Cindy Inc.: The Dollhouse, Part 7

The continuing adventures of Cindy Crawford –

supermodel, mother and celebrity bordello owner. As

you’ve probably figured out, these stories is

fictional and do not represent how the celebrities

involved behave in real life. They aren’t intended for

under-18s, and any comments should go to the message

boards or to (This was one

of the stories that went down in the Big Crash; it’s

been reposted.)

Previously on “Cindy Inc.”: Cindy Crawford and a

selection of her ladies have been taken by Madonna and

a selection of HER ladies as a plan to take over both

Cindy Inc. and J-Lo’s with the centre of operations

being a floating whorehouse off the Barbados coast;

the good news is that Jessica Alba and Mariah Carey

(thrown overboard and in the latter’s case shot) have

been picked up. The bad news is that after Cindy and

her arch-rival Jennifer Lopez were prevented from

escaping, they – along with Brooke Burke and Jennifer

Love Hewitt – are serving in the Dollhouse’s opening

night along with Naomi Campbell, Madonna, Anna Nicole

Smith and Christina Aguilera respectively. Now read


* * * * * * * * * *

“…and we’ve just received word that Mariah Carey has

been admitted to hospital with a gunshot wound. We

repeat, Mariah Carey has been shot. We don’t have any

further news at this time…”

The staff were used to well-known people arriving

there, but it was still a surprise for them to be

injured in this fashion. Mariah had lost a fair bit of

blood to the ocean, but if Jessica and Tony had

delayed bringing her in it could have been far worse –

she had thankfully only stopped one bullet in the arm,

and she would be all right (no need to amputate or

anything), but she needed to rest up and get some

blood inside her.

Jessica dialled the number that Mariah had given her,

and wondered who she’d talk to when the phone was

answered. Whoever it was, it had to be a friend.


“Um… is this Jon Anderson?”

“Who is this?”

“A friend of Mariah’s,” said Jessica. “She asked me to

call you – ”

“What? I KNEW those weren’t the real cops!” Jon

shouted from his bedrooom. “Where are you?”

“We’re at QEH. Can you get down here? We’ll fill you

in on what’s up…”

Jon hung up, and cocked an ear downstairs. He could

hear his mother yammering away on the phone downstairs

– the lady could yak like there was no tomorrow, and

she was LOUD! Usually this annoyed Jon and the others,

but it would be good cover for him today. If he knew

Denise, she would be too enraptured in the latest

bulletins about the weather, the neighbours and “The

Bold and the Beautiful” to overhear him leaving his

room, carefully negotiating his way down the stairs,

going outside, and waiting for the bus to Bridgetown.

He did know Denise.

* * * * * * * * * *


Large, round and inviting though they were, Jennifer

Lopez’s rump cheeks were also at this time a lovely

shade of crimson; Madonna had only used her own fair

(if increasingly wrinkled) hands, but she landed her

palms on J-Lo’s seat with force. Maddie hadn’t lied

when she’d explained that she didn’t like being

spanked despite “Hanky Panky,” but delivering the

paddling was another matter. Heaven help her children

when they were out of line…


J-Lo had her faced turned as much to the ceiling as

she could, hearing the delight of the crowd as another

stinging blow landed. Madonna didn’t even give her the

option of begging for mercy. And was she… laughing?

The peroxide… what was that word they used in

England? Oh yeah… slapper.


Madonna wedged her fingers into Jennifer’s crack.

SHIT! The crack whore had LONG fingernails to boot…

J-Lo immediately felt thankful Cindy Crawford was her

competition and not this fucker.

“Gentlemen, this is known in Britain as the

tradesman’s entrance,” Maddie explained, chuckling as

she spread the Lopez buns wide open, and displayed her

gaping asshole to the audience. “Nice, isn’t it? You

can see it on the screen up there.” And indeed, her

dark back door was projected for all to see; the fiery

lady tried to break free yet again, oblivious to how

impossible this was.

“And one more for good luck,” Maddie finished, and

delivered the hardest slap yet, as the stage turned.

“But she’ll be back…”

The stage finished revolving to take the crowd back to

the three couples. Brooke howled to the ceiling as

Anna Nicole Smith wedged her massive strap-on inside

her unfortunate anus. She had begged her to not use

the biggest one she had to hand, but Anna had ignored

her, reminding her that Anna Nicole was the boss, not

Brooke Burke. She yelled and screamed again and again

as the gold-digger ground against the tawny brunette,

clutching her sides as she rode her. Anna Nicole was

also yelling, but with delight.

Those audience members who weren’t enjoying the view

of Brooke and Anna were studying Christina Aguilera in

action on top of Jennifer Love Hewitt. They were

moving together a lot more fluidly, perhaps because

Christina wasn’t carrying as much excess baggage as

ANS. “Come on,” Christina whispered to JLH between

kisses. “Just one little lick; it won’t hurt you.”

Though Christina did feel nicer than she’d expected

inside her arms, Jennifer Love Hewitt wasn’t that

eager to munch on her. “The show must go on,” Aguilera

grinned. “Just for tonight,” JLH sighed reluctantly,

and CA slowly turned around to give the customers a

chance to check out all of her nude body; she

curtseyed as she did so in appreciation, and then

rested her form on JLH after her 180-degree turn. The

former Byrd of Paradise studied Christina’s open

crotch in her face and gagged a bit, but then moved

her mouth forward and tasted it. JLH was glad her face

was hidden from the crowd; Christina did not taste all

that nice. Whatever it was she ate, it wasn’t helping.

But she applied herself like the professional she was,

stroking the woman above and doing her best to make

her feel good.

Those not surveying Burke/Smith or Hewitt/Aguilera

were watching Naomi Campbell pumping Cindy Crawford in

the middle bed. Naomi’s body was covered in sweat with

all the exercise, and Cindy was thrusting back under

Campbell’s grinding. She was also fighting the urge to

give back Naomi’s kisses and caresses, but deep down

she had to admit the most conceited model in the world

was a pretty good fuck. Feeling the strap-on sliding

in and out of her combined with Naomi’s repeated urges

almost made Cindy go over completely, plus la Campbell

did have very cute tiny tits with pebbly nipples…

But then the thought of having her being in charge

over her forever got in the way. If Cindy had had a

cock, it would have gotten all floppy at that moment.

“FUUUCCCKKK!!!” she cried out as the last thing she

expected to happen, happened… her pussy was flooded

with something coming from Naomi. Cindy’s eyes widened

with horror and suspense as she stared at her brown

lover; was she really…?

“A new model,” Naomi explained as she ran her tongue

over Cindy’s nipples. “Discharges something that feels

like semen but isn’t… for the extra-realistic touch.

We got it from some guy on the mainland.”

“You’re a sick fuck, you know that?” Cindy told her


“But I’m a great one,” Naomi told her, removing it and

dropping it alongside Cindy. “I’d let you have a go,

but I don’t want you up me.”

Brooke didn’t want Anna Nicole up her either,

especially as she was pounding Brooke’s bronzed

flawless ass with both her hands and the equipment.

“AIEEE!!!” she cried again and again, but in character

she had to beg for Anna Nicole not to stop because she

loved it so damn much.

“What? You want more?” Anna Nicole chortled. “Here ya

go, honey…” and she made the deepest thrust of all,

landing some more stinging hits on Brooke’s buns. They

were now hot enough to cook eggs on, which was just

how Anna Nicole liked them. Brooke could feel herself

on the verge of breaking up… and on the verge of an

orgasm. Just a few more thrusts…

“Say it! Say it LOUD – I’m your boss, Brookie! Tell


Brooke’s asshole exploded with delight as she screamed

out her devotion to her mistress for all to hear; and

Anna Nicole Smith’s face broke into happiness. As

Brooke gave in to her pumping, JLH felt Christina’s

mouth kissing around her sex and heard her constant

groans. Jennifer feigned ecstasy, and hoped the others

were having a better time than she was…

* * * * * * * * * *

Halle Berry was. Kelly Rowland wasn’t. Jennifer Garner

emphatically wasn’t.

Agent Bristow first: she was settled down in one of

the less luxuriously-fitted rooms with her man for the

night. Jenny was having it considerably easier than

everyone else that night, because unlike the others

she wasn’t being asked to do anything strenuously but

lie back and think of America (well, she couldn’t be

expected to think of England, now could she?). She

was, of course, naked, but it wasn’t her attractive

tits that had her customer’s attention. Nor was it her

tight stomach. It wasn’t even her neatly shaved cunt.

The fustomer was a legman. He was at this moment

slowly unrolling Jennifer Garner’s tights, letting his

fingers move down her long, long legs. She stretched

each limb out for his pleasure as he savoured the

thighs and calves, with more and more skin being freed

as he removed the fabric. He gently kissed her legs,

slowly stroking and probing them. He soon had Jenny’s

feet in his hands, palming them and rubbing the

underside gently; the massage was one of his favourite


Jennifer’s toes were nice and long; he sucked on each

one in turn, sighing as he licked each toe tip and

caressed the feet. He took as much of each foot into

his mouth as he could; his wife couldn’t understand

why he loved to suck feet, but he had convinced her it

was better than sucking cock. Jenny’s feet and legs

were heavenly, and clean; he clasped the feet between

his solid pole and began to move it back and forth.

“No, let me do that,” Jennifer begged, and began to

move her feet around the prick. She moved them slowly

at first, letting the pressure build up inside his

groin, and watching his face light up. This was better

than he had hoped for…

Jennifer clamped down hard and squeezed as tight as

she could. The delight on the man’s face turned to

terror… too much. Much too much. “Please… stop…

it HURTS!!!”

“If you think THAT hurts…” and Miss Garner finished

the sentence by bringing her legs up, and cracking his


Ah, sweet fantasy. It brought Jennifer Garner through

her feelings as the man’s cock spurted all over her


* * * * * * * * * *

Kelly Rowland found herself being DP’d, but only one

man was with her. She was underneath her customer, the

head prefect at one of the island’s most distinguished

schools, grinding her body for his satisfaction. Not

only did he have his own cock embedded deep inside

her, but there was another one – a plastic one –

strapped alongside it.

It had been his fantasy to have two cocks. That and to

fuck one of Destiny’s Child. Now as this horny lady

urged him on, his dreams were coming true. In and out

he went, ignoring her yells as her pussy was stretched

to its limit…

* * * * * * * * * *

Halle Berry couldn’t even say anything. She had been

in such demand that three customers had gotten the

chance to tackle her at once; they were all in one

party, which tilted the balance in their favour.

The famed cricketer had his cock stuffed into Halle’s

mouth, and was as impressed as she was; her by its

size, him by who was blowing him. He was also blowing,

breathing hard as she ran her tongue over his stiff

cut meat, wondering what the stuff would taste like

when it came out. Behind her were the cricketer’s

brother and son, the former enjoying Halle’s gaping

cunt, the latter working himself inside her backside

as she undulated in every direction, enjoying the

three-pronged assault.

Halle’s grunts were muffled by the cock in her mouth,

and she was also being teased by the constant groping

of those sweet jugs of hers. She could feel the first

drops of the man’s come seeping out and landing on her

tongue, which drove her to clench her pussy and

sphincter muscles, the better for the men to grind

against. Halle arched herself and jerked hard in each

direction, listening to the men gurgle with joy. She

waited to feel the familiar motion up whichever hole

would be come inside first…

* * * * * * * * * *

Reddened and furious from Madonna’s handling of her

ass, Jennifer Lopez still managed to summon up some

synthetic happiness for the crowd, as she and Cindy

Crawford stood side by side. The time had come to see

which of the customers would get to take them home for

the night, to do with them what they pleased.

“Christina was supposed to be running the auction,”

Danni Ashe informed the crowd, “but she’s got some

unfinished business to take care of…”

Behind them, Christina was on her knees feeling

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breasts from behind as she sank

her teeth into one of JLH’s buttocks. Soft and round

as a newborn baby’s her ass was…

“…so while she’s busy, we’ll start at $10,000 for

the two of them. And we’re talking American dollars

here, not Bajan.”

“$20,000!” “$25,000!” “$30,000!”

Christina licked her lips as she studied the lovebite

forming on JLH’s smooth rump. She couldn’t wait to

taste the other cheek.

“$50,000!” “$75,000!”

JLH winced as Christina twisted the tits, but didn’t

say anything. She tried to imagine someone else

sliding a tongue up her fundament and rolling around

inside. Anyone.

“$100,000!” “$200,000!” “$500,000!”

The Aguilera teeth were sharp, and Christina wished

she could eat JLH’s ass literally. But then again she

wouldn’t be able to have seconds. She stroked Jennifer

Love Hewitt’s rear blissfully as she ate the hole

between them, lost in her own little world as the

auction reached its height.

“Half-a-million going once… going twice…”

“One million dollars!”

The only people in that room to ignore Danni Ashe’s

shout of “SOLD to the Rogers brothers for one million

dollars!” were Christina Aguilera, who had pressed one

of her middle fingers inside JLH’s wet cunt; and JLH

herself, who in spite of herself was starting to


* * * * * * * * * *

The Rogers brothers, Norman and Alex, were on the

yacht’s helipad. The night wind was chilling the two

of them, but they were warming up inside waiting for

their women to arrive.

“They said to give them half an hour,” Norman, the

younger of the two, complained.

“It’s only been ten minutes,” Alex chided. “Plus you

know what women are like, they tell you half an hour

they keep you waiting for days…”

Norman nodded. Typical women – whether famous or the

sweet shop owner down the road, they were all the


“All right, you can have five minutes alone with the

others,” Kylie Minogue told Cindy and J-Lo

reluctantly. “But if you try anything…” She drew a

finger across her throat.

“You wouldn’t be so tough without your boat,” J-Lo

replied, as she and Cindy were taken to JLH, Brooke,

Christina Milian and Anastacia. All were in the midst

of a break before returning to action, and Christina

was washing her mouth out – she hated swallowing the

come. Especially when it tasted as bad as the stuff

from the guy she had been with.

“Rough night, peeps?” Christina asked.

“Getting rougher,” Cindy sighed. “I’m sorry I got all

of you into this, especially Brooke…”

“Why her?” rasped Anastacia.

“How would you like to be screwed by Anna Nicole

Smith?” Brooke pointed out. Anastacia withdrew.

“Listen, as long as we’re on the mainland you can

still do some damage here,” J-Lo told them. “Annie-”


“Anastacia, Cindy and I were talking earlier today,

and we got an idea. You up to doing a little extra job

for nothing?”

“Will it help us get out of this shit?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Then lemme hear it,” the husky blonde laughed. “But

from Cindy’s mouth – sorry Lopez, but you are

definitely not the boss of me…”

* * * * * * * * * *

Once it had been Liv Tyler between two guys. Now it

was one man between two women; the women in question

were Christina Milian and Anastacia. It was half an

hour later, and the man in question was unable to

believe his luck. Sitting on his shoulders was the

lovely Christina, between his legs was the alluring

Anastacia, who had his smallish but hard prick in her

hands and was dangling it tantalizingly close to his


The sexy entertainer looked at his face (or what was

visible of it, engaged as he was in munching on Miss

Milian’s muff) and coughed. “Hey, if you’re paying

attention, tap your cock twice…”

Without missing a beat, he used his right hand to do


“Now remember, as soon as we’re through you’ve gotta

do your part, okay?”

Again the taps, plus sounds of joy from him as he

continued on Christina’s truly lovely cunt.

“And I’m gonna come with you just in case…” and

Anastacia consumed the man’s prick. Her eyes widened

as she started to suck… she might give him a repeat

performance. What did they feed these guys down here?

Not bad at all…

* * * * * * * * * *

Jon Anderson wasn’t the only person to try to see

Mariah Carey at the hospital; when he got there, he

found several reporters trying to see her as well. All

felt they had the God-given right to ask her how she

ended up that way, and all had had their illusions

shattered by the doctors on duty. No matter how loud

one shouted “I’m from the ‘New York Times’!” or

another yelled “But I’m from the BBC!” it made no

odds. Add to this the fans of Mariah also arriving en

masse, and it was hard for a crutch-wielding young man

to make any headway. He was giving serious thought to

poking his way through the crowd and playing the

have-pity-on-a-cripple card when he got through… it

wouldn’t be the first time, and it nearly always

worked on women…

“Oh, there you are!”

Jon looked around for a moment, and then he saw a

familiar face in the crowd. Almond eyes, olive skin,

sexy lips… it was that fine, fine woman from “Dark

Angel.” She smiled at him and urged him to come over;

he made his way over to Jessica as fast as he could.

“How come no one’s asking you about it?” he asked

Jessica under his voice as they left.

“They don’t know I’m here,” she explained. “Stay in

the back and no one notices you. Didn’t you try that

in school? I’ve told the doctors you’ve been expected,

but you’d never get through this mob…”

Jessica led Jon to Mariah’s private ward, helping him

up the back stairs. Slower, but also out of the way of

trouble; it wasn’t long before they arrived, and she

tapped on the door three times, paused and then tapped

three times more. “We agreed this is how she’d know it

was me,” she explained as Mariah called for her to

come in.

“Finally,” Mariah beamed, “someone I want to see…

what kept you, Jonny boy?”

“Traffic,” Jon chuckled, sitting down beside her, as

Jessica withdrew. Best to leave them alone, plus she

had to get back to Tony. He was waiting to hear how

things were going, and if it hadn’t been for him…

Outside the hospital, Jessica could see Tony waiting

by his car, looking happy as a clam. She ran over to

him, wondering what the next good piece of news was.

“Two more of your friends are out,” Tony told her.

“That woman who’s the girl of that guy from Aerosmith

and Sofia Viagra…”

“That’s Vergara,” Jessica corrected.

“I know, but have you seen her? Wow…! But anyway,

they’re back in their hotel, and tomorrow they’re

going to be making a statement; I just heard it on the


“A statement…” Jessica continued thoughtfully.

“Tony, you’ve been good to us, but I need you to get

me over to them. I know I’m asking a lot of you


“You want me to take you to Sofia Viagra and you call

that ‘asking a lot of me’? Girl, I’m your slave…”

* * * * * * * * * *

Cindy, J-Lo and Alex and Norman had been ferried back

onto shore; Alex had been studying Cindy all the way,

while Norman had been similarly transfixed by Miss

Lopez. They were already feeling their transaction had

been worth it.

“You know…” Cindy said thoughtfully.


“You know, if you and your brother sort of…

forget… to bring us back… we can make it well

worth your time.”

“I’m listening,” Alex replied.

Cindy gave him The Smile. They might make it out of

here yet, she thought to herself as they got into the

waiting car.

“So what do the two of you do?” Jennifer L asked.

“Oh, we’re in the entertainment business,” Norman told

her. “Promoters, basically. We’re trying to get Neil

Diamond to do a show here…”

“Neil Diamond?” she repeated, successfully keeping the

sneer out of her voice. “Play your cards right and I

could get some of my label mates to come here.”

“Name names.”

J-Lo named. The two men were grinning from ear to ear

when she finished and they got to their St. Michael

house. “Ladies,” Alex Rogers told them on leaving the

car, “I guarantee you’re never going to set foot on

that boat again.”

Cindy gave J-Lo a discreet thumbs-up, and Jenny from

the block replied with the A-OK sign.

* * * * * * * * * *

Cindy Crawford gave Alex a long kiss, and he ran his

tongue over her teeth as he rummaged around inside her

mouth. Between her legs, Norman slowly tasted her

damp, warm pussy; between Alex’s legs, Jennifer Lopez

worked on his dick with her mouth.

Cindy was glad she had won the toss; she didn’t want

to find the taste of J-Lo’s cunt on the breath of a

guy she was kissing. Plus, she loved the way Alex

caressed her form along with his brother’s tongue

flicking around below; no massage therapist in the

world could make her feel any better than this

treatment. And the guys they were with looked good

without their clothes, which made it even better.

Alex found Cindy’s breasts, and kissed them in turn –

nice and full with a mother’s milk; she was coming

along wonderfully. “I bet your kids love the taste,”

he told her.

“I’ve had no complaints,” she laughed, as Alex

disengaged herself and transferred to behind J-Lo; his

eyes widened. Her ass was still a little red from the

beating Madonna had given.

“Good handiwork,” he said a little enviously, as Cindy

reluctantly got Norman to move away from her pussy,

and the latter faced Lopez. As they kissed and he

started to stroke the still-silent woman, it was

Cindy’s turn to bestow head on Norman; she fellated

him while Lopez started to moan with Alex’s thrusts.

He wasn’t about to stick his cock into that famous

rump just yet; he wanted to make his proposition

first. They would hardly refuse, if they knew what was

good for them.

Cindy’s thoughts were on nothing but the cock in her

mouth; she gradually built up the speed and intensity,

using her tongue to play with the head and shaft, and

slowly twirling the balls with her fingers. Norman’s

cock started to quake within seconds; Cindy liked to

take her time, but she could tell he was a fast

finisher. She prayed it wouldn’t taste bad…

Alex, on the other hand, had an expression of pure

bliss on his face as Jennifer Lopez’s red-hot cunt

seduced his come out, as it had that of so many other

men. He relaxed himself as he studied the supine

woman; they had started small, but they had much more

to come. Looking at Cindy wiping her mouth off as she

finished swallowing, he nodded to Norman. “Just give

us a minute to reload, ladies… we’ll be right back.”

“I give them ten minutes at the least,” J-Lo sniggered

as the men left them.

“At least we’ll get a free ticket out of here,” Cindy

pointed out, as they got to their feet. “Come on,

let’s stretch a bit.”

“I already GOT stretched, thank you very much moley.”

Ignoring the jibe, Cindy and Jenny L. started to

explore the house. Nice place, well laid-out… and

with pictures of the Rogers brothers and some of their

acts. At least they hadn’t been lying about that. But

Neil DIAMOND? J-Lo still shuddered a bit at the idea.

“Hi, ladies…”

That was quick. “Ready for more, guys? We’ve got the

appetizer out of the way, time for the main course…”

Cindy’s voice drained away when she saw Alex and

Norman, holding a curiously large device that looked

like a dildo, but was the same at both ends.

“Indeed. And you’re it,” Norman added, as the two men

approached the two women.

“We abhor what the two of you stand for. That’s why we

had to get you here at any cost… to let the world

know just what happens to skunks like you.”

“Skanks,” J-Lo corrected.


“If you’re so Jerry Falwell about it, why’d you let us

blow you?” Cindy asked.

“Because we wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to fuck a

gorgeous supermodel and a hot singer/actress,” Norman

replied. “We may be anti-prostitution, but we’re not


“Look, we told you we’d make it worth your time to let

us go!” J-Lo argued.

“We said you wouldn’t get on the boat,” Alex reminded

them. “We never said anything about letting you go. We

want to make an example of you two, and this,” he

added, holding up the device, “is how we’ll do it. We

have a nice little sideline in making and selling

creations like this – I believe you were fucked by

Naomi with one of these. Very entertaining watching it

in action…”

Cindy said nothing.

“Now this little beauty we designed for ladies like

you two. When she slips it on, this end here goes

right into her so when she pumps someone it’s fun for

both of them – for about thirty seconds. Then…”

Norman began rubbing the midsection between his hands,

as J-Lo and Cindy watched. After thirty seconds, a

seven-inch blade whipped into view from one end, and a

line of jagged teeth emerged from the other. Both ends

were twirling all the while as a hum emanated from the


“What the SHIT?!” shouted J-Lo.

“Fuck…!” said a shocked Cindy.

“Nice, isn’t it?” Alex told them. “We got the idea

from ‘Se7en.’ Excellent movie; too bad we couldn’t see

Gwyneth Paltrow get her head cut off. They didn’t even

film it so it’s not on the DVD as an extra feature.”

“Leave my ladies out of it, you twisted fucker,” Cindy

told him.

“I may be twisted, but it’s YOU who will be the

fucker. Or plump-ass here. It doesn’t matter; you’ll

both be dead anyway in the end.”

The two women tried to get out of the room, trying all

the doors and windows. “Don’t fight it,” Norman told

them. “All locked; no place to go. Just get it on and

get it over with.”

“OK,” J-Lo said angrily. “Get a damn coin out and

we’ll toss for it.”

“What?” Cindy told her, alarmed. “Lopez, what are you


“Trust me, all right? Heads, I fuck Cindy; tails,

Cindy fucks me.”

The Rogers brothers looked at each other, and at the

women; but there was nothing to suggest a trick. Alex

took out a coin, and flipped it. TYhey all watched it

rise into the air.

“NOW!” shouted Lopez, and she and Cindy ran straight

into the brothers, knocking them flat, and running

upstairs. The brothers were up almost at once, but

Cindy and J-Lo had the start. They raced onto the

landing, and into the upstairs bedroom; Cindy

hurriedly opened the window, and the two women climbed

onto the ledge. Without stopping to think, they


The grass broke their fall, and knowing the Rogers

wouldn’t waste any time getting after them, Cindy

Crawford and Jennifer Lopez ran like hell…

* * * * * * * * * *

Blinking as the sun’s rays hit her eyes, Cindy felt

the cool grass on her cheek.

Slowly she drew herself into awake mode, and looked

around. She was just outside a canefield, it was early

morning, and she was alone. SHIT! So she hadn’t made

it –

Cindy’s relief rushed out in a gasp as she saw

Jennifer Lopez was next to her, still out cold. She

looked at her watch; through the light she could make

out it was 6:30. They only had 90 minutes to get to

the hotel. And they still had to get to Kelly Brook…

“Wake up,” she muttered as she grabbed her companion

by the shoulders and shook her. No response.

“Dammit, come ON!” she shouted as she slapped her. “I

can’t do this without you! We have got to get out of

here NOW, Lopez!”

“oohhhh… man let me sleep…” Jennifer murmured.

Cindy slapped her companion again. “Jesus, Lopez, our

lives DEPEND on getting out of here! Stop dreaming

about Ben Affleck and come ON!” J-Lo’s eyes started to

peep open, and the fog of post-sleep lifted as she

realised where she was, and what had happened.

“Oh God… did we?”

“We lost them,” Cindy told her. “But we’ve got to get

over to our hotel – I need you to back me up at the

conference – ”

“You’re not speaking there.”

“I’m going to crash the thing. But first I’m thinking

that Kelly’s still got the stuff in her room; she

never got back there, and I’m hoping Skankuilera

didn’t think to take the tape with her. If she did,

we’re fucked.”

“But if she didn’t…”

“You’re fucked anyway,” came a voice from behind them.

Feeling suddenly sickened, the two women turned to see

the Rogers brothers, again with the instruments, but

this time with added knives.

“We found you a while ago,” Norman said quietly. “But

we wanted to wait until you woke up to finish this.”

He threw the dildo at our heroines’ feet. “It was

tails. Put the thing on, Crawford.”

Cindy hesitated.

Alex strode over to J-Lo and pressed the knife blade

to her throat, while Norman approached Cindy with his

own cutlass. “It’s not a request, you stupid American

bitch. Either you do the killing, or we do…”

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