Cindy Inc.: Last Woman Standing – Conclusion

The continuing adventures of Cindy Crawford –

supermodel, mother, and celebrity bordello owner. The

conduct of the celebs here is obviously not how they

are in real life; the story isn’t for under-18s, and

praise, complaints or whatever to go to the message

boards or to (And if Evil

is reading this, Jessica Simpson WILL return in a

future story – the very next one, in fact.)

Peviously on Cindy Inc.: The contest to see who’ll be

“lucky” enough to mother Lachlan McMurdo’s kid has now

been whittled down to two; one is Angelina Jolie, but

will the other
be Cindy Crawford or Monica Bellucci?

(And who’s trying to off Lachlan?) Now read on…

* * * * * * * * * *

Cindy finished unbuttoning her shirt and slipped it

off her torso as Lachlan and Philip came closer, the

latter starting to unzip his trousers with a leer on

his face. She wasn’t wearing a bra underneath, and she

was tempted to fondle her breasts for their benefit,

but instead she just sat there, waiting for them to

get on with it.

Philip placed himself right in front of Cindy’s face,

his hand still inside his trousers. He winked at her

as he prepared to fish his pride and joy out, and

Cindy prepared to blow him; even at this stage, she

wanted to give him the best one she could… and out

came his hand. Clenched in a fist. With the middle

finger out.

“PSYCH!” the brothers cackled, as Philip stepped back,

loving the dumbfounded look on Cindy’s face, and the

resigned one on Monica’s; secretly she had hoped that

they would take up the boss on her offer.

“I was never going to take you over Monica. Not in a

million years,” Philip told her. “For a start, I like

women who actually have boobs.”

“Excuse me?!” Lachlan snapped.

(“Excuse me?!” Gwyneth Paltrow snapped. She may have

been pregnant, but she knew the growth spurt in her

cleavage wouldn’t last.)

“I’m flattered,” Monica said as Philip started to lift

her up, levering her up the tree without untying her

until she was on a level with Philip’s crotch. “But I

don’t know if I want it under these circumst–”

“Shut it, Crawford slut. You don’t have a choice in

this thing. Hey brother o’mine, can you keep Cindy in

her place?” And Philip threw Lachlan the rest of the

rope, which the man used to tie Cindy up, a very

apologetic look on his face. “You might not be getting

it now, but you do get to watch, with all the viewers

at home. Isn’t that fun?”

“Why don’t you just fuck me now and get it over with?”

Cindy asked.

(“Because Lachlan wants to save her for last, you

silly slapper!” Jodi Albert from “Hollyoaks” shouted

at the screen.)

“Because it’s more fun when it’s at the end of a

chase,” Philip replied, taking his cock out for real

this time and waving it in front of Monica’s

unimpressed face, watching as it stiffened (the cock,

not Monica’s face). “Nice, isn’t it? You probably

haven’t seen many men with bigger pricks…”

“I’ve seen 13-year-old boys with bigger pricks,”

Monica told him. “Some of them even know how to use

them properly.”

“You don’t mean…?”

“That’s for me to know and you to never find

ouMMMMPHHH – ” Monica’s response was cut off by Philip

stuffing his cock into her mouth. Monica fleetingly

considered doing a Mrs. Garp, then thought better of

it and started to do what was expected of her, drawing

the cheeks on her face in and sucking hard on him,

wishing that he’d let some of the prick out of her

throat but glad that he wasn’t so big that she’d

choke. Monica’s tongue rolled around Philip’s rod as

she slurped away, with Cindy having a front row seat

of the action; the man had an expression of intense

bliss on his face, as if he’d just been told that the

Wachowski brothers had become Tibetan monks.

Monica’s grunts and quick snatches of air were

interruped when Lachlan managed to squeeze under the

captive Italian. If ever a woman lived up to Thomas

Harris’s description of “a girl and a half in all

directions,” it was her; reaching over her and

grabbing hold of her funbags (“Hey, those are MINE,

you American dickhead!” Vincent Cassel shouted.

“Technically, they’re hers,” Alizee pointed out.),

Lachlan pressed as much of himself against her hot

nude form as he could, feeling Monica’s nipples and

rolling them between his fingers. “You milk those

udders, Lackey…” Philip panted, feeling Monica’s

tongue probing the tip of his boiling cock. “You said

Sophie was nice both times, but who says less is


(“Is that a fact,” Lisa Dergan said at the mansion,

her face looking thoughtful. Though ironically the

dumbest-looking of the four commentators, it was she

who had noticed the implications of what he said.)

Philip dug his hands in Monica’s waves of black hair

and forced her head closer to him. “Yeah, you big

Italian bitch, you do it…” Cindy and Monica both

rolled their eyes at his scintillating dialogue;

Lachlan at least kept his mouth shut as he felt the

tall woman’s body, licking her shoulderblades as he

found Monica’s mouthwateringly hairy pussy. Lachlan

loved ladies with lots of growth below, and if they

had beautiful fat cunts it was even better; Monica

Bellucci was both, and Lachlan’s cock became even

stiffer when he ran his fingers along her slit.

Spreading it open, he pressed his middle finger into

her as he thrust himself up, grinding his cock into

Monica’s ass. Aaaaaah, Monica Bellucci’s big, sexy

ass. The position wasn’t too comfortable, but the

destination was…

Lachlan’s prick sank into her tight, snug asshole like

a knife entering butter. He ignored her muffled cries

as he slid in and out of her, enjoying how she wiggled

around under the thrusting of his rod. Monica’s behind

had tantalized him for years, and he could feel

himself starting to cream almost as soon as he stuck

it inside… Lachlan grabbed hold of Monica’s buns as

he swirled the middle finger of his other hand inside

her muff, grinding faster behind her, as Philip turned

the air blue while he tugged on Monica’s head, letting

his come out with a long, loud howl. Her mouth was

closed tight around his prick, but as Philip loudly


EVER!!!!!! Cindy could see a few drops seep out from

around Monica’s lips, as she herself started shaking.

Soon either she would come from Lachlan, or Lachlan

would come in her ass. Either way, Monica Bellucci was


Fifteen seconds later, there were two. And Scarlett

Johansson cracked open the champagne; she had not been

happy about losing to Monica.

Philip tugged his cock from her mouth, the tip still

dripping some of the come that hadn’t gone down her

throat, and freeing Monica to finally get some more

air, panting and gasping from Lachlan still thrusting

her prick into her butt, and the breath rushing out

onto Philip’s prick. With his gaze firmly on the

thrashing captive, he backed away to where his pack

was, fumbling behind him and throwing it over to

Cindy. “Get out the gun and put in the red cartridge,”

he said excitedly, enjoying how Monica’s legs were

splayed open as she bucked on top of his grinding


“Er, hello? I’m still tied up here,” Cindy pointed


Philip cursed himself as he realised she had a point.

Half of him wanted to shoot the One To Go beacon right

away, but the other half was aware that Monica

freaking Bellucci was getting butt-fucked right in

front of him; she was shoving herself up and down on

Lachlan’s cock, giving it all she had, groaning loudly

and breasts jiggling as she matched Lachlan thrust for

thrust. Both Philip and Cindy had to grin a little;

even in these circumstances she was a company woman to

the end. Lachlan sounded as if he couldn’t hold out;

he wanted to savour Monica’s backside for as long as

he could, connossieur of the female ass that he was,

but the way he was swearing to his captive and the way

his balls were slapping against her as she said

nothing but “Aaaaa!!!” and “Ohhhhh!!!!” it wouldn’t be


Monica’s cries and Lachlan’s screams built as he

pumped against her faster, and as Lachlan yelled

“OHFUCKYESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!” Philip knew that he could

fire now. Just as Lachlan just had.

The sky soon lit up with a blast that illuminated

Monica’s naked body for a second time that early

morning, but this time it was different; instead of

the usual white light, it was all red, yellow and

green. Cindy and Monica didn’t need to be told what

that meant. It meant that they were down to the last

two; this time, when the copter arrived to pick up

Monica, it would get the McMurdos as well.

“The good news is, you get to sleep until 8 am,”

Lachlan, now free of Monica’s asshole, told Cindy.

“Then you’ll get the wakeup call, and it’ll be time

for you and whoever it is left on the other team. You

and her. One on one. All the marbles, people…”

“Okay okay, I get it,” Cindy replied as she helped

Monica up, the two women still chafed at their wrists;

Monica was also feeling Lachlan’s come seeping out of

her chute. She needed a cloth or something; not much

chance of it being on the approaching chopper. “Keep

the ladies in line, okay Mon?”

“I’ll do my best,” the Italian said. “Emmanuelle and

Sophie have probably killed now.”

“No weapons, just your natural abilities,” Philip

added, taking their rucksacks. “So that shouldn’t take

too long for her to get you.”

“I can push him out of the helicopter if you want,”

Monica offered as the chopper, hovering above their

heads, lowered the rope ladder. Cindy came REALLY

close to taking her up on her offer.

* * * * * * * * * *

Angelina Jolie, now stripped of all but her clothes,

watched the helicopter fly off. She’d gotten the news

about Cindy being the only one left on the opposing

side, and all the other details. (It would have to be

Cindy freaking Crawford making it to the final round,

wouldn’t it? Then again, Angelina would never have

forgiven herself if she herself hadn’t been the J-Lo’s

rep in the last stages.) Angelina snuggled down

amongst the leaves and settled in for a few hours’s

sleep; she was going to need it, now that it was just

the two of them.

Several yards away, Karen kept an eye on the sleeping

actress. There was no way Cindy would win if she could

help it.

* * * * * * * * * *

Morning broke over the island; sunlight pierced the

jungle tops, highlighting the dozing brunettes, each

slumbering in their place.

“When the hell are they going to wake up?!” Holly

Valance grumbled as she sat up in bed. “It’s like

watching 24-hour ‘Big Brother’…”

“It’ll happen,” Catherine Zeta-Jones said as she held

her companion. “Now come here, I’ll help you pass the

time before it starts…”

“You’ve fucked me four times already!” Holly argued.

“Cindy’ll kill me when she finds out.”

“IF she finds out,” Catherine points out. “But she

won’t – Michael doesn’t mind me working for Lopez, so

I didn’t blow up when he was with you.”

“You talk about your jobs in bed?!”

“All the time,” Catherine smiled. “Now be a good girl

and spread those legs for me.”

“Sorry, I’m not in the mood,” Holly grumbled. “I just

want this game to start up again. Plus I… don’t

really like spending too long with one lady. Unless

she’s Renee Zellweger… now there was a girl with a

bum I loved playing with for days…”

“You and Renee ZELLWEGER?!?!” Catherine shouted, not

as loudly as the siren that suddenly shattered the

morning mood all over the island – and cut through the

jungle, waking up both Cindy Crawford and Angelina

Jolie with a jerk – but close…

* * * * * * * * * *

Cindy hadn’t slept for long, but she was grateful for

what sleep she had managed to get. She was also

grateful and surprised that she still retained her

hearing; that siren was probably echoing around

Alabama. Shaking her head for a moment to clear

herself, she got up and started moving, not pausing to

think over which way to go; if she was moving away

from Angelina, all the good. If she was heading

towards her, even better – it was time to finish this.

Angelina padded through the jungle like a cat, eyes

darting hither and thither as she waited for a sign

that her moled rival was in the area. She too had

gotten up and immediately began to move; no sense in

sitting there and waiting for Crawford to come up to

her, though she knew she could take her. There wasn’t

a sound coming from her as she slinked onwards; her

only regret was that she couldn’t track down Cindy any

more. A drawback, but at least Cindy C couldn’t track

HER either.

In the luxury of the mansion, the McMurdos and the

ladies studied the screens, Ernest casually letting

his eyes move over to one of the prostitutes, and

feeling Madeleine’s angry eyes burning into him, and

not caring. Not being attached, Philip and Carter had

their hands on the thighs of Sophie Marceau and

Melissa George respectively, whispering stuff into

their ears and making them laugh dirtily – “SSSSH!

Keep it down!” Gabby Logan snapped. “You never know;

you could break our mood when something happens.”

Something was happening elsewhere on the estate; Patty

McMurdo opened her eyes, breathing shallowly but

steadily. She had soaked the pillow and sheets with

her sweat; her fever had broken. Gingerly looking

around the room, she rested her hand on the bedside

buzzer and pressed it twice.

* * * * * * * * * *

The arrival of the McMurdos had been the cue for the

help to scurry back to their quarters, especially

since the elder generation was around. But they left

with many pleasant memories, and a few bitter ones –

it hadn’t escaped the notice of several of the men

that Monica hadn’t come back yet.

Not that Asia missed her; she was still pissed over

having lost to her, and lost badly. Not even the

cleaning staff had helped her get over it. It was with

some bitterness that she saw the brood striding into

the living room, with that so-and-so Bellucci in front

of them – they captured her and she was leading the

way? Had she conquered them too, or did they just want

to watch her wiggle? (The latter, obviously.) Holly,

Sophie A, and Emmanuelle were happier to see the gang

almost complete; more support for them. Melissa,

Sophie M and Catherine were more subdued in their

welcome – the joy on seeing another person from the

other side brought down was wiped out by realising

that she was stuck with THEM now.

“Well, I’m surprised you’re still in one piece,” said

Monica to Emmanuelle.

“I kept them in line,” Manon des Sources giggled. “And

some of the others…”

“Once a whore, always a whore,” Madeleine muttered.

“Leave them alone,” Ernest grumbled. “At least they do

something for a living.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I mean, you’ve been attacking them ever since they

got here – you went along with Lachlan’s idea just

fine until he brought it around here. They actually

work for a living – ”

“And I don’t?!”

“Oooooh, fight!” yelled Holly and Melissa with

Antipodean glee, leaning forward in anticipation of

domestic fireworks and agreeing with each other for

the first time in months.

* * * * * * * * * *

Angelina Jolie figured she’d been in action for about

an hour or so; no sign of Cindy C. Was the woman

hiding or something, or right behind her, or what? And

because those damned McMurdos had taken all her food,

she was getting hungry. Mentally telling THOSE urges

to take a back seat, she kept going through the


Cindy Crawford did not like jungles. The bugs, the

mugginess, the fear that the next squashy thing she

stepped into might be very, very deep – she slapped at

another mosquito before it could have a drink from her

upper arm. And speaking of bugs, where was that…


What was THAT?! Cindy had stepped on something and

heard it – whatever… no, WHOever it was, it/he/she

had to be close by. Cindy looked down sharply; the

grass nearby was rustling in a manner that it hadn’t

been earlier. And it was rustling backwards… Cindy

plunged her arms into the sea of grass and grabbed

something; thankfully it was something with skin. Not

fur, slime or shell; skin.

“You think you’re so damn smart, Angelina…?!” Cindy

had dragged whoever it was to the surface, and found

herself holding a beautiful female, all right. But it

was Karen, grinning as she was clutched in Cindy’s


“What are you…” the dumbfounded supermodel started,

before Karen cut her off with “ANGELINA! CINDY’S

HERE!!! I’VE GOT HER FOR YOU!!!” as she gripped Cindy

in turn ever tighter. Cindy tried to tear free, but

Miss Vinton was holding on like a magnet.

“This is CHEATING, dammit!” Cindy grunted, trying to

move with Karen’s weight holding her back.

“You wouldn’t say that if I was on your side!”

“Maybe not, but you aren’t!” Cindy slapped Karen

across the face as hard as she could, and the stinging

slap caused Karen to lose her grip; Cindy broke free,

running through the greenery and not caring (much) if

she stepped on anything soft and deep…

Much sooner than Cindy would have liked, Angelina

Jolie rushed up. She’d gone from shock on hearing

Karen yell for her, to glee in hearing the message.

Following the way Karen pointed, Angelina took off

without saying a word to the woman who’d helped her;

but Karen was too giddy with delight to mind.

“DISQUALIFY THE PUFFY COW!” Sophie Anderton snapped.

“Can’t you disqualify her or something?” Emmanuelle

Beart asked.

“Or all of them?” Kirsty Gallacher argued. “I mean,

first the business with Pale and Uninteresting here,”

indicating Asia Argento, “and now this. My girls tried

to play by the rules and all Lopez’s girls did was

cheat cheat cheat; I mean, what is this, ‘Wacky


“They all cheated on that show, not just Dastardly and

Muttley!” Madeleine McMurdo pointed out.

“Yeah, everybody forgets that,” Gabby Logan added.

“Dastardly’s only singled out because he always lost!”

“And he DESERVED it! He was CRAP!” Melissa George


“He was NOT CRAP!” Catherine Zeta Jones parried. “Now

the Anthill Mob, they were crap…”

“Oh that’s IT!” Sophie Marceau yelled. “No one insults

Penelope Pitstop’s protectors around ME, Jones…”

“Ah, the ladies of J-Lo’s,” Monica Bellucci sighed,

settling back with the other Cindy Inc. women. “So


* * * * * * * * * *

Branches flew across Cindy’s face, she could feel

herself murdering innocent bugs by running over them,

and she had no idea where the hell she was going – but

she couldn’t stop. Angelina was fitter than she was,

and all she could was hope she could put enough

distance between the lady to lose her. Cindy was just

relieved that she hadn’t been seriously hurt yet –

The ground vanished beneath Cindy; she thought for a

microsecond she was about to fall down a ravine before

she felt the good hard ground crack against her

tailbone. Her relief changed instantly to fright as

her rapid slide started; Cindy had blundered over the

side of a hill and was rushing and bumping downwards.

Yelling as she plummeted, feeling the behind of her

shorts being worn through, Cindy tried to get a grip

on something to stop her slide, anything – grass,

rocks, anything – but she couldn’t stop herself… and

there were the tops of some trees ahead, rising up and

coming closer. This wasn’t going to be pretty…

“Ahhhhhhhhh SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTT!!!!!” Cindy howled as

she soared off the edge of the slope and plunged into

free air, helplessly tumbling down and down and down

towards the lake that the tall trees were at the side

of. Knowing her luck, Cindy thought the “lake” would

only be two feet deep, and that would be it for Cindy

Crawford – she wouldn’t even have time to pray before

she hit…

She hit. And kept plunging down, before she kicked

against the flow and started swimming up to the

surface, relieved that her luck had changed. It was

cold, but at least she could feel the cold. And she

hadn’t heard Angelina Jolie catching up to her… in

between letting out bubbles of the air she had taken

in before her bath, Cindy smiled to herself. She had a

chance – she still had a chance.

Standing by the cliff face, Angelina watched as the

dripping supermodel made her way out of the lake far

below. There had to be a safer way to get down there,

but it would take way too long. And she couldn’t rely

on Karen again.

“If she can do it…” Angelina said, and launched


(“Copycat,” Louise Redknapp snorted as she and her

customer at the London branch watched Angelina Jolie

tumble down the slope and swan dive into the lake.)

Cindy hadn’t dared to look back, just keeping going

forward – the morning was warm, blessedly; the last

thing she needed was to catch a cold. On she ran, sure

that she had a good lead on Angelina by now…

“Damn, that girl’s faster than I thought,” Melissa

George huffed.

Cindy was going quickly enough, all right. Quick

enough for her to regret it a few moments later –

because if she hadn’t gone so quickly she might have

seen the curiously arranged ground in front of her.

And swerved to avoid it rather than run over it, and

fall into it.

* * * * * * * * * *

“YES!” Caroline shouted as Cindy was swallowed by the

hole, to surprised glances from everyone else there.

Not so much because of what she said, but because she

had said it just before Cindy had fallen into the


* * * * * * * * * *

Like Lachlan before her, Cindy didn’t fall all the way

to the bottom. The good news was that if she had, she

wouldn’t have landed on all manner of sharp and jagged

objects. The bad news was that she wasn’t meant to;

she was meant to catch her foot in one of the sticks

hanging in the trap, which would set the trap loose

and send her flying back up like a mad bungee jumper,

out of the hole, and whizzing into the air, propelled

helplessly up into a tree. Cindy’s breath, shortened

by the plunge, almost went into nothingness as she

soared upwards, with the intent of flying over the

tree and zooming over the trees to land who knows

where, but certainly with a lot of bones broken.

Cindy grabbed desperately at the branches as she flew;

she sprained a hand as she stopped her flight, but she

had stopped her flight. The beautiful supermodel

crashed among the branches, setting loose a few of the

birds that lived there; she ignored the angry chirps

of the avian tenants as she caught her breath, before

looking out of the branches. Too far to just jump

down; Chris Bonington she was not, but she didn’t have

a choice. Moving carefully – the last thing she wanted

was for her journey downwards to be sped up by her

stepping on a rotten branch – Cindy began to negotiate

her way out of the top of the tree.

“Too bad there isn’t a Butt-cam for when she climbs

down,” Ernest sighed, and his sons nodded in


“Almost worked,” Caroline said.

“What almost worked?” asked Holly.

“Uhhh… we were almost rid of Cindy that time,”

Caroline replied hastily. “You know me, I can’t stand


“So you went and planted that specially for her team,

did you?” Holly asked, surprising the others from both

sides – they hadn’t figured little Holly Valance for

being the Dr. Steve Sloan of Cindy Inc. “Or was it for

someone else?”

“Yeah, Caroline,” Lachlan added, staring right at his

worried sister. “Who DID you put those traps for?”

“Traps? More than one?” Sophie Marceau asked,

attention away from Cindy’s slow but steady descent.

“Yeah – the sis sent me in another direction, I go

down hill, and I nearly fall in this… this death


Caroline saw the look in her brother’s eyes, and

behaved as the family had come to expect of her – she

crumbled right on the spot, pointing a finger at

Madeleine McMurdo and wailing “She gave me the

go-ahead! She did it! It was HER idea!”

Now all eyes were on the McMurdo matriarch, as the

doors opened. “Get the hell out of here – you weren’t

invi–” Madeleine started, and then saw the mansion’s

doctor standing there, slightly out of breath from the

running he had been doing to get there. They all knew

that it was something to do with Patty.

And for all but two of them, it was very good news.

* * * * * * * * * *

Cindy Crawford didn’t dare look down once as she

climbed down the tree trunk, searching out for

footrests anywhere she could. She knew that if she

just kept doing it, she’d make it; the trouble was,

what if she couldn’t find any more holds? She wasn’t

exactly a mountain-friendly girl…

“Omigod…” She couldn’t find anything to hold. And

this damn trunk was too thick for her to reach all the

way around and move downwards that way; she realised

she could have taken her shirt off and used that, but

it was too late now. She couldn’t go back up, and she

was starting to slip – Cindy nervously opened her eyes

and looked up. The top of the tree was a comfortingly

long distance away; but was it long enough? Only one

way to be sure… Cindy swallowed and let go of the

tree, and dropped back into the void.

Some void. She fell like ten inches.

Cindy went “Huh?!” as she realised she’d made it,

before starting to laugh with joy and relief. She’d

made it again – this was her lucky day. She was going

to win, she knew it for sure. “FUCK YOU, ANGELINA

JOLIE!!!” Cindy yelled in delight… and then she felt

herself slamming against the tree trunk.

“That’s my job,” Angelina Jolie hissed, one of her

elbows pressing into Cindy’s back, while her arm

pulled on the collar of her shirt. Wriggling and

fighting to get out, Cindy felt her top come ripping

off, and Angelina’s free hand whipping her shorts off.

Angelina patted Cindy’s buns approvingly. “We’re gonna

have a good time this morning,” she laughed.

“We?!?” Cindy spat, as Angelina dropped to her knees,

still holding the supermodel by the tree, facing

Cindy’s asscleft and licking her lips.

“I’ll give you the choice, moleface. Anal or regular?”

“No J-Lo lady’s going up MY ass,” Cindy told her.

(“Damn,” Aisha Tyler muttered.

“You tell her!” Mischa Barton cheered.)

“Suit yourself,” Angelina grinned, and stuck her head

between Cindy’s legs, her hands clutching the older

woman’s firm cheeks as she moved her tongue inside the

snatch. Angelina had wanted to ask Lopez how it

tasted, but even she hadn’t had the nerve… mmmmmmm.

Not bad for an older woman… Angelina flicked her

tongue deep inside Cindy, pausing to lightly suck on

her box with those lips. She knew that if you wanted

to please a lady you couldn’t just lick the surface –

doing “Girl, Interrupted” had been fun in that sense,

which was why fellow Lopez lady Winona Ryder hadn’t

been that mad about being upstaged all the way to the

Oscars (though Angelina wished that Brittany Murphy

had told her she worked for Cindy BEFORE they had

fucked) – and going inside Cindy was the best revenge

of all. Damn, she was hot down here.

Angelina started to press her thumbs inside Cindy’s

asshole as she continued eating, probing and burrowing

up her as she flicked and rubbed with her tongue,

listening as Cindy’s resistance broke down bit by bit;

less and less of Cindy wanted to push her back and

fight, more and more wanted Angelina to eat her and

make her love every second of it. And she wanted

Jolie’s hands up her butt… she wanted them now.

Sighing as she lay against the tree, Cindy felt her

cunt tingling on top of Angelina’s lips. “That…

ain’t…bad…” she found herself saying. “Don’t

stop… pleasedon’t stop…” She could feel herself

getting even warmer as she felt Angelina fondling her,

and her hands cupping her breasts.

“Not bad after two kids,” said the English girl Cindy

had met earlier. Still lost in her ecstasy, Cindy

needed a few moments to realise what was happening,

but by then Karen had used the cord from the trap to

tie Cindy to the tree, smiling apologetically. “Sorry

about this, but Angelina’s afraid you might run for it

before we can do it.” And she started to push Cindy to

the ground, her hands on the woman’s shoulders forcing

her down, with Angelina helping out by wrapping her

arms around Cindy’s waist and pulling her further.

Cindy couldn’t resist the force sending her to the


“Before we can do whaaAAAAAAAAAAA….!!!” Cindy’s

question was cut off with a howl as she felt an object

thrusting up into her ass. Hard. Whatever it was

wasn’t sharp, thank heavens, but it wasn’t the most

pleasant thing she’d ever experienced. Twisting her

head around and looking up, Cindy saw Angelina shoving

and twisting something in and out of her butt,

laughing with delight as she pumped. “What…” she

gasped between jerks, “is… THAT?!?”

Karen stood in front of Cindy and tugged her head

upwards to face her crotch. “Never mind that,” the

girl laughed. “Just eat up…”

With another thrust, Cindy dipped her head into the

slot between Karen’s legs, and began to probe, trying

not to be aroused by the object fucking her ass – and


Resting against the tree and holding Cindy’s head

against her muff, the strong English girl used her

free hand to aim the beacon skywards. Cindy’s expert

mouth was finding her hot spots, while the lady

herself was yielding her fine ass to the smoothed

branch Angelina Jolie had fucked her out with.

“YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!” Jennifer Lopez screamed as Karen

fired. “I FINALLY BEAT YOU, MOLEY!!!!” She jumped off

the sofa in her office and began to dance with joy.

Charisma Carpenter felt an intense load of relief. Not

only had her team won, but they were all richer as a

result. And the other ladies wouldn’t take it out on

her anymore. She extended a hand out to the boss, and

Jennifer Lopez actually shook it before pulling her

off the floor and dragging her into her dance. All was


Cindy Crawford’s screams of coming drowned out the

beacon’s bursting, but not her frustration. She’d be

getting $50 million, true, but that didn’t ease how

she felt – no amount of money could have bought off

how humiliated and furious she felt. Both in terms of

the contest and literally, Angelina Jolie was the last

woman standing.

* * * * * * * * * *

“We are the champions, we are the champions, no time

for losers, ’cause we are the champions… OF THE

WORLD!!!” Gabby Logan and Leeann Tweeden proved that

as singers, they made very good celebrity prostitutes.

Their singing was echoed by J-Lo supporters the world

over (starting with Martha Stewart), while Rande’s

inbox filled with crowing messages from enemies, and

Cindy Inc. devotees hurled abuse at the screen. Some

of that abuse was coming from Holly Valance and Sophie

Anderton, alternating between wailing and gnashing of

teeth over Cindy’s predicament and litigious comments

over Angelina’s geneology. They, and the others, plus

Lisa Dergan and Kirsty Gallacher, were with the

McMurdos in Patty’s room, watching it there at her

insistence. She was pale, and sweaty, but she was

alive. And pissed at how it had turned out.

“They cheated!” Emmanuelle spat. “All the time they


“They did,” Patty whispered as she and the others

watched the helicopter pick up Cindy, Angelina and

Karen and begin the journey back. “And you let them

get away with it.”

“We didn’t know…” Lachlan started.

“I know most of you didn’t,” Patty interrupted. “But

you did, didn’t you Mom?”

“What did I have to do with it?” Madeleine asked.

“You were the one who poisoned me, is what you had to

do with it,” Patty answered. “You shouldn’t have

talked to me before you fired.”

“I wanted you to know who it was,” Madeleine told her


“What… you?” Ernest said. “And Carter too?”

“Carter?” Patty asked weakly. “Him too?”

“Yes, dammit, him too,” the matriarch said bluntly, to

shocked looks from celebrities and relatives alike. “I

had too much money on this to risk any problems. You

know what the people we’re dealing with are like. Plus

I never liked you anyway – fucking lezzie. The only

one of you I had any time for was Caroline.”

“Oh yes. Caroline,” Monica said coldly. “I don’t

suppose you have ESP? Otherwise you knew about that

trap that caught Cindy.”

“And the one that nearly got me,” Lachlan added

heatedly. “You were betting on the result too, weren’t

you? Was anyone in this family NOT rigging it?”

“I wasn’t,” Ernest said, trying to hold himself

together in the face of his family being exposed as a

pit of murdering cheaters. “I wanted Cindy to win but

I wanted it to happen fair and square.”

“Always thinking with your dick, weren’t you?”

Madeleine snapped. “Caroline hated that too. She

always was the only one with any sense – if it wasn’t

for her I’d have never found out about Karen.”

“So you put her out there as well?” Melissa asked.

“No, the silly bitch did that all on her own,”

Caroline replied, as the sound of the helicopter

neared them. “She couldn’t stop yakking about having

Jolie here all the time – ”

“Tell me about it,” Sophie Marceau sighed. “But what

else is there to know about Miss Vinton?”

* * * * * * * * * *


“What?” Cindy said in a low voice.

“You know, it’s not so bad,” Angelina told her as they

sat together in the helicopter, a flushed but happy

Karen facing them. “You put up a good fight; you get

fifty million bucks out of it, and you don’t have to

go to bed with Lachlan McMurdo however many times it

takes to give him a son.”

“Yeah, but still… it’s a matter of pride. Losing to

J-Lo’s and getting seen by the whole world…”

“That’ll keep the boss on cloud nine for days,”

Angelina cackled.

“Karen… what were you doing out there?” Cindy asked

the maid. “Are you really that hot for Jolie?”

Karen nodded, giving Angelina a ready smile. “Yeah,

she’s cool – but that wasn’t the only reason I was out

there putting all the bugs. See… I was kind of

hoping to get a few of the McMurdos as well.”

“You had them bugged too?”

“Yep,” Karen said, wiping her head. “Caroline’s idea.

She caught me getting a couple of them inside, and

told me to do the others as well. Suited me – I was

tired of how my family treated me…”

“YOUR family!?” Cindy and Angelina asked together.

– – – – – – – – – –

“Karen’s his daughter,” Madeleine said stiffly,

pointing to Ernest. “By his last wife. The little brat

was about 12 when they split up, and I married Ernest

about a year after she died. He never even told me she

was his daughter when he “hired” her as the maid.”

– – – – – – – – – –

“He said I was the daughter of a really good friend

who’d died in a car accident, and he’d promised to

take care of me. He didn’t want me to have it too easy

or make any visitors suspicious, so he had me work for

my keep.”

“You didn’t get that on ‘Diff’rent Strokes,'” Cindy


“The thing is, I wanted Dad to admit that I was a

member of the family,” Karen continued as the copter

neared the estate. “He said he couldn’t – he said his

wife wouldn’t forgive him, he had to keep the family

together and all that crap.”

“So you went out there to try and get the McMurdos

while they were hunting us?” Angelina asked.

“Not all of them,” Karen admitted. “Lachlan was the

only one of the kids who gave me a break… I wasn’t

going after him. Or Dad… he’s my dad. But I found

that I couldn’t really do it… I like fucking, not


“Melissa George isn’t gonna like seeing you.”

“Shame. She was nice. So were you.”

* * * * * * * * * *

“And then what?” Kirsty asked.

“I’m not saying anything else until I get my lawyer,”

Caroline said.

“You’ve been shooting your mouth off in front of lord

knows how many people and NOW you want a lawyer? The

rich really are different from you and me,” Melissa


“Not always,” Lisa suggested. “They’re up for it

anywhere, rich or poor, right Sophie?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Sophie

Anderton blushed.

“Oh, I think you do,” the blonde cooed. “Remember when

you and your brother were doing Monica? I heard the

brother say you liked poking Sophie both times. And

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Sophie Marceau they were

talking about because she got taken out without the

aid of a cock.”

Now both Sophie A and Lachlan were blushing.

“Is this true?” Ernest asked.

“They were fucking on the way from the airfield,”

Holly chipped in. “We all had bets on how long they’d


“And I won,” Monica added.

“Yeah, okay, stop gloating.”

“You weren’t supposed to poke any of the ladies before

the contest started, kid!” Caroline shouted. “Oh MAN!

Jeez, that’s this family’s men for you – always

thinking with their dicks…”

“It was just a quick thing! I didn’t even put it in

her cunt!” Lachlan argued.

“Oh, stop selling yourself short,” Sophie A smiled.

“He didn’t; he sold himself for $150 million,” Ernest

said. “Any fucking of the contestants beforehand and

the whole thing is void.”

“Is this true?” Emmanuelle asked hopefully. Lachlan’s

sullen look and the glares on his parents’ faces told

her the answer.

“Poor Angelina,” Holly lied. “After all that.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Angelina Jolie hadn’t been so angry since she saw the

final version of “Life Or Something Like It.”

“It’s WHAT?!?!” she screamed, greeted on the ground by

an impossibly smug-looking Emmanuelle Beart with the

news. “We go running all over this jungle fucking each

other for hours and it’s CANCELLED?!? So we don’t get

the money?!?”

“Yes and no,” Ernest McMurdo replied, his feelings

soothed by his wife and older daughter trussed up,

waiting for the boys in blue to arrive and take the

two whining bitches away. If only all reality TV shows

could involve people being dragged away never to

return. “If it’s any consolation, Cindy Crawford won’t

get the $50 million either. We will see to it that you

all get some kind of compensation for your time…”

“Look at it this way,” Cindy added. “You won’t have to

go to bed with Lachlan for however long it takes to

give him a son. And one more thing, Angelina…”


“Karen’s a nicer fuck than you are.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Charisma Carpenter felt the last straps tightening

around her wrists, put in place by a seething Jennifer

Lopez. They had both seen that “Perry Mason moment”

when the truth about Lachlan and Sophie had come out,

and a quick phone call to the bookmakers had confirmed

J-Lo’s deepest fears – if the McMurdos weren’t going

to pay out, neither were they.

“Look,” Charisma begged, “I didn’t know they had done

it on the way from the airport! I’m not psychic in

real life; c’mon!”

“I. Do. Not. Care,” Lopez gritted, fitting the nipple

clamps to Charisma tightly. “Everyone here is going to

take it out on you for the next 24 hours. Whores and

customers alike.” The Bronx woman nodded to Uma

Thurman and Keira Knightley, who both heaved on the

ropes, pulling Charisma up into the air and upside

down, the cords from the clamps connecting her to the


“You can’t leave me like this…” Charisma moaned.

“Of course we’re not,” Jennifer assured her. “We’ll

let you down after we’ve all had one go at you. Me

first…” Lightly brandishing a little lash, she drew

it slowly along Charisma’s exposed pussy, swirling the

tip and seeing the tall brunette giggle in pleasure.

Jennifer wielded the lash and cracked it on Charisma’s

chest, enough to sting but not to hurt. “Now,”

Jennifer said, “I’m going to leave you in their

capable hands; leave some for the others, okay?”

Charisma felt Keira’s hand grabbing her side tightly;

it didn’t feel like she was in the mood for some TLC.

It was going to be a long day…

* * * * * * * * * *

“It’s going to be a long day,” Gabby Logan sighed as

she got onto the plane. Unlike the journey to McMurdo

Island, all the J-Lo ladies were going back to the

mainland together, commentators and non-commentators

alike. The air was heavy with bad feelings; what with

losing the money and having to spend time with the

riff-raff (none of them were very fond of Leeann and

Gabby), it was a sullen septet that felt their ears go

pop as the plane taxied down the runway for takeoff.

“Who’s going to take it from Lopez?” Melissa asked.

“Angelina, of course,” Catherine laughed.

“No chance,” said the leader. “If Lopez has my ass for

breakfast she’s getting all of yours as well.”

“Look on the bright side,” Sophie M pointed out. “They

could have Cindy’s ladies on board as well. Luxuries

of having a private jet.”

“Too bad we couldn’t bring Karen along,” Asia

suggested. “I need someone to work all this off on.”

“Same here,” Angelina snapped, and made to grab Asia,

who scurried back, shaking her head. She didn’t like

to fuck a lady with tattoos…

* * * * * * * * * *

Patty McMurdo’s form had no tattoos whatsoever, for

which Holly Valance was thankful. Dragons’ tails

entwining on an otherwise nice buttock was a

passion-killer, she thought as she sank her teeth into

the recovering young woman’s rump. Patty squealed in

delight as Holly took another love bite, stroking the

invalid’s tender flesh and kissing the area around the

bite. “You’re only supposed to leave one!” Emmanuelle

Beart chided as she, Kirsty Gallacher, Monica

Bellucci, Lisa Dergan, Sophie Anderton and Cindy

Crawford, all in various states of undress, lounged

around Patty’s bedroom eyeing the nude ladies in the

centre of the room.

“Oh, don’t be a grumpy gus,” Patty moaned. “Call it a

souvenir to go with the others…” she let her voice

tail off with a happy sigh as Holly ran her tongue

along the inside of her thigh. Holly had been the last

to go one-on-one with Patty; Cindy and the others had

originally planned to leave at the same time as the

J-Lo Mob, but Ernest had offered them $25 million to

serve Patty, knowing how his daughter felt about them.

Cindy had agreed to stay, and had also broken new

ground for celebrity prostitutes by offering to have

sex with Patty for free; since she was the only lady

there who hadn’t tried, in some way, to let them down,

the other ladies agreed to go along. The girl deserved


Patty’s small breasts were decorated with red lipstick

from the commentators, with her nipples shiny and

rock-hard from Lisa’s mouth in particular. Seeing the

two staring at her, and with her eyes half-closed as

she enjoyed Holly’s lips, Patty beckoned them all to

come closer. Lisa and Kirsty started forward while the

others stayed behind. “All of you…” Patty said.

“There’s plenty here…”

The women all rushed forward; Sophie rudely crashed

between her legs, wedging in beside Holly, and

suddenly Patty had two tongues deep inside her cunt.

Double her pleasure and double her fun, as Holly and

Sophie declared a thumb war inside, their mouths

sizzling as each woman licked and flicked within.

Monica and Emmanuelle closed their lips around Patty’s

tits; it was even better when the woman they did this

to had lots of milk inside, but in this case that was

out of the question so far. In any case, each lady

sucked her chosen boob eagerly, stroking what parts of

her they could find underneath the other women.

Patty tried to roll over a bit to give those wanting

to get at her butt some space, but it was impossible

with all the weight on top of her. And then Lisa

Dergan had planted her blonde cunt on the girl’s face,

leaving Cindy Crawford and Kirsty Gallacher as the

bridesmaids at this party, with Patty hidden

underneath all the writhing ladies, and Lisa’s

exultant face as she felt Patty start to excavate her

muff saying everything. Cindy clenched her fists in

frustration – she’d have to wait until one of them was

finished before she could get in…

“Forgotten somebody?” Kirsty asked, as she rested a

hand on Cindy’s ass and thrust herself right next to

the boss, giving Cindy the full benefit of her jugs.

Cindy cast an eye to the mob in the room, and then

looked right at Kirsty.

“As long as Murdoch doesn’t interrupt again,” she

smiled, and kissed Kirsty, rubbing the Brit’s large

tits. Mmmmmmm… just imagine her pregnant. Fondling

the boobs and waiting for her nipples to harden, Cindy

felt Kirsty’s hands moving delicately over her butt

and travelling up and down her back. The two women

kissed each other again, ignoring the rising noise

behind them. Cindy kept stroking Kirsty’s jugs while

moving her hips forward, so that her cunt lightly

brushed Kirsty’s; shame that Miss G had more bush. The

way their slots felt when they could actually touch…

Holly’s tongue was moving alongside Sophie’s; she felt

their tongues prodding next to each other inside

Patty’s pussy. She got a sideways look at the

raven-haired beauty, too engrossed in eating out Patty

to notice that Holly was liking how the two tastes

mixed. Sophie didn’t notice anything until Holly took

her hand and put it on one of her tender perky

breasts; she kept licking Patty’s increasingly hot and

moist box, but Holly’s mumbles began to heighten,

because Sophie was exploring the Australian’s tits.

Patty, now free of Lisa’s muff, threw her head back

with happiness and begged Holly and Sophie to keep

going, feeling half way better now.

The sight of Lisa Dergan and Emmanuelle Beart with

Monica Bellucci would have brought Patty all the way

back; Lisa had one of Monica’s nips in her mouth, and

was playing with the massive boob to which it was

attached. Boy oh boy, this was a step or 80 up from

Lisa “Spoilsport” Guerrero – and oooooooooh, the

woman’s milk was sweet. (Lisa made a mental note to

ask her if she was carrying a kid in there.) The

blonde kept suckling on Monica, feeling her hand

patting her head soothingly; Lisa placed her arms

around Monica, drawing her lips back and looking at

the drop that formed on the Italian’s nipple-end. She

licked the milk off her lips and rubbed the tit,

waiting for Emmanuelle to finish; the Frenchwoman had

the tip of Monica’s other breast moving around her

snatch, manipulated with the ease of a woman who’d

done this before and often. Watching Emmanuelle’s

mouth exhaling and inhaling with the feelings she was

getting, Lisa was wondering what Bellucci milk

flavoured with cunt de Beart would taste like.

Kirsty, flat on the floor with Cindy kissing the area

between her breasts, was the first to see Lachlan and

Philip standing there, watching and grinning. She was

used to men checking her out, so she lazily beckoned

to them, her mind more on Cindy’s lips and the way her

long brunette hair brushed arousingly on her skin.

Philip cast his eyes on Cindy’s bared butt, and nodded

with a “Mmmmmmm.”

“Don’t even think it, Philip,” Cindy murmured as she

nuzzled the presenter. “We’re only letting Lachlan


“Yeah, we heard that crack about Cindy’s tits,” Kirsty

added, shivering with ecstasy as the boss dipped her

tongue inside her plump box. “Philip gets to watch and

that’s… ohhhhhhhhhh….” She couldn’t say anything

else; Cindy had her mouth working on her.

On the screen it was hard for Lachlan, spying on the

goings-on, to decide which coupling to try and crash.

But as his chosen lady burst into orgasmic delight, he

made his pick…

“Nice of them to keep the cameras in there as well,”

Kelly Brook said to herself as she watched the ladies

in action, an eye out for anyone coming – although

Lopez had made it clear that no one at J-Lo’s was to

be watching it after the money went bye-bye, several

of them still wanted to see how it ended. And Kelly

figured she might as well be there for her friends

Sophie and Kirsty. Plus the client was always right.

“Who’s doing Cindy C?” asked Stacy Rogers, coming out

of the bathroom and ready for a good afternoon’s


“Never mind that,” Kelly laughed, settling onto the

bed with her client. “Concentrate on who’s doing me.”

“Oh, I will,” Stacy smiled, bending forward to kiss

the brunette. “I will.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Lisa Dergan exited the doctor’s office in a daze. It

was positive.

Holding the results and checking the card that Lachlan

McMurdo had given her, the

soon-to-be-$100-million-richer woman went to make the

phone call, unaware that several hours earlier, the

already-$100-million-richer Kirsty Gallacher had done

the same thing.

* * * * * * * * * *

May means a lot of things to a lot of people. For the

English, it’s a month that begins and ends with that

wonderful invention, a bank holiday. For Hollywood,

it’s the start of that license to print (or lose)

money called the blockbuster season. And for students,

it’s the time when exams loom like thunderclouds on

the horizon.

Rhona Mitra’s student days were far behind her, but

she was English and in Hollywood, and best of all, she

was what in Cindy Inc. parlance was a “have.” At this

time of year, many of the actresses signed up to

either Cindy or Jennifer Lopez’s books either “had”

slots in the fall schedule or “had not.” And watching

her ladies in action from her office at home, Cindy

Crawford was sorry to see that three of her ladies

“had not.” And it was going to affect their work for

days afterwards.

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