Cindy Inc.: The Dollhouse, Part 6

The continuing adventures of Cindy Crawford –
supermodel, mother and celebrity bordello owner. These
events are entirely fictional, not meant for under-18s
and are not meant to represent the actual conduct of
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Previously on “Cindy Inc.”: The drug that Madonna and
her cohorts have used to turn Cindy Crawford’s women
into their playthings has the drawback that too many
doses wipes out the effect. That’s the good news. The
bad news is that la Crawford and Jennifer Lopez find
out Kelly Brook intends to expose them as “running”
illegal prostitution ring on Barbados while also
showing a specially doctored sex tape. The even worse
news is that Jessica Alba and Mariah Carey, who are
now immune to the drug, are… well, read on.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Oh Jesus, oh baby come on…” Jessica begged Mariah,
almost unconscious from her bullet wound. “Stay with
me, Mariah… come on, you can do it…”

Holding the bleeding chanteuse close to her, Jessica
kicked out for shore. It wasn’t much of a shot, and
Mariah was bigger and heavier than she was, but it was
their only chance. “You’re not a quitter, Mariah,” she
continued. “You are not going to die this way. We are
going to make it… I mean, look at today! It’s a
lovely day – you want to hang around to see all of it,
don’t you? You’ve probably got some friends on shore
you wanna see, right?”


Jessica’s heart leapt a bit. Mariah was hanging on.

“Okay, tell me about him… keep talking… I’m not
going to leave you…”

Inwardly she hoped she could make it. She was a strong
swimmer, but it was a LONG way to shore…

* * * * * * * * * *

Christina Aguilera strutted into Madonna’s boudoir,
the smile of someone who had just done a good job on
her face.

“What are YOU so happy about?” Madonna grumbled.

“They’ve been dumped. They can’t take pain so they
decided to jump overboard instead.”

Madonna visibly brightened. “And did you give them a
little… help?”

“Oh yeah,” Christina told her. “Just as you said.”

“Excellent,” Madonna said. “I’m glad I can trust
someone here. Come here.”

Christina practically lived for this moment; ever
sicne that night after the Grammys when she had
accepted that invite to Madonna’s house, her world had
never been the same. She let herself fall into
Maddie’s comforting arms and waited for her kisses to
start – for all the fantasies people had about her
banging Britney, it was Madonna who really made her
happy in bed. “You’re a good girl, Aguilera,” Mrs.
Ritchie said quietly, as each woman helped the other
undress. “You’re learning well.”

“I’ve got a good teacher,” Christina replied, as she
studied the older woman’s form. “When are we going to
do our duet?”

“After this business is done,” Madonna assured her,
stroking her lover’s tender young body. “It’ll be one
for the history books.”

Madonna dug her fingers into Christina’s taut little
bottom; her lover winced slightly (the nails were
sharp!), but was too busy fondling Maddie’s breasts to
really care. The two blondes slowly kissed, and
Christina sank onto the plush carpeting, with Madonna
pressing on top of her. Christina enjoyed caressing
Mrs. Ritchie; her body was always in good condition,
and contrary to what she told the press she DID enjoy
a good spanking.

Christina began to pound Madonna’s rock-hard ass. She
was experienced in making a bottom glow red hot, and
Madonna kissed Miss Aguilera’s shoulders and tits
rapidly while enjoying the pain of the slapping. When
she could feel the warmth coming off, Chrissy stopped.
“Turn around and let me kiss it better,” she told her.

“Not this time,” Madonna replied. “I like your juicy
little body too much to want it behind me.” And she
began to nuzzle Christina’s body, counting the seconds
until her lovely little Hispanic cunt was in her
mouth. Madonna liked them young, and she loved them
willing; one of the many reasons she secretly
preferred Christina was that, unlike those silly
little twits Britney and Holly Valance, she hadn’t
responded to requests for sex with horror. They only
pretended to be sluts – Christina was the real thing.

Madonna slowly rubbed her head against Christina’s
pussy; she murmured low and happily. “Don’t make me
wait, Maddie,” the diva begged, and soon found Miss
Ciccone’s experienced tongue licking and dabbing
around her crotch. Christina’s lean legs kicked around
and upwards with delight; she loved giving and getting
head, and Madonna was almost as good at it as Justin

Madonna smelt the musky aroma Christina Aguilera
always gave off whenever she came; she liked Chrissy’s
cunt, but she wasn’t through yet. Not by a long shot.
She moved back up Christina after one last smell,
teasing her with her body, and positioned her snatch
on the young singer’s face. Christina wasted no time
in tasting Madonna’s pussy and fondling the veteran’s
stomach. So hard – you’d never think she’d had two
kids. She munched and licked Miss Ciccone’s cunt and
explored the rest of her body as if she hadn’t already
done so a thousand times before. Christina worshipped
the woman, and thought she could happily fuck Madonna
all day.

Maddie murmured her approval as she found Christina’s
breasts behind her, fondling them without turning
around. She tried to keep herself from coming, but
Christina’s long experience of going down on fellow
pop singers (of both sexes) was rapidly bearing fruit.
“STOP… DOING THAT AGUILERAAAA!!!” she cried, as she
felt her own self give in. Miss Aguilera rolled
Madonna’s clit around one last time with a satisfied
sigh, as her mistress got off her face.

“Go and get it,” Madonna instructed.

Christina knew what “it” was, and bounded up, enjoying
the slap Madonna landed on her bottom. Maddie watched
the diminutive singer pad off to retrieve the
strap-on, her eyes lingering on Christina’s tiny tush.

* * * * * * * * * *

“…so when we were coming here, Jessica tried to get
the stuff into me, but I managed to inject her
instead,” Jennifer Love Hewitt finished. She had
filled in Kelly Rowland and Halle Berry on what she’d
been up to, and they had told her what had happened up
till then – Halle with an added layer of guilt, since
she remembered having to beat up Brooke Burke and go
down on her at that bastard Kenrick’s request. But as
JLH assured her, it hadn’t been her fault.

Kelly Rowland was also disturbed at how she had let
that guy Ryan fuck her all the time… “And you’re
saying it was all Madonna’s fault?” she raged. “When I
see that lady I’ll — ”

“One thing at a time, Kel,” Halle told her. “First
off, we need to get out of here and work on the other

“Yeah, take back the ship!’Under Siege 3′! Except that
we act better than Steven Seagal,” JLH added.

“And we’re not as fat,” Kelly laughed. “When Ryan gets
back, we — ”

It wasn’t Kelly Rowland’s day for finishing sentences;
the door opened, and Ryan was standing right there. He
wasn’t saying anything, just standing right there,
looking odd. “Hey Ryan,” Kelly huffed, “we were just
talking about you.”

“Kenrick… knows…” and that was all the young man
had time to say before falling forward, a spreading
red smear on his back. The horrified women grabbed
him, knowing there was nothing they could do to save
him but wanting to give him some comfort in the last
moments of his life. Ryan looked up at Kelly Rowland,
intense regret in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, Kelly… I do like you a lot, but they
said I could have any one of you I wanted if I
agreed… I really wanted to be with you… when one
of the folks visited you at Cindy’s place they gave
you the orders to let me take you… I knew that the
drug had that effect so I made you put Hewitt back to

“God, I don’t know what to say…” Kelly told him,

“Don’t say anything – just hold me… the keys there
are for all the cells. Take them… and anything else
you need…” Ryan embraced Kelly, and enjoyed the feel
of her body one last time. He left the world a happy

When he was still, Kelly slowly let his body rest, and
took the keys. Halle picked up his weapon, and
Jennifer Love Hewitt closed his eyes. “If he set up
this case, we’re going to finish his job,” she said.
“Come on, Kelly – we can’t stay here.”

Kelly gave Ryan’s corpse a final look as the three
left the cell.

* * * * * * * * *

“Oh yeaaahhh… I’m your basic average girl/And I’m
here to save the world/You can’t stop me ’cause I’m
Kim Po-ssi-ble…”

Christina Milian didn’t mind having sex while her
records were playing, but having to listen to this
particular one while being trussed up in a hallway was
pushing it (granted Uncle Walt hadn’t been simon-pure
in real life, but even he would have drawn the line at
this). But the customer was always right.

“I like to do this when I’m with a singer – play
something by them while I’m fucking them,” the man
grunted as he tightened Christina’s straps.

“Why does it sound so fuzzy?”

“Because I had to tape it with my radio next to the TV

Christina nodded; she knew what that was like.

“Are you ready?”

“Oh yeah,” she agreed. “I know what I need.”

“And you’ll get it,” the man chuckled, dipping the end
of the whip into the bucket of sea water – the salt
made the wounds hurt all the more. “What’s your name?”

“Christina Milian!”

“And you’ve been a bad girl, haven’t you?”

“Yes!” she cried, waiting for the lash to do its work
on her bare back. It would hurt, but she deserved it.

“Twenty lashes for even DARING to spit it out! And
more if you shout…”

He gave the lash another swirling around in the sea
water, flung it back behind him, studied Christina’s
back, and paused to relish the moment when her skin
would erupt with red weals. She would be even better
to fuck afterwards… he brought the whip forward and
grunted again.

It was STUCK?!

“Didn’t your mother teach you to play nice?” chided
Jennifer Love Hewitt, who had the business end of the
whip and was holding it hard – almost pulling.
Silently, she and the others had crept up behind him.
The man’s joy at seeing four hot pieces of ass instead
of one soon changed to anger.

“Let the cord go, bitch.”

“Whatever you say,” JLH cooed, and let the cord go.
The sudden loss of force in the other direction caused
the man to lose balance and crash onto the deck,
letting the handle go. In an instant, Halle and Kelly
Rowland were on him, the former grabbing the whip.
Kelly forced him onto his front, tore his shirt open
to display the pale flesh, and held his furious head

“So you like whipping black girls, huh? How about a
bit of payback? Let him have it, Halle.”

Halle brought the whip back, listening to the man’s
blubbering and begging and brought it down…but
snapped back at the last second, letting it just
lightly graze his skin. “You’re lucky she wasn’t hurt
when we got here,” she told him grimly.

Jennifer untied Christina’s straps, despite her
protests – “We weren’t finished – the customer’s
always right…”

“Shhh,” JLH interrupted, and kissed Miss Milian.

A few seconds later, Christina was lost and then
found. And then there were two…

* * * * * * * * * *

Danni was leading Cindy and J-Lo through the yacht,
guiding them towards the lifeboats. The two madames
would have to row back to shore, but it was a calm
day; they might be lucky. Cindy had suggested that she
join them, but Danni had told them it would be
suspicious if she vanished at the same time they did.
Besides, she would be better placed to help them on

Not far to go now…

* * * * * * * * * *

Jennifer Garner, meanwhile, was slumbering. She had
been compelled to orally service all the men there who
had had to go without after Madonna broke up the
meeting; she had done it, and liked doing it, but
giving 47 blowjobs in a row really took it out of a
woman. And the taste of all those penises did no
favours for her breath.

Kelly Rowland studied Jenny G. She was really a bit
too tall for her tastes, but it was only a brief
little thing. She bent over the woman and gave her a

“How many of those things did you suck, girl?” Kelly
winced, as she left.

Shortly afterwards, Jennifer stirred into wakefulness.
And now there was only Anastacia.

* * * * * * * * * *

Kelly Brook was wide awake, and getting her things
together. She had been given the all-clear from the
hospital, and she couldn’t wait to get back to Jason.
He’d be coming to pick her up in about an hour; all
she had to do now was get ready for the speech, and…

“Bet you can’t wait to get out of here,” said one of
the nurses.

“You’d win,” Kelly B said happily as she zipped her
bag. “But I’ve gotten great care here.”

“We’re glad you liked it. Just doing our job. Let’s
hope those two hussies don’t try to ruin it for you.”

“What two hussies?” Kelly asked.

“Haven’t you seen today’s paper? Two of that Crawford
woman’s whores are going to talk to the press soon
about their side of what happened.”

Kelly’s brow furrowed. Vergara and Tyler could well
ruin everything…

Which was precisely what Jason Statham was thinking as
he drove his hire car towards the station holding Liv
and Sofia. He had an hour before he was supposed to
pick up Kelly; more than enough time for him to do
what he had to.

* * * * * * * * * *

It had been a careful journey, but at last the three
women had arrived at the lifeboats. Cindy silently
thanked her lucky stars that they had gotten this far.

“Well, it’s about time we said goodbye,” Danni said to
Cindy and J-Lo as the latter two started to climb over
the railings.

“Thanks, Danni,” J-Lo told her. “Wish we could see
that bitch Campbell’s face when she finds we’re gone.”

“Your wish is my command,” said a fourth voice – Naomi
Campbell and a group of followers joined them from
behind. Naomi fixed the women with a sneering,
cold-as-ice glare.

“Balloon-tits here took way too long to return,” Naomi
explained, “so I decided to take matters into my own
hands rather than call Madonna.” (Who at this precise
moment was on her hands and knees, grunting away as
Christina Aguilera slid her strap-on deep inside
Madonna’s ass; she had been well and truly cored by
Ciccone, and now it was her turn. Naomi had once
interrupted Madonna when she had been fucking
Christina, and Maddie had ensured she left with a flea
in her ear. Ever since then, she and the others knew
better than to interrupt the boss when she was

“Now get over here like good little sluts,” she

“No chance,” Cindy replied. “Danni, see if you can cut
the ropes.”

“All right,” Naomi agreed. “Start it up, boys.”

The man closest to her was holding a small box. When
he pressed it, Anastacia’s voice filled the air – “Yo,
yo, people – Anastacia’s in the house telling you to
keep it right here on Hott FM.” Then the start of a
rap record, cut off suddenly to be replaced by the
tail-end of a calypso.

“Hi there, I’m Jennifer Love Hewitt, and you’re
listening to Voice of Barbados 790 FM, and I bet you
didn’t know Barbados talked just like me!” She giggled
as all the women rolled their eyes at the corny ID.

“This is Halle Berry, and you’re tuned to CBC…”

“We all did promos,” Cindy told Naomi. “What’s your

“Hi, I’m Cindy Crawford coming to you from Voice of –

An instant later Cindy remembered, but in that instant
Jennifer Lopez attacked her. She was out of the
influence of the drug, all right, but the hypnotic
commands were still in place. For a few seconds the
two women fought in the boat, but only for a few
seconds – “Anaconda!” Cindy shouted, and J-Lo was
herself again.

But by that time Naomi had used the distraction to
grab Danni and force a weapon into her mouth.

There was no need for her to say anything else. The
escape attempt was over.

* * * * * * * * * *


“You’ve said that five times already,” Anna Nicole
Smith told Kylie Minogue, watching the toothy Aussie
striding back and forth in front of her. Gordon had
failed, Brooke was still a danger…

“DON’T PUSH ME, YOU BIG FAT BITCH!!!” Kylie raged,
before stopping a moment. “OK, it’s not your fault…
well, it IS partly your fault, but it’s
Hey-everybody-don’t-you-wanna-fuck-me over there I’m
cross at. You wanted to make her your slave, right?”

Anna Nicole nodded, wishing she’d get to the point.

“All right – she’s locked in room 23. You can do
anything you like with her. You can even pretend she’s
a CAT if you want, I don’t care – I just want you to
make that sloe-eyed slut pay! Understand?”

Anna Nicole nodded again.


* * * * * * * * * *

They were not in woods, but they were lonely. The
water wasn’t dark, but it was deep. And Jessica Alba
and Mariah Carey had miles to go before they could

Mariah had been talking as much as she could, urged on
by Jessica. The two had talked about everything – men,
boys, past sexual encounters, the weather, their
favourite TV shows… but Mariah had lost a lot of
blood, and Jessica was getting tired; she couldn’t use
both arms (she needed to hold on to Mariah), and the
weight was dragging her. The one bright spot was that
the shore was in sight, but it was looking less and
less likely that they’d make it.


“Yeah, Mariah…?”

“Thank you…for trying…”

“Don’t give me that… we’re not dead yet… you just
gotta hang on for a bit longer… there’s something
ahead… we just have to keep going… dammit
Mariah… come on…”

Jessica’s eyes were bleary and her strength was
ebbing, but she could see that there WAS something
ahead. And it was coming closer…

Please God, let it be what she thought it was.
“HEY!!!” she managed to shout, waving her free hand.

* * * * * * * * * *

“I’ll be honest with you,” Tony Wilkes said fifteen
minutes later as he settled the dazed andnow bandaged
Mariah in. “I thought you were some kind of fish at
first; then I got a look through the binoculars

“I just thank God you were here,” Jessica told the
fisherman gratefully. “I thought we were dead for

“How’d you two get out here then?”

“If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.”

“If I told my friends I fished you two out of the sea
they wouldn’t believe ME,” Tony pointed out, taking
the controls of his boat. “We’ll be in port before
long – I’ll radio the hospital and let them know
you’re coming in.”

Throughout the conversation Mariah had been gasping
and trying to say something; finally she managed to
tug on Jessica’s arm. “Yeah?” she asked eagerly.

“When you get… on land… call Jon… ” Mariah
managed to say. She then only had time to give Jessica
his phone number before she finally passed out.

“Is she…?” asked a concerned Tony.

“No,” Jessica said with relief as she found Mariah’s
pulse. “She’s really weak though; can’t this thing go
any faster?! Oh dammit, I’m sorry for that… it’s
just – ”

“No need to apologise,” Tony assured her. “You’re just
concerned for her. I’m worried about all of you.”

“All of us?” Jessica repeated.

“Yeah,” Tony chuckled as the boat ploughed towards
land. “Believe it or not, not all of us hate the idea
of celeb hookers down here… you’ve got more support
than you think.”

Jessica’s spirits were beginning to lift.

* * * * * * * * * *

When Jennifer Garner had woken up, like all the others
just out of the influence of the drug she was
momentarily disoriented. Then she remembered
everything; all the stuff she had been made to do;
everything that led to her being here.

“What have I done?” she thought to herself. Cindy
would kill her when she got her hands on her… best
thing to do was to make a clean breast of it and hope
for the best. Yeah, that was it. Jennifer quickly got
dressed, and turned to get out of her room.

“Some of us like your ass; some like your legs;
personally, I think your tits are the best,” Kenrick,
who with other guards had entered her room
surreptitously, said. “What do YOU think is the best
part of your body?”

* * * * * * * * * *

Of all the ladies on board the “Maverick,” Anastacia
had been the most enthusiastic in the act, and the
busiest; her pussy had seen more action than the
A-Team and Rambo combined. But now she was asleep,
waiting for the next call. Christina Milian found her
there, slumbering under her sheets.

Unlike the others, she really didn’t feel like kissing
Anastacia to bring her out of it (not that getting a
kiss from JLH had been bad, it just wasn’t her thing).
But she didn’t have any stocks of the drug to inject
into her directly, and she really didn’t have a
choice. Christina M climbed onto the bed, looked at
the diminutive woman’s face (a delight in repose),
swallowed nervously, and bestowed a long kiss on
Anastacia’s lips.

To her surprise, she felt Anastacia’s tongue move
slightly into her mouth; Christina M moved back in
surprise – was this woman ALWAYS horny? The job was
done, she had to go… but Anastacia’s shirt was open,
and her melons were partly visible. Christina M looked
at them jealously, and wished she could hang around
for a bit longer.

Decisions were taken out of her hands when she was
captured a few moments later, but by that time
Anastacia Newkirk was free…

* * * * * * * * * *

Brooke Burke kicked to and fro, pressed against the
wall by a furious Anna Nicole Smith. She was fighting
to breathe, but ANS had weight on her side.

“If I let you go, will you behave?”

Not a chance, Brooke thought.

“Yes, yes, YES!” she told her.

Anna Nicole nodded and released her, watching as
Brooke panted for breath.

“You must really think I’m stupid, don’t you?” asked

“Well…” said Anna Nicole, and brandished the clamps,
approaching Brooke. She had no intention of having
those things stapled to her tits, and scuttled away
onto the bed. But Anna Nicole was faster than she
thought, and was onto her in a second.

“Don’t fuck around with me, okay?” she said in a
rougher voice than had previously been suspected.
“You’re mind, Brooke Burke – I can do ANYTHING to do I

Brooke, trying to get the bulk that was Anna Nicole
off her, spotted a stain on the bedsheets. It was
still pretty damp. As Anna Nicole attacked her, she
smelt it. Just what she thought it was…

“Hey, Anna…” she smiled. “Let’s make a deal. I’ll do
anything you want me to if you do me one little
favour. See this come stain here? I want you to lick
it up and swallow it.”

Anna’s nose wrinkled.

“Oh come on, you’ve probably blown that 89-year-old
guy, so how bad can this be?”

Anna Nicole cast her scruples aside and applied her
tongue to the semen. Brooke watched as the contents
moved inside ANS, and in seconds it was all gone.
“Okay, now what?”

“Now, I’ve got YOU. That was some of Gordon’s druggy
jizz, missy. You’re gonna be MY slave for a change,”
Brooke explained.

Unfortunately she had no idea that Anna Nicole Smith
had previously been dosed, and was now out of its
control. And as Miss Smith clutched her throat, Brooke
felt herself leaping out of a frying pan directly into
a fire.

“After tonight, you are gonna wish your little plan
worked,” Anna Nicole hissed, and threw Brooke aside,
prior to trussing her up.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Now, if you haven’t made up your mind by the time I
count to three, I’ll make it up for you.”

“Please, Christina – for the love of God…”

“Shut it, Milian! One…”

Jessica and Mariah took each other’s hands.


The two women leaped over the barrier.

“Oh, fuck it – FIRE!”

Apart from the two Christinas, no one there had seen
the two beauties be dumped overboard and shot, and
only Christina Aguilera showed any real pleasure at
seeing it now. (Several of the ladies were pleased,
they just didn’t show it.)

Ignoring the moans of shock and disgust, Aguilera
stopped the tape and faced the troops. “We did that as
a little demonstration of what’ll happen if you don’t
behave yourselves tonight. And I promise you that none
of you will get a choice in it.”

“You may all be free of the drug,” Naomi continued,
“but Kelly Brook isn’t. And it’s not like our glorious
leader can’t get any more… now go and get ready.
We’re going to be picking up the partygoers soon, and
we want you to stay hidden until they arrive.”

Plus they had to dump Ryan’s body.

* * * * * * * * * *

“…and the buzz is rising as we wait to see what
Kelly Brook has to say,” the reporter from Sky News
told the audience to camera, one of several filing
reports as Jason approached the station. He had
rebuffed several requests for interviews (“I saw you
brush off that reporter from ‘Access Hollywood,'” a
BBC reporter said amiably. “Saving it for one of your
own?” “I’m not talking to ANYONE,” Mr. Statham told
him shortly, and moved on); he didn’t want anything to
get in the way of his job.

He was shown to Sofia and Liv’s cell, and left with
them for about fifteen minutes.

“You! I remember you… you were the last person to
see us when we were working,” Sofia greeted him with.

“From mansions to this,” Jason mused. “You’re looking
a lot happier than I expected.”

“My father posted our bail,” Liv explained. “They were
so surprised to talk to someone from Aerosmith the
cops said they’d probably waive it anyway, but he
insisted on coughing up.”

“So I’ve heard,” Sofia snickered, to a good-natured
bird-flipping from Liv.

“We’re leaving in about an hour, and then we’ve got
some talking to do,” Liv added.

“It’s been a while since I saw the two of you,” Jason
continued. “How about…” and he winked and grinned.

“Don’t you men ever think of anything else?” Liv
laughed, as she turned around. She knew he preferred
Sofia, and she preferred not to watch.

“Not a problem,” Sofia replied, and pressed herself
against the bars directly facing Jason. Her breasts
squeezed through the gaps, resembling the horniest
Play-Doh ever. She faced him through the bars, and
Jason moved his hands through the gaps, clasping her
in his arms. Kelly was gorgeous and he’d never dump
her, but Sofia was so stunning and so sexy she made
Kelly Brook seem like Shane MacGowran.

Sofia hitched up the dress she had been wearing for
the past few days, letting Jason stroke her fine legs
and white-panty clad derriere. She pushed the
underwear down, and Jason groaned in happiness as he
felt her ample ass touch onto his fingers. If only
he’d brought some Vaseline or something… The two
snogged through the bars as he stroked Sofia’s juicy

Sofia had been the best fuck he’d ever had there. His
tip had been one of the biggest ever left, but that
wasn’t why Sofia had loved the guy. She fumbled out
one breast for his enjoyment, and he eagerly tasted
the swollen nipple. Boy, did she taste great! All that
milky goodness inside… breast really was best. And
not a scrap of silicone to be found, which made it
even better. If only he could ride her without these
damn bars – memories only took you so far…

“I’ll just return the favour…” he grunted, and
Sofia, knowing what was coming, lowered herself as he
unzipped his trousers. His aching erection popped out
of his underwear like a prisoner glad to be free, and
it stuck inside the jail cell. Sofia studied the
wavering hardon in approval, and took it inside her
mouth; she liked to give and get head, and prided
herself on never having failed to give satisfaction
yet. Sofia pulled her head back and forth, playing
with the cock inside her mouth, teasing the foreskin
and tip with her tongue and getting as much of it down
her throat as she could, rapidly and energetically
sucking him.

Jason’s low grunts and groans as he enjoyed Sofia’s
work were not, as yet, causing unwanted attention, but
he knew it was only a matter of time before it
happened… “Get up!” he gritted.

Sofia, who for all her qualities did not like it when
a man came in her mouth, needed no repeat orders.
Plus, her body had a better place for his come.
Pulling back, she brought her tongue all the way down
his cock and licked her way up him, to greet his face
again. Jason clasped her beautiful cushions again and
pulled her closer, and thrust himself directly into
her box, enjoying Sofia’s happy gasps as he pumped.
She jerked against the bars as she clutched Jason,
grinding and squeezing against his dick, kissing him
rapidly as she felt him on the verge of exploding
inside her. They didn’t have much time…

Liv, her face to the wall but her ears open, shook her
head with a rueful smile on her face as she heard the
familiar low moans. Sofia had claimed another one. She
studied her own damp hands, which had been busy
between her legs all the while.

Jason, still buried deep inside the soft, sexy
Colombian model, kissed her neck and jawline as he
held her. “Sofia…” he whispered. “Sofia, whatever
Kelly says at the conference, you must support her. No
matter what. Understand?”

“Totally,” Sofia replied lazily, stroking Jason’s

“And at the first opportunity, deal with Liv. She
can’t be allowed to get out of here – she’s a real
risk to the operation. You can do that, can’t you?”

“Consider her dead.”

“Great,” Jason smiled. “And perhaps Kelly and I can
get together with you sometime – you and her would
make a wonderful couple…”

“I’m looking forward to it already,” smiled Sofia, and
kissed him one last time. “Thank you.”

“My pleasure,” Jason replied, reluctantly withdrawing
(being inside Sofia Vergara was not one of life’s
worse experiences).

A few minutes later, he was in his car again, en route
to collect Kelly. He couldn’t help laughing at how
great things were going – soon everything would be in
order, plus he got to fuck gorgeous women left and
right. He couldn’t wait to watch Kelly bury her lovely
head between Sofia’s legs… Jason was getting a
stiffy just thinking about it.

* * * * * * * * * *

Sofia Vergara reached into her underwear, and a few
seconds later pulled out a small transparent object.
The diaphragm she had asked for had done its work –
all of Jason Statham’s drugged semen had collected
inside the balloon, and would soon be dispersed
harmlessly within the Barbadian sewer system.

“Hijo de mentira de una perra perro-de mierda,” she
hissed. (Lying dog-fucking son of a bitch.)

* * * * * * * * * *

The “Maverick” was off the coast of Christ Church now,
at a reduced speed, with the ladders lowered as one of
several smaller but faster boats moored around the
island sped towards the yacht. On it were several of
the island’s most well-off people, including at least
one of the leading politicians. They had received
details of where to go to be picked up that evening,
with the word about the “Maverick” having been spread
discreetly by Madonna’s spies. The money had changed
hands, and the pickup spots had been arranged around
the island. Even though the yacht wasn’t going to be
staying in place, all the customers had had to be
blindfolded anyway so no one would try and retrace
their steps to the pickup spots.

Though the papers were still full of the Cindygate
business (and even the big showbiz sites and gossip
columns were starting to notice), not a word had yet
come to light about the real brothel in their midst.
And as Madonna’s makeup people put the finishing
touches to the hostess’s looks, she sniggered to
herself – that was precisely how it should be. “Do I
look wonderful?” she asked her troupe, knowing what
they’d say.

“Oh, definitely. You’re a vision, Madonna.”

“Tell me something I don’t know,” she replied. “Is
everybody ready?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“They’d better be. Anything goes wrong and you’re
fired.” So saying, Madonna sashayed out to greet the
guests. The music was filling the ship, as was the
smell of cooking. This was going to be a great night
for her, she could tell.

As each guest arrived, he or she handed over their
cash to the pursers, got escorted to the main area and
were given their choice of ladies for the evening.
Halle Berry was unsurprisingly the top pick, but all
of the others were being pursued eagerly as well –
“But I should tell you that Crawford and Lopez are
being kept aside for the main event,” Kylie Minogue
informed the audience. “That’ll be coming up after
tonight’s musical guests, who are not only performers
but also on staff, and they’ll be serving you in
private afterwards… ladies and gentlemen, performing
together for one night only, Anastacia and Christina

On stage, twisting and turning, came the two singers.
Both were attired to arouse, and doing a medley duet
of one of their songs – admittedly their voices
blended much like oil and water, and Anastacia sounded
really strange doing “From AM To PM” (almost as weird
as Christina sounded with “I’m Outta Love”), but the
audience was too enraptured with their bodies to
really notice. The act climaxed with the women
wandering into the audience belting out “Sisters Are
Doing It For Themselves” as they fondled the delighted
guys, before each settled into the laps of their first
customers and snuggled into embraces.

Christina’s guy was old enough to be her father, which
may have been why she looked so much like a comforted
daughter as they went off to their private quarters;
Anastacia on the other hand was with a guy roughly
half her age. She could tell this would be his first
time; fine with her, because she loved popping
cherries. As the two went below decks, Madonna took to
the stage, rubbing her hands at what was coming next.

“We call this the Dollhouse because the ladies here
are yours to play with and dress and undress as you
please,” she told the throng. “And here are my own
favourite dolls.” The back wall of the stage revolved
to reveal a divan, on which was a blow-up doll. Or at
least someone pretending to be a blow-up doll. She was
dressed like a rag doll and being played with by her

Unable to move or do anything but what her “owner”
wanted in accordance with the rules, Cindy Crawford
sat there expressionless while Naomi Campbell finished
off the dressing-up part of the show, a glint of
delight in her eyes. “It’s my turn now, Crawford,” she
said under her breath. “Get up and dance,” she said
out loud.

Jerkily, like she was a real doll, Cindy got out of
the bed and to the strains of a calypso started to
dance around the stage in mannequin style. Naomi
laughed and clapped her hands. “A real live girl!” she
cackled. “Faster! Faster!” Cindy whirled around all
along the stage, going as fast as she could, never
letting her face betray her rage.

“Give them a flash, Cindy!”

Cindy flipped her dress up, showing that underneath
she was nude. Those nearest to the stage had a shot of
her muff before it was gone. “Now the other side!”
commanded Naomi.

Still dancing, Cindy complied, thankful there were no
cameras allowed. “Now come back here,” Naomi said.
“It’s time for your bath…” Cindy could have pointed
out that as she was a doll she really didn’t need a
bath, but there was nothing she could do.

“While the Cindy doll is having her bath,” Madonna
told the crowd, “here’s the other doll. She’s not
nearly so well behaved…” And the stage revolved
again, this time presenting Jennifer Lopez, strapped
to the wall with her nude back facing the audience,
her famous backside protruding and ready. J-Lo had
been gagged so she couldn’t protest.

“I hear they still have capital punishment around
these here parts,” Madonna continued, rubbing J-Lo’s
rump in anticipation. “So… 31 smacks enough?”

* * * * * * * * * *

As J-Lo’s yells and screams cut through the air, Cindy
gritted her teeth. She was still in character; she had
to be for what happened when the stage came back to
her. This time, however, she wasn’t alone; she was in
something of a dildo Olympiad. To her left, Jennifer
Love Hewitt was being relentlessly pumped by Christina
Aguilera; to her right, poor Brooke Burke was getting
buggered by Anna Nicole Smith. And she was playing
piggy in the middle; when they came on stage, Naomi
Campbell’s ass would be rising and falling in between
Cindy Crawford’s legs.

“You like it, don’t you?” Naomi urged her as she
screwed the brunette. “You’ve always known I’m better
than you… you’ve been dying for me to fuck you. And
now it’s going to happen in front of all these
people.” She kissed Cindy’s mole quickly as she
burrowed ever deeper inside. “Touch my ass. You know
you want to. I won’t mind.”

Cindy felt the floor start to revolve, and started to
pray that the night would be over soon.

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