Cindy Inc.: The Adventures Of BajanBabe And SaucyGirl

Cindy Inc.: The Adventures of BajanBabe and SaucyGirl (Cindy Crawford,
Hayden Panettiere, Rihanna, Rachel Bilson, Jodi Albert, Scarlett
Johansson, chat, ff, Mmf, con, mast, voy, oral, anal, fist, mild dom)

The continuing adventures of Cindy Crawford – supermodel, mother and
celebrity bordello owner. The usual boilerplate about this being fictional
and no one under 18 should be reading it (even though Rihanna only turned
18 this year and Hayden won’t hit the big 1-8 until next), you know the
drill. Although in this context, it may or may not be fictional. As
Stephanie Zimbalist
used to say at the start of “Remington Steele,”

I wanted to do something a bit different for this one; it doesn’t start
off where the last one left off (it’s sort of inbetween), and it’s
entirely in dialogue… well, here we go. For those who can’t guess,
TheBoss is Cindy, BajanBabe is Rihanna, SaucyGirl is Hayden Panettiere (a
takeoff on the real-life HP Sauce), LittleMissVixen is Rachel Bilson,
HollyOakes is Jodi Albert (who used to be on “Hollyoaks”) and
ScarlettTheHarlott is… well, guess.

**TheBoss has entered CindyIncChat**
TheBoss: Hey guys
Amidala: Shiznit!
BajanBabe: Hi, Cindy.
**Amidala signed off at 14:32**
TheBoss: How’s it going, Rie?
SaucyGirl: HI CINDY!
TheBoss: Hey, Hayden… how are you and Rie doing?
BajanBabe: Hayden’s sweating all over her keyboard.
SaucyGirl: That’s not sweat… 😉
TheBoss: Did the Bartons treat you nice?
BajanBabe: Yeah, and what’s this Portman was telling us about Cindymas?
TheBoss: Didn’t Hayden tell you?
BajanBabe: She was too busy to tell me. 😀
SaucyGirl: *blushes*
TheBoss: You know how it goes, Hayden…
SaucyGirl: I know
TheBoss: Each time a new girl is broken in, she gets filled in on
SaucyGirl: I know
BajanBabe: Is it a holiday?
TheBoss: Cindymas is the day when everyone works for free here. It’s my
birthday, and I’m never there that day.
BajanBabe: Or they’d have to do you for free, right? 😉
TheBoss: I didn’t get where I am today by doing favors, Rie. 😉
SaucyGirl: Cindymas was when I came on board; Portman took me to the
Bartons that day
BajanBabe: Buhwait… dis was in London town?
TheBoss: Oh yeah, the Bartons. Sam loves them young and his wife’s SO
BajanBabe: Sorry about the slip, Cindy – I have to keep in training.
SaucyGirl: Hey, I love that Caribbean talk! 🙂
SaucyGirl: Yeah, it was in London. Can’t officially 😀 work in Brentwood
till next year
TheBoss: Like you don’t know Rie.
BajanBabe: *blushes*
SaucyGirl: Anyway, the Bartons paid enough for me to spend the night with
them in Notting Hill – couldn’t find a green door anywhere
TheBoss: You were there with her weren’t you Rie?
BajanBabe: Yes…
TheBoss: 😀
SaucyGirl: And all the way there Sam had his hand up my dress, patting my
legs and strokin my cooch
TheBoss: How’d he drive?
SaucyGirl: He’s got some good taste in music – he likes Jojo 🙂 🙂
SaucyGirl: Mrs. Barton drove us; he can’t drive
BajanBabe: Women drivers get better insurance rates.
TheBoss: Score one for us! *highfive*
BajanBabe: *highfive*
SaucyGirl: So he tells me his son’s gay and asks if I want to do something
about that; I said I’d think about it and he sticks his finger in me. 🙂
Nice and slow too
BajanBabe: Fast worker.
TheBoss: Too fast sometimes. :rolleyes:
SaucyGirl: Then he starts to play around in me; he’s got my button in his
fingers and he’s making me squirm in the backseat. He’s better than Paris
ever was
TheBoss: *vomits* You’re lucky that was before you joined us.
SaucyGirl: I could have meant Paris from Gilmore Girls 😀
BajanBabe: You and PARIS HILTON?!? :shocked:
SaucyGirl: She paid well 🙂
TheBoss: brb
BajanBabe: I saw the tape – you poor gitl
**TheBoss signed off at 14:35**
BajanBabe: *Girl.
SaucyGirl: Paris isn’t bad… she tried it with Nicole once
BajanBabe: And only once, I bet. 😉
SaucyGirl: Tell you the truth, while he was feeling me up I was thinking
of you back on the set
BajanBabe: My parents would kill me if they knew that.
SaucyGirl: Mine wouldn’t – they know about Cindy
BajanBabe: Only in America. 😀
SaucyGirl: And Barbados 😉
BajanBabe: Thanks for the show you did; practising for your show in that
cheerleader’s skirt. I saw a few of the guys all stiff when you jumped up.
SaucyGirl: No underwear – thought I’d give the boys a treat.
BajanBabe: Not just the boys. 😉
SaucyGirl: Love giving them wet spots 😀
BajanBabe: And then you were wiggling off to get changed; did you know I
followed you?
SaucyGirl: Why do you think I was shaking it?
SaucyGirl: Think I didn’t see you checking me out that day? I know that
look when I see it
BajanBabe: I get it too… Jay-Z does it all the time.
SaucyGirl: He wants someone with a normal size booty 😀
BajanBabe: I think he wants me and Bey to join him one time – aint gonna
SaucyGirl: Yeah, she hates competition
BajanBabe: Anyway, I got a look at you going to cool off – you know
there’s this little hole in teh wall next to the changing room?
SaucyGirl: Of course I do – who do you think put it there?
BajanBabe: Hussy. 🙂
SaucyGirl: *curtseys*
BajanBabe: Seeing you lying on the bench in there – I saw right up your
SaucyGirl: Yeah, I had a feeling someone was there
BajanBabe: Watching you rubbing that babysmooth box of yours… man, I
wanted to run into that room and eat you right there
SaucyGirl: *shudders happily at the thought* Thank you
BajanBabe: Wriggling on the bench, spreading your legs… squeezing that
tiny clit… making me all wet and hot…
SaucyGirl: mmmmmmmm…. I wanted a cock there so bad… my fingers had to
BajanBabe: Me sticking my fingers right up my own cunt watching you fuck
SaucyGirl: Oh… my cooch wants to burn up…
BajanBabe: Dripping down my legs checking out your hot little pink body;
you were stroking your chest as well. You have fantastic little tits.
SaucyGirl: Yours ain’t bad either, Rie… ohhhhh I wanted your tongue down
there instead of my hands
SaucyGirl: Was that you I heard grunting?
BajanBabe: It coulda been. 😉
SaucyGirl: And I was playing with myself and pretending someone was there
BajanBabe: Me?
SaucyGirl: Yeah. If you had a 13-inch cock 😀
BajanBabe: 13?
SaucyGirl: In real life I take what I can get. In my dreams all the guys
have cocks like baeball bats
BajanBabe: So when you were rolling your tongue around like that you
were… 😉
SaucyGirl: Like you couldn’t tell 🙂
BajanBabe: You know me, just a good Bajan girl at heart. O:-)
SaucyGirl: So there I was, gagging on this big big BIG prick, licking it
and swallowing it. Love it when they’re this size, not big enough to choke
me but not smallenough so I thinkit’s like a toothpick of something
BajanBabe: ?
**LittleMissVixen has entered CindyIncChat**
SaucyGirl: A toothpick OR something, sorry. My mind’s somewhere else.
LittleMissVixen: Hey kids.
BajanBabe: Hi Rachel. KIDS!?!?
SaucyGirl: Hey Rach
LittleMissVixen: I finished with mine early
SaucyGirl: You sure they didn’t finish early? 😉
BajanBabe: Does he know you’re here?
LittleMissVixen: Oh, she knows.
BajanBabe: 😀
LittleMissVixen: Whatcha upto?
BajanBabe: Hayden’s giving invisible head
SaucyGirl: You kiss your mom with that mouth?
BajanBabe: I’ve kissed someone’s DAD with that mouth. 😉
SaucyGirl: Do tell
LittleMissVixen: Wait – you can turn invisible too? I thought that was a
Jessica Alba thing
BajanBabe: My initiation down in Buhbayduss (it was my idea; I wanted one
of our own to break me in).
SaucyGirl: *drools*
LittleMissVixen: So you DO like girls, Hayden
SaucyGirl: Dont we all?
BajanBabe: Not really
LittleMissVixen: Liar. 😉
BajanBabe: You’re right – this promoter and his family wanted to meet me.
Gotta be happy to the fans so I said yes.
LittleMissVixen: Ooooooh, keeping em keen. Go on
SaucyGirl: What about me? *pouts*
BajanBabe: Don’t you have that thing in your mouth to keep you quiet?
SaucyGirl: 😀 Happy days… mmmmmm…. ummmmm….
LittleMissVixen: Can I have a taste?
SaucyGirl: Get your own
BajanBabe: Anyway, he took me down to Accra, and I saw his brothers and
his dad. Real nice, all of them.
LittleMissVixen: I didn’t mean of that… *places hand on your crotch*
Never send a girl to do a woman’s job.
SaucyGirl: You arent that much older than me, Bilson
LittleMissVixen: Smartass. *pats* Sweetass, sorry.
BajanBabe: That *is* a nice botsy you got there, Hayden.
SaucyGirl: brb *wiggles away*
LittleMissVixen: LOVE the view…
BajanBabe: So anyway, the four of us brought up Cindy, and he (the
promoter) asked if I could do them all at once, and I went OOOOOOO
LittleMissVixen: You what?
BajanBabe: Opened my mouth REAL huge. Big enough for them tuh fit all
their cocks inat once.
LittleMissVixen: 😀
LittleMissVixen: Wider than Britney’s?
BajanBabe: You know it, girl. Those men stuck their dicks in so fast I
damn near choked; good thing only one of them was my size.
LittleMissVixen: LOL!!!!
BajanBabe: All jammed in my mouth like four big hard sausages, me tongue
rubbing up on their heads with them fucking muh mouth, dem working em like
pistons, like it was a race and they wanted to come in my mouth first, and
me rubbing their balls in turns widdem standing round me.
BajanBabe: You need to suck a Bajan man, Rachel. Aint nothing like it.
LittleMissVixen: That’s how I feel about Texans, Rie. 😀
BajanBabe: So each one’s dripping in me and I’m licking and sucking them
and hoping the cute one cunms in me first because I’m probably goign to
fuck one of them afterwards, and then I get hit by four streams all at
once I swear. They ALL CAME TOGTHER.
LittleMissVixen: You LIE!!!!
BajanBabe: Nuh man, allaonce. Powpowpowpow! LOL! All the cum mushing up in
me mouth – taste nice too, lemme tell you. 🙂 One of them had enough to
jerk off on me forehead too.
LittleMissVixen: Lots of room there… sorry!
SaucyGirl: Sorry about that – had to drain the balloon. 🙂
BajanBabe: You missed the show
LittleMissVixen: No, just starting… say this for Mr. Man, he tried
SaucyGirl: I thought he was a cheapskate
LittleMissVixen: Damn right he was. All he wanted was a handjob but he
really tried to give me a good job. But…
BajanBabe: Couldn’t find it. 🙂
SaucyGirl: Couldn’t find it. 🙂
LittleMissVixen: 😉 Let me show you what he should have done… *puts hand
between SG’s legs again, lightly rubbing with my thumb*
SaucyGirl: Mmmmmm… nice…
LittleMissVixen: You like it? Love ’em tight, SG… *slowly pushes my
fingers in you*
SaucyGirl: *moans*
SaucyGirl: Yes, I like…
BajanBabe: What about that dick you were talking about?
SaucyGirl: This is better…. *opens my legs wider*
BajanBabe: Nothing’s better than cock.
LittleMissVixen: *strokes Hayden’s soaking little cunt* You don’t hear
anyone saying they hate small pussies, Rie
SaucyGirl: And they don’t make you laugh when you’re jumping up and down,
right? Oh Rach, you got the touch… *kiss*
LittleMissVixen: *kiss* Better than Solange?
SaucyGirl: Better than BEYONCE
BajanBabe: So am I.
LittleMissVixen: Everyone’s better than Beyonce. *slides fingers in and
out of SG* That’s why she quit.
BajanBabe: Looks like fun, Hay.
SaucyGirl: *bites lip* Oh yeah… is it true what I heard from Portman
about the ladies?
LittleMissVixen: Sssshhh – not now. Fuck, youre hot down here… *rubs
your button*
BajanBabe: *starts to lift Hayden’s top*
SaucyGirl: No… not yet
BajanBabe: Aw, come on… where’s my fun?
SaucyGirl: Show us yours first
LittleMissVixen: Yeah, we’ve all seen teh cameltoe pics.
BajanBabe: *pouts* Fine. *opens shirt*
LittleMissVixen: *whistles*
SaucyGirl: Great tits
BajanBabe: Thank you… *smiles, moves closer*
LittleMissVixen: Wow. *lifts up Hayden’s top* Black on white
BajanBabe: *rollseyes*
SaucyGirl: Mmmmmmmmmm…. uuhhhh….
BajanBabe: C’mere Rach *offers one of my boobs*
LittleMissVixen: *tastes Rihanna’s nips, rubbing Hayden’s box*
SaucyGirl: Aaaaaahhhh… love the touch, Rach… better than this cock…
BajanBabe: *cradles Rachel’s head to my chest* Still sucking it?
SaucyGirl: Playing with it…. dont stop Rachel
LittleMissVixen: *licks Rie’s tits, sucking on the nips* Dont want to. So
tight… fuck me, you got wet fast…
BajanBabe: So am I… *drops hand between Rachel’s legs* Nice cunt…
SaucyGirl: It tastes so good
BajanBabe: 😀
SaucyGirl: Heaven… Rach’s hands and this big fat dick down my throat…
man if I just had someone behind me now Id be in heaven
BajanBabe: Yuh look like youre enjoying yourself. *lightly squeezes
Rachel’s clitty* Come on girl, get nude one day.
LittleMissVixen: ummm… you first… fuck me, you’re smooth… lovely
dark velvet… *licks down your body*
SaucyGirl: Mmmmmm… *gorges on imaginary cock*
BajanBabe: I can’t take my clothes off in a movie, they’d kill me in
LittleMissVixen: Fuck ’em… you have a gorgeous cunt…
BajanBabe: Yeah baby… lap it up…
SaucyGirl: Ummm… oh fuck… oh shit Rachel… fuck me with those fingers
LittleMissVixen: Mmmmm… dark and sweet… never tasted anything this
good Rie.
**HollyOakes has entered CindyIncChat**
BajanBabe: *strokes your head* Eat it up baby… only a girl knows how to
please a girl.
HollyOakes: Should I come back? 🙂
LittleMissVixen: The more the merrier Jodi.
SaucyGirl: You’re new? *goes back to swallowing*
HollyOakes: Oh sorry. I just got off my first night in London. The
Hollyoaks guys kept me up all night when they heard I was on board.
BajanBabe: Wait, are you the girl who plays dat hooker on “Respectable”?
SaucyGirl: *sucks harder as I feel Rachel’s fingers thrusting faster*
LittleMissVixen: She’s a whore AND she plays one on TV 😉
HollyOakes: I haven’t heard that before.*rollseyes* I saw you when you
were performing last time Rihanna.
BajanBabe: Uhhhh… eat me Rachel… *shakes as you lick me*
BajanBabe: Did you like it?
HollyOakes: Got a tip for you… *climbs on your face*
SaucyGirl: We should switch names
HollyOakes: Can’t understand you with that cock in your mouth 😉 *strokes
Rihanna’s hair*
BajanBabe: Nice and smooth. Hate hair in my teeth.
LittleMissVixen: Come on Hayden… it’s not that dick heating yot is it?
SaucyGirl: Uhhhh..mmmmmm…aaaaaaa….
HollyOakes: Love your mouth, Rie…
BajanBabe: Like this British cunt… better than some Americans… nice
and tight and bald…
HollyOakes: Now now, some of the best snatch I’ve had was from the US. But
FUCK… *grabs my jugs, loving your tongue*
BajanBabe: *licks deeper inside Jodi, stroking her bum*
LittleMissVixen: *feels SG coming as I lick up Rihanna’s cuntjuice*
HollyOakes: Fuck me with your mouth baby… fuck me up my bum, please…
SaucyGirl: *sees Jodi’s plump ass on Rihanna’s face* Me first…
SaucyGirl: Ohhhhfuckkkkkkkk….OHRACHEL……
LittleMissVixen: Oooohhhhhh… *kisses Rihanna’s thighs* The next time
you’re over we have to do this for real…
BajanBabe: You cant go
LittleMissVixen: Can’t stay… have to talk to some reporter about that
movie with JD from Scrubs. Fucking DreamWorks. *kiss* Gotta jet.
**LittleMissVixen signed off at 14:41**
BajanBabe: Actors… no offence.
SaucyGirl: None taken
HollyOakes: No problem. *wiggles for Hayden* I?m still here.
SaucyGirl: *licks lips*
BajanBabe: Come on over Hay ? dis Limey taste great
HollyOakes: OOooooohhhhh Riii… Rachel doesn?t know what she?s missing…
SaucyGirl: Nice. *runs tongue over Jodi?s butt*
BajanBabe: *licks deeper*
HollyOakes: *groans*
SaucyGirl: *bites Jodi?s ass* Grade A approved *kiss*
HollyOakes: Mmmm… never had my arse eaten before…
BajanBabe: Your cunt tastes like strawberries.
SaucyGirl: *slides tongue inside* Liar
BajanBabe: No it does.
HollyOakes: *bites lip* Thank you Rihanna
SaucyGirl: I meant Jodi 😀
HollyOakes: *quivers* Never mind…
SaucyGirl: Nice and firm… *rubs Jodi’s ass, circling my tongue on your
butthole* I like eating out men this way
BajanBabe: *licks inside Jodi* Getting hot.
HollyOakes: Oh yes… Hayden, treat it like a pussy baby…
SaucyGirl: Does the other end feel as good Rie?
BajanBabe: You bet…
SaucyGirl: *flicks tongue, pushes deeper up Jodi’s backdoor* You’ve got a
beautyful chute *pinches buns*
BajanBabe: *fondles Jodi’s tummy as I munch* Fuck, you’re wet
HollyOakes: I’m getting head from two sexy girls – of course I’m wet!
SaucyGirl: Ummmm….wet AND tight
HollyOakes: *grabds BB’s head tighter, riding her shoulders*
SaucyGirl: Haven’t kissed such a sweet ass since Paul Johanesson
HollyOakes: FUCK ME HAYDEN!!!
SaucyGirl: Mmmm – him and Nicole from the Pussyucat Dolls. They’re the
best. I suck more ass than “The War At Home”…oh wait that didnt come out
right 😀
BajanBabe: You all sluts in Lalaland?
BajanBabe: Dontwannastop – we really ride now… *pinches Jodi’s tits as I
feel her bum*
HollyOakes: UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! *shoves back and forth*
SaucyGirl: *slides tongue deep isnide Jodi, rubbing her buns harder*
HollyOakes: OMG!!! I CANT HOLDONFUCK!!!!!
AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! *jiggles madly on Rihanna’s
SaucyGirl: Boy, this girl’s strong… *strokes upwards, feeling Jodi’s
BajanBabe: *feels Jodi’s sweat as she comes* Very tasty.
HollyOakes: Can I get some of you?
BajanBabe: Looks like Hayden wants to play
HollyOakes: *climbs off Rihanna* Still want some
SaucyGirl: Maybe later. *slaps Jodi* Bend over
HollyOakes: Haven’t you had enough of my bum yet?
SaucyGirl: I *NEVER* get enough 😉
**LittleMissVixen has entered CindyIncChat**
HollyOakes: That’s what they all say. *bends over and spreads ass for
LittleMissVixen: I see someone’s been busy.
BajanBabe: Just in time, Rach. Jodi here’s hungry.
SaucyGirl: *whistles* Natural born centerfold. Where do you want it?
BajanBabe: Welcome back *kiss*
LittleMissVixen: Here you go Jodi – we Channel 4 girls have to stick
together. *stands with my snatch in front of her face* Nice view?
HollyOakes: Right. You’re so cute – you even shaved for me.
LittleMissVixen: Actually, I did it for this Australian guy I was with.
Paid a fortune so it was the least I could do. He wanted a souvenir so….
BajanBabe: Beats an autograph.
HollyOakes: *tatses Rachel’s tiny pussy*
LittleMissVixen: You betcha.
SaucyGirl: Remember that guy I did? *holds up enormous dildo* Modeled on
HollyOakes: *slurps, teasing Rachel with my tongue* Is that nice, Miss?
BajanBabe: Wha de – *jaw drops* Dat is HUGE! :O :O :O
SaucyGirl: Oh, Jodi can take it… *straps it on* Whoooooo! Packing heat!
HollyOakes: Not up my arse, please… if it’s that big
SaucyGirl: *slaps Jodi with the dildo* Say it like an American
HollyOakes: Not up my ASS
LittleMissVixen: *takes Jodi’s hand and puts it against my snatch* Stop
HollyOakes: *starts to eat Rachel, gently stroking her arse*
HollyOakes: *ass 😉
BajanBabe: *edges around behind Hayden*
SaucyGirl: *starts to shove my huge dick into Jodi* WOW!!!!
BajanBabe: Ready, SG?
LittleMissVixen: *starts to gasp from Jodi’s muffdiving*
SaucyGirl: *squeezes my asscheeks* Uh-uh, my butthole’s reserved
BajanBabe: *pouts*
SaucyGirl: 😉 *thrusts a little harder* You can have the other one
BajanBabe: First girl I ever did this to in the club. *makes a fist*
LittleMissVixen: Ooooh.. aaaah… Jodi, you’re a natural
HollyOakes: Hayden’s cock helps… aaahhhh…. so BIG…. *arcs upwards,
feeling great*
SaucyGirl: C’mon… say after me….
BajanBabe: Glad I got small hands? *shoves*
SaucyGirl: Uhhhh….. *feels Rihanna’s fist working into my cunt*
Slooooooooow down girl
HollyOakes: Oh shit this feels so damn good…
BajanBabe: Sorry.. hurts?
SaucyGirl: Jodi say after me – I love you Hayden
SaucyGirl: Just a little… aah thats better
BajanBabe: Moist and tight, just as I like it baby
HollyOakes: I love you, Hayden.
SaucyGirl: You are nobody’s bitch but I’m yours
LittleMissVixen: You are Jet Li and I claim my five bucks 🙂
HollyOakes: You are nobody’s bitch but I’m yours.
SaucyGirl: *thrusts, pumping deeper into Jodi* Say it again *smacks Jodi*
BajanBabe: *watches Hayden’s hot bod pumping*
HollyOakes: *sucks on Rachel faster* I love you, Hayden! You are nobody’s
bitch but I’m YOURS!
SaucyGirl: Again!
SaucyGirl: You’re never going to let any other Cindy Inc girl near you,
LittleMissVixen: *closes eyes* Ohhhh Jodi… *jerks with the heat rising
in me*
SaucyGirl: *bucks harder, pushing against Rihanna’s fist* Otherwise you’ll
never get this hot rod again and you’d hate that wouldn’t you?
LittleMissVixen: Make me come Jodi!!!
BajanBabe: *sees my forearm all slick from Hayden’s pussy* *twists fist in
HollyOakes: YES! YES!!! FUCK YES!!! YESSS!!!
SaucyGirl: *panting*…Sweet… oh man Rihanna… almost made a slave out
of me
LittleMissVixen: Thanks for breaking her in for me, Hayden
HollyOakes: *collapses, cumming on the floor*
BajanBabe: Look at her go…
HollyOakes: *kissing Hayden’s feet* Give me some more
SaucyGirl: LittleMissVixen? *unstraps dildo and throws it to her* You can
borrow her for a while
BajanBabe: ?
SaucyGirl: And Jodi, the next time your ass is mine. And I mean that 😉
HollyOakes: Yes, mistress *lowers eyes slightly*
LittleMissVixen: Come on, Jodi – got some time before work.
BajanBabe: Always thought that cute little girl thing was an act.
**LittleMissVixen signed off at 14:50**
HollyOakes: Thank you, Miss Hayden.
**HollyOakes signed off at 14:50**
SaucyGirl: You know it *highfive*
BajanBabe: *highfive*
SaucyGirl: So how come you’re in the club? Didn’t they blow a gasket back
home when they saw pictures of you eating in a bikini or something?
BajanBabe: Storm in a teacup.
BajanBabe: I like it. It’s fun. And it’s good money after commission.
SaucyGirl: Damn comission
BajanBabe: Plus when they heard the rumours about me being in Cindy Inc
back home nobody really believed it. Thought it was tabloid crap again –
Miss Sweet Wholesome Barbados Ambassador Rihanna wouldn’t REALLY do that
kinda thing.
SaucyGirl: It’s harder to find an R&B singer who *doesn’t*. Either for the
boss or J-Lo’s
BajanBabe: I was talking with Cassie yesterday – met her at this club.
SaucyGirl: Namedropper
BajanBabe: She was saying that Lopez wants to retire.
SaucyGirl: Yay! One in the eye for Paris Hilton!
BajanBabe: Hold your horses, Hayden; I hear she’s about to pick someone to
take over.
SaucyGirl: Any hints? I could warn the boss
BajanBabe: Probably won’t be a black girl
SaucyGirl: Wont be someone younger than her either
BajanBabe: Why are you always bashing Paris?
SaucyGirl: We all do
BajanBabe: Yeah but you do it like every day
SaucyGirl: She got pissy when we were hanging out that night. Half the men
were asking “Who’s that hot, sexy, fun-looking blonde with Paris Hilton?”
BajanBabe: LOL
SaucyGirl: So your parents dont know?
BajanBabe: They almost did, especially after those guys from BET and the
Advocate got a little too close one time. But I did tell one person back
home in a radio interview
SaucyGirl: RADIO!?? Get off the weed! :O :O
BajanBabe: It was off the record; he said if I gave him a blowjob he’d
keep his mouth shut. Guy tasted awful, but a deal’s a deal.
SaucyGirl: No kidding
BajanBabe: I’ll be straight with you – it’s also pressure. Some of the
people I run with tease me about being so good all the time; I was
wondering if I could do it…
SaucyGirl: And you could, couldn’t you?
BajanBabe: Yeah 🙂 Not all the ones who look like sluts act that way. 😉
SaucyGirl: Me, I’m just doing what comes naturally. Always liked being
with boys; love giving them wood. Love playing with it too 😉
BajanBabe: So it’s no change for you
SaucyGirl: Just doing what I used to do after school with the guys plus I
get paid
SaucyGirl: My parents dont know though… they give me a lot of leeway but
they’d kill me if they found out I stopped being a virgin a while back
BajanBabe: You bet.
SaucyGirl: A lot of us there now
SaucyGirl: I hear there’s some pissiness in London town
BajanBabe: You hear right; they aint all keen on some of the new girls.
You know Keeley Hazell?
SaucyGirl: I’ve known Keeley, yeah… 😉
BajanBabe: *rolls eyes*
**ScarlettTheHarlott has entered CindyIncChat**
SaucyGirl: Keeley Hazell. Best. Tits. Ever
ScarlettTheHarlott: hey all
BajanBabe: OMG – Scarlett Johansson!
SaucyGirl: *blushes*
ScarlettTheHarlott: Hayden Leslie Pantierre!
SaucyGirl: Panettiere, jeez Louise
BajanBabe: You’ve met?
ScarlettTheHarlott: oh hi Rihanna
SaucyGirl: Best Tits Ever apart from *you* Scarlett 😀
ScarlettTheHarlott: the night we were with this Italian prince in London
she either had her mouth around his cock or my jugs. swore blind I had the
best tits ever. slut
SaucyGirl: Pot, meet kettle. You’re the one who couldn’t stay out from
between my legs all the time we were there
BajanBabe: Oooh, handbags out!
ScarlettTheHarlott: whatever you say, Panaterre
SaucyGirl: Panettiere!!!!
BajanBabe: Thank de heavens above I only got one name 🙂
SaucyGirl: Anyway, we were talking about Keeley… *drool*
ScarlettTheHarlott: oh yeah. stormclouds coming
BajanBabe: I was just telling Hayden that she and a lot of the glamour
girls aint too popular at Cindy Inc UK
ScarlettTheHarlott: they hate the reality TV girls too. except some of the
singers of course
SaucyGirl: Don’t we all? America’s Next Top Ho… *retch*
BajanBabe: *retch*
ScarlettTheHarlott: *retch*
SaucyGirl: Too bad the girls from Drawn Together arent real 😛
ScarlettTheHarlott: and dont get me started on the big brother bunch
BajanBabe: *double retch*
SaucyGirl: Is it like the problem with the porn stars joining up in Cali?
ScarlettTheHarlott: oh yeah. time for trouble and make it double
SaucyGirl: You’ve been hanging around Portman too long 🙂
BajanBabe: They’re not so bad in Europe; anything goes in Italy.
SaucyGirl: Even less clothes problems than the Brits
ScarlettTheHarlott: but everytime Keeley’s in its standing room only.
especially when it turned out Gwyneth lost the bet. she bet Keeley would
be bad in bed. she lost big time. some of the othes havent had a shot in
BajanBabe: Professional jealousy, huh?
ScarlettTheHarlott: not with me, of course 😀 but they dont like having to
be equal with the glamor girls and reality stars. Billie Piper actually
quit last week.
SaucyGirl: She does that a lot LOL
ScarlettTheHarlott: said she was sick of taking second place to some
no-nark (whatever that is) from FHM. they lost two from Hollyoaks the
other day, and Natalie Portman doesnt want to come in anymore when she’s
over here
BajanBabe: No-nark?
SaucyGirl: Hmmmmm
ScarlettTheHarlott: and worst of all Juicy Lucy’s causing a scene
BajanBabe: I figured Lucy “I never show my tits” Pinder would be trouble
sooner or later.
SaucyGirl: I could eat that hoity-toity for breakfast. And have the boss
for afters
ScarlettTheHarlott: you so couldnt
BajanBabe: I’d love to see that
SaucyGirl: Cindy needs a rest; you could just see her on her hands and
knees with my feet on her back. Shit, I think my agent’s calling – brb
**TheBoss has entered CindyIncChat**
TheBoss: I am SO glad that’s over.
ScarlettTheHarlott: hi there
BajanBabe: Glad to have you back, Cindy.
TheBoss: I just got off the phone with Tuppence in London; Lucy Pinder’s
about to call for a revolution or something. Too bad it’s your last night
for now over there, Scarlett.
ScarlettTheHarlott: makes two of us 😉
TheBoss: Gotta fly over there tonight before the place burns down.
BajanBabe: Good luck
SaucyGirl: Would you believe that was a WRONG FRIGGING NUMBER? Anyway, so
I’ve got Cindy as a footrest and she’s busy sucking my feet like a good
little slave, and cleaning them by rubbing them between her tits; my dad
was right, she’s got a nice rack for someone with two kids
TheBoss: Why thank you Hayden.
ScarlettTheHarlott: yes go on
BajanBabe: Hayden?
SaucyGirl: Oh shit.
TheBoss: Using periods to end a post? You *must* be worried. 🙂
SaucyGirl: Hey Cindy… sorry for all that honest *blush*
BajanBabe: LOL
ScarlettTheHarlott: she makes love just like a woman, but she breaks just
like a little girl
SaucyGirl: I’m not a little girl Johansson!
TheBoss: So I’m sucking your tootsies, am I? 🙂
BajanBabe: And you look like you love it too.
ScarlettTheHarlott: looks like someone deserves a spanking
TheBoss: Just what I was thinking. 🙂
SaucyGirl: *resignedly bends over*
BajanBabe: *hands Cindy a hairbrush*
ScarlettTheHarlott: yes!
TheBoss: No, I’ve got one. You can use that on Scarlett.
BajanBabe: 😀 Thanks
ScarlettTheHarlott: cant i do it instead?
SaucyGirl: Get it over with
BajanBabe: Don’t be a baby Scarlettt. *runs the brush over Scarlett’s ass*
This big booty should cushion my scrawny blows
TheBoss: Get on my lap Hayden.
ScarlettTheHarlott: im no vida guerra. *lies down*
SaucyGirl: *lies on TheBoss’s lap*
TheBoss: *kneads Hayden’s butt* You don’t want this, do you?
SaucyGirl: Not really. I like being on top
BajanBabe: Ready?
TheBoss: You’d make a good slave though. See Scarlett’s tits?
ScarlettTheHarlott: *sits up, gives panetairre a look, lies down*
SaucyGirl: It’s Panettiere. And thank you
TheBoss: Go and have a suck on those boobs – Scarlett. *snaps fingers* You
get the spanking, Rihanna.
BajanBabe: Me? Why?
TheBoss: Because it’s payback time. And tell Scarlett you’re sorry for
what you said.
SaucyGirl: Come on, Scar
ScarlettTheHarlott: my pleasure
SaucyGirl: Payback for what?
BajanBabe: My initiation. Cindy had me down at her place, as a
strippergram for her husband.
SaucyGirl: Ah. Did he like it?
BajanBabe: Loved it. He loved it when I sucked him off too. Out in de
garden – Cindy’s man has a good body
ScarlettTheHarlott: you fucked Rande?
TheBoss: It was Cindymas. Anyone who’s broken in on that day has to do
either me or Rande. Or me AND Rande.
SaucyGirl: Why weren’t you there?
TheBoss: I had a meeting with one of Presley’s teachers. He’s a handful at
school lately – he takes after his father too much. *rolleyes*
ScarlettTheHarlott: i hear Kaia’s stealing some hearts in recess
TheBoss: Time for that later.
SaucyGirl: Tell us about Rande
BajanBabe: Well, he looooooooooooooooves fucking girls. Boys too.
ScarlettTheHarlott: so does Cindy
TheBoss: And they wonder why we don’t let customers in this chatroom.
TheBoss: Letting him be with some of my ladies keeps him in line for a
BajanBabe: If I was you Id be loving that man every night; he’s got lovely
balls all heavy and full of sweet cream too. Sucking one nut at a time and
fingering him… great having him outside too
SaucyGirl: You’ve been lucky with the cameras outside so far
ScarlettTheHarlott: *strokes Hayden’s small, lovely tits*
TheBoss: Let’s just say I’ve got friends in high places 😉
BajanBabe: He got a nice tan; love having his big hands grabbing my head
and calling me his Caribbean Queen. *sigh* at least he didn’t say I was
SaucyGirl: Yeah, that’s gotta suck
ScarlettTheHarlott: we’ll leave that setup alone 😀
BajanBabe: And he came really sudden too; I don’t know why you haven’t got
a third kid Cindy. It would be worth it just to taste that cream in your
mouth and on your face 😛
ScarlettTheHarlott: bet it doesnt taste as nice as Panetierre’s tits
*suckles Hayden’s sweet tiny nips*
SaucyGirl: *pats head* It’s Panettiere. Nice?
ScarlettTheHarlott: yum. i like my girls young
BajanBabe: You’re what, 26 Scarlett?
ScarlettTheHarlott: fuck me your nipples are hard already and i only just
touched them
SaucyGirl: *makes like Isaac Mizrahi and grabs Scarlett’s boobies* I’m
hungry *pout*
ScarlettTheHarlott: *kiss* me first
BajanBabe: *lies on Cindy’s lap* Why the payback?
TheBoss: Because you gave Rande excellent head. But you didn’t give ME
any. *raises hairbrush* This won’t hurt much
BajanBabe: That’s not what Ashley Tisdale said
TheBoss: She hasn’t got that kind of ass. But you… *kisses your
ScarlettTheHarlott: *rubs Hayden’s cunt* a little fuzz down there
SaucyGirl: Get on with it
ScarlettTheHarlott: *rubs harder*
BajanBabe: *enjoys Cindy’s fingers kneading my ass* Mmmmmm…
TheBoss: See? With this juicy ass, you won’t feel a thing… *SMACK*
SaucyGirl: Fuck me I’m wet already
BajanBabe: Owww! Hurts so good…
TheBoss: *SMACK*
ScarlettTheHarlott: *licks down Hayden’s soft body* id pay to fuck you you
sexy little thing
SaucyGirl: Isn’t that… uhhhh… how we met?
TheBoss: That’s right *SMACK*
BajanBabe: My ass is tingling – I’m wet too…again…..
TheBoss: First two celebs to be paying customers before joining? Sure.
Just two more
ScarlettTheHarlott: *kisses Hayden’s thighs* beautiful legs
TheBoss: *WHACK*
SaucyGirl: Thank you
TheBoss: You soaked my thighs you little hussy 🙂
ScarlettTheHarlott: mmmm – nothing better than teen pussy
SaucyGirl: Except teen cock 😉
BajanBabe: Im ready Cindy.
TheBoss: *THWACK!!!*
SaucyGirl: I don’t mind older women though 😉
ScarlettTheHarlott: well get to you later. im having me some of your
golden pussy now
TheBoss: Turn over, and we’ll see
BajanBabe: Didn’t you get enough of me the second time we met?
TheBoss: You? I never get enough *kiss*
SaucyGirl: mmmm… love your tongue on my nubbin…
ScarlettTheHarlott: i could eat this all day
BajanBabe: *kiss* What about the spanking? Still need your touch
TheBoss: You can return the favour all you want…please?
SaucyGirl: ooooohhhh… fuck me Scarlett
ScarlettTheHarlott: *brushes my right boob against your pussy* is that
good Pannetierre?
SaucyGirl: *shakes* Oh fuck yes….
BajanBabe: Ah will… yuh hot for me?
TheBoss: Steaming…
BajanBabe: Later. Show her who’s boss Hayden 😀
**BajanBabe signed out at 15:00**
ScarlettTheHarlott: lick out the boss and ill fuck you till you scream
TheBoss: Rie’s such a masochist 🙁
ScarlettTheHarlott: *starts to dip a tit into Hayden* you’re burning up
SaucyGirl: *draws back* P-A-N-E-T-T-I-E-R-E. Get it right or you’re not
getting any
TheBoss: The customer’s always right, Scarlett
ScarlettTheHarlott: *sighs* Panettiere.
SaucyGirl: *spreads legs* That wasn’t so hard, was it?
TheBoss: I like how Scarlett’s jugs look
SaucyGirl: You want me, don’t you?
ScarlettTheHarlott: oh yeah
SaucyGirl: Sure – but next time. Always leave them begging for more,
TheBoss: You learn too quick, Hayden.
SaucyGirl: Don’t I just.
**JugsyMalone has entered CindyIncChat**
JugsyMalone: hi
ScarlettTheHarlott: great timing – hello Keeley 😀
TheBoss: Yes, hello Keeley 😀
JugsyMalone: I’m ready mistress *lifts up shirt, offering Hayden my
breasts* Play with me
TheBoss: You always on, Hayden?
SaucyGirl: I *love* days off 😀 *starts to undo Keeley’s skirt*
ScarlettTheHarlott: kids today
TheBoss: Ain’t it the truth

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