of them sat and talked and had a couple more glasses of wine. Then Cindy feeling the need to break the ice leaned in and kissed Shaq on the mouth. He looked at her after she pulled away. Cindy was unsure what Shaq was thinking by the look he was giving her, so she said”that was my way to thank you for listening to me tonight.” Shaq took his hand and brushed Cindy’s hair back and spoke softly “well let me show you my way of saying your welcome.” Shaq leaned in and kissed Cindy full on the mouth. Cindy kissed him back as best as she could. Shaq then slid his tongue down her throat.

Cindy then inserted her tongue in his mouth. The two went at this for a long time their tongues dueling in each others mouths. Then Cindy decided to take the initiative, standing up she pulled off her pink top exposing to Shaq her pink bra holding in her firm breasts. Shaq had seen bigger breasts before but he was quite impressed by the perfect shape and firmness of Cindy’s rack. Shaq unbuttoned his shirt and threw it aside. Cindy, not saying a word unbuttoned her tight jeans and slid them down her tanned long legs. There she stood in her pink bra and panties in front of Shaq. Shaq pulled down his slacks to reveal his bulge in his underwear to Cindy. They took each others hand and made their way to Cindy’s bedroom. Cindy climbed on top of Shaq’s lap her panty cover crotch pressing against his as they again started kissing. Cindy couldn’t help herself but to grind into Shaq’s crotch as he grabbed her ass and squeezed it.

Cindy was so hot, she needed a cock and needed a cock bad! Cindy slid down him, then pulled down his underwear to behold a cock unlike any cock she’s ever seen. He was hard and looked to be at least 11 inches long. Cindy stuck out her tongue to lick on his thick cockhead. Shaq looked down at the incredibly woman between her legs. Seeing Cindy tonguing his shaft made him want to come right there and then, all over this hot bitch’s face. He held back though, “i play my cards right I’ll have the best pussy in Hollywood riding my dick and begging for more!” he thought to himself.

Cindy then took him down her throat, his thickness stretched her supermodel mouth as she tried to accommodate his huge black member. Cindy slid her mouth up and down his black cock, if she ever wondered about the truth of black men and they’re cock size being huge , it was answered by Shaq. Cindy went up and down faster and faster. Shaq seeing this beauty giving him head decided he wanted to see what was under that bra. Reaching behind Cindy he unhooked her bra and tossed it to the floor. Not only were Cindy’s breasts perfect in size, her dark red pointed nipples fit into the perfect category as well. Shaq grabbed both breasts with his hands as Cindy kept up her incredible sucking on his cock. Cindy wanted more and more of his black dick inside her mouth.

She dismissed all the warnings her mom gave her when she was younger to stay away from black men. “You don’t wanna be known around town as a white ho or a black cock slut, or have nigga’s whore written on your car do you Cindy?” Her mom would say.

Right now though she wanted his black cock, she didn’t care if that made her a black cock whore. She got inch after inch inside her wet mouth, while at the same time her tongue licked the under side of his giant shaft. Cindy felt it tickling the back of her throat at her tonsils. Shaq couldn’t believe the skill Cindy was showing with her cock-sucking. Cindy had swallowed a good 10 inches, and was giving her best effort to deep-throat Shaq. No woman had ever deep-throated him yet here was one of the sexiest woman on earth topless on top of him , trying her best to do just that. Shaq couldn’t stand it any longer her mouth felt so good, he grabbed Cindy’s head and forced the final inches down her throat. Cindy really had to regulate her breathing as Shaq was forcing his shaft down her throat.

“ohhhh fuck yeah that’s it swallow all of that black cock you fucking hot little bitch!”Shaq couldn’t believe he said that but Cindy took him to new levels of pleasure her being the only woman to ever deep-throating him. Cindy felt her pussy getting wet as Shaq called her names. Just the thought that she was sucking off a nigga with a big cock and he was calling her names had Cindy so wet. Shaq couldn’t take anymore, he could tell Cindy was loving it too by her moaning through his cock. “Oh here you go baby heres your present ohh fuck yeah, ya supermodel cocksucking white bitch!!!!! Cindy knew what was coming next and Shaq blew his load down Cindy Crawford’s throat. Cindy gagged a little as she pulled off his cock, but Shaq kept cumming and cumming. Cindy let him shoot her load all over her face. Cindy stuck out her tongue and she swallowed a lot of his jism, enjoying the taste of it. Some of it dripped off onto Cindy’s chin, Cindy rubbed his cock against her cheeks coating them with his white cum.

Cindy looked so hot, any guy in the world would love to see Cindy Crawford with her face painted in his sperm. Right now it was Shaq who was the lucky guy. Cindy got off the bed and slid down her lacey pink panties. Shaq liked how good Cindy’s pussy looked. He motioned for her to turn around and she turned for him to reveal her ass to him. “God that ass, that perfect fucking ass, them brotha’s can keep the big butt hoe’s, that perfect fit and trim ass is what IM talkin bout!” said Shaq.

Cindy smiled at his compliment and climbed into bed, she straddled Shaq’s face as she rested her hands on the headboard of the bed. Shaq didn’t need any instruction, he knew what to do. He teasingly licked up and down Cindy’s tight slit. Cindy moaned softly as her pussy lips got wet with his licking. Shaq slowly open her cunt lips to find Cindy’s pinkness. Then he slid his tongue inside of her. Cindy rocked up and down on the basketball star as his tongue fucked her throbbing hot snatch! Shaq felt up Cindy’s firm breasts as her lap gyrated back and forth on his face. “Ahhhhhh ohhhhhhh oh yeah that feels so good baby oh yes lick my cunt!” Cindy’s grinding increased in his face, so much she wondered if she was gonna suffocate him. She had never been eaten out so well in her life”so much for the black men don’t go down on a woman theory” she thought. She was real glad that he was able to handle her face grinding because her whole body felt pure pleasure as she was rocked by an orgasm.

Shaq lapped up all of her juices, this was the first time he ever went down on a woman, and considering how sweet Cindy’s pussy juice was he hoped it wasn’t gonna be the last time. Cindy took a moment to catch her breath, then slid down to Shaq. They’re mouths met again in another kiss, Cindy even got to taste her own juices, which she surprisingly found to be sweet. Then Cindy felt something hard pressed against her pussy. Looking down she saw it was Shaq’s shaft. Cindy slid down on top of it, she rubbed it against her wet cunt, then slowly had it enter her. Shaq saw Cindy’s eyes practically popped out of her head with the pleasure of his thick tool entering her soaked hole.

Cindy slowly slid down on his black cock, as her hands used his chest for support. Shaq started fondling her breasts grabbing one in each hand as Cindy’s white pussy continued its rhythm riding his dark meat. Cindy took inch after inch inside her. Her pussy was getting so full of his black member Cindy thought she wouldn’t be able to get it all. Before long though she was taking all 11 inches inside of her. Shaq wasn’t satisfied with Cindy doing all the work, so he grabbed her hips and began thrusting in her.

Cindy was practically screaming “ohhhhh yeah ohhh God yesssssssss fuck me ohhh fuck me hard!!” Shaq watched as Cindy’s eyes were shut and her nice breasts bounced all over the place. Before long Shaq was thrusting up into Cindy his cock would pull almost all the way out then he would thrust all the way back in. Just the sound of their bodies slapping together was enough to get them hot! Cindy couldn’t stand the pleasure as her passage was opened up wide to accommodate his huge dick. Shaq couldn’t take the pleasure of looking up at this beautiful model while feeling her ass slapping down against his cock.

Cindy’s cunt muscles tightened as her body released an orgasm all over Shaq’s hard cock. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh God yes baby oooooohhhhhh!!!!” Shaq turned the supermodel around on her knees, then he got behind her and pushed his cock against her pussy once again. He entered the sexy model from behind and began thrusting into her! She wasn’t as tight as she was in the beginning since her cunt had gotten accustomed to his shaft size. As far as Shaq was concerned though she still felt damn good! He slapped her perfect ass as he pounded mercilessly into her stretched-out snatch. He then grabbed her hair forcing her to look up as he buried his black pole into her pink pussy.

“You like that Cindy?” “Ohhhh I fucking love it please don’t stop Shaq!!!” He smiled”yeah you like us nigga’s with big cocks don’t you ya little white superslut?” Shaq knew he would get no arguments from Cindy, after all he knew that she didn’t want him to stop. “Tell me ho,(slap on her ass) you like black cock don’t ya, your a black cock whore aren’t you Cindy?” “Tell me that you are”(slap harder on her ass)! Cindy moaned “IM a whore a black cock whore now treat me Cindy Crawford, like the white slut I am and fuck me with that big black cock!!!”

Shaq loved this dirty talk and if the sexy ass of Cindy Crawford wasn’t enough there was her acting like a cheap slut so she could get more of his cock. Now the tightness in her cunt was more than he could take and he pulled out. He shot his load, exploding all over Cindy’s ass and her back, one shot even landed all the way up into Cindy’s hair. Cindy moaned at the warm cum that landed on her ass and back. She rubbed the jism all around her ass. Then Shaq laid back with Cindy on top of him. Shaq pulled out a joint and shared it with Cindy. After they got high they went at it a few more times. Then morning time came and they went their separate ways. Being celebrities they decided to keep this a secret which they did until a few years later when Shaq slipped up and mentioned his affair with Cindy to the wrong person on the radio.

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