Cindy Inc.: The Dollhouse Part 5

The continuing adventures of Cindy Crawford –
supermodel, mother and celebrity bordello owner. This
novella (way too long to be just a story, it seems) is
purely fictional, doesn’t represent the actual conduct
of the people herein, and is meant for over-18s only.
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Quick recap: A shoot in Barbados goes awry when Cindy
finds out that a group of celebs led by Madonna are
planning to take over both Cindy Inc. and J-Lo’s in
order to start their own brothel on a yacht. Most of
the women are now on board, with Madonna about to
launch the Dollhouse, Jennifer Love
Hewitt tricked
into joining them, and Brooke Burke forced to
substitute for Anna Nicole Smith’s dog. Now read on…

Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Lopez were closest to the
stage, and they could actually see the pain in
Brooke’s eyes as she raised and lowered her head, the
food smeared across her lovely face. But she had to do
it, and had to endure Anna Nicole’s baby talk and
Madonna’s asking if she could play with the doggie,
Anna Nicole saying sure, Madonna telling her to roll
over, Brooke rolling onto her back and feeling Madonna
tickling her tummy while the goo-goo talk continued…

“Don’t make a mess on the door, lovey,” Anna Nicole
told her.

“If she does, I’m going up there right now and getting
them…” Cindy said quietly.

“Come on, Sugar Pie – walkies!” Anna Nicole jerked on
Brooke’s collar, forcing her to scuttle to her hands
and knees and go along the stage in front of ANS. The
two moved off, Brooke barking all the way, as the
massed other bosses chuckled in delight.

“And there’ll be more of the doggie act later,”
Madonna said. “But now it’s time for the women to
state the Pledge of Allegiance. You’ll do it last,
Crawford – I want you and your flat-chested friend
here to watch and suffer.”

“But I’m not friends with Naomi,” Cindy pointed out,
to a smirk from Jennifer Lopez. Naomi settled for a

“All right,” Kylie Minogue said efficiently, “will you
all line up in alphabetical order…” Jessica Alba,
Anastacia, Halle Berry, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Garner,
Jennifer Love Hewitt, Christina Milian and Kelly
Rowland all took their positions, as Madonna faced
them with a copy of her biography in hand. “Place your
left hand on this book, raise your right hand, and
repeat after me… I…”

“I…” said Jessica.

“State your name…”

“Jessica Alba…”

“Do hereby swear to serve my lady Madonna…”

“Do hereby swear to serve my lady Madonna…”

“Now and forever.”

“Now and forever.”

“Please go to the floor and fellate the first man in
the front row.”

Jessica bowed her head, and slinked to the seats. As
Anastacia took her turn, the gorgeous Latina knelt
before her customer without missing a beat, unzipped
his trousers and took the rapidly stiffening prick
out. Jessica’s lips closed around the organ and
started to suck eagerly, her tongue lolling around it
and enjoying the thin covering of foreskin. She had
had plenty of practice in blowing guys, and she would
soon cause him to spend his load. The cock was heavy
and hard on her tongue, and nice and veiny. The man
next to her had no time to gaze enviously because he
was soon receiving the same treatment from Anastacia,
as Halle Berry took the pledge…

“That guy’s got a beard!” Cindy whispered. “Halle
hates beards!”

“What can we do?” Jennifer Lopez asked. “She’s got all
the cards so far.”

As one Jennifer griped, and another (Garner) left the
stage to take her turn on the cocksucking carousel
(when one woman was finished, she moved on to the next
non-fellated man), a third (Love Hewitt) faced the
pledge. “I…”


“State your name…”

“Jennifer Love Hewitt.”

“Do hereby swear to serve my lady Madonna…”

“Do hereby swear to serve my lady Cindy Crawford…”

Jennifer Garner nearly bit off her man’s cock in
surprise, Anastacia (whose man had just come in her
mouth) actually spat the stuff out over his dick in
shock, Halle Berry stopped dead with her mouth
millimeters away from her man’s cock and turned her
head in amazement, and the other ladies were simply
shocked and surprised. Mariah Carey continued to suck,
but a definite smile played around her face; the
enormous grin that spread across Jessica Alba’s lovely
face as she pulled back from her guy’s prick was also
not due to his semen, as she turned her head back to
the stage and gave JLH the thumbs-up, mouthing “Thanks
for the shot.” As for the lady Cindy Crawford in
question, for the first time in days she looked
genuinely happy.

“What did you say?” Madonna repeated, staring at JLH
as if she had grown a third breast.

“I, Jennifer Love Hewitt,” she replied slowly and
carefully, and directly into Madonna’s face, “do
hereby swear to serve my lady Cindy Crawford now and
forever, and to hold an open air concert on your
grave, you peroxided bandwagon-jumping gap-toothed
saggy-titted pretentious dogfucking
phony-English-accented HAG!” Madonna slapped JLH, but
the damage had been done.

“WHOOOO!!!” Cindy yelled despite herself, waving her
arms in the air like she just didn’t care. “And that
WASN’T for you, Maddie!”

J-Lo whistled in approval and clapped, and to their
immense delight two of the other women in the seats
couldn’t help laughing in joy as well. Madonna and her
colleagues were thunderstruck – Hewitt hadn’t been
dosed, Alba had also clearly been pretending to go
along, and if Carey was also not pissed… “So it IS
true!” the former Miss Ciccone snapped. “Ladies, take
Crawford, Lopez, Hewitt, Carey, and Alba to the main
cell and keep them from the other women. And is Walker

“Yes,” another underling told her. “He came with
Mariah Carey.”

“Deal with him,” Madonna said coldly. “The meeting is
over – and so are any of you if anything else goes

* * * * * * * * * *

Walker’s face went as white as a black man’s face
possibly could on watching himself buggering Mariah
back at the house. They did make a nice couple,

His vision was obscured by a slap around the face from
Euclid. “You had to throw it all away for a piece of
ass, didn’t you Walker?”

“Didn’t you get the instructions? You’re only supposed
to fuck them ONCE! You did Crawford once, why didn’t
you do the same thing with the nutjob there?” Euclid’s
mate asked.

“I’m sorry… I wasn’t thinking!”

“You KNOW what’ll happen if they get it twice – well,
now we’ve lost Mariah Carey and a few of the others.
Shame – I know some folks who were dying to put their
cocks up that chute. Still, at least you’ll have
something to think about in the next few minutes while

“While I’m what?” Walker asked, filled with fear over
what was coming next, as the portable TV and video
were wheeled away, leaving him with a clear view of
the railing at the back of the yacht as a rope was
tied around his feet. Unable to move because of the
tight grips from the others, he was escorted to the
edge, blubbering with terror while Euclid continued.

“See, if we throw you overboard you might be able to
swim back to shore… whereas if we do this…” and
Walker was hoisted over the edge and slowly lowered,
begging all the way until he was just above the
churning foam made by the propellers.

“Think about Cindy’s pussy or Mariah’s asshole,”
Euclid suggested as Walker begged and prayed. “At
least you’ll die happy.”

From her vantage point up above en route towards her
quarters, Danni Ashe was the only one to see Euclid
cut the rope. She was glad she couldn’t hear Walker

* * * * * * * * * *

“Jason!” Kelly Brook shouted in delight on seeing her
visitor. It was her last day in the hospital, and this
was making a good day even better.

“How’s my little girl?” he asked, as they embraced.

“I’m a lot better now,” Kelly answered.

“Your parents flew in this morning,” Jason continued
as he let her go. “They’ll be here in a few minutes.
You should hear your father – ‘I knew it was a bad
idea for her to get involved with Jennifer Lopez…'”

Kelly shook her head. “He knows it’s my life… oh
well, I guess he’ll never change. Anyway, I’m glad
you’re here…” and she grinned at him. “Want to make
up for lost time? Ever since those reporters tried to
bust in they’ve agreed no one’s in without my say-so,
so we’ve got some privacy…”

She spread her right hand onto Jason’s crotch. “Plus
you can’t get this around here.”

Jason’s prick rose almost at once. Having a go with
Kelly would be heaven – but if Madonna found out, it
would be hell. “Maybe I’d better pass, Kell… I read
about those other two.”

“Oh yes, those two,” Kelly said slowly. “But you can
still have a quick bite, can’t you? No pricks
involved, just your mouth.”

“Well…” Jason answered by moving aside her blanket.
Kelly was naked from the waist down, her sexy, shapely
legs opened slightly. She had a beautiful hairy pussy
there, just the way Jason liked it. “Always prepared,
that’s my Kelly,” he laughed, and snuggled down,
finding his girlfriend’s snatch underneath the hair.
Kelly was plump and juicy between her legs, and the
smell was a bit strong, but not enough to turn his
stomach. Jason flicked and licked along the small
area, knowing his time was limited but at the same
time wanting to make it as good as possible for both
of them.

Kelly was usually a talker during the act, but for
once she kept her mouth shut, apart from quick little
breaths. The only audible sign she gave of Jason’s
munching was faster gasps… Kelly’s chest rose and
fell like an earthquake as she tried to keep the
evidence of her orgasm away from anyone outside.
Jason’s lips and tongue nuzzling at her cunt were the
best medicine she had got in this place, and whenever
he kissed her little clit she felt a wonderful tingle.
If only they were at home. If only they were in the
hotel. If only this wasn’t the first time here.

If only she had been right about the last one.

* * * * * * * * * *

“We’ve got the ones who’ve been treated separated from
the ones who’ve been ruined,” Madonna told the other
ladies grimly as they met in her office. “We need to
figure out what to do with them before the party gets

“There’s something else we have to sort out,” Kylie
Minogue added, throwing a glare at Anna Nicole Smith.
“I still think you should have given Brooke Burke a

“But I wanted to give her a chance!” Anna protested,
pouting away. “And look how well it worked…”

“Okay, she’s playing at being your pet now, but what’s
she doing when your back is turned? Your brain’s even
more scrambled than I thought,” Kylie snapped. “I say
no chances – pump Brooke’s cunt full of the stuff and
have her only take orders from Smith. That way
everyone’s happy.”

“But I’m not on drugs myself,” Anna argued.

“You didn’t have a problem with the other ladies
getting them,” Naomi Campbell countered.

“Yeah, but we weren’t talking about women on my team.”

“Enough!” Madonna interrupted. “Wait until after
tonight, then we’ll talk about it again. Besides,
Brooke is on-message…”

“You’ve been hanging around Tony Blair again, haven’t
you?” chuckled Kylie.

Madonna allowed a happy smile to flirt with her face.
Tony and Cherie had been a nice bedtime partnership…
then she snapped back to the present. “The point is,
what are we going to do about those ladies?”

“Jennifer Love Hugetits hasn’t been drugged yet,”
Naomi pointed out. “We can still turn her and use

“Getting it into her might be a problem, though,”
Christina Aguilera added. “It didn’t work on the

“Yeah, she’s not as airheaded as we thought,” Madonna
agreed. “Good thing there’s always the lipstick –
throw her in with a few of the other girls and make
them get physical… Kelly Rowland and Halle Berry.
I’ve always liked black girl/white girl stuff.”

“What about mixed girl stuff?” Kylie asked. “We’ve
still got to do Mariah Carey and Jessica Alba.”

“We can’t drug them again, and if they ever get out of
here we’re fucked,” Madonna mused, “so… do what you
have to with them.”

Christina Aguilera nodded. She could hardly wait.

Kylie Minogue was the first to leave as the meeting
adjourned. In spite of what Madonna said, she had no
plans to wait until after tonight. Kylie’s favourite
man was serving elsewhere on the “Maverick” – he had
six inches of cock in his trousers, and Kylie planned
to use that to sort out Brooke for good.

Danni Ashe was the last to leave. She had somewhere
else to go before her next job.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Once again assembled here,” Cindy said thoughtfully
to her companions. It was a tight squeeze now that she
and Jennifer Lopez had been joined by Jennifer Love
Hewitt, Jessica Alba and Mariah Carey, all of whom
were back to normal now – and pissed with it. Each had
filled the others in on what had happened and were all
agreed on two things; 1) they had to get out of here
and 2) they were going to cut a generous slice out of
Madonna’s backside in the process.

“We agreed to play along for a while,” Jessica
finished. “But if I’d known Maddie was going to make
me fuck those whales…”

“Why didn’t you say something then?” Mariah asked.

“Too scared,” Jessica admitted.

“Scared? You’ve been on a show Friday nights on Fox
and directed by James Cameron!” JLH pointed out.
“After that I thought you could take anything…”

“Anyway, we don’t have to fake it anymore,” J-Lo
reminded them. “The next time one of them comes to
meet us, I say we jump them.”

“And suppose they start shooting?” Cindy asked. “You
want to risk one of us getting killed?”

“There’s five of us – we might be lucky…”

There was no time to discuss it – the door was
opening. Jennifer Lopez was about to attack, when in
stepped Danni Ashe. A worried looking Danni Ashe,
lacking the superior air her colleagues had. That was
what stopped J-Lo; she could see something was up.

“Well?” Cindy asked.

“Tony, Joan – I need to speak with the ladies alone
for a moment.” The two muscled folks with her nodded
and shut the door, as the porn star started to talk.
“Listen – I need for Cindy and Lopez to… to kiss me.
On the lips. Now.”

“And we should do this why?” asked J-Lo suspiciously.

“Because it’ll increase your chances of getting out of
here. It worked on the other three… look, that drug
Madonna uses has a little drawback. You need to take
constant doses for it to work, but you can’t take one
too soon afterwards either – if you take another dose
within a week, it wipes out the previous shot; the
body can’t take it so soon. Plus it never works on you
again if you try it.” Danni tilted her head upwards.
“So come on, what have you got to lose?”

“How do we know you’ve got the stuff?” Cindy queried.

“I know,” Danni answered.

“Oh, what the hell…” Cindy bent and slowly kissed
Danni on the lips, followed by J-Lo.

“Getting in training for Danni’s Hard Drive?” joked

“Okay. You’re both clean now – Cindy, Madonna’s never
going to be able to make you eat Lopez’s pussy again.”

“You went down on J-Lo?” JLH said, shocked.

“Never remind me,” Cindy told them. It still rankled.

“Now,” Danni continued, “before I take the two of you,
I need the two of you to make me a promise. There are
a lot of guys out there who wouldn’t mind seeing more
porn folks and centrefold models in your employ; the
two of you swear to me that you’ll set the wheels in
motion when you get back.”

“We already talked about it,” J-Lo admitted.

“We figured we were being unfair,” Cindy added.
“You’ve got yourself a deal, Danni. But I want to sign
you up first.”

“You’re on,” Danni laughed.

“Always the businesswoman, huh moley?” J-Lo chuckled
despite herself.

“You snooze, you lose,” Cindy replied. “But why can’t
the others come too?”

“We’ll move faster in smaller groups,” Danni
explained. “Plus we had a meeting…”

* * * * * * * * * *

“Rise and shine, people…” said the officer cheerily.
“I’ve got some good news for you.”

“Someone’s paid our bail?” Liv Tyler asked hopefully.

“Oh, that’ll be sorted out soon enough,” the officer
assured her and Sofia, who was slowly going stir
crazy. “You’ve got a visitor.”

“That’s the good news?” Sofia muttered, before
correcting herself. ANYONE who cared enough to come
along for them counted as good news.

“Did someone say ‘bail’?” said the reporter from one
of the US tabloids, one of several (reporters, not
tabloids) who was on the island ferreting out the
Cindygate story, and the one who the guard had called
earlier. “You know who owns my paper? The money to get
you two lovely ladies out of this cell is pocket
change to Murdoch… I can’t get to Kelly Brook, but
you talk to me and we’ll have you out of here in no

“You promise?” Liv said eagerly.

“Wait a minute – so Kelly’s okay?” Sofia interrupted.

“Sofia, we’ve got a chance to get out of here!”

“Yeah, she’s fine; she’s giving a press conference
soon to tell the whole story.”

“And you want to get a jump on it?” Sofia continued,
not even waiting for an answer before ploughing on.
“We’ll give our statements when she does – but they’ll
be yours exclusively if you do me one little favour.”

“Name it,” said the hopeful newshound.

Sofia Vergara named it.

“That’s it? That’s all you want?”

“Yes. And one for Liv here as well.”

“Women,” the reporter thought as he agreed.

* * * * * * * * * *

The control room was below the “Maverick”‘s decks, and
only the women in charge had access to it. Danni Ashe
swiped her ID card and let herself, Cindy and J-Lo
inside. “What you said to me earlier got me thinking,”
Danni explained as she sat before some of the monitors
and started to switch them on. The screens flickered
on to show what the security cameras were covering;
they were planted in every room on the yacht, covering
each angle of each room. But some cameras weren’t for
the yacht; the rooms they were surveying were in the
plantation house.

“Those ones there for the house are coming via
satellite,” Danni continued. “That’s how they saw
Mariah Carey getting cornholed.”

“Why are they watching the house?” Cindy asked,
already knowing the answer.

“For the same reason they’re covering the yacht,”
Danni said grimly. “Madonna wants a little advantage –
I’m sure you and Jenny Lopez have had some customers
who want to be a bit discreet. Extremely rich people,
husbands who’d rather their wives didn’t know they
were chasing celeb snatch, that sort of thing.”

The other two women nodded.

“Basically, if she gets footage of someone who doesn’t
want their presence known here, especially if Maddie
wants something from that person…”

“The little shit,” J-Lo hissed.

“Plus, she likes to watch. It gives her a kick.”

“I’ll give HER a kick,” Cindy fumed. “We’ve got
cameras at Cindy Inc., but not for stuff like this.”

“Ditto,” Jennifer Lopez agreed. “This isn’t right.”

“You want stuff that isn’t right?” Danni asked. “Wait
until you see our feature presentation. It’s an
anthology…” She pushed a VHS tape into one of the
machines, and started it up. On screen, the three
women watched the Aguilera-Campbell-Hewitt-Alba
business described earlier, and then the scene changed
to a direct closeup of something dark. As the camera
pulled back, they could make it out, and recognised
it. It was a penis, long and erect, with thick hair
above it and plump balls dangling below it. Its owner
was naked and moaning above camera view.

As the camera pulled further back, the penis started
to be obscured by a pair of lips. The owner of the
lips soon came into shot – Kylie Minogue was happily
sucking away on the man’s cock. She was kneeling down
by the side of a car in the road, buck naked and
feeling herself as she swallowed his rod. Kylie began
to flick her snatch as she moved her head back and
forth over the man’s meat.

“That’s her driver,” Danni said as they watched Kylie
suck ever harder. “She hates the guy in real life. And
Anna Nicole Smith doesn’t like getting fucked up the

As if to prove her non-point, the scene then changed
to a shot of Anna Nicole Smith’s enormous rump. She
was bent over in front of the camera, singing
something that might have been “The Eyes Of Texas Are
Upon You” if a few more of the notes had been in tune.
Her hands grabbed her rumpcheeks and opened them up,
giving a crystal clear view of her gaping asshole. A
pencil-thin erection hove into shot as Anna Nicole’s
wavering vocals contined.

The owner slowly inserted it into the Texan’s bottom,
as a second one entered the frame and its offscreen
owner worked it inside alongside the first one. Anna’s
singing became louder as she felt her anus stretching
with the two cocks. She inclined her head around to
face the camera as her warbling reached its end. “Any
requestssSSS….?!?” she asked, her voice going up as
the two pricks began to thrust in harmony up her butt.

Dual anal penetration was one thing, but listening to
Anna Nicole Smith do the worst ever version of
“Feelings” in the process was too much. “Can we stop
this now?” Cindy begged, feeling dirtier than ever.

“This one, yes,” Danni agreed, as she cued up another
tape. This time it was outdoors, in a green jungle
(“This was in Brazil,” Danni continued). This time,
the screen showed Danni herself, being repeatedly
drilled by a man who wasn’t her husband, while Madonna
fucked Naomi on the ground alongside.

“But I thought you didn’t do men on camera,” J-Lo
said, as Danni didn’t fake the ecstasy on screen.

“I don’t,” Danni told them. “Madonna must have
instructed us to do all this stuff and not remember a
thing afterwards.”

“Kelly’s obviously not going to be talking about
this,” Cindy said. “So what IS her speech going to be

“About how the two of you have been pretending to be
enemies when all the time you’ve been partners. About
how that plantation house is yours – the two of you
have been hosting orgies there with underage boys and
girls, and you’ve been hiring some folks here to run
the place on your behalf, and paying them a fortune of
course. Whenever one or the other or both of you are
here in secret, you’ve contacted several of your
ladies and supervised them in action here. Including
taping them.”

“Like Kelly and Jenny Garner?”

“You’ve seen that tape, have you, Cindy? But not like
this… this is what Kelly’s supposed to show the
press soon.” And Danni cued up the image Cindy had
seen in Kelly Brook’s hotel room. There was Kelly, and
there was Jennifer Garner, and there lying between
them was Madonna. Except instead of Madonna there was
a woman who was several inches taller, had brunette
hair instead of peroxided blonde, no gap in her
teeth… and a very distinctive mole.

“Baby Jesus, meek and mild,” Cindy whispered. “That’s

“Madonna had herself digitally replaced by you,” Danni
explained. “And that’s not the only time you’re
here…” She moved the tape forward to another scene –
Kelly Brook was writhing away on the bed, with “Cindy
Crawford” pumping her from the front with an enormous
dildo and “Jennifer Lopez” butt-fucking the British
actress with an equally huge strap-on. “That was Kylie
and Naomi. Respectively, if you care. Kelly’s going to
say that the two of you forced her to do it.”

Jennifer Lopez had, in fact, seduced Kelly Brook that
way, but it had been as a birthday treat (for her, not
Kelly). Sex tapes had temporarily derailed Rob Lowe
and embarrassed Pamela Anderson, but this stuff would
end their careers for good. They HAD to stop Kelly.

“This isn’t real,” she muttered. “This isn’t

“The stuff on the tapes isn’t,” Danni agreed, “but
this whole setup IS. And Madonna’s already upped the
stakes. You know that guy who got the stuff into you,

Even if Cindy hadn’t been convinced that Danni Ashe
had switched sides, the next few moments sold her.
They had two days before Kelly Brook talked, time
enough to get to her.

Or so they thought.

* * * * * * * * * *

Jennifer Love Hewitt, stripped bare and yelling, was
shoved into the quarters holding Halle Berry and Kelly
Rowland. “And don’t let her out until she’s been
converted!” Kenrick shouted.

“No problem,” Ryan told his superior, before he faced
the three women. All were nude, but only one was
uncomfortable. This was getting to him… and
especially considering Kelly Rowland.


“Yeah?” asked the singer.

“When Halle’s through, can you do JLH as well?”

“You only have to ask…”

Ryan nodded and left the women alone.

“What are you going to do?” Jennifer Love Hewitt
asked, as Halle clasped the woman to her.

“Exactly what I’ve been doing for years,” Halle told
her, and kissed her. “Just lie back and enjoy it.” JLH
lay back, feeling the carpet pressing onto her back as
Halle climbed onto her, kissing her again and slipping
her tongue into Jen’s mouth.

“You really ought to let these out on screen one of
these days,” Halle suggested, playing with JLH’s famed
funbags. “I took off all my clothes and I got an Oscar
for it – they see these meat curtains the next thing
you know it’s an AFI Lifetime Achievement Award.”
Halle squashed her own breasts against Jennifer’s, who
responded by returning the kisses.

“Yeah, that’s right… I’m not going to hurt you.”
Jennifer began to stroke Halle’s brown body, as Kelly
Rowland eyed the two women. She was dying to get
herself some of that, but orders were orders. Plus it
was fun to just watch. Kelly could feel a slight
moistening down below as Hewitt spread open Berry’s
box with her right hand while the left one stroked her
hair. Halle’s mouth took in as much of JLH’s right
breast as she could, and she sucked it like a
lollipop, leaving the nipple shining like a beacon.

JLH cupped Halle’s breasts, bobbing them up and down.
Worth every penny, she thought as she rubbed the hard
little nipples before bending to kiss each in turn;
she wondered if she bit them what kind of Berry juice
would come out, and contented herself with small Love
bites, getting small “Mm!”s from Halle. Then she went
lower down, and studied her partner’s bushy snatch for
a moment before tasting it.

“Whooo!” she cried in delight – whatever it was Halle
Berry tasted like, she wanted some more of it. Halle
was squirming in delight as she felt JLH’s mouth down
there, her tongue moving slowly along her puffed
opening and her hands slowly stroking her thighs. It
was no secret that Jennifer Love Hewitt’s good-girl
image was something of an act, but that only made it
even better when she was in the bedroom and the real
JLH emerged. Jennifer burrowed her tongue deeper
inside Halle’s sweet, fragrant cunt, waiting for her
to come.

Halle threw a glance to Kelly Rowland, beckoned to her
to come over, and pointed to her pussy. Miss Rowland
got up and walked over to Halle slowly, giving her a
chance to enjoy her ripped, dark chocolate body – the
smallish but firm breasts, the great line down her
rock-solid stomach, the fine lean legs and bald
snatch. At that moment JLH looked up, and enjoyed a
clear view of Kelly’s taut and round buns as they
obscured Halle’s face. Soon it was Kelly’s turn to
moan from oral sex, as JLH moved herself up and
embraced Miss Rowland from behind, rubbing her breasts
and licking her back.

Kelly turned her head, and broke the spell Halle Berry
had cast by giving Jennifer Love Hewitt a deep kiss.

* * * * * * * * * *

Kenrick had heard Ryan’s request, but it was at
precisely that moment that it occurred to him what he
had in mind. By the time he got to the cell and
angrily opened it, it was too late…

Kelly Rowland was finally the centre of attention for
once. Jennifer Love Hewitt was rubbing her luscious
self all over the Rowland legs and fondling her cunt
with Kelly’s feet, Halle Berry was gently kissing and
stroking her toned butt, and both were slowly praising
her as being better in bed than Beyonce.

“I don’t know how I got here,” Kelly murmured lazily,
“but I love it…”

Even Kenrick’s stiffy couldn’t keep him from shouting
“RYAN!!!!” as he ran out.

* * * * * * * * * *

In her room, Brooke Burke finished washing the taste
of the dog food out of her mouth. Damn Bajan
quarantine laws – and damn Anna Nicole Smith. She had
already done all the sobbing she was going to do;
threats or no threats, it was time to get out of here.

She heard the door flinging open – that was another
thing about this yacht, nobody ever knocked. “What do
you want now, Smith?” she said.

“You’ve got the hair colour right, at least,” Kylie
Minogue told her. “Brooke, meet Gordon. He’s my own
favourite man around here – he’s the one who got
Christina Milian involved, and he’s going to do the
same thing to you.”

Gordon was considerably taller and more muscular than
either Kylie or Brooke, so arguments might have been
out of the question; but she tried anyway. “But Anna
Nicole – ”

” – is a fuckwit,” Kylie interrupted. “And she’s a
crackpot. Madonna wants you all in control, and this
is the only way how. So you can either let him take
you or…”

Brooke sighed, and undressed. She figured she might as
well enjoy it. Gordon looked a lot happier than she
did, quickly doffing his clothes. “Ain’t he built?”
Kylie laughed, patting his dangling equipment.

Brooke nodded, shooing Kylie out – “I don’t fuck in
front of an audience.”

“Suit yourself,” Miss Minogue agreed, and withdrew.
Brooke had hardly time to notice the door shutting
before Gordon was on top of her, his hands roaming her
body like he was possessed, his lips roughly kissing
her everywhere. She was willing to do it, but she
needed a little time… he had her on the bed,
grinding away against her. Whatever his virtues were,
patience wasn’t one of them. What on Earth was it
about him that Kylie liked so much? He forced himself
onto her face, and Brooke opened wide for his organ.

As soon as she had it in her mouth, she understood
what it was about him that Kylie liked so much. The
man’s dick wasn’t at all bad. Brooke sucked on it with
more enthusiasm than she had expected, listening to
Gordon’s grunts of satisfaction. That was another
point in his favour – no yammering. She felt her mouth
tingling as she enjoyed his rod, wondering what the
come would taste like.

An instant later she found it tasted like
strawberries. No wonder Kylie liked this fellow.
Brooke swallowed the lot, licked her lips and kissed
the head as Gordon made a swivelling motion with his
hands. “Back to playing the dog again,” she said
cheerily as she assumed the position, feeling Gordon’s
hands on her jugs. That was something you wouldn’t be
seeing at Crufts.

Brooke waited to feel her butt cored, and was so sure
that that was what he had in mind that when she felt
her pussy fill up with the prick it took her by

“WHAAAAAOOOOHHHHHH!!!” Kylie Minogue, listening
outside, snickered to herself as she overheard Brooke
Burke being pumped. The creaks were very audible; it
wouldn’t be long now. Brooke was a cutie, Gordon was
very quick on the trigger…

“Aaaaaahhhhh….” That was the signal. Kylie stepped
inside, just in time to see Gordon pulling out of
Brooke. Short and to the point.

“No more games, Brooke,” Kylie said briskly. “Squat on
Gordon’s face, please, and…”

“Not a chance,” Brooke replied.

“Gordon, you did tell her that she was supposed to do
everything I say, didn’t you?”

“Oh, he did,” Brooke assured her. “It’s just that I’m
not going to. Whatever it was you had in mind, it
didn’t work. But thanks for the fuck, Gordon – I can
see why she likes you.” She gave him a kiss and a
dazzling smile. “Look me up when you’re in LA.”

Halle Berry may have turned JLH, but the little
cunnilingus she had given Brooke had been the sexy TV
hostess’s first dose; the blowjob Brooke had given
Gordon had resulted in the second dose; and by now
you’ll have figured out what happened. Kylie was lost
for words…

* * * * * * * * * *

The wind was sweeping through their hair. It was a
lovely morning. Jessica Alba was wearing a very
fetching skimpy bikini; Mariah Carey was similarly
attired. They were clutching each other in front of a
small crew. They could have been shooting a “Maxim”
spread, but they were actually on the deck of the
“Maverick,” they were clutching each other in fear,
and the crew was headed by Christina Aguilera.

“How do you solve a problem like Mariah?” Christina
asked metaphorically. “Madonna can’t have you two
around to ask questions, but killing you on this ship
is out – too messy, and I don’t do floors.”

“I hear you do rappers, though,” Mariah parried.

“Takes a skank to know a skank,” Christina replied.

“Leave them alone!” the other Christina – Milian –
begged. “They haven’t done anything to you!”

“Not yet,” Aguilera told them. “Now I’m going to give
you and Alba a choice… you can either go that way –
” and she pointed out to sea. ” – or you can go this
way.” And she held up her gun. “Either way is fine
with me, but that way you might make it… or you
might drown, they find your bodies, they figure you
went swimming, got into trouble, no harm, no foul.”

“No foul for you, shit-eater,” Jessica snapped.

“Just the way I like it,” the blonde told them. “Now,
if you haven’t made up your mind by the time I count
to three, I’ll make it up for you.”

“Please, Christina – for the love of God…”

“Shut it, Milian! One…”

Jessica and Mariah took each other’s hands.


The two women leaped over the barrier.

“Oh, fuck it – FIRE!”

Jessica and Mariah hit the sea just as Christina
Aguilera’s men opened fire. The ladies swam
desperately, hoping their plunge and their swimming
could spare them.

On the deck, Christina Milian screamed and ran to the
barrier, gazing at the blue sea below. The shooting
had been short, but brutal. She couldn’t see

“If you say anything, you’re going in after them.
AFTER I shoot,” Christina Aguilera told her grimly.

Miss Milian nodded.

“Now go back to your quarters and tell the other
ladies what happened. Call it a lesson…”

* * * * * * * * * *

Jessica Alba had no idea how long they had been under
the surface – she could hold her breath longer than
Mariah, but the two had taken as much air as possible
before the leap, and Jessica had shared what air she
could with her colleague while trying to escape the

At last she broke the surface, gasping for air but
glad to be alive. The Caribbean Sea was all around
her, and she could feel Mariah; she had never let go
of her. The “Maverick” was behind them, but that was
the least of their worries.

“Come on, Mariah – unless we can find a boat we’ve got
a long swim ahead of us…”

Jessica faced her companion. Mariah’s eyes were
half-closed, she was breathing shallowly – and the
water around her was crimson.

“MARIAH!!!” screamed Jessica.

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