Cindy Inc.: Sister Act III

The continuing adventures of Cindy Crawford –

supermodel, mother and celebrity bordello owner. The

contents of this story are fictional and not meant to

represent the actual behaviour of the celebs

represented. Any praise or complaints should go on the

message boards or to And

if it bothers you that some of the women in this story

have had their hand crystals blinking red for years

now (especially 44-year-old Rosanna Arquette), it

could be worse; I could write an FFFF story about the

Golden Girls. Come to think of it, there was an

episode where Dorothy’s
sister fell in love with Rose,

but I’ll just get to the story before everyone runs

off screaming…

* * * * * * * * * *

Cindy Crawford may have been a supermodel, mother and

celebrity bordello owner, but she – like all the other

ladies who served at Cindy Inc. – also had to keep up

her other commitments; the odd magazine shoot here,

appearances to promote stuff there. Even though she

was strictly speaking a retired model, she still kept

herself pretty busy, and still welcomed a chance to

relax at home… whenever she wasn’t overseas for some

weeks in a row, she took one night off a week from

thrashing around between silken sheets at $1000 a go,

with instructions that she wasn’t to be called in

unless it was an emergency.

She’d received no such calls for the past few weeks,

and it was with not a care in the world that she

relaxed in the bath that Wednesday night. Cindy’s mind

was additionally at peace with the knowledge that

Jennifer Love Hewitt was on holiday – JLH was a

favourite with customers and was a total sweetheart,

but it did seem that every time she rang she had bad

news… and there was her phone now. “Talk to me,” the

brunette said lazily after picking it up with one

soapy hand.

“Did I wake you up?” asked Liv Tyler, who was

co-running the place that night.

“No, just having a bath… any problems?”

“Not really – the band’s a few minutes late but

they’ll be here, Beyonce’s dad wants another cut of

her commission, and someone wants a four way with

Ashley Harkleroad and the Williams sisters.”

“Rande wants a three way with me and Ashley as

well…” Cindy laughed, before realising what Liv had

said. “The Williams sisters?”

“Yep, and he’s not leaving until he gets it.

Satisfaction guaranteed and all that.”

Cindy started to sluice the bubble bath off her body,

sighing as she prepared to go down to Cindy Inc.

Getting him what he wanted would be rough, since Venus

worked for Cindy, Serena worked for Jennifer Lopez,

and Ashley was still dithering between the two…

One good thing about tonight, though; she had another

pair of sisters coming in who were much less trouble

than they were worth. They were two young women who’d

made records and appeared on TV shows. They were

blonde, and regarded with disdain by some and with

pure lust by others. They had gorgeous, tightly

packaged bodies. They were sisters. And they were

speeding to Cindy Inc. to spend their first night in

residence, with one of the sisters lavishing her mouth

on their driver’s cock and pleased with her ability to

bend herself into such a small place as under the

driving seat. The driver was fighting to keep his mind

on the road, but with Ash’s hot mouth in action all

the way down to his balls, it was tough.

“She better not be better than me,” Jessica Simpson

pouted as she watched Ashlee Simpson gobbling her

husband’s cock.

Nick knew diplomacy was key in matters like this, so

he kept his mouth shut as he felt Ashlee sucking away

and teasing his balls as if she hadn’t had one in

years. The more she moved her lips along his meat, the

more pressure he put on the accelerator; he was in a

rush to get to Cindy Inc. But if he kept driving fast,

he’d have less time to enjoy Ashlee’s mouth… he

slowed the car down.

“NICK!” Jessica shouted. “The boss doesn’t like people

coming late!”

Feeling his cock starting to boil inside her sister’s

mouth as they neared the building, Nick didn’t think

that would be a problem.

* * * * * * * * * *

Ever since she had started this business, Cindy had

fielded requests from guys wanting to have a threesome

with a celeb and one of her relatives, going on the

theory of fame-by-association. The good news, both she

and Lopez had found, was that a number of the

relatives in question were perfectly willing to go

along with it (as the fellow who spent a joyful night

with Naomi, Ashley and Wynonna Judd had discovered).

The trouble was, there were always exceptions.

Driving down to the huge estate and hanging up from

putting in another call to Ashley Harkleroad’s people,

Cindy had less than happy memories of one such

exception. Ironically, Big Sur – the setting for said

exception – was such a lovely place…

“I still can’t believe you went along with this!”

Cindy shouted over the roar of the helicopter blades

to Patricia Arquette as they came in for a landing

near the mountain retreat.

“Hey, I can’t believe YOU did!” Patricia shouted back,

keeping an eye out for her older sister.

“The client asks for the tune, we’ve gotta play it!

Just hope your hippie sister’s there…”

“Oh, she’ll be there – come on, where are you… YES!

Told you!” And Patricia stuck an arm and her head out

of the window to wave down at her sister. Standing on

the balcony of the lodge, Rosanna Arquette waved back

at her and giggled in anticipation; it had been a

while since she had been the centre of attention,

which was one reason she had agreed to participate in

this one (Patricia was the one on Cindy’s books, not

Rosanna, although it wasn’t out of the question that

this could change).

Cindy could make out Rosanna now as they got closer;

she was awaiting them eagerly. VERY eagerly. Rosanna

was standing there stark naked; it was true that she

was pretty relaxed about nudity (certainly more than

she had been earlier in her career), but it was still

something of a shock. Cindy shook her head in

amusement; that was a flower child for you… “Don’t

you want to leave something for the client?!?” she

shouted cheerfully to Rosanna as they came in for a


“Oh, it’s nothing he hasn’t seen before!” Rosanna

laughed, pecking Cindy on the cheek as the supermodel

and the sister got out. “We can get the Jacuzzi warmed

up by the time he gets here…”

“Jacuzzi?” Patricia repeated.

“The client said he always wanted to do the two of us

in a hot tub,” Cindy explained as they went inside.

“Not very original, but it’s what he wants. And he’s

paying, so who am I to complain?”

“Just as long as he isn’t fat and ugly,” Patricia

added. “If he is, I quit.”

“Wimp,” Rosanna grinned goodnaturedly as the bubbles

started to rise… as did Mr. Huston a half hour

later, feeling the troubles of the week soothe away

with the steam. This was living! Being up here in the

mountains with no one for company but his two

favourite long-time fantasy objects; Rosanna Arquette

to the left of him licking on his chest, Cindy

Crawford to the right of him fondling him and

whispering dirty talk, and Patricia Arquette between

his legs under the surface sucking on his big (in his

dreams) cock. She was swallowing him rapidly, partly

out of enthusiasm and partly because she couldn’t stay

under as long as the others could, and the bubbles

rushing all around her weren’t helping. Huston faced

Rosanna and kissed her hungrily, his free hand

fondling Cindy’s breasts without him seeing them.

Cindy winced as he grabbed her right boob a little too

hard; she gave him a love bite that was, in turn, a

bit sharper than it normally was. (Luckily he was


As Arquette the elder climbed onto his shoulders,

Arquette the younger emerged from the depths,

frustrated that she couldn’t do it before breaking for

air, and it showed. “Never mind, Patty,” Cindy assured

her, as Huston grabbed Rosanna’s butt and dragged the

squealing blonde towards his face. “You just need to

practice… watch.” Cindy dived below the surface, and

Patricia waited for Huston to start howling into her

sister’s cunt – before she felt a tongue moving over

her own. Patricia looked down to see Cindy tasting the

younger lady’s box; clean-shaven and all ready, Cindy

ran her tongue along the slit, breathing slowly and

being careful not to let any air bubbles go into the


“Pat’s great,” Rosanna laughed as Huston gobbled her

while eyeing those huge things on her chest she called

breasts, “but for something like what she was doing

you need someone with more experience…” and she got

off his shoulders and turned herself around. Huston’s

cock grew an extra inch as he felt Rosanna’s jugs

pressing on his stomach; plus she had an ass nicer

than some 20-year-olds he had known. Huston rested his

tongue on her crack as he waited for her to begin her

work… oh YESSSS!!! Rosanna was really sucking that

baby now (from the forums: “Rosanna

Arquette’s cocksucking was her best performance since

‘Son of the Morning Star'”). Rubbing her gorgeous body

from shoulderblades to buns, Huston began to eat her

out, hoping he could do as good a job as she was.

It was definitely a case of “In Praise Of Older

Women,” as Cindy Crawford had now kept under longer

than Patricia; she couldn’t hear Patricia groan “Oh

shit… oh fuck Cindy that is SO GOOD… better than

Nic ever was… ohhhhh don’t stop… get that tongue

up there Cindy C…” but she could tell from the

shuddering of the woman that she was pleasing her.

Cindy’s tongue and lips treated every millimeter of

Patricia’s quim, the water around her giving the whole

thing a mystical quality, as if she was in some kind

of strange fantasy land. Add to this the magnifying

effect it had, and Cindy was almost wanting to pay

Patricia for the privilege. She wondered if Rosanna

tasted as good…

“You taste better than your sister,” Cindy told

Rosanna later, watching Huston and Patricia from a

distance. Patricia was bent over in the tub, while

Huston was behind her doing what was expected.

“You taste better than he does,” Rosanna replied, as

the grunts from the other two got louder. Huston

sounded like he was about to burst the way he was

driving into her – Cindy had that gleam in her eye.

She wanted to get closer; she liked to watch when she

had the chance. Cindy got up, but Rosanna pushed her

back down with a cackle – “If anybody’s going to watch

my sister with a guy close up, it’s going to be ME!”

Cindy watched Rosanna run towards the two of them –

hadn’t the girl heard of “restraint”? – and saw

Huston, who spotted Rosanna first, crack a wide grin

at the sight of her bouncing. Rosanna came in close,

and started to talk to him as Patricia lay flat on the

ground, writhing away with Huston’s dick up her.

Huston started to chat back… too bad they were

talking more quietly, and Cindy couldn’t lip read. But

from the look on Huston’s face, it looked like more

dirty talk… Rosanna slapped him. Non-sexually,

directly across the face. And Patricia was pulling

herself out from under him, taking time out to hit him

in the stomach with her foot. And Huston was not into


It turned out that he had wanted to watch Patricia and

Rosanna do it with each other, and neither actress had

taken it kindly. Huston had never returned to Cindy

Inc., and Patricia almost hadn’t either. Rosanna,

however, had signed up for it (“Hey, it’s nice to be

wanted,” she had explained), but this new scenario

probably wouldn’t have that sort of silver lining,

Cindy thought to herself as she arrived at the

Brentwood establishment and headed up the stairs to

the entrance, noting a white convertible drawing to a

stop as she did so. Cindy discreetly increased her

pace up the steps so she could be at the door to greet

the three.

The veteral supermodel noticed that Ashlee still had a

few white drops on her mouth as she greeted the

Simpsons and Nick. “Get any traffic tickets?” she

asked Mr. Simpson.

“We got lucky,” Nick told her as he kissed Jessica

goodnight and let her start the evening’s work. “I

thought you were going to have her do ‘Total Request


“At least I know where my Nicky’s thing’s been!”

Jessica argued. “Who knows what those guys on ‘TRL’


“Didn’t you have a few of them last time?” Cindy asked

cheekily, and laughed at how red Jessica’s face went.

“You’ve got a busy evening – the next girl you’re

breaking in is waiting for you.”

“Since when did I become a Vaughn?” Jessica pouted.

“A what?” asked a puzzled Nick.

“You know, someone to sort of take care of her in the

early going,” Cindy explained. “Like Sydney has Vaughn

on ‘Alias.'”

“I wouldn’t know, I don’t watch that show.”

“And they say Jessica’s the stupid one,” Cindy thought

as she bid Nick farewell and ushered the sisters

Simpson inside. Ashlee was eager to get going here; it

was one of the smoothest recruitments ever. She just

hoped Ashley Harkleroad was as easy to deal with…

* * * * * * * * * *

Jessica Simpson was not finding Ashley Harkleroad as

easy to deal with. Some dubbed her the American Anna

Kournikova, except that a) Anna was one of the most

popular women at Jennifer Lopez’s place, and b) Ashley

wasn’t totally useless at tennis. (Though in fairness,

neither was Anna.) She was certainly giving Mrs.

Lachey and Mrs. Lachey’s sister a rough time on the

tennis courts on the Cindy Inc. grounds, and this

despite Ashley’s doubles partner being the

tennis-challenged Mia Tyler.

“Dammit!” Jessica shouted as she missed Ashley’s serve

and watched the ball dribble to a stop on the far end.

“I thought that one would be easy.”

“It WAS easy, Jessie!” Ashley called back. “You’ll get

one back sooner or later.”

“More likely later,” Ashlee chuckled, as she served

Ashley and Mia, and revelled in the fact that she was

the better player of the two sisters.

“How does this sound for some motivation?” Mia

suggested. “You win, Ash joins the club.”

“MIA!” Jessica groaned. “I told you I was going to ask

her AFTER the match!”

“No, I like it,” the teenager said, propelling the

ball towards the other Ash. “One game, that’s all it

has to be. Start this one over…”

“You’re on,” Jessica agreed, and clutched her tennis

racket tighter.

“Good luck, Bobby,” Mia called.

“Fuck you, Billie Jean,” Ashlee responded, and the

game was on.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Ah, Miss Crawford,” was how Brad greeted Cindy when

she met him in the foyer. “Where are the Williams


“Well,” Cindy replied, turning on The Smile at full

blast, “we’ve got a slight problem – Serena’s not one

of our ladies.”

“But everyone knows you and Miss Lopez are actually


Cindy was dying to sling him outside personally (and

she could have done it; she towered over him), but

instead she was all sweetness and light. “No, she

really is a rival, and she really won’t let Serena go.

If you’ll come with me, I can show you who’s available

this week – I’m sure we can find someone you’ll


“Miss Crawford, when I set my mind on something I do

not settle for anything less.”

Picky bastard, Cindy thought. Out loud, she said

“Well, perhaps you could be with Venus here and then

visit J-Lo’s?”

“You must be joking! Visit that leper colony again? I

insist on sleeping with the sisters in THIS building,

otherwise several of my clients will be going


Brad, who had several very lucrative clients, had said

the magic words. As Cindy led Brad to the tennis

courts where he could watch Ashley running around in

short skirts, she hoped that the thing she had to do

now would be over quickly.

* * * * * * * * * *

Half an hour later, Cindy turned up on the courts.

There had been a major battle on that ground, with

blood, sweat, tears, the lot. But the Simpsons had

been whooping along their side of the court when the

boss arrived, and Brad himself had a blissfully happy

look on his mug – “Say hi to your newest recruit!” Mia

Tyler called out, pointing to Ashley.

“One step closer,” Cindy said to Brad in passing, who

grinned in anticipation. Grinning was the last thing

on Cindy’s mind as she went up to Mia, hoping she

wouldn’t yell too loudly at the thought of spending

“THE NIGHT AT LOPEZ’S?!?” Mia yelled very loudly.

“You and Liv, yeah,” Cindy repeated as they left the


“What the hell were you thinking, Cindy? You know I’d

go on a diet before going to that rat’s nest…”

“First off, J-Lo’s place isn’t that bad. Secondly,

it’s only for one night – I didn’t want to, but I

don’t want to lose Brad.”

“Speak for yourself,” Mia snorted.

“Anyway, I had to swap you and Liv for one of her

ladies,” Cindy continued. “Things’ll be okay in the


“Which lady?” Mia asked suspiciously.

“One of Ashley’s compadres.”

“It’s not Kournikova, is it? I thought after that

business in Paris…”

* * * * * * * * * *

“She’s here,” Jennifer Lopez, who was actually on site

that evening, said curtly to Serena Williams. No one

was allowed to mention Cindy Crawford’s name around

J-Lo’s, not even J-Lo herself.

“Hang on a minute,” Serena said. “Anna’s not finished

yet.” And she returned to the one-way glass wall that

separate the shower from her quarters; Serena had had

it installed so that she could watch any attractive

clients showering. Anna K was inside the shower at the

time, happily bestowing her mouth on her client’s

freshly washed knob, and Serena was watching the

proceedings. Jennifer L didn’t approve, but as long as

it kept Serena on staff.

“Yep, just as I thought,” she laughed richly as the

man splattered into Anna’s eyes. “Another

twenty-second man…” She shot up and followed Lopez

downstairs to the entrance, where Cindy was waiting

with Mia and Liv Tyler on either side of her, feeling

like she was an agent about to make a handover across

the border. Which she was.

“Hi, moley,” Lopez said calmly as she faced Cindy with


“Hi, Jen,” Cindy said calmly. “Let’s do this.”

Serena stepped into Cindy’s custody as the Tylers

entered chez Lopez, and the door slammed in the

supermodel and the tennis player’s faces. “She doesn’t

waste any time,” Serena laughed. “C’mon, Crawford,

let’s do this…”

“Sisters back in action, right?” Venus boomed.

“Right!” Serena shouted, highfiving her sis.

“So what’s this guy look like? Cause you know it’s

easier if he doesn’t look like Dan Rather or


“He definitely doesn’t look like Dan Rather,” Cindy

assured them, and enjoyed their shocked faces when she

added “He looks more like Walter Cronkite.”

* * * * * * * * * *

You could tell by the way he used his walk he was a

woman’s man, no time to talk. In fact, Brad was a

woman’s man even without the strut that he thought

made him a hit with the laydeez; he was still fully

dressed to meet Venus, and was quite happy to let her

take the lead as they shook hands. They were strong

but softer than he’d thought they’d be.

“So you’re the guy,” Serena said in relief as she

greeted Brad. “Walter Cronkite my big round ass…”

“Walter Cronkite?” Brad asked, trying to pull his mind

away from thoughts of Serena’s ample rump.

“Private joke,” Cindy said hastily. “I’ll let you

alone now…”

“So,” Brad asked when La Crawford had left, “who’s


“You!” the Williamses sang in unison, and started to

undress the man. Serena was even happier to see the

rest of him wasn’t Cronkite-ish either.

At J-Lo’s, meanwhile, there were one or two CBS news

representatives in attendance; Mia recognised them as

she and Liv were exploring the place. “Think Cindy’s

ever been here?” Mia whispered.

“If she has, she isn’t saying,” Liv whispered back, as

they studied the surprisingly tasteful surroundings.

Whereas Cindy Inc. was like a massive mansion, J-Lo’s

was closer to a hotel, with staff in uniforms (green,

with a monogrammed “JL” on the front), and floors

similarly alike. The place had been deliberately made

bigger than Cindy Inc., but it lacked the “Welcome

home” feel of Cindy’s establishment – Liv felt that if

she dropped a wrapper on the floor a robot would come

out to clean it up, which was ironic given that

Jennifer Lopez was scrappier than Cindy Crawford.

“Come on, ladies, I’ll introduce you,” Lopez said as

they entered the lounge. “Is the mike on? I don’t want

to have a repeat of that business with Ashanti…”

The sight of J-Lo making her way to the stage was teh

signal for the band on it to stop and one of the

assistants to put on Miss L’s customized microphone,

the one she only used when she wanted to make a

special announcement. Beckoning to the sisters to come

on stage, the bottomy one surveyed the audience and

licked her lips at the thought of all the money…

“Hey, people!” Jennifer shouted. “I got one over on

that retired clotheshorse again! Two more of moley’s

ladies saw the light and here they are, on permanent

loan to J-Lo’s…”

“PERMANENT?!” the sisters mouthed to each other as

Jennifer Lopez yelled “Get out your cocks and welcome


* * * * * * * * * *

At 18, Ashley was the youngest person to join the crew

in a while, which was another bonus as far as Jessica

was concerned; not that she minded working with

another woman, but it was nicer when she was still

pretty young. Some ladies didn’t mind working with

older women, but Jessica Simpson wasn’t one of them;

she still shuddered over the time she had been called

in by Celine Dion (there were some celebs who neither

Miss Crawford nor Miss Lopez were eager to sign up).

Fortunately, Ashley had no idea of what that horrible

night had been like. Instead she was back on the

courts, chatting amiably as the Simpsons lightly

stroked either side of her – she stayed off the

subject of tennis, figuring they weren’t into shop

talk. “You know why I went with Cindy?”

“Because you lost the game,” Ashlee suggested,

fondling the teenager’s trimmed bush.

“Yeah, but also because Lopez already got Kournikova.

I didn’t feel like being a sub for Anna – I want to be

my own girl… ready now?”

“Uh-huh,” Jessica nodded, stepping back and looking at

the girl’s body. Golden all over, with pert breasts

that had never as yet been touched by man and legs

that were both athletic and sexy, Ashley had been the

subject of a lot of requests, and tonight she’d be in

action for the first time. But first she had to

practice… Jessica spread her hands and waited as

Ashley raised herself on her back, her legs open, and

pushed hard.

A tennis ball shot out of her virginal box with more

force than even she had expected, so it took Jessica

by surprise – she nearly didn’t stop the glistening

ball. “How many can you fit in there?” she asked


“Come on and see,” the girl grinned. It never ceased

to amaze Jessica how quickly so many of them got into

the spirit as she crouched down in front of the player

and delicately ran her fingers along her slot, before

becoming the first person to put her tongue inside.

MMMMMMM! This was sweet stuff, no kidding… Jessica

lapped her tongue around further up Ashley, wondering

if she was kidding about having anything else up

there, and listening to the tennis player’s moans as

she enjoyed her first munch.

Ashlee had refused to be left out of the action, and

helped Ashley up without having to break off her

sister’s mouth. She got her hands on Miss Harkleroad’s

chest from behind and gently nuzzled her neck as she

stroked her. “It won’t always be this easy, Ash,” the

Simpson sister told her as she probed the nipples.

“Just a warning.”

Feeling Ashlee Simpson’s pussy rubbing against her ass

and Jessica’s tongue prodding against the other tennis

ball she had fit inside, Ashley Harkleroad didn’t have

warnings on her mind. The only thing the new celeb

prostitute had on her mind was how soon she could get

her hands on Jessica Simpson’s beautiful round ass. As

if reading her mind, Jessica started to lick Ashley’s

stomach and move upwards, rising from the ground and

resting her hands on her lover’s thighs; she caressed

her way upwards and pushed herself against Miss

Harkleroad, watching the girl’s face as she felt their

breasts coming together. “Feels great, huh?” Jessica

asked, pushing a hand back down into Ashley’s cunt.

“Uhhhhh…” Ashley could only moan as she put her

hands on Jessica’s blond tresses and ran her fingers

through them, along her shoulders and down her back,

feeling Ashlee Simpson’s mouth on her own spine and

her fingers on her legs. “What a butt,” Ashley thought

to herself as she rested her eager hands on Jessica’s

rump and began to rub and squeeze it. Listening to

Jessica’s low grunts of satisfaction as she nuzzled

the tennis player, Ashley wondered what Ashlee was up

to behind her.

With a gasp, she got her answer – Ashlee had picked up

her racket and had swatted her blushing buns with it.

“You’ve gotta be ready for anything, girl,” the

Simpson sister said breezily as Ashley kissed Jessica,

her butt stinging with the impact. “Here comes another


“OW!” Ashley cried with surprise. Her ass was on the

verge of glowing as she pulled Jessica tighter,

grinding their snatches together. Ashley started to

push against Jessica as she waited for the next swat;

“OH SHITTT!!!!” she yowled as the racket slammed onto

her seat for a third time. Ashlee was only planning to

do it twice more, but Ashley didn’t know that; she had

her own plans, feeling her clit come as close to

rubbing Jessica’s as possible, and feeling Jessica’s

tongue on her tits.

Now Ashley Harkleroad’s buns were showing the signs of

the paddling, and there was just one more thing to do.

Turning the racket around, Ashlee aimed the prelubed

end at her lover’s cleft, and thrust. “AAAAHHHHHH!!!”

Ashley hollered as she felt the handle sliding into

her ass, forced into bending over to accomodate it and

still holding Jessica in her arms as if they were

dancing, still pushing against her as Ashlee fucked

her with the racket handle. Too damn bad Kirsten Dunst

couldn’t fit this into her movie about Wimbledon,

Ashlee thought as she twirled it inside Ashley

Harkleroad’s no longer virgin behind.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh….!!!!FUUCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!” Ashley cried

out as she quivered with her orgasm, letting Jessica

Simpson go, herself pretty excited as she started

fingering herself. She was thrilled by the sight of

her sister butt-fucking Ashley, yes; but what made

Jessica come was the feeling she got when the tennis

balls that Ashley had transferred into her cunt popped


* * * * * * * * * *

While Liv did a recreation of her poledance from that

video, Mia had told the remarkably good-natured

audience that she had to… um… answer a call. With

Lopez’s cheery exhortation to hurry back ringing

through her ears, the plumper Tyler scurried towards

the bathrooms – then ran past them, going up to the

room she and Liv had been given. What she had to do

wasn’t Number One-related, but it really couldn’t


Safely inside, Mia got out her mobile, and thanked the

heavens that Cindy wasn’t on duty tonight; she just

hoped that she hadn’t switched it off or something.

“Come on, Cindy,” Mia muttered as the whooping of the

audience reached her room; Liv was building up to the

finish. She didn’t have much time…

“Cindy speaking.”

“Cindy, we are in real deep shit here,” Mia started.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Swapping forever?” Cindy Crawford said to herself as

she drove through the streets at speed less than five

minutes later. “Not part of the deal, Lopez.”

* * * * * * * * * *

“What deal?” Liv asked, wiping her forehead and

listening to the audience chanting “LIV! LIV! LIV!


“It’s all legal, babe,” Lopez chuckled. “Moley and I

had a meeting just after she stole Katie Holmes from

me – ”

“Which was just after you stole Tara Reid from her,”

Mia pointed out.

“Yeah, yeah, anyway the two of us met up one night and

we signed an agreement that we could carry out a swap.

One time only. For keeps.”

“And Cindy agreed to this?” Liv asked. “How do we know

you’re not lying?”

“Come on, we’ve got a few minutes before you start

making some dreams come true – ” Lopez led them to her

office, sat her rump down and opened a drawer in her

desk. “Here we go…” and she handed the Tylers a

sheet of paper filled with Lopez’s handwriting, except

at the bottom, where it was joined by Cindy’s

signature. Liv and Mia nodded, and handed it back.

“No fussing? No arguing?” J-Lo asked as she put it

back in the drawer.

“No need; Cindy’ll straighten it out when she gets

here,” Mia explained.

They seemed pretty sure of themselves, but Miss Lopez

let it pass. She pointed towards the main area, where

their co-stars would be waiting, and shooed them out.

The house band struck up a lively number as the Tylers

strutted out; wiggling along the stage, Liv started to

peel off her clothes while Mia ground away next to

her. She saw two guys openly staring at her, or rather

openly staring at her large tits. Not one to

disappoint a fan, Mia undulated over to them and

slowly popped open her top, showing them her breasts

spilling from her brassiere. She flung the shirt into

the crowd, and walked away from them as the guys tore

it to shreds – those who weren’t watching her

backside, that is. It was big and beautiful, and they

were dying to get their fingers, tongues, and/or

pricks up it.

Liv had already thrown off her shirt, and was removing

her dress a bit at a time, teasing them by lowering it

two inches and raising it one while making a game of

whether she should go all the way or not. Finally she

flung it off, and listened to the guys exult the sight

of her long, thong-clad legs. The stunning Aerosmith

by-products were now down to their undies as they

moved back-to-back for some more dancing, their

fingers straying enticingly close to the straps of

their lingerie.

“You know, these girls shouldn’t have to do ALL the

work,” the announcer Ruby Wax crowed over the PA. “So

to finish the job, Jennifer Lopez’s own sister act –

you know them, admit it you wanna fuck them… you’ll

know ’em when you see ’em…”

It shouldn’t have been a surprise for Liv and Mia to

see that Paris and Nicky Hilton, arriving wearing even

less than the Tylers, had joined J-Lo’s harem. But it


* * * * * * * * * *

Brad was in heaven. Lying face down on the table, he

felt Serena’s strong hands moulding and kneading his

muscles up and down, letting all the tensions of the

past few days ease out. The setbacks at work, the kids

who’d broken into his car, his ex-girlfriend’s

unending phone calls… none of that mattered. All

that mattered now was that the world’s number one

tennis player was demonstrating her forehand on his

body. He sighed deeply, waiting to feel Serena’s hands

on his prick, already hard and long and pressed under

the weight of his body.

Standing in front of him, Venus Williams was doing

some massaging of her own. She had her back to him as

she worked oil into her skin; like her sister, she was

powerfully built, and she was essentially carrying on

like the star of one of those movies usually reserved

for late night cable, lacking only in lingering camera

pans and slow sleazy saxophone music. In fact, Brad

could see the camera traversing Venus’s dark form,

moving down her back to linger on her proud, round

buttocks, all shiny and ready. Venus was bending over

and doing her legs, and Brad could see part of her

jugs as she did so. He tilted his head to get a better

view as Serena’s hands moved down further.

“Don’t hurt yourself,” Venus told him, and turned

around, continuing the Playboy Channel act as she

worked her melons for him. Brad wanted to jack off

onto her so badly as she walked towards him, gleaming

with the oil and visibly hungry for him (or at least

pretending to be, as was her prostitute wont).

“Stiff, huh?” Serena asked Brad. She rolled him over

and grinned as his erection popped up like a daisy.

Brad felt it get slightly stiffer at the sight of

Serena’s lovely rippling nudity. Venus strolled over

to her sister and stood by her side, making Brad’s

fantasy complete, before the two moved to either side

of him. Serena and Venus knelt down and began to lick

his rod from either side.

The two women’s tongues slithered down his pole

towards his aching balls. Venus started to suck on

said sacs, licking them and flicking them with her

tongue, while Serena curled her tongue around Brad’s

cock, slurping it and blowing on it gently. Then she

started to consume it eagerly, her head taking the

shaft in up to the balls, which as Venus still had

them in her mouth meant the two nearly butted heads.

His equipment was out of sight, inside the Williams

sisters’s mouths. Brad gulped as he watched them

sucking and grunting away, the only fear being that

the two of them might stop. He reached out and began

to stroke the dark beauties; their faces may not have

been standard looker material, but once you got by

that they had practically everything a man who didn’t

have a skinniness fetish could want. Brad clutched as

much of their seat meat as he could; ripe, round and

hard, it was a tossup who had the nicer ass. He worked

his fingers into each crack, dreaming of the time when

he could replace the fingers with his cock…

Venus slapped his hand away. “Sorry, kid, my ass has a

Do Not Enter sign,” she told him with a slight laugh

as she let his balls go. “It’s Serena who likes it up

there.” She rose as Serena continued to treat his

cock, proving why she was the world’s number one;

Venus ignored her sister’s mumbling and panting as she

started to feel Brad’s cock dripping. “I’m all

missionary,” she continued, turning his head towards

her curly-haired pussy. “But this is all yours…”

Brad’s eyes widened at the sight of Venus’s plump,

musky cunt. He opened his mouth and moved his head

forward as Venus danced back. Brad’s disappointment

was curtailed by the feeling he was getting down below

– he forgot about Venus’s snatch and centred on

Serena’s mouth; she was about to drink from his


“You ever done it with a white girl?” Venus asked.

“No…” Brad gasped. He couldn’t hold off any longer.

“YO, ASHLEY!” Venus called. “GET IN HERE!”

“But… but… BUTTTTTTIIIIII…” Brad screamed,

clutching the table as his cock fired deep into

Serena’s throat.

“But you don’t like white girls, I know,” Venus said,

as the Simpson sisters brought in a slightly dazed but

still perky Ashley Harkleroad. “You want this…” she

pointed to her ass. “And that…” She pointed to

Serena, who had taken Brad’s coming cock out and was

thrusting it in her hands. “You’ve gotta take that…”

and she pointed to Ashley’s cunt. “How bad do you want


“Real bad…” Brad whispered. He really did prefer

black girls to ones of his own colour, but there was a

first time for everything.

Ashley had the look of a woman who had just enjoyed a

good workout with a sexy blonde singer. Said singer

gave Miss Harkleroad’s ass a final good swat with her

tennis racket before looking at the handle fondly and

kissing it. “Don’t be too rough with her!” Jessica

laughed. “Me and the sis aren’t finished with her


“You really want to burn her out after one night?”

Serena asked.

“Who’s burnt out?” Ashley asked.

“YES!” the Simpsons shouted, highfiving each other

before departing; J & A had themselves a beach party

to attend to. Lots of cute guys there, and they were

going to be making $100 per head – the night was

young, and so were they…

Ashley watched the two depart with hungry eyes, before

she felt two strong hands grab her. “They’ll be back,

Ash,” Venus told her. “But now you’re ours.”

Brad was loving the contrast between the dark brown

skin of the Williams pair and Ashley’s light golden

hue. That, and the way Venus kissed Ashley’s neck, ear

and cheek while Serena gently fondled Miss

Harkleroad’s firm, cute chest; she loved rubbing

little nipples like Ashley’s. Brad watched as Ashley

began to return each kiss, while Serena made her right

hand into a fist, extended the middle finger, ran it

down Ashley’s front and slid it into her tight, hot

little cunt. Both Serena and Ashley sighed deeply at

how it felt; Venus let one of her fingers go in there

as well as Brad got up and walked behind her.

Ashley’s buns had a few red marks on them; nothing to

make them bleed, but they were visible. Brad pressed

his cock between the cheeks as the sisters

thoughtfully bent Ashley forward, still stroking and

kissing her, with Ashley feeling each sister in return

and licking Venus’s heavy tits. Brad started to slide

his cock back and forth between the mounds of Ashley’s

tenderized bottom, and reached around to cup her

breasts, having to fight with Serena for some space.

Ashley was soon invisible underneath the three others.

Serena studied Brad’s face as he jerked between the

cheeks. He was liking it more than he had planned for,

judging from the way he pushed Ashley forward, slipped

the throbbing prick out and thrust deep into her

snatch – and his face lit up even more. Sliding into

Ashley’s cunt was one of the easiest things on earth;

tight as anything, but a smooth fit if ever there was

one. The girl’s gaping mouth was soon smothered by

Serena’s pussy, and Ashley started to eat for the

second time that night, as Venus embraced the grinding

guy and tongued his ear.

“Don’t give her all your stuff,” she whispered.

“Because I’m next.”

* * * * * * * * * *

“Don’t look so surprised,” Nicky Hilton told Liv as

she held the actress down on the carpet. “We were

going to join one of them anyway.”

“Plus we’ve got to work for our money now,” Paris

pouted as she struggled with Mia.

Liv kicked and bucked, but Nicky wasn’t as frail as

she looked; it should have been an unfair fight, given

that both Liv and Mia were carrying more meat on their

bones than the famously slim heiresses. But the

Hiltons were fast and liked to fight dirty; the stage

was filled with the antics of the thong-clad young

women, and the blonde ones had the advantage. Nicky

straddled Liv as she throttled her neck, while the

brunette hit back as best she could; Mia was shocked

that Paris was stronger than she looked, so shocked

that she almost didn’t react when the woman forced one

of her knees into her crotch. But only almost.

Mia planted her hands on Paris’s tiny tits and

clutched HARD. “Titty twister!” she bellowed and

wrenched on Paris’s boobs – Paris responded in kind,

and laughed at how Mia’s face contorted. The bigger

the chest, the more it hurt.

Liv tore at Nicky’s bra top, pulling it off and

leaving her topless, and wrapped it around her

opponent’s neck, pulling hard. Nicky gagged and

relaxed her grip on Liv, and Steven’s daughter tugged

harder, pulling Nicky down until she was face to face

with Liv, who butted her on the forehead and thrust

her aside, leaping up to aid her sister. “Dream on!”

Nicky yelled, and grabbed one of Liv’s legs, bringing

her down to the stage floor. Clutching her milky

thigh, Nicky took hold of her opponent’s panties and

ripped, revealing a gorgeous bush. Holding tight to

Liv all the while and ignoring her desperate attempts

to escape, Nicky licked her lips and dived into what

was on display.

Seeing her sister being slapped around by Paris

fricking Hilton, Liv tried to edge closer to the

battling pair, but part of her was falling victim to

Nicky’s mouth…

“Well, we’ve got one!” Ruby bellowed. “And if Paris

licks out Mia, we’ve got a winning team; if not we got

a tie! But hey, they’re all going to be in action with

customers later on tonight, so everybody wins…”

Liv’s trembling hands dropped to the floor as she let

herself be tasted by the heiress. Nicky’s tongue was

proving that she actually did have some talent, even

if it was only (only?) for oral sex. Slowly the look

on Liv’s face turned from anxiety to something like

pleasure as Nicky caressed her legs and licked the

inside of her sweet, sweet cunt. Liv looked blissfully

at Mia as Paris planted her blonde box directly on her

face and tugged at her hair, shouting at her “IT’S

DINNER TIME!” Mia’s hands were touching Paris’s slim,

taut bottom with less anger and more tenderness; she

was on the verge of giving in as well…

Nicky was kissing her way up Liv’s body now; they

would almost certainly be practising on each other

further before going off with customers – okay, they

had been lent out for the night, but actually fucking

one of her girls live on stage? How could she ever

live it down? And yet, Nicky did feel nice as she

faced the lady; her lean blondeness was a perfect

contrast to Liv’s more filled-out brunette… and a

bargain was a bargain.

She had a job to do; and taking Nicky Hilton in her

arms, Liv Tyler started to do it.

* * * * * * * * * *

>From her own bedroom, Jennifer Lopez watched what was

happening and chuckled in satisfaction. She usually

didn’t like seeing blondes on top of brunettes, but

this time she made an exception. Mia Tyler had her

hands all over Paris, and if she could have gotten the

camera closer she could have enjoyed the sight of

Mia’s face rapturously eating out the woman. And over

there Liv and Nicky were kissing each other as if the

world was about to end. This swap thing was going even

better than she’d planned…


“Moley!” J-Lo beamed, on seeing an enraged Cindy in

the doorway. “Just in time to enjoy the show… I’m

going to make this a regular occurrence with those

two. Not always with other sisters of course, but – ”

“Not on MY watch,” Cindy interrupted as she strode

over to the actress. “We had a deal!”

“Yeah, a simple swap. You got Venus and Serena, I got

Liv and Mia.”

“Forgotten something, Jen? Venus is mine and Serena is

yours, but Liv and Mia are BOTH mine,” Cindy snapped.

“When we agreed on this, we both said it was a

one-to-one thing – one woman for another!”

“Have you seen how big Serena is?” Jennifer joked.

“Oh please, you’re even less funny than a Wayans.

Permanent swaps are supposed to be a mutual thing, and

the Tylers didn’t agree to this and you know it.”

“They seem to be having a good time.”

“They’re professionals! It’s their job!”

“What if Serena doesn’t want to come back?” J-Lo

argued. “Can I hang on to the Tylers then?”

“First of all, Serena likes working for you… heaven

knows why.”

“She wants to get into Kournikova’s pants, is why,”

laughed the Latina. “Serena gets into Anna’s bed on a

regular basis. Sometimes with another guy.”

“So the story’s true…” Cindy said, letting herself

get off the subject for a moment. “Anyway, Liv and Mia

are coming back to Cindy Inc. tomorrow, or my lawyers

are going to be paying you a visit.”

“Well actually, I think one of them was here last

Thursday to have himself some Catherine Bell,” J-Lo

cackled, then fell silent on seeing Cindy’s face. She

meant it.

“By the way, Serena will be back here tomorrow,” Cindy

added. “At Cindy Inc. people KEEP their promises.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Brad watched Ashley Harkleroad encased in Serena

Williams’s strong arms; Ashley was enthusiastic as

ever, and helped along by Serena’s words of

encouragement. Especially the ones about how better

she was than Anna, and about how much she’d miss her.

“You never know,” Ashley smiled as she stroked the

black star. “I might be on the same tournament as you

someday, and you know what happens in locker rooms.”

The image of Ashley being fucked by Serena in a shower

almost distracted him from the way Venus’s gorgeous

body felt under him as he pumped the player, enjoying

her hot form and the way he felt inside her – he

wouldn’t have swapped this for anything. As she felt

his well-used cock fire loads and loads of come deep

into her, Venus Williams knew that she had herself

another satisfied customer.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Nicky?” Liv said as the sisters left the stage to

meet their customers of the night.


“Call me.”

Nicky winked and nodded.

“And bring Paris,” Liv added with a smile.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Well, thanks for talking to us again, Cindy,” beamed

Jules Asner from Cindy Crawford’s home.

“Thank you. It’s been a pleasure,” Cindy replied. “But

there’s one more thing…”

“Yes?” the lovely reporter prompted, sniffing an


“Uh… this is a private thing,” Cindy continued,

sensing that Miss Asner and the crew were expecting

one helluva revelation. She mouthed “New York 1984” to


Jules made a hand-cutting motion to the cameraman and

sound engineer, before adding “You heard her. This is

a private thing.”

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